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Cheers while fists fly Girl left traumatized after “mothers” attack

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Four women have been arrested in connection with the assault of a 16-year-old school girl. The women, aged between 20 and 31, allegedly beat up the girl close to her school at Matsa village in Nzhelele. The girl was severely traumatized by the attack. The incident apparently took place on 12 November. Video clips, presumably posted on the Internet by other pupils, show how the 16-yearold girl gets slapped and pushed around by the


much bigger women. The girl, of slender build, is assaulted while bystanders seem to be watching and cheering. After a few minutes, a brave young boy tries to intervene and stop the attack. He puts himself in the line of the blows while trying to calm down the situation. The girl, Maemu*, spoke to Limpopo Mirror this week, relating how the ordeal started. She said that she was attacked by the four women when she was on her way back from school. The incident took place near the school, with her classmates and other people watching.

Maemu said that another girl, Mukondi* (15), had started spreading malicious rumours three days before, telling everyone who cared to listen that Maemu was a “prostitute who slept with all boys at the school”. “I tried to contain myself and refrain from entertaining her talk,” Maemu said. “But it got worse on Thursday, to the extent that I felt I should talk to her during break. But we had not finished talking when the break was over.” Maemu said that she then approached Mukondi after school. - Continues on p2

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Part of the video clip that circulated the past week. The faces are blurred out to protect the identity of the girl.

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2 27 November 2020

Community terrorized by cable thieves

School girl assaulted

late, a development that continues mation that can bring the culprits to book. “We By Kaizer Nengovhela to do with sex, and pupils who to affect the electricity supply in are appealing to anyone who has information are around cheer the mother. Gogobole residents were left in most parts of the area. regarding cable theft in the area to contact us, SA’s Biggest “All I did was to try to find out However, one male pupil tries darkness after copper cables were Residents from Gogobole are so that we can successfully arrest the people who if it was true that she was spread- in vain to get between Maemu stolen on Friday, 20 November. surprised at how the suspects are behind this,”Supermarket Mojapelo said. ing lies about me and, if so, why and her attackers, to rescue her Money Transfer At least 15 houses were rendered managed to cut the cables from the she was doing it,” she said. “While from the angry women. “Leave Network without electricity after cables poles without making any noise. I was still standing next to her, her alone – no, no, no,” he says. were cut some time after mid“The local community only realized Trusted by millions of SPAR customers her mother and three other wom- “No, no. Leave her alone.” night. that there was no electricity the folen materialised from nowhere However, the mother and Cable theft is starting to become lowing morning. You will note that and started attacking me. They two women tear Maemu from a very serious crime around vilsuch incidents impact negatively didn’t give me any chance to him and continue slapping and lages. According to residents, who on our service-delivery obligations. explain what was happening.” boxing her. “My child nearly requested to remain anonymous, Our people are suffering because Maemu, who was attacked and quit school because this child the theft of cables is one of the main of some ruthless thugs who do not had insults hurled at her in full is abusing her,” the mother reasons for poor service delivery in have respect for state property,” he view of many other pupils, said says. Another woman adds that the area. Community members afsaid. The equipment included thin that she was struggling to regain Mukondi comes back home every fected said that they were surprised poles and ropes, which were strewn her full composure and her day, crying and complaining that when they woke up the next day to all over the area. self-confidence. “I was assaulted she is being abused by Maemu. find that the cables connecting elecPolice spokesperson Brig Motin front of my peers, most of All attempts to find Mukondi’s tricity to their houses had been cut lafela Mojapelo urged members of whom are my classmates,” she mother for comments proved off. The community reported the the community to work with them said. “Now, when they see me, fruitless. matter to the police. They were told in the fight against cable theft in they whisper among themMedia inquiries were sent that the municipality had undertak- the area. selves, look at me and burst into to the Department of Educaen to come and fix the cables, but This group of thieves, called laughter. This is happening at a tion’s Ms Tidimalo Chuene, residents waited in vain. Izinyoka, has reportedly been tertime when I am writing year-end who said that the department The Makhado Municipality rorising the community by stealing exams, and I am now distressed. had psycho-social services that spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi said electricity cables for some time. The I feel like quitting school.” were offered in instances where cases of cable theft had become a police are now urging residents to A resident from Gogobole village looks at the Maemu only learnt later that learners were experiencing problem around Sinthumule area of come forward with relevant inforelectric cables that were cut off by thieves. when she was standing outside trauma, anxiety, and depression. the schoolyard, speaking with “We alsoKellogg’s have an arrangement Promotion price Noodles BUY BOTH FOR Excella Mukondi, a staff member at the with theInstant Department (All variants) of Social 99 Rice school had called Mukondi’s Development Rhodes Rhodes 5 x 70 gon provision for the scene, following the accident. 10kg + Selati was still so young. “The family 100 %members Fruit Beans ByButter Kaizer Nengovhela + FREE to Bowl mother, who then arrived with social workers deal with cases Get an extra The toddler died at the scene while of the victim need our support Juice now. Blend Brown Sugar or baked her three friends to assault her. in schools,” she said. “In this Beanstoddler, Refumo A two-year-old the driver and other passenger from the 10 Wekg hope that accidents of (All thisvariants) nature, BUY the 2 FOR In the video clips, three women instance, District Director 6 x never 200 ml 3 kg Nkuna from Waterval, was killed in sedan were transported to and treatwhich can be prevented, will Nestlé are seen attacking Maemu has undertaken to dispatch social customers paywere a head-on collision between a taxi ed at Elim hospital. They later Cremora Yum Yum again take place on our roads,” he said. viciously while the bystanders Hinds workers to assist both learners SPAR Golden Cloud Creamer and sedan on the R578 road between discharged. Peanut Butter Furumela urged members of the comSuper Maize FREE look perplexed, seemingly not Southern Wheat and others who might be deemed 750 g1 kgthe each on Friday, 20Cake + Sunbake peralways pack MealWaterval and Shirley Passengers who were flung from munity to drive responsiblySasko and Flour Coatingrelevant with counselling.” knowing what to do. The female Self-Raising Brownobey the speed limits. He appealed 12,5November. kg + SPAR 12,5 kgtaxi and sustained serious head, Sliced (All variants) neck to all attackers hurl insults at her, inLimpopo police’s spokesperson Sunflower Oil Wheat Flour + FREEand back injuries were also takenBread 200 g The cause of the accident still has to to drivers to be extra careful when they use 1 kg 700 g 2 litre sinuating that she has no morals Col Moatshe Ngoepe said that Gold Star be determined. According to eyewit-Yeast hospital for treatment. the R578 road. BUY 2 FORthe four women were arrestedBUY BOTH and is inexperienced in making FOR the taxi was driving from the2 x 10 g A local community member, BUYSimon BOTH FOR Spokesperson for theBUY 2 FOR nesses, police, Brig love. In another video clip, the and appeared in court. They were Liqui Fruit direction of Elim, heading towards Furumela expressed his condolences to Motlafela Mojapelo said that the police Midi Clark & Sons 100% Fruit mother of the other pupil tugs released on warning and have to Shirley, when it collided head-on the family of the little girl. He Rooibos said that cause (80s) are still investigating the Indian orwith Pink Juice Blendof the Bokomo at Maemu’s top and slaps her, appear again on 10 December. FREEMembers or Black (100s)collision, but that unsafe Tonic of the (All overtaking variants) the oncoming sedan. the community around the area were is each Weet-Bix asking what the school child has * Not their real names Teabags 1 litre 2 litre 1.35 kg traffic police and paramedics rushed to deeply touched, especially as the victim suspected.


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27 November 2020 3

Two life sentences for a brutal rapist By Denise van Bergen

Mbangiseni Emmanuel Matoro from Maniini village received two life sentences plus 20 years’ imprisonment on counts of rape, kidnapping and robbery.

A man who was found guilty on charges of rape, kidnapping and robbery was dealt a stiff sentence by the Sibasa Regional Court in Thohoyandou on Wednesday, 18 November. Mbangiseni Emmanuel Matoro (28), who is from Maniini village in the Malamulele area, received two life sentences on two counts of rape, five years for kidnapping and 15 years for robbery with aggravating circumstances. The sentences in respect of the kidnapping and robbery were ordered to run concurrently with the sentence for rape. The offences took place in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Regional spokesperson for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Limpopo Ms Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi said the first incident took place in 2014 and involved a 30-year-old woman, who was attacked by Matoro outside her home in Maniini village while she was relieving herself. She sustained several stab wounds and was also raped. Matoro was linked to the case via DNA evidence. The second incident took place in 2015, when Matoro and a friend kidnapped a 21-year-old woman. The two men took her to a house, where

A Capitec Bank team from a Boksburg branch recently travelled all the way from Gauteng to touch the hearts of the children at Masuvhelele Junior Primary School in the Tshakhuma Mulangaphuma village. The branch donated school uniforms to the children.

they took turns in raping her throughout the night. When she started screaming, they stabbed her several times with a knife. Matoro had allegedly also inserted his hand up her anus in an attempt to pull her intestines out. According to Malabi-Dzhangi, the woman had passed out at some point and when she had regained consciousness, she had gathered enough strength to disarm and stab Matoro repeatedly with the same knife they had used to attack her. The police later found the men at the scene of the crime and recovered the woman’s stolen cellphone, which was in Matoro’s possession. Both men were arrested and charged with rape, kidnapping and robbery. However, the co-accused killed himself while in custody. Matoro pleaded not guilty and the case went to trial. Advocate Maphile Molefe called both rape victims to testify as witnesses and presented a

victim impact-assessment report as evidence. The report showed that both victims still suffer from nightmares and experience flashbacks of the incidents. Matoro was found guilty after five witnesses had testified against him. He blamed his dead co-accused for raping their victim in 2015. Malabi-Dzhangi said the woman who had been attacked in 2015 by both accused men was badly traumatized. She had sustained serious intestinal damage and will never be able to bear children as a result of womb injuries that were caused during the attack. The court found that no substantial and compelling circumstances existed to deviate from the prescribed minimum sentence. Advocate Ivy Thenga from the DPP welcomed the sentence and said she hoped it would send a clear message to other offenders.

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4 27 November 2020

Traditional leader says he was not consulted about R3m lottery project

Limpopo Mirror article published on 11 said. He said that he was in possession July this year. No proper consultation of a letter from the senior traditional The now infamous Hangwani Mufor this project was done,” said Thovhele leader’s office that gave the go-ahead for laudzi project at Mukondeni village Vho-Mulima. the project. has hit another snag. The traditional Vho-Mulima said he had consulted According to Sithi, they still had leader responsible for the area said the headman, who had informed him to go and physically meet the senior that he had never been consulted that he was still waiting for the project traditional leader. He promised that about the project and would not allow owners to visit him, so that he could they would meet the leader as decided it to continue. The funders and organ- take them to the senior traditional during one of the meetings they held isers must first visit him and follow leader. He said that his council should with the traditional leadership a couple proper procedures before any further be informed about any developments of weeks ago. development will be allowed. around Mukondeni. “The traditional Sithi previously said that he believed In July last year, the National Lotter- council of Mulima has no file or any the project delivered value for money. ies Council (NLC) deposited R3 million correspondence of such a project on re- Apart from the soccer field that was into the account of the Hangwani cord,” said Vho-Mulima. He added that established, a netball court and ablution Mulaudzi Foundation. The grant was he would not allow the project to start facilities were erected. The centre was awarded to this non-profit organisation operating before the project authorities fenced off and a borehole was sunk. The (NPO) to build sporting facilities at Mu- had visited him for proper consultation. borehole was equipped, and the four kondeni village. The relatively new NPO The ward councillor for the specific tanks hold a combined 20 000 litres was named after the former spokesper- area, Cllr Enoch Sithi, denies that this is of water. The soccer field also boasts a son of the Directorate for Priority Crime the case, however. “All procedures were freshly planted grass surface. Investigation (Hawks), Brig Mulaudzi. followed. Whenever we have projects Thomas Rabuli, secretary of SANCO The foundation has since changed its in the area, we follow our culture of con- in that area, described the issue as a name to the Bono Foundation. sulting with the vakoma. The vakoma misunderstanding. “There is no way The project was mired in controversy will take the matter to the headman, we could do the project without the acwhen Democratic Alliance MP Mat who in turn takes the matter to the knowledgment of the senior traditional Cuthbert asked for an investigation into senior traditional leader. We cannot leader. All consultations were followed,” the grant. Cuthbert said that the matter undermine our traditional leaders,” he he said. constituted a serious conflict of interest as the NLC was being investigated by the Hawks. Mulaudzi announced three weeks ago that he had resigned as member of the Hawks, citing concerns for his own safety and that of his family members, among other reasons. Construction of the project had only started in June this year. During an interview on 24 June, Mulaudzi told Limpopo Mirror that the project had been delayed because he first had to engage the Mashamba village leadership and members of the community to obtain land where the facility could be built. This process was concluded in September 2019, and the project could commence. However, construction was badly affected by the Covid-19 lockdown period, he said. The two traditional leaders in the area, Thovhele Vho-Mashamba and Thovhele Vho-Mulima, responded by saying that this was not true. Mukondeni village falls under the jurisdiction of Thovhele Vho-Mulima and is thus not under the leadership of Vho-Mashamba. “The construction of the stadium is a shock and a new story to me. I did not know of this project. I came to know Senior traditional leader Fhatuwani Vho-Mulima (right) and Mulubi Mashamba, a about this project from the community leader. By Bernard Chiguvare

Musina residents queue for water in the Matswale township after being without water for several days.

Musina residents call for consistent water supply Earlier this month Musina residents were left fuming after water taps had gone dry for three days. Residents said that they had no water for domestic use and could not even bath during this period. Some complained that they had to use bush toilets. This problem left them very frustrated, as they could not afford to buy water. The community claims that the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) took their time in responding to the crisis. According to Grace Kgalamadi, a local resident, this was not the first time they experienced water problems. “Nearly every week one of the townships’ taps run dry, but they always bill us. The municipality should replace the old pipes, since they are always breaking,” she said. “What the municipality is doing is like bandaging a broken leg with a cloth. We are tired of this,” said Kgalamadi. “I am unemployed. Where does the municipality expect me to get water from? A 25-litre container costs R25. For a day, I need at least 100 litres. Really, I cannot afford it.” In response to the media enquiry, the spokesperson for the VDM, Matodzi Ralushai, said that vandalism and theft played a major role in this regard. “Our source of water is from the Limpopo River. It is in no-man’s land, where soldiers are not allowed to operate.

Thugs are very dangerous as they are always armed. The security provided by Musina Local Municipality is not able to deal with that,” he said. Ralushai said that the water problems experienced two weeks ago was the result of the contractor appointed by Coghsta, who was busy preparing for the construction of new housing units. Ralushai said that, since this crisis had been reported, tankers had been deployed in Musina and that the VDM had managed to restore the water system, although some higher areas were still without water. According to Dickson Khuele, the Musina Municipality should run its own water affairs. “Vhembe Municipality takes time to attend to our water issues. If our municipality becomes the water authority, we as a community can easily engage with our own municipality,” said Khuele. Sewani Kaunda, another resident of the area, claimed that the water pipes distributing water from pump stations to the community had been installed more than five decades ago and were dilapidated. “The pipes were installed by the then copper mine, and since then the municipality has never maintained them,” said Kaunda. Ralushai said that the VDM needed to source funds for them to upgrade and construct new infrastructure.

VDM puts more funds into water projects two decades ago. Community members say the VDM project was completed Another R4 million was budgeted for in 2014 but does not supply them with by the Vhembe District Municipality water. After its completion, mud was (VDM) to complete water projects coming out of the borehole instead of at Mulina and Nthabalala. These water. projects were supposed to have been The municipality then constructed completed many years ago, but never another project at Mulima at a cost served the community with any water of R25 million. Two boreholes were as intended. drilled and two reservoirs constructed The two projects, which cost R12 mil- with the intention of connecting them lion and R25 million respectively, had to the mainline of the failed project at become “white elephants” as a result of Nthabalala. However, this attempt was defects in the lay-out and lack of water unsuccessful as the water pipes laid in in the identified water sources. They 2012 were already damaged. were intended to provide water to 10 On Friday, 9 October, the executive villages in the Nthabalala and Mulima mayor of Vhembe, Cllr Dowelani Nenareas. These villages include Masethe, guda, visited the two tribal councils to Manyima, Ha-Maduwa, Pfanani, and address issues around the projects and Lambani. promised residents that more funds had Residents of Pfananani village have been set aside for them. resorted to interim measures for them VDM spokesperson Matodzi to have access to water and are contrib- Ralushai said that the budget had been uting R5 per household to maintain a adjusted to support the two projects. borehole that was drilled in the village According to him, the challenge with By Kaizer Nengovhela

The reservoir for supplying water.

the projects was as the result of natural causes and no one could be blamed for it. “We no longer have water in many rivers in the area, so the sand-wells get dry.” He said, however, that whether a contractor was at fault or a natural cause, every cent counted. Ralushai confirmed that the municipality had set aside around R4 million to assist in the intervention in the area of Mulima to facilitate progress. Spokesperson for the Mulima Tribal Authority George Mukasi said they were hopeful that the municipality would rectify its mistakes to ensure that the water crisis was resolved. “We are quite happy that there’s money for the project, which was started long ago, and that the water crisis will end. The developing forum can engage with the municipality on how the money is going to be used.” Ralushai said the project would be started as soon as the technical team had finalised their plans.


27 November 2020 5

Nyiko Masango passes through the tunnels on the N1 between Musina and Louis Trichardt.

Nyiko is cycling to the sea to promote rights of fathers By Bernard Chiguvare Local resident, Nyiko Masango (40), known as Mr Dynamix, started a campaign aimed at encouraging men to be actively involved in their children’s upbringing. Masango, who is a lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, photographer, ordained reverend, and an entrepreneur, said that not being able to spend time with his children was the hardest thing for him. “I was not allowed to see my children for a time and this actually was against my wish, prompting me to start an awareness campaign that fathers need to play an active role in the lives of their children,” said Masango. His campaign is called Presence in Fatherhood and

Fathers’ rights. The campaign advocates for children growing up without fathers, and for fathers who are denied the right to see their children after partners have passed away. After his own experience of not being allowed to see his kids, Masango started a 100 km walk from Tzaneen to Polokwane. Last year, he cycled from Tzaneen to Tanzania and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for his cause. He finally won the battle and is now allowed to see his children again. “Mr Dynamix” had just embarked on a 3 143 km cycling tour from Beitbridge to Cape Town, which started on Saturday, 21 November. The next day he cycled 125 km from Louis Trichardt to Tzaneen. Some seconds before 12:00 on Sat-

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urday, a smiling face pedalled up to the Makhado FM radio studio. “This is the first stage of my cycling journey. Every day is a stage. I am expecting the whole journey to be completed in 27 days. I know tomorrow I will be in Tzaneen and people will support us by offering food of some sort,” Masango smiled confidently. Besides the uphill parts of his journey, he said he had no challenges. “Limpopo Wildlife and Eastern Cape tourism assist with accommodation. Ripfumelo Pharmacy assists with supplements on medical care and Vodacom assists with cash.” In the meantime, Masango said, he had plans to start a cycling academy.

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Nyiko Masango cycles towards Louis Trichardt.

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6 27 November 2020

New quick scanning technology at Tshilidzini hospital will help save lives in future The new technology will make life a lot easier for patients from the Brand new state-of-the-art scanning and diag- Vhembe District who, up till now, nosing equipment was installed at Tshilidzini had to be transferred to Polokwane Hospital. The new equipment will make it to get the necessary scanning done. possible for the hospital staff to do advanced The MEC for Health, Dr Phophi scans in a matter of minutes. The technology Ramathuba, handed over the new also enables medical personnel, just like the equipment. She was joined by the experts in the cities, to assist in the diagnosis vice-chancellor and principal of the and the effective treatment of patients. University of Johannesburg, Prof The new machines were officially handed Tshilidzi Marwala, the Thulamela over by the Limpopo Department of Health last local mayor, Cllr Avhashoni TshifMonday (16th). They included a Computerised hango, and the executive mayor of Tomography (CT) Scanner, equipped with a the Vhembe District Municipality, picture, archiving and communication system Cllr Dowelani Nenguda. (PACS). Four such machines were bought at a Dr Ramathuba said the initiative cost of R50 million and installed at Tshilidzini, would not only save costs but would Letaba, Polokwane and Mankweng. also reduce the time for doctors and professional staff to conclude their diagnoses and commence treatment in time to save lives. According to Dr Ramathuba, the PAC/RIS system will also enable radiologists By Silas Nduvheni

Dr Phophi Ramathuba, MEC for Health, stands next to the new scanning machine she handed over to the Tshilidzini Hospital.

to guide staff at these peripheral hospitals. “We are mainly a rural province with limited resources, especially skilled medical specialists. We have to be innovative and use technology to accelerate health-care delivery and accessibility to the most marginalized part of our society. Rural communities will no longer have to spend countless hours to drive to and from the Pietersburg Hospital for scans and clinicians. They will now wait only minutes to get reports from radiologists,” Dr Ramathuba said. Prof Marwala said the time had come for technology to work to decrease the time and work done by people. He further said they now needed more medical engineers, so that they could service and maintain the newly acquired machines.

Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Professor Tshilidzi Marwala adressed nurses and community members at Tshilidzini Hospital.

It’s time to plough back, says former high school pupil

resources to be able to provide good education to our learners and the In African culture, people are entire school population.” taught to never forget their Maiwashe had utilised the roots. This suggests that when educational foundation that he got one becomes successful in life, from the school to build on and you need to plough back into the further his education. Today he community. runs Maiwashe Investment Group This adage proved to be true which, together with the Johanwhen a former pupil of George nesburg-based Outsource Digital Mbulaheni Secondary School at Company, donated the photocopy Tshikuwi village, Mukondeleli Mai- machines worth thousands of washe, brought a shade of optimism rands. to pupils and educators in the form “These machines will go a long of a donation of two state-of-the-art way in assisting with learners’ rephotocopy machines. ports, other learner-support mate“As a former learner at the rials and teachers’ bulk educational school, I felt that it was of utmost material that need to be printed out importance to plough back into or photocopied,” he said. the community by donating these The school principal, Edward machines,” Maiwashe said. “This Nekhongoni, was very thankful for donation forms part of our drive the gift and said that they would to capacitate the school in having make use of them for years to come. By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Educators at the George Mbulaheni Secondary School, patrons and stakeholders were photographed during the handover of the photocopy machines. Picture supplied.


Rolivhuwa finds her solace in baking bread By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho While many greatly suffer from poverty, others are driven and inspired by it to try new things and new ways that, at the end of the day, enable them to put food on the table. Rolivhuwa Maphupha (30) is an electrical engineering graduate who resides at Matangari village in the Thulamela area. She says she tried to apply for employment, but even with her education her efforts were in vain, and she began to lose hope. “I started selling sweets and potato chips. After some time, my

Rolivhuwa Maphupha’s bakes fresh scones, bread, cakes, magwinya and rolls every day.

life partner encouraged me to start baking,” she tells. Maphupha had to return home to Fondwe village and ask her parents if she could bake at their house. With their blessing, she started to go into production. Her products range from scones, rolls, magwinya and bread to cakes. She quickly managed to increase her production to bake 800 loaves of bread, three trays of scones, one bowl of magwinya and rolls every day. “They are in high demand from the local community,” she says. “I use a delivery van that delivers to the surrounding spaza shops.” Maphupha discovered baking at a young age. “I discovered this ability to bake at the age of 18, when I observed my mother baking like a lioness teaching her cubs to hunt,” she says. “My mother inspired me to acquire baking skills. She has always been my cheerleader.” She says that, not only does baking improve positive moods, but the feeling of satisfaction gained when seeing the end product naturally enhances happiness. “What adds to my joy is the feeling that one has created something tangible that can be enjoyed and shared by a family,” she says. “To me, baking means

comfort and creativity. When I share my products, it is like sharing a piece of myself. I am a really hands-on type of person, and I enjoy taking a few ingredients and turning them into something that others can enjoy.” Maphupha regards Mashudu Ramarumo, a local writer and motivational speaker, as her mentor. “What I like about him is his eagerness to invest in others, his ability to give honest and direct feedback,” she says. “He is a respected and great teacher with reflective listening. He revived my lost hope in life and made me look at life in a different light.” “The highlight of my career was when I started to bake 250 loaves of bread and they were finished the same day. I couldn’t look back,” she beams proudly. She has a profound message for unemployed people, and especially the youth. “If you cannot employ, deploy yourself through your inherent natural abilities,” she urges. “Do not sit at home and fold your hands, hoping to be employed for what you were trained to do. Stand up and do something with your hands. Upgrade your skill set by learning new skills through observation. Be a follower when you are acquiring new, rare skills. Your rare skills are a weapon to be unleashed against poverty.” For those who wish to order her freshly baked products, Ma­ throw that mentality into the dustbin, because they can make money by honestly working hard.” phupha can be reached Rolivhuwa Maphupha started her own bakery from home after she on Tel. 074 560 7914. could not find a job. Photo: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho. Musekwa used to work with his uncle, who was a welder, when he was still young. “I was a handyman for him, and I was looking at everything he did. At times, when he took a short break from work, I would create something artistic with the welding machine. He kept on commending me for my impressive work and it motivated me to do more. That is why, even today, welding is my first love because it brings food to the table.” He says although the outbreak of Covid-19 has negatively affected his small business, things are starting to improve again after some of the lockdown regulations have been relaxed. “It was difficult to go out and work because we were restricted to family visits. Sometimes I was forced to reduce prices because customers would complain that they were not working, and they had no money. Things are now looking better because I am now able to go out and work in various places for my customers without many restrictions.” Musekwa creates wonders through his welding skills. He does braai stands, flowerpots, burglar proofing, car ports and working tools such as spades and wheelbarrows. He invites young people who would like to learn how to weld to call him on tel. 0606816361.

“If you have a special skill, use it” News from Musina Isaac Musekwa, a renowned local welder from Musina, urges unemployed people to use their vocational skills to earn an income, instead of resorting to criminal activities. He is even willing to share his skills with interested young, unemployed people around his community, to help them find an honourable way of putting food on their tables. Musekwa says he becomes very disturbed when he learns about the rising crime statistics. “Everywhere you go, people are complaining about crime. But people who commit crimes have the skills that they can use to improve their lives and those of others around them. I am sending a strong message to my fellow community members out there that we should work hard to put some food on the table. If you have a skill, you must take it as a blessing from God. I urge those who still think of doing crime to

Isaac Musekwa, a welder from Musina, with one of the braai stands he made.

ELECTORAL COMMISSION NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION OF A A PARTY IN TERMS OF SECTION 16(1)(a) OF THE ELECTORAL COMMISIONS ACT, 1996 (ACT NO. 51 OF 1996) Notice is hereby given that the SERVICE FOR ALL is applying for registration in terms of the Electoral Commission Act, 1996 (Act no. 51 of 1996) Date on which the application will be or has been submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer: 13 January 2021. The abbreviation of the name of the party is: SFA The distinguishing mark or symbol of the party is printed underneath

Anyone wishing to raise an objection against the intended registration must do so by written notice in which are set out the grounds for the objection and which must be delivered at the office of the Chief Electoral Officer within fourteen days after the publication of this notice.

27 November 2020 7


Address: 9 Rissik Street, Louis Trichardt • Tel: 015 516 0405


8 27 November 2020

Art & Entertainment Una Rine climbs the ladder “Music heals one’s soul,” says Mr Exclusive By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Singer, music producer and graphic designer Una Rine is climbing the entertainment ladder with determination. Una Rine Junior Mulondo is from Mulodi village and his work speaks volumes. “I started my music career in 2013, but I had no inspiration at that time, so I wasn't that serious about it until I started following the Nigerian singer Burna Boy. That’s when my focus really changed,” he said. Music is the essence of his life. “Music is my everything; a place I run to when I feel like the world has conspired against me,” he said. “Basically, this is my refuge. I don't see anything I would do in this world that would make me happy if it wasn't for music. This is where I feel most alive.” For Una Rine, his inspiration and motivation come from many artists, but he wants to become an inspiration to others in a different way. “If I become an inspiration to the world in a way that every young person looks up to me, I would change their mindset and how they view life by creating more opportunities for musicians,” he said. “I strongly believe that poverty is the main cause of crime.” He singled out Burna Boy (who also features in world-famous singer Sam Smith’s song, My Oasis) as one of the many artists he looks up to for inspiration. “One thing I love most about him (Burna Boy) is how he portrays his message through his music,” he said. “And I also love how he stands for justice and honesty, regard-

Una Rine first stormed onto the music scene with the release of his single, Love for Money. Photo supplied.

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

less of the cost.” Una Rine first stormed onto the music scene with the release of his single, Love for Money, which was well received in the music fraternity. However, he was prevented from focusing on his art by personal problems in 2018. “I bounced back early this year,” he said. “I then worked on a song called Venda Wave, where I also featured Mizo

Phyll. It was an anthem on its own. More singles followed, like Treasure and No to Homeless.” He describes himself as a very spiritual person who always seeks guidance from God. “I'm a Christian and I know I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his grace and mercy,” he said. Those interested in Una Rine’s music can call 072 041 6041.

The station that begins with you! Tel: 015 962 8336/8405 & Fax: 0860 760 7028 Univen FM 2019/20 Line-Up TIME 00h00-03h00 03h00–06h00





















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NEWS: Simon Maluleke/Vhutshilo Marilyn Tshiitamune /Lindokuhle Shongwe / Mathye Masingita/ Muvhuso Mbedzi / Emmah Moloto

Murendeni Netsianda, also known as Mr Exclusive or Drubango, is a fully fledged Amapiano deejay whose sounds endear him to the hearts of many music lovers. Netsianda is from Shayandima. He started out playing music on a laptop back in high school as part of a group called DJ’s Gaming Utility. They later evolved to a registered music entertainment company, called Beats Audio Graduates (BAG). “Since then, I have been playing at various places in Vhembe. I had the opportunity to play at Migeroni Café, Fairplay and Newscafé,” he said proudly and added that music was the cradle of his life. “Music heals one’s soul,” he said. “Good music does wonders to someone’s mood. When good music plays, it brightens your day, and you get to lose yourself in the moment and forget about a lot of things.” He believes that music that carries positive messages can save people from wrongful activities. “So, with that being said, in short, music has the power to culturally, morally and emotionally influence our society,” he said. “Thus, the more intentional we become with the sounds, messages and moods we create and release

through our music, the more powerful we will become in making deep, positive changes in people’s lives.” Netsianda said that he had learnt to inspire himself rather than looking out for inspiration. “As a hard worker in ev-

Mr Exclusive, Murendeni Netsianda. Photo supplied. erything that I do, I see myself as my own inspiration,” he said. “I like the fact that with everything that inspires me gives me more strength to want to do more.” He accredited his success to his family and friends. “I don’t think I would have gotten this far without their continued support and encouragement,” he said. “I intend to further

grow in this industry, and if there are other youngsters like myself who have different types of passion, I would like them to know that it’s never too late to follow one’s dreams and passion on something that you love.” Mr Exclusive is available for bookings and can be reached on tel. 067 042 3143 or murendenirudza@gmail.com.

For Mutshidzi it all started with a story on Facebook By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho What started out as a Facebook story page has given birth to a book, laughs local resident Mutshidzi Nethononda. Nethononda remembers how it began. “I started to write on Facebook without knowing that I'm an author,” he said. “I was writing stories on my Facebook page because

I was bored. The page was having less than 10 followers, but for me it was nothing because I knew I was just writing. Soon my page grew as more and more people showed interest in reading what I was writing.” The book is entitled Vhutshilo and is “about everything that happens in life here on earth”, he says. It tells the story of a boy named Mulweli, whose father goes to JohanMutshidzi nesburg Nethononda to fend started for him writing a (Mulweli) story on his and his Facebook mother. page and But when ended up the father having a book is enticed published. by a womPhoto an in the supplied. big city, he forgets about those he has left at home. “He even changes his phone number in order to

enjoy his life with the new wife in Gauteng,” Nethononda tells. Life becomes very hard for Mulweli and his mother because she is pregnant, and she cannot even go out to look for a job. Mulweli then starts searching for firewood in the mountains, which he sells to people in order to buy food for himself and his mother. “To cut the whole story short, Mulweli grows up to become a doctor. In Gauteng, his father was fired from his job. He came back to Venda, but his Gauteng wife followed, only to dump their twins onto him and walk away.” Nethononda has realised his dream to publish his stories in book form with the financial assistance of his aunt, Vho-Matevhu Maluta. “Had it not been for her generosity, this book would not have been published,” he said. “I thank her wholeheartedly for stepping forward and helping me. She believed in my dreams.” Those who would like to buy his book can either call or WhatsApp Nethononda on Tel 071 295 8480. Follow the author’s Facebook pages at Hayani Ha Zwitori na FloyD and Zwitori Zwa Tshivenḓa nga FloyD.


27 November 2020 9

Art & Entertainment Local gospel singer is still among the living The fact that it was recorded live also made it exceptionally good. “I am not down and out. I am The response was overwhelming, still counted among the living, and I got invitations to perform and I have great plans for my almost every weekend,” he relayed. future,” said gospel music star Asked what he had been doing Phumudzo Shakes Mbedzi (30). all these years, Mbedzi said he This follows questions among dedicated most of his time to gospel music fans, who had last preaching the Word of God. “I heard from Mbedzi when he ream a staunch Christian who is leased his debut album in 2014. dedicated to the Word of God. In an exclusive interview with Even when I released my debut the Limpopo Mirror, Mbedzi con- album, the most important thing ceded that many challenges exist in was to spread God’s Word through the music sphere, but that he chose music, and I achieved it because to stay positive. His debut album, my album has reached a lot of which was released with a DVD in people. I am happy that my album 2014, made him an instant hero in is still receiving fair airplay on the local gospel music fraternity. various radio stations, despite “My first album, To God be the being released six years ago. I have glory, did very well on the gospel also been helping up-and-coming music scene. That was a grand en- artists to build their music careers trance to the tough music industry. because this industry can be rough Entertainment

sometimes.” Mbedzi had previously worked with gospel music heavyweights such as Worship House, Itani Mphaga, Lufuno Dagada, Tiyani Maluleke, Thapelo M, Wanga Mukwevho, Thabelo Thavhanyedza and Lufuno Ray, to mention but a few. After receiving countless calls from his inquisitive fans, he planned to record an album in April this year but had to postpone due to the strict lockdown regulations at that time. “There is no need to rush when you want to give your fans the best music. I have now decided to go back to the studio early next year to record my second album, which will definitely shake the gospel music fraternity,” he reassured his wondering fans.

Phumudzo Shakes Mbedzi (30) photographed with copies of his debut album, which was released in 2014.

Reggae stars, Colbert Mukwevho and Kenny Wailer combine talents for disaster relief Entertainment “You can use your talent to improve the lives of those who are less privileged.” This is the message from reggae music legends Kenny Wailer Murabi and Colbert Mukwevho. This call comes after these musical geniuses jointly released a twotrack album, entitled Down but not out, of which all the sales’ proceeds are being channelled into the Disaster Relief Fund. The Disaster Relief Fund is a fund that was established to help in the stabilisation and recovery needs of people affected by catastrophic events. The two reggae superstars do not need any introduction in the national and international music industry. Both have a huge fan-base and fill their venues to capacity whenever they perform. Their music is celebrated both inside and outside the borders of South Africa and these two have no time to rest,

as they are currently on a tour to promote their album across the country. The two-track album, which is available in all major online stores, is the brainchild of one of the major role players in the South African recording industry, Adziambei Music Academy. The academy could not resist collaborating with the two great reggae men, as they are both legends in their own right. The songs on the album are the title track itself, Down but not out, and Cry no more. Down but not out is already dominating the reggae music scene, receiving massive airplay on both regional and national radio stations. The track encourages people to love and help one another during this time of need. Murabi says it has always been his wish to collaborate with Colbert Mukwevho because they relate so well musically. “We decided to use this opportunity to raise awareness about the power of giving. That is

why we are not collecting a single to those who are less privileged.” cent from the sales of the album. He says pressure from the fans The sales of the album are skyrock- has forced him to work on a full eting, and we are happy that our album with Mukwevho. “This colcause for helping the less privileged laboration has touched many music is bearing fruits. We don’t have sillovers and we are finalising plans ver and gold, but we have contribto release a full album in the near uted with our music to help those future. If people want music, ours is who cannot do anything for themto do nothing else but to give them selves. We call upon other artists to what they want.” follow suit because, even when they do not contribute the actual cash, Reggae music legends Colbert Mukwevho (left) and they can Kenny Wailer Murabi have released a two-track album do so by entitled Down but not out, whose proceeds are changiving nelled into the Disaster Relief Fund. Photo: Ndoweni their Malala / Adziambei Music Academy. music proceeds

Chittagong joins Sekhukhune FC’s marketing team Well-known Phalaphala FM sports presenter Ms Thina “Chittagong” Ramantswana has retired after working in radio for 13 years. Ramantswana joined the GladAfrica Championships team, Sekhukhune United FC, to work in the communications and marketing department. She is famous for breaking the gender barrier by becoming a female sports presenter and the first female soccer commentator for Phalaphala FM. Ramantswana produced live commentary of PSL and GladAfrica championship (NFD) soccer matches. In 2018, Ramantswana produced a weekend sport show called Huduba buse. She was also part of the broadcasting of the first FIFA World Cup Championships on African soil in 2010, hosted by South Africa, as well as the 2014 FIFA World Cup hosted by Brazil, which were historical events for Phalaphala FM. In addition, she was actively involved in the broadcasting of the 2013 CHAN and AFCON in South Africa. She also made a television appearance on SABC2 for Tshivenda News, dissecting football-related matters. Speaking of her retirement, Ramantswana said she had done all and seen all and, after running the race, had completely poured herself out and had nothing left in her for the SABC, so the race had been run to the finish. Ramantswana said she felt the need for a respite, having started in showbiz at a young age. She said she would miss the SABC, for it had become her first home, as well as her colleagues and the interaction and connection with listeners who had so much become part of her life. Through her programmes she enjoyed what she termed as “shaping people’s day-to-day debates”, about different sporting codes. Phalaphala FM’s acting station manager, Ms Sharon Ravele, said that the station was proud to have had someone like Ramantswana, always a distinguished and exemplary sports presenter. Ravele said that Ramantswana had been an asset to the industry and had been instrumental in the success of many of the station’s projects. “She was a hard worker, dedicated to her work. She never complained when assigned a task. This is a great loss to the community and station,” she said and wished her good luck for her retirement. The acting head of the SABC in Limpopo, Mr Freddy Sadiki, said that the SABC was proud to have had someone like Ramantswana. He described her as someone who was always there for everybody when they needed her. “She made sure that they got the best and encouraged them to set themselves goals in life. She has left a void that cannot be filled, and I will respect and miss her always,” he said.

The stories simply flow from Ngobeni’s pen By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho The South African literary world, and more specifically the Vhembe District, seems to be buzzing with new talent as more and more young writers start to take up their pens to tell their stories. One such talented writer is Amukelani Ngobeni from Mavambe village in the Malamulele area, who has just published his debut novel, Vatswari a va lombi. It leans on the Xitsonga expression that simply means that parents cannot be borrowed. A Bachelor of Education Student at the North West University, Ngobeni fell in love with writing after reading TE Mtileni’s novel Mhisi ya minkoka yimbirhi. “After reading Mhisi ya minkoka yimbirhi, I started imaging myself as

a writer. It was an amazing feeling,” he said during the interview with Limpopo Mirror. “I started writing poems and when I couldn’t find an editor or anyone to assist me in writing poems or to just look into my poems, I gave up for weeks. But because my talent was burning inside me, I started writing short stories and plays. And that's where I ended up writing this novel.” Ngobeni, who has written other stories as well, finally managed to publish his novel this year. He says Vatswari a va lombi tells the story of a young boy, Tsetselelo Makeva, who comes from a wealthy family and would looks down on his peers because he is rich. On top of that, he orders his friends to clean his shoes in exchange for lunch money, all because they are from poor

families. Tsetselelo has a bad reputation at school, which leads to his being suspended several times. He is finally expelled after he is found smoking and recruiting other learners to do the same in the schoolyard. But his story does not end with expulsion, the author says. He abuses his own parents, and they are hospitalised several times because of that. The story seems to have interesting twists and turns. Ngobeni invites people to buy his book for the complete story. “When I hold a pen, the stories just flow onto the pages. But I put all my energy into writing this book and I hope people will enjoy reading it,” he says. For enquiries about his book, Ngobeni can be contacted at tel. 071 912 1916.

Amukelani Ngobeni published his debut novel.

Thina “Chittagong” Ramantswana. Photo supplied.

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 / FAX: (015) 962 2998

10 27 November 2020



27 November 2020 11

Ninety candles lit for a very wise Gogo Mphilo were available. “We used to travel for long distances on foot because Gogo Makwarela Mphilo experi- there were no cars,” Mphilo recalls. enced a delightful day as family “The elders spent most of their members and friends joined her time tilling the land for food, and to celebrate her 90th birthday at young boys and girls like us were a party held at Tshiozwi on Satur- responsible for looking after the day, 14 November. goats and cows.” According to one of the grandMphilo said the secrets of her children, Tshifhiwa Mphelo, they long life were eating healthy food had organised the party just to and listening to the elders. “I please their grandmother. “It was have enjoyed fruit and vegetables right to organise a party for her throughout my life, and I have because she is where most people never tasted alcohol,” she said. “We will never be. It is good to pay spent most of the time playing intribute to a person while she is still digenous games and that kept our alive, rather than to buy expensive bodies strong. There were certain things when he or she has died. We taboos that the elders told us not love our grandmother as she loves to do, and I believe that (listening us too,” said Mphelo. to them) increased the days of our Gogo Mphilo said her deteriorat- lives. I would like more generations ing eyesight was nothing, because to know about our times, although her strong hearing and razor-sharp I believe that I will still live for mind kept her days enjoyable. She many years to come. If you live a remembers the old days when no clean life, God will bless you and schools, clinics, hospitals and roads you will live long.” By Kaizer Nengovhela

Young man up for murder of two at Lunungwi village By Silas Nduvheni A young man, accused of murdering an elderly woman and her daughter in the Lunungwi village near Gondeni La-Habilu, appeared in the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s Court on Friday, 20 November. Muano Maphula (23) is accused of murdering 88-year-old Mudzunga Muvhulawa and 54-year-old Edzisani Caroline Muvhulawa after claiming that they had ‘bewitched’

him. Regional spokesperson for the Director of Public Prosecutions in Limpopo, Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi, said Maphula was charged with two counts of murder and housebreaking with the intent to murder. According to Malabi-Dzhangi, the state alleged that the accused had broken into the house of the two women on Sunday, 16 August this year, chopped them up with an unknown object and left their dead bodies in a pool of blood. Their bodies were discovered by neighbours. The police were informed and acted swiftly. Maphula, who was hiding at his girlfriend’s house in the Ha-Budeli village, was arrested. Maphula’s case was postponed to 26 February 2021 for further police investigations. He abandoned his bail application and remains in custody.

Gogo Makwarela Mphilo celebrated her 90th birthday with her grandchildren on Saturday, 14 November.

MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

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PUBLIC NOTICE: NOTICE OF SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING: 30 NOVEMBER 2020 Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 19 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000 that the Virtual 156th Special Council meeting will be held as follows: TIME : 14:00 DATE : Monday, 30 November 2020 VENUE : Virtual Meeting Enquiries must be directed to S G Maguga or M D Munyai at (015) 519 3000. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street, LOUIS TRICHARDT 26 & 27 November 2020 File No.: 4/2/2 Notice No 124 of 2020

Cllr L B Mogale Speaker of Makhado Local Municipality




22 Klein Street | Corner of Klein & Jeppe Street | Louis Trichardt

015 001 0036/7

kevin@hdslouistrichardt.co.za | www.hdsgroup.co.za

Munano Maphula (23) appeared in the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s Court on Friday, 20 November, on charges of murder.

MAKHADO CARE GROUP IS A NON PROFIT ORGANISATION WHICH ASSISTS WITH THE CARE OF CANCER PATIENTS IN THE MAKHADO AREA CONTACT DETAILS: Dr Casper Venter: 082 857 0022 Dr Emil Gaigher: 082 892 8862 Jernay Mcleod: 086 403 5752 Angela Brennan: 082 902 6271

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27 November 2020 13

Break the silence about the abuse of our women and children By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho “Our country is increasingly becoming an unsafe place for women, and it is up to us as women to stand up for ourselves,” says Mukonazwothe Netshitavhadulu, a young woman from Tshidzini Mutshili village, who shows that age does not matter as far as adding value to society is concerned. Mukonazwothe is a second-year chemical engineering student at the University of Johannesburg. She started an organisation called Break the Silence in 2019 that shines a light on the fight against the abuse of women and children. “I decided to start the organisation because thousands of women and children are being killed every day, and it is up to us as women to stand up and fight for ourselves,” she said. “The crime rate against women in South Africa, as

to make sure that they grow up with the knowledge that women are to be respected and not to be hurt,” Mukonazwothe said. They also offer self-defence classes to women to empower them against physical violence and help them to protect themselves. “We motivate and help women to gain confidence in themselves, so that they are able to stand up for themselves wherever they go,” she reported by Statistics SA, hints that the said. “We also provide counselling to those who have been abused and help femicide in South Africa is five times them seek and find justice.” higher than the global average. This Break the Silence has just entered means that women are five times more into a partnership with a like-minded likely to be killed as a result of gender-based violence perpetuated by men.” organisation from Zambia, called Bwami. “We will be helping each other as The organisation does not just want organisations with ideas on how to betto raise awareness but aims to address ter serve our clients. We came to realise the root of the problem by teaching that the abuse of women and children is young boys how to treat women with a global problem, so we encourage our respect. “The motive behind this is women to break the silence.” The organisation has been donating sanitary pads, stationery and food parcels to schools and orphanages. “We are hosting a fun run from Tshidzini Mutshili to Tshaulu on 26 December,” Mukonazwothe said. She invites those who are interested to contact her on tel. 066 584 5354, Facebook (Break the silence) and/or Mukonazwothe Netshitavhadulu from Break the Silence is living proof Instagram (Breakthe- that age does not matter as far as adding value to society is concerned. silence14). Photo supplied.

“I decided to start the organisation because thousands of women and children are being killed every day, and it is up to us as women to stand up and fight for ourselves”

A survey done by Equal Education last month revealed that many learners go hungry on days they can’t afford to travel to school. Some learners in Limpopo qualified for meals but were not getting them daily. Archive photo: Bernard Chiguvare.

Survey reveals that learners go hungry when there are no classes 143 learners said they attended school in rotation. Most of Tracy* is preparing for her these learners said they did not final Grade 11 exams at get a meal on days when they Mmatshipi Secondary School are not at school. in Mashashane, Limpopo. On Tracy was one of the 62 qualdays that her grade is schedifying learners in Limpopo who uled to have classes, she walks were not getting meals daily about 10 kilometres from her because they could not afford village to Mmatshipi. travel costs. All 62 learners told Tracy asked that we withhold Equal Education that they went her real name because she hungry on days they were not fears being victimised by her at school. peers. She told GroundUp that According to a report from because both her parents are the Department of Basic unemployed and battle to put Education in October, about food on the table, often the only 1.8 million learners were falling meal she gets for the day is at through the cracks and still school. not receiving meals. About “I come from a poor family. 19,000 schools benefit from Other learners can afford to the National School Nutrition drive back to fetch meals when Programme (NSNP). we are not at school that week. In August, the North I cannot travel that distance Gauteng High Court ordered only to fetch food only as it is Minister of Basic Education tiring,” she said. Angie Motshekga to roll out Tracy was one of 192 learners the school feeding scheme for in Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal, about nine million learners imEastern Cape, Gauteng, and mediately, whether or not they Western Cape who participated were attending school. The case in a survey by Equal Education was brought by Equal Educain October. The snap survey tion and the school-governing aimed to find out whether qual- bodies of two schools. ifying learners were receiving Now activists are urging the meals daily. Of those surveyed, government to assist learners By GroundUp

who are unable to get their meals because they can’t afford to travel to school for this purpose alone. EE, Equal Education Law Centre and SECTION 27 have recommended that the department arrange food parcels or vouchers for learners. They also want learners to be reminded that meals can also be collected at schools closest to where they live. Tidimalo Chuene from the Limpopo Department of Education said learner transport only catered for those who were not within walking distance from schools. “In cases where a learner was taken to a school of choice, then the responsibility is still with parents/caregivers to get them to school, as was the case even before the use of differentiated timetables,” she said. Chuene said that as of 9 September 2020, some 44,000 learners were benefiting from the scholar transport programme in the province. She did not provide further comment on the findings of Equal Education’s survey. (Source: www.ground.org.za)

GEPF FUNERAL BENEFIT. GEPF provides a funeral benefit for the funeral of an active member or a pensioner, as well as for the funeral of a spouse or eligible child of a member or pensioner. The funeral benefit payable upon death of such a member or pensioner is R15 000, spouse R15 000 and eligible child R6 000. More cover and less worry about tomorrow.


14 27 November 2020

Mvula Trust builds new ablution facilities at Mmilige High School The Soutpansberg West Circuit manager, Ms Christina Ramovha, expressed her joy about the new facilities. She praised the donors for helping the government in the provision of ablution blocks. She also praised the principal and her SGB, as well as the community, for their dedication and commitment by trying to do something, instead of waiting for the government. Ramovha said that education was getting more support and that it was producing good results. “The government cannot work alone, and other institutions can help the government to initiate development,” she said.

Mvula Trust, educators and SGB members at the new ablution blocks at Chavani Senior Primary school.

Pit toilets at Nyeleti and Chavani schools finally get replaced Department of Education to address the problem and ad“We are appealing to the edhere to legislation. More than ucators, learners, school gov- four hundred schools in the erning board (SGB) members Limpopo Province still believed and the community to guard to use the old pit toilets. jealously against vandalism of Mathivha thanked Mvula the new toilets,” said Kanaka- Trust, an NGO focusing on na George Mathivha, educadevelopmental projects, for tion manager of the Hlangathe good work they had done. nani North sector during the “You have addressed two of official handover of ablution the rights that are enshrined facilities for the Nyeleti in the Bill of Rights - the right Junior Primary and Chavani to life and the right to dignity. Senior Primary schools in the You have given life to the two Thulamela District. schools,” he said. Mathivha further urged SGB members to The new toilets were handed educate the community not to over last Thursday (19th) and vandalise these structures. coincided with World Toilet Limpopo’s regional manager Day. These schools were among for the Mvula Trust, Madidimamany Limpopo schools that lo Chaamano, said his organwere still using old and dilapiisation strived to provide the dated pit toilets. best type of toilets to schools. The continued use of the un- They opted to install Enviroloo dignified and often dangerous toilets, which are not only pit toilets has been a subject of very effective, but also have a debate for a number of years, minimal impact on the enviwith groups such as Equal ronment. The organisation is in Education (EE) and Section 27 partnership with the Departcalling for urgent interventions. ment of Basic Education for the Section 27 even turned to the implementation of water and courts to force the Limpopo sanitation projects at schools. By Bernard Chiguvare

Cutting the ribbon during the official handing over of the new ablution blocks at Mmilige High School. From left to right are Mukondeleli Tshigomana (principal), Chief Petrus Murivhami, Circuit Manager Christina Ramovha, Cecilia Masasane (Mvula Trust), Msuiwa Machaba and Beauty Mashathi (SGB member).


The costs of the facilities handed over at Nyeleti Junior Primary school totalled just over R1,6 million. The school has 159 boys, 152 girls, 70 grade Rs and 11 educators. The school was using two vandalised blocks of pit toilets before the donation, but now has a male block with two seats and four urinals, as well as a separate female block with six seats, a staff block and a special block meant for Grade-R learners. Chavani Senior primary school’s facilities cost just over R1,7 million. The school used to have one toilet with two entrances for 176 learners and five educators. They now have Enviroloo toilets, which comprise a male block with two seats and four urinals, a separate female block with six seats, as well as a staff block. These facilities come with rainwater-harvesting tanks. Mvula Trust also handed over sanitary pads and face masks to the schools during the handover.

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project was constructed at a cost of R1,6 million. Pupils and staff at Mmilige Ms Cecilia Masasane from High School were in a cheer- Mvula Trust said that her comful mood on Friday (20th) pany had decided to sponsor when the school officially disadvantaged schools in Limopened its new ablution popo. “We were approached blocks. The new facilities by many institutions, but we make provision for 13 toilets, can regrettably not sponsor all which include two toilets for of them.” She told parents and people with disabilities. pupils that she chose Mmilige The chairperson of the High School because an obschool’s SGB, Ms Beauty vious need for new ablutions Mashathi, welcomed the and other proper facilities donation and said it came at existed there. a time when the school was Masasane expressed the in dire need of an ablution hope that the pupils would block. “Our pupils are highly benefit from the new ablution motivated, and we thank facilities and wished them Mvula Trust for their generous the best of luck with this last donation,” said Mashathi. The stretch of the school year. By Kaizer Nengovhela


27 November 2020 15

Awelani Eco-tourism Lodge finally opens at Ha-Mutele By Silas Nduvheni The Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries (DEAFF), Ms

Maggie Sotyu, applauded the communities of Ha-Mutele, Bileni and Tshikuyu in Masisi near the Pafuri gate of the Kruger National Park (KNP)

for taking the initiative to improve their own circumstances. “We want other communities to learn from them that they

can start up their own community projects that can help create jobs, and government could fund them further. It is not good that communities blame the government for not providing them with jobs, whereas they can create jobs themselves,” said Sotyu.

From left to right: VDM’s executive mayor, Dowelani Nenguda, Deputy Minister of Envirionmental Affairs, Foresty and Fisheries Maggie Sotyu and Makhadzi Nyambeni Munyai at the official opening of the Awelani Eco-Tourism Lodge in Ha-Mutele.

She was speaking on Friday, 13 November, during the official opening of the Awelani Eco-Tourism Lodge in Ha-Mutele. The luxury lodge was an initiative of the Ha-Mutele community. In total, 1 800 hectares of land was made available for conservation- and tourism-associat-

ed projects to address the high unemployment rate among the local community. The area has high tourism potential, taking its close proximity to the KNP into consideration. This was the main reason that the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) funded the project in 2005. Situated approximately 11 kilometres west of the KNP’s Pafuri gate, the lodge has the capacity to accommodate 54 overnight guests in game-reserve style and has a 150-seater conference centre. “To date, a total number of 23 people from the Mutele community are permanently employed here, with additional casual staff appointed on a contractual basis. Local contractors are used for services such as repair and maintenance, plumbing, as well as for cultural activities such as performing traditional dances and preparing traditional foods for international tourists visiting the lodge,” Sotyu said. The DEAFF injected a

further R10 million during this opening event, meaning that the government has invested more than R47 million in the development and upkeep of the lodge. The executive mayor of the VDM, Cllr Dowelani Nenguda, said that, for the official opening of the lodge, the district had donated three motor vehicles and a tractor, which would contribute to improving their business. The chairperson of the Awelani Eco-Tourism Lodge, Mr Albert Ramufhi, said they sincerely appreciated the government’s involvement and for injecting more funds into the business, which would certainly help with the re-stocking of game, such as impala and kudu, from the KNP. He said that, through government funding, they wanted to promote their communities in the villages with small projects, such as bricklaying and poultry and goat farming, to help fight unemployment.

Five places to take your family this festive season By Maanda Bele

An aerial view of Jericho Hotel located in Nandoni Ha-Budeli. Photo supplied.

Children play on a swing at Humphrey Resort in Lwamondo. Photo supplied.

The beautiful swimming pools at Mount Azimbo near Louis Trichardt. Photo supplied.

We can all agree that 2020 was a tough year and that we had been spending way too much time indoors during the national lockdown. The exciting news is that the festive season is upon us and restrictions have eased a bit. Selecting a place to visit with your family or your partner can be exciting and stressful at the same time. In this week’s edition, we have decided to make things a little easier for you by selecting five places in the Vhembe area that we thought people might be interested in visiting during the jolly season.

Bonyolowa Bed and Breakfast

This facility is located in the heart of Nzhelele Ha-Rabali, and the owners take pride in their exclusive presidential treatment of all their guest. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, this is it. Relax in their luscious, evergreen gardens or lounge around the swimming pool. End the day with the smell of An aerial view of La’Vero Lifestyle Resort in Nzhelele Tshavhalovhedzi. Photo supplied . a campfire at the lapa. Their rooms are well sanitized and all prevention Humphrey Resort La’Vero Lifestyle measures in line with the naResort tional Covid-19 guidelines are This resort is situated in being adhered to. Rooms are The resort is situated in available from R500 per night. Lwamondo and is ideal for (Please note that all these fun-in-the-sun day outings. Nzhelele and is the ideal place places were selected randomly) This entertainment and for friends and family to get Mount Azimbo recreational centre is suitable together for family outings and private lodge Jericho Hotel and La’Vero boasts a swimming events, such as birthday parpool area with water slide and Conferences ties. They offer a wide range The lodge markets itself a plunge pool, a jacuzzi/hot of facilities and activities inas a 4.5-star lodge, just 12km tub, braai facilities, lapas, and The centre is located at cluding three swimming pools, a restaurant and bar. They from Louis Trichardt. Ha-Budeli, near the popular Situated on a beautiful farm, swings and jumping castles offer walking tours, tennis Nandoni dam and it boasts a Mount Azimbo offers peaceful for the kids, mounted tables courts, billiards, and live music three-star luxury rating. and benches, as well as braai performances. A day visit will cost an adult and convenient accommodastands. Guests can enjoy the tion that is perfect for group Accommodation is divided R100 to gain access to the use of tables, chairs, umbrellas, into King and Queen Suites. general area, and for R150 you retreats, family breakaways and gazebos at the resort at no All rooms are air-condior couples looking for that can access the lounge in the extra cost. tioned and equipped with VIP section. Children pay R50 romantic weekend away from The Humphrey Resort is minibar fridges. R750 per in the general area and R70 for the hustle and bustle. open Monday to Sunday from night includes the use of the Guests have the option to a kid’s VIP ticket. For special stay in the guest house, where 9:00 to 18:00 and the enswimming pools. Rates for day occasions, advantage can be trance fees are R50 per adult visitors are R70 for adults and taken of the centre’s lapa facili- breakfast is included, or they and R30 per child. R50 for kids. ties, which cost from R120 per can stay in the comfortable self-catering cottages. person with standard décor. Mount Azimbo is a bird lovThe venue package (hall) goes for R150 per person with stan- er’s paradise, with more than 200 different bird species dard décor or the conference and magnificent views of the package goes for R400 per mountain. person. Conference packages Facilities here include a includes the venue, stationery, swimming pool, hiking trail, water, morning tea, lunch, bar and restaurant, venue afternoon tea and sweets. Their most popular facilities for any type of event, BBQ facilities, spitbraai service and include the swimming pool, overnight accommodation. swing and slides for the Kids pay R50 at the pool kids, indoor pool, spa, BBQ area and adults R80. facilities, restaurant, bar, and Overnight accommodation conference facilities. can be booked from R690 per A standard room can be night for a room at the guest booked from R650 per night, house and from R1 200 per while an executive room will Inside the rooms of Bonyolowa B&B at Ha-Rabali. Photo night at self-catering units. cost R850 per night. supplied.


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015 516 3981 LEGALS ADVOCATE MUTHIGE M T NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35 (5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on account in the estate late NETSHISUMBEWA NNDITSHENI RONNIE Id no. 780122 5437 080. Who died on 7th September 2020. Master’s ref: 1813/2020 Master Of High Court: Thohoyandou. Will be open for inspec�on for period of 21 days from date of publica�on of the master’s office ADVOCATE MUTHIGE M T, Chamber no: 8 Style Centre, Thohoyandou, 0950. PO Box 234, Sibasa,0970 Cell No: 072 672 4542 / 067 105 1148 REF: Est 1813/2020 ADVOCATE THABELO MANYELENYELE NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 ESTATE LATE: MUDAU AZWINDINI NORMAN Iden�ty No: 7403146063085 Estate No: 2153/2020 Date Of Death: 08-11-2020 Last Known Address: Makwarela Ext 4 (Mbaleni), Thulamela Municipality Creditors and debtors in the above-men�oned

estate are hereby required to lodge their claims with and to pay their debts to the undersigned within thirty days of the date of publica�on hereof. Office of ADV THABELE MANYELENEYELE, Office No 14 Shothodzo Complex, Thohoyandou CELL: 076 744 8856/ 081 369 0313 Email: rokundalegal@gmail.com REF: TPM/EST/15/20

FINDLAY & NIEMEYER INCORPORATED SALE IN EXECUTION IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA, LIMPOPO DIVISION, POLOKWANE In the ma�er between: Case No. 7473/2019 STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA LIMITED Execu�on Creditor and PATRICK MAFUNA First Judgment Debtor THIVHAFUNI MARIA MAFUNA Second Judgment Debtor A SALE IN EXECUTION of the undermen�oned property is to be held by the Sheriff Louis Trichardt at the Sheriff ’s Office, 21 Flamboyant Street, Newtown, Louis Trichardt on THURSDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2020 at 11H30. Full condi�ons of sale can be inspected at the Sheriff Louis Trichardt, at the above address and will be read out prior to the sale taking place. No warran�es are given with regard to the descrip�on, extent and\ or improvements to the property. Property: ERF 32 WATERVAL-C TOWNSHIP, Registra�on Division: LT LIMPOPO, Measuring: 1028 square metres, Deed of Transfer: TG150812/2007 Also known as: 32 WATERVAL STREET, WATERVAL-C, LOUIS TRICHARDT. Magisterial District: MAKHADO Improvements: MAIN BUILDING: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchen. Zoned – Residen�al REGISTRATION AS BUYER IS A PRE-REQUISITE SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS, INTER ALIA: • Direc�ve of the Consumer Protec�on Act 68 of 2008 (URL h�p://www.info.gov. za/view / Download FileAc�on?id=99961) • FICA – legisla�on i.ro. proof of iden�ty and address par�culars • Registra�on condi�ons FINDLAY & NIEMEYER INCORPORATED, A�orneys for Plain�ff, P.O. Box 801 Pretoria Tel No. (012) 342-9164 Ref. Mr M COETZEE/AN/ F6471

KENNY SIVHAGA ATTORNEYS. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 All persons having claims against the undermen�oned estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days from date of publica�on hereof. Estate number:

000139/2006 Surname: MAMPHODO Names: NTEVHELENI WILSON. Date of birth: 1954/08/10 Iden�ty Number: 5408105896088. Last address: Elima khongela stand no 888 Date of death: 2006/11/16 Master’s Office: Thohoyandou Name and Address of Executor or Authorised agent: KENNY SIVHAGA ATTORNEYS, Address: 101 Krogh Street, Bavaria Building; Office No: 2, Louis Trichardt TEL: 072 146 3309/ 061 534 8072 EMAIL: kennysivhaga@ gmail.com ref: Estate/mamphodo/ 000139/2006

MADZIVHANDILA N ATTORNEYS LOST OR DESTROYED TITLE DEED No�ce is hereby given in terms of regula�on 68(1) of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937, for the inten�on to apply for the issue of a cer�fied copy of T6041/2009 passed by ROSSET BEZUIDENHOUT and HELEN RENEè BEZUIDENHOUT in favour of CHRISTOPHER MATODZI FAMILY TRUST IT 15099/2006 in respect of ERF 2048 LOUIS TRICHARDT EXTENSION 2 TOWNSHIP, Registra�on Division L.S, LIMPOPO PROVINCE measuring 1983 square meters which has been lost or destroyed. All interested persons having objec�on to the issue of such copy are hereby required to lodge the same in wri�ng with the Registrar of Deeds at Limpopo Deeds Office within two weeks from the date of the publica�on of this no�ce. Dated at POLOKWANE this 24th day of NOVEMBER 2020 Applicant: MADZIVHANDILA N ATTORNEYS, Office G7 Ramlin Square, 31 Hans van Rensburg Street, Polokwane. Tel: 0152300152/0726995643 Email: mna�orneys1@ gmail.com

MAKAMU & MUNYAI INC NOTICE IN TERMS SECTION 35 (5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Kindly be informed that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account of the ESTATE LATE MASWANGANYI MTHAVINI SOPHIE IDENTITY NO: 630510 0763 082 of STAND NO. 280 NKURI SIFASONKE VILLAGE, in Giyani in the Limpopo Province who passed on the 28th of May 2020 Masters Ref: 1199/2020 Thohoyandou will be open for inspec�on for a period of 21 (twenty one) days from the date of publica�on at the Masters Office. Should no objec�on be lodged with the Masters office during the said period, the Executrix shall proceed to distribu�on in accordance with the said account. By authorised Agent: MAKAMU & MUNYAI

INC., OFFICE 103 & 112, OLD MUTUAL BUILDING, MPHEPHU DRIVE, THOHOYANDOU TEL: 015 962 0223 E-MAIL: info@mmminc. co.za Ref: MM180/EST/20/COL

MUDAU & NEMADODZI ATTORNEYS NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 THE ESTATE OF THE LATE: MULOVHEDZI MARTHA Iden�ty No: 601223 0536 087 who resided at TSHAULU MADZEMBA village, who died on the 03 JULY 2020. ESTATE NUMBER: 1594/2020 at the master of the High COURT. The First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the above estate will lie for inspec�on at the Office of the Master of the High Court of South Africa (Thohoyandou) and a copy thereof at the Office of the Magistrate for the district of Thohoyandou for a period of 21 days from the date of publica�on hereof. MUDAU AND NEMADODZI ATTORNEYS, Office 04 Madar Centre. Thohoyandou, Post Office Street, P.O. Box 917 Thohoyandou 0950 Cell No: 076 095 3652/ 076 474 5274 Ref: MN/Est.12/2020

NOEL CHAUKE ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the Estate of the Late: ADOLPH MAGEZA FURUMELE Id No: 560920 5437 083 Date Of Death: 21St November 2019 Estate No: 006308 / 2020 Last Adress: House No.10 Sec�on D2 Giyani. All persons having complaints and claims against the above estate are called upon to contact the appointed Executrix within thirty (30) days of the publica�on of this no�ce. The name of the Executrix is as follow: CYNTHIS GUILTY FUREMELE and the name of the agent is as follows: NOEL CHAUKE ATTORNEYS, Office No 208 & 211, Old Mutual

Building, PO Box 1422, Giyani, 0826 TEL: 015 812 1574 FAX: 015 812 1575 REF:CH/MN/165/19EST TAMBANI MATUMBA ATTORNEYS

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 All persons having claim against the men�oned estate must lodge it with the executor concerned within 30 days (or as indicated) from date of publica�on hereof. Registered number of estate 1969/2020 Province: Limpopo Surname:

MADZIVHANDILA First Name: MUKANDANGALWO WILBERT ID NO: 290408 5207 083 Latest address: Stand Number 1, Tshitavhadulu, Tshakhuma, Thohoyandou, 0950 Date of Death: 01/10/2020 Master‘s office: Thohoyandou First Names of the Surviving Spouse: Musandiwa Susan Rudzani Irene Muswana, one of the caregivMadzivhandila. Date of ers at St Scholastica. Birth: 1935/10/14 ID NO:351014 0325 080 TAMBANI MATUMBA ATTORNEYS INC, 39 Songozwi Street, Louis Trichardt, 0920 Email: matumba@tmlaw. co.za Tel :015 516 6411 Fax: 015 516 6429 REF:MAT/2020/1001184


NOTICE THENDO CONSULTING Notice is hereby given in terms of regulation 68 of the Deeds Registration Act, 1937 of intention to apply for the issue of certified copy of Deed of transfer number T4825/1955BP in favour of MK265 Makungwi P.O.Box 1564 Nzhelele 0933 Limpopo Province Makhado Local Municipality for EIA Of all interested persons having objective to the issue of such copy are hereby required to lodge the same writing with the registrat of deds at the same Deeds Office Pretoria Merino Building, 140 Pretorius Street, Pretoria Central, Pretoria within two weeks from the date of publication of this notice. Dated at Pretoria on this 26 day of November 2020. Thendo Consulting. P.O.Box 133, Nzhelele 0993. Email: minyuku@gmail.com. Tel: 076 171 7859 / 076 859 1196 NOTICE OF A WATER USE LICENSE APPLICATION Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 40 of the National Water Act, 1998 (Act No 36 of 1998) that an application triggering Section 21 (f) and Section 21 (g) for a Water Use License will be submitted to the Department of Water and Sanitation for the Harper Waste Water Treatment Plant within Musina Local Municipality of Vhembe District in Limpopo Province. Ref No: WU17454 Kindly note that Interested and/or affected parties are to submit their comments, objections, and recommendations to: Environmental Consultant: Mulondi SHEQ Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Contact Person: Molepo Lebogang, Address: 371 De Wet Drive, Polokwane, 0699 Cell: 082 6455 185, Tel: 015 880 0240 Fax: 087 220 4040, Email: enviro@ mulondienv.co.za Applicant: Vhembe District Municipality, Contact person: Ndou T.S, Address: Old Parliament, Government Complex, Tusk Venda Street, Thohoyandou 0950, Tel: 015 960 2009, Email: mmoffice@vhembe.gov.za Meeting Arrangements; Venue: Musina Municipality (Boardroom), Time: 11H00, Date: 08/12/2020

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Nutritious meals for 170 children during lockdown thanks to these food gardens Community Project

The impact of Covid-19 will be felt for a long time, particularly in rural communities such as Mulima in Limpopo, where the St Scholastica Food Garden had to stretch their meagre resources in recent months to help those who were returning home after losing their jobs during the lockdown in Johannesburg. “Our Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) centre at the school was hit hard by Covid-19 because the lockdown meant that the OVCs weren’t getting that one meal a day that they relied on,” says Chris Babona, manager of the OVC centre and crèche at the St Scholastica School. “We had to make a plan during the lockdown to help the OVCs. We also had to help those families who were now destitute because the breadwinners had lost their jobs in Joburg and had to come back home. We barely manage to provide for our OVCs, the children in the crèche and those at the school, and we now had to help even more families. It’s been tough,” explains Chris. The food garden at the school was started in 2013 by Chris and the OVC caregivers to supplement the food parcels they were giving to OVCs and children from impoverished homes. The unemployment rate in Mulima is over 60% and many families are in need of financial assistance and food parcels. “We didn’t really know how to garden or grow vegetables, so last year, we asked Shoprite for support with the garden because the school had given us land, but we weren’t using it properly,” says Chris. In November 2019, Shoprite arranged for the installation of a borehole with rainwater-harvesting infrastructure, donated seedlings and tools, and has been running monthly workshops to teach the caregivers how to extend their growing season. Permaculture techniques such as mulching, composting and companion planting have assisted the caregivers to come up with useful solutions, for example planting onions to ward off the worms that were eating some crops. The St Scholastica OVC centre provides food and parcels for 170 children, who now enjoy fresh produce, including tomatoes, green peppers, beetroot, cabbage, bananas, and spinach, from the food garden. “I’m very grateful for our eight caregivers. They do so much for the children here and they earn just R1,400 per month. I’m also grateful to the Mamas Alliance for their ongoing support, and to Shoprite because our children are now enjoying nutritious meals.” The Shoprite Group is committed to fighting hunger across South Africa and has partnered with 119 community food gardens and 475 home gardens since 2015, benefitting more than 28 000 people. (Article and photo supplied by Shoprite Checkers).


27 November 2020 17

Pupils left stranded after fierce storm blows away school’s roof By Kaizer Nengovhela Maila Primary School in Ha Munzhedzi was dealt a severe blow when a fierce storm blew the roof sheets off some of the classes three weeks ago. The school’s SGB secretary, Mr Muvhango Tshotheli, said he was at home when a sudden storm hit the area. “I received a call that the roofing of some

classrooms had been blown away. I rushed there, only to find corrugated iron scattered all over the school. There was water in the classes and, fortunately enough, our books were spared. We are just happy that it happened after school and that no school children were present,” he said. Some furniture and books were damaged by the rain, but

Maila Primary School in Ha Munzhedzi was hit by a sudden storm. Some of the classrooms were left roofless.

what was spared is being stored in a cramped staff room. According to Tshotheli, electrical cables were left exposed. The school has been conducting lessons under risky conditions since then. Limpopo Mirror spoke to some of the school’s pupils, who said that the situation was affecting them in their studies. “We find it difficult to learn under these conditions. We are Learners from Madombidzha and Thohoyandou (The Vhutsila Cultural School) received also at risk of being injured by donations in the form of sports and cultural attire from the Department of Sports, Arts the unstable roof. The departand Culture last Friday. The donations were supposed to be handed to the learners on ment must come on board and 7 November during a Youth Sharpening event, held by The Concerned Pastors group in assist us,” they said. Madombidzha. Pastor Solomon Lithole, the chairperson of The Concerned Pastors group, A teacher at the school said thanked the department for the donations. “The donations will make learners happy and that their work was being bring hope to the learners’ lives,” said Lithole. affected negatively. “As we are preparing for examinations, accommodating the pupils will be a very serious problem at this school,” he said. The Department of Education’s spokesperson, Ms Tidimalo Chuene, said that they were aware of the state of the school. “Our infrastructure team is processing a subsequent request for two additional mobile classrooms for the school. Date of delivery is yet to be determined.” Chuene said that the school was on the list of schools due for provision of major infrastructure through EIG funding. The project is still Cllr Fistos Mafela (Chief Whip of Musina Municipal Council), Mayor Mihloti Muhlope and at the pre-feasibility phase MEC Basikopo Makama, captured during the public-participation programme. for construction of 10 classrooms, Grade R facilities, a nutrition centre, a small admin block, paved parking bays and relocation of available mobile classrooms.

Watch this space says Nkwana, a potential Vhembe youth leader By Bernard Chiguvare

na is the personal assistant for Musina’s mayor. He is also passionate about the empowerment of young people, especially regarding education and entrepreneurship. Nkwana said he would love to see more local people become involved in the activities of the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone.

As the clock ticks towards next year’s elections for new ANC Youth League leaders in the Vhembe Region, men such as Dominic Nkwana stand tall among candidates racing for chairperson positions. Limpopo Mirror spoke to Nkwana to find out just what makes him fit for the chair, and he tells us how, at the age of 27, he has already had several achievements. “I travelled to Kenya to represent the rights of children when I was only 15 years old. At 16 and 17 respectively, I went to London twice for the same cause. That was where I polished my leadership skills, during the Children’s Global Panel,” he said. Before rising to the current position of deputy secretary for the ANC branch in Makushu, Nkwana was chairperson of the ANC Youth League’s sub-region in Musina. When asked what he would offer, should he be the winning candidate, Nkwana replied, “I will rather die for truth than to watch helplessly as corrupt comrades continue to steal from the coffers of the poor. We don’t want another VBS quandary to repeat itself during our lifetime. This time, with the wise guidance of our political mentors, like President Cyril Ramaphosa and comrade Dowelani Nenguda, we are facing the VBS brigade head-on.” He feels ANC Youth League positions should be filled by youths. “They are robust and have the energy,” he said. Dominic Nkwana aspires to be the next ANC Youth Besides his political life, Nkwa- League Chairperson in Vhembe.

Illegal occupiers of RDP houses will be evicted, warns MEC in Musina because he wantcerns during the public-particed to make sure that the title ipation programme include the The MEC for Cooperadeeds were given to the rightful Musina Council of Churches, tive Governance, Human owners. “The verification proSenior Citizens Forum, Musina Settlements and Traditional cess will help us to identify the Gogo Getters, Musina Council Affairs (Coghsta), Basikopo rightful owners of the houses. of Churches, Musina Farmers Makamu, has commissioned Whoever gave the key to the Association, Musina Disabila verification process to illegal occupant of an RDP ity Forum, Musina Business confirm whether people who house will have to account. The Forum and Musina Economic are staying in the low-cost verification team should give Development Committee. (RDP) houses in Musina are me biweekly reports before I When responding to the the rightful owners or not. He personally come back to do my concerns raised by community said anyone found staying in inspection. Our law-enforcestructures, the mayor of Musian RDP house illegally would ment agencies will help us to na, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, said be evicted and the house real- evict everyone who is staying the engagement had been fruitlocated to the rightful owner. in an RDP house illegally. We ful because the government Makamu was addressing cannot have a situation where now had first-hand information representatives of stakeholders poor people continue to remain of what was happening on the during his public-participation victims of power abuse while ground. She also welcomed programme at the New Nance- we, as government, are not Makamu’s low-cost housing field Community Hall, Musina, doing anything to protect them. verification process and said it two weeks ago. We are here today to lay the ba- would help to eliminate unlaw“Every time when I do insis of solving these RDP-house ful occupation of RDP houses terviews on national radio staproblems here in Musina. in Musina. “All the issued tions, I get calls from Musina When we do our work in the raised here today will be given people complaining about the offices, we should be informed priority. illegal occupation of RDP hous- by what the people on ground Those that are not the es. I have also received several are saying. We need all the competency of the municipality reports and complaints in this information from community will be referred to the relevant regard and today I decided to members in order to solve these departments and stakeholders come and hear from the comproblems here in Musina.” for immediate attention,” she munity members myself. I have Stakeholders who raised con- said. brought my teams here today, so that they can assist me to get the relevant information to kickstart the verification process. We are here today because we know that there are problems and we need communities to give us information, so that we can solve those problems with the urgency they deserve,” said Makamu. Makamu said he had deliberately A community member, Sello John Malatjie, raises a concern during delayed the handing the engagement with the Coghsta MEC at Musina. over of 415 title deeds News from Musina


18 27 November 2020

Limpopo Volleyball Association elect its new executive committee By Frank Mavhungu The new executive committee for the Limpopo Volleyball Association (LVA) was elected during the association’s general meeting held at the Peter Mokaba Stadium last Sunday. Mr Atang Segodi, the only nominee for the position, was re-elected as the president for the association. Mr Peter Legodi was elected the deputy president. The general secretary and deputy general secretary positions will be held by Mr Asiti Pheega and Ms Elizabeth Otsweleng respectively. Mr Wilson Matlaisane is the new treasurer for the association. The other committee members are: Messrs Thabo Molokomme (development

director), Hendrick Shirindi (technical director), Tsepo Shirindi (competitions director), Matlase Pheeha (beach volleyball director), Zwonaka Tshivhase (media and marketing director), Busi Ngwenya (gender and transformation director) and Koletso Leso (school sports director). When addressing the meeting shortly after the elections, the president of the association, Mr Atang Segodi, thanked the delegates from the various regional associations for the trust and confidence they had demonstrated by re-electing him to the position. He revealed that he was impressed by the fact that women were fast emerging in leadership positions. He further stated that his association was working towards addressing the issue of gender equity. He stressed the fact that equal gender representation would apply in the association’s executive committee when they went for The new LVA executive committee members pose for a photo after the elections. Photo supthe next elections in four years’ time. plied.

Tshikovhele makes his dream come true to be part of the legal fraternity By Silas Nduvheni

The president of the association, Mr Atang Segodi. Photo supplied.

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Sampson Tshikovhele (51) is an example of someone who believes that hard work, combined with passion, will take one to the top. This former teacher is now an advocate and a candidate attorney at a well-known law firm in Thohoyandou. The journey has been a long one for advocate Tshikovhele, a local resident from Lufule 2. He still remembers how he started out as a language teacher at the Ratshikwekwete Secondary School in the Vuwani area in 1993, after completing his Bachelor of Education (BA Ed) degree at the University of Venda (Univen).

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“I was an educator for almost 22 years, though the law profession had been my dream career after matric. But during our times, parents regarded teaching as the most popular career. I later registered part time for a bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) at the University of Venda,” he recalls. In 2011, he attended a six-month law clinic course at Univen and eventually completed his LLB in 2013. “It gave me courage that I would become an advocate one day,” said Tshikovhele, who was still teaching full time at that point. In 2015, he handed in his voluntary resignation as an educator, to allow him to serve his articles as candidate attorney at the firm of Mvundlela & Associates Attorneys. He had also registered at the Polokwane Bar for a pupillage programme (the advocate training) and was finally admitted as advocate in 2017.

A former warrant officer at the SAPS, Patrick Nelwalani (standing left), decided to assist a local soccer team by donating two balls. He handed the balls over to Lutendo Mushapi, who received them on behalf of the development team for Mapila Skom Boys at Tshituni Tsha Ha-Mapila last Wednesday. Sitting with them are Mukona Ramudzuli and Tuwani Raluswinga. Photo supplied.


NEWS Correspondents: Bernard Chiguvare Frank Mavhungu (Thohoyandou) Kaizer Nengovhela Ndivhuwo Musetha Silas Nduvheni Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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Murendi Properties and Building Supplies is looking for an experienced store Manager to oversee daily operations at one of our stores. As a manager, you will supervise the operational staff and manage everyday branch activities.


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Sampson Tshikovhele worked his way up from being a teacher to making his childhood dream of becoming an advocate come true.


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Hlapa League Log (Final Standings) 24.10.2020

Team Thabelo Pool Club Diza Dazzlers Pool Club Gilson Pool Club Wata Pool Club Toy Pool Club Hillside Pool Club Bra Bee Pool Club Oom Pieter Pool Club Mamba Pool Club Mutonga Pool Club Goloza Pool Club Diza Dazzlers Pool Club Mathonsi Res Pool Club Cocks Pool Club Hlayisekani Pool Club Bindzulani Pool Club

Played 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30

Won 27 21 20 19 17 17 14 14 12 11 11 11 8 8 7 1

Draw 1 3 2 2 5 4 2 2 3 4 4 2 4 4 4 0

Lost 2 6 8 9 8 9 14 14 14 15 15 17 18 18 19 28

For 395 387 356 339 329 332 316 307 284 305 266 288 258 247 276 115

Against Points 205 82 213 66 244 62 261 59 271 56 268 55 284 44 293 44 296 39 295 37 334 37 312 35 342 28 353 28 324 25 505 3

Your duties will include the following: • Deliver excellent service to ensure customer satisfaction • Motivate the sales team to meet sales targets • Respond to customer complaints in a professional manner • Prepare reports on customer requirements, buying trends and profits • Monitor inventory and order new items when needed Required experience, qualification and skills: • Grade 12 and/or post Matric retail management qualification • Planning and organizational skills • Computer literacy in Ms Word and Excel • Knowledge in Kerridge Commercial System (Babbage) will be an added advantage • Friendly personality & excellent customer service skills • Self initiative skills or self starter abilities. • Written and spoken language fluency in English essential. • Three years experience in managerial position Email CVs to itani@murendi.co.za or info@murendi.co.za CVs can be hand delivered to. Office 02, Stag Village Building Opposite Caltex garage NB: if you do not hear from us within 10 days after the closing date, consider your application unsuccessful. Closing date: 04 December 2020


27 November 2020 19

TTM launch 15 new supporters’ branches According to the club’s communications and marketing manager, Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila Mr Livhuwani Madzuhe, his aim FC (TTM) have reason to believe is to launch 100 branches in the that they will be one of the bigLimpopo Province alone within the gest clubs in the country in terms next three months. Mr Madzuhe of support and performance. revealed that he will be launching The club launched 15 supporters’ 15 more branches in Gauteng next branches during a ceremony month. He also stated that they had held at the 2 Ten Hotel in Sibasa already launched one branch in last Saturday. The branches that Mpumalanga last month. were launched are: Ngovhela, Mr Madzuhe further stated that Tshakhuma, Tshaulu, Malamuhe would return home after his lele, Sibasa, Vuwani, Nzhelele, Gauteng trip to accomplish his Makhado, Thohoyandou, Thenmission to launch more branches gwe, Vleifontein, Western, Polok- in Limpopo. According to him, wane, Vhufuli and Shayandima. the launching of the supporters’ By Frank Mavhungu

branches follows the election of the provincial executive committee members last month. Mr Madzuhe again stated that the club had held another ceremony at the club’s offices in Thohoyandou the following day. According to him, TTM adopted one of the local clubs affiliated to the Sasol Women’s League, Chippas United Ladies FC, during Sunday’s ceremony. He went on to state that the adoption of the club meant that Chippas would be known as Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila Ladies FC in future. The marriage between the two clubs means that Chippas will automatically qualify to campaign

Opening matches for GladAfrica

in the Sasol National Women’s League when the activities for the new season start early next year. Mr Madzuhe said that, as an adopted child, Chippas Ladies would be provided with office space next to TTM’s offices in Thohoyandou and that Mr Robson Magoro would continue to manage the team until further notice. During an interview with Mr Magoro after the ceremony, he stated that they had already started with their preparations for the new season. He revealed that his team had beaten Malemang Ladies FC 2-0 in their rehearsal match at the Malemang grounds in Lebowakgomo last Saturday.

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Lidoda duvha still on track, says head coach Mr Dylan Kerr.

conceded seven goals in the three matches. The team’s poor running in the first three league Black Leopards may have lost three and won matches did not sit well with the management of only one of the four matches they have played the team, hence Mr Aussems’ dismissal. so far, but the team’s new head coach, Mr Mr Kerr was not on the team’s technical bench Dylan Kerr, is adamant that Lidoda duvha are when Leopards beat Maritzburg United 1-0 at still on track. the Thohoyandou Stadium last Saturday, pendThe Englishman was announcedas the team’s ing the issuing of his work permit. The team’s head coach last week. This followed after the assistant coach, Mr Morgan Shivambu, was in Thohoyandou side parted ways with the Belgian charge of the team on the day. The 53-year-old mentor, Mr Patrick Aussems. Kerr was giving instructions to the players in Black Leopards played three league matches their game against Bloemfontein Celtic at the Dr under the guidance of the 55-year-old AussMolemela Stadium in Bloemfontein on Wednesems. Apart from the fact that the team failed to day evening. The result of this match was not deposit a single point into their league account available at the time of our going to print. under his guidance, the pride of Thohoyandou During an interview, Kerr indicated that he By Frank Mavhungu

was happy with the current squad and that his team had the potential to make the Limpopo Province proud. The former head coach of Baroka FC further stated that the fact that Black Leopards had three points while the pace setters, Swallows FC, had 11 points, was an indication that anything was still possible. Mr Kerr again stated that his wish was to see Leopards lifting a trophy or two during his tenure as the team’s head coach. He said that the fact that their next match would be on Tuesday, 8 December, would give the players time to get used to his coaching philosophy. Leopards’ next match will be against Kaizer Chiefs at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.

Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila TTM prepare to beat Baroka in first PSL victory demolish Chippa United on Sunday By Frank Mavhungu

After three unsuccessful attempts, Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila FC (TTM) finally registered their first league victory when they narrowly beat Baroka FC at the Thohoyandou Stadium last Sunday. TTM, or Vhadau Vha Damani as they are known, lost one and played to a draw twice in the three league matches they played before their match against Baroka. The Tshakhuma side shared the spoils with TS Galaxy and Mamelodi Sundowns before losing 0-2 to Swallows FC. TTM jumped from the 14th to the 10th position on the log after Sunday’s victory. During an interview with the team’s head coach, Mr Joel Masutha, before their match against Baroka FC, he said that his team needed just one victory to boost the players’ morale. When asked to comment after their

victory against Baroka, the ecstatic Mr Masutha said that the victory would go a long way in boosting the players’ self-confidence and belief. He revealed that he had all along been telling the players to believe in themselves and to know that they could beat any opposition. Mr Masutha said that his team was well-balanced in all departments. This after the Tshakhuma side acquired the services of the vastly experienced striker, Thabo Rakhale, two weeks ago. Rakhale, who was put to the test in their game against Baroka last Sunday, was a marvel to watch. Unfortunately for Rakhale, what could have been one of his memorable goals was turned into nightmare. Rakhale unleashed a half volley from the 25-metre area and Baroka’s keeper watched helplessly as the ball hit the back of the net. The assistant referee’s flag, however, was already up for an offside. Justine

Shonga, the Zambian international, scored TTM’s goal in the referee’s optional time. “Now that the players’ morale is high, we want to win as many matches as possible in the first round to avoid the frustrations that come with the fear of the relegation axe towards the end of the season,” said Mr Masutha.

By Frank Mavhungu

Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila FC (TTM) are geared to teach Chippa United a free soccer lesson when they meet in their DStv Premiership League match at the Nelson Mandela Stadium in Port Elizabeth on Sunday afternoon. This will be the only DStv Premiership League match on the day. Both TTM and Chippa have won only one league match to date. The Eastern Cape side have deposited four points into their league account so far, while Vhadau Vha Damani are one point on top. The only time Chippa United registered a victory was when they beat Maritzburg United 3-1 last month. TTM’s goal scorer, Justine Shonga TTM’s only victory was against (still in the colours of Orlando Baroka FC at the Thohoyandou Pirates). Stadium last Sunday. According to the head coach Left: Grade 7 Jessica Muof TTM, Mr Joel “The Prophet” lungane proudly displays Masutha, they are leaving no stone the trophies she scooped unturned in their preparations up during Messina Primary for the game. He stated that they School’s annual prize-givwould have nobody but themselves ing function on 17 Novemto blame, should they fail to collect ber. She received academic the maximum points at the expense trophies for English Home of Chippa. Language, Afrikaans first He revealed that the team’s left additional language, Natback, Lebohang Mabotja, and ural Science, Mathematics Lehlohonolo Nonyane will be and Economic Manageavailable for selection on Sunday. ment Science. Based on her Mabotja and Nonyane watched academic achievements, the team’s game against Baroka she was also voted Dux from the grandstand because of learner of the year. Photo injuries. Masutha was compelled to supplied. utilize the former Baroka defender,

195/80R15 Bridgestone 613

Ndivhuwo Ravhuhali, in Mabotja’s absence. Masutha further indicated that Rhulani Manzini and Thabo Rakhale’s level of fitness was still a thorn in his flesh. He revealed that the duo had last played active football before the national lockdown way back in March. Masutha reiterated the fact that their aim was to win as many matches as possible in the first round as this was the only way the team could finish the league programme in a respectable position.

Mr Joel “The Prophet” Masutha.

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Limpopo Mirror 27 November 2020  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

Limpopo Mirror 27 November 2020  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

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