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20 Junie 2014

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Valuation process marred by allegations of corruption By Andries van Zyl

The Zoutpansberger’s decision to dig a little deeper into the company appointed to compile the Makhado Municipality’s 2014 to 2018 valuation roll has literally opened up the proverbial can of worms. Amidst serious allegations of corruption in the awarding of the tender to Risuna Property Con­ sultants and Valuers, the Makhado Municipality opted last week not to respond to any questions re­ garding the company and a confidential settlement agreement reached between them and Risuna. “The matter is still sub judice, therefore it is prohibited from public discussion,” was the answer received from municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi. Notice that Siyabuselela Trading Enterprise 275 CC, trading as Risuna Property Consultants and Valuers, was appointed as municipal valuers was given by the Makhado Municipality in September 2013. The same notice listed Risuna’s Mr Kulani Dumond Nkuna as municipal valuer. The release of Risuna’s valuation roll for inspec­ tion and objections by the Makhado Municipality earlier this year sparked major controversy from the onset. Because of the controversy, the Zoutpansberger decided to take a closer look at the valuation roll in April and found it to be riddled with discrepancies and inaccuracies. What was immediately obvious was that a lot of home owners had suddenly become overnight millionaires, espe­ cially home owners below Rissik Street. It seemed

2009 Audi Q7 4.2 TDi Quattro S/Line, Pano Roof, Bose Sound

that Risuna had displayed a total disregard for these properties’ current market value and valued them at inflated prices. Several cases were also found where luxury homes in the town’s affluent Skuldbult area were valued at ridiculously low values and many local property experts went so far as to describe the valuation roll as absurd and a total thumb suck. The discrepancies in the valuation roll placed a huge question mark over Risuna’s competence and prompted the Zoutpansberger to ask the Makhado Municipality what criteria Risuna had used to calculate property values. Questions in this regard were sent to the municipality on 14 April. For more than six weeks, despite numerous enquiries and follow­ups, the Zoutpansberger struggled to elicit a response from the Makhado Municipality. The municipality finally responded on 27 May by merely listing extracts from the Mu­ nicipal Property Rates Act (MPRA) as the criteria used by Risuna. Ironicaly, the municipality quoted from the act that also says that the market value of a property is the “amount the property would have realized if sold on the date of valuation in the open market by a willing seller to a willing buyer.” This was exactly the point many home owners argued Risuna had not adhered to in compiling the valuation roll. Still not satisfied with the response by the mu­ nicipality, the Zoutpansberger then focussed its attention on Risuna’s previous track record. (Contd on P2)

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20 June 2014 By Andries van Zyl

High Court must decide what happens next DDP Valuers has asked the High Court to either re-award the tender for the compilation of Makhado’s 2014 to 2018 valuation roll to them, or to refer it back to the Makhado Municipality to be reconsidered. The matter between DDP Valuers (PTY) Ltd, who also tendered for the compilation of Makhado’s 2014 to 2018 valuation roll, against the Makhado Municipality (first respondent), Siyabuselela (second respondent) and Mr Kulani Nkuna (third respondent), was heard in the North Gauteng High Court on 23 May. DDP Valuers took the municipality, Siyabusele­ la and Mr Nkuna to court for what they deemed to be the fraudulent awarding of the valuation roll tender to Siyabuselela Trading Enterprise 275 CC, trading as Risuna Property Consultants and Valuers, in 2013. DDP further argued in their motion to the High Court that the Makhado Municipality took irrelevant considerations into account or failed to consider relevant consider­ ations, in that the designated municipal valuer did not have the work experience as prescribed in the tender conditions. DDP also stated that the Makhado Municipality had awarded the tender to Risuna in contradiction of the municipality’s own By Andries van Zyl

bid evaluation committee’s recommendations that that of the signature which appears on Siyabusele­ Risuna’s tender was not acceptable and that the la’s tender bid documentation. Cloete’s report, as tender be awarded to DDP. stated in Nel’s motion, states that the signature in In a supplement affidavit submitted by Mr Tinus the tender documents “was constructed and formed Nel of DDP Valuers, Nel elaborates on the above in a completely different manner from the genuine allegations in detail. signatures and appears not to have been written by In regard of the tender’s being obtained by the same person.” Nel further states that on the day fraudulent means by Siyabuselela (trading as that Mr X supposedly signed the document, he was Risuna), Nel argues that actually in Zambia. Siyabuselela forged the As for the Makhado The signature in the tender signature of Siyabusele­ Municipality’s taking la’s supposed designat­ documents “was constructed and irrelevant consider­ ed valuer, Mr X (the formed in completely different ations into account or name is withheld as failing to consider rel­ the said valuer is not a manner as the genuine signatures evant considerations respondent in the case), and appears not to have been in that the designated in their tender bid doc­ municipal valuer did written by the same person” umentation. DDP Val­ not have the work expe­ uers went so far as to rience as prescribed in call on the expertise of an expert examiner of the tender conditions, Nel’s motion states that Mr questionable documents, handwriting, typewrit­ X, according to Siyabuselela’s tender documents, ing and fingerprints, a Lt Col Cloete. Cloete is is attributed with a vast number of previous work the co-founder and a fully accredited member of experience with regard to compiling valuation the former South African Association of Forensic rolls, but that his own investigation revealed Document Examiners. Nel stated that Cloete was that the mentioned work experience conducted asked to compare the known signatures of Mr X to at several municipalities showed that the valu­ ations were actually done by other persons and valuers. “I respectfully point out that even the most elementary enquiries on the part of the First Respondent [Makhado Municipality] would have made it clear that Mr [X] does not possess the

Fraudulent dealings? (Contd from P1) An enquiry to fellow newspapers in the prov­ inces yielded an interesting response. It turns out that the same Risuna, and Mr Nkuna, had compiled the valuation roll of Marulaneng (Hoed­ spruit). Apparently, Risuna’s compilation of the valuation roll there was also marred by allegations of serious corruption and incompetence. A bombshell dropped when the Zoutpansberger managed to obtain a copy of a confidential “Settle­ ment Agreement” between Siyabuselela Trading Enterprise 275 CC, trading as Risuna Property Consultants and Valuers, and the Makhado Mu­ nicipality, wherein it is stated that Siyabuselela “desires to voluntarily withdraw from the tender in an amicable manner”. This settlement agree­ ment, already signed by Mr Nkuna on behalf of Siyabuselela and the Makhado municipal manager, Mr Sakkie Mutshinyali, on 16 May this year, further fuelled suspicion that something was terribly wrong with the valuation process and the awarding of the tender. The MPRA clearly states under Designation of Municipal Valuers 33(4): A municipality may withdraw the designation of a person as its municipal valuer but ONLY on the grounds of (a) misconduct, incapacity or incompetence; (b) non-compliance with a provision of this Act; (c) under-performance; or (d) breach of contract, in the case of a person referred to in subsection (2). Subsection 2 states: If a municipality decides to secure the services of a person in private practice as its municipal valuer, it must (a) follow an open, competitive and transparent process in accordance with the Chapter 11 of the Municipal Finance Management Act; and (b) designate the successful bidder as its municipal valuer by way of a written contract setting out the terms and conditions of the designation. The Makhado Municipality’s refusal to answer questions about the settlement agreement (See accompanying article for more on the settlement agreement) and the implications thereof for the taxpayer, stating that the matter is sub judice, in­ dicated to the Zoutpansberger that it is embroiled in a pending court case. Lo and behold, this is indeed the case. The Zoutpansberger managed to obtain court documents of a pending court case in the High Court between DDP Valuers (applicant) and the Makhado Mu­ nicipality (first respondent), Siyabuselela (second respondent) and Mr Nkuna (third respondent). DDP Valuers also tendered for the compilation of the valuation roll and brought a motion in the High Court to award the tender for the compila­ tion of Makhado’s 2014 to 2018 valuation roll to them, or alternatively that the awarding of

Tender 1/2013 be referred back to the Makhado Municipality for renewed consideration. The documentation submitted by DDP with regard to the Makhado Municipality’s awarding of the valuation roll tender to Risuna makes for shocking reading. The case was heard in the North Gauteng High Court on 23 May, with final judgement temporally being withheld at this stage. DDP argued and openly stated in court that the said tender had been obtained by fraudulent means in that Siyabuselela had forged documents in their tender bid. Furthermore, DDP stated that the Makhado Municipality took irrelevant considerations into account or failed to consider relevant considerations in that the designated municipal valuer did not have the work experience as prescribed in the tender conditions. DDP also stated that the Makhado Municipality had award­ ed the tender to Risuna in contradiction of the municipality’s own bid evaluation committee’s recommendations that Risuna’s tender was not acceptable and that the tender be awarded to DDP. (See article above). It was not only the High Court that heard allegations of fraud and corruption against Mr Nkuna and Risuna Property Con­ sultants and Valuers. The Zoutpansberger’s investigation further revealed that the South African Council for the Property Valuers Pro­ fession (SACPVP) is currently investigating Mr Nkuna. This was confirmed on Wednes­ day. As far as could be determined, the inves­ tigation focusses on similar complaints of corrup­ tion and fraud against Mr Nkuna with regard to the compilation of Marulaneng’s valuation roll. The SACPVP was, however, unable to answer specific media enquiries from the Zoutpansberger regarding Mr Nkuna and Risuna with reference to the Makhado valuation roll because the responsi­ ble person who could comment was on sick leave. The SACPVP, however, indicated that a response would be forthcoming within the next week. Amidst all this controversy surrounding Risuna, Mr Nkuna and the compilation of the valuation roll, several questions arise regarding the legality of the valuation roll compiled by Risuna. The existing valuation roll expires on 30 June, with the new valuation roll coming into effect on 1 July. As far as could be determined, should the Makhado Municipality implement the 2014 to 2018 valuation roll on 1 July and it is declared null and void later, it cannot fall back on the previous valuation roll. This would effectively leave the municipality without a rates income for the next four years. This would mean, according to several property rates experts, that the municipality would have to be put under administration, with the Sate having to pay its operating expenses.

Siyabuselela “desires to voluntarily withdraw from the tender in an amicable manner”

work experience in compiling mass municipal valuations he professed to have,” Nel’s motion states. He also argues that Mr X was “a ruse and that the Third Respondent [Mr Nkuna] did all the work in compiling the Valuation Roll.” With reference to the Makhado Municipality’s awarding the tender to Siyabuselela in contradic­ tion of the recommendations of the municipality’s own bid evaluation committee, he quoted the committee’s recommendation as recorded on 19 March 2013, stating: “That it be noted that tendered no. 2, Risuna Property Consultants Valuers under Tender No. 1 of 2013, was disqualified due to the reason that their trading name is not (a) registered entity name, and the fact that it submitted only one year’s financial statements and not three as required by specifications. Option 1: That the Evaluation Committee recommends that Tender No. 1 of 2013, Compilation of Makhado Municipality Valuation Roll 2014/2015 to 2017/2018 financial years be awarded to DDP Valuers (Pty) Ltd of P O Box 40408, Moreletta Park, 0044, Tel 012 369 9141, for scoring the highest points of 95% with an all inclusive amount of R1,350,000,00.” Regarding the above, Nel argued, among other things, that the Makhado Municipality’s decision to ignore the recommendation by its bid evalua­ tions committee “was arbitrary or capricious and/ or was done male fide, alternatively for an ulterior purpose or motive.”

By Andries van Zyl

Municipality silent about settlement Openness and transparency are apparently not high on the Makhado Municipality’s list of priorities when it comes to the current chaotic state of the municipal valuation roll process. This is evident in their decision not to comment on questions regarding the settlement agreement reached between them and the appointed municipal valuers, Siyabuselela Trading Enterprise 275 CC, trading as Risuna Consultants and Valuers. The questions, among others, centred on what effect Risuna’s withdrawal from the tender contract has on the process and the taxpayer. The settlement agreement was signed on 16 May, with a confidentiality undertaking between the two parties stating that it “is further agreed that the terms of this agreement are confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third save if any party to this agreement is required to disclose such terms as a matter of law.” As already pointed out in the article on the front page, the Municipal Property Rates Act is very specific about the circumstances under which a designated municipal valuer can withdraw from a valuation roll contract, indicating that either misconduct or a breach of contract on the part of Risuna had occurred. As for the terms set out in the confidential set­ tlement agreement, these include: * All the contracts signed and between the Makhado Municipality and Siyabuselela in respect of the above-mentioned tender are terminated and cancelled forthwith and with immediate effect. * Siyabuselela shall endeavour to complete all outstanding work relating to Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Objection Process, currently underway, on or before 19 May 2014. * Makhado Municipality undertakes to pay Si­ yabuselela for all the completed work on the basis of invoices issued for the requisite quality work done and verified. * Siyabuselela will furnish the Makhado Mu­ nicipality with written proof that the valuation roll is completed, lawfully certified and signed by a qualified municipal valuer as specified in the tender. The Makhado Municipality’s refusal to comment on the agreement makes it difficult to speculate about the circumstances that had led to the signing of this document. The 19 May deadline set out in the agreement has lapsed and uncertainty exists whether this term was met with regard to the objec­ tion process. The Zoutpansberger spoke to several people who had lodged objections; they confirmed that no one from either Risuna or the municipality had contacted them yet regarding their objection. With regard to the third condition, the Zoutpansberger has requested the municipality twice

to supply the tender amount that was awarded to Siyabuselela and the amount already paid over to them, despite their not completing the tender contract. The municipality is yet to answer these questions. As for the fourth condition, it is obvious that the valuation roll process was not completed when the agreement was signed. The specific reference to “lawfully certified and signed by a qualified valuer as specified in the tender” also raises questions as to whether Siyabuselela and the company’s ap­ pointed municipal valuer, Mr Kulani Nkuna, are indeed registered as professional valuers by the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP). The law is very specific that municipal valuations can only be completed by a registered professional valuer, or that (in cases where a private company such as Siyabuselela is appointed) the designated municipal valuer must be registered with the SACPVP. A media enquiry as to whether or not Siyabuselela and Mr Nkuna were registered when they tendered for and were awarded the contract in 2013 will hopefully be answered by the SACPVP within the next week. Many residents may ask, in light of the latest developments regarding the valuation roll process, whether the roll in its entirety could be declared null and void. This would seem a difficult and expensive task as no one can object to the valuation roll as a whole, but only to individual property valuations. An Internet search of cases where ratepayers had successfully challenged the implementation of a municipal valuation roll, yielded the case between the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) vs The Council of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality. SAPOA challenged the implementation of a discriminatory rate hike against certain business, commercial and industri­ al properties. Initially, the High Court dismissed SAPOA’s application, but they took it on appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal, which then found in SAPOA’s favour. The case centred mainly on the higher rates ratio imposed by the Metropolitan Municipality on certain properties. Some similari­ ties with regard to Makhado (Louis Trichardt) exist concerning the valuation of properties at a much higher estimate than their current market value. As is the case in Makhado (Louis Trichardt), SAPOA also argued that certain properties had been valued much lower than their current market value. This led judge Navsa to state, among other things, in his verdict: “This, of course, reduced the Council’s revenue base and contributed to an income short­ fall. The Council in more ways than one was the author of its own misfortune, which then became the misfortune of ratepayers.”


20 Junie 2014


Deur Isabel Venter

“Reddingspoging” kos man duisende Pasop - jou goeie bedoelings kan jou beursie dalk ‘n lelike knou toedien. Dit is die nare ervaring wat ‘n in­ woner en besigheidsman van Makha­ do (Louis Trichardt), wat graag anoniem wil bly, verlede week gehad het toe hy iemand wat hy gedink het in ‘n penarie is, wou help. Die uiteinde was dat hy duisende rande moes af­ staan aan twee gladdebek bedrieërs wat hom telefonies ‘n rat voor die oë

gedraai het. Die besigheidsman het verlede week ‘n oproep gekry van ‘n man wat hom voorgedoen het as ‘n sakekennis. Hy het gepleit om hulp, want hy was sogenaamd deur die Makhado Polisie gearresteer en sou die besigheidsman hom asseblief kon help, sou hy elke sent terugbetaal. Sonder om onraad te vermoed het die sakeman ingestem om te help

By Isabel Venter

Double chains for Mpofu after he threatens to escape yet again Court spectators could hear the clanking of chains long before the 24-year-old Given Mpofu appeared in the Louis Trichardt District Court on Tuesday. Mpofu managed to escape from police custody earlier this year on 31 January with his co-accused Dzulani Nemukula (23), Evans Chipara and Trust Chikwadzi. Mpofu and Chipara were re-arrested in Zimbabwe on 8 February. Since then, Mpofu has been very verbal about his intentions to escape again. He reportedly told the police and court personnel that he would try again if he got even the smallest chance. Chikwadzi managed to elude the police for a little longer, but has since also been rearrested. He also appeared with Mpofu on Tuesday. Mpofu, Chipara and Chikwadzi, before their arrest, were facing

charges of robbery, armed robbery and house breaking, together with a fourth co-accused, Phumudzo Ra­ madzi, who did not escape with them. On Tuesday, only Mpofu and Chikwadzi appeared in court. They asked for a postponement date to afford them the time to finalize their Legal Aid application and make a representation to the senior control prosecutor. Both men were heavily chained and several of the police’s Public Order and Protection Sector (POPS) surrounded them. Mpofu and Chikwadzi’s case was postponed until 11 July, and they were remanded in custody until then. The newspaper was able to determine that Mpofu and Chikwadzi’s various criminal charges will be combined with those of Nemukula and Ramadzi in one court, after which a trial date will be determined.

- hy het gemeen die kennis gaan ‘n verskuldigde geld kan terugbetaal. duisend rand, op die meeste, vra om Die sakeman wag nou nog. te leen. Toe nie. Altesaam het die be­ ‘n Poging deur die sakeman om sy sigheidsman R5 kredietkaarttran­ 000 verloor. Swendelaar oortuig saksies te stop Die bedrieër se sakeman om R5 000 was onsuksesvol. storie was dat hy Die raad wat hy gevang is, maar te spandeer om vriend vanuit die regte vrygelaat sou polisiegeledere uit tronk te kry word indien hy gekry het, was die polisie omkoop met selfoonlug­ om die verlies te absorbeer en aan te tyd. Hy het ‘n beroep gedoen op die beweeg. Hy het ook die regte sakev­ sakeman om vir hom lugtydbewyse ennoot gebel, en dié het ontken dat dit te koop, en die kodes aan te stuur hy was wat vir hulp gebel het. met ‘n SMS. Die Makhado Polisiestasie is ge­ Omdat daar, in daardie stadium, ‘n nader vir kommentaar en attent vrou op die lyn gekom het wat haar­ gemaak daarop dat daar ‘n persoon self as ‘n polisiekaptein voorgestel of persone is wat hulle voordoen as het, het die sakeman nog nie onraad polisiemaglede om die publiek skade vermoed nie. Die “polisiekaptein” aan te doen. Plaaslike polisiewoord­ het gesê hulle gaan die man toesluit voerder A/O Takalani Madzhigili het as hulle nie die lugtydkodes vinnig hierdie week bevestig dat daar nie genoeg kry nie. So gesê, so gedaan, veel is wat hulle op die oomblik kan en terwyl die “beskuldigde” aangehou doen nie, aangesien daar nie ‘n klag het, het die sakeman lugtyd gekoop op by die stasie ingedien is nie. sy kredietkaart. Hy het ook bygevoeg dat die polisie Hy het egter begin snuf in die neus nie bewus is van enige ander soortge­ kry toe daar meer versoeke gekom lyke gevalle nie. het vir nóg lugtyd – nogals van al die Intussen het die Zoutpansberger verskillende netwerkverskaffers. verneem dat daar Dinsdag ‘n man Elke keer as die sakeman ‘n lug­ in die Louis Trichardt Distrikshof tydkode aangestuur het, het die “be­ verskyn het wat daarvan beskuldig skuldigde” gevra vir nog, en begin word dat hy homself as ‘n polisieoff­ huil as die sakeman geweier het. isier voorgedoen het. Die 34-jarige By die R5 000-kerf het die sakeman Emmanuel Radzilani het glo gemaak halt geroep en die man gevra om te asof hy polisieman is, en R3 000 van wag by die polisiestasie sodat hy iemand as betaling ontvang om die hom kon gaan haal. Hierop het die persoon by te staan met ‘n bestuurder­ “polisekaptein” op die lyn gekom en slisensie-aansoek. glo gesê hulle sal nou die man vrylaat Hy sal weer op 11 Julie in die hof en hom kom aflaai by die sakeman se moet verskyn, waarna sy verhoor na besigheidsperseel, sodat hy hom die verwagting ‘n aanvang sal neem.

Former Ridgeway student dies in vehicle accident Residents of the Soutpansberg, together with his family, this week mourn the sudden death of 23-year-old Mr Jarrod Ferreira. Mr Ferreira, a former student of the Ridgeway Independent School and Ridgeway College, died in a vehicle accident on Sunday, 15 June. He was employed at Barloworld and had been living in Alberton the past five years. Photo supplied.



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20 June 2014 By Linda van der Westhuizen

Deur Linda van der Westhuizen

Still no water action plan “The Vhembe District Municipality has been missing every deadline on the water supply action plan,” says the civil rights organization AfriForum. The organization is currently consulting with its legal team with a view to taking the stron­ gest possible urgent legal action to ensure the completion of the plan which would limit water flow interruptions to Makhado (Louis Trichardt) to the mini­ mum. Vhembe agreed on 26 Novem­ ber last year to have the action plan added onto the court order that AfriForum had obtained in October 2012 and changed to in­ clude personal responsibility on 16 May last year. The plan hinges on five main activities, but is not quite on track. * New boreholes were to be constructed around the Mowkop reservoir to supplement water supply during breakdowns of the ageing Albasini pipeline or at the Albasini water treatment works. These boreholes should have been drilled, equipped, a pipeline to the reservoir complet­ ed and electrification should have been done by 7 April this year. Vhembe confirmed this week that nothing has been complet­ ed in this regard. “The driving and managing of this project was neglected by Vhembe’s technical manager, Mr Ratidzai Madimutsa,” said Mr Wally Schultz, chairperson of the local AfriForum branch

* The repair of the existing boreholes was an important proj­ ect to supply the Bergh reservoir with water and should have been completed by 29 March. “The vandalism at the boreholes was one of the factors that delayed us,” said Vhembe’s Makhado water services manager, Mr David Mukosi. Other delays included late payment of con­ tractors and lack of co-ordination between the two municipalities. Vhembe said that they were waiting for Makhado to do the electrification at the boreholes. * The security at the water infrastructure had been a con­ tentious point for long. “We appreciate the work that has been done to erect cement palisade fencing at several points. In the same breath, I am utterly disgust­ ed that there is no security at the Albasini plant,” said Schultz. He also tells about a fight of many weeks to get Vhembe to give the appropriate order to the company responsible for security at the boreholes. “Madimutsa said that they should proceed without the proper order, which they could not do,” said Schultz. * Contained in the plan was the construction of pipelines to connect the new boreholes in President Street and at the caravan park to the Bergh Street reservoir. Vhembe confirmed that President Street’s borehole had been connected but not the one at the caravan park. This one is

currently linked directly to the main reticulation system. * The upgrading at the Al­ basini water treatment works is a programme funded by the Municipal Water Infrastructure Grant (MWIG) with a total cost of R23 million, including work at the two pump stations at the plant, work at the three pump stations between the Albasini and the Mowkop reservoir and civil engineering work at the Albasini pump stations. Vhembe confirmed that these were not progressing according to plan. “The court had previously ordered Vhembe, as well as the municipal manager, to deliver water. We may even ask the court to judge on the competence of Mr Madimutsa, whose lack of management halts the projects,” said Schultz. Vhembe spokesperson Mr Matodzi Ralushai said that they were not happy with AfriForum’s threat of going back to court. “We have tried very well to improve our relationship with AfriForum. We have improved our communi­ cation to explain about the water situation. Our municipal manager is always working with AfriFo­ rum and we have spent a lot of money on the old infrastructure,” Ralushai said. As to the quality of management of the water supply action plan, he was rather vague. “We have a technical director and a team there in Makhado,” Ralushai said.

SBV nooi inwoners om rekenings te stuur sodat diverse fooie ondersoek kan word Die Soutpansberg Belastingbetalersvereniging is besig om munisipale rekeningprobleme te ondersoek en vra die gemeenskap om probleme met rekeninge, veral met betrekking tot sogenaamde “aanpassings” op die rekenings, onder hul aandag te bring.

as R4 300 beloop het. Dit het ‘n daaglikse stryd van vier maande gekos om die rede daarvoor agter te kom en dit reggestel te kry. Dit was sogenaamde r­egskoste gegrond op die eer­ ste rekeningprobleem wat agt maande geneem het om uit te sorteer. “Geen regsaksies was

het ook ‘n bedrag van meer as R4 000 op die rekening ver­ skyn. “Die rekeninge is ‘n groot gemors. Die munisipaliteit plaas enige iets op die rekening en sê daarna dat die rekening agter­ stallig is. As die munisipa­liteit sy werk doen, dan is al hierdie geskarrel nie nodig nie,” het me. Inga Gilfil­ lan, eienaar van die hotel en ook voorsitter van die SBBV, gesê. ‘n Navraag in verband met Ken­ nington Lodge is op 31 Maart aan die Makha­ do Munisipaliteit gestuur, waarna hulle geweier het om navrae oor ‘n individue­le rek­ ening te beant­ woord. Die algemene navrae oor rek­ Die Soutpansberg Belastingbetalersvereniging is besig om munisipale eningprobleme rekeningprobleme te ondersoek en vra die gemeenskap om probleme is ook onbeant­ met rekeninge, veral met betrekking tot sogenaamde “aanpassings” woord gelaat en (adjustments) of diverse bedrae (sundries) op die rekenings, onder hul by verskeie ge­ aandag te bring. leenthede weer aangestuur. Die Aanpassings op rekenings ooit geneem nie, daar het slegs munisipaliteit het op 10 Junie word aangegee as adjustments ‘n persoon ‘n papier gebring gevra dat die rekeningnavrae of diverse (sundries). Belasting­ met ‘n verkeerde erf­nommer weer in ‘n aparte e-pos aange­ betalers kan oplet na enige op en hy kon geen naam of tele­ stuur word. bedrag wat nie deel vorm van foonnommer van sogenaamde die normale heffings of ver­ prokureurs verskaf nie. Die Belastingbetalers wat diverse bruik nie. probleem is dat die rekenaar­ bedrae of aanpassings op hul Kennington Lodge het sewe sisteme nie op datum gebring munisipale rekening kry, kan maande nadat ‘n rekeningpro­ word nie en dat die sisteem hul rekening faks na 086 743 bleem uitgesorteer was, skielik dan outomaties begin regsfooie 6395 of dit skandeer en e-pos in Desember 2013 ‘n rekening hef,” het me. Marie Peché, na of ontvang met drie bedrae as Kennington se bestuurder, gesê. hulle kan die SBBV bestuurder, diverse (sundries) en BTW by Die Lalapanzi Hotel se krag mnr. Phillip Olivier, by 082 679 elkeen, wat in totaal net minder is vir vier ure afgesny en daar 8324 skakel. Hofnuus

Verdagtes in Kelly-moord op borgtog uit

Epilepsy South Africa celebrates National Epilepsy Week annually, with National Epilepsy Day on the 21st of June each year. This day being winter solstice (longest night and shortest day), we strive to take epilepsy out of the shadows of misconception into the light of understanding and acceptance. What is epilepsy and what causes epilepsy? • Epilepsy is not a mental illness or psychiatric disorder. • Epilepsy is not infectious or contagious. • It is a physical condition characterised by unusual electrical activity in the brain. • It is a symptom of a neurological disorder and shows itself in the form of seizures. • In approximately 66% of cases the underlying cause of epilepsy is unknown. . In the rest of the cases the underlying cause can be identified such as: - A result of head injury that can occur at any age; - Birth injury (such as lack of oxygen during birth); - Alcohol and drug abuse; - Degeneration (getting older), and - Metabolic or biochemical disturbances or imbalance.

Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition. About 1 in every 100 people in South Africa has epilepsy. People can contact their nearest Epilepsy South Africa Branch by dialling our sharecall number: 0860 EPILEPSY (0860 374 537), visiting our website at or following us on Facebook ( or Twitter (@EpilepsySA).

Die twee mans wat verdink foon wat glo aan Kelly behoort word van die aanval op mnr. het, in hul besit gevind is. Hannes Kelly van Levubu is Die 52-jarige Kelly is op Wer­ borg toegestaan. kersdag (1 Mei) deur twee mans met hamers en stokke aangeval, Tabelo Teophillus Singage terwyl hy besig was om sy vullis (20) en Maxwel Conti Ntatamala uit te neem. (23) het verlede Vrydag in die Die rowers het Kelly vir dood Louis Trichardt Distrikshof ver­ agtergelaat, nadat hulle hom ge­ skyn op enkele klagte van moord forseer het om sy kluis vir hulle en huisbraak. Hulle is op 10 Mei oop te maak en al sy geld en vanjaar gearresteer, nadat ‘n sel­ selfone geroof het. Kelly is drie

dae later oorlede nadat hy by die Louis Trichardt Gedenkhospitaal inmekaar gesak het. Intussen is Singage en Ntata­ mala se saak uitgestel tot Augus­ tus, terwyl daar gewag word op ‘n beslissing van die Direkteur van Openbare Vervolging of hulle vervolg moet word al dan nie. Altwee mans is vrygelaat, nadat borg van R2 000 elk aan hulle toegestaan is.

Saturday, 21 June 2014 4 Jeppe Street Reg 09:30 Auction 10:30

Louis Trichardt

10 PCE Dining Room Set, 3 PCE Room divider, 5 PCE Oak Wall Unit,4 PCE Wood Lounge Suite, Restaurant Tables And Chairs, Tambotie Table, Wine rack, Telephone Table, Dressing Table, Chest of Draws, Dining Room Tables, Marble Top Brass Frame Dressing Table, Bookshelves, Oregon Pine Kitchen Stand, Kitchen Utensils, Minus 40 Freezer, Kelvinator Oven, Office Desks, Printers Potter’s Wheel, Baby Car Seats, Singer Machine, Hand Tools, Electric Tools, Stater Boxes, 30KV Motor 2 x 15 KV Motors, Car Hoist, V6 Ford Bakkie, Boat, 2 Couches, 7PCE Teak Dining Room Suite, Leadlight Bookcase, Ball & Claw Glass Top Coffee Table, Arm Chairs, 3 PCE Cane Lounge Suite, Globe Chair, Foot Stools and much more... Do you have anything you would like to sell or auction? Contact us today and we will collect! CONTACT US ABOUT AUCTIONS FOR: Charity Events & Fund-raisers • Companies • Individuals • Estates

Vaughan 082 896 0049 or Ciska 083 686 1530 Tel 015 516 2388 •

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20 Junie 2014



Solly’s Discount World - Cnr Burger & Songozwi Street, LOUIS TRICHARDT Tel: (015) 516 1535 or 0861 786 007

Call us direct on: 0861 786 007 MULTICHOICE DSTV DECODER 1132 & DISH WITH INSTALLATION


10 999





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20 June 2014

Krugerstraat, tussen Erasmus- en Joubertstraat in Makhado (Louis Trichardt), word nou in sy geheel oorgebou deur ‘n kontrakteur. In die foto is die ingrypende voorbereiding vir die rehabilitasie van die stuk straat aan die gang, met swaar toerusting wat besig is met gronduitgrawings en -verskuiwingswerk. Dieselfde werk is op aansienlik-uitgebreide skaal tans ook aan die gang by die taxi- en busstasie by Eltivillas se sakegebied. Links: Ingrypende voorbereidings aan die gang vir die herstel van slaggate by die ingang van Makhado (Louis Trichardt) op die begin van die Vivo pad. Die foto is geneem terwyl die voorbereiding aan die gang was. Die gedeelte by die dorpsingang, digby die Tshikota afdraaipad, is nou reeds voltooi.

Die besige verkeer in Kortstraat (die suidelike verlenging van Kroghstraat) in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) word met stop-en-ry beurte gereël, terwyl herstelwerk aan die gang is van slaggate digby die spoorwegoorgang. In die foto is die werkers van ‘n kontrakteur besig met die uitgrawing en voorbereiding vir die herstel van slaggate. Die straat is die bedrywige ingang vanaf Madombidzha.

‘n Span van die Makhado Munisipaliteit se spesiale bouspan poseer saam vir ‘n foto by die herstelwerk wat in en om Baobabstraat, naby OK Grocer, aan die gang is. Die reeks lastige slaggate by hierdie bedrywige sirkelstraat word nou diep uitgegrawe, ferm opgevul en dan geteer.


By Frans van der Merwe

Slaggat-herstel word met mening aangepak

Aflewering binne 24 uur Terwyl inwoners en ander motoriste nog daagPETROL DIESEL Trotse verskaffers van CaltexPARAFFIEN Produkte liks in woonbuurtes en in die sentrale sakegebied in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) op die tande kners oor die oormaat van slaggate, word daar Kontak Fanu Booyens Tel: 015 516 1570/1 Faks: 015 516 3098 015Straat 516 1570 P Faks: 516 3098 Unikastraat. 3Tel: Unika O Box015 3104 Louis3 Trichardt Posbus 3104 Louis Trichardt E-pos: PETROL




Tel: 015 516 1570/1 Faks: 015 516 3098 3 Unika Straat P O Box 3104 Louis Trichardt



Tel: 015 516 1570/1 Faks: 015 516 3098 3 Unika Straat P O Box 3104 Louis Trichardt PETROL PARAFFIEN


Tel: 015 516 1570/1 Faks: 015 516 3098 3 Unika Straat P O Box 3104 Louis Trichardt



Tel: 015 516 1570/1 Faks: 015 516 3098 3 Unika Straat P O Box 3104 Louis Trichardt


fluks gevorder met ingrypende herstel aan strate op verskeie plekke in die dorp. Sommige strate is egter so erg verwaarloos dat dit nou teen hoë koste heeltemal herbou moet word. Sulke duur herstelwerk wag ook nog in die

woonbuurtes. Ingrypende herstel aan slaggate by die ooste­ like ingang van die dorp op die Vivo pad is nou voltooi. Herstelwerk is ook voltooi in die gedeelte van Groblerstraat suid van Rissiktraat, by die hoofingang na die suidwestelike nywerheidsgebied. Soortgelyke slaggatherstel vorder ook by die suidelike ingang vanaf Madombidzha in Kortstraat tot digby die spooroorgang, waar die oopgrawe van gate nou aan die gang is. Verkeer word tans gereël met stop-en-ry beurte op hierdie bedrywige suidelike straatverlenging van Kroghstraat. In die erg-beskadigde, verwaarloosde gedeelte van Krugerstraat tussen Erasmus- en Joubertstraat, word die hele straatgedeelte nou herbou, na etlike weke se noodhulp aksie om die talle gevaarlike slaggate met gruis toe te stop. Dit bring ontwrigting mee vir die normale toegang tot die bedrywige Premjee-groothandelsaak. In die gevaarlike gedeelte van Devenish se aansluiting by Kroghstraat, is die voorlopige voorbereiding van die slaggat-herstelwerk nog onvoltooid, met teerwerk wat nog moet plaasvind. ‘n Span van die Makhado Munisipaliteit se “Expanded Public Works Programme” is besig met herstelwerk aan slaggate in en langs Baobabstraat in die omgewing van die OK Grocer, in die nuwe uitbreiding aan die oostekant van die N1. Verskeie ander ondernemings is besig met ander groter herstelwerkkontrakte. Grootskaalse ontwrigting sal nog ‘n geruime tyd voortduur by die Eltivillas bus- en taxistasie, waar volledige herbouing aan die gang is. Grond­ uitgrawings en –verskuiwings ter voorbereiding van die totale herbouing van strate duur daar voort. Dit bring nie net vir die taxi’s en busse probleme mee nie; dit veroorsaak ernstige probleme vir die sake-ondernemings in die Eltivillas sakegebied, wie se gebruiklike kliënte-parkering nou bykans in sy geheel in beslag geneem word deur die kommersiële passasiersvoertuie. Die voorbereid­ ing vir die herbouing bemoeilik ook toegang vir swaar afleweringsvoertuie wat sakeondernemings soos Pick ‘n Pay aan die suidekant van Makhado Crossing moet bedien.


20 Junie 2014




20 June 2014

KERKE/CHURCHES Dienstye kan verander, veral gedurende vakansies. Skakel kerke vir meer inligting. Service times may change, especially during holidays . Phone churches for more information.

• Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (LTT) Tshirululunistraat 28, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 516 2272 • Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (Musina) Cass Straat 16, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 534 2126 • Agapé Gemeente (LTT) Munnikstraat 90, Tweetalige diens om 09:00 met Kinderkerk en Peuterdiens, Sondae History Makers om 17:00. Past. Sampie van Niekerk, Tel: 015 516 3725 / 082 926 9538 • AGS Charisma (LTT) Munnikstraat 70, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Anton van den Berg, Tel 015 516 0486 of 083 653 0790 • AGS El-Shaddai (Musina) Watsonlaan 17, Sondag 10:00 en 18:00, Past. Boetie Visser, Tel: 015 534 3361 / 084 456 6959 • AGS Charisma (Levubu) Sondag 09:00. Past John Struwig (083 400 2511) • All Nations for Jesus Christian Centre (LTT) 93 Burger Street (Maranatha Centre), Sunday 09:30 & Wednesday 18:00, Past Benjamin Sithole, Tel 083 532 9492/ 015 516 2275 • Anglican Church / St Marks (LTT) 128 Munnik Street, Sunday 10:30, Rev Robbie Novella, Tel: 015 516 5165 • Baptist Church (Musina) Corner of Whyte & Limpopo Street, Sunday 09:30, Rev Paul Richardson, Tel: 015 534 0479 or 082 446 1728 • Baptist Church / Baptiste Kerk (LTT) Ruh Street 25, Sunday services 10:00 & 18:00, adult Bible class at 09:15 (Ds. Johan Marais), Tel: 015 516 2714. • Baird Ministries (LTT) Cnr of Rissik & Reitz Street. Fellowship on Sundays at 09:00 Bertus (founder) Tel 071 078 1631. • Catholic Church (Musina) National Road. Tel: 015 534 2085 • Catholic Church (LTT) Corner Burger & Jeppe Street, Mass times: 1st Sunday 10:00 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday 17:00, Father Frank Gallagher, Tel: 015 516 0566 / 082 664 1393 • Chapel of Grace Church Sunday 09:00 - 11:00 at Maurunwa/SIloam/Nzhelele Past Oke Tel 083 461 6455 or 072 976 3448. • Church of England / St Peters (LTT) 33 Breda Street, Sunday 09:00, Rev Emil Katz, Tel: 015 516 2164 / 083 284 7580 • Emmanuel Christelike Kerk (LTT) Koraalboomstraat 3, Sondae 09:00 & 18:00, Jeug Vrydae 19:00, Past. Andries van Heerden, Tel: 015 516 4282 / 083 357 1658 • Evangeliese Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) Songozwistraat (Voortrekkersaal), Sondagdiens 09:00, leraar ds. Abel Erasmus, Tel: 073 371 7566. • Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) H/v Anderson & Songozwistraat, Sondag 09:00 en 10:45. Tel. 015 516 4007 • Gereformeerde Kerk (Musina) Wilsonlaan 1, Sondag 09:30, Ds. Cornel Nagel, Tel 015 534 2253/ 084 406 1723 • Hervormde Kerk Louis Trichardt H/v Stubbs & Forestry, Sondag 08:30, Ds. Phillip Horn, Tel: 015 516 0550 / 083 259 4061 • Hervormde Kerk Zoutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubb & Forestry, Sondag 10:00, Ds. Ronel Eckard, Tel: 072 122 7956 • Hervormde Kerk (Musina) H/v Van Zyl & Celliersstraat, Sondag om 09:00, ds. Eddie Eckard, Tel: 015 534 2519 of 082 958 9095, Kerkkantoor 015 534 2756. • Lede in Christus Kerk (LTT) Joubertstraat 29, Sondag oggenddien 09:30, evangeliedien om 18:00. Past. Christo van Rooijen, Tel: 015 516 0521 / 082 465 8774 • Levubu Christelike Gemeente (Hatfield) Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Craig Whitcomb, Tel 015 583 0134 of 084 400 8937 • Methodist Church (LTT) 79 Munnik Street, Sunday 09:00, Tel. 015 516 0446 • NG Kerk (Levubu) Perseel 316, Sondag 08:30 en 10:15 (LTT - Rondebosch Lapa), Ds. Petrus Kriel Tel: 015 583 002 / 082 898 2081 • NG Kerk (LTT) Erasmusstraat 23, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, ds. Jan Pretorius en ds. Corné Randall, Tel: 015 516 3902 of 072 207 8350 • NG Kerk Soutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubbs & Andersonstraat, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, ds. Rudolph Botha Tel 084 645 0391 • NG Kerk (Musina) Ds. Henricostraat, Sondag 09:00, ds Anton Kemp, Tel: 015 534 0759, 082 779 2609 / 082 779 2324 • New Covenant Kerk/Church (LTT) 115 Krogh Street, Sondag 09:00 en 18:30, Louis Trichardt, André van Niekerk, Tel 015 516 5305 or 082 926 7313 • Ou Apostoliese Kerk van SA (LTT) Kroghstraat, Sondagdienste om 08:45 en 18:00, Priester JJ Janse van Rensburg, Tel. 072 544 7505. • Shammah Bedieninge/Ministries (LTT) Sondag hoofdiens & Kinderkerk 09:00, Huisselle 18:00, Donderdag: opleiding en geestelik toerusting, Vrydag 18:30 jeugbyeenkoms, Past Strydom 082 785 0265, kerkkantoor 015 516 4018, Rissikstraat 50 • Sewendedag-adventiste (LTT) Groblerstraat, Saterdag 09:00 en 11:00, leraar Johan Steyn, Tel 082 372 7362 • Sewendedag-adventiste (Musina) H/v Turner & Whytestraat, Saterdag 11:00, Marguerite Sindon & Marietjie Diener, Tel: 015 534 3240 / 082 358 2526 • Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk (Buysdorp) Sondag 10:00 (erediens), Ds. H. J. Steyn (082 336 9751) • Volle Evangelie Kerk (LTT) H/v Rissik & Burgersraat, Sondae 09:00 & 17:00, Past. Philip de Jager, Tel: 015 516 0758 / 071 674 7205 • Volle Evangelie Kerk Ebenhaeser (Musina) H/v Turner & Watsonstraat, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Jimmy Venter, Tel: 082 920 4493 Indien kerke se besonderhede soos hierbo nie korrek is nie of verander het, skakel Andries by tel. 015 516 4997 of skryf aan Nuwe kerke welkom. If church details are incorrect or have changed, please phone Andries at 015 516 4997 or write to New churches welcome.




Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151 • GISTER-SE-JEUG BYEEN Die

Gister­se­Jeug klub, waar jonger en ouer seniors welkom is, vergader elke Dinsdag van 09:00 tot • WEEKLIKSE VLOOIMARK Daar 11:00 in die Hervormde Kerk se saal op die hoek sal elke Saterdag vanaf 09:00 tot 14:00 ‘n vlooi­ van Stubbsstraat en Forestryweg in Makhado (Louis Trichardt). Hulle leuse is “Vrolikheid mark by Makhado Crossing in Makhado (Louis by die grysheid!” en alle belangstellendes word Trichardt) gehou word. hartlik uitgenooi om in te skakel by die klub. Enige iemand is welkom om te kom uitstal. Vir meer inligting kan Willie Agenbacht Stalletjies kos slegs R50 per Saterdag en moet vooraf bespreek en betaal word by Davonnies in geskakel word by tel. 083 453 6597, Flippie Diedericks by 071 671 9866 of Anna Lordan by die sentrum. 082 921 6110. Vir meer inligting, skakel Davonnies by 015 516 5749. • MINISTERS FRATERNAL The • AAND VAN SPONTANE AAN- ministers fraternal of Makhado (Louis Trichardt) BIDDING Shammah Bedieninge in Makha­ meets every Tuesday. For more information Rev Robbie Novella can do (Louis Trichardt) nooi die gemeenskap uit be contacted on 015 516 5165. om elke eerste Dinsdag van die maand vanaf 19:00 ‘n aand van spontane aanbidding in ‘n • MANNE VAN DIE WOORD Die Geesgevulde aanbiddingsatmosfeer saam met Manne van die Woord in Makhado (Louis Trich­ hulle te ervaar. ardt) kom elke Vrydag van 05:45 tot 06:45 by Vir verdere inligting of navrae kan past. Stry­ Ocean Basket in Songozwistraat byeen. dom by 082 7850 265 geskakel word. Vir meer inligting kan Tobias Fourie by 082 • VROUE VAN DIE WOORD Die 451 4249 geskakel word. Vroue van die Woord kom elke Dinsdagaand • BAHÁ’Í INFORMATION CENvan 18:00 tot 19:00 by Imperial GM (lokaal waar TER The Bahá’í Information Center in Makha­ vroue vergader) in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) do (Louis Trichardt) will meet every evening bymekaar. “Die vroue kom interkerklik saam om during weekdays from 18:30 until 20:30. te bid, geestelik te groei en mekaar aan te moedig For more information phone 015 518 4154. om vroue na God se hart te wees. Alle vroue, jonk en oud, is welkom,” sê die organiseerders. Vir meer inligting kan Madelyn Stoltz by 083 422 5248 geskakel word. • DOPPERKUIERKAFEE ‘n Ver­ skeidenheid smaaklike burgers is Vrydag, 20 Junie, op die spyskaart van die gewilde Dop­ perkuierkafee in Makhado (Louis Trichardt). Kaas­, hoender­ en ribburgers is teen R20 (Seven-day forecast) beskikbaar, terwyl “Dopperburgers” teen R15 verkoop sal word. Tuisgemaakte skyfies is ook beskikbaar teen R10 per pakkie met Russian en Thursday, 19 June skyfies wat vir R15 sal verkoop. Sunny and nice. Vir verdere besonderhede of om bestellings te plaas, skakel Nanette by 015 516 4007 of 084 High: 25oC Low: 9oC 304 4764. As gevolg van die groot belangstelling is dit belangrik dat bestellings vooraf geplaas Friday, 20 June moet word. Die kuierkafee sal van 17:00 tot Low clouds and cooler. 18:00 oop wees. o o High: 16 C Low: 7 C • ASTRONOMY The Soutpansberg Astronomy Club will hold their next monthly stargazing evening on the shortest day and lon­ Saturday, 21 June gest night of the year, the Southern Hemisphere’s Decreasing clouds. Winter Solstice, on 21 June. High: 20oC Low: 3oC If you are interested in astronomy and its var­ ious sections please join the club anytime after sunset and remember to dress warmly. Sunday, 22 June On Sunday, 22 June, on International Sun­ Plenty of sunshine. Day, the club will have a bring­and­braai at the Rondeboch Riding School Clubhouse from High: 21oC Low: 3oC midday onwards, with views of the solar disk at the telescope. International Sun­Day is just what Monday, 23 June it says, a day to celebrate and share your personal Sunny. vision of what our life­giving star means to you. For more information contact Kos Coronaios at High: 21oC Low: 6oC 079 148 4934 or via email at elephantcastle@ Tuesday, 24 June


ZoutieWeather Louis Trichardt

Plenty of sunshine.

High: 23 C Low: 6 C o


Wednesday, 25 June Plenty of sunshine.

High: 23oC Low: 7oC (Source:

WHAT’S HAPPENING? We need your club, school, church or non-profit organisation’s events for 2014. Please send the details to, fax it to (015) 516 2303 or phone 015 516 4996/7. These events will be published free of charge in the calendar. You can also submit and view these online at www.

• LEWENDE WOORD BESOEK DORP “Die liggaam van Christus in Suid­

Afrika” is die tema van die boodskap van Lewende Woord se pastoor vir kerkplanting, ontwikkeling en sending, pastoor Wouter van der Merwe, wat hy op Sondag, 22 Junie, om 09:00 by Baird Ministries in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) sal bring. Baird Ministries, onder leiding van pastoor Andrew Baird Bezuidenhout, staan in assosiasie

WAT GEBEUR? Ons benodig alle klubs, skole, kerke en niewinsgewende organisasies se opkomende gebeurtenisse vir 2014. Stuur besonderhede na, faks 015 516 2303 of skakel 015 516 4996/7. Die gebeurtenisse sal gratis in die kalender geplaas word. Besoek gerus ook ons webtuiste se kalender by


LOUIS TRICHARDT • SAPS/SAPD • Ambulance/Ambulans • Electricity/Elektrisiteit • Water • Fire Brigade/Brandweer • Munisipaliteit/Municipality • Hospital (Government) • Hospital (Private) • SPB Dorpswag

- 10111/ 015 519 4300 / 083 206 5594 - 015 516 4378 / 015 516 2395 - 015 516 2990 - 015 516 2990 - 015 516 0551 / 015 516 0554 - 015 519 3000 - 015 516 0148 / 9 - 015 516 0720 / 015 516 6980 - 082 251 0827


• SAPS/SAPD • Ambulance/Ambulans • Fire Brigade/Brandweer • Hospital (Government) • Municipality • Electricity/Water

- 10111 / 015 534 7601 - 10177 / 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0446 / 7 - 015 534 6000 - 083 457 2183

met Lewende Woord en dit is vir hulle ‘n groot eer om past. Wouter en sy vrou, Dot, te ontvang. Hulle nooi alle belangstellendes na die diens . Vir meer inligting kan Milda Grobler by die kerkkantoor geskakel word by 071 656 2181.


Laerskool Louis Trichardt hou hul jaarlikse bloedskenkdag op Donderdag, 26 Junie, en die SANBD (Suid­Afrikaanse Nasionale Bloeddiens) sal vanaf 08:00 tot 17:00 gereed wees om die bloedskenkers by te staan. Een eenheid skenkersbloed kan help om tot drie mense se lewens te red. Vir elke Triegie wat een ouer motiveer om te kom bloed skenk, gaan die skool ‘n Yo­Yo gee om dankie te sê. Vir meer inligting kan die skool by 015 516 5151 geskakel word.

• SPCA HOLDS AGM All members of the public are invited to attend the annual general meeting (AGM) of the SPCA Louis Trichardt on Friday, 27 June. The meeting will start at 16:30 at the Metho­ dist Church at Munnik Street 97. Persons wishing to make themselves available for election to the management committee must submit their names in writing to the secretary, to arrive no later than seven days before the date set for the AGM. Each submission must be accompanied by a one­page curriculum vitae/motivation. For more information, phone Ms Reimer at Tel 015 516 1431 during office hours.

JULY • BOSVELD BASAAR Die Dendron/ Vivo Hervormde Kerk hou op 5 Julie ‘n lekker Bosveld Basaar by Kamp Aquila vanaf 10:00 tot 14:00, sowat 45km uit op die Vivo­pad (R522) A­Graad vleissnitte sal teen winskooppryse verkoop word, asook biltong en droëwors. (Vervolg op p. 9)

WEEKLY DAM LEVELS According to latest available WEEKLIKSE information from the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry as on Monday, 9 June. DAMVLAKKE Dams/damme:

09/06/2014 02/06/2014

Albasini Dam Ebenezer Dam Flag Boshielo Dam Glen Alpine Dam Luphephe Dam Middel Letaba Dam Nandoni Dam Nsami Dam Nwanedzi Dam Nzhelele Dam Tzaneen Dam Vondo Dam

99.8% 99.8% 100.3% 100% 100.9% 100% 100.7% 100% 101% 101% 55% 55.4% 101.3% 101% 74.3% 75.8% 100.4% 100% 100.7% 101% 100.6% 100% 100.3% 100%

* Means latest available data



TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION - 3D TBA ¸ ˛ Thu: 12:00,17:00,20:30


THE OTHER WOMAN 13L Fri-Sun: 9:45,12:15,15:15,18:00,20:30 Mon: 12:15,15:15,18:00,20:30 Tue: 9:45,12:15,15:15,18:00,20:30 Wed: 20:30,12:15,15:15,18:00 Thu: 12:15,18:00,20:30



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HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 - 3D PG V ¸ ˛ Ç Fri,Sat: 9:30,12:00,14:30,17:15,19:45,22:15 Sun,Tue: 9:30,12:00,14:30,17:15,19:45 Mon,Wed: 12:00,14:30,17:15,19:45

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 PGV ¸ ˛ Ç Thu: 12:00,14:30,17:15,19:45


10-12GLV ˛ Fri,Sat: 9:05,11:45,14:15,17:00,20:00,22:30 Sun,Tue: 9:05,11:45,14:15,17:00,20:00 Mon,Wed: 11:45,14:15,17:00,20:00 Thu: 11:45,14:15,17:00,20:00



16DL ¸ ˛ Ç Fri,Sat: 10:00,12:30,15:00,17:30,20:15,22:45 Sun,Tue: 10:00,12:30,15:00,17:30,20:15 Mon,Wed: 12:30,15:00,17:30,20:15 Thu: 12:30,15:00,17:30,20:15



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• SAPS/SAPD - 015 583 7400 / 015 583 7418 • Municipal and other services (see Louis Trichardt)

Standard rates apply. Free minutes do not apply.





20 Junie 2014



Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151

stalletjies@inni­ Daar is nog net (Vervolg van p. 8) beperkte uitstalruimtes beskikbaar. Buiten die vleis is daar ook heerlike vars groente en vrugte, gebak, geskenke, pannekoek • ‘N AAND SAAM MET DIE en heerlike nagereg. Vir die jongklomp is daar BESTES VAN DIE BESTES Die verfbalskiet en vir die ouer garde gratis koffie en gemeenskap kan solank hulle vere regskud vir tee vir die dag in die teetuin met heerlike eetgoed ‘n groot kultuurgeleentheid, “Die beste van die te koop. beste”, wat bestaan uit trefferliedjies vanuit ver­ “Ons hoop om julle almal daar te sien,” nooi skillende eras. Dit is die gesamentlike revue van die gemeente. Hoërskool en Laerskool Louis Trichardt op 4, 5 en 6 Augustus en begin elke aand om 18:30. • COUNTRY & GOSDie verskillende kaartjiepryse is R30, R40 PEL-MUSIEKAAND ‘n Country en en R50, maar die gala­aand op 6 Augustus kos Gospel-musiekaand word op Sondag, 6 Julie, R100 per kaartjie en sluit ‘n ligte ete in. om 17:00 by Shammah Bedieninge in Makhado Vir meer besonderhede kan die skoolkantoor (Louis Trichardt) te Rissikstraat 50 aangebied. geksakel word by 015 516 5151 of me. Annelle Die gemeenskap word genooi om saam te kuier en na geïnspireerde sangitems te luister. ‘n Pauer by 071 334 0447. Verskeidenheid kunstenaars vanuit die plaaslike • WONDERKOK 2014 Laerskool gemeenskap gaan optree. Toegang is gratis en Levubu nooi die streek se huiskokke uit om op daar sal ‘n vrywillige liefdesoffer opgeneem 30 Augustus vanaf 15:30 deel te neem aan hul word. Koeldrank, sop en hamburgers sal te koop Wonderkok 2014 kompetisie. aangebied word. Die kompetisie word vanjaar vir die tweede Enige belangstellendes wat ook wil optree, keer deur die skool aangebied. Geen professio­ word gevra om voor 20 Junie met Rhinus by 078 nele sjefs kan egter deelneem nie. 540 7444 of Lood by 084 657 5558 in verbinding “Ons beplan weer ‘n gesellige, prettige aand te tree. waaraan oud en jonk, mans en vroue, kan deel­ • SPB MARKDAG Die Soutpansberg­ neem. Kom roer jou pot op die maat van lekker gemeenskap sal op 19 Julie die kans kry om hul musiek,” nooi die skool. Spanne van agt persone elk sal meeding in kreatiwiteit en tuisgemaakte produkte uit te stal verskeie kategorieë, met ‘n vaste inskrywings­ en te verkoop. fooi per span. Eie drinkgoed moet saamgebring ‘n Groot teetuin en markdag word beplan by word en geen elektriese toebehore mag gebruik die Wia­Kyla Restaurant sowat 15 km buite word nie. Daar is heerlike pryse te wen. Makhado (Louis Trichardt) op die N1 suid. Die Vir meer inligting, skakel Jackie by 079 692 mark duur vanaf 10:00 tot laat. 5508 of Diana by Laerskool Levubu by 087 820 Vir meer inligting en besprekings, skakel 5307. Christine by tel. 072 372 2301.


preparing themselves for the 15th annual Silver Mist Holistic and Health Fair at Haenerstburg (Magoebaskloof) on 12 and 13 July. For more information about the programme and exhibits, phone Yngve Sjolund at 015 276 4726 or 084 581 0320.


van die Woord Louis Trichardt het die bek­ ende spreker Julius Magan genooi vir hul kamp wat van 25 tot 27 Julie op die plaas Friendschapsdal by Waterpoort, sowat 100km buite Makha­ do (Louis Trichardt), plaasvind. Alle mans en hoërskoolseuns is welkom. Die organiseerders beklemtoon dat dit belangrik is om vroegtydig te bespreek. Die koste beloop R150 per persoon en Vrydag en Saterdag se aandetes word verskaf. Kampgangers moet eie tente of karavane, gasbraaiers en eetgerei bring. Die verrigtinge begin Vrydagaand, maar daar kan al van vroeg af kamp opgeslaan word. Vir meer inligting kan Pieter du Toit by 083 770 6656 geskakel word of ‘n e­pos kan na gestuur word.


• INNI-BERG FEES Inwoners kan nou reeds 1 en 2 Augustus in hul dagboeke merk, want dan is dit weer tyd vir die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg se gewilde Inni­Berg Fees. Soos gewoonlik sal daar weer heelwat wees om na uit te sien en te geniet. Buiten die stallet­ jies, sal die vermaakprogram weer luister aan die geleentheid gee met optredes deur Armand Hofmeyr en Kwaggabees die Vrydag en Ricus Nel en Mwah die Saterdag. Toegang beloop R50 per volwassene en hoërskoolleerlinge, R30 vir laerskoolleerlinge en is gratis vir voorskoolse kinders. Vir meer inligting of om stalletjies te bespreek, skakel Hannes by tel. 073 257 8671 of stuur ‘n e­pos na


Me. Jeanne Pauer (links) van Waterpoort is die wenner van die pragtige skildery van ‘n kremetartboom, geskilder deur die 81-jarige mnr. Wennie Gouws (regs) van Ons Tuiste. Haar lootjie met die nommer 138 is uit 420 lootjies getrek. Die skilderylootjies het ‘n bedrag van R2 303 vir Ons Tuiste se basaar geïn.

SEPTEMBER • DOPPER KERMIS ‘n Uithaler kermis sal op Saterdag, 6 September, op die terrein van die Gereformeerde Kerk op Makhado (Louis Trichardt) plaasvind. Die gemeente is kliphard aan die werk en nader aan die datum sal meer besonderhede beskikbaar wees. • 1978 REÜNIE Die 1978 matrieks van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt beplan ‘n reünie vir Saterdag, 27 September, by die Lalapanzi Hotel. “Ons wil asseblief soveel moontlik van hierdie jaar se matrieks daar hê,” nooi die organiseer­ ders. Vir meer inligting, skakel dr. Len van der Walt by tel. 076 403 4034 of stuur ‘n e­pos na leonard.


Die Volle Evangelie Kerk in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) hou vanjaar hulle tweede Kersmark vanaf 24 tot 29 November. Die Kersmark vind plaas op die kerkterrein op die hoek van Burger­ en Krugerstraat en duur Maandag tot Vrydag vanaf 10:00 tot 20:00 en Saterdag vanaf 09:00 tot 13:00. “Ons het weer besondere uitstallers vanuit die verste hoeke van ons land. Kom maak jou mand­ jie vol vir die feestyd met besonderse, unieke geskenke,” nooi die gemeente. Daar gaan ook ‘n teetuin wees met heerlike bederfkos en volop veilige parkering vir al die besoekers. Vir meer inligting, skakel Heleen by tel. 072 550 4614 of stuur ‘n e­pos aan admin@ of besoek http://www.kris­

SPORT JULIE • MUSINA HERVORMERS GHOLFDAG Die Hervormde Kerk Musina bied op Saterdag, 19 Julie, ‘n gholfdag aan in samewerking met Rawson Eiendomme. Borge kan ‘n putjie koop teen R1 500 elk, waar hulle kan adverteer. Die formaat is ‘n vi­ erbal­alliansie (twee tellings) en die inskrywing beloop R250 per persoon. R50 word aan die gholfklub oorbetaal vir baanfooie. Daar is groot pryse te wen wat deur Rawson as hoofborg geborg word. Na afloop van die kompetisie kan spelers en hulle metgeselle ‘n kaas­en­wyn ete geniet. Daar sal ook ‘n veiling

All the toddlers from the Pikkieland Nursery School in Makahdo (Louis Trichardt) recently had the opportunity to come to school in their PJ’s; now if only one could do that every day to ward off the winter cold. Photo supplied. plaasvind, alles ten bate van die Hervormde Kerk kondig. Musina­gemeente. Vir meer inligting, skakel Die beginners van vyf jaar en ouer oefen Rina Fourie by tel. 079 938 5810. Maandae en Woensdae van 15:30 tot 16:30. Meisies vlak 2 en 3 sal Maandae en Woensdae oefen van 14:00 tot 15:30 en seuns Vlak 2 sal Dinsdae en Donderdae oefen vanaf 14:00 tot 15:30. Vlak 3 en hoër seuns oefen Maandae en • SEEKOEI BERGFIETSWEDREN Die streek se bergfietsryers kan nou reeds Woensdae vanaf 14:00 tot 15:30 en die meisies Vlakke 4 tot 7 sal Maandae en Woensdae oefen begin regmaak vir die jaarlikse Seekoei Bergfi­ vanaf 16:30 tot 18:00. etswedren op 1 November. Elzabé Stewart en Riekie Steyn is verant­ Die wedren vind plaas by Laerskool Levubu woordelik vir die meisies en Su­Ankia Joubert ten bate van die Levubu CVO Skool en daar vir die seuns. Navrae kan per e­pos gerig word sal drie afstande wees waaraan deelgeneem kan aan of word, naamlik 70 km, 35 km en 10 km. Daar za of alternatiewelik skakel Elzabé by 082 566 sal vanjaar ook ‘n “Kiddies Race” wees wat in samewerking met Klouter Kabouter Kleuterskool 3493, Riekie by 082 484 1392, Su­Ankia by 082 573 9000 of Renette Nel by 015 516 3756. aangebied word. Stalletjies, ‘n biertuin, spring­ Vir navrae oor kleutergimnastiek (vir kleuters kasteel en boeresport sal ook beskikbaar wees. van drie tot vyf jaar), kan Gail Greaves gekontak Vir meer inligting, skakel Jannie Sounes by word by 083 469 2526. tel. 079 300 6876. • NETBAL Die Louis Trichardt Netbalklub sal Dinsdae en Donderdae oefen van 17:15 tot 18:30. • WEEKLY RUN/WALK The Sout­ Vir meer inligting of om aan te sluit by die pansberg Athletics Club invites everyone to their klub kan Inalize Burger geskakel word by 079 weekly walk and run. 523 4374. Their time trials take place every Tuesday • KARATEKAS OEFEN Die from 17:15 at their club house, followed by a ca­ Soutpansberg Kofukan Karateklub oefen elke sual run on Thursdays from 17:15. On Saturdays, Woensdag vanaf 18:00 tot 20:00 by die AGS se club runs will be hosted. kerksaal in Munnikstraat. For more information, phone Jolani Klopper at Vir meer inligting, skakel Tommy by tel. 083 083 995 4362. 346 6600. • WEEKLIKSE KLUBRITTE Die P&L Hardeware Fietsryklub in Makhado (Louis • RINGBALKLUB BEGIN WEER OEFEN Die Soutpansberg Ringbalklub in Trichardt) nooi alle fietsryers uit na hul week­ Makhado (Louis Trichardt) nooi almal uit om likse klubritte. saam met hulle te kom oefen. Die klubritte vind elke Saterdag vanaf 14:00 Die klub oefen elke Dinsdag en Donderdag plaas. Vir meer inligting, skakel Renda (klubse­ vanaf 18:00 op die bane agter die Rugbylapa. kretaresse) by tel. 082 932 3590. Korfbal is vir oud en jonk en vir beide mans • NUWE OEFENTYE VIR GIM- en vrouens. Vir meer inligting, skakel Gerda Piorek by tel. NASTIEKKLUB Die Louis Trichardt 079 882 1343. Gimnastiekklub het hul nuwe oefentye aange­



10 20 June 2014



20 Junie 2014


Dié leerlinge van Levubu CVO Skool het aan die onlangse Bybelkennis-uitdunne deelgeneem en gekwalifiseer om aan die finale rondte van die Bybelkennis-kompetisie in Pretoria te gaan deelneem. Van links na regs is Waldo Stemmet, Wilné Kotzé en Wessel Furstenberg. Foto verskaf. ‘n Foto of video word nie net geneem deur die druk van ‘n knoppie nie - wel nie altyd nie - soms word daar staatgemaak op ander. Dankie Marius (heel links) en Rhyno Pieterse (heel regs) dat julle die Zoutpansberger se span geduldig rondgery het op die Kremetart se roete. Julle was ons staatmakers! Kennisgewing

Slypskool gehou oor grondhervorming In die lig van toenemende druk op die landbousektor om met werkbare planne vorendag te kom om grondhervorming in Suid-Afrika te verwesenlik, sê Agri Limpopo dit is nodig om die debat oor grondhervorming in Limpopo te fasiliteer. In dié verband reël Agri Lim­ popo ‘n slypskool op 25 Junie. Hierdie twee leerlinge van die Levubu CVO skool het aan die onlangse streeksredenaarskompetisie deelgeneem in Modimolle en gekwalifiseer om aan die landswye redenaarskompetisie in Mokopane Die president van Agri Limpopo, te gaan deelneem in hul onderskeie ouderdomsgroepe. Links is Dané Wentzel (Graad2, tweede) mnr. Leon Borcherds, het ‘n be­roep gedoen op landbouers, en regs is Stef Lordan (Graad 5, derde). Foto verskaf.

insetverskaffers, finansierders en elkeen wat belang het by die land­ bou in Limpopo, om te registreer vir hierdie slypskool. Volgens Borcherds het die slypskool ten doel om die risiko’s van die proses uit te wys aan die Staat en boere; mandate te gee aan onderhandelaars oor hierdie sake; en om werkbare planne wat die “angel” uit grondhervorming sal haal, aan die gang te sit. “Ek doen ’n ernstige beroep op

elke geaffekteerde party in Lim­ popo landbou, groot boer, kleiner boer, opkomende boer, almal, om die dag by te woon. Moenie dink jy is te gering om ‘n bydrae of ‘n verskil te maak nie. Ons het almal se insette, raad en wysheid nodig,” het Borcherds gesê. Vir meer besonderhede, ska­ kel Agri Limpopo se kantoor in Polokwane by 015 590 1024 of stuur ‘n e-pos na admin@ .


12 20 June 2014

Aazra Aboo from Ridgeway Independent School demonstrates how to make a beard from ordinary soap bubbles. This activity was one of many fun-filled and practical activities students in Grade 00 to 3 participated in as part of the school’s week for Action Education.

Hierdie groep leerlinge van Laerskool Louis Trichardt het diamanttoekennings ontvang vir hul drama-, dans- en musiekoptredes tydens die Soutpansberg Kunstefees wat op 21 en 22 Mei Zwingafha Netshitomboni carries his school aangebied is om die streek se kultuurtalent te ontgin. mate, Mathias Chasserieau, to the next classroom for their next fun activity. They were two pupils from Ridgeway Independent School just outside of Makhado (Louis Trichardt) who participated in the school’s Action Education Week a fortnight ago.

These pupils from Ridgeway Independent School just outside Makhado (Louis Trichardt) were nominated as the schools top academic achievers from Grades 1 to 7. Teachers have encouraged them to keep up their hard work and to continue to excel in their academic work during the rest Tshikondeni Laerskool se Graad 7’s het ‘n plakkaat gemaak met die tema “Suid-Afrika”, waarvoor of the school year. hulle ‘n diamanttoekenning by die afgelope Soutpansberg Kunstefees verdien het.


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160mm + FREE Energy Saving Globe

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R 200 000

WORTH OF AIRTIME We’re giving away R 200 000 worth of instant airtime between April and July. Make a purchase at your nearest Cashbuild store and you could win maningi-ningi. Simply dial *120*904# to enter and keep your till slip with you. Calls cost only 20 cents for every 20 seconds. Terms & Conditions apply. Refer to or the in-store posters. One entry per till slip.

VALID UNTIL SUNDAY 22 JUNE 2014 Selected products may not be available in all stores E & O E. All prices include 14% VAT For your nearest store, please visit or contact us at 0861 CASHBUILD (227 428 453) 68372 WK51 • REDWORKS

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150 Litre consists of: 1 x Kwikot 150litre Dual Slimline Geyser 1 x Drip Tray 1 x Multivalve 600kPa 2 x Vacuum Breakers

3 129.95

100 Litre consists of: 1 x Franke 100litre Combislim Geyser 1 x Franke 100litre Tray with outlet 1 x 22mm 400kpa Pressure Control Valve 2 x 22mm 400kpa Vacuum Breakers 1 x 22mm Draincock 1 x 22mm Temperature Probe Valve




20 Junie 2014


Deur LInda van der Westhuizen

SBBV wil verder baklei teen nuwe waardasierol Die Soutpansberg Belastingbetalersvereniging (SBBV) gaan die Makhado munisipale bestuurder se hulp inroep by die komitee wat oor die waardasierol moet vergader. “Ons het versoek dat mnr. Sakkie Mutshinyali [munisipale bestuurder] die komiteeverga­ dering persoonlik moet kom lei, aangesien ons iemand met meer insig en beter menseverhoudinge benodig,” het die voorsitter van die SBBV, me. Inga Gilfillan, verlede week gesê. Die SBBV het op 12 Mei uit die eerste komiteevergadering

gestap nadat die voorsittende direkteur van beplanning en ont­ wikkeling, me. Dakalo Sinthu­ mule, hulle nie kans wou gee om oor die ooglopende foute op die waardasierol as geheel te praat nie. “Na ‘n gesprek met die muni­ sipale bestuurder, gaan ons weer die vergadering bywoon. Ons gaan versoek dat die implemen­ tering van die rol uitgestel word en die probleme met die rol eers onder die knie gekry word. Die verhoging in waardasies en in die tarief is onaanvaarbaar en onbetaalbaar,” het Gilfillan

gesê. Baie beswaarde huiseienaars wonder wat gaan word van die besware wat hulle ingedien het. Baie het groot kostes aangegaan om hulle plekke deur ‘n onaf­ hanklike waardeerder te laat waardeer om dié waardasie by hulle beswaar te kon voeg. Wan­ neer kry hulle terugvoer van die munisipaliteit? Bitter min mense is deur die munisipaliteit gekon­ tak na afloop van hul besware. Die SBBV weet van twee van hul lede wat gekontak is. Daar is sowat 800 besware by die muni­ sipaliteit ingedien.


New service or business in town?

For more information, phone Andries van Zyl at the office of the Zoutpansberger at Tel 015 516 4996/7.

By Isabel Venter

Armando back by popular demand Armando Bianco is back by popular demand. He is one of the best­known and most beloved Zumba Fitness instructors in Makhado (Louis Trichardt), and is offering classes in town once more. Armando’s classes will officially start on Wednesday, 2 July. He has procured the dance space of Rumours as premises. Rumours is situated in Vlei Street, and offers enough room, so that there is no limit to how many people can participate in a class. There will be four classes every week ­ start­ ing from 2 July – two on Mondays and two on Wednesdays. The first class will start at 16:00, with the second starting at 17:30. The monthly fee (one class per week) will entail R250 per person per month. Armando is a fully trained and qualified in­ ternational Zumba Fitness instructor. He can be contacted to book a class or for more information on 071 483 9003 or 082 837 9660.

Armando Bianco will once again offer Zumba Fitness classes. Photo supplied.

By Linda van der Westhuizen

New premises, same delicious food Star Pleasure Foods opened in Eltivillas in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) six months ago, and has now moved on 1 June to the same premises as Star Café, situated at Shop 38 in Commercial Road. This is an excellent arrange­ ment, since clients of Mr Omar Kalla, owner of Star Café and supermarket, can now also benefit from the delicious home cooking of his spouse, Mrs

Zurayda Kalla of Star Pleasure chips, hot dogs, roti rolls and all burgers, as well as pies Foods. In addition, Zurayda has her and savouries, curries, pizzas, own client base. “I get very heat­and­eat products, such as good feedback, especially about frozen croutons, and cakes and my samoosas. People are going confectionaries. “Whatever you crazy for them. But people must need for cake décor or theme not just take my word for it but decoration, such as Winnie the come and try it for themselves,” Pooh and so on, you can get it says Zurayda. here,” says Zurayda, who sells She does not only prepare molds, cookie cutters, cake samoosas but also dishes with decor, sprinkles and more. She chips, such as russians and has ready­made cake mixes for black forest cake, red velvet cake and carrot cake, all homemade. Clients can buy Zurayda’s bases or pastry as well as the fillings and do the baking themselves. “I do the preparing myself, then I know what I give my customers. So far, I have had good response,” says Zurayda, who has Patricia Mukhawa to assist her. Zurayda has always loved cooking and baking, but stopped for a while because of ill health. Now her health is re­ stored and she is back in full force. Star Pleasure Foods, with lovely homecooking and products Those who require bulk cooking by Mrs Zurayda Kalla, has moved to the same premises as like breyanis, curries and rotis for Star Café, situated in Commercial Road, Eltivillas. Mr Omar their functions, can contact Zurayda Kalla (right), owner of Star Café, and Ms Patricia Mukhawa at 084 813 3631 or 076 220 8155. (left), who assists Mrs. Kalla, stand outside at the signage of The landline 015 516 6653 will also Star Pleasure Foods. be available soon.

“Die SBBV se voorstel is ‘n verhoging van 6% op die vorige waardasierol se waardes en ‘n nuwe tydperk van beswaar, met implementering daarna. Die verhoging is dan op inflasie geb­ aseer. Ons beskou so ‘n oplossing as ‘n wen­wen situasie,” het Gilfillan gesê. Die SBBV het ‘n brief van die Makhado Munisipaliteit ontvang wat bevestig dat die nuwe hef­ fings op 1 Julie geïmplementeer word. Die brief sê dat die maksimum toelaatbare rente gehef sal word vanaf die eerste dag van die

maand wat volg op die maand waarin die rekening betaalbaar is. Die SBBV het in ‘n skrywe beswaar gemaak teen die heffing van rente vanaf die eerste van ‘n maand, aangesien die rekening betaalbaar is teen die 7de van ‘n maand. Die munisipaliteit het hulle vasstelling van tariewe vir die 2014/15 finansiële jaar wat op 1 Julie in werking tree, amptelik op 6 Junie afgekondig, met ‘n beswaartydperk van 21 dae. Die algemene tariewe soos die heffing vir vullisverwydering, lisensiefooie, bouplanfooie,

begrafplaasfooie en diesulkes word met 5.4% verhoog, terwyl elektrisiteit met 7.39% verhoog word. Wat eiendomsbelasting betref, is die bestaande heffing in die rand met 5.3% verhoog. Die SBBV het op 10 Junie hul beswaar ingedien teen die eiendomsbelasting verhoging, aangesien die waardes van eien­ domme in die nuwe waardasierol met verskillende persentasies verhoog is sodat die werklike verhoging op die rekening “on­ bekostigbaar en meer as die inflasiestyging” is.


14 20 June 2014 By Isabel Venter

No load shedding, says Eskom, unless it’s cold required in the early evening in order to balance the electricity system, which was implemented according to Eskom’s load shed­ ding schedule.” For locals this meant almost two and a half hours of total darkness. Due to this, Eskom further indicated that it would require voluntary savings (from the public) of at least 10% in order to manage the electricity demand. The cooler weather has report­

edly increased the demand, es­ pecially between the peak hours from 17:00 until 21:00. On Tuesday, Eskom indicat­ ed that the nation’s electricity supply was stable again. They predicted no load shedding for the coming weeks, but warned that they will need to improvise if another cold front hits South Africa. Eskom spokesperson Mr Andrew Etzinger urged people to use electricity wisely. “No load shedding is planned, and of course our en­ deavour is to make sure we do not go back to load shedding, but of course if we do see a cold front coming in, the grid will be under greater pressure and we would need the support of the public to keep demand at manageable levels,” said Etzinger. In the meantime, Es­ kom has posted pro­ posed load shedding schedules on their website (http://www. loadshedding.eskom., which will only be implemented as a last resort if the electricity supply cannot meet the demand and the power system is placed at risk. If there is load shed­ ding to be implemented, it will take place for two hours at a time in most instances, and Eskom will communicate at the time which stage of load shedding they will implement. Efforts made to ob­ tain the Makhado Mu­ nicipality’s proposed Eendag as ek groot is ... gaan ek ‘n fietsryer wees. Vrydag, 6 Junie, se load shedding schedule plesierrit van die PPC Kremetart Fietswedren was ‘n geleentheid vir were fruitless by the die hele gesin. Hannelie Bruce was een van vele mammas wat saam time of going to press, met haar kinders aan die pretrit deelgeneem het. Van links na regs despite numerous fol­ is haar kinders, Carla en Aiden. low­up calls and emails.


Na afloop van hierdie jaar se PPC Kremetart Padfietswedren het die plaaslike organiseerders die volgende persone en instansies bedank wat dit moontlik gemaak het om geskenkpakkies vir al vanjaar se deelnemers vol snoeperye te pak: Maclands Estate (Percy An­ derson en Marius Mostert), Royal Macadamia (Johan Vos en Marius Martin), Wolk­ berg Plase (Ilse, Annari en

Jaco), Springfield Farms (Alan Whyte en Schalk Engelbrecht), Avoridge (Phillip Potgieter), Levubu Droëvrugte (Ida Nel), Doringkop Boerdery (Rob­ bie Robberts en Sean Whit­ worth), Bridelia Bananas (Johan Furstenberg), Leon Welthagen, Premjee’s & Son (Viju Premjee vir die heerlike kospakkies en eetgoedjies). Te danke aan julle vry­ gewigheid en openhartige by­ draes, kon ons 1 000 Goody


Woman caught with explosives at border A woman who allegedly tried to smuggle explosives into South Africa by strapping and hiding them onto her body was caught at the Beit Bridge border post. The 41­year­old Sibonginkosi Mhlakanipiswa of Zimbabwe was cornered by a police officer on duty at the border post during the early morning hours of Thurs­ day, 12 June. Mhlakanipiswa was travelling on foot. Provincial po­ lice spokesperson Brig Hangwani Mulaudzi confirmed the arrest. “Some of them [the explo­

sives] were also on her body, and as such she was arrested immediately,” he said in a press statement. A total of 40 detonators and 40 cartridges were collect­ ed as evidence by the police. Mhlakanipiswa was taken to Musina where she remained in police custody until she could be brought before a court. She briefly appeared in the Messina Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, 17 June, and her case was post­ poned until July for a formal bail application. According to

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Mulaudzi, she faces charges of unauthorised importation, supply and/or possession of explosives. According to Mulaudzi, Mhlakanipiswa is a first offender and her fate will be left entirely up to the court. He further expressed concern over the recurrence of suspects caught trying to smuggle ex­ plosives into the republic. “We suspect these are used for ille­ gal mining activities and ATM bombings,” said Mulaudzi. Mhlakanipiswa’s next court appearance is on 18 July.

Adam’s Apple Hotel

Tel: (015) 516 5455

Tel: 015 516 3160

GWEN: ALTIE: LIZET: RENTALS - JOSH: 083 556 4501 079 881 4908 083 442 0428 072 359 9995

Bags pak vir die 2014 Kremetart en ons het ongelooflik baie kom­ plimente terug gekry van al die deelnemers. “Die beste Goody Bags in Suid Afrika.” Baie dankie aan al die boere en besighede wat julle harte so groot oopgemaak het om die Kremetart te ondersteun – ons waardeer dit geweldig baie. Dankie en groetnis! - 2014 Kremetart Organiseerders, (Makhado/Louis Trichardt).

By Isabel Venter


Forecourt Supervisor Minimum requirements: • Minimum of Grade 12 • Management experience in Fuel Industry • Must be ITC & criminal clear • Valid Driver’s licence • Computer literate • Speaking an African language will be beneficial Salary Package: • Competitive Basic Salary • Weekend shifts applicable Skills requirements: • Superior client service • Management of forecourt • Lead, develop and motivate staff • Handling customer complaints & requests • Receiving fuel & wet stock management • Conducting HSE checks • Assist with speed-point sales • Compile reports

Send CV to fax: 086 402 8316 or e-mail to: Closing date for applications: 30 June 2014

Dié persone het geskenkpakkies moontlik gemaak vir vanjaar se Kremetart fietsryers

Sondag Buffet Etes

“Where people make the difference”

Sunday Buffet

Elke Sondag vanaf 12:00 Groot verskeidenheid. Bring gerus u eie wyn teen geen koste of kies van ons wye reeks.

R120 p/p. R60 kinders onder 12 Besprekings welkom

Every Sunday From 12h00 14h00 R120 per person R60 Kids under 12

Tel: 015 516 3304 Cell: 079 213 7131

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usiness irectory

Bridge Auto

Die 1 000 geskenkpakkies wat danksy die hulp van plaaslike besighede, boere en individue propvol gepak is vir hierdie jaar se deelnemers aan die 2014 PPC Kremetart Fietswedren. Foto verskaf.

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Residents of the Soutpansberg were left in the dark for several hours last week, together with a large portion of the nation. Eskom declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, 11 June, when the power system came under severe constraint, forcing them to implement a load shedding schedule. The national electricity supplier said in a press statement that the load shedding of Wednesday was after “a re­ duction in electricity demand was


20 Junie 2014




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• Trailer with double wheels and rails • Trailer with single axle and rails Both ideal for furniture removal R400 per day • Six foot Venter trailer, R200 per day

DEBT AID - FMS Debt Counsellors / Skuldberader Reg no: NCRDC 992

Contact: 015 516 4003 072 373 8718 Nico 082 319 7105 Chris 26 Breda street

We will: * Secure your assets * Stop creditors from taking judgement * Make new payment arrangements * Give peace of mind Contact Nadia Nel: 015 516 4090



24 uur & Verkoeling per dag! 7 dae ‘n week! • Foutsporing en herstel • Instandhouding • Konstruksie • Sertifikaat van nakoming • Verkoeling • Lugversorging • Koelkamers

Cois Pretorius 082 498 1484 083 808 3000

TE HUUR 450m2 perseel vir stoorruimte of ligte nywerheid in ou industriële gebied. Skakel Botha: 082 880 5880

TO LET 480m2 Industrial Building situated at 8 Unika Street, Louis Trichardt (situated in central industrial district). R30 p/m2.

Contact Freddie de Swardt: 082 495 4116

Kontak Rina Botha by: 015 516 0116 LEGALS In die Landdroshof vir die Distrik van Musina gehou te Musina Saaknr: 543/2013 In die saak tussen: Tuscon Sekuriteit, Eksekusie­ skuldeiser en Joseph Phillipus Kok, Eksekusie­ skuldenaar KENNISGEWING VAN VERKOPING - ROERENDE GOED GELIEWE KENNIS TE NEEM dat die onderstaan­ de goedere op die 28ste dag van Junie 2014 om 09:00 deur die Balju van Musi­ na te White Straat, langs Gateway Primary School, aan die hoogste bieder, geregtelik verkoop word, naamlik: 1x Toyota Hilux (REG: CJJ 871 L) Gedateer te Musina hi­ erdie 29ste dag van Mei 2014. Erwee Prokureurs, Prokureur vir Eis­ er, 9 Irvin Street, PO Box 1689, Musina, 0900, Tel: 0155343394/6/7, Fax: 0155343402, REF: HE/ mk/T394/11328.

In the High Court of South Africa Gauteng Division, Pretoria Case No: 54192/2013 In the matter between: The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Reg Number: 162/000738/06), Plaintiff and Gilbert Roy Saunders (ID: 420913 5143 08 2), First Defendant and Dawn Cheryl Saunders (ID: 511112 0157 08 6), second Defendant NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION: IMMOVABLE PROPERTY In terms of judgment granted on the 10th day of March 2014, in the above Honourable Court and a


PFB-Agent 516 5024

Verkoopsman Die aansoeke sluit op 4 Julie 2014, indien u nie binne 7 dae na sluitingsdatum van ons hoor nie, aanvaar dat u aansoek onsuksesvol is. Faks U CV na 015 516 0643 E-pos: M




plumbing & maintenance solutions

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Repair household Registered appliances. plumber available Contact: 073 798 5848 For all your Tel: 015 516 0751 Munnikstr. 90, LTT

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Ephesians 2:10

So that I can be what God called me to be ...


Winkel Verkoopsassistent • Pastel POS - aanwins • Kandidaat moet 21 Jaar of ouer wees Stuur CV na of gee dit in by h/v Rissik & Presidentstraat, Shop 3a, LTT

Champions Academy • Fax: 0866 560 263 • Cell: 081 429 0878 / 084 700 7960 Email:

Champions Combined Academy is an independent Christian school located 4 km from Louis Trichardt. Champions Academy has a Christian ethos with strong emphasis on spiritual growth, discipleship and excellence in academic progress. Applicants are invited to apply for the following positions: QUALIFIED FOUNDATION TEACHERS FOR GRADE R + GRADE 1 • Afrikaans + English speaking • Music & Art experience will be an advantage • Computer Literate and SACE registered QUALIFIED NATURAL SCIENCE EDUCATOR: • Grade 4-7: at least 5 years experience • Economic & Management Science experience will be an advantage • Creative Art experience will be an advantage • Computer Literate and SACE registered QUALIFIED SOCIAL SCIENCE EDUCATOR: • Grade 4-7: at least 5 years experience • Computer Literate and SACE registered

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To commence employment on 21 July 2014 Interested applicants should email a detailed CV to: Closing date: 30 June 2014.


INVITATION TO REGISTER ON SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE SUPPLIER DATABASE The South African Police Service in terms of Public Finance Management Act invites prospective suppliers, disadvantaged individuals and small, medium and micro enterprises to register and update items and services rendered. The following must accompany the application: • Original Tax Clearance certificate • Company registration e.g. cc (attach approved ck certificate) • Company profile • Certified copy of identity document(s) • Copy of invoice / letterhead of the company • Proof of banking; strictly confirmation letter from the bank NB: The application forms must be collected and delivered to the following address: Makhado SCM Accounting Office PO Box 12 SAPS Makhado Louis Trichardt Krogh Street 0920 0920 Enquiries: Capt Vele, SAC A Stenekamp: 015 519 4372 / 519 4365 Makhado Garage: Capt Nenweli - 082 957 3178 Commodities needed: Fumigation, qualified electricians, garden service, hiring of tents, transport company, petrol & diesel, advertising, towing and veterinary services. Makhado Garage: All mechanical and panel beating services. Local: To Waterpoort, Waterval, T/Siku, Tehitale, Mara, Mphephu, Makhado Due date for submission of registration forms: 4 July 2014

* Geklassifiseerd en blok advertensies: Dinsdae 16:00 * Kleur advertensies: Maandae 16:00

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LTT Radio & Electrical Centre

Grooming Parlour & Holiday Home

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• All appliances: Tumbledriers, washing machines, microwaves,fridges, freezers & ice machines • Refrigeration installation & repairs. Airconditioning, installation, sales & repairs

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Nuwe, ruim 2 slaapkamer huis te huur op wildsplaas. Binne woonkompleks. R3 800 p.m. Krag uitgesluit. 7km op Elim/Giyani pad.

Writ of Execution on im­ movable property issued thereafter, and the subse­ quent attachment there­ of, the undermentioned property will be sold in execution on Wednesday 2 July 2014 at 12h00 in the morning at the prop­ erty to be sold, Portion 4 (Portion of Portion 2) of the farm Newgate 802, M.S, District Soutpans­ berg, Limpopo Province, to the highest bidder. DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY Portion 4 (Portion of Portion 2)of the farm Newgate 802, Registra­ tion Division M.S, Lim­ popo Province In Extent: 2,8866 (Two comma Eight Eight Six Six) Hect­ ares Held by the Judge­ ment Debtors in their names, by Deed of Trans­ fer T77965/2004 STREET ADDRESS: Portion 4 (Portion of Por­ tion 2) of the farm new­ gate 802, M.S, District Soutpansberg IMPROVEMENTS The following informa­ tion is furnished but not guaranteed: Unknown Zoning: Residental 1. TERMS the purchase price shall be paid as follows: 1.1 a deposit of 10% (TEN PERCENT) of the purchase price shall be paid immediately in cash or bank guarenteed cheque at the date of the sale 1.2 the balance of the pur­ chase shall be paid by the way of an acceptable bank guarenteed cheque within 21 (TWENTY ONE) days from the date of the sale 2. CONDITIONS The conditions of the sale will be read out prior to the commencement of the sle, which conditions will be made available for in­ spection thereof at the of­ fices of The Sheriff of the High Court, 111 Kruger Street, Louis Trichardt. Registration as buyer is a pre - requisite subject to conditions, inter alia: (a) Directive of the Con­ sumer Protection Act 68 of 2008. (URL http:// DownloadFileAction?id= 99961) (b) Fica - Legislation, proof of identity and ad­ dress and particulars (c) Payment of a registra­ tion fee of R10 000,00 - in cash (d) Registration Condi­ tions Signed at Pretoria on this 30th day of May 2014. Hannes Gouws & Partners INC, Attorneys for Execution Creditors, 1st Floor, Lobby 3, Brook­ lyn Forum, Cnr Veale & Fehrsen Streets (Opposite brooklyn Shopping Cen­ tre), new Muckleneuk, Pretoria. REF: FORECLOSURE/F70417/TH. Tel: 0123211008.





16 20 June 2014


Write to us at PO Box 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 / Skryf aan ons te Posbus 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 of



a aanleiding van u berig in die Zoutpansberger van 13 Junie, net so ’n enkele gedagte en opmer­ king te maak: My eie huis se waardasie het ontplof met ‘n 139% verhoging, wat beteken dat die toename ‘n onge­ looflike 35% per jaar is. ‘n Toename wat inflasie bykans ses keer klop. “There is no challenge with the current valuation roll concerning its correctness and professional quality”. Nadat 800 plus “challenges” ingedien is wat die korrektheid van die waardasies en professionaliteit van die waardeerders bevraagteken, ontken die Makhado Munisipaliteit dit steeds dat enige besware inge­ dien is, selfs nie die 800 besware van eienaars gedoen op die vorms soos voorsien deur die Makhado Munisipaliteit, teen die verhoogde waardasie van sy/haar eiendom nie. Val al hierdie besware dan ook onder klousule 2 van seksie 50 van die Munisipale Eiendomsbelasting Wet? Weens bogenoemde en berigte in die Zoutpansberger, sal dit sekerlik nie verkeerd wees om: * Die Makhado Munisipaliteit se amptenary se houding jeens die waardasie fiasko op te som as ‘n tipies ANC­, Zuma­, Gwede Mantashe­, jeugliga­reaksie op ‘n Makhado Munisipaliteit “Nkand­ la” wat ten alle koste verbloem en onder die mat ingevee moet word. * Die Makhado Munisipaliteit en dan by persoon mnr. Sakkie Mutshinyali, uit te nooi om in die Zoutpansberger die name van die

Round Table’s Penguin Day collects more than R50 000 for local needy


n May 31, Round Table Zoupans­ berg 66 from Makhado (Louis Trichardt) hosted a food gathering waardeerders wat getender het plus project, aptly named Penguin Day. koste vir die waardasieproses, naam The idea behind this annual proj­ van die waardeerder aan wie die ect is for Tablers to dress formally tender toegeken is, koste van die in tuxedos, also known as Penguin tender, bedrag betaal nadat alles af­ Suits, and beg the community for gehandel is, asook die voorgeskrewe food that will later be distributed to proses wat die waardeerder moes the needy and destitute in our own volg om tot ’n waarde vir ’n eien­ community. dom te kon besluit te laat publiseer. The response to Penguin Day * Mnr. Mutshinyali daarop te was awesome. Three local motor wys dat dit tog duidelik is dat die vehicle dealerships, Bridge Auto, aanslag deur die munisipaliteit teen Werda Toyota and Imperial GM, die blanke inwoners van Makhado challenged each other and support­ (Louis Trichardt) veral oor die laas­ ed the Tablers at different venues te vyf jaar daarop gemik is om hulle around town on who could gather te marginaliseer en uit die dorp uit the most food. They started things te dryf. off by knocking on their clients’ and * Met die jongste drakoniese aan­ friends’ doors and, before the kick­ val van belasting op die inwoners is off, had already collected almost nou gevorder tot op die punt wat die three bakkies full of donations. Makhado Munisipaliteit se vendetta Then came the biggest surprise ­ the begin inbreuk maak op die brood en community opened their hearts and botter sake van die inwoners van die shopping baskets in support and dorp. (Die stadig groterwordende filled another three bakkie loads. stroompie blanke inwoners wat die Penguin Day closed off with six dorp verlaat en die gepaardgaande bakkies full and R4 169.65 in cash probleem om van eiendom teen Letter markwaarde [ vergeet van nuwe munisipale waarde], ontslae te raak, is stille getuienis van wat in die dorp besig is om te gebeur). Die laaste dringende vraag is: Op grond waarvan, in vergelyking iermee wil ons, die inwoners met watter dorp of dorpe, met inag­ van Laat Lente en Herfsakker neming van die inwoners se fiskale vermoë, kon mnr. Mutshinyali en sy in Makhado (Louis Trichardt), net amptenary dit selfs oorweeg het om die volgende persone en instansies bedank. sulke absurde belastingverhogings Dankie Cheryl Parkin Pretorius goed te keur en aan te beveel vir vir die Vadersdag­geskenkies. Dank­ goedkeuring deur die Raad? ie ook Limpopo Melkery, SASKO Carel Breytenbach Bakkery en al die persone van Louis

Waardasie-fiasko moet bekyk word

donations. The total estimate for the day was in excess of R50 000. Round Table would like to thank the Louis Trichardt community and the following businesses for contributing: Bridge Auto, Werda Toyota, Imperial GM, Pick n Pay, Game, Checkers, Masana Training and Social Development, Vector Pe­ troleum, Reckson Padziri, Mannda Padziri, Tambu Padziri, Phumudzo Padziri, John, Mphakoma Fitment Centre, Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Teboho Mamorobela, Harold Muswobi, Nilotruch (Pty) Ltd, Tuff Guard, Matibe, Mpho Motsei, Padziri Bus Services, Lefty Mabirimisa, Smash & Grab, Africa Metals, Rainbow Spares, LTT Bolt & Nut, Mapula Enterprises, Check­U­Red, Murovhi, Elim Spar, Automotive Parts & Exports, Lunaka, Brake & Clutch, Big 5 Security, Bearing Man, Spar Louis Trichardt, Spar Thohoyandou, Tops Thohoyandou, Soutpansberg Koelkamers, Metcor and the Zoutpansberger. - Round Table Zoutpansberg 66

1 Kor. 13:1-8


od verwag van Sy kinders om ander mense lief te hê. Dit beteken ons moet nie dinge doen, of sê, wat ander kan seermaak nie. Vandag se skrifgedeelte leer ons wat Christelike liefde is. Romeine 12:20 sê ons moet ons vyande iets gee om te eet as hulle honger is, en iets om te drink wanneer hulle dors is. Dan sê die Skrif: “Maak jy hom vuurrooi van skaamte”, want jy het ‘n goeie daad teenoor hom bewys. Dan bly hulle nie meer ‘n vyand nie maar word ‘n vriend. God het Sy groot liefde aan ons bewys toe ons nog sondaars was (Rom. 5:8). Hy was bereid om Sy Seun, Jesus Christus, te stuur oms ons kinders aan die kruis te dra. Wanneer ons verstaan wat Jesus, uit liefde vir ons, gedoen het, sal ons tot Hom roep om genade, en Hy sal ons vriend wees. (Joh. 15:14). Dan het jy die beste Vriend vir ewig. Christen, doen jy alles in jou vermoë om ‘n vriend te maak van hulle wat jou sleg behandel? Deur God se genade kan jy.

Herfsakker en Laat Lente-inwoners waardeer die gereelde skenkings


Trichardt en Levubu vir al die sken­ kings wat ons so gereeld ontvang, asook die gereelde skenkings van die eiers en kontantbydrae een keer per maand. Dit word opreg waardeer.

- 079 5168303


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nonymous letters, where no details such as the name and address of the writer are supplied, will not be considered for publication. Readers who - Die inwoners van Laat Lente wish to remain anonymous must indicate this in en Herfsakker the letter, but must still provide their details. Such detail will be confidential and will not be made Daisy vlieg hoog, letterlik en figuurlik. Die aantreklike eienaar van die buurplaas het haar kom haal vir ‘n available to outside parties. ete-afspraak. Tot Daisy se verbasing was dit nie ‘n uitstappie na ‘n plaaslike restaurant nie, maar na sy privaat vliegveld waar hulle bestemming Johannesburg was. Kort voor lank het hulle drankies in die Saxon geniet met die buurman wat uitbrei oor sy verlede.

se “date” verander in ‘n Mills & Boon-held gesels oor my lewe weg van Waterpoort af.” Tussen die Franse sjampanje wat bedien word saam met die kreef, deur die gevulde kwartels bedien met truffel ravioli, die bottel uitstekende ou kyk, Daisy is baie gewoond. shiraz, die delikate sjokolade kunswerke bedien Dis die ding van iemand wat daarvan hou op ‘n groot kristalbord, tot by die laaste koffie om aan die beweeg te bly – daar is min plekke na die kaasbord - gesels Bernard en Daisy. Vir of dinge wat hulle nie ondersoek nie. Boonop ‘n verandering is dit Bernard wat die meeste het Daisy tydens haar korporatiewe lewe in die praatwerk doen; Daisy se verbystering word net beste plekke gewerk en gebly en met formidagroter. Hierdie deel van Bernard het sy nie eers bele mense skouers geskuur. vermoed nie. Maar niks behalwe haar wildste drome het Hy vertel haar van sy kinderlewe – enigste Daisy voorberei op die Saxon nie. Die elegante kind van skatryk ouers – hoe eensaam en verlate interieur (pure Afrika, maar wêrelde verwyder hy was alhoewel daar uiters goed na hom omgevan die geykte Groot Vyf!), die onopsigtelike sien is. Sy ouers se sakebelange het ‘n groot tol maar uiters professionele personeel, die subtiele geëis en van ‘n geborge familielewe was daar beligting en massas vars rose en lelies in die nie veel sprake nie. restaurant... “Skoolvakansies het ek by my oupa en ouma Te midde van hierdie weelde is daar een ding Young op die plaas kom kuier. Daar het ek die wat vir Daisy uitstaan: die man met die blousel- wonderlikste tye van my lewe beleef. Hulle het blou oë. Dit is vir haar duidelik dat Bernard hulle nie aan status of geld of mense gesteur nie, bekend is in hierdie omgewing, dat almal hom hulle was beginselvas en plat op die aarde. Die ken en respekteer – die personeel én die gaste. eenvoudige dinge het vir hulle saakgemaak, nie Bernard is gemaklik en ontspanne en is ‘n perdie familietrusts en wêreldwye beleggings nie. fekte gasheer. In die restaurant vra hy vir Daisy My ouma het my ‘n liefde vir kosmaak geleer of sy sal omgee as hy vir haar kos en wyn sal omdat sy dit geniet het om haar liefde in kos uit bestel. te druk. My oupa se passie was vlieg – dis hy “Weet jy, Bernard, dis my idee van die perfek- wat die aanloopbaan laat bou het op die plaas te date – dat ek geen besluite hoef te neem nie. – en hy het my van vroeg af leer vlieg. Hy het Dit sal ‘n heerlike avontuur wees en ek weet jy my vir my vyftiende verjaarsdag ‘n PPL kursus sal die wonderlikste keuses maak!” Daisy glim- persent gegee en gereël dat ek dit in die vakanlag stralend vir hierdie man wat net nooit ophou sies kan voltooi.” om haar te verras nie. “In die stad was my lewe ewe opwindend. “Bernard, sal jy omgee as ek jou ‘n paar Ek het ‘n personeellid gehad vir elke moontlike persoonlike vrae vra?” ding – ‘n chauffeur, ‘n chef, ‘n au pair en later “Ek vermoed half wat jy gaan vra, Daisy” ‘n sekretaresse, onderwysers en tutors, lyfwagte. lag Bernard. “En dis nou toeval, want die hele Daar was klasse in klassieke musiek en later rede hoekom ek jou in my vliegtuig ontvoer het jazz, Oosterse gevegskuns, teken en skilder, vir aandete hier by die Saxon, is om met jou te filosofie, astrologie, kwantum fisika. Alhoewel


Die Weg, die Waarheid en die Lewe


ek nie die voorreg van betrokke ouers gehad het nie, wou hulle my elke moontlike geleentheid gee om tot my volle potensiaal te ontwikkel. Daar was baie vriende; kinders van my ouers se vriende en sakekennisse. Maar die vriendskappe was gedwonge en die hele blêddie spul was snobs en nerds!” “Dis op die plaas waar ek net ‘n kind was. Waar ek in die modder kon speel met my John Deere trekkertjies en sleepwaens, met die Caterpillars kon speel-speel damme maak...” Bernard se oë skitter. “Daar het my oupa Sean my geleer om die real thing ook te bestuur. Hy het my leer skiet, leer jag. Hy het my geleer van die bos waarvoor hy so lief was. En sommer van ander mandinge ook – houtwerk, motoronderhoud, verfwerk.” “Op die plaas het ek die waarde van geld geleer. Daar het ek soos ‘n doodgewone kind sakgeld gekry en ek moes daarvan spaar as ek iets soos ‘n nuwe fiets wou hê. My ouma het weer seker gemaak dat ek bewus was van die sosio-maatskaplike omstandighede van die mense op die plaas. Sy het my betrek met die plant van groentetuine vir die werkers en ek het ‘n klein hoenderboerdery en slaghuis begin. Naweke het my oupa vir my en die werkers leer bakstene maak en basiese messelwerk laat doen. Hulle het die filosofie om mense te leer visvang en nie visse uit te deel nie, ten volle uitgeleef.” Daisy kan haar ore nie glo nie. “Bernard, jy weet jy het my al lankal beïndruk, nê? Nog lank voor jy my met ‘n vliegtuig uitgevat het vir ete. En nog lank voor ek met al my bling oor die drumpel van die Saxon getrippel het.” “Hierdie storietjies is glad nie nodig om ekstra punte te kry by my nie ... Inteendeel, ek voel so verlore soos Aspoestertjie sonder haar glasskoen!”

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20 Junie 2014


Cycling News

Lots of podium finishes for local cyclists (Contd from P18) First to cross the finishing line in the category for elite men (between the ages of 19 to 29) was Gawie Booysen in a time of 02:01:51, followed by JP Venter in 02:09:52 and Ferdinand Hartzenberg third in 02:35:16. In the same category for women, Cherie Siebert was first in a time of 02:02:08. Sec­ ond was Monique Visser in 02:41:48, with Carike Beumer third in a time of 03:01:49. The first sub-veteran man (between the ages of 30 to 39) was third-place-overall winner De Klerk. He was followed by Jaco Logtenberg in second place in a time of 01:57:40 and Etienne Bester third in 02:16:16. In the women’s category, Antjie Brennan from Makhado (Louis Trichardt) finished third. Her opponent, Shirley Scriven, finished almost three minutes ahead of her to clinch the first place on the podium in a time of 02:18:55. Yvonne Cornes finished second in 02:20:30. The winner in the veteran men’s category (be­ tween the ages of 40 to 49) was Richard Jansen van Vuuren in 01:57:40. He was followed by Eugene Ruiters, second, in a time of 01:57:41 and Andri Cronjé third in a time of 02:07:11.

Ninette Roos was the first veteran woman to cross the finish line in a time of 02:14:15, followed by Amanda Stopforth second in 02:14:16 and Ko­ bie Marais third in 02:42:34. In the men’s masters category, Cassie Mattheus from the local P&L Hardware Cycling Club was the first to cycle home in a time of 02:11:23. He also managed to finish 70th overall. His closest rival, Diederick (JA) van der Walt, crossed the finish line almost half an hour after him in a time of 02:39:43. In third place was Mike Smith in 02:51:43. Two local women, both from the P&L Hardware Cycling Club, clinched the top two spots on the podium in the master’s category. Amanda Kruger finished first in a time of 02:25:21, followed by Betty Labuschagne second in 02:55:22. Marinda Troskie was third in a time of 03:22:57. The first grandmaster (ages 60 and up) in the men’s category was Elmo Barnardt in a time of 02:10:47. He was followed by Neels Lourens, in second place, in 02:20:01 and Bernard Len third in 02:24:12. Hetta Lombard, being the only woman in this category, finished in a time of 02:59:34. She is also from the P&L Club.


Wedvlugseisoen reeds goed op dreef Die wedvlugseisoen het op 7 Junie weer in alle erns begin, met lede van die Soutpansberg Posduifklub wat die afgelope naweek reeds deelgeneem het aan hul tweede rondte wed­ vlugte vanaf Petroport. In die jaaroudwedvlug is dit Elize & Tim wat met die louere wegstap, nadat hul wenduif die wedvlug voltooi met ‘n spoed van 1449.42 meter per minuut. Hulle was ook 2de, 3de, 4de en 6de. Danie Lourens was 5de, 17de, 18de en 20ste, Tiny de Klerk 7de, 8ste, 10de, 11de en 12de, Hans Marx 9de, 14de en 15de, Marx Hokke 13de en 19de en Koos Gerber 16de. (Slegs die eerste 20 plekke word telkens

gelys). In die 2B-opewedvlug was De Klerk se duif eerste met ‘n wenspoed van 1477.73 meter per minuut. De Klerk was ook 2de, 3de, 4de en 5de. Gerber was 6de en 18de, Elize & Tim 7de, 9de, 10de, 11de en 15de, Marx Hokke 8ste, 16de en 17de en Hans Marx 12de, 13de, 14de, 19de en 20ste. De Klerk wen ook die 2C-opewedvlug, nadat sy wen­ duif die afstand voltooi met ‘n spoed van 1480.19 meter per minuut. Hy was ook 18de, 19de en 20ste. Elize & Tim was 2de, 11de en 13de, Marx Hokke 3de, 4de, 12de en 17de, Gerber 5de, Hans Marx 6de, 7de, 8ste en 16de en Danie Lourens 9de, 10de,

Die drie leerlinge van Levubu CVO Skool is opgeneem in hul Noord-Transvaal rugby- en netbalspanne wat vanaf 26 tot 28 Junie gaan deelneem aan die BCVO se landswye netbalen rugbykampioenskappe in Lichtenburg. Van links na regs is Stef Lordan (O/11), Eleen Furstenberg (O/8) en Lourika Schutte (O/14). Foto verskaf.

14de en 15de. Op 7 Junie het die klub deel­ geneem aan hul eerste wedvlug van die nuwe seisoen, ook vanaf Petroport. Elize & Tim wen ook hier die jaaroud-adeling, nadat hul wenduif die afstand voltooi met ‘n spoed van 1262.97 meter per minuut. Hulle palm ook die 1B-opewedvlug in, met hul duif se wenspoed van 1275.63 meter per minuut. Die 1C-opewedvlug word gewen deur De Klerk, nadat sy wenduif die afstand voltooi met ‘n spoed van 1260.20 meter per minuut. Eerskomende naweek neem die klub deel aan hul volgende wedvlugte vanaf Grassmere oor ‘n afstand vanaf 415 km.

Die O/10A-netbalspan van Laerskool Louis Trichardt het die gedugte Pietersburg Oos 13-8 geklop op 27 Mei in ‘n tuiswedstryd. Slegs drie netbalspanne kon daarin slaag om as wenners uit die stryd te tree. Saam met die span is me. Luzelle Wahl, hul afrigter.

Die O/13A-netbalspan van Laerskool Louis Trichardt het op 7 Junie aan die Limpoponetbalkampioenskappe op Tzaneen deelgeneem en vyfde in die provinsie geëindig. Die posisies word bereken op grond van die aantal doele wat deur die dag aangeteken is.

Soutpansberg Gholfklub


The 19th hole





Eie reëlings






A Hugo



M Mostert



Z Nortjé

35 Saterdagspel





Eie reëlings




Opkomende Kompetisie







Eie reëlings



J Pretorius



Eie reëlings



S Steyn



Maandelikse Houespel


Weeklikse Byeenkomste Woens Sat

Woensdag-kragmeting Saterdagspel

IS -

BS - Beterbal Stableford, IS - Ind Sta­bleford, BBB - B/ bal Bonus Bogey, HS - Houespel, GS - Gekombineerde Stable­ford, 4BA/S - 4Bal Alliansie Stableford, 2B/AS - 2Bal American Scramble, BBM - Beterbal Multiplier


Laerskool Louis Trichardt se O/8A-netbalspan het gedugte Pietersburg Oos met 5 doele teenoor 0 geklop in hulle kragmeting op 27 Mei. Die O/8B’s het 5-3 gewen. Hier verskyn die twee spanne saam met hul afrigters, me. Luzelle Wahl (links) en me. Leandra Bester.

Datum 16/06/14

J Bandenhorst


Woensdagspel Datum



Eie reëlings



Formaat IS Punte


S Collett



W Kriel



S Krügel


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18 20 June 2014




Pieter: 083 562 1234 Yolanda: 082 972 2060 George: 082 419 2359


Marco Roets (right) from Makhado (Louis Trichardt took another podium finish during the Kremetart 70km race. Marco finished second overall in a time of 01:47:47, a mere second behind the winner of the race, Joshua Buchel, who finished in 01:47:46.

Tel: (015) 516 5175/6/7 Fax: (015) 516 1012 2011 Toyota Hilux 2.7 VVTi D/Cab A/C, CD, P/S 102 000km

2011 Ford Everest 3.0 TDCi 78 645km

Imperial GM in Makhado (Louis Trichardt) sponsored the medals for the PPC Kremetart 70km cycle race on June 7. The profit from the race was donated to Louis Trichardt High School. Pictured from left to right are Daniél Coetzee (head boy of Louis Trichardt High School), Mr Inus Steyn, manager of Imperial GM, and Elouise Spies (head girl). Photo supplied.

Cycling News

Lots of podium finishes for local cyclists

R249 995 R219 995 2011 Ford Figo 1.4 Ambiente A/C, P/S, CD, 68 000km

2010 Jeep Patriot 2.4 36 994km

Makhado (Louis Trichardt) was well represented during the 70 km cycling challenge of this year’s PPC Kremetart Road Race on 7 June. More than 100 cyclists participated in the much shorter 70 km race that was hosted in town a fortnight ago. Local cy­ clists held their ground, and many of them finished in the top three podium positions.

men’s category. Third in this category was another local and well­known cyclist, Kombo Bere, in a time of 02:01:45. Bere, who finished in eighth place overall, was the winner of the Kremetart Mountain Bike XCO Challenge in his age category the day after the 70km race. (Contd on P17)

102 President Street, Louis Trichardt 0920

R89 995 R179 995

2010 Nissan Tiida 1.6 Visia+ A/C, P/S, CD, 61 658km

The first overall winner of the race was Joshua Buchel in a time of 01:47:46. A mere split second after him was Marco Roets from Makhado (Louis Trichardt), in a time of 01:47:47. About eight minutes after them, taking third place overall, was Chris de Klerk in a time of 01:55:53. Buchel and Roets also won first and second place, respectively, in the junior

Tel: (015) 516 1427 Fax: (015) 516 1160

2009 Toyota Hilux 2.5 D-4D S/Cab, 58 570km



R99 995 R194 995

2008 Opel Corsa 1.3 TDCi 85 000km

2007 Toyota Verso 1.6 A/C, P/S, CD, 17” Mags, 102 000km

382Ha Farm: GAME FENCED as a unit. 5 Titel deeds. Farm house, shed and workers quarters. 2 Equiped boreholes. Kudu, impala, waterbuck and lots of small game. Excellent grazing R4.8 Million at a Zero VAT rate for those who qualify. 590Ha LEVUBU FARM: 3 Sides game fenced. 13 Grazing camps. 50Ha land debushed. 4 Strong boreholes. Large farmhouse, shed, workshop and workers houses. R6.2 Million at a Zero VAT rate for those who qualify. 127Ha Farm: 3 Sides game fenced. 6 Inner camps. Large kraal. 3 Electrical equipped strong boreholes. 20Ha arrable land................................................. R1.9 Million

R109 995 R109 995


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383Ha Farm: 2 Farm houses. 9 Inner camps. 2 Sets of kraals. Kudu, impala and small game................................................................................................. R3.3 Million 749Ha REAL GEM: WELL ESTABLISHED Lodge Farm between Bandelierkop and Zoekmekaar. Sleeps 24 people. Various game spesies included as a going concern. R7.5 Million at a Zero VAT rate for those who qualify. Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

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20 Junie 2014 - Zoutpansberger  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

20 Junie 2014 - Zoutpansberger  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.