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20 April 2012 • Year 7, Vol.05

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P.Postman and Rudebwoy Productions sets the Records straight

Makoya Goosnsalip Ain’t pers

* By Rita Dee

** Masana Records hooks up 2minutes and Dupa! **

2minutes and Dupa have a new Album out Called Salute. They are untrained Soldiers and ready to smoke with the big guns. Dupa is a family man with two kids and trying to make a living out of music. The Question is, “is he talented?” Is it kwaito or what, coz I don’t know what to call it. Masana records launched his new T-shirt Label called “Ndo Kanda Venda”. 2minutes is shy, and he cannot stand in front of 10 000 people to save his life. How are you going to perform hommie?

** MALONDOLO IS OWN HER OWN ** who have shot music videos for AKA, Khuli Chana, Bongani Fassie and many more, to mention a few. It is in fair Cape * By Ngerezah Town city, Kalk Bay where we lay our scene. The video boasts scenes where It’s about time we shout the call for redemption and the stage has been set your superstar hails from the plane and immediately jumps on to his Jeep already. So many people thought that Wrangler to hit the angles of the city. Percy is gone, you were so wrong, all Simple life and Swagg got me thinking, thanks to collaboration between Percy the boy is on another level. I understand and Rudebwoy production! the credentials of the production team Makoya Multi-Media has witnessed involved, but hey, to me, this music another greatest in the making of your video (if life is fair) should make it to the local boy’s music production, the likes Grammy’s. of which the world has never seen. Like I The P.Postman Got You All Ready said, “the stage is set.” Class, creativity Video is due to premiere on the popular and quality are the main themes of Friday Night Music show on SABC 1 Percy’s new music video “Got you “Live” which airs from 21h00 to 22h00 already”. in 3 weeks time and counting. The Filming company is Pilot films,

Channel O has shown a huge interest in playing the video, so keep watching all your favourite music shows. Remember when I told you that Limpopo keeps your talent closer before you lose your integrity. These are very interesting times for P.Postman, Rudebwoy Entertainment and of course our fans. Plans are already underway to shoot P.Postman - I’m a Legend, there is also a live DVD/CD recording scheduled for October in Johannesburg, Newtown at Bassline. There are many things happening, so to keep up to date follow management on twitter @Rudebwoy SA, follow P.postman on twitter @Percy Postman and of course our one stop shop http:\\ Like they always say, indeed “BIG TINGZ A GWAAN”

Malondolo, Our very own Queen of Traditional Afro pop, who released a booming Album Last year which got her nominated for the Satma Awards last year just terminated her contract with her Production Company. She is going to do it on her own. Now, I wonder if she is going to change her sound if it’s a new Production? She is quite stable as she even bought herself new wheels, beautiful sesie! Rumour has it going that her old Label recently signed a new talented girl with a golden voice who started recording last year. Is that competition for Malondolo?

20 April 2012


LOVE YOURSELF TO BEAT HIV loveLife, SA’s largest HIV prevention programme for young people, is working with youth to build their sense of selfworth and identity so they can stand up to HIV, writes Thandiwe McCloy. Having a strong sense of self-worth and identity is really important to living a healthy, positive lifestyle and enjoying a good quality of life. So, what does selfworth and identity mean? Educational psychologist, Nadia Louw, describes selfworth as how a person rates themselves in terms of their value, skills, abilities and worth. “Identity, however, is someone’s idea of who they are, what they believe in and what’s important to them,” she explains. But what does this have to do with HIV? According to Precious Magogodi, Director of loveLife’s Youth Line, young people with a healthy sense of self-worth are more likely to value themselves enough to say no to risky sexual behaviour, like having unprotected sex or many sexual partners, which increases their risk of getting HIV. In discussing the importance of having a strong sense of identity, Magogodi explains that people with a solid sense of identity know who they are, what they believe in and where they’re going in life. “The chances of a young person engaging

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in high risk behaviour, just because they’re friends are doing it are lowered if they know who they are and what they will and will not do,” adds Precious. “They’re more likely to stand up to peer pressure and behave in ways that are good for their health and futures.” To build your sense of self-worth and identity, Precious explains that it’s important to take time to identify your strengths and talents, your hobbies and interests: “Doing this will help you feel good about yourself and will assist in forming your identity. It’s also good to surround yourself with positive people who value you for who you are. Having good self-esteem is about NOT letting people treat you badly.” Remember that you are unique with special talents to be proud of, and that you deserve to be treated with love, respect and dignity. If you’d like guidance on issues around self-worth and identity, sexual health information or counselling on a problem you’re experiencing, call loveLife’s toll-free Youth 5Line 0800 121 900 or send a Plz X 2 on advert Cal Me to 083 323 1023 from your cell phone. A counsellor will call you back as soon as one is available.

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POEM I come from a place rich with green mountain sides where it is easy to diversify, where the meadow meets the land. I come from a place that gave birth to the king, nutured and raised the rain queen. That place that gives rhythm when the drum beats and salivating sounds of ululations from mothers and sisters at the end of june. This place that brings so much joy that not even hatred and segregation could over-shadow. This place called home by so many of her sons whom this land had a plan for, but set them aside to give them a piece of the bigger pie. Home is what most call this place, but degrade her beauty when lustful temptation calls for the occassional one-night-stand. The place where mothers will always be mothers and more, where children still play in singing song, where the traditional brew fills empty stomachs of older gentlemen just past their prime. The place i come from has no hate for me, Loves me regardless of my VENDA-BITTEN-SEPEDI-SPEAKING-ENGLISHTWISTING-AND-TWANGING TONGUE

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20 April 2012



Motivation amongst the youths at Madodonga village

* By Tshifhiwa Given Mukwevho


From left: Thina Matamela, Mr Lucky Madzivhandila, Vhutshilo Delekisa and Siribani Rangata.

s the schools went for recess on the Easter holidays, youths of the Swongozwi Secondary School at Madodonga village in the Kutama area saw the time as opportune for them to host a seasonal talent show and fund-raising project at the school’s grounds. This was held on 31 March 2012. These youths operate under the name Swongozwi Peace Club, a project that aims to instil a sense of self-confidence, self-reliance and responsibility amongst the youth as a means of creating a peaceful environment in the school and communities in which they live or stay. “We’re a club that also helps the needy within our community,” says club member Vhutshilo Delekisa. “Today we’re raising funds which would then buy school uniforms and food for those who need them most. Being together like we are today also helps us to stay away from naughty things.” Thina Matamela, the club’s senior coordinator, reminds Vhutshilo, but only for Makoya’s benefit, that the funds which they are currently raising will be directed towards making a garden they are planning to have in the school premises. “We’ll grow things like spinach, tomatoes and carrots to sell to

members of the public. Then we’ll use money raised from the garden produce to help the needy. By ‘the needy’ we mean only those who are open with us.” Mr Lucky Madzivhandila, an educator in the school, acts as liaison officer to the club, and he says that their biggest challenge is when some parents forbid their children from joining the peace club. “Maybe they are not aware of the importance of the peace club,” he thinks aloud, and even adds; “Important issues and problems affecting the youths are tackled, addressed and discussed by the youths themselves during the club’s functions and activities.” Madzivhandila says that parents should allow their children to practice self-independence while they are still in high schools, so that they may not find it difficult to adjust to the atmosphere of the tertiary level environment. During the talent show, Makoya witnessed the power of fresh talent among the youth, and by the youth themselves. Poetry, speech rendering, music and dancing were the order of the day. Afro Hip Hop group Vito-Vibe Western Crew, consisting of Teddy H, Humblo and Legend Charmer, were guest artists and they gave an electrifying performance. Yours truly was, too, given an opportunity to recite two of his poems and say few words on his past, delinquent life, and the youths responded warmly.

* By Tshifhiwa Given Mukwevho

The Rise of Venda Soldiers

Prophets of House-kwaito Sounds “Yeah more music!!!” The Tsianda-born Dupa met 2minutes from HaMutsha-khwevha in 1999 and formed a musical group called Cool Dogs along with other two members during their school days. The group soon disbanded when members completed their matric and they had to pursue different dreams. Dupa and 2minutes met again in Johannesburg and formed a group, Venda Soldiers – Dupa vs 2minutes. Salute is their third album, having been Muthuphei “Dupa” Mudau and Ndivhuwo “2minutes” preceded by Rihone and Mukhukhuni Ziyawa. A song Mashandule were amongst the artists who Ankunda from the album Mukhukhuni Ziyawa instantly accompanied the 2011 SATMA winner Jeanette became an anthem in pubs and the streets of the “Jininka” Nkanyane home all the way from Chiawelo Republic of Congo. in Gauteng, late last year. Jininka had won the South “Our music is reaching far-away places by means African Traditional Music Award for Best Venda of Cd’s and radio stations,” says Dupa, who also Album and she chose to bring the trophy home maintains that he was not fully aware of the power to showcase it to the people of her community at that his talent carried until he saw the response from Ravele village. his fans. Dupa and 2minutes sang through the night and, In the same angle, 2minutes is equally enthusiastic when they sang out lyrics and danced, revellers went for their achievement in becoming recorded singers.

“The response we’re receiving from our Venda fans here is a real testimony that we’re doing good sounds.” Venda Soldiers are based in Johannesburg, however, they spent the festive season in the Vhembe area doing performances and promoting their music, and during this period, they managed to sell more than 150 units of their latest album Salute, a great feat considering the malignant poison of piracy. One of their 2012 year’s resolutions is to feature at least five struggling underground artists on the second side of their upcoming album as a way of unearthing and promoting new talent. “That album might come out around October 2012,” says 2minutes. Dj Davic Masana of Masana Records says that he celebrates the Venda Soldiers’ success on their musical journey. “I worked with these guys from their first album to the latest one,” he says. “I say it without bias that there’s a marked development of style and voice quality on the album Salute.”

20 April 2012


. i L e d a r om


Music Reviews * By Ngerezah Artist: Chris “Breezy” Brown Single: Turn up the music Ratings: 5/5 From the days of “No air” your boy Chris Brown has never disappointed! He did his fair share of mistakes and seems to have learnt from that, growing up, being a man and rubbing shoulders with the best on the face of the earth. We now know that musically we are safe, all thanks to Mr. Breezy. Finally, he changed his typical love story teller attitude to a serious club banger who wants to give Usher a chair to sit on and rest. “Turn up the music”, the heavy dance rendition is out and already rolling heads on the dance floor. He danced like a monster and has the world’s greatest on the music video. I think he learnt a thing or two from the master “David Guetta”! Big up Chris, I think Rihanna is listening, one!

Artist: Rihanna Single: I’m Back feat Tony Loko Ratings: 3/5 Rihanna, the golden girl of the 21st century is back. The single “I’m back” is huge, a turning point of music evolution. She had the world eating from the palm of her hand with tracks like “We found love in hopeless places” and many more to mention a few. This time around she did justice and the song plays three to four times in my daily playlist. On the other hand Tony Loko creeps in with his generous lyrics and that completes all the ingredients required to make a good rendition. It’s high time you find your boy a job RIRI! Get the single and feel the heat. Born Livhuwani Sengani at Gogogo village, He started his music more than a decade ago by participating on the Sprite Rap Activity Jam hosted by YFM. He also did a jingle for Bad Boy T back then. His exciting laid back and old school flows consisting of Venda and English rhymes just makes him unique to the rest. He has performed at venues such as: Club La Lunar, Chaf Phozi, The Victory Theatre e.t.c. Komrade Li has recently


It’s Fresh It’s Real It’s

auditioned for the Artist Development Program hosted by Born to be Famous. They needed only 15 top performers to attend the program and he was shortlisted 16 amongst other musicians for different genres from all over South Africa. The program starts on the 16th April and will be mentored by Ringo Madlingozi, Bianca le Grange, music lawyer Nick Matzukis, Universal Publishing MD Ryan Hill, and stage choreographer Jaco van Rensburg.

Makoya 20 April 2012  

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