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A victory for the princess, but royal battle continues elsewhere in the newspaper) The spokesperson for the MphephuThe setback last week in the ConstituRamabulana royal house, Mr Charles tional Court will not be a deterrent to Ramabulana, said that both the ConCourt the Mphephu-Ramabulana royal house and the SCA had directed the family to call a and the members will soon gather to properly constituted royal council meeting. select a new incumbent. Princess Masindi Such a meeting must be attended only by Mphephu seems unlikely, however, to be members of the Mphephu Royal Council, the royal family’s choice to succeed to the and a new incumbent will then be selected. throne. “Both courts were in agreement that the royLast Friday, the acting king of the Vhaven- al family were the only constitutional body da, khosikulu Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana, that could make that determination. The suffered a devastating defeat when the Con- royal family will abide by that ruling and do stitutional Court (ConCourt) dismissed his as the court directed,” he said. application to appeal against a previous rulA point of contention that is likely to be ing of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA). raised during such a meeting is whether a The SCA ruled in 2019 that his appointment ndumi can become the new ruler. In a report by former president Jacob Zuma was done filed in November 2019 in the Limpopo unlawfully and was set aside. High Court, both the provincial and national The ConCourt did consider a cross-appeal House of Traditional Leaders reckoned by Toni’s main contender for the throne, this could not happen. “The Ndumi is his niece Masindi Clementine Mphephu, described as a male person appointed by the to strip him of all his powers. The country’s royal family as one of the assistants to the highest court found that the SCA had erred reigning King or Queen,” the report states. when it allowed Toni to continue acting as The two houses highlighted that Toni had king while the court case continued. The been appointed as Ndumi to his late brother, ConCourt not only reversed this decision, Dimbanyika. “His appointment as Ndumi but also granted a cost order in favour of automatically disqualifies him from succeedMasindi for all three courts that the case ing in a position of traditional leadership,” served before. the report reads. (See report on the ConCourt judgment Ramabulana reckons that this is not corBy Anton van Zyl

rect according to the culture of the Vhavenda. “King Thohoyandou was a Ndumi to his brother, king Masindi. Upon Masindi’s untimely passing (with no candle bride/Dzekiso wife), Thohoyandou succeeded Masindi to become King. This being just one of many examples. Both houses are wrong on this aspect of Venda culture,” he said. One aspect that was emphasised by the judges in both the SCA and ConCourt was that traditional law must adapt in line with the country’s constitutional values. This is especially relevant in Masindi’s case, as she believes she was discriminated against because of her gender. “South Africa subscribes to the Roman Dutch law, and that law will at times be at odds with African traditional law, and that needs to be rectified,” said Ramabulana. “There are royal houses that are gender specific (i.e. the Modjadji Royal House) where only women can ascend to the throne. When the situation is reversed, then we cry foul. Discrimination in itself cannot be unconstitutional,” he said. Ramabulana said that the criteria used by the Mphephu-Ramabulana Royal House when selecting a successor were not gender discriminatory. “Gender was not considered when TP Mphephu-Ramabulana was selected.” (Continues on page 2)

Princess Masindi Mphephu.

SINCE 1959


2 19 NOVEMBER 2021

ConCourt rules in favour of Masindi and strips Toni of power as acting king By Anton van Zyl

Motorsists have a hard time driving on the (still) dangerously potholed D959 road after its R8 million revamp. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela.

MEC Masemola outraged about the state of “revamped” D959 road By Kaizer Nengovhela Motorists using the newly “revamped” D959 road between AFB Makhado and Louis Trichardt passing through Kutama and Sinthumule are appalled at the poor condition of the road after it was rehabilitated at a cost of R8 million. The road has started crumbling, with gaping potholes leaving serious question marks regarding the shoddy work delivered by the contractor. On 7 December 2020, the Limpopo MEC for Public Works, Mr Dickson Masemola, set aside R11.5 million for upgrading the D959 and D3715 roads. The contractor, Makasana Construction, started work in February this year, but just more than three months into this six-month rehabilitation project, construction work ground to a halt in June this year. As motorists’ frustration mounted, the road was “unofficially” opened in August

The chairperson of the Sinthumule-Kutama Concern Group, Mr Elijah Liremi. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela.

this year. On 14 October this year, Masemola visited the area to promise a further R30 million for revamping the D3715 road. He also visited the D959 road to check on its condition. Masemola was outraged to find that the D959 road’s condition had actually gone from bad to worse after the R8 million revamp, and that it would require further major rehabilitation. This rehabilitated road had, among other things, developed what is referred to as ‘crocodile skin’, which is cracks in the road around a pothole. These cracks usually indicate signs of a deeper underlying problem, such as water underneath the surface. Residents of the area have raised serious concerns about the shoddy work delivered by Makasana Construction. “Who is now to blame for the poor condition of our newly ‘upgraded’ road?” they want to know. Mr Edward Masala, the deputy chairperson of the Dzanani II Taxi Association, said that tyre punctures had become a common occurrence for taxi drivers on the road. “It is an unbearable situation. The road has the worst potholes. It is difficult to drive along this road and it delays our trips. With the completion of the road, the situation has gotten worse. Potholes and deteriorating road conditions create a serious danger for all road users and affects our business as well,” Masala said, pointing the finger at the government for not implementing plans to reconstruct the road properly. The chairperson of the

Sinthumule-Kutama Concern Group, Mr Elijah Liremi, said that the community felt insulted by the poor workmanship in the refurbishment of the D959 road. He said that the road seemed to be covered with soft oil, instead of being properly tarred. Liremi said that the contractor’s bank accounts should be frozen. Last week, MEC Masemola publicly expressed his dismay about the poor state of the revamped road. “The contractor did shoddy work,” Masemola said, adding that he viewed the poor quality of the road in a serious light and had referred the matter to both the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) and the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) to investigate. He said that the contractor would face dire consequences, should investigations find any dishonest dealings regarding the project. As far as this newspaper could determine, Makasana Construction, in a joint venture with another company called Vashumi Construction, received a whopping R43 303 935.40 in 2019 from the Limpopo Department of Public Works for a “three-year household-based Routine Road Maintenance project at Makhado local municipality in Vhembe district”. Whether the D959 project formed part of this is unknown. What is also not known is whether Makasana Construction and Vashumi Construction are involved in the D3715 project for which Masemola had made a further R30 million available in October this year.

The acting king of the Vhavenda, khosikulu Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, suffered a devastating defeat in the Constitutional Court on Friday, 12 November. The court not only dismissed his application to set aside a previous ruling of the Supreme Court of Appeal but also effectively stripped him of all his powers. For his contender, princess Masindi Mphephu, this was a day to remember. The court ruled in favour of most of her legal team’s arguments and granted a cost order for the three courts that have thus far pondered on the matter. Judge Sisi Khampepe delivered the judgment on Friday morning. The decision was unanimous, supported by her seven fellow judges. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” quoted judge Khampepe when starting the judgment. This matter is about “who has the right to give his or her life in service of the Vhavenda people”, she said. She then gave the background to the dispute, starting with the controversial decision in 2012 by former President Jacob Zuma to recognise Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana as the new king of the Vhavenda. In December the same year, review applications were launched in the High Court by a contender for the throne, Masindi Clementine Mphephu. What followed were years of frustrating litigation. The first stop was in the Limpopo High Court, where the judge was asked to separate the case and first rule on various technical issues. Judge Ephraim Makgoba dismissed Ms Mphephu’s application, prompting her legal team to take the matter on appeal. The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) set the cat among the pigeons by not only overturning the High Court’s decision, but also emphasising that the Royal Family had an obligation to reform tradition-

al practices that promote gender discrimination. The matter was referred back to the High Court and the national and provincial House of Traditional Leaders was ordered to provide input to the court. In a somewhat ambiguous ruling, the SCA allowed Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana to remain in office while the matter served before the courts. After waiting for more than a year, Mphephu-Ramabulana’s legal team filed papers with the Constitution Court, asking that the SCA’s decision be set aside. A third contender, Amos Tshenuwani Mukapu Ravhura, suddenly appeared, claiming to be the rightful contender for the throne. Ravhura’s team wanted to ap-

the arguments of whether Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana should have been allowed in an acting capacity, with full powers and benefits. The ConCourt believed that this allowance that the SCA made was completely out of touch with the rest of its ruling. “It appears highly paradoxical for the Court to say that the Identification Decision and the Recognition Decision are ‘unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid’ and are ‘reviewed and set aside’, on the one hand, but then to go on and say that the effect of the review and setting aside, and the withdrawal of Mr Mphephu-Ramabulana’s recognition certificate, are ‘stayed’, on the other hand,” said judge Khampepe. This matter is about The order of the SCA to al“who has the right low Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana to still “reign” was thus to give his or her set aside. “It could be years life in service of the before the review proceedings Vhavenda people”. are finally settled, in addition to the period of more than eight years which has already proach the ConCourt directly passed since Ms Mphephu to rule on the matter when the first approached the courts. review application was heard. This is evidently prejudicial to Masindi Mphephu’s legal team Ms Mphephu. It also means also filed a counter-applicathat Mr Mphephu-Ramtion, asking that the stay order abulana will continue to of the SCA be set aside and unlawfully occupy the Throne that she be awarded costs in in circumstances where his the various cases. appointment has been found The ConCourt judges were to have been unconstitutional not convinced by Mphepand invalid. This categorically hu-Ramabulana’s arguments offends the rule of law and why the appeal was filed the supremacy of the Constimore than a year too late. The tution.” reasons supplied varied from The ConCourt finally had first having to wait for the to decide on who should bear House of Traditional Leaders the costs in all these cases. to make a decision, to the Whereas the SCA did not impact that the pandemic want to make a ruling, the had had on the legal process. ConCourt felt strongly that Ms After much deliberation, the Mphephu should not be furrequest for condonation was ther burdened with all these denied and the application costs. Interestingly enough, was subsequently dismissed. the ConCourt said that this This dismissal also meant that burden should be placed on the Ravhura application was the country’s President. “After dismissed. all, it was the unlawfulness of The ConCourt did accept the Recognition Decision that Masindi Mphephu’s applicacreated the need for the courts’ tion for condonation, ruling involvement,” the judgment that hearing her case was in reads. the interest of justice. Ms Mphephu’s request that Probably the most interest- a punitive cost order be made ing part of the ruling concerns was not granted.

Victory for princess Masindi, but the battle continues (From page 1)

MAKHADO CARE GROUP IS A NON PROFIT ORGANISATION WHICH ASSISTS WITH THE CARE OF CANCER PATIENTS IN THE MAKHADO AREA CONTACT DETAILS: Dr Casper Venter: 082 857 0022 Dr Emil Gaigher: 082 892 8862 Jernay Mcleod: 086 403 5752 Angela Brennan: 082 902 6271

“The main criterion is that one’s mother needs to be a dzekiso wife and one can only acquire a dzekiso wife after one has been crowned, a requirement that Masindi does not satisfy,” he said. Ramabulana’s sentiments are, however, not shared by Masindi Mphephu and her legal team. Her lawyer, Johann Hammann, started early this week with preparations to have the case heard in the Limpopo High Court. The first step is to arrange a pre-trail meeting with all affected parties. Hammann said that they already had their expert witnesses lined up. These witnesses will testify as to what the Vhavenda cultural traditions prescribe, especially regarding

aspects such as a dzekiso wife. He firmly believes that Masindi is the target of gender discrimination. “If Masindi were a man, there would have been no argument and she would have been the ruler,” he said. Mr Ntsie Netshitomboni, spokesperson for the Masindi Mphephu Foundation, said that Friday’s judgment once again restored confidence in the independence of the judiciary, constitutional supremacy, and the rule of law. “Although in her (Masindi’s) nine-year battle there have been a few setbacks, she continues to be proud of the judicial integrity expressed by the courts thus far,” he said. Netshitomboni said that they were also glad that the ConCourt had granted a cost order. “Princess

Masindi has largely depended on Legal Aid for most part of her legal costs. She is equally grateful that her Senior Counsel, Advocate Allan Dodson, and Attorneys of Record, Johann Hammann, have been doing all the legal work without her ever placing a cent at their disposal. Gratitude is also befitting for Advocate Mpofu, who also contributed to some of the major legal victories along the way in similar spirit. The cost order relieves the Princess of some financial uncertainty with respect to the legal fees,” he said. Netshitomboni said that the rulings of the two courts had provided guidance that all parties should take serious note of. “It has now become abundantly clear that the direction the matter is taking is irreversible. The final destination of

this matter is slowly appearing on the horizon,” he said. He said that princess Masindi’s wish was that an amicable way could be found to resolve the issue as well as a way that would maintain the pride, dignity and prestige of the Mphephu-Ramabulana Royal Family. “It is not too late to do the right thing and allow her uncle to gracefully leave the throne and avoid further divisions in the family,” he said. “Whilst the princess’s legal team remains open to discussions, work will begin immediately to get the matter enrolled with the High Court in Thohoyandou. In the interest of justice, the princess trusts that it would not be another nine years for the matter to reach its final conclusion,” he said.


19 NOVEMBER 2021 3

ConCourt judgment not a serious setback, reckon Ravhura family Mr Mpho Ravhura, said on Tuesday that their legal team was still perusing the Last week’s ruling of the Constijudgment and would advise them as to tutional Court will not affect the the way forward in the next few days. Ravhura Royal Family’s plans to claim “We will also be discussing the cost imthe throne as leaders of the Vhavenplications of taking the matter forward,” da, said the family spokesperson this he said. week. They were also not surprised Ravhura said that the next step was to by the ruling as they believed that the apply for condonation to the High Court main application would fail. and bring an application to set aside On Friday, the Constitutional Court the Nhlapo Commission’s findings. “It’s (ConCourt) dismissed the application really where we want to be, and we are of Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana to willing to go to the highest court to appeal against a previous decision of achieve this,” he said. the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) to “The Ramabulanas know that we are set his appointment as king aside. The the only real threat to their kingship country’s highest court simultaneously because they stole it from my great dismissed the application of the Ravhu- grandfather. Hopefully our condonation ra Royal Council, who asked permission will succeed, and the nation can know to state their case directly in this court. the truth,” said Ravhura. The ConCourt dismissed the main The Ravhura Royal Family argues application from Toni Mphephu-Ramthat the throne does not belong to abulana’s legal team because they had the Ramabulana clan. In a letter sent not filed it timeously. The reasons to the two Ramabulana contenders provided when asking for condonation last year, the Ravhura lawyers state were not acceptable to the court. The that “the majority of the traditional ConCourt did accept the counter-appli- leaders (‘the chiefs’) including the cation from Masindi Mphephu’s legal Tshivhases, Mphaphulis and Mpheteam and decided not only to strip Toni phus, belong to the inferior houses. Mphephu-Ramabulana of his tempoKing Piet Lukhevhedzhane Ravhura rary kingship status, but also to award was ‘demoted’ and placed under the costs to Masindi. jurisdiction of Tshivhase by the coloThe Ravhura family wanted their nialists because he refused to attend a case to be heard along with the main meeting of the chiefs arranged by the application. They argued that the precolonialists in 1879”. vious courts should have taken the facts The late Piet Lukhevhedzhane pertaining to their situation in considRavhura is the father of Greyfish eration when deciding on who should Mbulaheni Lifhadi Mukapu Ravhura, be ruler of the Vhavenda. When the who in turn fathered Pastor Amos main application was dismissed, their Tshenuwani Mukapu Ravhura. When intervention application was no longer the Nhlapo Commission investigatapplicable. ed the royal lineages in 2009, the The Ravhura family’s spokesperson, Ravhura family also made presentaBy Anton van Zyl

Soccer star Rodney “Rama G” Ramagalela’s house engulfed in flames early on Tuesday morning.

Soccer star’s house at Mamvuka burns down By Kaizer Nengovhela The police are investigating a case of arson after the eightroom house of well-known soccer player Rodney “Rama G” Ramagalela at Mamvuka village in the Nzhelele area burnt down on Tuesday morning (16 November). The former Black Leopards and Mamelodi Sundowns player and current Chippa United player said he could not believe his eyes when he saw his house burning down on photos that were sent to him. “I was called by my neighbours, who informed me that my house was on fire. The neighbours told us that they had heard an explosion, followed by the fire,” he said. “For now, there is nothing to suspect because I was not there. I will leave it to law enforcement to do their investigations, then

we will get an answer on what happened. Luckily no one was injured in the fire, and we have only God to thank for protecting us.” According to the neighbours, everything was good and normal at 4:20 that morning. Only ten minutes later, the whole house was in flames. Ramagalela said that everything inside his house had been burnt to ashes. “The fridge, kitchen unit, beds, my TV, money, clothes, ID, food, medals, a trophy I had won at the PSL for being top goal scorer, and furniture had all been destroyed in the fire.” The fire also damaged the roof and walls of his house. According to Ramagalela, the total damage to his property is estimated to be more than R1 million. “I am now appealing to any good Samaritan out there to come and assist me. What I want is to have a roof over my head,” he said.








tions. The commission concluded that the kingship was vested in the Ramabulana clan. The Ravhura royal family argue that they have been petitioning the government bodies for many years, stating that the kingship of the Vhavenda lies with the Ravhura royal family. They now want to be added to the court case, so that condonation can be granted for them to file a belated review application wherein they hope to set aside the findings of the Nhlapo Commission. “The Ravhura family and clan won’t allow the Vhavenda people to have a king that was imposed on us with the assistance of the colonisers. We have to trace back the family tree to the right bloodline,” said Mpho Ravhura this week.

Pastor Amos Tshenuwani Ravhura.


4 19 NOVEMBER 2021

Some new faces may be seen in robes of mayors By Kaizer Nengovhela

Makhado Municipality’s new mayoral candidate, Gumani Mukwevho. Photo supplied.

A leaked list of mayoral candidates in the Vhembe District indicates that several new faces will be introduced as the top leaders in the various municipalities. The ANC is expected to officially announce the names of the new mayors on Friday (19th). The ANC’s provincial structure completed its interviews with mayoral candidates on Monday (15th). The party has demanded that all mayoral candidates be in possession of a post-matric qualification. The ANC’s regional structures were requested to nominate three mayoral candidates. In Vhembe, this was not so easy, because of long-standing differences between primarily two groups. The one group

The former mayor of Musina Municipality, Mihloti Muhlophe, will lead the Vhembe District as the mayor. Photo supplied.

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supports Advocate Makonde hloti Muhlophe. Mathivha, while the other According to the provincial group supports the current secretary of the ANC, Mr Dondeputy chairperson of Vhembe ald Selamolela, some regional in the region and executive structures had disregarded the mayor Dowelani Nenguda. ANC’s prescribed processes by A meeting to discuss the forwarding names of mayoral names of the mayoral candicandidates who did not meet dates took place on Sunday, 7 the party’s requirements. He November, in Thohoyandou. said that the issue of a lack of Some ANC members, however, qualifications was prevalent in voiced their dissatisfaction and all the regions in the province. accused the current ANC chairSelamolela said that some of person in the region, Tshitereke the candidates had induction Matibe, of taking sides and certificates from the SA Local submitting the list to the ANC Government Association as Provincial Executive without qualifications. “The nationthe necessary consultation. al officials, on behalf of the The aggrieved members national executive committee, staged a march to the ANC’s will make a decision on who provincial offices in Polokwane will be the mayors and we are on 8 November and again went confident that those will be the to Tshwane to complain to the men and women most fit for ANC’s national office on 12 being mayor,” said Selamolela. November. He said that the names would A list containing the names announced on Friday (19th). of the mayoral candidates went around on social media on Wednesday. According to this list, the new mayors will be: Musina Municipality: Godfrey Mawela Makhado Municipality: Gumani Mukwevho Thulamela Municipality: Sarah Rambuda Collins Chabane Municipality: MoIn the Collins Chabane Municipality, ses Maluleke Vhembe District Moses Maluleke will most likely remain as mayor. Photo supplied. Municipality: Mi-

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Sarah Rambuda may very well be Thulamela Municipality’s new mayor. Photo supplied.

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The Musina Municipality may be led by Godfrey Mawela. Photo supplied.

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19 NOVEMBER 2021 5

Raw deal for travellers to Zim as they get milked on both sides “My mother is a Zimbabwean and my father is a South The cost of travelling from African. I have a South African South Africa to Zimbabwe passport. Before the outbreak and back has skyrocketed of Covid-19, I regularly travover the past year, to such elled to Zimbabwe and back. an extent that travellers can The cost was very reasonable barely afford it anymore. then, and not as risky as it is now,” said Tshiamiso. She must Conditions for traveling to visit her relatives on a regueither of the countries include lar basis, but as things stand, having a passport that has a she fears she cannot afford it permit and producing a negaanymore, leaving her caught tive Covid-19 certificate. Testing between a rock and a hard for Covid-19 to obtain a certifi- place. cate alone amounts to R850 in “In October I arrived early South Africa and $60US (about in Musina and was approached R900) in Zimbabwe. by a bakkie owner who offered These strict conditions, how- to take us to an illegal crossing ever, seem to have prompted point 30km west of Beitbridge a lucrative business for bakkie Border Post. We, along with owners in both countries who our groceries, were packed make good use of this opporlike sardines at the back of the tunity. As many travellers use bakkie,” she said. the undesignated port of entry The trip from Musina to the along the Limpopo River to illegal crossing point cost them avoid these costs, bakkie ownR250, with an additional cost ers in Musina line up to take for luggage. The minimum cost them there. for a bag is R30, depending Last month, Tshiamiso (not on the weight. If the bag is too her real name) decided to heavy, one is compelled to pay visit her relatives in Gwanda, more. Luckily, Tshiamiso only Zimbabwe. She is a South had a small satchel, but she African resident who lives in did not feel safe, squeezed in Louis Trichardt. Under normal with the other passengers. She conditions, she pays R680 at feared that they might all get Beitbridge Border Post for the robbed. whole journey and arrives at “As we arrived at the illegal her destination early during crossing point, there were three the day. other bakkies full of people By Staff Reporter

traveling to Zimbabwe. We off-loaded our bags and walked across the river to Zimbabwe, where we were met with yet more bakkie owners waiting on that side,” said Tshiamiso. From the illegal crossing point to the Beitbridge-Bulawayo road they paid R250 for transportation and another R250, Tshiamiso was told, to pay police officers, so they do not get arrested for using illegal routes. “On our way we met three men dressed in Zimbabwean police uniforms. We are not sure whether they were real Zimbabwean police officers or not, but we were stopped, money exchanged hands, and no one was arrested,” she said. Tshiamiso used the same route and means to return to South Africa, having to cough up the same amount. The whole journey cost her a total of R1 500, which is still cheaper than going through the legal routine.

Tshiamiso can no longer visit her relatives in Zimbabwe because of the high cost of travelling back and forth. Photo: Bernard Chiguvare.

“This is ridiculous. Both governments should take steps to lift some of these conditions. My religion does not allow me to get tested for or vaccinated against Covid-19. It is considered a taboo. I need to consult my elders before being vaccinated,” said Tshiamiso.

New Boxer store in Shayandima A new Boxer store will open on 25 November in Shayandima. The store is situated at Shayandima’s Freddy Complex. When our photographer visited the store on Tuesday, the employees were very excited and worked hard to get everything ready for the day when the first customers will be arriving. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

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6 19 NOVEMBER 2021

Valore Diligenta enters the fashion industry in style who inspired her to consider venturing into fashion designNtikelo Diligent Rikhotso ing. “I didn’t think I would (21), also known as Valore be able to really do it at first,” Diligenta, is a self-taught, she confessed. “After the first hardworking local fashion period of lockdown in 2020, I designer. was at home from varsity and unfortunately, like many other Rikhotso had been instudents, I had only brought trigued by the art of fashion home clothes for two weeks. I from a young age. As a child, had worn all my clothes and her mother told her how she was left with nothing to wear. (mother) and her siblings Then I considered the idea of had to wear the same clothes making new clothes for myself. every day when they grew up, I bought wool and started because those were all they had. learning how to do crotchet by “It dawned on me that if watching tutorials on YouTube.” you cannot afford to buy new When the lockdown restricclothes, you can always make tions relaxed, she bought a your own,” she said. sewing machine, so she could Later in her life she met expand her skills. “After some tailor Mutshidzi Hobyani, more YouTube lessons to show By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

me the ropes, I had a little more confidence that I was doing the right thing and that it was possible to learn and master the craft,” she said. Today she runs her own fashion business, called VD Emporium, which was established in 2020. “To be honest, my first few projects were horrible, but my family always cheered me on. I thank God for them. All those encouraging words were a foundation for my strength and motivation to keep going.” Her biggest dream is to design clothes for exclusive and high-profile occasions. Valore Diligenta is available on most social-media platforms and can be reached on Tel 072 467 4409.

Patrick is only “walking for Jesus” News from Musina Over the past eight years, Patrick Styles (60) has walked more than 40 000 kilometres across South Africa, carrying a wooden cross that symbolizes that the crucifixion of Jesus gave new life to those who believe in God. Styles, who hails from the small farming town of Koster in the North-West province, started his journey from Cape Town four weeks ago and arrived in Musina last Wednesday – a total distance of about 1 913 kilometres and about 60 kilometres per day. Exhausted, he said he would rest in Musina for three days before continuing to Durban, which is about another 1 076 kilometres. When asked what motivated him to walk around the country, he replied: “My love for Jesus. When I meet people along the way, I stop and share the word of God and pray for them. I love Jesus so much that I forget everything else and concentrate on his word to save more lives,” he explained. Styles, who previously worked as a mining shift supervisor for 15 years, does not belong to any specific church. About eight years ago, he received a vision from God, who told him to walk across South Africa and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. “My wife Desiree and my family fully support what I do, although I spend a lot of time away from them, doing God’s work.” His big wooden cross is attached to two bicycle tyres with three spare wheels and a tin trunk, in which he keeps his clothes and other necessities. The cross, engraved with the words “Jesus Loop” (Jesus Walks), is fitted with reflectors for motorists to see him clearly when he walks at night. When asked where he got the money for accommodation and food on his walks, he answered that God provided for him. “I don’t

Ntikelo Diligent Rikhotso, also known as Valore Diligenta. Picture supplied.

carry any money with me because my God is a faithful God who always provides. When I get tired, I stop at a lodge or hotel, and they give me free accommodation and food. I serve an amazing God who never disappoints. People open their hearts and pockets for me because the Holy Spirit whispers to them to do so.”

An impressed young boy came to greet Patrick Styles upon his arrival in Musina last week. Styles had walked 1 913km from Cape Town to Musina. THOHOYANDOU Noorani Complex Next To Thohoyandou Bus Rank



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19 NOVEMBER 2021 7



8 12 November 2021

A r t & E nte r tai nme nt

Mashudu mesmerises fans with his new album post-matric educational insti- and the title track, Makoti o tutions.” swika nga tshopa. An occasion without His debut album, Mudzimu Mashudu can be followed Mashudu Nematoka just u na rine, was released in on Facebook (Mashudu does not seem to have that 2002. “The album did not do Nematoka), or directly special spark to it, and well in the market, but I percontacted on 072 253 1942 anyone who knows him severed until I became famous (voice calls) or 078 328 5135 will concur. Mashudu is a with my fourth album, called (WhatsApp). His multiple-award-winning Duvha la u somola in 2008. music is available singer, programme director, From there on I just conin all online digcomedian and motivational tinued to release hit after ital stores, as speaker. On top of that, he hit, with the likes of Damu well as on his also sings the most beautiful li si na ngwena, O wana YouTube channel love songs in Tshivenda. mufunwa wawe and (Mashudu This multi-talented artist Vhakalaha na Nematomesmerised his fans again vhagekulu.” ka). with the release of his ninth He said album, titled Makoti o swika that, before nga tshopa, last week. the outMashudu is a familiar break of face at weddings where he Covid-19, entertains guests with his live he had performances. His charismatic barely voice and just-as-compelling had time dance moves make him one of for rest the most sought-after enterbecause he tainers in both the Limpopo was booked and Gauteng provinces. nearly every Born and bred in the moun- week. “I would tainous village of Mudzidbe busy for zidzi outside Thohoyandou, 20 weekends Mashudu started singing early in succession, on in his life. He realised his attending different potential back when he was kinds of events as eiin Vhutalu Primary School. ther singer, programme “Teachers kept on encouragdirector, comedian or ing me to lead songs in the motivational speaker. morning assembly because of Now that the Covid my beautiful voice. When I regulations have proceeded to Vhutavhatsindi been eased, things are High School, I outclassed both getting better as bookteachers and learners when it ings stream in again.” came to singing. I then formed Makoti o swika nga a community choir, called tshopa consists of great African Golden Voice Choir, songs, such as Ni so ngo Multiple-award-winning which won many awards, but mu vhulaha, Duvha la singer Mashudu Nematoka has it unravelled when everyone munyanya, Muvhofho- released his ninth album, titled proceeded to their various loli, Zwa kale, Covid 19 Makoti o swika nga tshopa. Entertainment


Guide Decembe r

02 Pens Down Venue: Crossroad, Madombidzha. Lineup: Bocca, Deejay Bumbas, Deejay Oliver, Deejay Fortune Teller, Deejay Drum, and Young Bocca. Time: Nga Masiari till late.

Lagugga, Phonik the Deejay, Deejay Fortune Teller, Deejay Sfudi, Deejay Naira, Dee 56 and Figo De Deejay, Deejay Ndozey, Deejay More, and Deejay Mlalas.

11 Music Festival Rabs Vhafuwi. Venue: Marshal Resort, Malavuwe. Event starts at 12:00 till late. Tickets: R250, R200 (if vaccinated), R280 (at the door), and R1200 VIP Individuals.


04 3rd Yellow Festival

Venue: Bushy Valley Garden. Entrance: R50 (gen), R150 (VIP), and R70 (at the gate). Lineup: Deejay

The Annual Summer Vibe

Venue: Tshikota Community Hall, Tshikota (Louis Trichardt). Time: 15:00 till late. MC: Huli Hula Hulest. Line-up: Percy the Postman, Kyrie Wallace, Rude Kid Venda, Skillow Drama, Drama, T Feel, Pablo Juice, Kid Fuego, BYG, Boss G, Wavy Red, Ludar, B Flow, Sarney Kay, Remla, Justa, LVB, Sean Setjie, Royalson, Lil Savage, and Muzic Nerdz. Entrance: R50 (per person), R80 (per couple) and R30 (cooler-bag).

Jah Lady Dorris sizzles of the world,” she said. “She is a daughter, sister and mother. Reggae singer Jah Lady She also plays many other Dorris, also known as Dorris roles within the African comDavhana, does not believe munity she lives in.” in looking back. Instead, she In 2016, she was nomifocuses on her talent to make nated for the Best Reggae sure that she always sends Artist at the South African positive vibrations out into Traditional Music Awards, society. and in 2018 the Tshivenda At the height of the first Music Awards also nominated national lockdown, she released her for the same category. She a project containing two songs, hopes to win some awards soon, titled Ndi a livhuwa mmawe as she believes she is destined and A ni divhi la matshelo, for greater achievements. which both enjoyed high rotaJah Lady Dorris’s album tion airplay on community radio Vhutshilo was released in 2019, stations. comprising four tracks, namely Her recent single is called Mpfareleni, No mmbaisa, Vha The love of an African woman. Ha-Davhana, and Vhutshilo. “The love of an African woman The project rang with rich cannot be compared to any lyrics, a unique style, and other love from any other part well-arranged harmonies. By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

The singer is also part of the newly formed reggae musical group called The Marvelous Five, made up of Code Mundalamo, Just-Ice Mbedzi, Rasta Vhathu and Mushe. Their debut album is due on 19 December and will be launched at the fifth Annual Reggae Show in Thathe village. Follow Jah Lady Dorris on Facebook or phone her on Tel 076 127 0323.

9iniey SA releases second CD By Silas Nduvheni Phuluso Ramulongo, a Grade 12 learner from Phaswana Secondary near Sibasa, also known as “9iniey SA” in the music industry, has just released his second CD, titled Hard work pays off.

op artist The young Hip-h RamulonPhuluso “9iniey” CD, Hard t es lat s go holds hi oto: Silas works pays off. Ph Nduvheni.

“God helps those who work hard and do things for themselves,” he believes. Phuluso was born and bred in Ha-Muraga village outside Thohoyandou but relocated to Maniini village after his father and mother were separated. His mother raised him under very difficult conditions as a single parent, but he describes her as “the queen”. “I developed a serious love for music in 2017, after we relocated to Atteridgeville near Pretoria. I was in the tenth grade at Flavious Mareka High School where I met the likes of Jay Blavo and Aeno Glen, who had started their own group,” he recalls. In 2019, he released his first solo Hip-hop album, called Born and raised by the queen,

5th Annual Reggae

referring to his mother. His plan is to pursue media studies and radio presenting at accredited colleges in Pretoria next. He feels that for him to obtain tertiary qualifications after he matriculated is important, but also that the music industry is not reliable enough on its own. Phuluso is very optimistic about the future, since he met dedicated promoter Colen Siaga, who has promised to help him climb the ladder to success by organising some small festivals and gigs where the young artist can perform live on stage. Siaga, who is also the community leader at Maniini village, said he was ready to promote young and upcoming artists, such as 9iniey SA, until they became recognisable and could stand on their own.

Summer Holiday

19 Xplosion

26 Chillas

Vhatuka na Khadzi (ft Big Badd Sound System) presents 5th Annual Reggae Xplosion. Venue: Thathe Vondo Dam, Entertainment Centre. Time: 10:00 till late. Entry: Free – Poetry I Reggae Live Bands I Craft Market I Food Stalls I Slektas and many more. For more info, contact 072 546 3096 (Prince Shoni), 078 1174598 (Soul Provider), or 071 375 3971 (King Thase).

Venue: Ishani Lakeview Park, Ngwenani ya Themeli. Entrance: Kids R30, Adults R50. Line-up Humbulani Ramagwedzha, Jininka, Radical Dread, Aweeh, Bashy Jahbless, Rooijah, Eddie Luvhengo, Natty Lions, Mudogwa De Poet, Ras Triple B, Rea’nay Toofab, and Mama’s Boy. Gates opens at 10:00. For more info, contact 071 879 1988.


Venda Ladies Picnic Day Garden

Venue: 2010 Centre, Thohoyandou. Tickets: R250 (includes pallet setup, photoshoot, snacks, fruits, glass of wine/gin/juice). Time: 12:00 till late. Cooler box R50. No tickets will be sold at the gate. Line-up: Vhuyie da Deejay, Euphoria da Deejay, Deejay Fistovalley, Deejay Candice, Pushie da Tall, Deejay Gee C, Soweto’s Sexiest Guys, Hilda Mudau, Mawela da Deejay. For more information contact 067 299 4745.

Minister Lufuno

28 Dagada’s Annual

Birthday Picnic & Concert

Venue: Tshinaki Family Resort, Muhuyu village. Time: 09:00 till late. Tickets: R100 (general), R250 (VIP 1), R500 (VIP 2), R1000 (VIP 3). Supporting artists: Rofhiwa Manyaga, Takesure Zamar, Minister Lombard Matshinge, Takie Ndou, Ngudo Praise, Tsiko Mal, Itani Mphaga, Newie, Huli Mbambale, Justic Nema, Tiyani Maluleke, Ndivhaleni Musetha, DerealPlesa, Takie Sikhwivhilu, Phathu and Masana.


Art & Entertainment

12 November 2021 9

Phalaphala FM reaches 1,13 Watch out for fake friends, warns Basha million listeners By Ndivhuwo Musetha

“Beware of fake friends and girlfriends.” This is the strong warning from Azwinndini Azwinndini Mulaudzi, better known as Basha Buluvhutsi.

Mulaudzi, better known as Basha Buluvhutsi in music circles. This free advice comes from Basha’s latest offering, Ala Nama, which was released two months ago. Basha (44) hails from Tshidzete in the Lwamondo district. He said that he felt advising other people against fake friends and girlfriends, or women who come close to people because they want something from them, was important. “I decided to write this song in order to warn people against friends who will only come closer to you when there is something that they want from you. As I have experienced first-hand, like bees, such fake friends disappear immediately when they realize you can no longer offer what they were getting from you,” he explained. “I have a long-time friend and we grew up together at Lwamondo. We were so close to each other, to an extent that we shared

everything. He then asked me to assist in getting a job at a security company that I was connected to as I am also a full-time security officer,” said Basha. “Unfortunately, I lost my job and things turned bad for me. But by that time, my friend was doing well, and he was occupying a senior position at work. When I asked him to pick me and help me to get a job, he told me straight that he never thought I would ask or expect him to return a favour one day because I helped him. Although I accepted his position, to me it was bitter pill to swallow, which pained be for many days,” said Basha. Besides fake friends, Basha said that some women fall for men because of the perceived material benefits. “Such women will suck your money until it runs dry, and once that happens, they run away,” warned Basha. Basha has been in the music industry since 1994 and he has worked with people such as Condry Ziqubu, Mateletele Jimmy Da Schacher, and now Deejay da Vinci of Masana Records, where he recorded his third album. Other songs on the album are Mudzimu, Tshigubu and Bege ya Mutshovhotsho, which is a hip-hop song. All other songs are dance songs, mixed with Amapiano.

Micah da Music makes room for improvement ing line goes: ‘Vhanzhi zwi do vha akhamadza’ which, loosely translated, means that many Micah Da Music has released a number of will feel amazed when it happens.” popular singles so far, which earned him In a nutshell After Tears is a song that enhis fair share of prestige within the music courages people to love and care for one anothindustry. er while they can, rather than wasting this Micah was born Pfunzo Tshitema and resides given time and regretting it in the end. in Tshisahulu village near Thohoyandou. He “If you appreciate what you mantakes his inspiration from musicians such as age to achieve in life, celebrate Nas, Eminem, 2Pac, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. it!” he said. “Many people His latest album, Room for Improvement, are so busy complaining is doing very well in the market. The song that they can find Addiction, from this album, has reached 14 000 no reason or time streams on Spotify and 21 000 on Apple music. to celebrate life.” This is no small feat for an artist who is still Micah Da Music climbing the ladder to fame. “The song is not can be followed only making waves on streaming platforms, but on Facebook also receiving airplay on Metro FM’s I Believe (Micah) and show, presented by Oskido,” he said. other social-media “The song is quite relatable, and of course platforms. Room the kind of addiction that we refer to is good for Improvement is addiction. The lyrics explain the value in being available from online addicted to music and other such positive things music stores, such as in life.” Micah’s most recent project is called After Streaming on Google Tears. Play, YouTube Music, This song lies close to his heart, as he says his and Apple Music. Contact calling to communicate with people through him on 065 930 5580 or music is revealed through it. “After Tears’ By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Micah da Music earns prestige through his songs. Picture supplied.

Phalaphala FM is proud to announce that they have reached 1 137 000 listeners – a remarkable milestone for the radio station. This follows the release and presentation of the new Radio Audience Measurement Survey (RAMS)’s amplified data, as compiled by the Broadcast Research Council (BRC) of South Africa at the end of October. One of the listeners, Mr Vhutshilo Mafunisa, said “We are so happy that the station has reached over a million listeners. It is a great accomplishment. We ask that they bring back the Khoro programme. If Khoro comes back on-air, the station is sure to reach 4 million listeners!” He applauded the station’s teamwork and the good work they do for the listeners. Another listener, Ms Rudzani Munyai fully supports the station’s growth. “We would like the station to broadcast through the night again, because the break from midnight to 05:00am is too long.” She said that many night-shift listeners supported the station when they broadcast for 24 hours. She also requested that the management bring back the sports programme where listeners could phone in to predict the scores. Phalaphala FM’s programme manager, Sharon Ravele said that this milestone for the station affirmed that Phalaphala FM was indeed keeping the brand promise, Rina nwi misi yothe. “Over the years, Phalaphala FM, who preserves the Venda culture and heritage, has evolved and grown in terms of listenership. The management appreciates the trust and loyalty that listeners reflect on the station. Phalaphala FM is committed to delivering a product that informs, educates and entertains all listeners.”

Dr Specs gives hope through his music Although this album is in the R&B genre, Dr Specs has released five singles since 2010, Tshinanne Mulisa, aka ‘Dr Specs’, believes mixing hip-hop, house music and reggae. that he gives hope to people through his His first single, produced when he was music. Dr Specs (27), who hails from Tshonly 16, was about his undying love for the itetete village outside Thohoyandou, has just woman he had chosen. Dr Specs said that released a new single, Phumelela. he was exposed to music by his brothers at According to Dr Specs, the track is doing very a very early age. “My brothers played differwell, with the video attracting almost 5 000 ent types of musical instruments at home. views in the first week. The song encourages This stimulated my interest and drove me people to persevere with everything they are to learn more about music by playing the doing in life as they will succeed one day. instruments or making good beats. I then “I decided to come up with this song after I learnt about Fruity Loops, Cubase and realized that many people fail in life because of other musical software that helped me to giving up too easily. The Covid-19 virus resulted make beats and record vocals,” he said. in more and more people losing their jobs and His latest single was recorded at Music businesses closing down. This has left many Waves Production. Mufunwa and Deejay people feeling hopeless. As an artist, I felt I Gun Do Sa were also part of this project. should play my role to give hope to the hopeless Dr Specs can be found on all social media through my music as they desperately need this platforms. His contact numbers are 079 848 motivation,” said Dr Specs. 2782/065 809 4589. By Ndivhuwo Musetha

Phalaphala FM’s programme manager, Sharon Ravele. Photo supplied.

Tshinanne Mulisa, aka ‘Dr Specs’. Photo supplied.

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 / FAX: (015) 962 2998


10 19 NOVEMBER 2021

DCS encourages officials to live healthy lives By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Ms Johanah Tshilamulele of Gogobole thanks God that she survived after part of a brick wall at her seven-room house collapsed on top of her during a violent rainstorm last Friday afternoon. In the photograph, she is collecting the corrugatted iron from her roof that was blown off. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela.

Gogobole hit hard by violent rainstorm By Kaizer Nengovhela Corrugated iron torn from roofs went flying after a sudden violent rainstorm hit Gogobole village last Friday (12th). Many residents of the village, situated in the Sinthumule area, lost everything – including the shelter of their homes. The storm, which apparently only lasted for a minute or so, uprooted several large trees and caused great damage to houses and shops. The area was left without electricity for hours afterwards. An elderly resident, Ms Johanah Tshilamulele, said that she could only

thank God that she had survived after part of a brick wall at her seven-room house had collapsed on top of her. She said the storm had hit at around 15:00 and only lasted for what felt like a few seconds. They could not believe the damage that was caused in that small space of time. “My younger daughter and my granddaughter were with me when a very strong wind suddenly struck and shook our house. Moments later, part of the wall fell on top of me, and the roof was gone. We had to squeeze ourselves into a one-room shack outside the house and wait for the storm to pass.” By then, she said, rain was falling heavily and all of

their belongings were soaked. She said that, although she had lost everything in her house, she was still grateful that she had survived with only minor injuries. “Many residents suffered great losses as a result of this storm. We are now just busy trying to pick up the pieces and repairing our roofs,” she said. When Limpopo Mirror spoke to the Vhembe District Municipality’s spokesperson, Mr Matodzi Ralushai, he was still waiting for the disaster-management team to report back on the damage. “After completion of our assessment, we will make sure that everyone [who had been affected by the storm] gets the necessary support,” he said.

The Department of Correctional Services’ Thohoyandou and Polokwane Management Areas’ soccer teams participated in the Integrated Employee Health and Wellness (IEHW) Day, which was recently held at the Thohoyandou Correctional Centre’s mess grounds. The Thohoyandou Management Area’s acting co-ordinator for corporate services, Mr Eric Ratshipanga, welcomed officials and stakeholders from the Vhembe District, TVET College, government departments and financial institutions. Stakeholders were also given an opportunity to exhibit and market their products and services to officials. The officials were also given a chance to be vaccinated and to do health screening at the site. “The purpose of the IEHW Day is to promote the health and wellness of officials and to

encourage them to take their wellness seriously, as South Africa is still battling with the Covid-19 pandemic,” said special-programmes manager Ms Georgina Tshidavhula. The day kicked off with a 5km fun walk from the correctional centre to Tshififi village. Officials then participated in various sports, including aerobics, indigenous games, and soccer games. The Department of Health’s Dr Rachel Ramovha gave a presentation on mental health. She explained mental-health symptoms and prevention methods. “Sports activities are very important to the health and wellness of our bodies, since it also reduces stress,” Ramovha said. “Work stress has a negative impact on the production and performance of officials, so officials should always seek help from the office of the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and other institutions.”

Some of the officials who participated in the Integrated Employee Health and Wellness Day. Picture supplied.


19 NOVEMBER 2021 11

Vhembe District’s Traditional Men’s Parliament launched at Thulamela The chairperson of the Vhembe House of Traditional Leaders, Thovhele Vele Kutama, who also served as the presiding officer during the launch of Vhembe District’s Traditional Men’s Parliament on Friday, 12 November, urged fellow traditional leaders to unite and join hands in making the parliament work successfully. The meeting was held in Thulamela Municipality’s council chamber in Thohoyandou. Several senior traditional leaders of the Vhavenda people attended the meeting, including Thovhele Gole Mphaphuli, Thovhele Vudzidzhena Nethengwe, Thovhele Hanyani Tshikundamalema and Thovhele Alone Manenzhe. The chairperson of the Limpopo-based organisation,

Munna Ndi Nnyi? (Who is the real man), Mr Bardwell Mufunwaini, also attended the meeting. He called on all traditional leaders from the district to attend these meetings to discuss matters such as gender-based violence, which had become a reason for great concern in the villages of their respective jurisdictions where they rule. “We have to join in with traditional leaders and get actively involved with the issue of gender-based violence, and make sure that all perpetrators are brought to book,” Mufunwaini said. However, Mufunwaini said he had been reliably informed that some traditional leaders were no longer interested in getting involved in matters concerning gender-based violence, because young people who were members of civic associations had stripped the role and power of tradition down in

this regard. Munna Ndi Nnyi was started in 1997 to encourage men to be real men who are responsible, supportive, and love their families. “The men’s forum will be happy if people are able to live in communities where there is no gender-based violence. We hope that, with the support of traditional leaders, we will win the war against this epidemic and be able to develop a youth council that is able to control our young boys in villages,” he said. According to the deputy manager of the Vhembe District Municipality’s Special Programme, Mr Khathu Mapholi, the parliament resolved that a facilitating committee must be established to drive and implement its function well. Local municipalities, he said, should also launch their local parliament on or before March 2022.

Seated from left to right are the chairperson of the Limpopo-based organisation, Munna Ndi Nny? (Who is the real man), Mr Bardwell Mufunwaini, Thovhele Vudzidzhena Nethengwe and the chairperson of the Vhembe House of Traditional Leaders, Thovhele Vele Kutama. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

Pengson Manufacturing ordered to pay back money taken from SACM By Andries van Zyl Following a long and intensive investigation into allegations of tender corruption worth more than R18 million at the Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Facility (SACM) outside Louis Trichardt, another company was fined by the Giyani Specialised Commercial Crimes Court on Friday, 12 November. The company, Pengson Manufacturing trading as Crystal Enterprise, was tried as a juristic person and fined R200 000 by the court. “The investigation started in 2018 when the Hawks’ Serious Corruption Investigation received a complaint of tender irregularities at the

facility. Eight accused persons, including two deputy directors from the facility, directors and their companies were arrested during a sting operation in December 2018,” said provincial Hawks spokesperson Capt Matimba Maluleke in a press release. The company, Pengson Manufacturing, represented by its director, Stanley Pengson, was previously ordered to pay back R1 million by the same court on 18 August this year and was also found guilty on 24 counts of fraud and two counts of corruption. The company has since been deregistered by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). Also on 18 August this year, the same court ordered the for-

mer deputy director of the Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Facility, Clement Raphalalani (57), to pay back R569 500. This after he was found to have colluded with companies who were service providers of the SACM to secure tenders and, in return, he received kick-backs. Apart from the court’s ordering both Raphalalani and Pengson Manufacturing to pay back the money, the court also ordered Clemenson Carrier to pay back R369 380, while Vhalenda Zwashu Trading Enterprise was ordered to pay back R450 000. In the meantime, further investigations into allegations of fraud and corruption at the facility continue. “The other convicted persons are yet to be sentenced,” said Maluleke.

The Zoutpansberg Private Hospital in Louis Trichardt recently acquired the use of new technology in the form of a C-Arm scanner. A C-Arm is an imaging scanner intensifier with radiographic capabilities. It is used primarily for fluoroscopic, intraoperative imaging during surgical, orthopaedic, and emergency care. With these new X-ray capabilities, the hospital says they strive to better their theatre for the visiting orthopaedic surgeons and super-specialists. “This will also improve the patient experience by performing more theatre procedures locally,” said the hospital. Pictured with the new scanner are (top from left to right) registered nurse Beanca Badenhorst (theatre unit manager), Yvette Gaigher (radiographer), Dr Reynhardt Immelman (orthopaedic surgeon, specialising in lower limbs), Dr Fred Badenhorst (shareholder) and Dr Anton Stroebel (clinical director, shareholder). At the bottom are Dr Heinrich Niemoller (orthopaedic surgeon, specialising in hands), Dr Emil Gaigher (shareholder), Yvette Gaigher (radiographer), Anneke Stroebel (hospital manager) and Fanie van Zyl (facility manager). Photo supplied.


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12 19 NOVEMBER 2021

Voters make their crosses, but are sceptical about political promises

Routine Road Maintenance

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SHONISANI RAMBAU CONSTRUCTION (PTY) LTD ROUTINE ROAD MAINTENANCE OF NATIONAL ROUTE R524 FROM LOUIS TRICHARDT TO PUNDA MARIA GATE, R578 FROM LOUIS TRICHARDT TO GREATER GIYANI MUNICIPAL BORDER, R36 FROM MOLEMOLE MUNICIPAL BORDER TO BANDELIERSKOP, N1 FROM MOLEMOLE MUNICIPAL BORDER TO LOUIS TRICHARDT TENDER NOTICE AND INVITATION TO TENDER (SBD1) SHONISANI RAMBAU CONSTRUCTION (PTY) LTD invites tenders from experienced EME/QSE subcontractors for contract SANRAL X.002-103-2019/1 (NON-TOLL) & N.001-280-2019/2 (TOLL) ROUTINE ROAD MAINTENANCE OF NATIONAL ROUTE R524 FROM LOUIS TRICHARDT TO PUNDA MARIA GATE, R578 FROM LOUIS TRICHARDT TO GREATER GIYANI MUNICIPAL BORDER, R36 FROM MOLEMOLE MUNICIPAL BORDER TO BANDELIERSKOP, N1 FROM MOLEMOLE MUNICIPAL BORDER TO LOUIS TRICHARDT on behalf of Shonisani Rambau Construction (Pty) Ltd in accordance with the requirements of The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL). This project is in the province of Limpopo and in the Makhado, Thulamela and Collins Chabane Local Municipality within Vhembe District Municipality. Subcontractors are required for the following subcontracts: X.002-103-2019/1_SC1: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC2: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC3: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC4: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC5: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC6: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC7: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC8: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC9: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC10: General Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC11: Pavement Maintenance X.002-103-2019/1_SC12: Pavement Maintenance The approximate duration is 10 months for work package 1 - 6 and 30 months for work package 7 - 12. CIDB Regulation 25 (1B) will be applicable to this contract. Only tenderers who are at least 51% Black owned, who is an EME/EME start up or QSE and meet the definition of a Targeted Enterprise as defined in C3.2.2.5 are eligible to tender. Only tenderers that meet all the eligibility criteria under clause 4.1.1 of the Tender Data will be considered. Only tenderers who meet the minimum functionality score as stated in clause 5.11.9 will be evaluated further on price and preference. It is estimated that tenderers should have a CIDB contractor grading designation as indicated in the table below:

Targeted Area

Makhado Local Municipality

Thulamela Local Municipality Collins Chabane Local Municipality

Thulamela and Collins Chabane Local Municipalities

Works Package

CIDB requirement


1 CE


2 CE


3 CE


4 CE


5 CE and Above


1 CE


2 CE


1 CE


2 CE


3 CE


4 CE


5 CE and Above

The tenderers attention is drawn to clause 4.1.1 of the Tender Data for each work package when submitting their tender. Tenders from tenderers registered as potentially emerging enterprises but with a CIDB contractor grading designation lower than a contractor grading designation determined in accordance with the sum tendered, or a value determined in accordance with Regulation 25(1B) or 25(7A) of the Construction Industry Development Regulations, will be accepted. Only locally produced or locally manufactured products and components for construction with a stipulated minimum threshold for local content and production as stated in the Tender Data will be considered. Preferences are offered to tenderers who comply with the criteria stated in the Tender Data. A tenderer’s representative cannot represent more than one tenderer at the compulsory meeting. SUBCONTRACT TENDER DOCUMENTS Tender documents are available at no cost in electronic format on CD. Tenderers must have access to Microsoft Office © 2013 and Acrobat Adobe © 9.0, or similar compatible software. The physical address for collection of tender documents is the Shonisani Rambau Construction Site Office, 73 Rondebosch, Louis Trichardt (Makhado), 0920 (Coordinates: 23005’00’’S;29054’58’’E) where tender documents may be collected from Monday, 29 November 2021 during the hours 09:00 to 16:00 (Monday to Friday). Tenderers are to schedule an appointment for the collection of documents by contacting Please be advised that the route will not be traveled and that it will be the responsibility of each tenderer to acquaint themselves with the route and its condition. TENDERERS’ BRIEFING A compulsory tender clarification briefing sessions with representatives of the Project Management Team will take place as follows: SESSION




CIDB Grade 1 CE & 2 CE


26 November 2021

CIDB Grade 3 CE & Above


Thohoyandou Indoor Sports Center

Please note that a pre-tender training session will take place on the 26 November 2021. COVID-19 REGULATIONS WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO; NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE VENUE WITHOUT WEARING A FACE MASK THAT FULLY COVERS BOTH THEIR MOUTH AND NOSE. CLOSING TIME, COMPLETION AND DELIVERY OF TENDERS The closing time for receipt of tenders is 12:00 on 10 December 2021 at the Site Office, 73 Rondebosch, Louis Trichardt (Makhado), Limpopo, 0920 (Coordinates: 23005’00’’S;29054’58’’E) in the TENDER BOX Provided. Late submissions will not be accepted. Tenders may only be submitted in the format as stated in the Tender Data. Requirements for addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of tenders are stated in the Tender Data. Queries relating to issues arising from these documents may be addressed to the following: Enquiries Contact Person:

Takalani Khumeleni

Tel No:

076 3013 039

E-mail: Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Tshikhwani, said that she had exercised her right by voting for Deteriorating levels of service the ANC. “During the ANC’s delivery within municipalities campaign, they visited us and around South Africa have told us that they will bring become a popular point of water from the Nandoni Dam discussion. Things are no dif- and tar our roads. They also ferent in the Vhembe District promised us jobs.” and residents are calling for Mr Leonard Masala from drastic change and improveMadombidzha said he was ment. pleased with how things had Communities are tired of the turned out in the new counempty promises made whenev- cil. He is optimistic that the er elections are coming up, but incoming crop of councillors when the elections are over, the will speed up service delivery promises are not fulfilled. in the area. “We are hopeful, Ms Ivy Mutepe, a resident at but we will have to wait and see how much the new councillor will do for us. We only have gravel roads. We struggle with water. There are no services at all. The new tarred road is full of potholes.” Ms Sarah Ndou, an elder from Muraleni who also cast her ballot, said they had been subjected to a lack of water supply. Residents say that politicians promised to change the status quo in their communities but never kept their word. “We want service delivery from them. We want them to fulfil the promises they keep making. They must not disappear after Kaizer Rakhulani from the elections. We have had Ha-Kutama. Photo: Kaizer enough of empty promises; Nengovhela. enough is enough now. We want to see an improvement in our lives, and we want our children to also find employment,” another resident said. According to Mr Kaizer Rakhulani of Ha-Kutama, water tankers started delivering water to the area four years ago. He said he had voted for the ANC because he wanted to give the ruling party a chance to prove themselves by delivering better services. Ms Tshimangadzo Bebeda from Ha-Maelula said she wanted her vote to encourage the government to provide Ivy Mutepe from Tshikhwani. better services for her and her Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela. family, and so that jobs would By Kaizer Nengovhela

Sarah Ndou from Muraleni. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela. be created for young people like herself. She said their councillor had failed to ensure that services were rendered to the community. “You can’t trust politicians because they lie a lot.” Ms Masindi Mafanedza of Ha-Maila said that she had been voting for politicians since 1994, but that they had done nothing to help the communities. “We still need clean water and other services, but we keep on voting. The roads here are difficult to travel on, with potholes everywhere. I want our government to help us,” said Masindi.

Leonard Masala from Madombidzha. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela.

Folovhodwe’s identical twins still love spending their time together them. “We used to wear the same outfits, which made it “People often confuse us especially difficult for others to because we look the same, but tell us apart. We even sounded family and close friends who identical. This was just normal know us well can easily tell life to us, until around the us apart,” said twin brothers time we turned seven, and we Lufuno Lucky and Tshifstarted to realize that we were hiwa Borny Lukhwa from different from other children Folovhodwe village outside because we looked exactly the Musina. same,” Lufuno said. “But I think we are starting to look less alike The twins, aged 36 now, were as we grow older, because we born on 3 May 1985. When have completely different perthey were little boys, everyone sonalities and characters.” adored and made a fuss over Tshifhiwa said that they

loved looking at pictures from when they were young. “We are both very proud to be special. We spend most of our spare time together and enjoy every moment of it, because we are very close. It’s great to be twins; there is a special bond between us, thereby making life enjoyable when we are together.” The pair thank their late parents, Norah and Joe Lukhwa for taking the time to give them individual choices, for letting them express their feelings, and letting them know that they are unique individuals. “They allowed us to have our own likes and dislikes because they knew that we were two completely different people. We wish for their souls to continue to rest in peace wherever they are. Today we can look back with pride and smile because our parents raised Identical twins Lufuno (left) and Tshifhiwa Lukhwa are very close and still us with love and enjoy every moment they get to spend together. affection.” Musina news


19 NOVEMBER 2021 13

Out-of-control ambulance crash into bakkie and nearly kills woman

which she did. After that, he ers are divided according to requested three quotations for their level of training - junior Negligent driving has been the repair of the bakkie, which firefighter, firefighter, senior the cause of many fatal she sent to him as well. He then firefighter, and the leading accidents on the Vhembe told her that she had to submit firefighter. According to them, District’s roads, but when the claim to his insurers, as the no special training is provided, they are caused by the alleged matter was not his responbut the drivers are required to reckless driving of emergensibility. “This man is playing have a Public Driving Permit. cy-services personnel, one with me. He thinks that, just “The municipality used to offer cannot help but to cringe with because I don’t have insurance advanced driving training to concern. on the bakkie, I don’t know firefighters, but we now operate On Saturday, 6 November, how this works.” Mukoma saw separately. The good thing is Ms Thambulo Francinah that no amount of arguing with that our senior firefighters have Mukoma was notified that him was going to help and has already acquired the advanced relatives of hers had been in an since engaged with a lawyer to driving lessons from the municaccident along the R524 Road. inform the owner of the correct ipality, so those skills [on how She drove out to the scene of procedures. to drive emergency vehicles] the accident and parked her Mukoma is now not only are passed on from them to the Toyota bakkie next to a traffic left with the inconvenience new firefighters,” said one of officer’s vehicle on the opposite of not having a vehicle to run the firefighters. Firefighters, side of the road - a safe distance her errands with, but also with according to him, observe the away from the road - under a more expenses to sort out the Road Accident Management tree. Her injured relatives had problem. System (a system that teaches already been transported to Limpopo Mirror spoke to drivers how to approach any the hospital. While she waited a few fire brigade members, accident scene). for the break-down services to municipal ambulance drivers, Government ambulance arrive to take their damaged ve- as well as private ambulance drivers must undergo special hicle away, Mukoma sat on the drivers to determine what training for 10 days to get a back of her bakkie, speaking requirements are needed for defensive driver’s license, unto the traffic officer who was emergency-service drivers. In like private ambulance drivers, at the scene of the accident. essence, they are not above the who said that they were only Suddenly, the officer yelled for law and specific rules and regrequired to do a test drive of an her to watch out as a private ulations apply to this category ambulance under the watchful ambulance came speeding of drivers, even when they are eye of the experienced drivers. directly at them. rushing to save lives. To them, no special training is The driver of the ambulance, Makhado Town firefightoffered. who was heading towards Thohoyandou, was overtaking at high speed, but was faced with an oncoming car in front, so he swerved off the road to avoid a head-on collision and lost control of his vehicle. “I managed to jump over to the other side of the bakkie seconds before the ambulance smashed into my bakkie,” Mukoma said. Thankfully, no-one was hurt, but Mukoma has no insurance on her bakkie. A driver of T Life Rescue, a local ambulance service, drove T Life Rescue is a private am- into Ms Thambulo Francinah Mukoma’s bakkie. Photo supbulance service provider. When plied. the driver responsible for the accident phoned Mukoma that following Monday and requested the police report, she asked him for the owner of the company’s direct contact numbers, as she could not get hold of him on the landline. When she finally spoke to the owner – who would only communicate via WhatsApp - and asked him what he was going to do about the damage to her bakkie, he told her to send him the police report, By Bernard Chiguvare

Running through the forest for SPCA On Saturday morning, the Louis Trichardt SPCA organised a “Run & Ride 4 Pets” event at the Hanglip plantation. The event was held as a fundraiser for the SPCA and was well supported by local residents. Competitors could choose between a 4km, 8km, 13km and 22km route, which took them through the beautiful scenery in the forest. The event also served as an introduction to many residents of the district who were unaware of the beautiful hiking routes in the forest.

Allegations of bribery on Beitbridge border put SANDF in the spotlight era footage of SANDF members involving themselves in bribery. The Democratic Alliance’s On Tuesday, the SANDF’s shadow minister of defence, office of corporate communicaKobus Marais (MP), has said tions issued a statement strongthat he would be asking the ly condemning the actions of Minister of Defence, Thandi these soldiers. “The SANDF Modise, to probe allegations strongly condemns criminal of large-scale bribing of South activities and acts of corrupAfrican National Defence tion where our military force is Force (SANDF) members executing its constitutionally along the Zimbabwean mandated duties. Members border. This follows a Carte of the SANDF are expected to Blanche exposé on Sunday conduct themselves with the that showed SANDF soldiers necessary decorum and disseemingly accepting bribes cipline at all times,” reads the from persons wishing to leave statement. It goes on to state or enter the country illegally, that the Chief of the SANDF, as well as smuggling goods General Rudzani Maphwanya, across the border. and members of the Military “This brazen corruption by Command Council would like the very people tasked with to remind all members of the maintaining law and order at SANDF that no act of ill-disour borders is indicative of a cipline or criminality will be much larger problem of a lack tolerated or go unpunished in of executive oversight and the the military, regardless of rank general rot that has seeped into or position. the Department of Defence “It is therefore imperative and the SANDF. The situation that Minister Modise launches also further fuels the public’s an independent investigation mistrust in the army and anithat will guarantee that the mosity between South Africans officers implicated are held and immigrants who enter the accountable for their unlawful country legally,” said Marais in behaviour, as well as for abana media statement. doning and disobeying their Also interviewed in the constitutional roles, obligations exposé is SANDF national and mandate. The investigaspokesperson Brigadier-Gention should also seek to find eral Mafi Mgobozi. He tried to solutions that will ensure that downplay the seriousness of this type of illegal activity is not the problem at first, referring repeated,” said Marais. to members accepting bribes as Whether anything will come a few “rotten apples”. He later of the Chief of the SANDF and expressed his shock, however, Military Command Council’s after being shown hidden cam- threat of action against ill-disciBy Andries van Zyl

plined and corrupt members remains to be seen. It would also seem that the problem of SANDF members accepting bribes is more prevalent than just a “few rotten apples”. This was evident the past year, with no fewer than 11 SANDF soldiers stationed and previously stationed at the along the Zimbabwean border being arrested for bribery and corruption. On 18 June this year, police arrested two members of the SANDF, together with an undocumented Zimbabwean man, for allegedly transporting illegal cigarettes in an official army vehicle. The soldiers were in uniform, while the civilian was wearing an army jacket. The arrest took place on the N1 just north of Musina. Shortly after that, a total of nine soldiers were arrested by the Hawks (Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation) across the country for their alleged involvement in aiding and abetting a cross-border vehicle-smuggling syndicate while stationed at the Beitbridge Border Post between 2017 and 2019. The SANDF members would allegedly demand R15 000 in bribe money per vehicle, which would be shared among themselves. On Tuesday, provincial Hawks spokesperson Captain Matimba Maluleke confirmed that the nine accused’s next court appearance in Musina will be on 13 December this year. They were all granted R3 000 bail.

General Farm Workers Limpopo Province

Various positions are available for farm workers at the ZZ2 Farms in Limpopo Province. Positions are available for: • Production Workers (Tomatoes) • General Farm Workers (Tomatoes) • Pickers (Tomatoes) Requirements: • 18 years and older – SA Citizens (proof is required) • Must be willing to stay on the farm • Must be able to communicate in Xhosa, Sepedi, iShivenda, Tsonga, English or Afrikaans The minimum wage will be paid according to Sectorial Determination13: Farm Worker Sector, South Africa. Enquiries can be directed to the following telephone number: 015 395 8599 during working hours. Closing date: 26 November 2021.

* Terms & Conditions apply

Contact George at 082 419 2359 or Kathu at 071 188 5055 and ask about Black November advertising specials


14 19 NOVEMBER 2021

Blackpool hold Defenders to a draw few minutes later. In the 22nd minute, Freddie Blackpool FC held the Hlalele of Blackpool’s wellon-form Mpheni Home timed shot missed the poles by Defenders to a 2-all draw in a mere inch. Gift Nemutandani their ABC Motsepe Limpopo of Defenders dribbled past League match played at the several defenders and scored in Louis Trichardt High School the 25th minute. Grounds on Saturday. Blackpool equalised in the Blackpool had an opportu27th minute through Julius nity for a goal in the opening Likhontsane, after he received minutes, but Julius Lika square pass from Lesley hontsane shot into the hands Mkhize. Mashudu Makhavhu, of the opponents´ keeper, the keeper of Blackpool, then Ludick Mkhatswa. Defenders’ saved a sure goal from the boot misfortune continued and in of Thabelo Tshikweta. the 11th minute, Kamohelo Blackpool increased the score Mabuya shot over the bar with when Freddie Hlalele finished only the keeper to beat. Thulani off a header from Ayanda Mabizela of Blackpool was yel- Gqaba. Defenders equalised low-carded for a rough tackle a when Samkele Tembe beat By Kaizer Nengovhela

three defenders in a row and scored easily. Blackpool were awarded a penalty and Unarine Kudzingana shot straight to the keeper, Ludick Mkhatswa, who had no problems saving it. The score was still 2-2 at the break. The second half was war from the onset. Defenders started the half at a very fast pace, giving their opponents no moment to breathe. Defenders should have scored in the 67th minute, but their striker, Ndivhaleni Manenzhe, hesitated for too long. Defenders had another opportunity to score in the 78th minute, but Regional Mhlanga´s shot hit the crossbar and bounced back into the field of play.

Sello Chokoe joins Ablex United By Kaizer Nengovhela

Thulani Mabizela of Blackpool protects the ball from Regional Mhlanga. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela. Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

CONTRACT X.002-103-2019/1 & N.001-280-2019/2

VACANCY Public Liaison Officer (PLO) SR Construction Site Office at Louis Trichardt Contract Duration: 12 months (Renewable yearly up to end of June 2024) Remuneration: The successful candidate will earn a salary of R10 000,00 per month and R300,00 cell phone allowance per month. Requirements: Suitable candidates will need to have the following minimum qualifications and relevant experience: Minimum requirements/experience • Must have Grade 12 or equivalent qualification (NQF level 4) • Previous experience as a Public Liaison Officer will be preferred/or worked on previous community projects • Computer Literate (MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint) • Experience with working with communities • Must be a resident from the Target Area (Collins Chabane Local Municipality – Ward 26,27,28,29,30 & 31) and must therefore attach proof of residence • Must have good communication skills • Must be mature and have respect for the community, contractor, Client and his representatives. • Must always act in the best interest of the project. Roles & Responsibilities: • Be available on site daily from 07:00 -17:00. • Communicate with the Contractor and Engineer daily to determine required skills and number of labours. • Facilitate and assist in labour disputes resolution and ensure procedures are adhered to and that sanctions are reasonable • Assist and facilitate in the recruitment of suitable temporary labour and the establishment of a labour desk where required • Attend all PLC meetings and present a progress report • Assist in the identification, screening of labourers from the community in accordance with the contractors needs • Organise and assist the contractor to explain to all temporary labourers of their conditions of temporary employment and to inform temporary labourers as early as possible when their period of employment will be terminated • Ensure that there are agreements between the contractor and the labourers • Ensure that workers are paid what is due to them and on time • Attend disciplinary proceedings to ensure that hearings are fair and reasonable • Handle such other duties as agreed upon between parties concerned • Keep daily written record of interviews and community liaison which should summarized and included in the monthly progress reports • Keep records of labourers appointed, their ID’s, days worked, wages paid etc. • Prepare monthly progress reports • Assist SANRAL in the performance of their duties Closing Date: This Vacancy will close on the 30th of November 2021 at 12:00 and all documents (clear/colour copies) listed below must be submitted to HR Offices, Collins Chabane Local Municipality, DCO Building for the attention of Mr. Takalani Nangammbi (078 800 4021) - CONTRACT X.002-1032019/1 & N.001-280-2019/2: PLO. All applications must include; • Curriculum Vitae with experience (CV) • Grade 12 or NQF level 4 Certificate • ID and/or Driver’s License Copy • Proof of address (Letter from the Ward Councilor) Please note: No documents will be accepted after the abovementioned time and date

The former head coach of Baroka FC, Black Leopards and chief executive officer of Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila (TTM), Mr Sello Chokoe, was appointed as the head coach of the ABC Motsepe Promotional League side, Ablex United. Chokoe joined the club last Monday as the new coach. His first match on the bench was when his team beat Musina United 2-1 on Saturday. After losing their first league match 3-0 to the rookies, Vondwe XI Bullets, the management of Ablex decided to give Chokoe full responsibility for the team. A quick glance at Chokoe’s track record shows that he is no ordinary coach but a real football guru. The team manager, Mr Madambi Lisoga, said that he was confident that Choeke would steer the team to greater successes. Chokoe said that he had been given the mandate to ensure that the team complete the league programme. “It feels great. I thank Ablex United for giving me this opportunity. Together we are going to achieve greater things.” Chokoe reckoned that the mandate was not difficult for him, because they had a rock-solid squad. “So, it’s achievable. The players must have the right mentality and the willingness to do it. There are quite a few experienced players here

and I think, if we work together, we will achieve our objective,” he said.

Sello Chokoe, the new Ablex United coach. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela.




55 Commercial Rd Louis Trichardt

Paper, Stationery, Cartridges, Stamps Face shields and hand sanitizers now available


NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late MUKWEVHO TSHINANNE HANNAH, Iden�ty number 510721 0687 081 who resided at TSHAKHUMA, who died on the 27 MARCH 2021, and who was a widow. Estate number: 2701/2021 All persons having claim against the abovemen�oned estate must lodge them with the executor within 30 days from date of publica�on hereof. Adv. thabelo P. manyelenye. Shothodzo Complex, Office No.14 CELL.0767448856, Email: manyelenyelet@ Ref:193/2021

COXWELL STEYN VISE & NAUDE INC IN THE ESTATE OF THE LATE: AIFHELI ALFRED NDANGANENI IDENTITY NUMBER: 480730 5188 082 DATE OF DEATH: 10 SEPTEMBER 2020 ESTATE NO: 1095/2021 (THOHOYANDOU) LAST ADDRESS: STAND C65, DZUMBATHOHO VILLAGE Pursuant to the provisions of sec�on 35(4) and (5) of Act 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the above Estate will lie for inspec�on to all persons interested therein at the office of the Master of the High Court in THOHOYANDOU and a duplicate copy thereof at the office of the Magistrate, LOUIS TRICHARDT for a period of TWENTY-ONE (21) DAYS, reckoned from the 19th of NOVEMBER 2021. MR. ANDRÉ NAUDÉ COXWELL, STEYN, VISE & NAUDé INC. EXECUTOR 31 SONGOZWI STREET P O BOX 52 LOUIS TRICHARDT, 0920 E-MAIL: TEL: (015) 516 0116 FAX: (015) 516 3055 REF: A NAUDÉ/ZW/ NDA51/1

HARMAN. NETHONONDA ATTORNEYS INC NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In The Estate Of The Late: Nelushi Ntavhanyeni Freddie Estate Number: 2664/2021. Date Of Death: 2021-08-10 Date Of Birth: 1963-04-04 Iden�ty Number: 630404 6772 083 Last Known Address: House No: 540, Vuwani Ext 1, Limpopo Province. All Persons Having A Claim Against The Above Men�oned Estate Are Required To Lodge Their Claim With The Undersigned Within 30 (Thirty) Days A�er The Date Of Publica�on Hereof. Dated At Polokwane This 11Th Day Of November 2021. Harman.nethononda A�orneys Inc A�orneys, Notaries, Conveyancers & Costs Consultants 88 Hans Van Rensburg Street Cnr Davenish & Hans Van Rensburg Streets Unit No. 06, Beau Geste Building, P.o Box 1045 Polokwane, 0700 Tel: 015 065 0740 Cel: 078 7510 772 / 066 380 9590 Fax: 086 7252 857/ 086 725 3090 Email: Hnethononda@ Harmana�orneys@Gmail. com Ref: H/Est/052/21


Estate Late: MAKONDELELA NNGIDIMISENI LEAH ID Number: 600109 0531 080 Estate No: 2779 / 2021 Last Address: MULEDANE BLOCK J, THOHOYANDOU Date of Death: 2021.06. 05 Kindly take No�ce that all Creditors and Debtor having a claim against the abovemen�oned estate must lodge it with the executors concerned within 30 days from date of publica�on thereof. DATED AT THOHOYANDOU THE 15TH DAY OF NOVEMBER 2021 JAG LEGAL CONSULTANTS (PTY) LTD. Executrix Agents Ma�dza Complex, Office No 37, Behind Shoprite, Thohoyandou, 0950 Tel: 076 648 8812 Email: jagpage06@gmail. com REF: MAKONDELELA /JLC/ EST//041 / 2021

MADZHIGA ATTORNEYS INC NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 Estate Late Manenzhe Tshililo Amos, I.D no: 511113 5127 082 of Stand No 2048, Shayandima,

who died on the 202108-20 Estate number: 2705/2021. Master’s office: Thohoyandou. Persons having claims against this estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from date of publica�on hereof. Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 10Th day of November 2021. Madzhiga A�orneys Inc. Office No. 02, 3Rd Floor Bindulavhathu Building Thohoyandou Fax: 086 510 4064 TEL: 0159691314 REF: TJ/EST/146/2021

MAFANELA GEO-ENVIRO NOTICE ISSUED IN TERMS OF REGULATION 4(2) OF THE EIA REGULATION, REGARDING THE APPROVED ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORISATION FOR THE PORTION 6 OF ESMEFOUR 29 MT WITHIN THE MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT OF VHEMBE WITH REF: LP30/5/2/3/11627 MP Lim Sand Mineral Pty Ltd have been granted an Environmental Authoriza�on for applica�on of mining permit for sand general and related mining ac�vi�es issued by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) on the 09th of November 2021. Reasons For The Decision In reaching the decision the Department looked into the following considera�on: (a) A public par�cipa�on processes (ppp) was undertaken and the Applicant has sa�sfied the minimum requirements as prescribed in the NEMA EIA 2014 Regula�ons for Public involvement (b) The environmental impacts associated with the proposed mi�ga�on measures as outlined in the BAR (c) The closure and rehabilita�on is included in the BAR. (d) The environmental emergencies procedure is included in the BAR (e) The environmental awareness plan is included in the BAR and (f) The quantum calcula�on of the financial provision for rehabilita�on of the prospec�ng ac�vi�es is included in the BAR. No�ce Of Intension To Appeal: An appeal can be lodged against the decision as s�pulated in the Na�onal Appeals Regula�ons 2014 should you wish to appeal. The appeal must be lodged within 20 days from the date of receipt of the no�fica�on to the minister of Environmental Affairs. The appeal must be lodged as prescribed in the Na�onal Appeal Regula�ons 2014 by means of the following methods: Appeal to the Department of Environmental Affairs: A�en�on: Directorate Appeals and legal review Email:

appealsdirectorate@ By post: private bag x 447, Pretoria,0001 By hand: Environmental House, corner Steve Biko and Soutpansberg Street, Arcadia, Pretoria,0083 Copy of the lodged appeal to the Department of Mineral Resources A�en�on: Regional Manager: Limpopo Region Email: tebogo. Fax: 086 7101 045 By post: private bag x 9467, Polokwane,0700 By hand: DMR building,101 Dorp Street, Polokwane,0699


NOTICE OF APPLICATION IN TERMS OF CHAPTER 3, SECTION 20 OF THE MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY SPATIAL PLANNING, LAND DEVELOPMENT AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT BY-LAW, 2016. Applica�on for: Demarca�on of Sites on a Por�on of the Farm Goedverwatch�ng no. 19LT, in the Makhado Local Municipality, Limpopo Province. Applica�on Reference: Demarca�on of Sites in Dovheni Village, Makhado Local Municipality. Mahlori Development Consultants, being the authorised agent of the Makhado Local Municipality, hereby gives no�ce in terms of Chapter 3, Sec�on 20 of the Makhado Municipality Spa�al Planning, Land Development and Land use Management By-Law, 2016, for the Demarca�on of Sites on a Por�on of the Farm Goedverwatch�ng no. 19LT, Limpopo Province. The proposed demarca�on will comprise of 307 sites zoned as follows: • Residen�al - 297 • Business - 2 • Ins�tu�onal - 1 • Educa�onal - 1 • Place of Worship - 1 • Open Space - 5 Par�culars of the applica�on will lie for inspec�on during normal offices hours at the Makhado Local Municipality, Civic Centre No.83 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt, 0920, for 30 days from 29 October 2021. Objec�ons to or representa�ons in respect of the applica�on must be lodged with or made in wri�ng to the municipal manager at the above address within 30 days from 29 October 2021. Name and Address of Agent: MAHLORI DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS Suite 11 &12, Tijger Vallei Office Park, Silver Lakes, 0081 Phone: 012 943 0068 Email: Info@mahlori. / kagisomohlala9@ MATHOBO, RAMBAU & SIGOGO ATTORNEYS. NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 OF ACT 66 OF 1965 ESTATE OF THE LATE

MPHAPHULI TAKALANI ANNA. NO: 2602/2021 ID NO: 451025 0229 089. Last Address: Tshiruluni Louis Trichardt All persons having claims against the above men�oned estate are required to lodge their claims with the undersigned within 30 days a�er the date of the publica�on hereof. Mathobo, Rambau & Sigogo Inc. 28 Mphephu Drive Next To Jj Motors Thohoyandou P.O. Box 775 Sibasa ,0970 Tel: 015 962 0712 E-mail:

Mutshimbili Projects (Pty) Ltd No�ce is given in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regula�ons Lis�ng no�ce 1 of Government No�ce No. R327 in Government Gaze�e No. 40772 of 7 April 2017 under the Na�onal Environmental Management (NEMA) (Act No. 107 of 1998) of intent to carry out the following ac�vity:(19) Any ac�vity including the opera�on of that ac�vity which requires a mining permit in terms of sec�on 27 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (Act No. 28 of 2002), including: (a) associated infrastructure, structures and earthworks, directly related to prospec�ng of a mineral resource; or (b) the primary processing of a mineral resource including winning, extrac�on, classifying, concentra�ng, crushing, screening or washing; but excluding the secondary processing of a mineral resource, including the smel�ng, beneficia�on, reduc�on, refining, calcining or gasifica�on of the mineral resource in which case ac�vity 6 in Lis�ng No�ce 2 applies. Project Descrip�on: Mining Permit applica�on of sand in the Makhado area Applica�on Ref no: LP30/5/1/3/2/11651MP Loca�on: Certain por�on of the farm Langdraai 627 MS, within the magisterial district of Makhado, Limpopo Province. Applica�on Ref no: LP30/5/1/3/2/11652MP Loca�on: Certain por�on of the farm Solvent 615 MS, within the magisterial district of Makhado, Limpopo Province. Applicant: Plumiscape (Pty) Ltd Target Mineral: Sand Competent Authority: Department of Mineral Resouces and Energy (Limpopo Region) Public Comments Are Invited Stakeholders are invited to register as Interested and Affected Par�es (I&Aps) and to par�cipate in the process by iden�fying issues of concern for considera�on in the compila�on of the Scoping Report. Please submit your wri�en comments by post, fax or email within 30 days of this no�ce to: Mutshimbili Projects (Pty) Ltd 51 Stone Terrace, Granite Crescent, Stoneridge Centurion, 0157 Cell: 081 780 3854 Fax: 086 607 6158 Email: harry@mutshimbili.


NOTICE OF PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PROCESS OF APPLICATION FOR BASIC ASSESSMENT PROCESS No�ce is hereby given in terms of Regula�on 41(2) (c) (i) of Government No�ce R. 982 of the 2014 Environmental Impact Assessment Regula�ons, as amended on the 7 April 2017 promulgated in terms of the Na�onal Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998) as amended for the inten�on to carry out the Basic Assessment Process for the proposed development of the filling sta�on and other associated infrastructure in Makwarela-A, Limpopo Province. 1st September (Pty) Ltd has appointed Phakanani Environmental to undertake an Basic Assessment process for the proposed construc�on of a filling sta�on and associated infrastructure with a total storage capacity of 138 000L (138m3) in Makwarele-A on the remaining extent of the farm Mpapuli 278 MT within Thulamela Local Municipality of Vhembe District, Limpopo Province. The associated infrastructure includes the forecourt canopy, parking area, toilets, parking bays, and the refreshment facility. The total fuel storage capacity for the filling sta�on is planned at 138 000L (138m3), consis�ng of six (6x23 000l (23m3)) underground fuel storage tanks. Site central coordinates: 22°56’45.10”S; 30°29’28.70”E. The proposed project triggers the following in terms of NEMA Regula�ons: • Ac�vity 14 in GN R.327 under Lis�ng No�ce 1 as amended Therefore a Basic Assessment Applica�on will be lodged with the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET). The dra� Basic Assessment Report is available upon request. Any interested member of the public wishing to formally object or comment on the above men�oned project are requested to register as interested and affected par�es and forward their objec�ons and comments by sending their name and contact details (email, cell, postal address or fax with reasons) and an indica�on of only environmental related issues or other interest regarding the proposed project within 30 days of publishing this no�ce. For further informa�on pertaining to the project, kindly contact Phakanani Environmental on the details below. Phakanani Environmental Tsunduka Hatlane 08 Burger St, Polokwane, P.O Box 1198, Fauna Park, 0787 Tel: 015 291 3189 / 083 5420 454 Fax: 086 668 5960 Email:


19 NOVEMBER 2021 15

SCHEDULE 22 OF THE MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY SPATIAL PLANNING, LAND DEVELOPMENT AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT BYLAW, 2016, FOR SPECIAL CONSENT TO CONSTRUCT A TELECOMMUNICATION MAST AND BASE STATION ON ERF 1196, LOUIS TRICHARDT TOWNSHIP. I, Yunus Marince on behalf of Smit & Fisher Planning (Pty) Ltd, being the authorised agent of the owner of Erf 1196, Louis Trichardt Township hereby give no�ce in terms of Sec�on 73 of the Makhado Spa�al Planning, Land Development and Land use management By-law, 2016 read together with clause 22 of the Makhado Land Use Scheme, 2009, in opera�on, that I have applied to Makhado Municipality for special consent use for the construc�on of a Telecommunica�on Mast and Base Sta�on situated at Corner of Burger and Vlei street, Louis Trichardt. Par�culars of the applica�on will lie for inspec�on during normal office hours at the Director Development Planning office, C001, first floor Civic Centre or Town Planning office, first floor Civic Centre, for a period of 30 days from 12 November 2021 un�l 13 December 2021. Objec�ons to or representa�ons in respect of the applica�on must be lodged with or made in wri�ng and hand delivered to the above men�oned offices or posted to the Municipal Manager, Makhado Municipality, Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 within a period of 30 days from 12 November 2021 un�l 13 December 2021. Address of authorised agent: Yunus Marince on behalf of Smit & Fisher Planning (Pty) Ltd 371 Melk Street or P.O. Box 908 Nieuw Muckleneuk Groenkloof 0181 0027 Email: Tel. No.: 012 346 2340 Dates of the no�ce: 12 November 2021 and 19 November 2021.

Smit & Fisher Planning (Pty) Ltd KENNISGEWING IN TERME VAN ARTIKEL 93 VAN DIE MAKHADO MUNISIPALITEIT RUIMTELIKE BEPLANNING, GROND ONTWIKKELING EN GRONDGEBRUIK BYWET, 2016, SAAM GELEES MET SKEDULE 22 VAN DIE MAKHADO MUNISIPALITEIT RUIMTELIKE BEPLANNING, GROND ONTWIKKELING EN GRONDGEBRUIK BYWET, 2016, VIR SPESIALE TOESTEMMING VIR DIE KONSTRUKSIE VAN ‘N TELEKOMMUNIKASIEMAS EN BASISSTASIE OP ERF 1196, LOUIS TRICHARDT DORPSGEBIED Ek, Yunus Marince namens Smit en Fisher Beplanning (Edms) Bpk, die gemag�gde agent van die eienaar van Erf 1196, Louis Trichardt Dorpgebied, gee hiermee kennis in terme van Ar�kel 73 van die Makhado Ruimtelike Beplanning, Grond Ontwikkeling en Grondgebruik By-Wet, 2016, saam gelees met Klousule 22 van die Makhado Grondgebruik Skema, 2009, dat ‘n aansoek

ingedien is by Makhado Munisipaliteit vir Spesiale Toestemming om ‘n gedeelte van die bogenoemde eiendom te gebruik vir die konstruksie van ‘n Telekommunikasiemas en Basisstasie, geleë te Hoek van Burger en Vlei Straat, Louis Trichardt. Planne en/of besonderhede rakende die aansoek kan besig�g word gedurende kantoorure by die Direkteur Ontwikkeling Beplanning Kantoor, C001, eerste vloer Burgersentrum of Stadsbeplanning Kantoor, eerste vloer Burgersentrum, vir ‘n tydperk van 30 dae vanaf 12 November 2021 tot 13 Desember 2021. Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet skri�elik ingedien word by die bogenoemde kantore of per pos gestuur word na die Munisipale Bestuurder, Makhado Munisipaliteit, Privaatsak X2596, Makhado, 0920 binne a tydperk van 30 dae vanaf 12 November 2021 tot 13 Desember 2021. Adres van die gemag�gde agent: Rohan Paul Vorster namens Smit en Fisher Beplanning (Edms) Bpk 371 Melk Straat of Posbus 908 Nieuw Muckleneuk Groenkloof 0181 0027 Epos: Tel. No.: 012 346 2340 Datums van kennisgewing: 12 November 2021 en 19 November 2021.

TORBIOUSE SOLUTIONS CC MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY SPATIAL PLANNING, LAND DEVELOPMENT AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT BY-LAW, 2019 Special Consent Use applica�on for: the construc�on and opera�on of a telecommunica�on mast and base sta�on. I Gerhard Human, being the authorised agent of the owner of Remaining Extent of the Farm Senthimala’s Loca�on 291 LS, hereby give no�ce in terms of Sec�on 93 of the Makhado Municipality Spa�al Planning, Land Development and Land Use Management ByLaw, 2016 in opera�on, that we, Torbiouse Solu�ons CC have applied to Makhado Municipality for Special Consent use in terms of Sec�on 75(1) of the Makhado Municipality Spa�al Planning, Land Development and Land Use Management By-Law, 2016, read together with Clause 22 of the Makhado Land Use Scheme, 2009for the construc�on and opera�on of a Telecommunica�on Masts and Base Sta�on on Remaining Extent of the Farm Senthimala’s Loca�on 291 LS., situated at Schoemansdal Sta�on Road, Gogobole Village. Par�culars of the applica�on will lie for inspec�on during normal office hours at both: the Director Development Planning Office, C001, First Floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt, for a period of 30 days from 12 (continues on p16)

DEADLINES FOR ADVERTS: Colour adverts: Mondays 16:00 • Classifieds and display adverts: Tuesdays 14:00


16 19 NOVEMBER 2021

MIRROR CLASSIFIED (continues from p15)

November 2021. Objec�ons to or representa�ons in respect of the applica�on must be lodged with or made in wri�ng and hand delivered to the above men�oned offices or posted to the Municipal Manager, Makhado Municipality, Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920, within a period of 30 days from 12 November 2021. Closing date for all comments will be 13 December 2021 Address of Authorised Agent: Torbiouse Solu�ons CC P.O. Box 32017, To�usdal, 0134, 418 Rus�c Road, Silvertondale, 0184 Tel: 012 804 1504 Fax: 012 804 7072 E-mail: pp@infraplan. Dates of the No�ce in the Limpopo Mirror 05 November 2021 and 12 November 2021 Reference number: 356648

TORBIOUSE SOLUTIONS CC Mulayowapo Wa Pulane Dza Fhethu Wa Masipala Wa Makhado, Mveledziso Ya Mavu Na Ndangulo Ya U Shumisa Mavu Wa 2019 Khumbelo Ya U Shumisa Thendelo Yo Khetheaho Kha: U Fha�wa Nau Thomiwa Ha Vhudavhidzani-Kule Na Tshi�tshi Tsha Mathomo. I Gerhard Human,Ane A Vha Zhendedzi Lo Tendelwaho La Mune Wa Bulasi Ya Senthimala’s Loca�on 291 LS, Ngaurali U Nea Ndivhadzo U Ya Nga Khethekanyo 93 Ya Mulayowapo Wa Masipala Wa Makhado Wa U Pulana Fhethu, Mveledziso Ya Mavu Na Ndangulo Ya U Shumisa Mavu Wa 2016 I Tshi Shuma Na, Uri Ro, Torbiouse Solu�ons Cc Ita Khumbelo Ya U Shumisa Thendelo Yo Khetheaho Ya Masipala Wa Makhado U Ya Nga Khethekanyo Ya75(1) Ya Mulayo Wa Masipala Wa U Pulana Fhethu, Mveledziso Ya Mavu Na U Shumisa Na Ndangulo Ya Mavu Wa Masipala Wa Makhado Wa 2016, U Vhalwaho Khathihi Na Lutavhi Lwa 22 Lwa Tshikimu Tsha U Shumiswa Ha Mavu Tsha Makhado Lwa 2009 , U Itela U Fhata Na U Shumisa Masithi Na Dza Vhudavhidzanokule Na Tshi�tshi Tsha Mutheo Kha Bulasi Ya Senthimala’s Loca�on 291 LS I Re Seli Ha Bada Ya Schoemansdal Sta�on Road, Gogobole Village Zwidodombedzwa Zwa Khumbelo Zwi Do Vhonwa Nga Tshi�inga Tsho Teaho Tsha Mushumo Kha Ofisi Ya Mutshimbidzi Wa Pulane Dza Mveledziso , C001, Fuloro Ya U Thoma, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt, Lwa Tshi�inga Tsha Maduvha A 30 U Bva 12 November 2021. U Hanedza Kana U Swikisa Makumedzwa Nga Ha Khumbelo Zwi Tea U Swikiswa Kana U Itwa Nga U Tou Nwala Na U Iswa Nga Tshanda Kha Ofisi Dzo Bulwaho

A�o Ntha Kana Zwa Rumelwa Kha Mulanguli Wa Masipala, Masipala Wa Makhado, Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920, Kha Maduvha A 30 U Bva 12 November 2021. Duvha La U Vala La Makumedzwa Li Do Vha 13 December 2021 Address of Authorised Agent: Torbiouse Solu�ons CC P O Box 32017, To�usdal, 0134, 418 Rus�c Road, Silvertondale, 0184 Tel: 012 804 1504 Fax: 012 804 7072 E-mail: pp@infraplan. Dates of the No�ce in the Limpopo Mirror: 12 November 2021 and 19 November 2021 Reference number: 356648

TORBIOUSE SOLUTIONS CC MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY SPATIAL PLANNING, LAND DEVELOPMENT AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT BY-LAW, 2019 Special Consent Use applica�on for: the construc�on and opera�on of a telecommunica�on mast and base sta�on. I Gerhard Human, being the authorised agent of the owner of The Farm Reubander 21 LT., hereby give no�ce in terms of Sec�on 93 of the Makhado Municipality Spa�al Planning, Land Development and Land Use Management ByLaw, 2016 in opera�on, that we, Torbiouse Solu�ons CC have applied to Makhado Municipality for Special Consent use in terms of Sec�on 75(1) of the Makhado Municipality Spa�al Planning, Land Development and Land Use Management By-Law, 2016, read together with Clause 22 of the Makhado Land Use Scheme, 2009for the construc�on and opera�on of a Telecommunica�on Masts and Base Sta�on on The Farm Reubander 21 LT situated Off R524 Mashamba. Par�culars of the applica�on will lie for inspec�on during normal office hours at both: the Director Development Planning Office, C001, First Floor, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt, for a period of 30 days from 12 November 2021. Objec�ons to or representa�ons in respect of the applica�on must be lodged with or made in wri�ng and hand delivered to the above men�oned offices or posted to the Municipal Manager, Makhado Municipality, Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920, within a period of 30 days from 12 November 2021. Closing date for all comments will be 13 December 2021 Address of Authorised Agent: Torbiouse Solu�ons CC P.O. Box 32017, To�usdal, 0134, 418 Rus�c Road, Silvertondale, 0184 Tel: 012 804 1504, Fax: 012 804 7072 E-mail: pp@infraplan. Dates of the No�ce in

the Limpopo Mirror: 12 November 2021 and 19 November 2021 Reference number: 356612

TORBIOUSE SOLUTIONS CC Mulayowapo Wa Pulane Dza Fhethu Wa Masipala Wa Makhado, Mveledziso Ya Mavu Na Ndangulo Ya U Shumisa Mavu Wa 2019 Khumbelo Ya U Shumisa Thendelo Yo Khetheaho Kha: U Fha�wa Nau Thomiwa Ha Vhudavhidzani-Kule Na Tshi�tshi Tsha Mathomo. I Gerhard Human,Ane A Vha Zhendedzi Lo Tendelwaho La Mune Wa Bulasi Ya Reubander 21 Lt., Ngaurali U Nea Ndivhadzo U Ya Nga Khethekanyo 93 Ya Mulayowapo Wa Masipala Wa Makhado Wa U Pulana Fhethu, Mveledziso Ya Mavu Na Ndangulo Ya U Shumisa Mavu Wa 2016 I Tshi Shuma Na, Uri Ro, Torbiouse Solu�ons Cc Ita Khumbelo Ya U Shumisa Thendelo Yo Khetheaho Ya Masipala Wa Makhado U Ya Nga Khethekanyo Ya75(1) Ya Mulayo Wa Masipala Wa U Pulana Fhethu, Mveledziso Ya Mavu Na U Shumisa Na Ndangulo Ya Mavu Wa Masipala Wa Makhado Wa 2016, U Vhalwaho Khathihi Na Lutavhi Lwa 22 Lwa Tshikimu Tsha U Shumiswa Ha Mavu Tsha Makhado Lwa 2009 , U Itela U Fhata Na U Shumisa Masithi Na Dza Vhudavhidzanokule Na Tshi�tshi Tsha Mutheo Kha Bulasi Ya Reubander 21 LT I Re Seli Ha Bada Ya R524 Mashamba. Zwidodombedzwa Zwa Khumbelo Zwi Do Vhonwa Nga Tshi�inga Tsho Teaho Tsha Mushumo Kha Ofisi Ya Mutshimbidzi Wa Pulane Dza Mveledziso , C001, Fuloro Ya U Thoma, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt, Lwa Tshi�inga Tsha Maduvha A 30 U Bva 12 November 2021. U Hanedza Kana U Swikisa Makumedzwa Nga Ha Khumbelo Zwi Tea U Swikiswa Kana U Itwa Nga U Tou Nwala Na U Iswa Nga Tshanda Kha Ofisi Dzo Bulwaho A�o Ntha Kana Zwa Rumelwa Kha Mulanguli Wa Masipala, Masipala Wa Makhado, Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920, Kha Maduvha A 30 U Bva 12 November 2021. Duvha La U Vala La

Makumedzwa Li Do Vha 13 December 2021 Address of Authorised Agent: Torbiouse Solu�ons CC P.O. Box 32017, To�usdal, 0134, 418 Rus�c Road, Silvertondale, 0184 Tel: 012 804 1504 Fax: 012 804 7072 E-mail: pp@infraplan. Dates of the No�ce in the Limpopo Mirror: 12 November 2021 and 19 November 2021 Reference number: 356612

PROSPECTING RIGHT AND RELATED INFRASTRUCTURAL ACTIVITIES IN RESPECT OF FARM ISLET 317 MS SITUATED WITHIN THE MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT OF MUSINA, LIMPOPO REGION. REF: LP 30/5/1/1/3/2/1 (13798) EM This no�ce serves to no�fy all registered Interested and Affected Par�es that the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has issued an Environmental Authoriza�on (EA) to Mihlo� Mining (Pty) Ltd to prospect for Diamond, Diamond (Alluvial) and Diamond (in Kimberlite) under the


project indicated above in subject. Should you wish to appeal any aspect of the decision, you must submit the appeal to the Minister of Environmental Affairs and a courtesy copy of such an appeal to the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (Limpopo Regional Office), within 20 days from the date of this no�fica�on, and such appeal must be lodged as prescribed in by Chapter 2 of the Na�onal Appeal Regula�ons of 2014. APPEAL TO THE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS A�en�on: Directorate Appeals

and Legal Review Email: appeals@environment. By Post: Private Bag X 447, Pretoria, 0001 By Hand: Environmental House, Corner Steve Biko and Soutpansberg Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083 COPY OF THE LODGED APPEAL TO THE DEPARTMENT OF MINERAL RESOURCES A�en�on: Regional Manager: Limpopo Region By Facsimile: (015) 297 7230 Email: tebogo.mangaba@ By Post: Private Bag X 9467, Polokwane, 0700

By Hand: DMR Building, 101 Dorp Street, Polokwane, 0699 COPIES OF THE EA ARE AVAILABLE FROM: Applicant: Mihlo� Mining (Pty) Ltd. Contact person: Mihlo� Ethel Address: P.O. Box 1476, Musina, 0900, Cell: 072 191 4121 Email: Consultant: Tshambila Env Consultant (Pty) Ltd. Contact Person: Nembilwi Ndamulelo, Address: 371 De Wet Drive, Polokwane, 0699 Cell: 061 477 6160 Tel: 015 880 0240 Fax: 087 220 4046, Email: nembilwi.ndamulelo@gmail. com

MUSINA LOCAL MUNICIPALITY NOTICE NO: 03-2021/2022 ERRATUM MUSINA LOCAL MUNICIPALITY FIRST MUNICIPAL COUNCIL / INAUGURAL MEETING: Notice is hereby given to the public of a change in the notice issued by the Municipal Manager in terms of section 29 (2) of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, 1998 (Act Number 117, as amended) published on Limpopo Mirror of 12 November 2021, that the date of Musina Local Municipality First Municipal Council / Inaugural Meeting is rescheduled to Tuesday 23 November 2021 at 10h00, at Musina Showground, Pat Harrison Road. TN Tshiwanammbi MUNICIPAL MANAGER Musina Local Municipality 21 Irwin Street Civic Centre Musina

Tel: 015-534-6100 Fax: 015-534-2513 Email: 15 November 2021 Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920

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Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 29(2) of the Local Government: Structures Act, Act 117 of 1998 that the 162nd Special Council meeting which was scheduled for 16 November 2021 was postponed and will now be held as follows: TIME : 10:00 DATE : Tuesday, 23 November 2021 VENUE : Main Hall, Show Ground, Makhado This is the first meeting of the 2021 elected Councillors. Enquiries must be directed to S G Maguga or M D Munyai at (015) 519 3000. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street, LOUIS TRICHARDT 18 and 19 November 2021 File No.: 4/2/2 Notice No 166 of 2021 MDM/lh/SpecialCouncilMeetingNotice_23November2021


VHEMBE T.V.E.T. COLLEGE Site no 203, Private Bag X2136, Sibasa, 0970, Limpopo • Tel: (015) 963 3156 / 963 3657 • Fax: (015) 963 3154 • E-mail:

CANCELLATION OF BIDS The following bid have been cancelled due to the reason indicated in the table below: Bid Number VTVET No 10/2021 VTVET No 11/2021

Description of Project Purchase, supply of Cartridges and Toners for a period of three years Purchase, supply of Stationary for a period of three years.

Date advertised Date Closed Reason for Cancellation 11/05/2021 10/06/2021 Validity Period Expired 11/05/2021


Validity Period Expired

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Mrs BR Hlekane The Principal

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19 NOVEMBER 2021 17

MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920


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All suitable service providers are hereby invited to bid for the below mentioned projects. Bidders are requested to bid as per specification attached to the bid documents non – refundable amount of R600.00 per document at the Procurement Office No. B043 Ground Floor, 83 Krogh Street, Civic Center, Makhado or can be downloaded from e-tender portal for free or BID NO:








86 of 2021

Refurbishment of 6x waste drop-off points within Makhado municipality area

24 November 2021

80/20 preferential points

CIDB Grading 02GB or higher

Acting Director Technical Services: Mr. File No. 8/3/2/ 1843 MG Raleshuku or Ms. MJ Mokgaga at Notice No. 167/2021 0155193000

10 December 2021 at 12:00pm

87 of 202

Refurbishment of Tshikota Community hall

24 November 2021

80/20 preferential points

CIDB Grading 03GB or higher

Acting Director Technical Services: Mr. File No.8/3/2/ 1844 MG Raleshuku or Ms. MJ Mokgaga at Notice No.168/2021 0155193000

10 December 2021 at 12:00pm

88 of 2021

Supply, delivery of material, labour and construction of 24 November 2021 concrete palisade fence at Tshikota Community hall

80/20 preferential points

CIDB Grading 03SQ or higher

Acting Director Technical Services: Mr. File No. 8/3/2/1845 MG Raleshuku or Ms. MJ Mokgaga at Notice No.169 /2021 0155193000

10 December 2021 at 12:00pm

89 of 2021

Supply, delivery of material, labour and construction of 24 November 2021 concrete palisade fence at Elvillas swimming pool

80/20 preferential points

CIDB Grading 03SQ or higher

Acting Director Technical Services: Mr. File No.8/3/2/1846 MG Raleshuku or Ms. MJ Mokgaga at Notice No.170 /2021 0155193000

10 December 2021 at 12:00pm

90 of 2021

Supply, delivery of material, labour and construction of 24 November 2021 concrete palisade fence at waterval Regional Office

80/20 preferential points

CIDB Grading 03SQ or higher

Acting Director Technical Services: Mr. File No.8/3/2/1847 MG Raleshuku or Ms. MJ Mokgaga at Notice No.171 /2021 0155193000

10 December 2021 at 12:00pm

91 of 2021

Supply, delivery of material, labour and construction of 30 November 2021 concrete palisade fence at Muwaweni Community hall

80/20 preferential points

CIDB Grading 04SQ or higher

Acting Director Technical Services: Mr. File No.8/3/2/1848 MG Raleshuku or Ms. MJ Mokgaga at Notice No.172 /2021 0155193000

14 December 2021 at 12:00pm

92 of 2021

Supply and delivery of trailers for Makhado local municipality

30 November 2021

80/20 preferential points

Acting Director Technical Services: Mr. MG Raleshuku or Ms. M Ramaru at 0155193000

File No.8/3/2/1849 Notice No.173 /2021

14 December 2021 at 12:00pm

93 of 2021

Supply and delivery of 3 x500litres Fuel Tankers for Makhado local municipality

30 November 2021

80/20 preferential points

Acting Director Technical Services: Mr. MG Raleshuku or Ms. M Ramaru at 0155193000

File No.8/3/2/1850 Notice No.174 /2021

14 December 2021 at 12:00pm

94 of 2021

Appointment of electrical contractor to Supply and erection of high masts lightening structures in Town Parks

30 November 2021

80/20 preferential points with functionality

Acting Director Technical Services: Mr MG Raleshuku or Mr TM Matodzi at 0155193000

File No.8/3/2/1851 Notice No.175 /2021

14 December 2021 at 12:00pm

Be in possession of a valid ORHVS certificate, Acting Director Technical Services: Mr with modules 1 to 10 or HVO-level 04. MG Raleshuku or Mr TM Matodzi at Certified copy of CIDB grading 03EP or higher. 0155193000 A certified copy of a valid wiremen’s license A letter/certificate as proof of being registered with the department of labour as an electrical contractor with IE or me (installation or master electrician) number

File No.8/3/2/1852 Notice No.176 /2021

14 December 2021 at 12:00pm

Be in possession of a valid ORHVS certificate, Acting Director Technical Services: Mr with modules 1 to 10 or HVO-level 04. MG Raleshuku or Mr TM Matodzi at Certified copy of CIDB grading 03EP or higher. 0155193000 A certified copy of a valid wiremen’s license A letter/certificate as proof of being registered with the department of labour as an electrical contractor with IE or me (installation or master electrician) number.

File No.8/3/2/1853 Notice No.177 /2021

10 January 2022 at 12:00pm

Be in possession of a valid ORHVS certificate, Acting Director Technical Services: Mr with modules 1 to 10 or HVO-level 04. MG Raleshuku or Mr TM Matodzi at Certified copy of CIDB grading 03EP or higher. 0155193000 A certified copy of a valid wiremen’s license A letter/certificate as proof of being registered with the department of labour as an electrical contractor with IE or me (installation or master electrician) number.

File No.8/3/2/1854 Notice No.178 /2021

10 January 2022 at 12:00pm

Only locally produced or locally manufactured Acting Director Technical Services: Mr transformers with a stipulated minimum thresh- MG Raleshuku or Mr TM Matodzi at old of 90% for local production and content will 0155193000 be considered. Be in possession of a valid ORHVS certificate, with modules 1 to 10 or HVO-level 04. Certified copy of CIDB grading 4EP or higher. A certified copy of a valid wiremen’s license A letter/certificate as proof of being registered with the department of labour as an electrical contractor with IE or me (installation or master electrician)

File No.8/3/2/1855 Notice No.179 /2021

10 January 2022 at 12:00pm

Acting Director Development and plan- File No.8/3/2/1856 ning Mr RV Phalanndwa at 0155193000 Notice No.180 /2021

14 January 2022 at 12:00pm

Acting chief financial officer : NG Raliphada or Ms P Mudau at 0155193000

14 January 2022 at 12:00pm

95 of 2021

96 of 2021

97 of 2021

Appointment of electrical contractor to upgrade 30 November 2021 wooden poles to concrete poles for 22kv line to Emma Substation.

Appointment of electrical contractor to upgrade wooden poles to concrete poles for 22kv line to industrial line

01 December 2021

Suppply, deliver and commissioning of 3 X Voltage regulators at Tshipise

01 December 2021

• • • •

• • • •

80/20 preferential points with functionality

• • • •

• • • •

98 of 2021

Appointment of electrical contractor to supply, deliver, install and commissioning of 10MVA Transformer (22000/11000) at Stubb Substation.

01 December 2021

First stage 90% local production content Second stage 80/20 preferential points

• • • •

99 of 2021

100 of 2021

Compilation and maintenance of the general valuation roll and supplementary valuation rolls as and when the supply of other valuation related services in compliance with the local government: Municipal Property Rates Act, 2004 ( Act no 6 of 2004) read together with local government : Municipal Property Rates amendment Act,2014 ( Act no.29 of 2014) for the period of three years

01 December 2021

Panel of service provider to publishing notices and adverts on different newspapers for three years

01 December 2021

• • •

80/20 preferential points

Be in possession of a valid ORHVS certificate, with modules 1 to 10 or HVO-level 04. Certified copy of CIDB grading 03EP or higher. A certified copy of a valid wiremen’s license A letter/certificate as proof of being registered with the department of labour as an electrical contractor with IE or me (installation or master electrician) number.

Attach certified copy of proof of professional indemnity insurance Certified copy of professional registration certificate with South African council for the property valuers profession. Attach audited annual financial statement for the previous three years ( only for those who are required by law )

File No. 8/3/2/1857 Notice No.181 /2021

NB: NO COMPULSORY BRIEFING MEETING FOR THE ABOVE MENTIONED BIDS Completed bid documents signed by a duly authorized person, sealed in an envelope clearly marked “As mentioned above” must reach the undersigned by depositing it into the tender box at the foyer of the main entrance to the Civic Centre by not later than “As mentioned above” when all tenders received will be opened in public in the Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, No.83 Krogh Street, Makhado. The Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid and reserves the right to accept any part of a bid. Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of submission thereof. Submitted tenders will be evaluated as mentioned above table. Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted in pencil or by telegraph or facsimile or electronically by e-mail, or not having the following documents attached for evaluation or not complying with the tender specifications, will not be evaluated and will be disqualified: • • • • •

Valid Tax compliance status pin issued by SARS A copy of company registration documents e.g. CK Certified copy/copies of company owner(s) ID book(s), not older than three (03) months. Attach proof of payment for municipal rates not owing for more than (03) months or formal lease agreement for rental premises or letter from the traditional authority in cases of non-ratable areas. (Attach for both entity and directors of the company) Copy of central supplier database report.

NB: • • • •

Service provider must submit their certified BBBEE verification certificate from verification agency accredited by South African National Accreditation system (SANAS) or sworn affidavit. All Service Provider doing business with Makhado municipality are required to register on the CSD (Central Supplier Database). A copy of a certified copy will not be accepted. The certification of the document should not be more than 3 months old.

All procurement enquiries should be directed to Ms. P Mudau or Mr. M Ramabulana at tel no. (015) 519 3044/3024 Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street, LOUIS TRICHARDT



18 19 NOVEMBER 2021 Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers


Victory for Ablex against Musina

with Matamela, who was in the perfect ing chances by adding to the number scoring position. Matamela’s goal inject- of their strikers as they approached the their ABC Motsepe League match ed more life into the whole team. opposition’s danger area, thus making (PTY) LTD In that was played at the Makhado Show Musina United regrouped from things easier for them to break the Grounds on Saturday, Ablex United behind, creating some promising moves solid defence of Ablex. Sammy Ndou ENVIRONMENTAL, GEO, SOCIAL CONSULTING & PROJECT MANAGERS collected the maximum points at the as they approached the opposition's of Musina was given a yellow card for expense of Musina United, whom they half. The half-time score was still 1-0 in rough play. Later in the match, Hosea NOTICE OF SECTION 24G APPLICATION beat 2-1. favour of Ablex. Kekae should have equalised, but his Ablex took the game to their oppoNotice is hereby given in terms of the Environmental Impact AsIn the second half, Ablex were attack- shot missed the pole by inches. nents from the onset, but their original ing in all departments and their sessment Regulation published in government notice R.985 OF 08 fighting spirit faded as the game proefforts did not pass without December 2014 National Environmental Management Act (Act No. gressed. Luckily, they were two goals reward as they scored their 107 of 1998) as amended to carry out the following project. ahead when they lost cohesion in the second goal in the 56th minute. Project Description: Application in consequences of unlawful commiddle of the park. Orilwela Nematenda was on mencement of listed activity in terms of Section 24G of the National They scored their opening goal in the target with a half volley. Environmental Management Act (Act 107 0f 1998) as amended in 40th minute when Mavhungu MataMusina pulled one back in respect of the establishment of a park at Mavambe village within mela found the net after a brilliant pass the 70th minute. Abel KgoPlans are afoot to get the weekly Parkrun from Owen Thuto. Thuto dribbled past monala gave the ball the final the jurisdiction of Collins Chabane Municipality of Vhembe District, up and running again in Louis Trichardt. two Musina defenders in a row and, touch after a scramble within Limpopo Province. This event has proven immensely popular instead of unleashing from the edge of the penalty box. Applicant: Mvudi Park Event Management (PTY) LTD in the past, until the worldwide Covid-19 the box, he chose to share his fortune Musina enhanced their scorpandemic brought an abrupt end to it. Contact person: Mr Mutavhatsindi T Local Parkrun volunteer Jaco Voigt, howevJustice Bopape Address: Mavambe –Malamulele, Limpopo, 0982 er, said this week that the Makhado Munici(left) of Musina Cell: 079 573 7083 pality had finally granted them permission to with the ball, In order to be identified as interested and affected party (I&AP) in resume with the weekly Parkrun each Saturwhile Matome terms of EIA process submits all your queries and comments to the day in the park of the tourism centre until 25 Mokwena tries following address within 30 days of publication of this notice: June 2022. to block the shot. Nine-time Comrades Marathon winner Photo: Kaizer Environmental consultant: MPC Technology Bruce Fordyce not only attended but also took Nengovhela. Attention: Sikhwari T part in Louis Trichardt’s first ever Parkrun on Address: P. O. Box 478, Sibasa, 0970 9 February 2019. The concept of Parkruns is Tel/Fax: 015 962 1639 simple: You turn up every Saturday and run Cell: 082 734 9246 5km; how fast you go does not matter and neiEmail: ther does what you are wearing. What matters is taking part. Voigt said that he was anxious to get the NOTICE OF THE TOWNSHIP ESTABLISHMENT APPLICATION ON REMAINING EXTENT OF PORTION 17 (A PORTION OF Parkruns going again. With the park’s recently PORTION 4) OF FARM RONDEBOSCH, 287- LS LIMPOPO PROVINCE IN TERMS SECTION 56 READ TOGETHER WITH SECTION being fenced off, some supporters asked why 85 OF THE MAKHADO LOCAL: MUNICIPAL PLANNING BY-LAW, 2016 did they not move the event to another venue, We, Andisa Zwashu Group (PTY) LTD, being the applicant of the property mentioned above hereby give notice in terms of Section 56 such as to the Soutpansberg Golf Club or even read together with section 85 of the Makhado Municipality Spatial Planning, Land Development and Land Use Management By-law, 2016, that we have applied to Makhado Municipality for the establishment of township to be known as Louis Trichardt extension 16 with the Komatiland plantation. the below-mentioned Erven and zonings; Although Voigt did not rule out the possiPublished by Zoutnet CC, trading as Limpopo Mirror of 16B Joubert • Erf 1 – Special use (Fuel Station, Accommodation and Truck stop). bility that the Parkrun might move to another Street, Louis Trichardt. Typographically prepared by the proprietors • Erf 2 - Business 1 for the purpose of a Hotel. and printed by D Brits, 1 Jeppe Street, Louis Trichardt venue in future, he did mention that this was • Erf 3- Road. easier said than done. He explained that a POSTAL ADDRESS Any objection(s) and/or comment(s), including the grounds for such objection(s) and/or comment(s) with full contact details, without whole new process of registering the event which the Municipality cannot correspond with the person or body submitting the objection(s) and/or comment(s), shall be lodged with, PO Box 1680, Louis Trichardt, 0920 or made in writing to: Municipal Manager, Makhado Municipality, Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 from 19 November 2021 until 17 and getting the necessary permission would Audited TELEPHONES: December 2021. Distribution have to be followed. One of the most importFigures Louis Trichardt: (015) 516 4996/7 Full particulars and plans (if any) may be inspected during normal office hours at the Municipal offices as set out below, for a period of ant aspects to keep in mind, said Voigt, was Louis Trichardt fax: (015) 516 2303 28 working days from 19 November 2021. athletes’ safety. “For instance, a Parkrun route Address of Municipal offices: 83 Krogh Street, Limpopo, Louis Trichardt, 0920. Closing date for any objections and/or comments: 19 is not allowed to cross a tarred road,” said E-MAIL: December 2021. Address of applicant: Andisa Zwashu Group (Pty) Ltd, 6653 Don Juan Street Sevilla Estate Centurion, Monavoni 0157. Voigt. Advertising: Cell: 074 306 0600. Email: Dates on which notice will be published: 19th and 26th November 2021. For the interim, said Voigt, the tourism Editor: KENNISGEWING VAN DIE AANSOEK OOR DORPSVRIGTING OOR OORSTAANDE GEDEELTE VAN GEDEELTE 17 (‘N GEDEELTE centre park (tree park) will remain the official Administrative: VAN GEDEELTE 4) VAN PLAAS RONDEBOSCH, 287- LS LIMPOPO PROVINSIE IN TERME ARTIKEL 56 LEES SAAM MET DIE M-85DEUR AFDELING M-85DOEN: Website: venue for the event. Before the next event can be hosted, however, they need to cut the grass Ons, Andisa Zwashu Group (PTY) LTD, synde die applikant van die eiendom hierbo genoem, gee hiermee kennis in terme van Artikel 56 WORLD YOUNG READER PRIZE 2005 saamgelees met artikel 85 van die Makhado Munisipaliteit se Verordening op Ruimtelike Beplanning, Grondontwikkeling en Grondgea bit and clear the track. “They also changed bruikbestuur, 2016, dat ons by Makhado Munisipaliteit aansoek gedoen het vir die stigting van dorp wat bekend staan as Louis Trichardt the time-keeping system of the Parkrun, uitbreiding 16 met die onderstaande Erwe en sonerings; which we need to sort out first,” said Voigt. • Erf 1 – Spesiale gebruik (Brandstofstasie, Akkommodasie en Vragmotorstop). Having said that, Voigt said that the clear• Erf 2 - Besigheid 1 vir die doel van ‘n Hotel. ing of the track would not take too long. Once • Erf 3- Pad. this is done, residents will be informed as to Enige beswaar(s) en/of kommentaar(s), insluitend die gronde vir sodanige beswaar(s) en/of kommentaar(s) met volledige kontakbesonderhede, waarsonder die Munisipaliteit nie kan korrespondeer met die persoon of liggaam wat die beswaar(s) indien nie. ) en/of when the next Parkrun will be hosted. kommentaar(s), ingedien word by, of skriftelik gemaak word aan: Munisipale Bestuurder, Makhado Munisipaliteit, Privaatsak X2596, The local Parkrun is hosted by the SoutMakhado, 0920 vanaf 19 November 2021 tot 17 Desember 2021. pansberg Athletics Club, in conjunction with NEWS Volledige besonderhede en planne (indien enige) kan gedurende gewone kantoorure by die Munisipale kantore soos hieronder the Soutpansberg Chamber of Commerce. For uiteengesit, vir ‘n tydperk van 28 werksdae vanaf 19 November 2021 besigtig word. Correspondents: more information about the event, phone Jaco Adres van Munisipale kantore: Kroghstraat 83, Limpopo, Louis Trichardt, 0920. Sluitingsdatum vir enige besware en/of kommentaar: Bernard Chiguvare 063 878 4034 (Chamber of Commerce) at Tel 084 616 2299 19 Desember 2021. Adres van applikant: Andisa Zwashu Group (Pty) Ltd, Don Juanstraat 6653 Sevilla Estate Centurion, Monavoni Frank Mavhungu (Thohoyandou) 082 969 3131 or Ferreira Nel (SPB Athletics Club) at Tel 0157. Sel: 074 306 0600. E-pos: Datums waarop kennisgewing gepubliseer sal word: Kaizer Nengovhela 072 335 8828 19 en 26 November 2021. 082 749 0413. Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers By Kaizer Nengovhela

Parkrun almost up and running



Ndivhuwo Musetha Silas Nduvheni Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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Site no 203, Private Bag X2136, Sibasa, 0970, Limpopo • Tel: (015) 963 3156 / 963 3657 • Fax: (015) 963 3154 • E-mail:

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ERRATUM NOTICE The public / service providers are hereby notified that Tender VTVET No 25/2021 indicate Compulsory Briefing date of 17/12/2021 which is incorrect and the correct date was 17/11/2021 and also on CIDB Grading is 5GB not Grade 5 or above. For tender number VTVET No 24/2021 CIDB Grading is 7GB not Grade 7 or above as indicated on Limpopo Mirror Newspaper dated 12 November 2021. Those who did not attend the compulsory briefing session on the date stipulated on Tender Bulletin and College Website. Compulsory Briefing session will be as follows for those who have not attended. Those who have attended need not attend again. Date 23/11/2021

Time VTVET No 25/2021 at 10h00

Venue Shingwedzi Campus

Banking on your positive response. Mrs BR Hlekane The Principal

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19 NOVEMBER 2021 19

Battle intensifies among teams in Hollywood Bets Super League By Frank Mavhungu After losing 1-2 to Tshwane University of Technology Ladies FC (TUT) at the Giyani Stadium last Saturday, Maindis Ladies will be on the road this weekend. They will undertake a journey to Butterworth in the Eastern Cape to honour their Hollywood Bets Super League fixture against Thunderbirds Ladies at the Butterworth Stadium on Sunday afternoon. A quick glance at the track records of the two teams shows that sparks will fly on Sunday. Maindis are lying in the eighth position on the log standings with 28 points gained from 24 outings, while Thunderbirds are one step up with 32 points. Maindis must win the match at all costs to keep their hopes of finishing

their league programme among the top eight teams alive. Should they fail to collect the maximum points on Sunday, Maindis’ dream finish is likely to become a nightmare. Sunday’s fixture will be the second-last for Maindis this season. They will wrap up their league programme by hosting the log leaders, Mamelodi Sundowns FC, at the Giyani Stadium in two weeks’ time. Coal City Wizards will host Bloemfontein Celtic at the Puma Rugby Stadium in Emalahleni. Durban Ladies will fly to Cape Town, where they will play against the University of Western Cape Ladies FC at the Cape Town Stadium. University of Johannesburg FC will enjoy the homeground advantage in their match against First Touch

Academy at the University Campus Stadium. Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) and Golden Ladies will battle for league points at the Loftus Stadium in Pretoria. Tsunami Queens will entertain JVW FC at the Goble Park Stadium in Bethlehem.

Maindis’ captain, Xiluva Tshabalala. Photo: Frank Mavhungu.

Maindis Ladies FC donate valuable league points to Tshwane’s ladies The score remained 1-1 until the teams adjourned for the Maindis Ladies FC are still half-time break. battling to come to terms with Maindis effected several the result of their last Holchanges to their starting linelywood Bets Super League up. The changes were not good match against Tshwane enough to stop the visitors from University of Technology scoring their winning goal later Ladies FC. They were beaten in the game. Pertunia Dlamini 1-2 at the Giyani Stadium on found the net with a header, Saturday. following a corner kick that was The game was equally contaken by Gloria Masango. tested from the first whistle, This was the second defeat with the teams creating and for Maindis in a row. They lost wasting scoring opportunities. 0-3 to the University of WestThe visitors from the capital ern Cape (UWC) FC in Cape city took the lead in the 18th Town two weeks ago. Maindis minute. Their lethal striker, did not lose their position on Jennifer Groenewald, caught the log standings. They are still the keeper of Maindis, Theledi lying in the eighth spot on the Monnye, napping with a longlog with 28 points. range half volley. University of Johannesburg The goal seemed to be an FC were the hardest hit. They insult to the home side. They suffered a 0-6 drubbing at retaliated nine minutes thereaf- the hands of JVW FC at the ter. The team’s top goal scorer, Tsakane Stadium in JohanMolepo Rapatsa, beat the nesburg. Richmond United keeper with a ground cutter. were too strong for ThunderBy Frank Mavhungu

“Black Jesus” breaks Vondwe XI’s hearts

birds FC, whom they brutally walloped 4-1 at the Galeshewe Stadium in Kimberly. Coal City Wizards rose to the occasion and beat First Touch Academy 3-0 at the Seshego Stadium in Polokwane. Bloemfontein Celtic shared the spoils with Durban Ladies, with whom they drew 1-1 at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein.

Maindis’ goal scorer, Molepo Rapatsa. Photo: Frank Mavhungu.

Haggai to represent Vhembe at provincial cup

handled the ball within his own penalty box in the 18th minute. That prompted A capacity crowd the referee, Mr Lloyd Mafuna, to award watched Munaca a penalty. Muimeleli “Jomo” Managa win the tournament.” By Kaizer Nengovhela FC beat Vondwe XI converted from the white spot. He said that coaching the boys Bullets 2-1 in their Vondwe’s goal caused panic among Haggai Combined School will had brought nothing but joy to ABC Motsepe League Munaca’s technical staff. They effected represent Vhembe at the prohis heart, and that it made him match at the Tshifudi two changes to their starting 11 five minvincials of the Pan African U/16 proud to see how they had grown Stadium on Saturday. utes thereafter. Tshikore Madope and schools cup championship to be in confidence over the years. “My The game was Thapelo Phalakasane gave way to former held at Makhuvha Stadium on boys are looking forward to this characterised by yellow Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila playSaturday. The matches will start challenge.” He said their aim cards and wasted maker Tommy “Black Jesus” Mandlazi at 09:00, with the final starting was to use the tournament as a scoring opportunities. A and Mothobi Lesego respectively. at 15:00. steppingstone to the national total of six yellow cards Mulamuleli Netshidzivhe of Bullets In the semi-final match played championship. “The boys are were flashed in the was the first player to be reprimanded at Saselamani Stadium, Haggai doing their best and I’m impressed game. with a card. He tackled Mothobi Lesego beat Benny’s Care 2-1. In the final, with their performance. Apart Vondwe took the from behind, an act that forced the referthey were also too strong for Shin- from the fact that there is a lot at game to the visitors ee to award a free kick to Munaca in the gwedzi High with a 2-0 victory. stake in the competition, it is time and their efforts did not 20-metre area. Mandlazi took the free Haggai will participate in the for us to fulfil our promise to the pass without reward. kick and Thulani Mcemazi found the net tournament with the winners from fans and all of Vhembe to bring A defender of Munaca, with a neat header. Mopani, Capricorn, Waterberg the silverware home.” Mojagobedi Kopane, Munaca introduced Erick Tshamand Sekhukhune. The tournament The chairperson of Vhembe winga and sacrificed is sponsored by the national DeSchool Sport, Mr Scara TshigoRendani Mukwevho partment of Sports, Arts and Cul- mana, said the tournament was towards the end of ture. Haggai’s coach, Mr Justice aimed at keeping young people the first half. Vondwe Matloga, said the competition was busy while, at the same time, idenlooked stronger in the about pride and honour. “We want tifying talent from rural commuHappy Boys and Musina United two weeks ago. attack throughout the to be the first team in Limpopo to nities through football. United are still to win a league Mighty FC will play against last half. Munaca tried match to date. The rookies, The Dolphins FC at the Sesto neutralise them Vondwe XI Bullets, will travel hego Stadium this afternoon by making a double to Giyani where they will fight (Friday). Dennilton Callies and substitution. They for league points with the Ditlou FC will test each other’s introduced Aboudou other newcomers, Emmanuel strength at the Groblersdal Hauessou and Roger FC, at the Giyani Stadium. Rugby Stadium. The other Majafa for KhumEmmanuel FC are currently weekend fixtures are Phinnet budzo Muvhango and leading the pack with seven City FC vs Ngwaabe City MoNhlanhla Makhanya points, while Bullets are tors and Magezi FC vs Tubatse respectively. perched in the fifth spot. United FC. Munaca took control The strikers of the game after the of Emmanuel substitutions, forcing will not break Vondwe to play the last the defence of 15 minutes of the game Bullets, which with their backs against is manned the wall. Mandlazi by Joshua broke the hearts of Netshilindi Vondwe XI Bullets two and Ndaedzo minutes before the end Madula, easof regulation time. He Players of Haggai Combined School and their coach display their ily. Vondwe’s scored with a header winning trophy. From left to right are Mpho Ratshilidzi, Ndamulekiller striker, after a furious scramble lo Mathalise and coach Justice Matloga. Photo supplied. Phathutwithin the box. shedzo Deadline: Tuesday 12:00 - No handwritten logs will be accepted Nemagovhani, will be available for selection tomorrow. Limpopo ABC Motsepe League - Stream A Limpopo ABC Motsepe League - Stream B Nemagovhani Team P W D L GF GA GD PTS Team P W D L GF GA GD PTS watched their Emmanuel FC 3 2 1 0 8 5 3 7 Magesi FC 3 3 0 0 8 1 7 9 last game Munaca FC 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7 Phinnet City FC 3 2 1 0 4 1 3 7 against MuMpheni Home Defenders 3 1 2 0 4 2 2 5 Nngwabe City Motors 2 2 0 0 3 0 3 6 naca FC from Mihado FC 3 1 0 2 7 8 -1 3 Ditlou FC 3 2 0 1 2 1 1 6 the grandVondwe XI Bullets FC 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 3 Tubatse United 3 1 0 2 3 4 -1 3 stand after Ablex United 2 1 0 1 2 4 -2 3 Eleven Fast Tigers 3 1 0 2 1 4 -3 3 seeing red in Blackpool FC 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2 Dennilton Callies 3 0 1 2 3 6 -3 1 their game Munaca’s right back, Mojagabedi Kopane. Musina United 2 0 1 1 1 2 -1 1 The Dolphins 2 0 0 2 0 3 -3 0 against Ablex Photo: Frank Mavhungu. Giyani Happy Boys FC 2 0 1 1 1 3 -2 1 Mighty FC 2 0 0 2 1 5 -4 0 By Frank Mavhungu

Can Ablex United stop Munaca FC? By Frank Mavhungu The struggle for promotion and to escape the relegation axe at the end of the season will continue among the teams affiliated to the Limpopo Stream of the ABC Motsepe League this weekend. Whether Ablex United will have enough strength to stop Munaca FC, with whom they will lock horns at the Makhado Show Grounds tomorrow afternoon (Saturday), is something that remains to be seen. Munaca are still to lose a league match to date. They are currently lying in the second position on the log with seven points from three matches. They are tied with Emmanuel FC with the same number of points. On the other hand, Ablex United are in the right frame of mind after registering their first victory last weekend. They beat Musina United 2-1 at the Makhado Show Grounds. Ablex will have to double their efforts to break the defence of Munaca, which is normally marshalled by Mojagobedi Kopane, Ntiantia Makhanya and Matamela Ndou. Giyani Happy Boys will host Musina United at the Xikukwani Stadium outside Giyani.




20 19 November 2021

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Hard-earned victory for Mikhado against Artists in Nedbank Cup any time. Lembede lost his original fighting spirit after the yellow card and the technical staff were forced to replace him with Mpumelelo Sabelo. The second half saw Mikhado trying every trick in the book in their search for more goals. They reclaimed the lead in the 67th minute. Sinethemba Khohliso blasted in a rocket after a scramble within the box. United Artists did not give in without a fight, despite the fact that time was fast running out for them. They replaced Mulweli Tshilate with Pfunzo Tshikotshi towards the end of the game. Tshikotshi made his presence felt when he forced his way through Mikhado’s defence and beat the keeper with a half volley. No extra time was added at the end of the regulation time and the winner was determined through a penalty shootout. Mikhado converted four from the white spot, while the hosts scored only three. Mikhado will play against a team from the Free State Province, Mathathai FC, at the Daveyton Stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday. The winner will secure a place in the last-32 stage of the prestigious competition. (See a full story about the preview of the match elsewhere in the paper).

Mikhado and Mathaithai to fight for last-32 spot they were an unknown quantity to Mathaithai FC. While the rest of the teams affilMathaithai’s head coach, Mr iated to the Limpopo Stream of Festy Lothane, stated that what the ABC Motsepe League will be they did know about Mikhado FC engaged in their league activities was that the Limpopo side had this weekend, Mikhado FC will participated in the promotional be singing a different tune. They playoffs twice in a row. He said that will travel to Johannesburg where although Mikhado had failed to they will meet their counterparts make the grade in the promotional from the Free State Province, playoffs for two seasons in a row, Mathaithai FC, at the Daveyton they were clearly going to face a Stadium tomorrow afternoon. tough side. The winner in the match will This season is the first one for secure a place in the last-32 stage of Mathaithai FC in the ABC Motsepe the prestigious competition, where League after gaining promotion they will stand a chance to compete from the SAB League at the end of with the teams campaigning in the last season. Although this is their DStv and GladAfrica Championship debut season in the higher division, League. Mathaithai are one of the league Asked how much they knew title contenders in their respective about Mathaithai FC, the general stream. They are lying in the fifth manager of Mikhado FC, Mr Prince position on the log standings. Manenzhe, stated that they knew Mikhado beat United Artists nothing about the Free State side. 6-5 in their provincial final at the He further indicated that they con- Makhuvha Stadium last Wednesday soled themselves with the fact that (10 November). By Frank Mavhungu

One of Mikhado’s secret weapons, Nhlakanipho Lembede. Photo: Frank Mavhungu.

Ndamulelo Sikhwivhilu of Artists jumps over Yandisa Nomandela of Mikhado. Photo: Frank Mavhungu.

Another home match for Vhadau Vha Damani win for Vhadau Vha Damani will keep their title hopes alive. After a break of two weeks, The other relegation candibusiness will continue as usual dates, Jomo Cosmos, will fly to for the teams affiliated to the Cape Town. They will lock horns GladAfrica Championship with Cape Town All Stars at the League this weekend. Four Cape Town Stadium. Cosmos are matches will be played tomorstill to win a league match this row (Saturday), while the same season. They are languishing at number of matches will be seen the bottom of the log with five on Sunday. points from 12 outings. Black Leopards must beat JDR Stars will host Richards Pretoria Callies if they are serious Bay FC at the Soshanguve Giant about escaping the relegation axe Stadium outside Pretoria. Venda at the end of the season. They will Football Academy will visit Platfight for league points at Polokinum City Rovers at the Royal wane’s Old Peter Mokaba Stadium Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg. on Saturday. Black Leopards are Hungry Lions will play against TS one of the relegation candidates, Sporting at the Galeshewe Stadiwhile Callies are perched in the um in Kimberly. The other week11th spot on the log standings. end fixtures are Polokwane City vs The head coach for Callies, Free State Stars and University of Mr Joel “The Prophet” Masutha, Pretoria vs Uthongathi FC. will have a point to prove in the match. Masutha was the head coach for Leopards in the 2018/19 soccer season. Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila (TTM) will play their second home match in a row. They will host Cape Town Spurs at the Thohoyandou Stadium on Sunday. This after they beat Polokwane City 2-0 at the same venue two weeks ago. TTM will have nobody else to blame if they fail to collect the Pretoria Callies’ head coach, maximum points against Spurs. Mr Joel “The Prophet” MaCape Town Spurs are lying in the sutha. Photo: Frank Mavhungu. second-last position on the log. A By Frank Mavhungu

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Artists managed to match their elder brothers pound for pound from the Mikhado FC beat United Artists 6-5 first whistle to the last. in the provincial final of the Nedbank Mikhado took only eight minutes to Cup KO Competition at the Makhuopen their account. Their killer striker, vha Stadium last Wednesday (10 Rendani “Sailor” Thavhana, hooked in November). Although they are camthe ball after a neat pass from Bonginpaigning in the lower league, United kosi Ntwayi. The hosts retaliated seven minutes later. Their dribbling wizard, Wanga Khorommbi, forced his way through the defence of Mikhado and beat the keeper with a ground cutter. Nhlakanipho Lembede of Mikhado was the first player to be reprimanded with a card. He tackled Wanga Khorommbi from behind, prompting the referee, Mr Ephraim Singo, Bonginkosi Makhanya of Mikhado (right) and Shanisani to flash yellow Mchavi of Artists chase the ball. Photo: Frank Mavhungu. without wasting By Frank Mavhungu

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