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17 March 2017 Year 27 Vol: 27

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The ugly head of mob justice - page 3

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Black Leopards must beat All Stars - page 20

Graveyard shock By Elmon Tshikhudo

17 Unknown bodies “dumped” at Waterval cemetery

Farmer Baldwin Maboko stands next to the place where the 17 unknown bodies were buried.

Death is treated with the utmost respect in the African culture and the dead should be given a decent sendoff. The opposite proved to be the case with 17 unknown people who were buried as paupers, allegedly by the Makhado Municipality and the staff from Elim hospital. The bodies were apparently just dumped at a secluded steep slope in part of the Waterval cemetery, far away from the other graves. The burial, which has left tongues wagging, took place a fortnight ago and was witnessed by herdsmen, who were looking after livestock in bushes near there. According to information at this newspaper’s disposal, the bodies are believed to be mostly foreigners.

Farm owner Ms Pauline Maboko, who says the smell adversely affects her business. She is appealing to the government to do its homework and to rectify its mistakes.

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The bodies arrived at around 16:00 in two open trucks, allegedly belonging to the Makhado Local Municipality. The witnesses said many of those who came to bury the dead were women and a few men, who did their burial in a huff. “We were busy looking for our livestock at our farm that is adjacent to the cemetery when we were overwhelmed by a heavy smell, which we thought was that of a cow that could have died in the bushes. As we got closer to the cemetery, the smell became very intoxicating, but there was no carcass. We only found out that the smell emanated from the graves that were at the corner of our farm. The graves were partly closed and looked very shallow,” said Mr Baldwin Maboko, whose family owns a farm near the new cemetery. - Continues on p2




2 17 March 2017

“Forget family planning and focus on studies”

Bodies “dumped” at graveyard From page 1 Maboko further indicated that it became evident that something had not been done well and they were on the receiving end because they could not even breathe as a result of the disgusting odour. He added that they started avoiding the part closest to the cemetery but could not avoid it completely as livestock would go there in search of grazing. According to him, the bad smell is making life very difficult for them and they cannot perform their duties well and fear that they will soon get sick if nothing is done to rectify the mistake. Mr Lucas Maszive, who witnessed the burial, described it as very inhumane. “I have never seen anything like this in my life. Firstly, the dead were brought in two open trucks and were offloaded in a very inhumane way into the graves, with some of the graves containing two coffins. The graves were not even marked and did not have numbers on them. The graves were on a steep slope and were all covered with loose soil that will be washed away when the rain comes.” He added that he was very disappointed, “even if it is foreigners being buried, they deserve dignity as they are also human beings”. He echoed the same sentiment that the bad smell would ultimately make them sick if the graves were not covered properly. The owner of the farm next to the cemetery, Ms Pauline Mabogo, said the burial of the 17 people had inconvenienced her a great deal. “We have seen people being dumped in a mass grave like in war situations. No matter where they come from, the dead deserve respect. We are so disappointed to hear that this was done by our own people who know our culture very

well.” She added that she was worried that her employees no longer wanted to work next to the cemetery because of the bad smell. “They have been complaining for the whole of last week and I fear that they will get sick at any given time if the municipality and the hospital do not do their homework well and rectify their mistake,” she said. Asked to comment about the burial, Makhado municipality spokesperson Louis Bobodi said that the municipality had buried the dead according to approved standard specifications. “There is nothing unbecoming here and the marking of graves would be done by the hospital,” he said. According to residents of the Thulamela Municipality, the situation at the Mbaleni graveyard that is used by the Thulamela Municipality to bury unknown people leaves much to be desired. Most of the graves are unmarked, some are sinking, while the rest could not be identified because of the dense bushes there. Residents are also complaining that the graveyard has become a safe haven for criminals who run to the bushes and hide there after stealing from the community. Asked about the state of the graveyard at Mbaleni, Thulamela Mayor Mushoni Tshifhango said the last time they had a burial there last year, the gravesite was clean. “We have personnel tasked with the clearing of the gravesite and maybe it is because of the heavy rains that there are bushes. The unmarked graves are because of the hospitals we work with being unable to identify the deceased. I am going to make a follow-up and see how we can remedy the situation,” he said.

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho The two schools in Magau village, Sinugani Secondary and Magau Primary, received words of wisdom from the manager of the Madombidzha Clinic, Ms Maria Munonde.

The manager of the Madombidzha Clinic, Ms Maria Munonde, addresses pupils on the issue of teenage pregnancies.

Munonde was invited to address the pupils on health aspects for youths, particularly teenagers, in a world where children are faced with challenges such as drug abuse, crime and teenage pregnancies. “We are so exposed to a wide range of challenges and problems which further affect us as a society,” she said. “One serious problem is the spread of the growing volume of child pregnancy cases.” She added that having a child when one was still a pupil affected the pupil’s well-being, because she might lose focus on her studies since she had to look after a new life. “I have noted with dismay cases where pupils were so proud of being teenage mothers. Some of them even boast about being mothers and say that it was good having a child or children while they were still children themselves.” Munonde said that she saw no fun in the issue of children who prided themselves on being mothers when they were still children who needed to enjoy childhood. “I have heard cases of teenagers who sneered at their peers that they were barren as they were neither pregnant nor had a child,” she said. She also added that pupils must not use their family’s poor background as an excuse for being involved in a sexual relationship in order to supplement childhood necessities such as food, clothes and money. “You are only a child,” she said. “You must bear in mind that you can’t handle school, childhood, life and motherhood at one and the same time.” The principal of Sinugani Secondary School, Mr Sonnyboy Masuka, said that Munonde’s words were life-affirming. “Her message was clear and we believe that our pupils had learned a thing or two from her words,” he said. “We can’t pretend that the issue of teenage pregnancies should be taken as a normal aspect of life. Our children need to focus on studying and only start with family planning once they finish school.”

Local police claim many successes By Isabel Venter It was a busy weekend for the Makhado police, who succeeded in nabbing a total of 31 suspects. Over the course of the weekend, a total of nine suspects were arrested in and around Louis Trichardt for drinking liquor in a public or open space. Another five suspects were caught driving under the influence of liquor, while three

Many graves are hardly visible at Mbaleni, some are sinking, while some could not be identified because of the dense bushes.


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Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme

Total number of sexual assault cases for 2017

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Statistics supplied by TVEP

Statistics for Sexual & Domestic Violence

071 694 6880

Wouter: 083 228 9359 / Leoni: 083 586 4788 Office: 071 694 6880 / 015 517 7210 / Fax: 086 513 2756 E-mail:

were caught for selling illegal copies of CDs and DVDs, while three more suspects were arrested and charged with malicious damage to property. A 25-year-old suspect was also to appear in court for allegedly employing a Zimbabwean citizen without the necessary work permit. Similarly, all the other arrested suspects were due to appear in the Louis Trichardt Magistrate’s Court during the week.

All cases reported in the Thohoyandou Policing District only

Total number of rapes 2015

Total number of rapes 2014

(13 - 17 years)

(Under 13 years)

Total number of rapes 2016




Total domestic violence 2015

Total domestic violence 2016





Age 13-17


Age 18-59

157 Age 60+


Month of February







70 60 50



40 30


Age under 13


(Gogos 60+ years)

Total domestic violence 2014


Domestic Violence in 2017 against:


(I8 - 59 years)





suspects were arrested for driving without a valid driver’s license. In the Vleyfontein area, the police caught three suspects allegedly connected to a case of robbery in the area. In addition, a charge of the possession of an illegal firearm was also added against the three. Three more suspects were arrested in Louis Trichardt after being found in possession of dagga. Another four suspects


2017 2016

Sexual Assault 53



Domestic Violence 50






Suspected criminal killed in mob justice at Dzwerani escaped death by a whisker after the police rescued him at the Fed-up with the prevalence of scene. crime in their area and what The deceased and his accomthey call police inefficiency to plice allegedly robbed a taxi driver curb it, communities around along the Tshakhuma road of his the Vhembe region are now belongings and escaped by boardresorting to mob justice, where ing another taxi. They allegedly identified criminals or those boarded another taxi at Zwikwencaught in the act are punished gani, going towards Vuwani. They by death. even allegedly robbed passengers Many incidents of such justice of their phones and cash in the have been reported in different other taxi. parts of the district. Last weekJust after passing the crossing end, another man was attacked to the 15 SAI battalion, the taxi with an assortment of weapons they had boarded was blocked by and killed at the Mvelaphanda bakkies. The two alleged criminals road in Dzwerani. His accomplice ran for dear life but were cornered by angry residents who beat them. Unfortunately, one succumbed to his injuries, while the other one was rescued by the police. Sources who did not want their names mentioned said the two were part of a criminal syndicate who had been terrorising residents around the Levubu, Itsani, Shayandima, Tshakhuma and other areas for a long time. “We are tired of crime. These people have terrorised us for quite too long and when they are arrested they do not spend a day in jail, but you will see them roaming the streets the following day. We have had enough of crime in our areas, and we have decided enough Blood everywhere injuries sustained is enough and we will clean during the beating of the suspect by all areas of all criminals,” an the angry mob. angry resident said By Elmon Tshikhudo

17 March 2017 3

The badly injured suspect pleads for mercy after being cornered by angry residents at Mvelaphanda.

She added that they would no longer wait for the police, “but will do it ourselves and we will rid our areas of crime.” Meanwhile, the police in the Vuwani area have launched a massive manhunt for the killers, following this incident. According to Limpopo police spokesperson Lt Col Moatshe Ngoepe, the suspects were attacked by unknown community members using stones and other weapons. “We received a tip-off about the incident and our members reacted swiftly, but found the deceased lying dead in a pool of blood, surrounded by an assortment of items like stones and wooden poles used in the attack. We have opened a murder case,” he added. At the time of our going to press, no one had been arrested regarding the incident. This is not an isolated incident to have taken place in the province at the weekend. Another man accused of criminal activities in the Hlanganani area outside Giyani was also killed by a mob at Noblehoek village on Sunday afternoon. The deceased has not yet been identified and no one has been arrested for the murder. Limpopo police commissioner Lt-Gen Nneke Ledwaba condemned the incidents of mob justice and said they were crimes themselves. He warned members of the community to refrain from taking the law into their own hands as it made criminals of them.

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4 17 March 2017

“Bridge is a trap for road users” area, Mr Gilbert Muofhe, said that the agency kept on making promises which they did not fulfil. He said that RAL had indicated that a technical team had visited the site and evaluated the damage in the middle of 2016, after which they promised that they would hire contractors who would start with the project as soon as possible. “We are experiencing heavy rains and the rains continue to cause more damage to what is actually left of the bridge,” said Muofhe. “We are the daily users of this road and, truly speaking, the collapsed bridge is making life difficult for us. Most particularly when it rains, we fear that our cars might slip into the gorge down the bridge.” The DA’s Cllr Seani Tshifularo said that they were deeply saddened by the way RAL was ignoring the erecting or fixing of the bridge. “That bridge has been left as a trap for road users for more than five years now,” he said. “The first contractor left their material on the side of the road near the collapsed bridge for more than three years now. We don't know whether that service provider was paid or not. If the service provider has been paid, then this needs to be investigated as to why the project was abandoned in the first place.” Lekalakala, however, said that RAL hoped finalise the apppointment of the contractor by the end of March, after which the project would start. Mr Gilbert Muofhe is seen here on the damaged bridge on the R522 road.

to the bridge that collapsed along the R522 road between Tshikwarani vilThe Road Agency Limpopo (RAL) is to lage and Louis Trichardt. The damage do another assessment of the damage was assessed early last year, but now a new evaluation has to be done, so that the project can commence. According to RAL's communications officer, Ms Anastacia Lekalakala, the project was put out on tender and the process closed on 28 February this year. “The project is currently at an evaluation stage,” Lekalakala said. “Once the process of evaluation is completed, a suitable and qualified contractor will be appointed to address the problems on site. More information will be made available as the processes unfold.” The bridge was damaged nearly five years ago. A resident from the Kutama By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Masana sponsors training ing on child grants as a way of moving forward in life. “They The Masana Social and Skills must be educated in order for Development programme has them to have a better future,” he enabled more than 500 women said. from different provinces to parThe event was graced by the take in a variety of courses, free presence of Vhamusanda Vhafunof charge. The courses include zi Vho-Lishivha, who was also the basic first aid training, old-age guest speaker of the day. He procare, how to become a successvided words of encouragement, ful entrepreneur, hospitality focusing on having faith in God. courses and cleaning courses. Rofhiwa Ramabulana from A special ceremony was held Pretoria said that she was inat Masana Lodge in Maname spired by the words of wisdom Paradise Village on Wednesday, shared on that day and offered 1 March, to honour the achievher gratitude to Mr Muladi for ers. According the CEO, Phineas initiating such a programme. “I Muladi, the total cost of the entire drove all the way from Pretoria, programme was about R900 000. only to come and complete a hosThe programme kicked off on 9 pitality course. I support to Mr August 2016 as a way of celebrat- Muladi, who has a bright vision of ing Women’s Day. giving back to the communities,” Mr Muladi said that the she said. company was looking forward to developing South Africa in different spheres through the provision of skills courses. “Our main aim in doing these training programmes is to empower black people, so that they can register their own businesses,” Muladi added. The 68-year-old Chauke Msenga Phineas, who completed a hospitality course, encouraged young women to From left are Vhamusanda Vho-Lishivha, focus on getting a Rofhiwa Ramabulana and the CEO of proper education Masana Social and Skills Development, Mr and to stop depend- Phineas Muladi. By Prudence Bopape


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6 17 March 2017

Befitting farewell for loyal principal behalf. “There is a lot of skills here in our retirees. I have seen some former School principal Dr Tshililo Alidzulwi educators who are very talented in subof Makonde outside Thohoyandou, jects like mathematics and science. Why who served the Department of Educan’t the department make use of them cation for 40 years, received a warm because we have a shortage of educators send-off when the community and his in our schools? “ he said. school bade him farewell. Sibasa circuit manager Lambani Alidzulwi (65) had been principal at Tshivhase said Alidzilwi’s retirement Dengenya Secondary School at Dzingawas a big loss to the circuit. “Alidzulwi is he for 28 years. The function to bid him a very humble but hardworking person. farewell was helda fortnight ago at the Just yesterday, he came to the circuit to local church next to the school. collect papers. It was attended by, among others, If it were others, they wouldn’t have principals of schools within the Sibasa done that while knowing they are leavCircuit, community members, tradiing. This goes to show how dedicated he tional leaders, friends, relatives, some was to his work, “ he said. of Alidzulwi’s former learners who are Lambani challenged those remaining making an impact in society, businessbehind to keep or better the standard set by Alidzulwi. In response, Alidzulwi suprised all when, instead of taking all the limelight, he paid a glowing tribute to his former principal and former Univen registrar Josias Matidza. “I am what I am because of my principal who, after realizing that we were the poorest of the poor, organized me and my brother bursaries that helped us through our education, “ he said. Alidzulwi urged those remaining to be dedicated, loyal and committed to their work. He thanked all who worked with him, saying they had made Farewell be to thee: retired principal Dr Tshililo Alidzulwi (second from left) receives a present his job easier. from the staff of Dengenya during his farewell function. By Elmon Tshikhudo

people, learners and parents. Alidzulwi’s long-time friend and colleague, Amie Chhaya, also attended the function. Speakers during the function paid glowing tributes about a man who, together with his friend Amie Chhaya, made a difference in many people’s lives. He was described as a hard worker, a perfectionist who led by example, a patient and brave go-getter who achieved so much for his school and community. Speaking during the occassion, SGB chairperson Sam Magada urged the department to utilise retired educators and principals such as Dr Aludzulwi. He said this could only be achieved if retirees in education could form a forum that could speak on their

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Reason to smile for pupils of Gundani Primary School of Tshanduko Foundation and Vhamusanda Mphalaleni MaranThe Rand Water Foundation da, extended words of gratitude responded to a request for a to the Rand Water Foundation’s school uniform donation from management for having consida foundation founder and the ered and granted their request. chief of Gundani village in the The general manager of Rand Mutale area. Water Foundation, Ms MohlatleSets of school uniforms were ho Sekoaila, said the foundation handed to at least 75 needy pupils had accepted the request on the at Gundani Primary School basis that it formed part of the during a brief handover ceremony Rand Water Foundation’s backthat was held at the school on to-school education support projFriday. ect, which was first implemented The acting principal for Gunin 2012. dani Primary School, Mrs Lufuno “The project is aimed at proMaranda, accepted the uniforms viding the necessary learning reon behalf of the pupils. “We would sources to primary and secondary like to thank Tshanduko Founda- pupils from needy backgrounds,” tion and Rand Water Foundation Sekoaila stated. “Since its incepfor making sure that our children tion, the foundation’s back-tohave proper, full school uniforms,” school education support project she said. “There were many chilhas benefited a total number of 6 dren who didn’t have complete 228 learners at a cost of around school uniforms, but then people R7,5 million.” who had good hearts had brought She said that the foundation a smile on their faces. You have continued to invest in the future surely given our pupils a reason of the country. “However, this is to smile.” the first time the foundation has The two people who secured handed over school uniform to a the school uniforms for the school in Vhembe District,” she pupils, Dr Ndivhuwo Rathando said. By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

The general manager for Rand Water Foundation, Ms Mohlatleho Sekoaila (left), and the chairperson of the Rand Water Foundation’s board, Mr Mdibanisi Tsheke, are seen in this photograph with one of the recipients of a school uniform.

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17 March 2017 7


8 17 March 2017

Uniforms for disadvantaged pupils By Kaizer Nengovhela

Hollywoodbets Thohoyandou has been caring for orphans and vulnerable children in their community for seven years. The team recently assisted the Litshani Vhana-Vha-De Foundation by donating a roof for their building structure. According to Ms Bridgette Mamugubudi of the foundation, they are extremely grateful for the support. "The donation has helped us to improve the learning skills of the children in our care. Thanks to Hollywoodbets, there is now more space for the children to come and study. This donation has made a meaningful contribution to the development of our whole community and will help our kids become literate,” she said. Photographed during the presentation are, from left to right, Mesdames Irene Maswuha and Avhathu Tshobota, Mr Glass Nkuna and Mesdames Bridget Mamgudubi, Portia Mudau, Shani Baloyi and Yvonne Hlaisi. Photo supplied.

Marindi Funeral Scheme and Tombstone recently opened their hearts to disadvantaged pupils of the Daniel Mubva Primary School and donated uniforms to the children. Mr Kaizer Marindi, managing director of the company, said that they hoped to be able to help disadvantaged learners whose parents could not provide uniforms. Marindi, a former learner at the school, said he knew the hardships faced by many parents in the area. “Our area is one of the poorest areas in the province, and if we do not do something for our learners, some can end up dropping out of school, because of a lack of uniforms and school fees,” he

said. headache whenever the schools Ms Patricia Ramano, the reopened. “We sometimes wish principal of the school, could that they never reopen as we not hide her happiness. She do not have money to help our said it was good to be receiving children,” she said. help from one of their former learners. “We are very grateful for what Marindi has done today,” she said. Ms Maggy Razwinani, one of the parents, said as Mr Kaizer Marindi hands over school shoes to parents one of the learners, while the school's principal they were faced with a and SGB members watch.

Waterval SAPS on look-out for rapist By Kaizer Nengovhela The Waterval SAPS are looking for information pertaining to a suspect who is alleged to have raped a 26-year-old woman at Bungeni in the early hours of Saturday. The man has short hair, is black in complexion, fluent in

Xitsonga, of medium height and slender build and uses a knife to threaten his victims. According to a police statement, the unknown man allegedly approached his victim when she left the Diza Bar Lodge. He then pulled the woman into a fence, where he ordered

her to undress and raped her repeatedly. After the ordeal, he threatened to kill her but later left and is still at large. He was last seen wearing a cream-coloured long-sleeve T-shirt with blue and brown stripes and a cream-white hat (spottie).

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SGB members, teachers, learners and the donor, Marindi Funeral Scheme and Tombstone, pose with some of the learners who received school uniforms.

NYDA donates pads to girls By Prudence Bopape Representatives from the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), all the way from their head office in Johannesburg, paid a special visit on Wednesday, 1 March, to Kutama-Midoroni village and donated sanitary towels to girls at two schools in the area. According to Ntibi Modise, the NYDA manager of Special Projects, Health and Well-being, NYDA is a youth-development agency that mainly focuses on females between the age of 14 and 35 years. The agency endeavours to assist

these young women in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. “Some girls go to the extent of using grass, toilet paper and even newspapers because they cannot afford sanitary towels, compromising their health and studies at the same time,” Modise added. Muofhe Nyelisani, the organiser of the event, said she saw a need as a community member to help these girls, because it was saddening to see a child missing school because she could not afford sanitary towels. “Our community is hardly recognized by most people and I feel that it is about time someone did something about the

situation at hand; this is only the beginning,” said Muofhe. At two of the local schools, Luvhivhini Secondary School and Mmlige Secondary School, every girl received a pack of sanitary towels, Thovhele Vele Kutama also graced the event and gave a speech at both schools, encouraging the learners to work harder. “Work hard to the best of your ability, become the leaders of tomorrow and do greater things for the later generations,” said councillor Teboho Mamorobele, representing the mayor of Makhado Municipality.


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NEWS: Fhatuwani Innocent Lidzebe / Vhutshilo Merlin Tshiitamune / Masheogwane Ntshepe / Lindokuhle Shongwe / Maluleke Simon / Mathye Masingita

Teachers and learners from Luvhivhini Secondary School pose with the sanitary towels the NYDA donated.

RUSSIA, GERMANY AND SCANDINAVIA TOUR MAM Travel and Tourism together with Costsaver Tours is organising a 16-day tour Cossack explorer tour.

Date: 30 June to 16 July 2017 Price: R45 600; Deposit R6 000

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17 March 2017 9

Many of those who follow Tshivenda soul music will agree that the name Mariana Motlare is synonymous with this genre. Mariana’s sweet voice and acrobatic dancing style have earned her the title of undisputed queen by music lovers wherever she performs. Like wine that matures with time, Mariana’s latest seven-track album, Ni kha di mpfuna naa (Do you still love me?) bears testimony that her musical career is blossoming and she is mature enough to keep her fans satisfied always. Judging by the sales figures and massive airplay on community and national radio stations, there is no doubt that Ni kha di mpfuna naa is the best offering ever since Mariana turned profes-

sional in 2001. “I have worked hard to make sure that this album is mature, professional and entertaining. I took all the advice from my fans raised during my previous albums and incorporated them on this new album – hence it is making waves in the local music fraternity. The support from my fans is overwhelming and I’m very happy that music lovers are talking about it wherever I go.” Apart from the title track, the album contains the songs Thi funi zwitshele, Music is my life, Tshomi ya maduna, Mali, Rabelani and A hu na hune nda ya. A resident of Thohoyandou, Mariana’s journey to stardom started many years ago while she was still in primary school at Ha-Mutele village, near Masisi. “My voice would stand out both at Sunday school and in community gatherings. I would always find myself leading and everyone kept on

talking about the little girl with the sweet voice. My life changed for the better when I met Phillip Nephawe, better known as Mutendas, and he requested me to be his backing vocalist.” She said her previous albums were still doing well, despite her releasing the latest one. “U tambula ndi ha kale, which I released in 2001, is still in demand. It was followed by Ndi humbula zwa kale (2003), A si mutukana (2004), Musadzi ndi mbilu (2010) and Lufuno ndi lwa kale (2015). For bookings, public performance and CD sales, Mariana can be phoned on 082 049 2333.

Another hit album for Tshivenda soul queen

Phalaphala FM and Ikwekwezi FM listeners enjoy the interaction with their presenters.

Phalaphala FM celebrates with Ikwekwezi FM

Presenters of Phalaphala FM and thday cake. Ikwekwezi FM in front of the bir Some of the listeners who attended the session of Phalaphala FM with partnership with Ikwekwezi FM.

Not Guilty aims to revive kwaito music inspired by the kwaito hits of the legendary kwaito groups. Some people are saying that kwaito “When I was at secondary level, I music is deteriorating in South was inspired by the groups Alaska and Africa and some of the artists have Trompies. I then joined a mapantsula therefore vowed to bring back the group at Miluwani Unit C,” he added. lost spark in the music. His debut album, Kwaito is Kwaito, Lutendo Kenneth Mudau, popularly was released in 2013 and recorded known as Not Guilty, recently released by Masana Records, and the second his third album, entitled I love kwaito, album was entitled Pantsula la Venda, which is another milestone in his mu- which was released in 2015. sic career, and he said that he was very His new album consists of 10 tracks. excited about his new album. It includes tracks such as Kwaito, Mudau (34) hails from Miluwani Zwakale, featuring Jininka and NditUnit C in Thohoyandou. He said that she Mutuku. He said the fans would he had started singing when he was find maturity in his music. “You will still in primary school, partaking have a great transformation in your in the choirs. He said that he was life after listening to this new album,” By Mbulaheni Ridovhona

he added. He also said that he planned to nurture and groom young talent. “They are the future of this industry, so they should be groomed to produce quality music.” The album is available at Dakota Music in Thohoyandou at R70 per copy. For more information, phone his manager on 076 225 6435. More information regarding this artist and his music is available on his Facebook page, under the name “Kenneth Lutendo”.

"It's cool to write in indigenous languages" says Rudzani

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho The culture of reading stories for pleasure and entertainment seems to be dwindling in many communities. Some people argue that books have become too expensive, while others say access to reading material has declined. However, a 25-year-old woman, Rudzani Thangambi, believes that a culture of reading is only gaining momentum in the country. The proof is the success of her literary initiative, where she writes stories and posts them on Facebook for readers to enjoy at no cost. She also published a book, Avhatakali, in hard copy in 2015. Although she mainly self-publishes, Rudzani makes use of experienced editors, proofreaders and quality printers. A resident of Ha-Makhuvha village, near Vuwani, Rudzani noticed her writing talent

at a young age. She would write poems and plays and pass them around to friends to read. “I was a very shy kid,” she said. “As a teenager I'd read anything from newspapers to novels and magazines. My dad used to encourage me to read, in that he'd buy me newspapers and magazines regularly." It is that love of books and reading which has so far served as a foundation for her writing tools: vocabulary, plot devising and story structuring. She writes both in Tshivenda and English, but it seems she is more at ease when writing in Tshivenda. “I am a proud Muvenda and I've proven that not only in my writing, but in supporting our Tshivenda music as well,” she said. “I love to read and after realising that most of the books that people are publishing today are in English, I saw a gap that needed to be filled. I felt that maybe I should take a stand to write in Tshivenda and then many more people would start doing the same.” In 2015 she published Avhatakali, and it was well received. “What was even more humbling was when I was approached by a number of young people who were interested in writing books in Tshivenda. There

are few that I am working with on a project that I can't disclose yet.” Her Facebook stories are riveting. She started her literary page after reading a favourite Facebook page, called Amacherrie Ase Kasi. “I began to hear my writing self talking to me,” she stated. “The plot of Amacherie Ase Kasi was intriguing and gripping. I loved how the writer told that story. So I decided to create a page too and started writing inserts which I posted daily on Facebook. That’s how Rudzani the writer was born.” The story that catapulted her to fame was Tshitori tsha vhutshilo hanga, which she published daily on an eponymous Facebook page. Her current Facebook page, The untold – I was his mistress, has around 40 000 likes. She delights in sharing stories with the readers, even though she does not get paid for her efforts. “I have learned that not everything is about money and making income,” said the environmental science graduate and mother of a fouryear-old daughter, Rokunda Munyai. “I get pretty excited when I see the kind of people reading my stories. I am talking about people old enough to be my mom, young teenage boys and girls who don’t usually read paperbacks. With my Facebook page, I have created a platform for people to exercise their reading skills, seeing that we have fewer people who want to read these days. So I don’t feel like it’s a waste for me to write because I have received massive feedback from different people whose lives I had touched through my stories. So I think that’s worth more than cash to me.”

Phalaphala FM closed the month of celebrations in style in partnership with Ikwekwezi FM and their Gauteng listeners at Morotele Park on Saturday. Mr Lufuno Munonde, events coordinator, said he felt humbled and grateful that “our listeners came out in numbers to support us. This drive was also an eye opener that we need to go out more and interact with our listeners. In this way, we shall be able to connect with them, understand their concerns and issues. This will position us to actually talk about real issues that our people are conversing about daily.” He said that the 2017 birthday celebrations differed from the others in that they planned all the activities from a zero budget. “The station depended on sponsors for most of the things we needed, ranging from accommodation to stage, sound and décor, to mention a few. This has been a demonstration that our stakeholder management is working for the stations.” He added that they had managed to get sponsors from Khosikhulu Vho-Toni Mphephu Ramabulana and businesspeople in Limpopo and Gauteng. The station also plans to visit, with the help of different

chiefs, various areas around Vhembe as a way of celebrating this 52nd milestone. The senior traditional leaders in each area will mobilize respective businesspeople to make this dream a reality, and with the support they have received previously, this should be an achievable objective, he said. It was quite exciting to hear listeners of Ikwekwezi FM and Phalaphala FM calling in last Friday morning, during the joint broadcast, expressing their appreciation for this initiative. “It may not have been instantly obvious, but the listeners were demonstrating their readiness to embrace what the two stations have ably and willingly embarked on, a drive to bring our people together.” He also mentioned the ease with which presenters of both stations interacted and described it as a demonstration of social cohesion which these two giants of the airwaves espouse to drive. “As Phalaphala FM, we are eternally grateful for the spirit of synergy displayed by Ikwekwezi FM for not only cooperation during this event, but the assistance we have been getting over the years during our outside broadcasts in Gauteng.”

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; OFFICE: (015) 290 0000/1; FAX: (015) 290 0170 THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 FAX: (015) 962 2998


10 17 March 2017

Women told not to keep quiet By Elmon Tshikhudo As part of the commemoration of International Women's Day, the Litshani Vhana Vha De Foundation (LVVF) at Muledane, in

Dr Josephine Mudau makes a presentation during the dialogue at Litshani Vhana.

partnership with Women’s Hope Education and Training Trust (WHEAT) hosted its first dialogue and awareness programme on gender-based violence last Wednesday. The dialogue, which was held at the foundation's centre at Muledane, was attended mainly by women. Presenters during the dialogue included Dr Josephine Mudau from Univen and Dr Tshenuwani Farisani, well-known cleric and a board member of the Safer South Africa Foundation. The facilitation and panel members included officials from the office of the mayor in Vhembe, the South African Police and the Institute for Gender and Youth Studies at Univen. The managing director of LVVF, Ms Bridgette Mamugudubi, said that the dialogue came about as a result of the ever-increasing gender violence, with mostly women and children being the victims. “Through this dialogue, we are trying to promote community advocacy around gender-based vi-

olence in order to encourage all the stakeholders to discuss their concerns, exchange ideas and develop key messages that oppose violence against women and children and other vulnerable groups,” she said. In her presentation, Dr Josephine Mudau of the Institute for Gender and Youth Studies at Univen said women were the most vulnerable when it came to gender-based violence. She urged them not to keep quiet but to share their challenges with people close to them. Dr Farisani, a veteran of the liberation struggle, said campaigns without God would be in vain, while Vho-Roderick Tshivhi praised the Litshani Vhana Foundation for assisting the vulnerable in the village. “This is a very good initiative. Women play a pivotal part in the family, taking care of the whole family, but are despised, abused and attacked for no apparent reason.” He promised that the royal council would sit and see if they could give the foundation a bigger site where they could operate.

New paved access road for Musina Nancefield had many benefits for the local community. “While it is clear During a recent public particthat everyone in that area would ipation meeting, community benefit a great deal from waving members in Musina Nancefield goodbye to the dusty roads, the Extension 6 and 7 indicated initiative will also decrease the that they needed a road netnumber of accidents because dust work infrastructure that would on the roads causes an increased make their lives easier. level of danger by their propensity Their plea was answered within to obscure vision. a short space of time as the MusiWe have put aside R8 million na Local Municipality is commis- secured from the Municipal sioning the construction of paved Infrastructure Grant (MIG) for access roads in their area. this project. This will go a long Municipal spokesperson way in coming up with solutions Wilson Dzebu said that the 1,6km to the problem of gravel roads on road stretch would improve the a case-by-case basis.” lives of local people in terms of Mr Samuel Mudau is a taxi mobility and health as the dust driver who operates his taxi in from gravel roads often passed Nancefield on a daily basis, and into the lungs and caused serious he said that the construction of irritation or damage. “The dust the paved access road was good also has a particularly detrimennews to the motorists. “Besides tal effect on people with existing increasing the lifespan of our respiratory conditions, such as vehicles, we will be able to make asthma.” more income, because we will He added that the improvetake more loads of passengers ment from gravel to paved roads within a very short space of time.” Municipal news

Different stakeholders who attended the dialogue at Litshani Vhana at Muledane. Construction work on the 1,6km paved road project is progressing well in Musina Nancefield Extension 6 and 7.

The Rivala Drop-In Centre has been caring for orphans and vulnerable children in their community for the past six years. This centre helps local children to do their school work and provides meals to the children in their care. The Giyani team of Hollywoodbets wanted to support this worthy cause by donating a much-needed fence and gate to the centre. "This donation helps us very much, because our organisation is very poor. We can't afford to make improvements to the centre because we aren't funded by the social department. We do the work that is needed by going around and asking for donations. Thank you, Hollywoodbets, for helping us to make our centre better," said Khensani Jeanet Chabalala, project manager at the centre. In our photograph are Mesdames Salvah Mathonsi and Yvonne Hlaisi. Photo supplied.


17 March 2017 11

“Businesspeople must understand social media”

The business sector has entered an age where competition has become so prevalent that poor marketing inevitably leads to stagnation or even a company’s closure. According to Mr Tiyiselani Bevhula, a resident of Mtititti Lombard in the Malamulele area, even those who have been in the business sector for decades also need to know and understand that the social media have become an inevitable avenue to reach prospective clients. He founded Bevhula Media with the hope of taking advantage of social media as a modern tool to advertise people’s products and services.

Offices of councils to be renovated By Silas Nduvheni Five old and dilapidated traditional council buildings in the Vhembe region will be rebuilt and all receive new multipurpose centres. The spokesperson for King Toni Mphephu

Gogo Maemu 110 years old more birthdays. Her eyesight is deteriorating, but her strong A senior citizen of Madabani hearing and razor-sharp mind in Sinthumule Gogo Mudakeep her days enjoyable. She lahothe Maemu celebrated has five children, 24 grandchilher 110th birthday during a dren and 30 great-grandchiljoyous ceremony on Saturday. dren. According to one of her “We used to travel for long grandchildren, Mr Auodious distances on foot because there Mhlangeni, they organised the were no cars,” said Maemu. party just to please their grand- “The elders spent most of their mother. “It was right to organtime tilling the land for food ise a party for her, because she and young boys and girls like is where most people will never us were responsible for looking be. It is good to pay tribute to after the goats and cows,” she a person while she is still alive, says. Maemu says the secrets of rather than to buy expensive her long life are eating healthy things when he or she has died. food and listening to the elders. We love our grandmother as “I have enjoyed fruit and vegeshe loves us too,” said Mhlange- tables throughout my life and I ni. Maemu walks with the aid have never consumed alcohol,” of a walking stick, is still strong she says. and hopes to celebrate many “We spent most of the time By Kaizer Nengovhela

playing indigenous games, such as mufuvha, and that kept our bodies strong. There were certain taboos that the elders told us not to do and I believe that increased the days of our lives. I would like more generations to know about our times, although I believe that I will still live for many years to come.” “If you live a clean life, God will bless you and you will live long,” she said. The youngsters must also respect their elders and preserve their culture. “Eat healthy food and distance yourself from alcohol,” she said. Maemu told Limpopo Mirror that she had never gone to school. “During our days, there was no schooling and our parents also did not even go to school,” she added.

Ramabulana, Mr Jackson Mafunzwaini, said that the king had recently met with the MEC for Cooperative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs, Makoma Makurupetje, to discuss the matter. It was agreed that the territorial councils of Masia, Ha-Rambuda, Mphaphuli, Masakona and Ha-Mutsha would benefit from the deal. According to Mafunzwaini, the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure will be responsible for construction of the buildings. “King Mphephu was touched by the state of some traditional council buildings. Some of the buildings were old and dilapidated, some roofing was falling apart as they were built in the 1960s. We hope the life of our communities will change for the better as soon as the centres start to function,” said Mafunzwaini. Mafunzwaini further said that the construction of the five traditional council buildings was scheduled to start early in April. One of the senior traditional leaders who is set to benefit, Thovhele Ratshibvumo II Rambuda, Gogo Mudalahohe Maemu, surrounded by some of her children and grandchildren during her said he was thankful for the deal. birthday celebrations.

Thovhele Ratshibvumo II Rambuda (pictured), one of the senior tradtional leaders whose council building will be rebuilt.

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12 17 March 2017

Business skills for rural women and entrepreneurial skills to previously disadvantaged communities in order The acting executive mayor of the to create jobs and increase wealth. The Vhembe District Municipality, Cllr women benefitted through a project, Mavhungu-Lerule Ramakhanya, the Faranani Rural Women Training said her municipality would support Initiative. women in business in order that The women were taught how to detheir dreams become a reality and velop a business plan that is supported their businesses improve. by financial projections, financial manShe addressed women during a agement, pricing and costing, practical certificate ceremony held at Mavambe marketing, and business management village outside Malamulele last Friday. during the course. During the event, 32 rural women Speaking during the ceremony, Ms from the new municipal entity, Lim Shirley Machaba, chairperson of the 345, successfully completed a course in PwC governing board, said they were business. committed to assist in addressing soThe training was offered by Pricewa- cio-economic challenges in rural areas, terhouseCoopers (PwC), in conin line with the National Development junction with the Business Skills for Plan. South Africa (BSSA) Foundation. The “On completion of the course, foundation provides business training these women are able to understand, By Elmon Tshikhudo

among many other things, how profit is calculated in a business, understand the factors which determine the right price, understand the concept of working capital, preparing a budget, understand the importance of stock control, cash flow projections and know how to present a business plan to financiers,” she said. Ms Constance Baloyi, a construction company owner of Saselamani outside Malamulele, said the workshop was of huge value to them. “We are in the business for some time now, but there are things that we took for granted which also affected our profit margins negatively. What we learnt here changed us and it will go a long way in improving our businesses and we will soon be smiling all the way to the bank,” she said.

Handing over a certificate to Ms Constance Baloyi (second from right) is the acting Vhembe mayor, Cllr Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya (right). On the left are the acting mayor of Lim 345, Cllr Percy Mashimbye, and PwC's Ms Regina Erasmus.

Ridgeway’s forest walk Notice Ridgeway College in Louis Trichardt will be holding their annual Forest Walk on Saturday, 22 April, over 4km or 8km at Hanglip Forest. Participation costs R20 for primary school children and R40 for

adults and high-school children. Registration will take place from 08:00, with the race starting at 09:00. Pre-registration can be done by contacting 015 151 0111. “There will be refreshments on sale. Come and enjoy the fresh forest air with us!” invites the college.

During the school’s excellence awards, an educator at Sinugani Secondary School, Mr Phalandwa Silika, was named as Best Educator of the 2016 academic year for producing a 100% pass rate in History (Grade 11), and Life Orientation (Grade 8, 10, and 11).

Beverages South Africa

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17 March 2017 13

Council offices to be expanded from a plenary to an executive municipality. One small examThe Musina Municipality ple is of our current council has started with a project chamber, which can no longer of extending the municipal accommodate all the counciloffices in Musina at a cost lors and management because of R5 million. The scope of of the growth of the municiwork includes the construc- pality. The old chamber has a tion of new council chamcapacity to accommodate 60 bers, offices and ablution people and the new one will facilities. house more than 120 people.” The communications manDzebu said the construction ager of Musina Municipality, was not only going to boost Mr Wilson Dzebu, said there the infrastructure of the muwas a need to extend the ofnicipality, but assisted in crefices because the municipality ating job opportunities for lohad grown. “Before the recent cal people. “Some people who local government elections, we were formerly unemployed had a total of six wards and are now able to put something 12 councillors. We now have on their tables. Apart from 12 wards and 24 councillors, earning money, they will be which takes us a step further able to acquire skills that Musina Municipality

Some of the landowners in Tshiungani village who attended a recent meeting to discuss the fields to be affected by the water supply line. With them are councillors, the community liaision officer and social facilitator.

they will use independently to get some income after the completion of the project. This is what we call community empowerment.” He advised community members to take good care of the infrastructure after completion. “The fact that the infrastructure is located in the municipal offices does not necessarily mean that it belongs solely to the municipality. Damaging infrastructure creates setbacks as more money will be diverted from service delivery to the repairs and maintenance. We all have the responsibility to make sure that these buildings are safe at all times.”

Water shortages a thing of the past? By Silas Nduvheni Water shortages will hopefully be a thing of the past for the communities of Folovhodwe, Muswodi, Tshiungani and Masisi in the near future, thanks to the Luphephe Nwanedi Bulk Water Supply from Folovhodwe to Masisi. The media liaison officer of the Vhembe District Municipality, Mr Moss Shibambu, told Limpopo Mirror that the construction of the R160 million project, which began in October last year, will solve the problem of a scarcity of water in the affected areas.

According to Shibambu, contractors have been working around the clock since December last year. “We are ready to change the life of our communities for the better and as we are the water services authority, we will not rest until our communities get better services.” He added that they were also liaising with the traditional leaders, councillors and community liaison officers of the affected areas, so that the water projects can be completed as soon as possible. A community liaison officer for Luphephe Nwanedi Bulk Water Supply, Mr Joseph Manenzhe, said that, during

the construction phase, more than 20 previously unemployed people were now working, and thecommunities of Folovhodwe, Muswodi, and Tshiungani were among those people benefiting. He appealed to the communities, however, to stop vandalizing the material at the site. “Stealing will move the construction of the project off its tracks,” he added. According to Manenzhe, he was previously unemployed and was looking for a job, without any luck, but now things have changed for better because he can put food on the table for his family.

Collecting rain water By Isabel Venter National Water Week is an awareness-week campaign launched by the Department of Water and Sanitation, which serves as a powerful campaign to reiterate the value of water, the need for sustainable management of this scarce resource and the role water plays in eradicating poverty and underdevelopment in South Africa. The campaign seeks to continue building on the ongoing awareness creation within the broader South African community. This awareness creation is coupled with the responsibility that every citizen must take in ensuring the integrity of our water resources and their efficient use. As custodians of this awareness week, the Department of Water Affairs encourages all South Africans to focus on the

need to restore and preserve the integrity of this most precious resource, water. South Africans must take responsibility to make sure this scarce resource is managed in an effective and sustainable manner. In South Africa, National Water Week is celebrated from 16 to 22 March. Locally residents have been crippled by a lack of proper water service delivery, despite a higher-than-normal rainfall experienced at the beginning of 2017. According to the latest figures of the Department of Water and Sanitation, the Vhembe District’s ground and dam levels have been sufficiently replenished. Protecting and saving water is, however, still everyone’s business and one such a way is to collect and store rainwater. Collecting rainwater is an easy and inexpensive way for consumers to save water to be used later for gardening, landscap-

ing and cleaning at home. In Louis Trichardt, rain barrels can easily be substituted with regular water tanks that are easy to come by. Some companies sell tanks that are specifically designed to capture and store rainwater. For most houses, the water that falls on the roof inevitably finds its way into the downpipes. So, rather take advantage of this free water supply from the sky by simply connecting a rainwater-harvesting tank to a downpipe. While you do this, keeping your rainwater container dark and covered is important. Keeping it dark makes sure that algae or other light-feeding organisms do not bloom in your water and keeping it covered keeps the bugs out (especially mosquitoes, who love standing water.) Stored rain water should not be used for drinking, unless it has been treated to get rid of any bacteria.

Constructors busy with their work at the site of the extension of Musina Municipaly's offices.


14 17 March 2017

Another easy victory for Rockers FC Rockers FC continued to pave their way to the ABC Motsepe League, following their 3-0 victory over Mutuwa Brazilians in their MMK Administrators League match at the Mak-

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warela Stadium on Sunday. It was a one-sided affair from the first whistle, with the Brazilians from Mavhola village at the receiving end. Realizing that there was nothing to fear, Rockers started to demonstrate their dribbling skills in the opening minutes in a bid to frustrate the visitors. A scramble within the Brazilians' danger area gave rise to the opening goal for Rockers in the 14th minute. Phindulo Mudau hooked in the ball to give his side a well-deserved lead. As if they were leading, the Brazilians abandoned their positions and packed themselves at the far back. That gave the home side a good chance to dictate terms in the middle of the park. Rockers extended their lead in the 29th minute. Their overlapping defender, Tshifhiwa Ramaphosa, forced his way through the defence of Brazilians and unleashed a ground cutter from close range. The keeper of Brazilians, Adivhaho Makhesha, watched helplessly as the ball went beyond his reach. The referee, Mr Roy Mulaudzi, flashed the first yellow card in the 39th minute. Unarine Kudzingana of Rockers was warned for ignoring the referee’s whistle. He kicked the ball away long after the whistle was blown. Rockers used all their substitu-

tion chances in the last half. They replaced Andani Ndou, Phindulo Mudau and Unarine Kudzingana with Tshimangadzo Matamela, Rotondwa Kutama and Ofhani Mudau respectively. Abel Tshivhonammbi of Brazilians was booked for dangerous play in the 64th minute. Murhangeri Khosa scored the Rockers’ third goal 10 minutes before the final whistle.

Vhugala Singo of Rockers.

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Molemole snatched two late goals within the last 10 minutes of the game, thanks to George Malebana and Thomas Lekganyane’s goals. Joe Maweja moved a step up on the log, following their 3-1 victory over Lephalale Young Killers at the Tshifudi Stadium. Thanzi Muruge, Moses Mathonsi and Lufuno Tshidade scored for Maweja, while Sipho Twala scored the Killers’ solitary goal. Madridtas shared the spoils with Mokopane Ratanang, following their goalless draw at the Mahwelereng Stadium. The other game that ended in a goalless draw was between Polokwane Academy and Gawula Classic at the Polokwane Rugby Fields.

Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila (TTM) have reason to rejoice. They managed to collect maximum points in theirbleague match against A1 Terrors last weekend, even though it was an away fixture for them. Terrors did not respond when TTM scored three goals at the Ephraim Mogale Stadium in Modimolle on Sunday. Rendani “Vorosi” Dzivhani was a marvel to watch in the game. He scored a brace. He scored his team’s opening goal in the 18th minute. Lufuno “CJ” Mugodi made his presence felt when he blasted in a rocket towards the end of the first half. Dzivhanis scored his second goal later in the game to ensure that his side take full points to Tshakhuma. TTM are still in the third position on the log, despite collecting maximum points. Molemole Academy were too strong for Giyani Hotspurs and beat them 4-2 at the Nirvana Stadium. Their first two goals came via Daniel Nkoana and Lawrence Seopela in the 12th and 19th minute respectively. Hotspurs did not lose hope, despite conceding the two early goals. They fought hard towards the end of the first half. Their efforts were rewarded and Joseph Mthombeni and Velly Honwane scored in the 34th and 44th minute respectively to bring TTM’s second goal scorer, Lufuno “CJ” Mugodi. the half-time score to 2-2.


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By Frank Mavhungu

Munnik Meerkat MTB race


George Janse van Rensburg Yolanda Cronjé Classified/Legal Notices:

Tshakhuma beat Terrors

Murhangeri Khosa of Rockers (left) and Ndivhuwo Mukwevho of Brazilians wrestle to win the ball.

Good news for the region’s mountain bike cyclists is that the annual Munnik Meerkat MTB Challenge, presented by the Munnik Farmers’ Association, is around the corner once more. This year, the popular race will take place on 25 March and both the 70km and 35km will serve as qualifying races for Limpopo colours. A day-license fee of R35 is only payable if cyclists do not hold a valid CSA license. Once again, Pietersburg Rotary Club 100 will be catering for the event and will start serving food from 06:00. SA Breweries will be hosting a small beer garden throughout the day. As usual, two mountain bikes are up for grabs in

a raffle (one men's and one ladies' bike). The starting time for the gruelling 70km race (R220 entry fee) is 07:00, with riders setting off at 07:30 in the 35km race (entry fee R140). The starting time for the 10km fun ride (entry fee R60) is 07:45 and the 3km kiddies ride (R30 entry fee) will set off at 08:30. Race Time will be doing the official timing of the event. For online entries, visit www. Cyclists can also pre-register at Cycle Centre in Louis Trichardt on Thursday, 23 March, from 15:30 until 17:30, or on the day of the race from 05:30. For more information, phone Felicity Oldreive (083 450 2003), Charlotte Knott (082 456 3097), Lisa Ivy (082 802 3688) or Johan van Dijkhorst (082 740 8740).

Anhetico moves to new premises Advertorial

* All tent deals come with a free tent chemical

TZANEEN 10 Skerving Street • 015 307 7027

POLOKWANE 3 Industria Street, Unit no 1 • 015 297 2321

POLOKWANE 94 Schoeman Street, Shop 3 • 084 919 6811

• Visit: No cash will be accepted at the branch. All payments must be made via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or debit and credit card

Anhetico Properties in Louis Trichardt, run by the formidable mother-and-daughter team consisting of Hettie Roets and Andel Greyling, has been in operation since January 2005. They attribute their years of success in the property industry largely to their motto: “Property is our passion”. This motto is the foundation on which they have built on, year by year, to establish themselves as one of the leading companies in Louis Trichardt. This award-winning company is renowned for putting client satisfaction above all else. Over the years, Anhetico has received several Top 10 awards from the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa. Andel also clinched one of the South African Chamber of Industry’s top awards, that of 2012’s Business Woman of the Year. “Anhetico customers later become friends,” says Andel, who is co-principal alongside her mother Hettie. The company’s focus is al-

ways on customer service to ensure a new office space. Last week, the that a buyer or seller’s interests are company moved into their new always placed first. “A clear testi- building in Krogh Street, which mony of this is the large number of is situated right next to Da Silva referrals we receive from former Pharmacy (Krogh Street 142). clients who use our services time and time again,” says Andel. Accreditation and training are E-mail: crucial for Andel and Hettie. They themselves are qualified up to Our office has moved to NQF level 5. The rest of their agents Shop 1, Da Silva Building, are all qualified up to NQF level 4, 142 Krogh Street, LTT. including their curCome and visit us at our rent, full-status estate agent Cornette new premises van Greune. ~ Your Professional Practitioner in Real Estate ~ Residents concerned that Anhetico has closed its doors permanently can rest assured. The agency has Andèl Hettie Cornette 083 442 0435 082 893 8382 074 464 1392 only relocated to

Anhetico Properties Eiendomme






55 Commercial Rd Louis Trichardt

SPEED BRAKE Where customers become friends We specialise in: • CV Joints • Wheel alignment • Exhausts • Engine overhaul • Gearbox overhaul • Diffs overhaul • General services • R.W.C. • Services on all cars • Suspension recon • General engineering • Wheel balancing • Skimming and bonding of brakes • Minor tow-ins • We now also have an in-house diagnostic specialist! • Newest diagnostic tool on the market • Lexus conversion specialist. New conversion as well as fault finding • Truck brakes scimming and lining. New drums available

SPECIALISTS - Engines - Gearboxes - Airflow meters - Harnases - Computers From A-Z guaranteed! Power cuts?! We have 24 hour electricity! Kontak Johan/JC/Tinus: 015 516 1248 / 6655

Paper, Stationery, Cartridges, Stamps

015 516 3981 FOR SALE Sell anywhere, anytime MoovaGo Once off


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Wholesalers welcome Free sim cards for all traders any quantity China City Mall, Polokwane

081 245 9674

Notice to Creditors and Debtors The estate of the late Nethengwe Matodzi Lucas, Identity number 7410285683086 who resided at Khomele Village, who died on the 25th Day of Jan 2017 and was married to Danguru Nella of Identity number 8611130908086. Estate number: 273/2017 All persons having claims against the above mentioned estate must lodge them with the executor within 30 days from the date of publication hereof. Advocate T.C Munyai Style Centre, First Floor Office No: 09, GRR Mathivha Surgerycomplex/ Office No: 2, Adjacent Shoprite Sibasa, Tel: 0732491795/0766092083 Ref: ATCM/ AENL/05/2017

TO LET Thohoyandou CBD

SHOP Available 50sqm - 200sqm 30 day waiting period on approval of request Store Room Space Available (TO BE DISCUSSED) Close to Municipal Buildings

NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the estate of the Late

MOKOENA FREDDY of Identity number: 580404 5823 085 of Roerfontein Village, Limpopo province who died on the 21st day of July 2016 and who was married in community of property to MUGWENA MALEGO FLORAH of Identity number: 620315 0374 084. Estate number: 546/2017 Master’s office: Thohoyandou All persons having claims against the above mentioned estate are required to lodge their claims with undersigned within 30 days after the date of publication. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 14th DAY OF MARCH 2017. TSHIDZUMBA MAKONDE ATTORNEYS. P.O BOX 240 THOHOYANDOU 0950 REF: REDRESS/TMA/ EST. 04/2017

NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the estate of the Late LEBEYA SHALALA ALPHEUS of Identity number: 630602 5963 088 of GIYANI, Mopani

district, Limpopo province who died on the 09th day of February 2017 and who was married in community of property to LEBEYA NKHENSANI DAPHNEY of Identity number: 660216 0562 085 Estate number: 416/2017 Master’s office: Thohoyandou All persons having claims against the above mentioned estate are required to lodge their claims with undersigned within 30 days after the date of publication. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 14th DAY OF MARCH 2017. WISANI BALOYI Inc. P.O BOX 3305 LOUIS TRICHARDT 0920 REF: REDRESS/EST 10/2017

TSHIREDO ATTORNEYS Liquidation and Distribution Accounts in Deceased Estates Lying for Inspection In terms of Section 35(5) of Act 66 of 1965, The first and final liquidation and distribution account in the estate of the late Mukwevho Mususumeli Fanuel, Estate no. 114/2017, ID No

3111015202080, Last Address Dzwerani, Date of Death 2017/01/10. Master’s office: Thohoyandou will be open for inspection for a period of 21 days from 17/03/2017, at the Master’s office during the specified period, the executor will proceed to make payments in accordance with the said account. Tshiredo Attorneys D7 Sabina Plaza P.O Box 6186, Thohoyandou Tel: 015 962 0706


Notice in terms of section 35 Kindly be informed that the First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account in respect of the late Mulaudzi Phalanndwa Norman) Estate no: 2557/2016 shall lie on inspection at the Master’s Office at Limpopo High Court Building Thohoyandou for a period of 21 days calculated from the 17th day of March 2017. Dated at Mutale on this the 9th day of March 2017. Nefale M.I. Attorneys, Executrix Attorneys,

Office No: 01 & 02 Nefale Complex, Tshilamba-Opposite Mutale Post Office, P.O. Box 35, Mutale, 0956, Tel/Fax: 015967 0102, REF:NEF/ EST/M05

RICHARD MATHOBO ATTORNEYS Notice in Terms of Section 35 Kindly be informed that the First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Accounts in respect of the late Mavhunga Takalani David ID No: 570626 6059 085 from Nzhelele Biaba Who died on the 2016-12-08, Master’s ref: 3069/2016, shall lie for inspection at the master of Limpopo High Court Thohoyandou for the period of twenty one (21) days calculated from the date of the publication of this notice. Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 17th day of March 2017. C/O Richardt Mathobo Attorneys 2010 Centre Block 2 D18 Next to Phalaphala FM Thohoyandou, 0950 P.O Box 1510, Sibasa 0970 Tel/Fax: 015 962 0220 Cell No: 071 169 7071 Ref: RICH/RM/ EST.01/2017

17 March 2017 15

ADVOCATE T.C MUNYAI Notice to Creditors and Debtors The estate of the late Dzhivhuho Ntakuseni Chris, Identity number 481105660084 who resided at Ngulumbi Village, who died on the 02nd Day of March 2016 and was married to Dzhivhuho Julia Mudzunga of Identity number 5302150857089. Estate number: 663/2016 All persons having claims against the above mentioned estate must lodge them with the executor within 30 days from the date of publication hereof. Advocate T.C Munyai Style Centre, First Floor, Office No: 09, GRR Mathivha Surgerycomplex/ Office No: 2, Adjacent Shoprite Sibasa Tel: 0732491795/0766092083 Ref: ATCM/DNC/07/2017

To advertise in the legal section Email accounts@

Vacancies & Tenders To advertise here, contact Tel: 015 516 4996 or Fax: 015 516 2303

Contact 072 508 8161

Private Bag X9271 Malamulele 0982 Limpopo Province Cell: 073 335 9573



Private Bag X9271 Malamulele 0982 Limpopo Province Cell: 073 335 9573


Lim 345 Local Municipality invites suitably qualified candidates to fill these vacant positions within its establishment. Please take note that the closing date for the Internship programme that was advertised in the Limpopo Mirror on 10 March 2017 has been moved to 24 March 2017. MUNICIPAL MANAGER MGANGWANA D


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Notice is hereby given, in terms of Section 49 of the Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act No. 6 of 2004 (hereafter referred to as the “Act”), that the General Valuation Roll for the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2022 is open for public inspection at the office of the Acting Director Planning and Development, 1st floor, DCO Building, 225 Hospital Street, Malamulele, 0982 ( OFFICE 54) for the period 10 March 2017 to 26 April 2017, Mondays to Fridays, during office hours, i.e. 08:00 to 16:00; as well as on the Lim 345 Municipality’s website, www.lim345municipality. Property owners or other persons are hereby invited, in terms of Section 49 of the Act, to lodge an objection with the Municipal Manager in respect of any matter reflected in, or omitted from, the General Valuation Roll within the abovementioned period.


Attention is specifically drawn to the fact that in terms of Section 50(2) of the Act, an objection must be in relation to a specific individual property and not against the General Valuation Roll as such. Objection forms are obtainable at the Municipal Registry Office, or on the Lim 345 Municipality’s website,

Notice is hereby give that a public hearing on the Musina Local Municipality 2015/2016 Annual Report, as convened in in terms of Section 129 (4) (a) of the Municipal Finance Management Act, will be held as follows:

Completed forms must be returned to: referring Municipal Manager, Lim345 Local Municipality, Valuation Roll, P.O. Box 9271, Malamulele, 0982

Date: Venue: Time:

alternatively, they may be handed in at the Municipal Registry Office.

Friday, 24 March 2017 Musina Local Municipality Nancefield New Community Hall 10:00

For enquiries, please contact the Municipality’s Reception on 015 851 0110 (ext 2014) CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS: Wednesday, 26 April 2017 BEFORE 16H00

Tel: 015 534 6100 Fax: 086 517 0049 Private Bag X611 Musina 0900 Notice number 09/2017 13 March 2017

TN Tshiwanammbi Acting Municipal Manager

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Stakeholders and members of the public are invited to attend.

MHANGWANA D MUNICIPAL MANAGER LIM 345 Local Municipality DCO Building Malamulele

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DEADLINES FOR ADVERTS: Colour adverts: Mondays 16:00 • Classifieds and display adverts: Tuesdays 14:00

16 17 March 2017

Young Eagles beat United By Kaizer Nengovhela

You are hereby invited to submit a Bid for the requirements of Safcol (SOC) Ltd:

SAFCOL SOC LTD HEREBY INVITES SUITABLE SERVICE PROVIDERS TO RENDER THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: 1. RFB 0008-2017 TIMBERFRAME TRAINING PROVIDER 2. RFB 0007-2017 APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING PROVIDER REQUEST FOR BID: RFB 0008-2017 & RFB 0007-2017 Note: Refer to the government tender bulletin & e-tender portal for more information ( Enquiries: Ms Ayanda Madikizela. Email: Tel: 012 436 6302. Closing date & time: 28 March 2017 at 12:00 noon. Komatiland Forests is a subsidiary of SAFCOL

District Municipality

Public Hearing on 2015/2016 Draft Annual Report Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 130 of the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003 read with Section 20 of the Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000, that the Municipal Public Accounts Committee of Vhembe District Municipality will be conducting a public hearing on the 2015/2016 Draft Annual Report. Members of the public and stakeholders are invited to attend the public hearing scheduled as follows: Date: 28 March 2017 Time: 10:00 Venue: Vhembe District Municipality – Council Chamber For more information, contact Pfunzo Ramugumo at (015) 964-538/4507 or e-mail: OR Cllr SE Makhomisani - MPAC Chairperson

Maebane Young Eagles beat Magau United 3-2 in an MMK Administrators match at Maebane on Sunday. The visitors from Magau were the first to find the net. In the ninth minute, Naledzani Maduwa unleashed a volley from the left corner. The keeper of Eagles, Mathatsi Marakalala, watched helplessly as the ball hit the back of the net. Eagles continued to play like a united team, initiating promising moves from behind. They found the equaliser in the 37th minute. Humbulani Managa forced his way through the defence and blasted in a rocket from inside the penalty box to bring the half-time score to 1-1. United were the first effect changes to their starting line-up. They replaced Khuthadzo Tshikunwane, Ronewa Sadiki and Livhuwani Maduwa with Andani Thovhakale, Tshifhiwa Ndouvhanda and Rendani Mauda respectively early in the second half. United took the lead again in the 58th minute. They were awarded a free kick and Mutangwa Matodzi finished from the free kick taken Phumudzo Silika. Yende Munyadziwa dribbled past three defenders in a row, beating the keeper to make it 2-2 in the 74th minute. The home side found the winner in the 84th minute when Munyadziwa Vuledzani Ravhuravhu (right) of Eagles tries to stop the ball, with beat the keeper with a ground cutter. Phumudzo Silika waiting for a mistake.

MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Louis Trichardt 0920


Human Communications 133814



VDM/Corp/14/ 02/2017/01



Managed Printing Solution (3 years contract)

Development of Road Asset RFP/VDM/TECH Management /26/01/2017/01 System within Vhembe District Municipality




R411.00 nonrefundable

28 March 2017 at 10h00 at the entrance of Vhembe District Municipality

Acting General Manager: Corporate Services, Mr R. Netshitenzhe, tel. 015 960 2000

R411.00 nonrefundable

29 March 2017 at 10h00 at the entrance of Vhembe District Municipality

General Manager: Technical Services, Mr O. Nthutang, tel. 015 960 2000


of Vhembe District Municipality Offices, next to Khoroni Hotel (former Venda Tusk Hotel) whereafter the bids will be opened in public. The following documents are required and shall form part of the bid: CSD summary report, Tax Clearance Certificate, Company Registration Certificate, Proof of Purchased tender document receipt, Bidders Certified copy of ID Document, Audited Financial Statements, Proof that the bidder’s municipal business account or any of the directors’ municipal accounts are not in arrears (NB: Municipal Clearance not older than three months) and Certified BBBEE

VACANCY Position: Litigation Secretary

SO Ravele Attorneys requires the services of a Litigation Secretary to join our dynamic firm. Must be able to work under pressure in a fast paced, legal environment.

Key performance areas: •

Verification Certificate. Late bids, telegraphic, emails or telefax transmission documents will not be

accepted. Vhembe District Municipality reserves the right to accept a tender as a whole or in part and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. NB: All service providers/bidders are requested to pre-number and initial their documents before submission.

Administrative enquiries can be directed to Supply Chain Practitioners of

Vhembe District Municipality, tel. 015 960 2093/2107/2075.



Art, Culture, Literature, Entertainment news? GIVEN 078 503 1804

Attending to all secretarial and typing functions associated with general legal work. Completing large volumes of dictated typing work related to High Court litigation and Magistrate Court.

Candidate requirements: •

No bid will be accepted from persons in the service of the State.

078 227 8414


TIME 07H00


For further enquiries please contact MR. K.O. Munzhelele at 083 647 3003 or Duncan Makhubele at 015 519 3000/ 3211/3036 or consult with your ward councillor. Notice no: 50 of 2017 M.J. KANWENDO Acting Municipal manager Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

CLOSING DATE: 08 MAY 2017 AT 12H00

mentioned bid number, must be deposited in the bid box, next to the entrance





Complete tender document, sealed in an envelope, marked with the above


Minimum 2-3 years appropriate Litigation secretarial experience Fully conversant in English, Venda, Tsonga and Northern Sotho Initiative and the ability to work independently Good numerical skills and be able to work under pressure Good interpersonal skills and ability to maintain good client and inter staff relations

Qualifications: • •

Matric (Grade 12) or equivalent certificate Relevant tertiary qualification

Closinga date: 31 March 2017 Applications can be submitted at Louis Trichardt office (Devenish Street) or e-mail to or

Learnership Programmes 2017 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) End User Computing

Applications are invited from unemployed youth (18-35 years of age) who wish to pursue a career in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Successful applicants will be granted an opportunity to participate in a formal one-year Learnership Programme (SAQA-accredited, NQF Level 3 National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing, registered under Media, Information and Communication Technologies (MICT) SETA, Qualification ID number 49077). Learners will be based at SAFCOL’s operation, Platorand Training Centre, Sabie area in the Mpumalanga Province. Learners will receive a monthly stipend for the duration of the Learnership. Preference will be given to previously disadvantaged individuals, people living with disability, black females and youth from communities with which SAFCOL has signed a Social Compact. Requirements: • South African citizenship • Unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 35 • Successfully completed Grade 12 • A passion for computers. How to apply: Attach certified copies the following documents to your application letter: • Curriculum Vitae • A Grade 12 statement of results or Certificate • Identity Document. Applications must be sent via e-mail to Alternatively, applications can be hand-delivered at the reception areas of any of the following SAFCOL premises: • Pretoria Office: Podium at Menlyn • Nelspruit Office: 10 Streak Street • Ngome Plantation Office: R618 Nongoma, Vryheid Road • Platorand Training Centre: R532 Sabie, Graskop Road • Timbadola Sawmill Office: Entabeni Road, Levubu Area Enquiries: Jabu Kuhlase or Vanesa Macebele, tel. (013) 754-2700 Closing date: 24 March 2017 Should you not have received a response within 30 days of the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful.

General Forestry

Applications are invited from unemployed youth (18-35 years of age) who wish to pursue a career in Forestry. Successful applicants will be granted an opportunity to participate in a formal one-year General Forestry Learnership Programme (SAQA-accredited, NQF Level 1) General Education and Training Certificate in Forestry. It will consist of accredited theoretical classroom training and practical training consisting of Research, Nursery, Silviculture and Harvesting operations. Learners will be based at SAFCOL’s operations, Platorand Training Centre, Sabie area in the Mpumalanga Province, to complete both theoretical and practical components of the Learnership. Learners will receive a monthly stipend for the duration of the Learnership. Preference will be given to previously disadvantaged individuals, people living with disability, black females and youth from communities with which SAFCOL has signed a Social Compact. Requirements: • South African citizenship • Unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 35 • Successfully completed Grade 12 with the following subjects: Maths; Biology; and Science • A passion for forestry • Willing to work outdoors. How to apply: Please include a written essay of a maximum of 2 pages explaining why you should be considered to be enrolled in the General Forestry Learnership Programme. Attach certified copies of the following documents to your application letter: • Curriculum Vitae • Grade 12 statement of results or Certificate • Identity Document. Applications must be sent via e-mail to Alternatively, applications can be hand-delivered at the reception areas of any of the following SAFCOL premises: • Pretoria Office: Podium at Menlyn • Nelspruit Office: 10 Streak Street • Ngome Plantation Office: R618 Nongoma, Vryheid Road • Platorand Training Centre: R532 Sabie, Graskop Road • Timbadola Sawmill Office: Entabeni Road, Levubu Area Enquiries: Leo Long, tel. (013) 754-2700 (ext 3086) Closing date: 28 March 2017

Human Communications 133640


LEAGUE LOGS Deadline: Tuesday 12:00 No handwritten logs will be accepted

Notice for consolidation and rezoning in terms of Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013 read together with Thulamela Spatial Planning and land Use Management by-Law of 2016 Section 71 and Section 62(1) It is hereby notified that application has been made by Africa Bembe Eng. Tech on behalf of the registered owners in terms of Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, (SPLUMA) Act 16 of 2013 read together with Land use Management by Law 2016 section 71 and section 62(1), for amendment of scheme for the purpose of consolidation and rezoning of use of land in line with Thulamela Land Use Management Scheme, number 33 of 2006 on Erf 1612 and 1613 Thohoyandou M from “Residential 1” to “Business 2” (Dwelling Units and Restaurant). The application and the relevant documents are open for inspection at the office of the Senior Manager: Planning and Development, Thulamela Local Municipality, First Floor, Thohoyandou, for 28 days from 17 March 2017. Objection to the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipality Manager, Thulamela Municipality, P.O. Box 5066, Thohoyandou, 0950, for a period of 28 days from 17 March 2017. Address of authorized agent: Africa Bembe Eng. Tech, P.O. Box 637, SIBASA, 0970. Tel: (015) 960 1402/ 079 235 2106. Ndivhadzo ya u tanganyiswa na u shandukiswa ha kushumisele kwa mabvu uya nga mulayo Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013, u co tshi khovhalivha ho tanaganyiswa Mulayo tewa wa ha Masipala wa Masipala wa Spatial Planning and Land use Management By law tshitenwa tsha vhu 71 and 62(1) Vha khou divhadziwa uri huna khumbelo yo itiwaho nga Africa Bembe Eng. Tech, vho imela vhane vha tshitentsi erf 1612 na 1613 Thohoyandou M , u tanganyiswa na u shandukiswa ha ku shumisele kwa mabvu. u ya nga Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, (SPLUMA) Act 16 of 2013, Hu tshi kho vhaliwa na Mulayo tewa wa Ha Masipala wa Thulamela kha ku shumisele kwa mabvu wa 2016 tshitenwa tsha vhu 71 and 62(1), u bva kha “Residential 1” ine ya vha phera ya muta muthihi u ya kha “Business 2 (Dwelling units and Restaurant)” Zwi khou languliwa nga tshikimu tsha ha Masipala tsha kushumisela kwa mabvu, 33 of 2006. Vhane vha takalela u vhala nga ha khumbelo iyi na manwalo a yelanaho nayo, vha nga a wana ofisini ya Minidzhere muhulwane: wa ku dzudzanyele na mvelaphanda, kha luta Iwa u thoma kha masipala wa Thulamela Thohoyandou. Manwalo ayo a do wanala Iwa tshifhinga tshi edanaho maduvha a fumbili malo (28) u bva nga duvha la 17 Thafamuhwe 2017.Vhane vha vha na mbilaelo malugana na iyi khumbelo vha nwalele minidzhere wa masipala wa Thulamela kha diresi itevhelaho: P.O. Box 5066, Thohoyandou, 0950. Mbilaelo dzi do tanganedziwa Iwa maduvha a fumbili malo (28) u bva nga duvha la 17 Thafamuhwe 2017. Diresi ya dzhendedzi lire mulayoni malugana na iyi khumbelo: Africa Bembe Eng. Tech, P.O. Box 637, SIBASA, 0970. Tel: (015) 960 1402/ 079 235 2106. Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Makhado 0920


Narrow victory for Defenders By Kaizer Nengovhela

Mpheni Home Defenders beat Madombidzha Western Stars1-0 in their MMK Administrators League match at Mpheni on Saturday. Defenders approached the game aggressively, with their strikers regularly invading the danger zone of Stars. Oscar Leaka of Stars was the first player to go into the referee’s book. He tackled Thabo Matuba from behind just outside the penalty box. The only time when Stars came close to scoring was when Thabelo Tharini went loose from the left flank and shot wide from close range. At that stage, the game was 34 minutes old. In an effort to strengthen their striking force, Defenders introduced Shorene Nndwambi for Trust Tshidumo. The only goal of the match came in the 38th minute. Thabo Matuba finished off a square ball from Emanuel Mphephu. In the 76th minute, a shot by Ndaedzo Mareda of Defenders missed the goal post by inches. Late in the game, Stars should have equalised, but Oscar Leaka’s ground cutter hit the woodwork and bounced back into play, much Tshilidzi Srivho of Defenders and Doctor Ratto the disappointment of the team’s fans. shibaya head the ball away.

All interested service providers are hereby invited to submit written quotations and deliver them to Makhado Municipality’s tender box. QUOTATION NO



Request for Quotation for Supply and Delivery of Repairs Materials the Ablution Facilities : Dzanani Region


Request for Quotation for Supply, Delivery of material and Labour for Sealing /Waterproofing in concrete roof, wall Cracks and Unblock channel /Gutter


Request for Quotation for the Supply and Delivery of Drip Irrigation System for Phaphama Agriculture Cooperative


Request for Quotation for the Supply and Install Steel Sliding Gates at Makhado Municipality



CIBD Grading 01 GB

CIDB Grading 01SQ

Request for Quotation for the introduction to End-User Computing Training Programme

Unit standard : 116932; 117924; 116937; 116945


Request for Quotation for the Supply of Material and Labour for Tiling Mayor’s Offices

CIBD Grading 01 GB


Request for Quotation for the Supply and delivery of Material and fitting Glasses for Building Maintenance


27 March 2017 at 12:00

27 March 2017 at 12:00


Request for Quotation for the Supply and Delivery of Kitchen Equipment

Monday, 20 March 2017 at 10H00 at council chamber, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh street. Makhado

Monday, 20 March 2017 at 10H00 at council chamber, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh street. Makhado

27 March 2017 at 12:00

Monday, 20 March 2017 at 10H00 at council chamber, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh street. Makhado

27 March 2017 at 12:00

Monday, 20 =March 2017 at 10H00 at council chamber, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh street. Makhado

Request for Quotation for the Supply and Delivery of Bush Clearing Machines and Assessories.

PUBLIC NOTICE TO ALL WARDS: REPEALING OF OBSOLETE / NON-APPLICABLE BY-LAWS OF DISESTABLISHED MUTALE LOCAL MUNICIPALITY (1) Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 12(3) (b) and Section 21A of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000) read together with section 12 Notice issued by the Member of the Executive Committee (MEC) responsible for local government in Limpopo dated 22 July 2016 that Musina Local Municipality intend to repeal gazetted obsolete / non-applicable by-laws of disestablished Mutale by-laws. (2) To this end, the list herein contain all gazetted by-laws of disestablished Mutale Local Municipality which the council of Musina Local municipality resolved on 27 February 2017 to repeal and the extent of repeal thereof Gazette Effective Date number

Extent of repeal




14 January 2005



Credit Control


14 January 2005





14 January 2005



Street Trading


14 January 2005





14 January 2005



Standing Rules and orders


14 January 2005



Prevention and suppression of Nuisance


14 January 2005



Refuse and Sanitary


14 January 2005



Public Amenities


14 January 2005




14 January 2005


27 March 2017 at 12:00

Preventing conditions likely to cause or further spread fire




14 January 2005


27 March 2017 at 12:00


Unsightly and neglected buildings


14 January 2005



Water Supply


14 January 2005



Nature Reserve


14 January 2005



Prohibition and control over the discharge of fire works


14 January 2005



Property Rates


27 March 2013



Meetings and Processions


27 March 2013


27 March 2017 at 12:00

27 March 2017 at 12:00

Please Note: 1. Specifications of the quotations and MBD 6.1 and MBD 4 can be downloaded from the municipal website or a hard copy can be obtained from Supply Chain Management office B043, Civic Centre, No.83 Krogh Street, Makhado Municipality For more information, enquiries must be directed to Ms TP Ntsieni, Mr M Singo or Mr M Ramabulana at 015 519 3179/3129/3024 during office hours. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street LOUIS TRICHARDT, 0920 Notice No: 49/2017 MR. M.J KANWENDO File No: 8/3/2/1 ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGER 2.

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Name of by-law

27 March 2017 at 12:00 Monday, 20 March 2017 at 10H00 at council chamber, Civic Centre, 83 Krogh street. Makhado


CLOSING DATE 27 March 2017 at 12:00

Request for Quotation for the Supply of Material and Labour for Rubberising of Bakkie and In-Setting of Bush Bar.



17 March 2017 17

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(3) Anyone who wishes to peruse and comment or object on the repeal of obsolete by-laws of the disestablished Mutale Local Municipality can access them on and at all Municipal offices (including the Civic Centre), Satellite offices and Nancefield Library. (4) The by-laws will be available for perusal and comment for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the publication of the Notice. (5) Written comments, objections and representation in connection with the repeal of obsolete by-laws, if any, must be sent to Mr TR Rambuda at or or fax to 086 517 0049 not later than 16:00, 07 April, 2017. (6) Any person who cannot read and / or write or requires translation to any of the local languages may, during normal office hours, approach the office of the Acting Municipal Manager at the Civic Centre, 21 Irwin Street for assistance with lodging of comments, objections and representations, if any, in respect of the repeal of obsolete by-laws. (7) Enquiries in connection with the repeal of obsolete by-laws of disestablished Mutale Local Municipality may be directed to the Acting General Manager: Corporate Services at 015 543-6100. Tel: 015 534 6100 Fax: 086 517 0049 Notice number 08/2017 17 March 2017

TN Tshiwanammbi Acting Municipal Manager

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18 17 March 2017

“King” on trial with Chiefs By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho A young star in local soccer circles, Tshifhiwa “King Mayor” Maligudu, is an excited young man after Mamu Community Development secured him an opportunity to undergo a screening for eligibility to join Kaizer Chiefs' development team. The 14-year-old Grade 9 pupil at Maneledzi Secondary School will spend at least two weeks with Kaizer Chiefs' trials section in Gauteng. “I had no proper words to express my excitement when I received the good news,” he said. “I will do my best to make sure that I qualify to be part of

the Kaizer Chiefs development team.” Maligudu developed his soccer skills when he was playing under Mabaleng Development and then joined Tshiozwi Dynamos (reserve). He drew the attention of Mamu Community Development's management, who then exposed his talent to soccer legend Jerry Sikhosana. “Sikhosana played a big role in making sure that the young boy's talent got the kind of attention it so deserved in the Kaizer Chiefs development agency,” said the general secretary of Mamu Community Development, Mr Jafter Mamugudubi. “So, it is up to this young man to ensure his

admission in the development team's school. We wish him all the best.” Maligudu's guardian, Ms Humbulani Maligudu, said that they were proud of him and prayed that he would get good results. “We can't wait to receive good news in two weeks' time.” The young player’s story is not the first good story from the house of Mamu Community Development. The organisation sent young soccer player Andries Masingi (19) last week to join the Thuso Phala Foundation, where his soccer talent will be nurtured. Maligudu’s trip is sponsored by KFC and Hollywoodbets.

The general secretary of Mamu Community Development, Mr Jafter Mamugudubi (right) and guardian Ms Humbulani Maligudu (left), photographed with Tshifhiwa “King Mayor” Maligudu.

VACANCY Financial Clerk at Louis Trichardt Headoffice MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: • Matric • Accounting and / or Mathematics as a subject in school • Advantage: Experience of working on program IQ, Pastel, Excel, Word, Outlook • Work on other accounting software programs • Experience: 1-5 years • Experience in maintenance of fixed asset registers and batch processing in the accounting software program • Experience in reconciling inventory, debtors and creditors accounts • Be willing to learn and grow within the company • Able to work independently • Must be able to work under pressure and make deadlines

CV’s can be emailed to

Join our winning team and grow with us! CLOSING DATE FOR ABOVE POST: 31 MARCH 2017 P&L HARDWARE (Pty) Ltd.

Tel: (015) 516 1328/9 • Fax: (015) 516 1089 • P.O.Box 204, Louis Trichardt 0920 92 Kruger Street, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Arsenal to face Stars in local derby Fixtures The players of Madombidzha Arsenal will aim to rectify the mistakes they made last weekend when they lost 0-1 to Zamenkomste FC when they meet Madombidzha Western Stars in their local MMK Administrators league local derby match tomorrow (Saturday). Saturday’s fixtures: Stream A: Matsika Shooting Stars vs United Artists, Makovha All Stars vs Matsakali Sky Rangers, Royal Arsenal vs Dididi Manguvhewa, Shigamani FC vs Mudziafera Blue Eagles, Langutani Blue Birds vs Obet Ministries Fighters, Mulenzhe Shooting Stars vs Thohoyandou Development, Budeli United vs Mathieledzha Blue Birds and Sidou Peace Makers vs Tshivahdzaulwu Peace Makers. Stream B: Mahagala Young Stars vs Gaba Union Fighters, Mukula Young Santos vs Tshaulu Ghetto Boys, Tshifudi X1 Experience vs Begwa FC, Matangari High Aims vs Phandulaluvalo FC, Tshaulu Powerline vs Makonde FC, Khubvi Dangerous Darkies vs Matangari Rising Stars, Jeff Cliff vs Musasenda Big Five, Tshitasini City vs Shandani Dangerous Scorpion and Thenzheni Liverpool vs Tshidzini Happy Fighters. Stream C: Rockers vs Mutuwa Brazilians, Makhuvha All Stars vs Tshififi FC, Ngwenani Young Chiefs vs Thembaluvhilo Seven Stars, Maranzhe Hungry Lions vs Shonisani FC, Dolphins vs Mbilwi New Generation, Themba Sunrise vs Tshambovu Junior Aces, Marula X1 vs Tshiawelo Bosveld and Vhembe FET College vs Vondwe X1 Bullets. Stream D: Shayandima Disco Stars vs Tshakhuma KK Revolution, Tshakhuma RO United vs Mutandani Pull Together, Univen FC vs Itsani United, Gwamasenga United Brothers vs Kalahari FC, Ramukhuba Young Brothers vs Phungo All Stars, Voweto Maximum Force vs Shayandima Dynamos, Tshakhuma Na Ndilani vs Tshivahdzaulwu Peace Makers and Bembani FC vs Duthuni Happy Boys. Stream E: Makhitha Iyarunga vs Muraleni United Brothers, Madombidzha Arsenal vs Madombidzha Western Stars, Gogobole Bucs vs Zamenkomste FC, Makhitha up the Brooms vs Makhitha Oscar Stars, Mpheni Home Defenders vs Tshiozwi Dynamos, Magau United vs Manavhela Black Aces, Rainbow Academy vs Maebane Young Eagles and TVET College vs Zoutpansberg Powerline. Stream F: Wayeni Sea Robbers vs Kuruleni Happy Fighters, Mashamba Benfica United vs Muwaweni Lucky Stars, Tshipuseni All Stars vs Valdezia United, Muli-

ma FC vs Mashu Thondoni ziafera Blue Eagles vs Royal FC, Valdezia Deportivo vs Arsenal, Dididi ManguvheSereni Home Boys, Madazhi wa vs Makovha All Stars, Eversmiling vs Bofulamato Matsakali Sky Dangerous vs FC, Mathlari FC vs Muila FC, Matsika Shooting Stars, UnitBokisi Scientists vs Mashamba ed Artists vs Budeli United Academy and Phadziri FC vs and Mathieledzha Blue Birds Eleven Worries. vs Tshivhulana Real Aces. Stream G: Edson MuStream D: Kalahari FC vs raida FC vs Maelula New Bembani FC, Itsani United vs Mates, Tshituni Hot Spurs vs Gwamasenga United BrothSeven United, Dopeni Mighty ers, Mutandani Pull Together Comrades vs Mauluma Black vs Univen FC, Tshakhuma Mamba, Nzhelele United Stars KK Revolution vs Tshakhuma vs Tshivhidulu Hungry Lions, na Ndilani, Tshivahdzaulwu Nzhelelele Young All Nations Peace Makers vs Shayandivs Rabali Pull Together, Mima Disco Five, Shayandima laboni Chop Them Down vs Dynamos vs Tshakhuma Sangoma Black Robbers and RO, Cobra Stars vs Voweto Nzhelele Home Sweepers vs Maximum Force, Phungo All Matanda Rockers. Stars vs Beuster Mighty Chiefs Stream H: Lwathudwa and Duthuni Happy Boys vs Black Movers vs Anel Real Ramukhuba United Brothers. Vikings, Folovhodwe Stone Breakers vs Bale United, Tshenzhelani Diiteleni vs Muswodi Happy Fighters, Masisi Young Stars vs Musina United, Berea FC vs Maramanzhi Mountain Sweepers and Tshilamusi Super Eagles vs Igwe FC. Sunday’s fixtures: Stream A: Langutani Blue Birds vs Sidou Peace Makers, Obet Ministries vs Arsenal's top goal scorer, Llyod Davhana is expected to increase his tally when they Shigamani meet rivals Western Stars. FC, Mud-

Percy Munonoka, the fine striker of Western Stars.

“Fun” doubles tennis tournament Invites The Louis Trichardt Tennis Club invites all tennis players to enter their member and non-member doubles tournament on 1 April. Registration takes place from

13:00, with play starting at 14:00. The entry fee is R100 per player. The closing date to RSVP for this tournament is 25 March. To RSVP for the tournament, or for more information, contact Craig Viljoen at 082 509 2386

or Lindsay Viljoen at 072 220 5709. “Join us afterwards for a boerewors roll, salad and pap with sheba. Refreshments will be sold at the tuckshop during the day,” say the organisers.


17 March 2017 19

No mercy for Killers ground cutter after he received a beautiful pass from Mashudu In their ABC Motsepe League Mukhari. match at the Tshifudi StadiKillers made several attempts um on Saturday, Joe Maweja to break the defence of Maweja, showed no mercy to Lephabut it was rock solid. The home lale Young Killers and beat side scored the third goal them 3-1. through Lufuno Tshidada in Maweja were unstoppable the 30th minute. He caught the from the onset, with their keeper napping and blasted in a midfielders regularly distribrocket from the 25-meter area. uting dangerous passes to the Killers missed a fortune in the frontrunners. It took Young 38th minute. They received a Killers only 10 minutes to open penalty after Freddy Kgare was their account when Sipho Twala brought down within the box, was on target with a half volley. but Sipho Twala shot straight at Maweja were awarded a penalty the keeper. two minutes later. It happened Both sides used all their after a defender of Killers, Law- substitution chances in the last rence Seopela, handled the ball half. The teams continued to within the penalty box. Thanzi display entertaining football, Muruge made no mistake from even though no goal was seen in the white spot. the last half. Maweja came close Maweja increased the margin to scoring again in the 84th three minutes later. Moses minute when Takalani Mashila Mathonsi was on target with a shot wide from close range. By Frank Mavhungu

Omphulusa Masotsha of Maweja hinders Daniel Bopape of Young Killers from reaching the ball.

Mukula Young Santos surrender to Phandulaluvalo FC By Frank Mavhungu

The home side did not lose hope after conceding the goal. Instead, they continued to play entertaining football in their search for the equalizer. The visitors from Tshifudi increased the margin in the 36th minute. Edward Mabasa was on target with a half volley. He beat the keeper to bring the half-time score to 2-0. Santos fought the second half with their hands tied behind their backs. Their defender, Shandukani Mahandana, was given his marching orders in the 47th minute.

Phandulaluvalo FC enhanced their chances of winning the league title when they beat Mukula Young Santos 2-0 in their MMK Administrators match at the Tshidzani Tsha Maria grounds on Saturday. Santos were by far the better side when it came to ball possession and dribbling skills. Realizing that it would be difficult for them to match the home side pound for pound in all departments, Phandulaluvalo played aerials balls from behind. Although Santos lost shape in the middle of the park many a time, their left-footed midfielder, Humphrey Takalani, remained a live wire. He was everywhere, dishing some telling passes to the goal poachers, who seemed to have forgotten their scoring boots at home. Santos, however, threatened to score in the 14th minute. Joshua Netshilindi received a neat pass from Humphrey Takalani just outside the box but shot straight to the stranded keeper of Phandulaluvalo, Maanda Magaba, who easily handled the ball. Phandulaluvalo’s opening goal came in the 34th minute. Their captain, Engedzedsani Mudau, blasted in a rocket from inside the Edward Mabasa of Phandulaluvalo (left) and Joshua Netshilindi of Santos wrestle to win the ball. box.

Vhahangwele Tshifhango of Santos hooks the ball while Phathu Masindi of Phandulaluvalo is on his heels.

He kicked Edward Mabasa intentionally. Vhahangwele Tshifhango of Santos was booked for protesting against the referee’s decision late in the game.


Deadline: Tuesday 12:00 No handwritten logs will be accepted Makhado Workers Teams Team Played Won Draw Lost Makhado LTT Memorial FC 3 2 1 0 Makhado Spar F.C 2 2 0 0 Makhado Correctional Cen 3 1 2 0 Makhado Municipality 2 1 0 1 Makhado SAPS FC 2 0 2 0 Kutama-Sinthumule Corr 2 0 1 1 Mount Fuji FC 2 0 0 2 Shoprite & Checkers FC 2 0 0 2 Transnet 0 0 0 0

For 8 8 8 3 6 4 1 1 0

Against Points 7 7 2 6 6 5 2 3 6 2 6 1 8 0 7 0 0 0

Team United Artists Makhovha All Stars Muziafera Blue Eagles Sidou Peace Makers Mathieledzha B Birds Shigamani FC Dididi Manguvhewa FC Tshivhulana Real Aces Mulenzhe Shooting Star Langutani Blue Birds Budeli United Matsika Shooting Stars Obet Ministry Fighter Matsakali Sky Rangers Royal Arsenal DO LIGHT F.C

SAFA/MMK Administrators A Played Won Draw Lost 20 12 5 3 18 12 4 2 18 11 3 4 18 10 6 2 16 8 6 2 16 7 7 2 20 8 4 8 18 7 5 6 20 6 5 9 18 4 6 8 16 4 3 9 14 3 5 6 16 2 7 7 15 3 4 8 18 2 3 13 15 1 3 11

For 38 37 36 30 22 28 24 44 22 24 20 14 12 20 17 12

Against Points 12 41 14 40 16 36 12 36 15 30 17 28 26 28 36 26 29 23 30 18 37 15 16 14 25 13 35 13 41 9 40 6

Team Phandulaluvalo FC Tshitasini City Tshaulu Power Line Makula Young Santos Matangari high Aims Tshidzini H Fighters Matangari Rising Star Gaba union Fight Makonde FC Tshaulu Ghetto Boys Tshilonwe Y Bombers Shadani Dange Scorpio Musasendas Big Five Mahagala Young Stars Jeff Cliff FC Khubvi D Dakkies Thenzheni Liverpool Begwa FC Tshifudi XI Experience

SAFA/MMK Administratorse: B Played Won Draw Lost 18 13 2 3 19 11 3 5 18 9 5 4 17 9 5 3 17 8 8 1 18 9 4 5 18 8 5 5 18 7 5 6 17 5 7 5 18 4 8 6 13 6 0 7 18 4 6 8 16 4 5 7 16 4 4 8 17 4 4 9 18 3 6 9 15 3 5 7 15 3 4 8 16 2 4 10

For 42 25 35 28 29 32 27 31 27 20 16 19 22 16 15 16 13 19 16

Against Points 19 41 21 36 20 32 14 32 17 32 24 31 18 29 26 26 27 22 25 20 20 18 26 18 27 17 22 16 30 16 33 15 22 14 31 13 26 10

Team Rockers FC Ngwenani Y Chiefs Mbilwi New Generation Maranzhe H lion Tshambobvu JNR Aces Shonisani FC Makhuvha All Stars Marula X1 Vodwe XI Bullets Gondeni United Themba Sunrise Rid Tshiawelo Bosveld The Dolphins FC Tshififi FC Mutuwa Brazilians Thembaluvhilo 7 Stars

SAFA/MMK Administrators: C Played Won Draw Lost 17 15 2 0 15 12 0 3 17 8 6 3 16 6 7 3 17 6 6 5 16 7 3 6 16 6 5 5 18 6 5 7 16 6 5 5 16 6 5 5 16 4 7 5 16 5 4 7 16 4 5 7 16 3 1 12 15 0 5 10 15 0 4 11

For 61 33 16 20 33 18 22 22 19 15 16 14 21 12 8 13

Against Points 18 47 13 36 10 30 18 25 20 24 24 24 20 23 20 23 17 23 21 23 15 19 21 19 24 17 44 10 29 5 29 4

SAFA/MMK Administrators D Team Played Won Draw Lost Gwamasenga Untd Bros 19 13 3 3 Shayandima Disco Five 19 12 5 2 Tshivhazwaulu P Makers 19 11 6 2 Tshakhuma RO United 18 10 6 2 Tshakhuma KK Revoltu 19 10 5 4 Voweto Maximun Force 20 7 7 6 Itsani United 19 6 8 5 Duthuni Happy Boys 18 7 4 7 Shayandima FC Dynamos 19 7 4 8 Ramukhuba Y Brothers 20 5 9 6 Kalabari FC 19 6 6 7 Univen Fc 20 6 4 10 Beuster Mighty Chiefs 17 6 4 7 Mutandani Pull Tog 19 5 4 10 Cobra Stars FC 19 4 5 10 Phungo All Stars 19 4 5 10 Tshakhuma Na Ndilani 17 3 4 10 Bembani FC 18 2 1 15

For 35 47 27 26 33 19 16 26 25 17 16 39 18 21 19 14 11 11

Against Points 14 42 20 41 15 39 11 36 19 35 18 28 15 26 18 25 27 25 20 24 19 24 33 22 20 22 32 19 29 17 28 17 27 13 55 7

Rendani Mavhungu of Maweja is being assisted in leaving the pitch by a team club official after sustaining injury. SAFA/MMK Administrators: E Team Played Won Drawn Lost Makhitha Oscar Stars 18 11 6 1 Mpheni Home Def 16 11 3 2 LTT Murunwa TVET 17 10 4 3 Maebane Y Eagles 17 9 6 2 Western Stars 18 9 5 4 Zamenkoste FC 18 9 2 7 Makhitha Iya Runga 16 8 4 4 Muraleni Unt Brothers 18 7 6 5 Madombidzha Arsenal 18 7 2 9 Zoutpansberg Powerline 17 6 4 7 Makhitha Up The Brooms 17 5 6 6 Tshiozwi Dynamos 18 4 2 12 Manavhela Black Aces 18 2 7 9 Magau United 17 2 7 8 Gogobole Bucs 18 3 3 12 Rainbow All S Academy 17 1 3 13

For 36 34 32 23 26 29 30 31 30 32 21 16 13 15 11 15

Against Points 16 39 11 36 17 34 13 33 19 32 26 29 24 28 27 27 26 23 31 22 19 21 35 14 21 13 28 13 35 12 46 6

SAFA/MMK Administrators: F Played Won Draw Lost 18 13 4 1 16 12 2 2 14 9 2 3 15 8 4 3 18 8 3 7 19 6 6 7 16 6 5 5 14 6 3 5 18 4 9 5 14 5 5 4 18 5 5 8 18 5 5 8 15 5 4 6 15 4 4 7 16 4 3 9 15 4 1 10 14 3 3 8 17 2 4 11

For 27 23 21 23 19 15 20 17 18 20 18 20 17 14 15 20 13 11

Against Points 10 43 6 38 8 29 13 28 16 27 16 24 20 23 15 21 22 21 15 20 20 20 26 20 18 19 24 16 21 15 22 13 25 12 34 10

SAFA/MMK Administrators: G Team Played Won Draw Lost Rabali Pull Together 19 11 7 1 Mikhado FC 17 12 3 2 Matanda Rockers 19 11 5 3 Tshituni Hot Spurs 19 9 8 2 Edson Muraida FC 19 10 3 6 Tshivhilidulu H Lion 18 8 7 3 Mauluma Black Mamba 18 9 2 7 Dopeni Mighty Comb 17 6 9 2 Seven Untd Brothers 19 8 2 9 Maelula New Mates 19 6 6 7 Nzhelele Y All Nations 18 6 2 10 Sangoma Black Rob 19 4 5 10 Mamvuka Black Stars 18 2 7 9 Nzhelele Home Sweeper 17 2 5 10 Nzhelele United Stars 17 1 7 9 Milaboni Chop T Down 19 0 4 15

For 27 69 30 31 27 19 28 25 26 27 21 17 17 14 8 17

Against Points 11 40 15 39 18 38 14 35 18 33 8 31 26 29 16 27 28 26 25 24 37 20 32 17 34 13 29 11 31 10 61 4

SAFA/MMK Administrators: H Team Played Won Draw Lost Musina United 18 9 6 3 Igwe Fc 18 8 6 4 ANEL REAL VIKINGS 17 8 6 3 Bale United 17 7 8 2 BEREA F.C 18 9 2 7 Tshiilamusi Super Eagl 17 7 6 4 Lwathudwa Black Movers 18 6 4 8 Folovhodwe Stone Brea 17 3 11 3 Muswodi Happy Fight 18 5 5 8 Masisis Youth Stars 17 5 5 7 Matshen Hungry Lions 17 5 4 8 Tshenzheleni Diitele 18 4 6 8 Maramanzhi M Sweepers 18 5 3 10 Tshisimani Top Challa 18 3 6 9

For 45 32 26 23 23 29 32 20 10 18 21 13 20 13

Against Points 17 33 23 30 17 30 14 29 16 29 23 27 32 22 20 20 17 20 28 20 32 19 21 18 38 18 27 15

SAFA/MMK Administrators: I Team Played Won Draw Lost Rambuda Young Fight 20 15 3 2 Ficus Fc 20 13 5 2 Makuya Junior Aces 17 11 3 3 Mulodi Freedom Birds 20 10 4 6 Mulodi Young Santos 20 10 3 7 Makuya Try Again 20 9 5 6 Muledzhi Fire Boys 17 8 5 4 Madzivhanani P United 20 8 5 7 Lukau FC 18 7 6 5 Thengwe Flying Peace 20 6 7 7 Sambandou Untd Prof 20 6 6 8 Phaphama All Stars 18 7 2 9 Mutale Vikings 18 5 8 5 Musunda UNTD Brothers 18 5 3 10 Muhuyu Copper Stars 19 2 6 11 Lurangwe The Angels 16 3 2 11 Mabila Home Defenders 19 2 5 12 Tshixwadza brazilians 18 1 4 13

For 46 38 25 32 33 37 31 31 27 23 24 29 31 25 21 19 20 15

Against Points 16 48 20 44 14 36 24 34 27 33 27 32 17 29 30 29 21 27 25 25 32 24 28 23 33 23 39 18 38 12 30 11 39 11 47 7

Vhembe U/14 Community Soccer League Team Played Won Drawn Lost For Duthuni F.C 2 2 0 1 Tshifulanani Crystal Pal 2 1 1 2 Nwali F.C 2 1 1 2 Lwamondo Blue Eagles 2 1 1 4 Shayandima H Boys 2 1 0 4 Shayandima Stars 2 1 1 4 Itsani United 2 1 1 5 Zwavhavhili Y Boys 2 0 0 2 11

Against Points 5 6 8 3 2 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 1 0

Team Mashamba Benf Untd Eleven Warriors Muwaweni Lucky Stars Wayeni Sea Robbers Mashau Tondani FC Tshiphuseni All Stars Kurhuleni Happy Fight Bokies Sxcientist Bofulamato United Valdezia United FC Muila FC Mashamba Soccer Acad Valdevia Depotivo Mulima Fc Phadziri FC Mathlari FC Madadzhi Eversmiling Sereni Home Boys


20 17 March 2017

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Leopards need victory against All Stars By Frank Mavhungu After a break of two weeks, it will be business as usual for the National First Division League teams this weekend. Black Leopards are leaving no stone unturned in their preparations for their all-important match against Cape Town All Stars. They will meet at the Thohoyandou Stadium tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. While a victory for Black Leopards will enhance their chances of brining the league title to Thohoyandou at the end of the season, it is a matter of life and death for the team from the Mother City. They are are perched in the sixth spot from the bottom of the log and not safe when it comes to relegation. They have deposited 24 points into their account to date, nine more than the tail-enders, Santos FC. Should they fail to collect the maximum points tomorrow, Leopards are likely to drop from the second to the fifth spot on the log, depending on the results for the other league title contenders, Royal Eagles, Stellenbosch FC and Jomo Cosmos. Leopards will pin their hopes on Mwape Musonda, Ivan Mahangwahaya, Leonard Ntshangase and Mziwokuthula Zimu for goals, while Lebohang Mabotja, Marks Munyai and Thivhavhudzi Ndou will keep their danger area clean. The University of Pretoria will host Mbombela United at the Tuks Stadium in Pretoria. The Amatuks are one of the league title contenders, while Mbombela are out of the race. The pace setters, Thanda Royal Zulu, will fly to Cape Town to honour their fixture against Milano United at the Athlone Stadium, and Royal Eagles will entertain FC Cape Town at the Harry Gwala Stadium in Pietermaritzburg. Mthatha Bucks and Real Kings will meet at the Mthatha Stadium and Santos will host Magezi FC at the Athlone Stadium in Cape Town on Sunday. Sparks are expected to fly when Jomo Cosmos host Stellenbosch FC at the Tsakane Stadium in Johannesburg. Amazulu and Witbank Spurs will meet at the Princess Magogo Stadium in Durban.

Leopards’ overlapping defender, Marks Munyai

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Leopards’ centre back, Thivhavhudzi Ndou.

MESSINA TOYOTA TEL: 015 534 0717 • FAX: 015 534 0745 LIZETTE ROETS 083 603 3315 / TERBLANCHE DE SWARDT 076 585 8738 / ANTON HIBBERT 082 329 8559 / RICHARDT MASINA: 079 506 1625


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17 March 2017 Limpopo Mirror  

Independent local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from the Northern areas of the Limpopo province, South Africa.

17 March 2017 Limpopo Mirror  

Independent local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from the Northern areas of the Limpopo province, South Africa.