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Vhuhulu Sheila Rambani.

Woman’s burnt body found at Thohoyandou By Maanda Bele For the past two weeks, the Rambani family from Muhuyu village outside Thohoyandou have been looking for their daughter, praying and hoping for her safe return. Unfortunately, their wishes were not granted and on Saturday, Vhuhulu Sheila Rambani’s decomposed and burnt body was found at a dumping site at Thohoyandou Unit D. The 21-year-old woman was described as someone who loved education and her dream was to become a teacher. She was also a parttime UNISA student. She rented a room at Thohoyandou P East, where she stayed while studying. Vhuhulu’s sister, Nolin Rambani, said that they did not stay together as she was working and staying at Thohoyandou, but they talked every day on the phone. “I was with her on the 26th, the day she went missing. (Continues on page 2)

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Covid’s third wave crushes Vhembe By Kaizer Nengovhela, Bernard Chiguvare and Maanda Bele The third wave of Covid-19 infections has struck the Vhembe region, and this time around it has caused devastation. Apart from the sharp rise in the death toll, many businesses had to close and isolate the past week, or operate with a fraction of their normal staff component. The pandemic is also taking its toll on industries such as funeral businesses, where staff members not only face an increased workload, but are under severe emotional stress. The latest available figures, as supplied by the Limpopo Department of Health, indicate that Vhembe had 1 980 active Covid

cases on Monday, 12 July. Most of these are in the Makhado area (918) and in Thulamela (577). In Musina, 276 active cases occurred, and in the Collins Chabane municipal area the figure stood at 214. Many believe that these figures are not realistic and that the real figures are much higher. The death toll has shown a dramatic increase the past two weeks. On 30 June, the Vhembe region reported 497 Covid-related deaths. This figure went to 563 on Monday.

Funeral businesses under pressure The impact of the pandemic can clearly be seen in the funeral

Active cases rise to 2 000

industry. The chairperson of the South African Funeral Practitioners Association (SAFPA), Mr Sam Ntshauba, said that ever since the pandemic had hit South Africa, their industry had been under immense pressure. He said that they now worked twice as much as they normally would. Ntshauba said that not just the workload, but also the emotional pressure was unprecedented. He explained that bodies arrive hourly, and shifts are being doubled. Following a death, a funeral must be held within three days. “We can’t keep the bodies for two weeks, because they’d pile up. So, we need them to be going out as quickly as possible,” he explained. “Heavy demands are made, and

these are felt by everyone in the business. It’s not only us who are inundated. Sometimes, when we get to a cemetery, there are not enough graves,” he said, adding that additional staff members were then required, and some were multi-tasking. A local funeral undertaker, Mr Shudu Magwabeni of MTG Funerals, also complained about the constant pressure, saying that the staff members were battling to cope with the high number of burials they had to perform daily. He reckons that the pandemic has drastically transformed the deathcare industry, with staff also fearing that they might contract the virus. (Continues on page 2)

Official death toll for Vhembe closes in on 600


2 16 JULY 2021

Vhembe in grip of Covid’s third wave country. “It (the virus) is very different. It is something that you have never seen before,” he Magwabeni pleaded with said. South Africans to take the The director of Marindi Funecessary precautions to reduce nerals, Mr Kaizer Marindi, said the number of cases in the that they were operating in a very stressful environment. “We are worried about the safety of our workers, because that comes first,” he said, adding that the job (of burying people) still had to be done. “Contrary to what some people may believe about the funeral industry, we are not happy when there is death. It’s a painful process. We’re not happy to say this is our time to shine. We’re pushing that people stay at home, stay safe and let’s reduce the number of deaths. Let’s flatten the curve,” said Marindi. “It’s difficult to cope, because you are not sure if you’re going to contract it (the virus) or not. You have got families that you need to comfort. It’s very difficult to focus on your stress alone,” said Mr Rofhiwa NedMr Rofhiwa Nedzamba of zamba of Cornerstone FunerCornerstone Funerals. Photo als. He said that, prior to this supplied. pandemic, everyone had had (From page 1)

their own role in the business, but now everyone had to assist where help was needed. “It is an emotionally taxing task of managing your own fears and consoling grieving relatives,” he said. The effect of the pandemic is not restricted to certain areas of the Vhembe District. Even in more remote areas such as parts of Nzhelele, funeral undertakers must absorb the constant pressure. Pfarelo Mathivha, who runs ISA Funeral Services, said as undertakers they faced a lot of challenges during this pandemic. “Sometimes we go to collect a body, not knowing that it is a Covid-related death,” she said. She believes this puts them even more at risk.

the fight, although this did not seem to happen without teething problems. At the Makhado Show Grounds, the teams started vaccinating people on 21 June. Initially, vaccination was only for people of 60 years and older, but the past week the 50-to-59year-olds were also included in the programme. During a visit on Monday (12th), the queues were snaking past the entrance. People stood in only one queue before entering the vaccination room. As they entered the room, two queues formed - one for the 60-year-olds and above, and the other one for the 50-to59ers. Most people adhered to the Covid protocols, observing social distancing and wearing masks. The Makhado Show Grounds’ gates close at 14:00, Vaccinations are whereafter the people left in continuing at a the queues are attended to. According to Ms Constance steady pace Raulinga. the Louis Trichardt Site Manager, the number of The past two weeks, the people visiting the site is inqueues at vaccination centres have been growing steadily. The creasing daily. She said that, in total, they had vaccinated 9 347 private sector has also joined

The director of Marindi Funerals, Mr Kaizer Marindi. Photo supplied. people at the site since it had opened. This number includes teachers. At the Clicks pharmacy in the Makhado Crossing Mall, the process ran less smoothly. The pharmacy participates in the private sector’s efforts to alleviate the burden on the government. Phoning the store to try and find how the process works did not help much, as the phone operators had no idea what was going on. Some residents opted to visit the Clicks store to try and wait in

line to get vaccinated. One lady who visited the store on Monday was clearly very frustrated with the process followed and the lack of proper communication. “Clicks must really improve their services regarding the Covid-19 vaccination programme. I arrived there before 08:00, only to be attended to by 13:00,” she said. By 08:00 she was number 12 in the queue, but had to wait patiently for almost five hours to be vaccinated.

Vhembe not affected by riots (yet) Johannesburg. In Louis Trichardt, the While incidents of violent Makhado Crossing Mall briefly rioting and looting in Kwaclosed its doors on Monday Zulu-Natal (KZN) and parts afternoon (12 July), fearing the of Gauteng persist, towns wave of violence. But the next in the northern parts of the day, business continued again country remain relatively as usual. unaffected, going about their Further north, Musina Mall’s business as usual. Earlier management opted rather to this week, an uncomfortable play it safe. “In light of the wait-and-see situation existed ongoing unrest in Gauteng and in the Vhembe District, with KwaZulu-Natal, the decision some malls, such as those in has been made to not open Musina and Louis Trichardt, Musina Mall and the Great North Plaza for trade today (13 July). The safety and well-being of Musina Mall’s ‘family’ is our main priority in the midst of this uncertain time, and the situation will be closely monitored,” Mr Lister Phahlamohlaka, marketing manager of the mall, said. According to a Musina resident, Stanley Maphaha, business in town had not yet been and would hopefully not at any time be affected by the rioting. The Musina Mall The Makhado Crossing mall closed its doors on Monday afternoon, reopened on Wednesbut was open again for business as usual on Tuesday. Photo: Bernard day and continued Chiguvare. operating as normal. By Bernard Chiguvare

opting rather to close as a safety measure. The incidents of violence and looting are partly ascribed to the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday, 7 July. Masses of angry protesters and supporters, demanding his release, had taken to the streets of KZN, breaking, smashing, and burning buildings and fuel stations, looting businesses as they go. This destruction was very soon emulated in parts of

Musina Mall kept its doors closed on Tuesday, 13 July, as a safety measure to the ongoing rioting and looting in parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Photo supplied.

Royal family condemns the looting

of one of our person’s actions towards the President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma,” the statement The Ramabulana royal family has distanced reads. The statement is printed on a letterhead itself from an “apology” doing the rounds on depicting the old Venda flag as well as the royal social media where the “Venda Empire and emblem of the Vhavenda. its People” attack President Cyril Ramaphosa The letter then continues to attack Ramaphoand show support for former president Jacob sa, saying that he brought shame to the VhavenZuma. da nation. “The man grew up in Chiawelo, SoweIn a statement released last Friday, the spokes- to, he is not one of us. He didn’t go through the person for the Mphephu Ramabulana royal proper Venda initiation rules, commitment and family, Mr Ntsieni Ramabulana, condemned the loyalty he was not taught and again we sincerely use of its identity to hurl insults at President Ra- apologize for this,” the letter states. maphosa. The day before a document written by In the royal family’s response, the unidenan unnamed “Secretary General” of the “Venda tified authors of the document are described Empire and its people” was circulated on social as “frustrated people”. The motives behind the media platforms. “The Venda nation … would letter are condemned as clearly evil. “The writers like to issue an apology to the people of South of the statement have either not been properly Africa and the world as a whole for the behavior brought up in our culture of respect or are in the kindergarten stage of politics and still think that they can advance their narrow political agendas by playing tribal cards.” Ramabulana added that “it is quite clear she had not been seen. “That is was also burnt and thrown in that these individuals undermine our people’s when we decided to report her the rubbish like a dead dog,” intelligence. The hurling of insults to the Presias missing to the police.” The she said. She added that her dent of the country, Mr Matamela Ramaphosa, family continued the desperate sister had loved people and using our identity is condemned.” He said that search for Vhuhulu. socialized with everyone. “She the Vhavenda nation, under the leadership of She said the family received did not deserve to die the way Khosikhulu Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, held a call on Saturday from the she did. All we want is to see the President of the country in high esteem “and police, telling them of a person that justice is done and those found dead in the bushes. “We involved brought to book. They will forever be proud to be associated with him”. On Wednesday, the royal family also conwent there and what we saw must disclose why they had to demned the current spate of looting that is hapwas shocking and heart-break- kill her like that. That will give pening in the country. “The Mphephu Ramabuing. Our sister was lying there us closure and a bit of relief,” lana royal family joins the chorus of peace-loving dead, with her body completely Rambani said. South Africans in condemning the senseless burnt from the feet to the waist. Limpopo Police spokeslooting of businesses and vandalism of property We were able to recognize her person Brigadier Motlafela in other parts of South Africa. No cause whatsoby the upper body, even though Mojapelo confirmed that a ever can be reason enough to carry out such acts her body was decomposed.” She slightly decomposed body of criminality. The royal family stands behind said that the family members was discovered by community were still struggling to cope members at the dumping site at the call made by national government as well as the Limpopo government for the people of with what they had seen. Thohoyandou Unit D. He said Limpopo to not involve themselves in these acts “Our sister was killed in the that police investigations were of criminality,” the family says in a statement. cruellest way and her body continuing. By Anton van Zyl

Burnt body of young woman found (From page 1) I asked her about her Facebook posts where she was talking about her breaking up with her boyfriend. She told me it was not serious, and I took it as such.” Nolin said that was the last time she saw her alive. On Tuesday (29th) the family received a call from the driving school where she was doing driving lessons, telling them that they were trying to get hold of Vhuhulu, but her phone was off. “We tried calling her, but both her phones were off,” Nolin said. The family members then started to contact her friends and the restaurant where she did odd jobs, but they were told


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Centenarians receive Covid vaccinations at their homes By Silas Nduvheni The MEC for the Department of Health in Limpopo, Dr Phophi Ramathuba, has called

on communities in the Vhembe region to inform the local nurses if centenarians who have to be vaccinated are in their area, so that they can receive their shots “from the comfort of their homes”. Ramathuba visited granny Nnditsheni Singo (116) from Muledane Block J and grandfather Samuel Ramugondo (100) of Mukula Village at their homes on Monday, 12 July, to see to it that both receive their vaccination jabs. “We thank the grandmother and grandfather for taking the lead in allowing to be vaccinated. I urge young people to learn and emulate from them and take vaccinations seriously. We will continue with our outreach programme to visit our senior citizens at their homes to vaccinate them,” said Ramathuba. According to Ramathuba, many elderly people have already experienced vaccinations when, years ago, the communities around Vhembe suffered from diseases that required vaccinations. “We are happy that they are willing to cooperate with the Covid vaccinations too,” she said.

MEC for Health in Limpopo Dr Phophi Ramathuba, photographed with Granny Nnditsheni Singo (116) after she had been vaccinated. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

Although granny Singo cannot speak well anymore, she expressed her appreciation for the department’s effort to visit her at her home, as she cannot travel anymore. Grandfather Ramugondo was also filled with gratitude that they came out to give him his jab.

The newly elected mayor of Thulamela Local Municipality, Humbulani Patricia Mulovhedzi (middle), the new Speaker, Cllr Sarah Rammbuda (left) and the Chief Whip, Cllr Grace Mahosi (right). Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

A new mayor elected for Thulamela committee (PEC) had recalled the former mayor, AvhashoThe newly elected mayor of ni Tshifhango. Tshifhango is Thulamela, Humbulani Muaccused of approving the illegal lovhedzi, says she is commitinvestment of public money ted and ready to lead and take with the now defunct VBS Thulamela Municipality to a Bank in 2016. higher level. The former mayor did not “I appreciate the confidence vacate his post when recalled in me shown by the ANC in two weeks ago. He continued the province. We have to work to report to the municipal together, with councillors and offices and apparently appealed the officials of the municipaliagainst the decision to remove ties, to deliver better services to him to the ANC’s national execour communities,” said Mayor utive committee. Last WednesMulovhedzi. day, a vote of no confidence Mulovhedzi, who is the was tabled during the special former Speaker of Thulamela council meeting, and he was Local Municipality, was elected removed. on Wednesday, 7 July during a Cllr Sarah Rammbuda was virtual Special Council meeting. elected the new Speaker of the Her appointment follows after municipality, while Cllr Grace the ANC’s provincial executive Mahosi, who is also a former By Silas Nduvheni

mayor of Thulamela, retained her position as the Chief Whip of the municipality. The Democratic Alliance’s representative on the Thulamela Council, Ms Thelma Marole, said that they were in full support of the newly elected mayor, as they too had lost their confidence in Tshifhango. “It (the election of the new mayor) was long overdue. We called for the removal of Tshifhango long ago in 2016, but the ANC at that time didn’t agree with us,” said Marole. The PAC’s Edzisani Madzunya said that other officials, including the municipal manager, who had been involved with the illegal investment must also be removed from their positions.


4 16 JULY 2021

Musina residents complain about the lack of ambulance services Limpopo Health MEC Ms Phophi Ramathuba to address A shortage of ambulances the matter urgently. in Musina seems to be a According to Risham matter of great concern, and Maharaj, the DA Limpopo’s residents want to know why spokesperson for health, the Limpopo Department of this issue came to light after Health has no back-up plan people who had called the in place. emergency services were The Democratic Alliance informed that no ambulances (DA) in Limpopo previously were available and were prohighlighted the same problem. vided with contact details for After receiving numerous rea private ambulance service. ports and complaints that the “This situation just brings emergency medical services into question how many peo(EMS) in Musina currently ple in need of emergency medhas no functioning ambuical attention have been left lances to serve the people in unattended. This is even more the town and surrounding concerning, considering that villages, a letter was sent to the province is in the midst of the Covid-19 third wave,” Maharaj said. The problem caused an outcry from members of the community, following an incident where the EMS were called to take a very sick woman to hospital and the family was simply told that none of the ambulances worked. Rakgadi Alucia Maphaha lived in Nancefield and worked as a cleaner at Musina Municipality for nearly ten The late Rakgadi Alucia years. She became very sick Maphaha, fondly known as a result of high blood as Mama Africa, died on pressure. Sunday, 4 July, at home in On Sunday, 4 July, her Nancefield, Musina. brother, Mr Stanley MaphaBy Bernard Chiguvare

ha, noticed that Rakgadi’s condition was deteriorating very quickly and called the EMS for an ambulance. He claims that the phone rang for five minutes before it was answered. “After realising that my sister’s condition was really bad, I called for an ambulance. When they eventually answered the call, I was told that all the ambulances are broken; they have no ambulance at Musina’s ambulance station. I did not waste further time and called a private ambulance, which arrived promptly, but my sister had already died when they got there,” Stanley said. Community members headed to Musina ambulance station on that same Sunday, and found only one working ambulance for the whole of Musina. The other three were indeed broken down. Rakgadi was fondly known in the community as Mama Africa because she loved everyone. She is survived by her two children and two grandchildren and was buried on Thursday, 8 July. The Limpopo Department of Health had not responded to a media enquiry at the time of our going to press.

Pastor Nemakonde was a ray of light By Kaizer Nengovhela Family members, friends and members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the Vhembe District paid their last respects to presiding elder and pastor Vhulah-

The late Pastor Vhulahani Lazarus Nemakonde of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Vhembe.

ani Lazarus Nemakonde (70) last weekend. Pastor Nemakonde died at the Polokwane Mediclinic on 3 July after a short illness and was laid to rest at Ha-Makhuvha on Friday, 9 July. According to Pastor Humbulani Tshitande, his brother-in-law loved God from an early age. He recalled how they used to pray and go to church together. “He was a man of love. The community was so happy to be served by Pastor Nemakonde,” Pastor Tshitande said. “He was a hard worker and great leader who lovingly steered his congregation in the right direction. His death will be very hard to overcome for those who loved him.” The family thanked the community for their support

and encouragement through prayers during this difficult time. Former media guru and friend Mr Mathatha Tsedu said he would remember Nema­ konde as a community builder who helped everyone, despite their circumstances. “He was a real torch bearer who never looked back. The church had undergone a positive metamorphosis because of him. For so many years, he served selflessly and faithfully in parishes throughout the country, and made himself available day and night to all who needed him. We are reminded in such times how important it is to spend our time on earth profitably and to never deviate from our set manual - the Bible,” Tsedu said.

Vandals leave Malamulele in the dark By Kaizer Nengovhela Vandals left a trail of destruction on the streets of Mala­ mulele after they had uprooted solar-powered streetlights to steal the solar panels on Thursday, 1 July. The solar streetlights project

The Colins Chabane Municipal spokesperson, Mr Robert Mathye, looks at the vandalized streets lights in Mala­ mulele. Photo supplied.

had been implemented by the municipality to light up dark areas where people are vulnerable to criminal activity, and to beautify the town. The mayor of Collins Chabane Municipality, Moses Maluleke, said a big section of the town was now in darkness after the lighting system had been uprooted by unknown thieves. “The lights were installed at a costly sum to ease night movements and guarantee security in dark areas, but unfortunately they have been stolen and now the municipal council has to re-budget for the lights,” he said. The municipal council said it had gone out of its way to ensure development in the municipality but some members in the community did not realise these efforts. “We thought that installing solar lights in the municipality would curb criminality,” Maluleke added and pointed

out that these criminal deeds would have a very negative effect on service delivery, since they would now have to readjust their budget to pay for new streetlights. “Crime is a societal problem that requires all sectors of society to address it. We shall approach the police and stakeholders in trying to come up with a solution,” he said. The mayor called on the public to alert the police about any criminal activities, including the stealing of electricity infrastructure. “As a community, we’re angry and frustrated that we have to drive on very dark roads every night. It’s not safe. Often vehicles are being stoned at night and you cannot see which side it’s coming from,” said Amos Mahlangu, a local resident. “We are appealing to all members of the public to assist the police by reporting any suspicious activities.”

In the picture are (from left to right) Musanda Vho-Makhado “Vhathundimapfura” Sinthumule (director of Vhathu Ndi Mapfura Foundation), Vho-Mukondeleli Muvhali (from Hydro Drill and a resident of Tshiozwi village), Vho-Kutama Ramunenyiwa and Vho-Nditsheni Raphasha in front of the newly installed water tank in the village. Picture: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho.

Tshiozwi gets its own water station By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Residents of Tshiozwi Village received some reprieve from the severe lack of water they have been experiencing for so long, thanks to the Vhathu Ndi Mapfura Foundation, who saw to it that a water station was installed and made available for use by the community. The director of Vhathu Ndi Mapfura Foundation, Musanda Vho-Makhado “Vhathundimapfura” Sinthumule, said that the foundation was on a mission to ensure that the community have access to basic necessities to relieve them from the pressures of life, caused by the lack of basic services. “Water is a basic need, and the foundation understands very well that it is also our responsibility to team up with like-minded people and companies to make sure that our people get access to those needs,” he said.

Vhathundimapfura extended his gratitude to all those who had stepped in and assisted with contributions towards the realisation of the water station. Hydro Drill drilled the borehole, which was thereafter equipped by the foundation. “We understand very well the needs of the community, more so during these hard and trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, where water is essential,” said Hydro Drill’s representative, Mr Mukondeleli Muvhali. The Vhathu Ndi Mapfura Foundation has been helping the community of Tshiozwi in terms of service delivery and have a positive track record in that regard. The first water station was made available to the residents of Tshiozwi’s “new stands” with proceeds from the Tshiozwi Annual Show, which débuted in August 2019. The show is hosted by the foundation and provides entertainment and other activities for the children, where it attracts hundreds of fun lovers in the

Sinthumule/Kutama area and neighbouring villages. “We hope to provide more water stations in other parts of Tshiozwi, so that all people eventually get access to water,” Vhathundimapfura said. The two boreholes for communal water stations were drilled at two different households and the arrangement is that water users contribute R20 per household each month towards the electricity voucher to pump the water to keep the tank full and the water flowing. “We put together the R20s (each household’s contribution) and bought an electricity voucher, which we then delivered to the house of the one in whose yard the borehole was drilled,” explained Vho-Kutama Ramunenyiwa (82). “I am so happy that an elderly [person] like me now can access water here nearby instead of pushing a wheelbarrow for over two kilometres to buy water in another part of the village.”

Nursing students join vaccinators By Silas Nduvheni As part of the government’s plan to expand their pool of qualified vaccinators, final-year nursing students in Limpopo will soon be able to assist, in order to fast-track the vaccination programme.

lege, will deploy more nursing students as soon as they are done with the current examination block. “We have identified this student cohort to assist in the vaccination programme, as they are almost done with their studies to be professional nurses. As we move to the category of 35 to 49 years, we will need more manpower to be equal to the task when it comes to vaccination. We will be opening sites; all our clinics will become vaccination sites, so these students will come in handy to ease the burden of our healthcare professionals, who are currently busy responding to

those who are sick and warrant admissions,” Ramathuba said. She continues to encourage all eligible age groups to enrol for vaccines using the electronic vaccination delivery system (EVDS), WhatsApp or SMS, so they can be vaccinated. Mr Rambani Rasalanavho, an officer and trainer at the Vhembe Regional Training Centre of the Department of Health, said that the nursing students will undergo a seven-module training course for one day and then be deployed to various communities around Vhembe to help with vaccinations.

Limpopo Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba congratulated some final-year nursing students at the University of Venda (Univen) for taking the lead in volunteering their services and to be trained as vaccinators. “We are in the middle of the third wave of Covid-19 and need the extra hands to vaccinate our communities. We appreciate and salute you for your willingness to help us with our vaccination programme,” said Ramathuba. The MEC addressed students and guests at the Univen stadium in Thohoyandou on Monday, 12 July, and welcomed the deployment of the 84 final-year nursing students to be trained as Covid-19 vaccinators. The MEC for Health in Limpopo, Dr Phophi Ramathuba (standing The University of in front on the right, with jacket), joined by some of the trainers, Limpopo, as well as the officers of the department and the final-year nursing students at Limpopo Nursing ColUniven. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.


Royal feud erupts within Makuya family In the article titled “Netshivhongweni is the new head of heraldry”, Esther Mmboneni A royal feud has erupted within the family Netshivhongweni is quoted as saying that she structures of the Makuya royal family, follow- had been installed as traditional leader for ing the installation of a new traditional leader Mushavhedzi village by Thovhele Makuya on for Mushavhedzi village. February 26 this year. The feud is between the royal family members This statement angered the family members, of Ha-Makuya and Thovhele Lavhelesani Ntsled by Makuya-Muthige, who said Netshivhonweteni Ronald Makuya over the appointment of gweni “was never installed as the new traditional Esther Mmboneni Netshivhongweni. She was leader of that village”. Makuya-Muthige said appointed as new traditional leader, serving un- that the family members confronted Thovhele der Ha-Makuya, apparently “without the family’s Makuya about the alleged installation of Netconsent”. shivhongweni, but the Thovhele disputed that he According to Tshifularo Makuya-Muthige, had done this. who is the khadzi to Thovhele Makuya, the feud “We had several meetings with Thovhele. has been simmering silently within the family Although he confirmed that Netshivhongweni for quite some time. Tensions started building, had never been installed, he did confirm that he following a report that appeared in the Limpopo had single-handedly appointed NetshivhongweMirror last month. ni as the traditional leader of Mushavhedzi,” said Makuya-Muthige. In an interview Limpopo Mirror conducted with Thovhele Makuya at his royal kraal at HaMakuya, he confirmed that he had appointed Netshivhongweni as the new traditional leader for Mushavhedzi “as another way of rewarding her for the good work she is doing to the royal family as an advisor to me, Thovhele.” “It is true that I have appointed Netshivhongweni as a new traditional leader for this area that did not have a leader for many years. It is also true that Netshivhongweni is not part of our royal family, but everywhere in this country, even abroad, as Thovhele, I have powers to appoint whoever I want to appoint as a traditional leader in any of my villages, as long as I see it fit,” he said. Thovhele Makuya said he had decided to reward Netshivhongweni by making her a traditional leader of this village because of the valuable contributions she was making in this area. “I do not rule with members of the royal family, and I do not have to consult with them for any “I don’t rule with royal family members,” decision that I make,” said Thovhele Makuya. says Thovhele Makuya. Picture: Ndivhuwo He said that he had not staged a formal Musetha. By Ndivhuwo Musetha

Thavhani Mall in Thohoyandou held a Give a Warm Blanket Drive on Wednesday, 30 June, during which blankets were collected for less fortunate families. The blankets were donated to families from Tshaulu, Mukhomi and Phaphazela villages. Ms Tiny Manwadu, Thavhani Mall’s marketing manager, said that handing blankets to needy households formed part of the centre’s monthly corporate social-investment programme. Manwadu added that they had communicated with community and traditional leaders in the affected villages to identify the less fortunate families. From the three villages, they have chosen 21 families who are in great need of blankets. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

coronation function when he had installed Netshivhongweni and other traditional leaders he had appointed, because of the Covid-19 restrictions. However, he said that he hoped that the traditional leaders he had appointed, including Netshivhongweni, would be confirmed by Coghsta and get paid soon. Meanwhile, Makuya-Muthige is adamant that “royal family members will do everything in their power to stop the unlawful appointments of traditional leaders at Ha-Makuya”. Gumani Makuya, the spokesperson for the royal family, said that he was not aware of the installation of Netshivhongweni. “I confronted Thovhele about this matter and he disputed it. Netshivhongweni is telling people about her coronation, but that is not true. She also built some structures at that village, Mushavhedzi, but she does not stay there,” said the spokesperson.

16 JULY 2021 5

Tshifularo Makuya-Muthige, the khadzi, says she and other family members will do their best to stop the ‘illegal appointments of traditional leaders’ at Ha-Makuya.


6 16 July 2021

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The Reggae Godfather releases another album

Code Mundalamo’s music has earned him a new title: “the reggae godfather”. Picture: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho.

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho With the release of his latest album, Inwe thungo ya daba, Code Mundalamo’s reputation as reggae musician shot through the roof and earned him a new title: “the reggae godfather”. This, to the Gogobole resident, is a great honour. “The kind of admiration and respect I’m getting from reggae music lovers is really astonishing,” he said. “It makes me feel more grounded as a musician. Yes, I know that reggae music is a genre that continues to rise above marginalisation in most social circles, and we will stop at nothing to create this message-laden music.” Inwe thungo ya daba, which was recorded live, accommodates other languages besides Tshivenda, including English and Xitsonga. With tracks such as Memories, Tshilikadzi, Let it show, Degesela, Inwe thungo ya daba (title track), and Mano masea zwivhi, fans will not be disappointed. Code’s life took a radical turn when he decided to become a reggae musician years ago and managed to find – acoustic guitar in hand - the meaning of life within the rhythms and lyrics of his music. It all started one day in 2004, while he was studying metallurgical engineering at the NWU’s Vaal Triangle campus and had a certain vision. He heard songs playing in his mind and realised that he had not heard them anywhere before. “The same songs would also come in my dreams,” he said. “It was like madness, but in a good way, because I soon realised that it had to do with a

musical calling,” he said. Today, Code sings about issues and matters that refer to social life. To him, music is life, and his soul is thriving on it. “Music is a form of self-expression, the delivery of constructive messages and a package of joy and happiness,” he said. His first album, Zwiakalakata, released in 2016, invites the listener to accompany him on a musical journey. Here he gives praise to God with his rendition of The Lord’s Prayer, relayed in true reggae-style like never heard before. In 2018, Shango na zwalo was released. All these albums are available on online digital stores. Code Mundalamo can be followed on Facebook or reached on Tel 079 543 9362.

When three brothers get together - they start a band Entertainment

parents under strict guidance has made us to have a common understanding about everything that we do. Staying in the same home has also built a strong bond between us and it becomes fun to exchange constructive ideas.” He says their debut entrance into the music industry is a huge step. “Having some of our songs played on radio is very encouraging. This simply means that we are swiftly conquering the tough music industry.”

What links two brothers who are farming management graduates to their third brother, who is an information technology specialist? Apart from the family relationship, the three Munyai brothers from Makonde village love music. They have come together to form a family musical group, named Jantis Fam. Over and above their love of music, the trio have also established a recording studio at their parental home to assist young people from their village who find travelling to other areas to record their music difficult. This is the inspiring story of Khuliso (25), Maanda (28) and Mulalo (21) Munyai, whose story proves that, if well planned, family ventures can be successful. To demonstrate their love and enjoyment of music, the three young brothers have released a 20-track debut album, titled Kanana. The album is a mixture of the hip-hop, reggae and amapiano music genres. Interestingly, their grand entry into the music industry has made them instant celebrities among local music lovers. The album was recorded at their home studio, and it is distributed by Jantis Fam Music. Group leader Khuliso says working with his brothers is easy The three brothers, Mulalo (left), Khuliso because they understand and respect (middle) and Maanda Munyai have come each other. “Coming from the same together to form a family band named Jantis family and raised by responsible Fam. Photo supplied.

Ramagwedzha is becoming a household name in soapies Entertainment

Local reggae music star Humbulani Ramagwedzha is fast becoming a household name in the television drama fraternity. Photo: supplied.

Local reggae-music star Humbulani Ramagwedzha is fast becoming a household name in the world of television drama series. Viewers will remember him for his character as a famous traditional healer in SABC 2’s drama series Muvhango. His acting ability as a traditional healer was again recognized when he recently performed in the role of a traditional healer in Gomora, another drama series that airs on Mzansi Magic. The award-winning artist from Lwamondo, outside Thohoyandou, said that his achievement was confirmation that success did not have anything to do with where one came from. “I was

born and bred in this dusty village of Lwamondo, but today everyone knows that there is Humbulani Ramagwedzha who play traditional healers on television. It should be a lesson to other people who want to realize their dreams that it is possible to achieve what you have set out for yourself in life. The most important thing is to work hard and be willing to learn from those who have been in the industry before you.” Ramagwedzha said he was inspired by the late Tendani “Maswigiri” Mulaudzi who was a very talented actor from the same village. “I used to emulate him when he played radio dramas and I was more encouraged when he mesmerised viewers with his acting talent as Vho-Ratshitanga in Muvhango. I then told myself that if Mulaudzi

from my village could make it, I could also succeed in this field. I have now realized my dreams and the rest is history.” He thanked Pro Heed Agency for making his acting dreams come true. “Although I believe in myself, I wouldn’t have been where I am if it were not for Pro Heed Agency. They refined my acting career and placed me on various productions to showcase my acting talent.” The founder of Pro Heed Agency, Sedzani “Pro Heed” Sigebe, said he felt proud when his products scored roles in various television dramas. “We have already assisted more than 800 extras, actors, models, presenters and voice-over artists to make their dreams come true on radio and television.”


16 July 2021 7

Art & Entertainment

Look out for ThaGreatwhite’s latest album By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Romeo “ThaGreatwhite” Dzedzemane is indisputably one of the brightest shining stars in local music circles at the moment. Describing himself as a perfectionist, he tries to make sure that his melodies, voice, and lyrics blend harmoniously to pierce deeply into the hearts of his fans. “I have been making music professionally since 2014 as an independent artist,” he said. “Working with producers such as Big Ropza, Karvilbeatz and Adroitbeatz, I did a few projects.” These projects include The Milestone Compilation, Ground Zero Mixtape, Elevate Ep, 1201 Ep, and Love & Prayer Ep. With these extended tapes, Romeo managed to secure his place in the local music industry, to such an extent that he received a few nominations, including Best Newcomer at the FAME Awards, Best Male Performer at the Tshivenda Music Awards and Best Male Performer at the Limpopo Music Awards. “My work ethic has had many rewards, like big show performances and such,” he said. “I managed to perform at the Royal Gardens Music Festival’s pre-party in 2016, on the same festival’s main stage in 2018 and 2019, and in an episode of the TV soapy, 7de Laan on Human Rights Day in 2019.” Music, to Romeo, is the only form of art that makes sense. “When I make music, I feel the world vanishes. In that one moment I am the only person that exists on earth. At that one moment, the world is standing still, and that one moment is the only thing that matters,” he said.

“When I make music, I feel a lot closer to myself, if that makes any sense. Knowing that I will feel like that every time I stand in front of the microphone keeps me going.” The love that he gets from his fans motivates him to give his very best. “Their support is an excessively big factor as to why I keep making music,” he said. “My fans are amazing and the love they show me every day is unmatched. The fact that fans start from my partner, my family and the rest of the world is so amazing; there is nothing worse when the people closest to you don’t support your dreams.” His creativity is nourished by everyday life. “Everyday situations inspire my music, and lately I’ve been getting great inspiration from our Venda legends too,” he said. “Every song I’ve ever made has my soul in it.” R.A.D. Farewell (featuring Riah) and his hit single, ThaGreat, are two of his songs that hold a lot of meaning to him. “Earlier this year, I lost one of the most important people in my life - a man who was bigger than life to me, and that pain on its own led me to do this song,” he said. “It is a farewell song dedicated to him – my dad – and the love that was in him and given to others. The song had massive response on YouTube. I guess many people can relate to my story.” ThaGreat will be released on Romeo’s birthday - 3 August - and his much-awaited 14-track full-length album on 3 September this year. “The album is beautiful. It has everything, from love songs, dance- and club tunes to songs that speak to the soul and a lot more,” he said. “It took me two years to complete this album, and all I can say is that my fans will be satisfied with the end

result. I am excited on their behalf.” Romeo Dzedzemane is available on Facebook (Romeo Sliqmusiq Page), YouTube (https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxEloYctDyg), and other social media platforms.

Romeo “ThaGreatwhite” Dzedzemane is indisputably one of the current shining stars. Picture supplied.

Mickeyblack’s music addresses GBV By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Phathutshedzo “Mickeyblack” Munyadziwa (19) is a versatile singer who is passionate about making music that speaks to the people.

“I was in the sixth grade and singing at a school gathering one day. Everybody cheered me and I felt different from that day,” she said and recalls that from that moment she just knew she wanted to become a singer. She joined the choir at Liivha Combined School, where she was given the opportunity to lead in some of the songs. “I led the choir in the national anthem, as this was our school’s prayer every Monday and Friday, and it felt really good,” she said. She was also a member of the Calvary Christian Church’s youth choir, and at Fountain of Bethesda Missionary Church at Ha-Manavhela. “Here I became the lead singer for the youth and worship team,” she said. In 2019, Mickeyblack became a vocalist in Van Gee Beatz’s music projects. “Van Gee Beatz has so far been a great help in my music career in that, when he grooms me, he gives his all energy and attention,” she said. “His professionalism makes me feel comfortable to get lost in the music.” Music is the only thing that brings meaning to her life, restores lost hope, and adds a taste to life. “Many in our country go on and on about the crime, corruption and

the Covid-19 pandemic. I believe that music, with the right combination of lyrics and sound, can truly change people’s perspective of all the negative aspects and channel one’s mind to be passionate about one’s future.” Mickeyblack is motivated by the love and support she gets from her fans. Lady Zamar is her great inspiration. Her song Nothing Better has earned her great respect as a talented musician. “I was nervous about how people would respond to the song, but then they loved it, and that is so important to me as an artist,” she said. “I’m really happy to know that I’m appreciated for my music out there.” Her song Kwanele with Rude Kid Venda was released this year and is about gender-based violence. “Kwanele is all about fighting gender-based violence and was inspired by the president’s declaration of the 16 days of activism,” she said. “Kwanele is saying ‘enough is enough, we have got to put a stop to violence against women and children’.” Mickeyblack is currently working on a music video for Kwanele. She can be followed on Instagram (@Mickeyblack) and Facebook (Mickeyblack official).

Cast your votes for Rhuu Tshikovha This singer has had a colourful music career thus far. She was a lead vocalist for the group Extreme The award-winning gospel singer Rhuu Tshikovha was Worship, who did a live DVD and CD recording in recently nominated for the Mzansi Arts and Media Awards 2016, and also featured in the The Xplicits Gospel 2021 (#MAMA21) in the category for Best Gospel Artist. Crew, a group from Abuja in Nigeria’s song Deeper “It fills my heart with joy to see my music career flourishing,” in 2018. she said. “This is good news indeed, and I feel honoured to be To vote for Rhuu Tshikovha, SMS nominated for the #MAMA21.” “MAMA 827” to 40439. SMS cost Born Rudzani Cheron Mudzielwana, Rhuu Tshikovha hails R2. Voting lines closes on 31 July from the rural Tshixwadza village. Her first album, Madzanga, 2021. Rhuu Tshikovha’s music was released in 2016 and had previously won music awards, is available on all digital such as Best Gospel Album in 2017 and 2018 during the Afrid- online music stores, such as zonga Music Awards. iTunes, Google Play, SpoShe is set to release a brand-new album before the end of tify, Amazon and Deezer. 2021 and says that her fans can, as usual, expect only the best Visit www.lesroyals. from her. “I ask of my fans to be a little patient as my team and co.za or YouTube: Les I are working on a new project. But I promise that it will be Royals. She can also be worth the wait.” reached on 072 862 Rhuu Tshikovha believes that talent alone is not enough in 5783 or rhuutshithe music industry and says that it takes a lot of hard work to kovha.info@gmail. make a lasting impression. “As artists we work really hard on com. each project to produce a quality product.” By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

8 16 JULY 2021




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LEGALS ADVOCATE GN RAMUGONDO NOTICE TO CREDITORS / DEBTORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 Estate Late: MALADZE THINAVHUYO PHELEPINAH ID Number: 610415 0146 086 Estate No: 1073/ 2021 Last Address: Tshikweta Village Date of Death: 202101-19 Kindly take No�ce that all Creditors and Debtors having a claim against the above men�oned estate must lodge them with the executors concerned within 30 days from date of publica�on thereof. Dated at Thohoyandou the 01st day of July 2021 Name and Address of Executor or Authorised agent: RAMUGONDO LAW CHAMBERS, Office No: 30, Ma�dze Complex, Thohoyandou CBD Tel: 072 772 2110 ref: MALADZE TP /THO/ EST//002 / 2021

ADVOCATE GN RAMUGONDO NOTICE TO CREDITORS / DEBTORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 Estate Late: TERENCE TSHAVHUBYE MIDZI ID Number: 641206 5256 084 Estate No: 1080 / 2021 Last Address: Stand No. 98; Tswika Village; Mulima Date of Death: 202104-06 Kindly take No�ce that all Creditors and Debtors having a claim against the above men�oned estate must lodge them with the executors concerned within 30 days from date of publica�on thereof. Dated at Thohoyandou the 01st day of July 2021 Name and Address of Executor or Authorised agent: RAMUGONDO LAW CHAMBERS, Office No: 30, Ma�dze Complex, Thohoyandou CBD Tel: 072 772 2110 ref: MIDZI TT/THO/ EST//001 / 2021 To advertise your Vacancy on this page, contact us at 015 516 4996

DAGADA INC ATTORNEYS LOST OR DESTROYED DEED No�ce is hereby given in terms of Regula�on 68 of the Deeds Registries Act, of the inten�on to apply for the issue of a cer�fied copy of Deed of Transfer No. ST61347/2011 passed in favour of TSHILIDZI RAMULONDI in respect of Sec�on Number 20 as shown and more fully described on Sec�onal Plan No. SS 702/2008 in the scheme known as Pine-Grove in Louis Trichardt Township, Local Authority; Makhado Local Municipality, which has been lost or destroyed. All persons having claims to the issue of such copies are hereby required to lodge the same in wri�ng with the Registrar of Deeds Limpopo at Polokwane at Address; 101 Dorp Street Polokwane 0700 within TWO weeks a�er the date of publica�on of this no�ce DAGADA INC ATTORNEYS, Suite 23B Annlin Forum Building, Annlin, Pretoria, 0182 Tel: 084 904 9321 Email: Dagada@lan�c.net Ref: LLD01

ment Sec�on, Collins Chabane Local Municipality hu sathu �ira maduvha a fumi na mana ubva namusi.

MULALO GLENDA RAMATHAVHA PUBLIC NOTICE I, MULALO GLENDA RAMATHAVHA, have submi�ed an applica�on for a Bakery at ERF 6A, Dovheni Village. The Bakery will create employment opportuni�es to local people and brings services closer to the people. The applica�on is lodge in terms of Sec�on 76 of the Collins Chabane Municipal Planning ByLaw, 2019 read together with the provision of the Spa�al Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013 (Act 16 of 2013). I am hereby invi�ng the public to provide comments and/or objec�ons to this applica�on. All comments and/or objec�ons should be forwarded to the Planning and Development, Land-use Management Sec�on, Collins Chabane Local Municipality within 14 days with effect from the date of publica�on in the newspaper.



NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 All persons having claims against the undermen�oned estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days from date of publica�on hereof. Estate number: 1387/2021 Surname: SIKHWIVHILU Names: MUKATSHELWA Date of birth: 1957/06/25 Id no: 570625 0238 083 Last address: Maniini Block M Date of death: 21/05/2021 Master’s office: Thohoyandou Name and address of Executor or Authorised agent: MALULEKE MARIA ATTORNEYS, Office no: 37, 2nd Floor, Limdev building, Thohoyandou Tel: 081 479 9136 E-mail: maluleke_m@yahoo.com Ref: MAL/Est03/2020

NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35 (5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Kindly be informed that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account of the Estate Late AZWIHANGWISI FREDRICK TSHISUDZUNGWANE (ID NO: 550207 5201 087), who died on 14th December 2020, Last address: House C 149 Thohoyandou, Golgota Estate Number: 0081/2020 Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou will be open for inspec�on for a period of 21 (twenty one) days from the date of this publica�on at the Master’s Office Thohoyandou. Should no objec�on thereto be lodged with the Master concerned during the specified period, the executrix will proceed to make payments in accordance with the said account. Signed at Thohoyandou on the 06th July 2021 TN RAMASHIA ATTORNEYS, Office no 10, 2nd Floor NPDC Building, Block D, Thohoyandou Shopping Complex, P O Box 4394, Thohoyandou, 0950 Tel/Fax: 0159621780 Ref: CIV.1503

MULALO GLENDA RAMATHAVHA PUBLIC NOTICE Nne, MULALO GLENDA RAMATHAVHA, ndo isa khumbelo yau ita Bakery kha ERF 6A, muvhunduni wa Dovheni. Bakery ido ita mishumo kha vhadzulapo nau disa tshumelo tsini na vhathu. Khumbelo heyi ikhou i�wa ri khou tevhedza Sec�on 76 ya Collins Chabane Municipal Planning By-Law, 2019 ine ya vhaliwa khathihi na mavhekanyelo a Spa�al Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013 (Act 16 of 2013). Nne ndi khou ramba vhathu vhothe uri vhaise vhupfiwa havho malungano na heyi khumbelo kha Planning and Development, Land-use Manage-

TSHAMBILA ENV CONSULTANT No�ce is hereby given in terms of Sec�on 10 of Mineral and Petroleum Development Act, 2002 (Act 28 of 2002) as amended by Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2008 (Act 49 of 2008) for the acceptance of an applica�on for environmental authorisa�on logded in terms of Sec�on 24 of the Na�onal Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) read

with Regula�on 19 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regula�ons, 2014 for mining permit and related infrastructural ac�vi�es on the Farm Deepkloof 211 and Farm Baobab 210 situated within the administra�ve district of Vhembe in Limpopo Province. Please be informed that Vhembe District Municipality has applied for two mining permits from the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. The proposed ac�vi�es entail mining of Gravel mineral on an extent of approximately 4,8 Ha each on farm Deepkloof 211 in Mavhunga Village and farm Baobab 210 in Mawoni Village under the administra�ve District of Vhembe in Limpopo Province. All Stakeholder, Landowner, Lawful occupier or interested and Affected Party (I&AP) are advised to formally register either physically, post, mail or fax. Registered stakeholders will be informed of the project’s developments via their preferred pla�orms. Kindly submit your registra�on, comments in rela�on to this no�ce to: Consultant: Tshambila Env Consultant (Pty) Ltd. Contact Person: Nembilwi Ndamulelo, Address: 371 De Wet Drive, Polokwane, 0699 Cell: 082 6455 185, Tel: 015 880 0240 Fax: 087 220 4046, Email: ndamulelo@tshambilaenv. co.za Applicant: Vhembe District Municipality, Contact Person: Ndou T.S, Address: Old Parliament, Government Complex, Tusk Venda Street, Thohoyandou, Tel: 015 960 2000 Fax: 015 962 1017, Email: enqueries@vhembe.gov.za Hard copies of the Basic Assessment Report, Background Informa�on Document, Environmental Management Plan, Registra�on and Comment Forms can also be obtained from Mavhunga Tribal Authority, Koephu Business Enterprise Mutshedzi RWS Phase Site Camp, Makhado Local Municipality, Makhado Library and Vhembe District Municipality for public review and comments. These documents can also be accessed online via h�ps://drive.google. com/ drive/folders/1qPx1zx 7t4BEzTJXMNqbqQp IZnLiiHj97?usp=sharing Public Par�cipa�on Mee�ng Due to Covid-19 Regula�ons, the Public Par�cipa�on Mee�ng will be virtual on the 16th of August 2021 at 10:00am. A link will be sent to registered personnel/ins�tu�ons a day before the mee�ng



16 JULY 2021 9

MEC hands over new vehicles to police to help curb crime on N1 on Limpopo’s main roads, which many criminal syndicates use to traffic firearms, drugs and other illegal goods into the province, especially from Musina to Hammanskraal. The aim is to prevent these criminals from leaving the province with stolen goods. Limpopo MEC for Transport and Community Safety Ms Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya did the honours of the handover and addressed the police officers from different stations. She said that the

purpose of the vehicles was to ensure effective service delivThirteen new vehicles were ery. “These are the tools of the handed over to the SAPS’s trade for service delivery, and highway patrol unit during we register our commitment an official ceremony that to ensure that these vehicles took place at the Louis will be utilised for the benefit Trichardt-Elim N1 circle of the community. They will be on Tuesday, 13 July. The looked after and maintained handover forms part of the well for continuous service province’s visible-policing delivery,” said Ramakhanya, initiative to increase police and added that more vehicles presence on the roads. would be distributed to the The seven BMWs and six province. GTI Golfs that were added to On receiving the vehicles, the unit’s fleet will be used for Limpopo Provincial Comoperational duties and patrols missioner Lt Gen Thembi Hadebe said that the vehicles would play an instrumental role in the fight against crime in the respective policing areas. “We want police members accessible and prepared, as so many crimes take place on the N1 road,” he said. The Limpopo chairperson of the Community Policing Forum (CPF), Mr France Kgasago, said that this From left to right: The Limpopo MEC for Transport and Compresentation would munity Safety, Ms Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya, Limpopo simplify the police’s Provincial Commissioner Lt Gen Thembi Hadebe and Limpopo duties to a great extent police spokesperson Brig Motlafela Mojapelo during the handover and give them access ceremony of 13 new vehicles to the SAPS highway patrol unit on where they had been Tuesday, 13 July. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela. restricted before. By Kaizer Nengovhela

CIVILS CC (Registra�on Number: 2002/004578/23) (Execu�on Debtor) NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN PURSUANCE of a judgment in favour of the Execu�on Creditor in the abovemen�oned court and Warrant of Execu�on dated 03/06/2021, the goods listed hereunder will be sold in execu�on to the highest bidder at Sheriff’s Premises, Makhado Township at 11H00 on 05/08/2021 namely: 1 X YELLOW TLB, Registra�on Nr. DRB 390 L Dated at Louis Trichardt on 01ST day of July 2021. DR S RUDOLPH, VAN HEERDEN & RUDOLPH ATTORNEYS, A�orneys For Plain�ff, G.S.B. Gebou / G.S.B. Building, Devenishstraat 24 Devenish Street, Posbus / PO Box 246 Louis Trichardt 0920 Telefoon / Telephone (015) 516 0164 / 5 / 6 Faks / Fax (015) 516 1091 Docex 1 Louis Trichardt Email: li�ga�on@vanheerdenrudolph.co.za ALSO AT Shop 4, Office GO1, Metropolitan Centre Thohoyandou, 0950 Tel: 015- 962 6157 / Fax: 015-962 6060 Ref: DR S RUDOLPH/Samantha/32091

TSHIVHIAHUVHI P ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In The Late Estate Of The Late NENGOVHELA SIPHO of Iden�ty Number: 780209 5558 088 who died on 10TH day of June 2021. Master’s Refefence Number: 1479/2021 Creditors and Debtors ar hereby called upon to submit their claims and to pay their debts within 30 (Thirty) days from the date of publica�on hereof Dated at Thohoyandou on the 13th day of July 2021

TSHIVHIAHUVHI P ATTORNEYS, Erf 670, Thohoyandou P-West, Munaka Madilonga Medical Centre, Office no 8, First Floor, P O Box 4439, Thohoyandou, 0950 TEL: 064 801 7666 FAX to email: 086 464 6644 Email: tshivhiahuvhip.a�orneys@gmail.com REF: TP/EST/N003

TSHIVHIAHUVHI P ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In The Late Estate Of The Late RALIPHASWA THINANDAVHA GERSON of Iden�ty Number: 560202 5484 088 who died on 30TH day of June 2021. Master’s Refefence Number: 1478/2021 Creditors and Debtors ar hereby called upon to submit their claims and to pay their debts within 30 (Thirty) days from the date of publica�on hereof Dated at Thohoyandou on the 13th day of July 2021 TSHIVHIAHUVHI P ATTORNEYS, Erf 670, Thohoyandou P-West, Munaka Madilonga Medical Centre, Office no 8, First Floor, P O Box 4439, Thohoyandou, 0950 TEL: 064 801 7666 FAX to email: 086 464 6644 Email: tshivhiahuvhip.a�orneys@gmail.com REF: TP/EST/R002

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10 16 JULY 2021


Dedicated local police officer laid to rest By Kaizer Nengovhela The late W/O Kedibone Mabatha (56) of the Makhado SAPS was laid to rest at the Mashamba Tshivhuyuni cemetery on Friday, 9 July, following his death on 5 July. He died at the Zoutpansberg Private Hospital after a short illness.

The late W/O Kedibone Mabatha from the SAPS Makhado was laid to rest last Friday.

Mabatha was depicted by his colleagues as a God-fearing, hardworking, dedicated, loving and respected police officer. Lt Col Mavhungu Madavhu, SAPS Vhembe’s acting cluster commissioner, said the department was deeply saddened by the untimely death of Mabatha. “The department will sorely miss his contribution to service delivery in our province. We really lost a hardworking person who was always dedicated to his job,” she said.

“He had been attached to the second-hand goods section at the Makhado police station and had never allowed or taken bribes as he knew and understood the requirements of being a good civil servant,” said Madavhu. Mabatha joined the SAPS in 1987. In 1994, he was deployed as an instructor of the former Venda Police at Sibasa, and in 1995 he was deployed to Pretoria (Hammanskraal) as basic training instructor. He was later transferred to Tshitale, Waterval SAPS, and Makhado Cluster, where he was the cluster social-crime-prevention coordinator, and finally to Makhado SAPS’s loss management department, where he worked until his death. During his long career in the SAPS, he was advanced to the rank of Lance Sergeant in 1994,

Sergeant in 1995 and finally Warrant Officer in 1999. Over and above all, he was awarded with the SAPS Faithful Service medal in 1997, the Commemoration Medal for the period of 19952005 in 2007, the SAPS 20 Years Loyal Service medal, the 2010 World Cup Support medal, the 1913-2013 Centenary medal, and in 2017 he was awarded the 30 Years Loyal Service medal. Madavhu has conveyed her sincere condolences on behalf of the SAPS to the family and friends of their fallen colleague. Mabatha’s daughter, Ms Pfarelo Mabatha, said that her father’s death had left them with aching hearts. “Kedibone was a unifier and leader in the family whose wisdom we relied upon to lead us. His death leaves a void that will be hard to fill.”

Late Humbelani Netshiombo will be remembered for the love she gave By Silas Nduvheni The late Ms Humbelani Mercy Netshiombo was described as a loving, caring and humble mother who did an outstanding job uniting her family and spreading her love to all around her. Netshiombo (59) was born and bred in Mukula village. She started her schooling at Takalani Primary School and finished her matric at Mukula Secondary in 1981. She went to the University of the North, now called University of Limpopo, in 1982 to pursue her tertiary education, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in social work in 1985. She joined the Department of Social Development in 1986 as a qualified social worker and was stationed at the Donald Fraser Hospital as the first residential social worker (on a full-time basis), under the supervision of Edwin Nefale. Netshiombo was later transferred to the Vhembe District’s offices of the Department of Social Development, where she worked with psychiatric patients who had committed serious offences, such as murder

and assault. She was also sent tions. Netshiombo is survived to Weskoppies to be capacitatby her husband, Mr Kenneth ed on the management of such Netshiombo, their three sons, psychiatric patients. Tshifhiwa, Livhalani, and Bono She was seconded to work and one daughter, Mashudu. at the Department of Health’s initiated School Nutrition Programme and later moved to the Department of Education. Netshiombo was also a passionate farmer and possessed a wealth of knowledge of indigenous plants and food. A few weeks before her death, she bought some seeds for her son Tshifhiwa, and asked her husband to give him a piece of land on her farm where their son could plant as way of encouraging him to follow in her footsteps. She passed away peacefully on 3 July at her home in Sibasa, Block Q, and was buried on Friday, 9 July, in the Mukula The late Ms Humbelani Mercy Netshgraveyard under strict iombo. Photo: Supplied from the family Covid-19 regulaalbum.


16 JULY 2021 11

Former Black Leopards defender Edwin Gyimah is now a job seeker Ghanaian defender parted ways with Lidoda duvha amiFormer Black Leopards cably last month. centre back Edwin Gyimah According to the general has joined a long list of manager of Black Leopards, Mr professional football players Elijah Mulaudzi, the decision who are looking for a job. The to release Gyimah was reached after it was realized that his departure from the Thohoyandou outfit was in the best interest of both parties. Mulaudzi said that Gyimah’s employment contract with the pride of Thohoyandou was due to expire on 30 June 2024. During an interview with his agent, Ratshibvumo Mulovhedzi of Rush Hour Sports Management, he confirmed that he was still battling to find new employment for the former Orlando Pirates sweeper. Mulovhedzi said that he had had some discussions with the management of one of the DStv Premiership League sides, Chippa United FC, regarding Edwin Gyimah. Photo supplied. Gyimah’s possible move By Frank Mavhungu

to the club. He revealed that although the chairman of the club, Mr Chippa Mpengesi, was willing to offer Gyimah an employment contract, some of the members of the management committee saw this as a bad idea. Asked why finding a new job for Gyimah, despite the fact that he was a seasoned player, was difficult for him, Mr Mulovhedzi stated that he was suspecting that the player’s bad conduct was a contributing factor. He stated that some of the clubs had openly told him that Gyimah was a good player but that they were reluctant to offer him an employment contract because of his unpredictable conduct. Gyimah made the headlines when he walked out of the team’s camp in Johannesburg last year, resulting in the team’s playing all their promotion/ relegation matches in his absence. The 30-year-old former Mpumalanga Black Aces’ player later apologised to the club in writing for his unbecoming conduct.

Nange at last joins AmaKhosi squad try his luck with Stellenbosch FC. Years of hard work and According to him, his desire dedication finally paid off for was to join Kaizer Chiefs at the former Black Leopards player beginning of last year, but his Phathutshedzo Nange. The wish could not become a reality 29-year-old midfielder kissed at that stage as Kaizer Chiefs Stellenbosch FC goodbye were still banned from signing when his contract with the new players after they were club expired at the end of last found guilty of improperly regmonth. He has now joined the istering a Madagascan player, Kaizer Chiefs squad. Hasina Andrianarimanana, by Nange joined Stellenbosch the world’s football controlling FC from the now-defunct body, FIFA. Bidvest Wits FC in July last Nange played for several year on a 12-month contract. amateur teams before joining Nange was one of the players Black Leopards in 2014. At that of Bidvest Wits FC who refused stage, Leopards were camto move with the club when paigning in the National First its owners sold the club’s DStv Division (NFD). He assisted the Premiership franchise to the Thohoyandou side in gaining former president of Tshakhuma promotion to the then Absa Tsha-Madzivhandila FC, Mr Premiership Division, today Masala Mulaudzi, early last known as the DStv Premierseason. After rejecting Mr Mu- ship. laudzi’s offer, Nange decided to He scored 15 goals during By Frank Mavhungu

his stay with Leopards. His relationship with Lidoda duvha lasted for five solid years. Nange left Black Leopards for Bidvest Wits in July 2019. He scored four goals in league matches and one in the Nedbank Cup during his stay with Bidvest Wits. The sharpshooter described his move to Kaizer Chiefs as a dream come true to him.

Phathutshedzo Nange. Photo: Frank Mavhungu.

Ramashia wants to develop cyclists Ramashia is a member of Polokwane Pedlars Cycling Respect Ramashia, a cyclist Club. His primary objective from Niani Malale village, is is to offer recreational cycling highly lauded for his contintraining to interested young uous efforts to develop the people from all around the youth in rural areas. Vhembe region. Riders also get to compete provincially and nationally, based on their skills. He encourages active mobility within communities that previously had no access to the sport. “The life of a cyclist is costly and demands a lot of financial support, which is always a challenge,” he said. He also offers life-skills training and sometimes visit schools to give motivational talks. Here he touches on the importance of discipline and encourages pupils to remain focused and not let themselves be distracted from their schoolwork. “It is better Respect Ramashia is an active to inspire the younger member of the Polokwane Pedlars children, to coach and Cycling Club. Photo supplied. steer their passion in By Kaizer Nengovhela

right directions.” “I never envisioned that this would one day become more than a place to learn how to cycle. Through the efforts of managers, coaches and teachers, these youths have shown improvement in their cycling abilities and greater involvement and commitment to the sport and to their communities,” he said. Ramashia always wondered how he could join the sport. “I didn’t know how to cycle until a friend took me with him to join the Polokwane Pedlars Cycling Club. I’m now a pro and have taken part in major races with sponsors who support me - not just in the sport, but in life.” He says that the youth have become lost in drugs in his area - something he is grateful to have escaped. “Cycling takes our kids off the street and provides them with a healthy lifestyle,” he says. “I was one of the boys who enjoyed being at the bike park and already had good cycling skills. I don’t think I would otherwise have had these opportunities.”

Was a deal struck to bring ABC Motsepe League club to Musina? According to him, their plans Asked about the selling to recruit new players were price, Mr Ndou was quick Residents of Musina and put on hold, following the to mention that that was a the surrounding areas may Cabinet’s decision to move the matter between the buyer and soon watch high-quality country from lockdown alert the seller. football on their doorstep level 3 to 4 three weeks ago. When asked to shed some when the activities of the He said that they would light regarding the sale agreeABC Motsepe League start conduct the trials to recruit ment, the managing director in two months’ time. This new players as soon as the of Mighty FC, Mr Mighty is the ambition of Mr John conditions became favourable. Tjale, dismissed Mr Ndou’s Ndou, and he reckons this is Mr Ndou said that the current story as a bunch of lies. Acmore than just an optimisowner of the SAB League side, cording to him, his club was tic dream. According to Musina All Stars, Mr Donald established way back in 1990. Ndou, he has sealed a deal Sebola, was the chairman of He said that he had never to procure an ABC Motsepe the new club. Ndou is holding thought of selling the club’s League franchise from the position of technical difranchise ever since it had Mighty FC. Mighty FC’s rector. Ms Daphney Tshilande been established. Mr Tjale managing director, however, and Mr Charles Vhengani will described Mr Ndou’s statehas denied these claims. be responsible for the dayment as malicious, reckless, Ndou explained that the to-day administration of the and irresponsible. “Tell those club would be renamed Musi- club. He said that they would guys that Mighty will never na Mighty Stars, following the soon make an announcement take any amount of money in deal. He stated that some of regarding the team’s technical exchange for his club’s franthe players who were part of staff. chise,” he said. Mighty FC team last season had agreed to relocate with the team to Musina. The former Black Leopards striker added that Mighty Stars will use the Musina Rugby Stadium and the Musina MTD Stadium as the team’s home ground. Asked about the short- and long-term plans for the team, Ndou stated that they had set a target of two seasons for the team to campaign in the GladAfrica ChamMr Mighty Tjale. Photo supplied. pionship League. By Frank Mavhungu


12 16 JULY 2021

Another GladAfrica team for Vhembe By Frank Mavhungu Vhembe District will have two clubs campaigning in the GladAfrica Championship League when the activities for the new season start. This follows after the current owners of Venda Football Academy FC (VFA) bought the professional league franchise from Cape Umoya United FC. VFA are one of the affiliates of the Limpopo Stream of the ABC Motsepe League. According to an insider, who chose to remain anonymous, the deal to move the Cape Town

Mr Itani Munzhelele. Photo supplied.

side to Vhembe District was concluded towards the end of last month. The source told Limpopo Mirror that the two parties had decided to remain tight-lipped about the deal until they received the blessing of the Premier Soccer League (PSL). According to the source, the matter is high on the agenda for the league’s board of governors meeting that is scheduled for today (Friday). The informant further revealed that not only was the board expected to approve the sale, but the name change as well. Should the league give the deal the green light, the club will be renamed the Venda Football Academy FC. The source went on to say that the team will register the Makonde, Thohoyandou, and Giyani Stadiums as their home ground. Asked if the lockdown alert level 4 was not affecting their drive to recruit quality players before the start of the season, the source said that the scouting of players was not a big challenge to them. He revealed that they have a squad that is strong enough to absorb any amount of heat. According to him, most of the players who were the cream of Cape Umoya’s team for last season are still contracted to the club. (In terms of the PSL’s rules and regulations, the buyer is bound to maintain the players’ contracts that are still valid at the time of sale). The deal means that three GladAfrica Championship clubs can be found in the Limpopo Province, Black Leopards, Polokwane City and the new kid on the block, Venda Football Academy FC. Asked to shed some light regarding these developments, the current chairman of VFA, Mr Itani Munzhelele, did not confirm or deny having entered into any sale agreement with the owners of Cape Umoya United. He repeatedly said that he would only comment at the appropriate time.

Safa Vhembe warns clubs to stop playing football, or face sanctions By Frank Mavhungu The South African Football Association (SAFA) has suspended the activities for their professional league, The Hollywoodbets Super League, with immediate effect. This after the association put on hold all the activities for their non-professional leagues towards the end of last month. The suspension for the league activities follows the Cabinet’s decision to place the country on lockdown alert level 4. The Hollywoodbets Super League, or SAFA National Super League as it was formerly known, continued with their league programme until the league decided to suspend it with immediate effect. On the circular directed to the clubs, the association revealed that their decision to suspend the programme for their professional league was influenced by a number of factors. The statement indicates that some of the factors that propelled the association

to suspend the programme for their professional league include the alarming daily increases in the number of Covid-19 positive cases in the country and the huge number of players participating in the league who had tested positive as per the reports from the various clubs. Maindis Ladies FC and First Touch FC are the only two clubs from this province who are affiliated to the Hollywoodbets Super League. First Touch are lying in the fourth position, while Maindis are perched in the eighth spot on the current log standings. Although the association suspended the programmes for all their non-professional leagues last month, Limpopo Mirror has noticed some people playing organized football at various places in the Vhembe District over the past weeks. When approached for comment about the ongoing illegal practices, the general secretary for the SAFA Vhembe Regional Association, Mr Eric

Muneri, appealed to the people who were doing so to stop their unlawful conduct with immediate effect. He reiterated the fact that participating in any non-professional sport during lockdown alert level 4 not only constituted misconduct on the part of the participating players and organisers but was also a violation of the lockdown regulations. He appealed to anyone who came across such activities to report these cases to the league and at the nearest police station.

SAFA Vhembe’s general secretary, Mr Eric Muneri.

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Limpopo Mirror 16 July 2021  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

Limpopo Mirror 16 July 2021  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

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