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Chief’s house set alight Allegations of ritual murders The community members then suspected that Chief Angry community members of Nwedamutsu might know Tshixwadza and surrounding something about the death of Mr villages in the Ha-Rammbuda Zwidofhela Ramarumo. Tribal Authority set alight the Thagamega said the commusix-room house belonging to nities in Ha-Rammbuda were Chief Samuel Namadzavho also worried because there were Nwedamutsu (74) of Tshixwad- more than 10 cases of missing za village on Tuesday evening. people in the area. Some were This came about after a never found, while others were meeting was held by community found dead. No arrest has been members during which alleged made, even though they had ritual murder incidents happen- given the names of suspects to ing in Luheni-Mapuloni some the local police of Mutale. few weeks ago were discussed. An eyewitness, who did not In the latest case, villagers in want to be identified, said the the rural mountainous village group of people had assembled of Luheni-Mapuloni near at the chief ’s kraal and started to Tshixwadza under Ha-Rammbu- pour petrol around the outside da are upset after the discovery of the house. They also threw of the decomposed body of Mr stones at the house and broke Zwidofhela Isaac Ramarumo. the windows. They then set the A community leader in house alight. He said about six Luheni-Mapuloni village, Mr people had been in the house Munyadziwa Thagamega, said and they were lucky to have the trouble had started when escaped. they had staged a meeting Limpopo police spokesperson with Thovhele Ratshibvumo Col Moatshe Ngoepe confirmed II Rammbuda at his kraal on that they had opened arson and Wednesday two weeks ago. public violence cases after the According to Thagamega, during kraal was set alight on Tuesday the meeting, Chief Samuel night. “We are investigating, and Nwedamutsu of Tshixwadza was we have launched a hunt for the allegedly seen preventing a chief suspects. We appeal to the comof Luheni, Siaga, from revealing munity not to take the law into something. their own hands,” he said. By Silas Nduvheni

The house of Chief Nwedamutsu was set alight.

New commander for Musina SAPS By Andries van Zyl With crime spiralling out of control in the border town of Musina, residents recently took to the streets to voice their anger. It would seem that their cries for help did not go unheard. During a protest march held on 19 July, the community handed over a memorandum to the police for the atten-

tion of the Minister of Police, minister Bheki Cele. In the memorandum the community minced no words in explaining the current lawless situation in their town. “Crime levels at Musina has now reached national crisis levels with even the police meant to protect us in cahoots with criminal elements. Organized criminal elements operate with impunity knowing that they have the protection


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16 August 2019 Year 29 Vol: 49


of the police,” stated the memorandum. It also touched on cross-border crime. “Cross-border crime is threatening the national security of the country and the local police service has degenerated so much that we are literally at the mercy of criminal elements with robbery, rape and murder rampant,” the memorandum stated. - Continues on page 2



2 16 August 2019

New commander for Musina SAPS - Continues from page 1 Because of the growing state of lawlessness, residents placed the cause of this directly before the door of the police, calling for the immediate removal of the Musina police station commander, Colonel S Munzhedzi, and his deputy, Lieutenant Colonel H F Mahafha. They further asked Minister Cele to visit Musina urgently to see for himself what the current situation in this border town is and gave the police 14 days to respond to their memorandum. Provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo on Wednesday said that Colonel Munzhedzi had since been replaced with Colonel M S Mukwevho, who previously served as the Deputy Cluster Commander of the Makhado cluster. Mojapelo confirmed that a document was made available to the Musina community on August 5 in which the removal of Munshedzi is announced. In this document it is stated that Munshedzi will be replaced on 15 August. “Muk-

wevho is already there,” said Mojapelo. As for the community’s other demand to have Lieutenant Colonel Mahafha removed, the feedback document states the he “will be replaced very soon.” In the feedback document, the police reaffirms their commitment to Operation Vala Madi on the borderline. “This operation is playing a vital role in combatting cross-border crime. The Beitbridge Border Post SAPS’ members are now deployed in Musina on a daily basis to assist with high visibility and the prevention of crime,” the document states. In addition to the above, the police stated that Tactical Response Team (TRT) and Public Order Policing (POP) members will be deployed in the Musina policing area three days before the end of the month and three days after the end of the month to address the high number of trio crimes committed over these periods. The two N1 patrol vehicles, which were boarded in 2016, will be replaced in the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021

financial year. “The current Crime Intelligence structure will be supplemented when the new district structure comes into operation later this year … The police chopper is based in Polokwane and is available from crime fighting in [the] Musina area upon request and subject to availability,” read the police’s statement. As for long-term planning, the police stated that they are working on a plan at cluster level in co-operation with the community to address the crime situation. “Any co-operation and involvement of the community will be welcomed and appreciated. Strong community policing forums are a necessity in the effective combat of crime. The election of the new CPF committee will be conducted in April 2021,” said the police. As for the community’s request for the Minister of Police to visit them it was stated that this request was forwarded to the provincial commissioner’s office

SRC at international symposium By Elmon Tshikhudo A delegation of the University of Venda’s SRC to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where they attended a week-long 10th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS), returned home well equipped to fulfil their leadership roles. The symposium focused on building a contemporary leadership skill that will make them stand out and have a humanitarian heart and spirit that pushes one to do something about the pain, suffering, hardship, and poverty in the world. The intensive, week-long leadership-in-social-change programme also focused on the perfection of one’s leadership abilities as they initiate and volunteer in creating change. The conference enabled them to discover how to reach their maximum potential through well-packaged leadership lectures by renowned life coaches, humanitarian workers, group sessions and activities in the local community. Speaking on their return, Univen SRC general

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Member of the Borehole Water Association of South Africa

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Wouter: 083 228 9359 / Leoni: 083 586 4788 Office: 071 694 6880 / 015 517 7210 / Fax: 086 513 2756 E-mail:

secretary Mr Salman Madina said the trip had been a learning curve and that they had come back changed and full of new ideas that would empower them in their leadership roles.

The Univen delegates who attended a symposium in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, are from left to right Ms Rinae Makhado, Mr Leonard Munyai, Mr Ronewa Mukwevho, Mr Salman Madina and Ms Esther Mashavhanduna.

The stinking waste next to a shop in Thohoyandou.

Thohoyandou now a dumping site? stench that the waste was causing. “I have been working Hawkers in Thohoyandou here for a long time and my are up in arms with the Thu- business has been doing well, lamela Local Municipality. but since the municipality Their grievance is the started not collecting refuse, non-removal of waste in the we have lost a great deal. town, which has degraded Customers are running away the town into a dumping site. from this stink. We someEvery corner of the town is times go home empty-handed packed with litter and the and this is killing us hawkers. contents of the black plastic We are pleading with the refuse bags are causing a municipality to do its job and terrible stench. Hawkers clean the town,” she said. who sell their wares on street Businessman Ayub Madina, pavements and corners say who had up to 10 businesses the past week was the worst, in the town, said things had with waste not collected for changed in the town of Thodays. Rumours doing the hoyandou. “We used to pay rounds in town are that the very reasonable amounts for municipality is refusing to rates and taxes, but as things pay overtime to full-time are, we are being driven out of waste-removal staff and the business because of the exorrefuse-collection fleet breaks bitant charges. We are equally down time and again. concerned as business owners A hawker, who sells cooked about the state of our town. food at one street corner and We fear that non-removal of wanted to remain anonythe waste might decrease our mous, said her business was businesses and chase potencollapsing as result of the tial customers away.” By Elmon Tshikhudo

Patients disgruntled about “bad treatment” at hospital By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Several patients who have been visiting the Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital are not happy with the service and bad treatment that they continue to receive from the hospital. Last week, Limpopo Mirror received several phone calls from enraged patients who complained that they had been in the queue “from as early as 06:00 and that it had now become 10:00”. They added that some guardians had brought their ailing children and that they had to sit on the benches for six hours before they could see a doctor. A resident of Tshikota, who could not be named to protect her from victimisation, said that she had arrived at the hospital at 07:00 and gone into the file-collection queue. “By 10:49, all officers in the administration walked out of the office to allow a female cleaner to clean the

office,” she said. “The cleaning took more than an hour and we all got enraged in the waiting area. Can’t they clean in the night?” She added that at 12:00 officials started flocking out for lunch, and at 13:00 the doctor would normally go away for lunch and come back after 14:00. “We are not saying that people must not have lunch, but, somehow here, we patients are being disregarded,” she said. “I looked at the woman who had brought her sickly, weak son for a doctor and how he lay powerless on her lap, and my heart bled.” She said the fact that patients had to queue in four queues before they could get to the pharmacy was an aggravation of matters. “Officials are just slow, tend to chat with colleagues and sometimes they tell you that they can’t see your file, so you must come back tomorrow,” she said. “Maybe the Department of Health should add more staff to the hospital. When I was admitted

MAKHADO CARE GROUP IS A NON PROFIT ORGANISATION WHICH ASSISTS WITH THE CARE OF CANCER PATIENTS IN THE MAKHADO AREA CONTACT DETAILS: Dr Casper Venter: 082 857 0022 Dr Emil Gaigher: 082 892 8862 Jernay Mcleod: 086 403 5752 Angela Brennan: 082 902 6271

He added that they were not “getting our money’s worth and the sooner the municipality monitors the waste services the better”. Mr Eddie Singo of the Thulamela Business Forum said they were concerned about the state of affairs in Thohoyandou. “Our town has been turned into a dumping site and we blame the municipality for not cleaning the town. Every corner of the town is full of filthy and stinking waste and the municipality is not doing anything about it. We are now also urging our members not to fold their hands and wait for the municipality but to do something to save their businesses. Clean your corners for the sake of your businesses,” he said. Thulamela municipality spokesperson Ndwamato Tshiila said no crisis existed, just a case of misunderstanding, and that everything was back to normal.

to the hospital some two months ago, I shared a ward with other two patients who were very ill. One had diarrhoea and she would soil the toilet seat and around it on the floor, and when I informed the nurses that the toilet needed to be cleaned before I could use it, they would tell me that they didn’t sleep in the ward and that they had homes to go to.” When she was discharged, she saw a ‘suggestions box’ at the admin office and decided to take her time detailing her complaint in the form of a suggestion, in the hope that the hospital would turn things around. “I wrote of how patients spent two weeks in one gown, and how they used one pair of sheets for over two weeks,” she said. “I only wanted them to check and change the situation, but a female official called, demanded my name and where I stayed. Then I told her I was not going to yield to her bossiness. We now fear for our lives; we might lose our lives.” The Limpopo Department of Health’s media liaison officer, Mr Thilivhali Muavha, said that the concerned parties should contact the CEO in any concerned hospital, so that she or he could investigate the matter and see that it was tackled. “However, with regard to the Memorial Hospital, the waiting time is 3 to 4 hours since it is a very small hospital,” he said. WISANI BALOYI INC.

The Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE Estate Late KHOSA BHAMELENI MAVIS, I.D NO: 760105 1531 08 3 of Stand NO 158 Muswane village, Limpopo province who died on the 28/05/2019 and was unmarried.Estate number: 1646/2019. Master’s office: Thohoyandou. Persons having claims against this estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from date of publication. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 12TH DAY OF AUGUST 2019 WISANI BALOYI INC., BOX 3305, LOUIS TRIC­ HARDT 0920, REF: REDRESS/EST.06/2019


16 August 2019 3

Hunting the music pirates

“But the big fish who are producing the fake music are sitting comfortably in front of their computers.” By Elmon Tshikhudo The scourge of rampant pirating of music and videos in the Thohoyandou area is set to come to a standstill. This follows a police clampdown on hawkers selling pirated and fake CDs and DVDs who trade their wares at street corners and taxi ranks. During an unannounced sting operation over the weekend, the police managed to clean the town of more than 3 000 fake music CDs and videos from hawkers known as Ma Ten Ten. They are known to charge as little as R10 per pirated copy of the best of local music. About the operation, Thohoyandou police station commissioner Brig Willy Mashava said it had come to their attention that pirates had taken over the music market, with owners of the music no longer making any money and their businesses facing collapse. “Piracy has a devastating effect on the economy of the country. Besides the economy taking a downslide, artists are suffering after working so hard to produce good quality music and getting nothing in return for their hard work.” He added that many record companies and stores had closed shop as they were no longer making money, and thus many jobs were

Thousands of fake CDs that have been confiscated by the police in Thohoyandou are displayed by the officers who conducted the raid.


lost. “During the operation, we managed to confiscate thousands of these fake CDs and DVDs to show how rampant the scourge is,” he said. Mashava called on the community to refrain from buying the fake music as this is a crime. “These illegal sellers need a market to make a business and the market is the general public. If we can all take a stand and not buy from them, the market will stop completely and this will signal the end of piracy,” he said. Dr Roxley Masevhe of the Vhembe Music Forum commended the effort by the police to curb piracy. “We really appreciate the work done by the police, but it looks like it is too little too late, because a lot of harm has been done already. Police only got the small fish, but the big fish who are producing the fake music are sitting comfortably in front of their computers,” he said. He added that the people who were duplicating the music illegally were the people the “police should start with and maybe we can beat the scourge. Artists are tired and are no longer producing any new music because they know they will not make anything from their labour”. He urged the police to involve them when carrying out such operations.


















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4 16 August 2019

New committee members get elected to lead Musina Samwu “We are leading workers at a time when the world is “The future of workers in faced with tough economic Musina Municipality is in conditions and Musina Mugood hands. We will make nicipality is no exception. sure that they are fully Despite the hardships that represented, so that they workers are coming across, can execute their duties we will work hard to make in a conducive environsure that local government ment.” This was said by is strengthened in order to Mr Charles Mokwena, deliver basic services to the the new, unanimously communities. We will do elected chairperson of the this without compromising South African Municipal the rights of the workers.” Workers Union (Samwu) He thanked the previous in Musina Municipality. committee, which was led by Mr Duncan Manyuma, Mokwena was addressing for doing a great job. “One municipal workers shortly good thing is that we are after the elections at Nance- not starting from scratch. field Community Hall a The previous committee fortnight ago. He said he has done a very good job was aware of the huge in fighting for the rights of responsibility bestowed on the workers. They have laid him and his committee. a very good foundation on News from Musina

The newly elected executive committee members of the South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) in Musina Municipality. They are, from left to right, Messrs Charles Mokwena (chairperson) and Gift Munzhelele (deputy chairperson), Mesdames Khodani Magwira (secretary) and Tebogo Nthala and Messrs Thabo Motaung and Twaibi Phiri (additional members).


For your convenience

which we are going to operate. We really thank them for their dedication, hard work and sacrifices.” The new secretary, Ms Khodani Magwira, said the new committee was ready to hit the ground running. “We have not been elected to represent ourselves but to represent the workers, so that they can feel happy and thereby becoming productive at work. We thank the workers for putting their trust in us and we will deliver their mandate at all times.” Other committee members are Mr Gift Munzhelele (deputy chairperson), Ms Tebogo Nthala, Mr Thabo Motaung and Mr Twaibi Phiri (additional members).

R10 000 in cash for best pupil of Swobani By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

RAF consultants will assist with lodging of new claims directly, checking your claim status and Undertaking Certificate enquiries.



VENUE Biaba Mall-Complex next U SAVE) (Nzhelele) Madombidzha (Madombidzha Junction)

20 August 2019

09h00 - 16h00

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Thavhani Mall (Thohoyandou)

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Univen (University of Venda)

24 August 2019

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25 August 2019

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Mvusuludzo Taxi Rank (Thohoyandou)

“We urge you to work hand in glove with your educators. Help your educators to help you - I mean that you must give them the space to teach you and then you will make it in your studies.” The managing director of the Collins Sebola Group, Mr Collins Sebola, had injected a sense of hope into the lives of pupils at his alma mater, Swobani Secondary School, situated at Madabani village. He was one of the speakers during a motivational session that was arranged for the school last Thursday. “I attended this school almost two decades ago and I was named the star of the school when I matriculated,” he said. “I have come back to encourage you. I want to give you hope. I am putting a R10 000 cash prize on the table and a brand-new laptop for the learner who scores the top results based on meritorious achievement.” The school governing body’s chairperson, Mr Muhali Magwala, welcomed the token of motivation from the Collins Sebola Group and said that the parents were very happy to notice that there were people who cared for the pupils. “If learners were to get this kind of motivation all the time, I bet you they would see it as a challenge to spend more time studying rather than roaming the streets,” he said. “It’s also a challenge for the learners to choose education and put smart gadgets such as mobile phones away.” One of the pupils, Tshedza Mathivha, said that they had accepted the R10 000 challenge and that they would make sure that they studied to earn knowledge and also get the cash prize. “We feel very motivated from the words of all speakers and we promise to work hard and achieve good results,” Tshedza said.

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Community builder Mr Ntsieni Magwala (left) and Mr Collins Sebola (right) hand a trophy and a certificate to a Grade 12 pupil, Tshedza Mathivha (centre).


16 August 2019 5

New study to try and understand malaria prevalence in Vhembe the spread of the disease. “A Venda-speaking scientist will conduct the survey and encourage At present, a Franco-South African research people to test their blood via a Rapid Diagnosteam is leading a multi-disciplinary protic Test to determine if positive or negative for gramme to understand the environmental malaria, while responding,” says the team in a and social causes of the prevalence of malaria joined press release. in Vhembe’s Limpopo River Valley. Only the female Anopheles mosquito transLaunched in 2015, the Remote Sensing for mits malaria. “Knowing the characteristics of Malaria Control (ResMaCA) programme is coor- this type of mosquito is crucial in understanding dinated by the University of Pretoria’s Institute malaria prevalence. Scientist thus collected mosfor Sustainable Malaria Control (UP ISMC), the quito larvae and adult mosquitoes through the French National Research Institute for Sustain- use of nets and traps,” said the team. They wish able Development (IRD) and the South African to know more about where the mosquitos lay and French Space Agencies. their eggs, breed and live, when and where they Earlier this month, the scientists involved bite humans, and if they carry the deadly parin the ReSMaCA programme organized a field asite that causes malaria. “This is important in trip in the Limpopo River Valley. Its goal was to order to identify efficient and innovative methlaunch a new study to understand the human ods and techniques to control vector mosquito behaviour and the socio-economic conditions numbers, without the use of toxic insecticides,” encouraging malaria. said the team. This comprehensive study was launched According to the research team, the prevDr Riddin, an entomologist, collects mosquito larvae as part of the ReSMaCA programme. among the local communities of three villages alence of malaria also depends on the enviPhoto: IRD-Cecile Bégard. of the Limpopo River Valley region. As part of ronmental characteristics of the area itself. the study, around 300 households will answer “Scientists use satellite images - that are updated questionnaires on their housing conditions, their every five days – to map the different uses of the land (for houses, agriculture, roads, rivers, forests, etc.) and to see the evolution of the environment according to the weather. A rainy period can, for example, precede a peak of malaria cases due to good conditions for malaria mosquitoes to breed. The use of remote sensing enables the researchers to analyse a large area and to advise decision makers on efficient ways to prevent those malaria peaks,” said the team. The team points out that combatting malaria does Grade 3 learners are taught a song on malaria by Bende Mutale. Photo: IRD-Cecile Begard. A member of the ReSMaCA programme surveys one of the area’s not work without raising the knowledge and awareness inhabitants. Photo: IRD-Cecile Bégard. of the local population on economic situation and their knowledge and the mosquito vectors, the disease itself, and the attitude towards malaria. In comparison with a different ways to prevent contracting malarmap showing the number of registered malaria ia. “Researchers have been working in select cases in this area, the study will show which primary schools to determine the best ways to behaviour and housing conditions facilitate increase awareness among young children,” said the team. In three primary schools in the Niani Circuit, children were taught a song in Tshivenda, which gives practical advice such as wearing long sleeves or staying inside at night to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. “A comprehensive educational study will determine whether the song had any impact on the children’s knowledge about malaria and if this could aid in a change in the community’s attitude towards malaria. The aim is to use the song and other innovative awareness-creation techniques in more of the schools in the area,” concludes the team. One of the few malaria awareness signs in the Vhembe District. Photo: IRD-Cecile Bégard. Malaria research

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A communication officer from the office of the Limpopo Premier, Ms Lucia Sefara, celebarted Women’s Day in style by wearing tshivenda traditional attire, minwenda, during the provincial celebration at the Makhuvha Stadium.



083 251 8139


A bill has been passed to make Grade R compulsory and it will now become part of a child’s formal schooling. It falls under the foundation phase and students follow the CAPS curriculum in Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills

At Ridgeway, students have a

GRAND OPENING & OPEN DAY Performances by: Grade RR & R, Grade 5 dancers, Ridgeway Choir & Traditional dancers

Presentation, Official Ribbon Cutting & Classroom tours

SATURDAY, 24 AUGUST 2019 @11h30 - 13h00

Ridgeway College / ECD Centre


• Carpet Time with theme discussions. • Phonics, mathematics, songs and poems. • Group work where various educational activities take place • Bathroom routine and snack time • Outside play and gross motor skill development • Tidy up and packing of suitcases • Story time

We have an AFTERCARE CENTRE, which runs until 17h00.

Students in the aftercare centre are given a cooked lunch and helped with their homework. The aftercare centre is open to students in Grade RR-3. Students in Grade 1 - 3 are transported from the Preparatory School to the ECD Centre in school transport.


6 16 August 2019

Another damages award against Musina police officers a Schedule 1 offence. They broadly based their defence on The Minister of Police was the provisions of Section 40 (1) dealt another blow with the of the Criminal Procedure Act, High Court’s finding in favour which allows for the arrest of of another plaintiff in yet a person without a warrant if another unlawful arrest and a Schedule 1 offence has been detention case. committed. During the court case, DetecMr Maasefane Philip Matlou tive Netshabako of the Musina of Musina sued the Minister of SAPS testified that he had Police (first defendant) and the received a telephone call from Director of Public Prosecution the complainant in a previous (second defendant) for damag- reported house robbery. Upon es resulting from his unlawful receiving the information, arrest and detention on 13 De- he and fellow Musina SAPS cember 2013 at the hands of the member Sergeant Makhondo Musina police. Final judgement proceeded to the town’s central in the case was delivered on 12 business area where the comJuly this year in the Pretoria plainant pointed out Matlou High Court by Judge Colleen as the alleged perpetrator. Collis, with the court finding in Netshabako said he and Makfavour of Matlou. hondo had then placed Matlou During court proceedings, under arrest and taken him to the onus was on the defendants the Musina police station where to prove that Matlou’s arrest he had been processed, locked had been lawful. Their defence up and had made his first court was that Matlou was identified appearance the following day. by a complainant in a criminal On that day, the matter was case as the person who had postponed until another date committed an armed robbery, and on the next occasion the By Andries van Zyl

on 3 December 2013. He was detained at the Musina police station from 13 December until 18 December 2013, when all charges were withdrawn against him. Matlou described the conditions of his detention as deplorable. He was kept in a holding cell with 15 other detainees and only given a sponge and dirty matter was withdrawn against complainant, had in fact been blankets to sleep with. The abMatlou at the insistence of the received by his colleague and lution facilities had no door and complainant. that the contents of the call had were very smelly. He testified During cross-examination, merely been relayed to him. As that during his detention, he Netshabako conceded that, for the pointing out of Matlou, had been assaulted. Following prior to affecting the arrest, he Netshabako testified that the his assault, he was threatened should have verified the inforcomplainant had identified not to report the incident to mation obtained about Matlou Matlou at a distance of 10 methe police as he would be killed as far as possible and, where tres away, but that they had not for doing so. Matlou further necessary, he should have heard verified the identity of Matlou testified that his house had from both sides before making because the complainant had been searched, and his family the arrest. Netshabako also left the scene before the arrest. had been left traumatised by conceded that the complainant Matlou, a 53-year-old father that while desperately trying to had been paid a visit prior to of three and an SANDF soldier secure bail for him. He also testhe day of the arrest, during with 25 years’ service, testified tified that he had almost been which a description of the that on the day of his arrest, he sexually violated at the Musina suspect was recorded in the had just collected some mail police station’s holding cells investigating diary. He further from the local post office when and, because he had refused, conceded that the telephone he was approached by a vehicle, his head had been submerged call in question, made by the from which two police officials inside a toilet that had then emerged. They were not in been flushed. uniform and had their firearms The question the court drawn. needed an answer to was what According to Matlou, he was reasonable suspicion Netshafacilities wherever possible,” requested to lift his hands and bako had had on the day of the he said. was then questioned about the arrest. According to his own The chairperson of school’s contents of the school bag he testimony he had not received governing body, Mr Khauwas carrying. After telling the the telephone call but his colkanani Mantsha welcomed police that it contained letters, league. Following this report, the donation and said it came the two police officials identihe and his colleague proceeded at a time when the school was fied themselves and informed to affect the arrest. He further in dire need of a library. “Our Matlou that he was being testified that Matlou had been pupils are highly motivated, arrested as a suspect. When pointed out by the complainant and we thank Mr Musekene for Matlou asked them what the at a distance of 10 metres and their help,” said Mantsha. charge was, he said he had been the complainant had been He added that the donainformed that this would be excused prior to the arrest. Nettion will help them meet their explained to him at the police shabako also testified that no mission of providing comprestation, but no further details personal details had been asked hensive information service to had been given to him. He of Matlou such as his name, pupils, staff and the commuwas transported to the police address or anything about his nity. station and informed that he whereabouts on the evening had been pointed out in a house of the alleged crime. The court robbery case that had occurred found that Netshabako had

He also testified that he had almost been sexually violated at the Musina police station’s holding cells and, because he had refused, his head had been submerged inside a toilet that had then been flushed.

Musekene donates library to school By Kaizer Nengovhela To improve education in his community, a businessman, Mr Lucky Musekene donated a library to Humbelani Secondary School at Phadzima last Thursday. The library, the AD Netshitahame Memorial Library was donated in honour of a late education guru in the area. During the handing over of the library, Musekene said he hoped a library will be used to the benefit the pupils and community members, and to

ensure an improvement in the school’s results. He said that they recognise pupils as the nation´s assets and that they should in future be assisted and developed by his company. Musekene said the contribution formed part of the company´s corporate social investment programme, focusing on education and community development. “Our corporate social investment programme is already being felt throughout South Africa, particularly in education and we will continue assisting with resources and

clearly held the view that this verification would take place at the police station. The court found this to be improbable. In her judgement, Judge Collis stated that at that time, the complainant had been present and seated inside the police vehicle prior to the arrest. According to her, this had created a favourable and most conducive opportunity for the police to verify the information at their disposal. Judge Collis stated that Netshabako had failed to do this verification and it therefore followed that no conclusion of a reasonable suspicion had indeed been formed by Netshabako before he had affected the arrest. Based on this the court concluded that Matlou’s arrest had been unlawful and so too his subsequent detention. The court also found that, as to the conditions under which Matlou had been detained, no evidence to the contrary had been presented. In its judgement, the High Court ordered the Minister of Police to pay Matlou R300 000 in damages. The Minister of Police was also ordered to pay all Matlou’s legal costs for his counsel in the High Court and his attorney costs, traveling costs, the cost of accommodation and even the cost of his interpreter. Basically, the Minister of Police was ordered to pay for everything, although payment will eventually be made with taxpayers’ money. Counsel for the plaintiff was Adv M. Fourie, with Erwee Incorporated as the instructing attorney. Counsel for the Minister of Police was Adv B. Vibi, with the instructing attorney for the defendant being the State Attorney in Pretoria.

Tshiozwi Annual Show kicks off By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

During the official handing over are, from left to right, Dr Evelyn Netshitahame, Ms Sylvia Mukwevho, Mr Lucky Musekene (donor) and Mr Salter Netshitahame.

Men should also “wear the apron” to drive us in the direction of empowering women to position The living conditions of themselves in building the many ordinary women have South African economy and undergone significant qualibusiness sphere. It is high time tative changes, but the truth that we acknowledge that we remains that women continue cannot move forward without to bear a disproportionate the meaningful participation of burden of poverty, inequality, women,” he said. unemployment, violence and As a municipality, Maluleke abuse. said, they recommitted themselves to focusing their attenThese were remarks by the tion on issues affecting women mayor of the Collins Chabane as well as raising awareness of Local Municipality, Cllr Moses the plight of women and girls. Maluleke, during Women’s Day “We are working closely with celebrations at the Worship many women’s groups to ensure Tabernacle Christian Church in that their needs are known and Mavambe Village last Friday. addressed through our council He said women continued to programmes. To enhance the be marginalized and discrimrole of women in our communiinated against in terms of ties, our municipality cooreconomic opportunities, the dinates numerous initiatives labour market as well as access to empower women with the to land, credit, and finance. knowledge and skills they need “Our government continues to bring about change,” MaluBy Mbulaheni Ridovhona

leke said. “It must trouble our conscience that, 25 years since our freedom, the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality still bear a largely black, rural woman’s face. It must worry all of us, including the private sector as well as faith-based institutions, and move us into a collective radical action to transform our economy, so that it responds to the needs of the masses of our people, particularly women,” Maluleke said. He further said, “we all have a shared responsibility in making sure that women are empowered, and a kitchen is not viewed as a place for women. This needs men to empty their heads of the beliefs that a man is not meant to wear an apron or prepare food for his family”.

The first Tshiozwi Show promises lots of fun and enjoyment to the residents in the Sinthumule and Kutama areas and beyond. The show started today (Friday) and runs until Sunday and is taking place at Benny’s Care School in Tshiozwi village. Established artists who will entertain the people include, among others, Makhadzi, HaaNdi YellowMah, and Shony Mrepa. A lot of fun is on offer for children, such as merry-go-round rides, games, and instant prizes. “Food stalls will be available for the hungry,” said the event coordinator, Ms Sindiswa Mabuya. “The goal of the event is to introduce to children the kind of fun they will relate to that they would normally travel far from their villages just to a have an experience of it.” At the same time, the show creates an opportunity for local businesses and artists involved in the event to showcase lifetime experiences and work. “The event will also raise awareness of families having the experience of being part of playtime with their children who matter and not a fantasy

but actually happening at their own home ground,” she said. Tickets are available at R30 (kids), R40 (school children)

and R50 (adults, general). For more information phone 072 454 0344, 079 488 1484 or 081 738 0728.

Shony Mrepa is popular singer whose vibey music appeals to both young and old.


16 August 2019 7


8 16 August 2019

Rejaveration up for best

upcoming artist award

must always put my studies first,” he said. He has so far released nine singles that all A young singer from Ndindani village proved to be good to listen to, and this was also in Giyani, Tinyiko Knowledge attested by the people who listened to them Chabalala, is all smiles after he and reported back to him. “People like my was nominated for the Golden music and they always tell me that I am Art and Media Awards 2019 a good and talented singer,” he said. “I in the Best Upcoming Artist managed to do an international collabocategory for the song entitled ration with Netherlands producer EagleTour to success. axe last year on a song entitled Lift it up.” For this artist, who is known His music also aims to fight substance by his stage name – Rejaveration abuse and peer pressure in schools and – music has always been the food communities. “I keep on going because for his soul, as he puts it. “This I am trying by all means to nomination only enbring change in society with courages me to work my music by fighting harder,” he said. drugs and alcohol abuse “Even though I fell through my art,” he in love with music said. in 2014, music has “I am against the been part of my habit of dropping life as I listened out of school. to it every day.” Without eduThis firstcation, it is not year Bacheeasy to operate lor-of-Science in this world.” student at the Rejaveration University of Venda is available on is a hard worker Facebook and who is passionate can be reached on about his music and 0726049146. To Rejaveration has been studies. “As much as I vote for him, SMS nominated for a Best Upcelebrate my success as gama1312 to 45633. coming Artist award. Photo a nominee, I know that I An SMS costs R1.50. supplied. By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Travolta lives his dream spreads Travolta’s desire for the world to hear what Local jazz artist Travolta Salane he has to say through is excited about the progress he is music. It is also the song making in his musical career. he performed during Born and bred in Hlegani village, the inauguration of Saselamani, on the Punda Maria the President. He says road, Travolta’s musical career took a his idols are Jay Z, Jeff giant leap when he performed at the Maluleke and Soul closing ceremony of the official inau- Aquarians. guration of Pres Cyril Ramaphosa at With seven albums the Loftus Stadium this year. Travol- under his belt, Travolta ta (26) concedes that the highlight writes and composes his of his career was performing before own music. He is currenta crowd of 30 000 people during the ly collaborating with Rhythm in inauguration of the President. Motion, an up-and-coming He fell in love with music after band that is directed by being inspired by his composer SAMA-nominated comgrandfather Hasane Makuleke poser Rizzlah, composSalane. At the age of seven, he would ing new songs that will perform before his grandmother, be performed during a Tirani Mathonsi. He then developed planned national tour. musical skills at the recording studio He is also working of Dr Thomas Chauke in 2008, while on a community-reworking closely with his childhood lated cultural project friend, Lloyd Chauke. and he is creating His first album, Grown Man Jazz, a series of podcasts produced in 2013, was well received that will help to equip by music lovers. His single, Every aspiring young artists day, led the charts at Madibaz Radio who have useful Station in Port Elizabeth. In 2017, techniques for their Travolta released his second offering, creative quest. Melanin Magic. The title track, Melanin, encourages “uncompromising love and unapologetic pride for blackness”. One of the hit songs, Ndzillo, Travolta Salane. By Ndivhuwo Musetha

First winners of Heritage Festival tickets By Kaizer Nengovhela The Limpopo Mirror and the Organisers of Royal Gospel and Heritage Festival are giving away eight tickets to readers every Friday till 12 September. According to the rules and regulations of the competition, every winner will receive one ticket. All our readers must do is to send the answer to easy questions to our specified e-mail address and include their cell numbers. Ticket giveaways will be strictly selected from the entries sent to us each Friday, Saturday and Sunday after that week’s publication. This week’s questions are: 1. Which gospel artists performed in all the festivals since the start of the Phalaphala FM Royal Heritage Festival? 2. Name the artists who performed in all the Phalaphala FM Royal Heritage Festivals. E-mail your answers, name and contact number to freesmalls@ For this week’s competition, readers can e-mail us on 16, 17 and 18 August. Congratulations to last week’s winners: Royal Gospel Festival: Mukhethwa Malisha from Phadzima; Ernest Dombo from Thohoyandou; Muelelwa Kharidzha from Makhado Park; Khamusi Nephalama from Tshitereke; Lindelani Ratsibi from Lwamondo Matatani; Solani Maluleke from Levubu; Thivhalemi Masidwali from Muledane and Michael Ndou from Dzwerani. Royal Heritage Festival: Rendani Mmbi from Miluwani; Avheani Lukoto from Shayandima; Lufuno Mathililo from Pahdzima; Nsovo Masebenza from Malamulele; Nyelisa Shandukani from Tshiozwi, Phathutshedzo Mapholi from Shayandima; Matodzi Matjie from Ramahantsha and Dzumbululo Masera from Muledane.

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Cynthia presents the kiddies’ show By Maanda Bele Cynthia Dzhivhuho was born at Siloam village and she is the first-born of Ms Sylvester Dzhivhuho, alongside her two siblings, sister Caroline and brother Mulisa. “I started my primary education at Siloam, then went to Dzata Secondary School in 2011 and in 2017 I went to Tshifhena Secondary School, where I wrote my matric in 2018, “she said. “Being a radio presenter is my passion and I was encouraged by the artist Sir Mckleker and my parents after they listened to me presenting. I joined Nzhelele FM in May 2019 as presenter of the children’s show, Mambibe, at 14:30 to 15:00 Monday to Friday. I also help to present sports with Cruebur,” she added. “ I just felt like it was a dream coming true when Mr Ramugondo Khathutshelo accepted my offer as a volunteer at Nzhelele FM and I will always thank him for believing in me.

That I can do this is just the beginning of the road; the rest is in the future,” she concluded.

Cynthia Dzhivhuho.

The Kiddies show, Mambibe, at 14:30 to 15:00, Monday to Friday.


16 August 2019 9

Art & Entertainment


Mashudu Nemadzivhani. Photo supplied.

Maano Ramadwa. Photo supplied.

Local authors win big at African Authors Awards who they really should be in life. It also showed me that I am on the Two local authors, Mashudu right path,” Nemadzivhani told Nemadzivhani and Maano RaLimpopo Mirror. madwa, were recognized during Nemadzivhani, who hails from the second African Authors Khubvi village, said that The road Awards recently held at the Wan- to Damascus was conceived from derers Club in Gauteng. the great conviction that he had With his book The road to about the fact that most of the peoDamascus, Nemadzivhani won ple were just living their lives for the motivational award, while Ra- survival and therefore had no time madwa won the leadership award to attend to the real reason why with his recent book, Resuscitation they were even alive. “As I was busy leadership. observing how people go about “I feel so encouraged and spending their God-given times honoured by winning this award. on this earth, I realised that most It gave me even more strength to of them are only after the material keep on encouraging people to be success instead of being after that By Mbulaheni Ridovhona

which makes them significant in the lives of others. They ignore their passions, so that they can go for anything that can make them financially successful as fast as possible,” Nemadzivhani said. Ramadwa said it was a great feeling to have won the award. “I do not write with an award in mind. I write to communicate my thoughts and experiences,” Ramadwa said. “When I was told about the nomination, I got excited. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the panel will decide favourably for a book that is only four weeks old. I am grateful, though, because it just sends a message to the one person

who is still contemplating to write that there are possibilities and you cannot write yourself off even when others do.” He advised young authors not to give up on their talents. “If God has given you the gift of writing, never give it up for anything,” he said. “It starts with one book; even if it may not be the best that you wanted, but your story will be out there for people to interact with. It always gets better with time. Most importantly, write the book to teach certain lessons of life. Write a book about your experiences or ideas that are unique that you have thought.”

Hiphop sensation Ozzy da Rapper “I always knew I could sing and rap, but the challenge was that I come from a In the hip-hop genre, everything starts disadvantaged area. That is, until I was or ends with a stage name - names discovered by Kweezy and Big-G,” he said. such as Mizo Phyll, Bhamba, Yellow “You come from a disadvantaged area and Mah, Ramzeey, and Miskay conjure up the thing that you lack most is not talent specific images in the minds of fans. or motivation but the platform to showThese are brand names that the persons case your talent. Some call it exposure.” who possess them had worked hard to Born Hosea Siphugu, Ozzy stated that cement in the genre. he had been following in the footsteps of Now, here comes young Ozzy, and he his older brother, Mashudu, who is fasometimes calls himself Ozzy da Rapper mously known in the hip-hop fraternity as because he is the supreme rhyme buster. Big-G. “I got my stage name from Big-G “I literally spit fire with my lyrics, which after he noticed my talent,” he said. “Big-G are more like poetry,” he said. “There is said I was oozing raw talent that needed poetry in hip-hop and there is hip-hop in to be cultivated and taken to the people.” poetry - you cannot separate the two art He first made his breakthrough when forms.” he joined a hip-hop crew, 3kp. The group As a resident of Madabani village in the released many singles that were popular Kutama area, Ozzy’s music career started with the local fans. But today Ozzy is an in 2010 after he had taken inspiration of independent solo artist who debuted with many hip-hop artists who had paved the MaQuaPheni. “MaQuaPheni made great way for the younger generation. waves in music circles and even earned By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

me some respect among music lovers and fellow musicians,” he said. His latest single is Promised land, and he is currently working on another project that he provisionally calls ‘97, which literally refers to the year of his birth. “I always try to encourage the upcoming generation that it doesn’t matter how young or old you are,” he said. “You can do greater than yesterday. I do music with all my heart and Ozzy is a talented young I guess I’m on the hip-hop voice. right path now.”

Several traditional groups from Vhavenda Pedi and Vatsonga tribes will participate in the fifth edition of the Phalaphala FM and Radzambo Cultural Foundation traditional dance competition’s elimination round at the Majosi grounds tomorrow (Saturday). The event coordinator of Phalaphala FM, Mr Lufuno Munonde, said that the station was serious about restoring culture and indigenous knowledge. He commended the station for the initiative of reviving culture through traditional dances. Munonde added that a need existed to teach young children about the value of culture and the importance of restoring it. He said that the competition accommodated all dominant language groups in the province, such as Xitsonga, Sepedi and Vhavenda, and they would participate in visa, xhigubu, kiba, malende, kiba, xhibelane, muchongolo, tshigombela, makgakgasi and muchongolo. Each week, groups are eliminated until the categories have been trimmed down to three groups that will participate in the finals on 19 October at the Makhuvha Stadium. On Saturday, registration will start at 07:00 and the event will start at 08:00. The sponsor, Chief Livhuwani Matsila of the Radzambo Foundation, said the traditional leaders were serious about restoring culture and indigenous knowledge. He commended the community for coming up with the initiative of reviving culture through traditional dances. Matsila added that young children needed to be taught about the value of culture. “Culture and tradition are the foundation on which the prosperity of each nation starts. It is important to continue with initiatives of this nature for the sake of our children. A nation that does not respect its culture is doomed and does not have any direction.”

A young dance group.

Top producer DJ Laguga creates magic “So, we had a small portable radio that we would use to play music for entertaining the clients who had come to buy and drink mahafhe (sorghum beer),” he said. “I stated falling in love with music from that very time as I saw men and women dance and sing along to the music, shedding all life’s problems through good DJ Laguga at work, entertaining the people. music.” He is a multi-talented artist who can be described as a songwriter, vocalist, music producer, radio presenter, radio producer and By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho record-label owner. “It has been an adventure The Mashamba-born DJ Laguga is a popular for me to dabble in all those areas of music at the same time,” he said. “It’s a great journey brand name in the music fraternity here in but a tough one, since so much hard work is Vhembe District and beyond, and he has been endearing himself to the hearts of many normally needed – there are sacrifices along the way, where you need to forsake some of life’s partygoers with his electric skills as deejay. He mentioned that he had discovered music indulgences for the sake of music. It is matter of holding on until one gets to be what they always at a young age when his mahafhe-brewing wanted to become – to achieve, to make a name grandmother, Manana Topisa Yingwani, had for oneself and maintain that name. clients fill up her home’s yard.

And, of course, to make a living out of music.” DJ Laguga released his debut single some years ago, entitled No Mercy, and he featured the mighty producer Sir McKleker and Batondy. No Mercy was an anthem and it earned DJ Laguga a name in the music industry. More singles followed. “Music is a culture; music is a tool that I want to use to give hope to people,” he said. “Music is a tool that restores identity, and music has been part of my life for nearly two decades now. I create magic when I am on the dee jay’s decks.” He is putting the final touches on his fulllength album that is due in October this year. “It is an album inspired by the culture within our province,” he said. “Limpopo has a wide range of cultures that all tell a good story of who we are as people.” DJ Laguga’s name is Tinyiko Sylvester Makhubele. He is available on Facebook and can be reached on 076 456 8905.

Chief Livhuwani Matsila of Radzambo Cultural Foundation, the sponsor.

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 / FAX: (015) 962 2998


10 16 August 2019

Car crash claims lives of Shimi Maja and his new bride, Fifi Municipality as manager responsible for expenditure. A dazzling birthday celebraAt the time of his death, tion, a glittering wedding he was the director local ceremony and an emotional government budget analysis funeral, all within the short at the National Treasury, a space of four weeks! This is position he held since 2011. the sad story of Jordan ShiMaja also played a key role in manyane Shimi Maja and the establishment of Musina his wife, Rifilwe Bridget Fifi Community Radio. Nkate-Maja, that describes His wife, Refilwe Bridget the final few weeks of their Ntake-Maja, was born on 20 lives. October 1988. She completed The two vibrant young lives a Travel and Tourism Diploma were cut short in a horrific at Mankwe College. She was car crash near Pretoria in then employed at Clicks Pharthe early hours of Friday, 2 macy in Lenasia from 2016 as August, 11 days after their pharmacy assistant until she glittering wedding ceremony resigned in May this year. at Mahikeng on 20 July. During the funeral, Shimi The wedding was preceded was described as a methodby Jordan’s 44th birthday ical, orderly, disciplined and celebration on 12 July 2019. humble person who loved his Hundreds of mourners job. He also was described as gathered at the Musina Coma socialite who loved people and was loved by many; a man with a huge sense of humour and always in a jovial mood. In a Facebook post, Mr Abram Lerule, the deceased’s former municipal manager at Musina, described him as the glue that kept a circle of friends together, a sentiment echoed by the deceased’s brother, Robert, who told mourners that Shimi would always bring the family together. “Shimi would call family members and arrange family gatherings. He would also follow up on those who did not attend, trying to establish the reasons for their absence from these meetings.” In his address on behalf of friends, Mr Kenny Ramuthibeli described Shimi as a man who had friends across all generations. Family members Jordan Shimanyane Maja and his wife, Rifilwe Bridget cried uncontrollably as the Nkate-Maja, photographed during their wedding ceremony. two caskets were lowered to They were laid to rest in Musina at the weekend. their final resting place. By David Mokobi

munity hall on Saturday (10 August) to bid farewell to this adorable couple. The sight of two coffins side by side on the stage brought tears to many who came to pay their last respects as speaker after speaker gave their accounts of the life and times of Shimi and Fifi. Jordan matriculated at Musina High School and then went on to do his BCom Degree at the University of Limpopo (Turfloop). His first job was with Statistics SA in Pretoria. He then moved to Musina Local Municipality as Deputy CFO. He worked for Ventersdorp Municipality in North West, Kungwini Municipality in Bronkhorstspruit in Mpumalanga, and Bela-Bela Municipality as chief financial officer. He also worked at Capricorn District

Women’s Day celebrations Some traditional leaders of Ha-Rammbuda, Khosi Phatutshedzo Matshusa, Khosi Nehelula-Tshikombrdze and Khosi Rembuluwani Nduvheni attended the Women’s Day celebrations at the Makhuvha Stadium.

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Representatives from Musina Municipality and the Mutele Traditional Council, captured during the service-delivery meeting at Ha-Mutele.

Musina municipality discuss service delivery issues with Mutele council Council within the jurisdiction of Musina Municipality. “As community leaders, we Mafela told the audience don’t impose anything to our that the municipality hosted people. We consult and seek service-delivery interaction sesinputs from people, so that sions with various stakeholders they can also form part of the timeously. “This is in line with decision-making process of the government’s Batho Pele the municipality. I am also principles, which compel us to thankful for the support put people first. The wealth of from traditional leaders, the municipality is our people, stakeholders and community and we have to make sure that members because we need they are treated with dignity each other to deliver quality and affection. That is why we services.” decided to put everything aside to come and attend this importThese were the words of ant meeting here today.” Cllr Fistos Mafela, the Chief Mafela’s sentiments were Whip of Musina Municipality echoed by the Speaker of MuCouncil. He was addressing sina Municipality, Cllr Gilbert members of the Mutele TradiNetshisaulu. He said the potional Council, representatives litical and management teams of community stakeholders of the municipality visited all and community members who the areas to compile reports attended the sitting of the on people’s complaints and Mutele Traditional Council at compliments. “It is good that Ha-Mutele a fortnight ago. The we keep on receiving positive event was meant to discuss ser- feedback from members of vice delivery issues in the villag- the community. Where there es under Mutele Traditional are gaps, we make sure that News from Musina

they are filled as urgently as possible. This also helps us to address service delivery backlogs effectively by involving the affected community members and stakeholders.” Netshisaulu said although much had been achieved, some challenges remained that needed to be addressed. “We are engaging with the relevant authorities to make sure that challenges are resolved once and for all. Those which are not our competency will be forwarded to the relevant departments and stakeholders for attention.” The chairperson of the Mutele Traditional Council, Mr Muthivhelo Nemadimbo, commended the delegation from Musina Municipality for attending the meeting. Issues that were discussed during the meeting included provision of reliable water supply, grading the local roads, shortage of houses and crime, among others.

Female lawyer from Thohoyandou scoops up a top national award Women’s Month feature Mpho Mabidi, founder of MB Attorneys based in Thohoyandou, won first prize in the Labour Law category of the annual Woza Awards. The awards, which were presented for the first time this year, are aimed at honouring women and their different contributions in the legal profession. The Limpopo branch of the South African Women Lawyers Association (SAWLA) did exceptionally well, taking top places in four of the six categories that they were nominated in. The event was held at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton on 03 August and women in law from all over South Africa gathered for this prestigious event. “The legal field was one of the professions that was very male dominated, and it is extremely fulfilling to be among so many successful women who have achieved so much in law,” said SAWLA Limpopo chairperson and Legal Aid SA Executive Ms Mpho Kgabi. SAWLA Limpopo were among the winners in the following categories: * Mpho Mabidi – Winner, Labour Law Category. Mpho is the founder of MB Attorneys based in Thohoyandou and she is the current SAWLA Limpopo Treasurer, and BLA Limpopo Deputy Chairperson. * Kgoshigadi Moremadi Mothapo – Winner, Leadership and Mentoring in Government.

Kgoshigadi was the Chairperson of the Justice Portfolio Committee of Parliament and the Reigning Queen of Bakgaga-ba-Mothapo, an attorney by profession and a SAWLA Limpopo member. * Petunia Thulane – 1st Runner Up, Alternative Dispute Resolution. Petunia is the founder of Maloka Thulare Attorneys in Polokwane, she is a SAWLA Limpopo member and executive committee mem-

ber of the Polokwane Attorneys Association. * Tsakani Maluleke-Sihlangu – 2nd Runner Up, Leadership and Mentorship. Tsakani is the former Chairperson of the SAWLA Limpopo and still a member of SAWLA Limpopo. According to Kgabi, they are very proud of the province’s female lawyers who have also been at the forefront of empowering up-and-coming female lawyers within the province.

Mpho Mabidi won first prize in the Labour Law category of the annual Woza Awards.


16 August 2019 11

Make double sure that your car’s number plate is legal Limpopo as the region and all results will be displayed. If residents know the name of the manufacturer, they can search per manufacturer. The search Not just anyone can make results will provide the status of number plates. “The Act Size does matter requires that anyone manufac- the manufacturer, details of the manufacturer and the date with According to national regula- turing or selling licence plates which SABS has them listed,” must be registered with the tions, there are only three legal relevant provincial Department says Strachan. number plate sizes and each In Louis Trichardt, Rainbow of Transport,” says Strachan. must be embossed with letters Midas is listed as a SABS-cerThe regulations in the Act or numbers of a specific size. tified manufacturer. The comdistinguish between manufacA different size may be used pany is licenced to manufacture turers of plates and embossers. on the front and the rear of a number plates for vehicles In both cases the equipment vehicle. The three sizes are: registered in Limpopo and in used to make the plates, as well * 520mm x 113mm – emGauteng. as the material used, needs to bossed with 75mm high alpha“It costs a fair amount of comply with SABS standards. numerics money to adhere to all the “Manufacturers apply for * 250mm x 205mm necessary legislation, but we - embossed with 75mm SABS certification and, subject believe it is necessary,” says Ed to our sampling, testing and high alphanumerics Christie, manager of Rainbow * 250mm x 165mm - auditing processes, will be Midas. Christie explains that awarded certification,” says embossed with 60mm they need to follow strict rules Strachan. The manufacturers high alphanumerics when manufacturing and may only use materials and The way the plate is processes that are approved by selling plates. They regularly affixed to the vehicle get audited by staff of the SABS the SABS and the test reports is also regulated. The and need to ensure that they must be held on the premises of plate may not be stuck comply with the standards. the manufacturer. to the body of the car When a customer buys a When a number plate is using double-sided number plate, all documenmade, it must have a certifitape or using stantation, such as the vehicle’s cation mark that contains the dard bolts and nuts. registration certificate and name or trademark and batch Section 35 of the Road the owner’s identity, need to number of the supplier. Traffic Act requires be checked and captured. If a the plate to be affixed query should arise later, the Use a reputable 20 millimetres from manufacturer needs to provide the edges, using either dealer proof that the information had 4mm rivets or one-way, been verified. This is especialThe SABS publishes a list self-tapping screws. ly important in an era where of all manufacturers who are If a holding bracket number plates are cloned and is used, such a bracket certified on its website (https:// used on stolen vehicles. must comply with the Christie encourages residents certificationfilter.asp). “To find provisions of SANS to ensure that they make use of specific details for all number 973 specifications. a reputable dealer when having plate manufacturers in LimIt is again necesnumber plates made. This will popo, residents should search sary to check for the make it more difficult for crimiElvis Tshikwama from Rainbow Midas in Louis Trichardt shows how number plates are manufactured SABS-certified logo on by specification, which in this in accordance with SABS specifications. case will be 1116 and then select nals to operate, he says. the carrier. licence plate requirement. The licence plates affixed to Traffic fines have become big your vehicle serve various purbusiness in certain parts of poses. The plates help identify the country, with municipalthe vehicle, which becomes ities budgeting on collecting more and more important in millions of rands from motor- an era where cameras along the ists not complying with the national roads get used to idenvarious laws. Some municitify vehicles. The data collected palities even outsource the is used for purposes such as law enforcement to private charging toll fees or to monitor companies to help catch the average speeds. The plates need violators and to collect the to conform to certain standards money. It is therefore import- and need to be difficult to ant for motorists to know duplicate or forge. what the law expects from The South African Bureau of them and how to avoid being Standards (SABS) is currently fined for “technicalities”. One the only organisation in the such technicality is the vehicle country that independently By Anton van Zyl

tests and certifies number plates. This effectively means that if the SABS’s logo does not appear on the plate, it is illegal and the motorist will very likely end up paying a fine. But the logo is not the only thing to check when trying to establish whether your number plate is legal or not. Mr Garth Strachan, acting CEO of the SABS, explains that specifications for number plates are determined by the National Road Traffic Act No 93 of 1996. Although amendments have been made to the Act that were published in 2015, the Amended Act has not

At the ripe age of 100 Gogo Phophi Sidebi’s mind is still razor-sharp By Kaizer Nengovhela Residents, family members and relatives joined Gogo Phophi Sidebi to celebrate her 100th birthday at a party held at Tshiozwi on Saturday. According to one of her children, Mr Calvin Sidebi, they organised the party just to please their mother. “It was right to organise a party for her, because she is where most people will never be. It is good to pay tribute to a person while he or she is still alive,

rather than to buy expensive things when he or she has died. We love our mother as she loves us too,” said Sidebi. The gogo walks with the aid of a walking stick, but she is still strong and hopes to celebrate many more birthdays. Although her eyesight is deteriorating, her hearing is still good, and her razor-sharp mind keep her days enjoyable. Gogo Sidebi says the secret of her long life is eating healthy food and listening to the elders. “I have enjoyed fruit and vegetables throughout my life,”

she says. “We used to travel for long distances on foot because there were no cars,” said Sidebi. “The elders spent most of their time tilling the land and young boys and girls like us were responsible for looking after the goats and cows,” she says. “I would like more generations to know about our times, and I believe that I will still live for many years to come. Respect your elders and preserve your culture. Eat healthy food and distance yourself from alcohol,” she said.

been promulgated yet. “Each province in South Africa has a different background design and a specified font for number plates,” says Strachan.

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10cm x 2 column (6.3cm) R3 000 p/month

Gogo Phophi Sidebi is surounded by her children during her birthday celebration. From left to right are: Mr Calvin Sidebi, Gogo Phophi, Ms Tshinakaho Ramutshila and Granny Sidebi.

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12 16 August 2019

“Do it the right way and ask first” as parents or guardians,” he said. “We need to be informed, “It is only the right thing so culture is followed accordto do to follow the African ingly, or else what you are tradition and culture when a involved in merely becomes a young man and woman need ‘cohabitation of some sort’.” to live together. In that way, Sandra and Lucky met some they get the blessings from twelve years ago in Polokwane, the two families and then they but it had taken long for them live happily after.” to get together because of the When the elderly Mr Alex distance. Thenga said those words on Sandra said she was very Saturday during the traditional happy that Lucky had chosen engagement of his daughter, to make a giant step of coming Sandra Thenga, and her fiancé, forward with his family and Lucky Phooko, he was clearly officially ‘knocking’ on the door pouring his blessings on the of the Thenga family with a retwo lovebirds at Masia village. quest for her hand in marriage. “One does not merely meet “I can really see even now another on the street or college as I say this that God’s favour and then they go to live togeth- is upon me,” she said. “I love er, without even informing us Lucky, and I knew that if I By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

loved him, I had to be patient enough for the right time to come, so that we could get to be together.” Lucky said: “I am glad to be officially engaged to Sandra, a Muvenda woman whose depth of respect and love I will always treasure.” His aunt, Ms Maria Tinyane, expressed her happiness when she said that she was glad that her nephew had travelled all the way from Matoks so he could bring the Thenga and Phooko families together. “I am very, very excited for this union and for us to have a Muvenda for a makoti (daughter-in-law),” she said. “The Thengas are lovely people. They welcomed us so well and were all friendly.

Seated are Lucky Phooko and Sandra Thenga, with members from the Thenga and Phooko families during a traditional engagement event at Masia village.

Premier Stanley Mathabatha flanked by SACC members in prayer during the meeting.

SACC joins forces with government in fight against political killings is lately treated with disdain. The meeting was equally The South African Council concerned that behind these of Churches (SACC) has planned killings appear to be pledged its support to the faceless forces with no regard Limpopo government in the for human life, a sacred gift fight against political killings that only God can give”. in the province. He said the meeting also This was announced considered it only senseless by SACC chairperson Rev and barbaric that some people Awedzani Nemaukhwe during would use violence and mura joint media briefing held der to settle their differences. at the Premier’s office in He added that Limpopo was, Polokwane last Thursday. The without a doubt, generalmeeting was convened in the ly a peaceful province. “In wake of the killings of govern- this regard, the meeting has ment officials and community therefore declared that those leaders around the province, behind these killings are eneincluding Tubatse, Thulamela mies of peace who need to be and Mogalakwena local muisolated, brought to book and nicipalities. dealt with in terms of the laws “Key among the issues that of the country.” were discussed in this meeting Mathabatha urged the was the role that could be community to “rise up again played under the entire civil the peddlers of these callous society movement to help gov- acts and voice their dissent. ernment, the law-enforcement Not anywhere in the civilized agencies in particular, to fight world could it be allowed and root out these heinous and that people serving the public evil acts that continue to rear get killed in the manner we their ugly heads in our comsaw in the cases involving munities,” said Nemaukhwe. Timson Tshililo, Ronald Mani, Premier Stanley Piet Pale, Lleka Lekalakal, Mathabatha said the meetThabang Maupa, Vaaltyn ing was unanimous in its Kekana and Ralph Kansane condemnation of the senseless, and yet still remain silent”. reckless and unacceptable acts “The meeting has therefore that gave an impression that agreed that we need to stage “in our province human life an open conversation on the By Ndivhuwo Musetha

building space within and amongst the people of Limpopo province. This platform will allow communities to express themselves on this spate of violence attacks with the view to help find a long-lasting solution,” he said. The Premier said the executive council of Limpopo endorsed the proposal of convening a community-safety dialogue as a matter of urgency. The MEC for Transport and Community Safety, Dickson Masemola, was directed to convene the justice, crime prevention and security cluster and work together with the SACC, traditional leaders, community policing forums as well as other organs of civil society to prepare for the provincial dialogue. The meeting also agreed on a need for a constant interaction between the provincial government and organized civil society formations to share and discuss ways and means in terms of which the province could reclaim its glory days of being a peaceful province. Whistle-blowers were also encouraged to share information with the law-enforcement agencies.

From left to right: Marietjie Pieterse, Reta Pieterse, Khathu Mulaudzi and Gwen Loots.

Certificates of achievement for Realty 1 Louis Trichardt Advertorial

Congratulations to the Realty1 Louis Trichardt team for a flying start for the first half of 2019. Reta Pieterse Scooping 3 Achievement awards, earning herself a Bronze, Silver and Gold awards in this period, Marietjie Pieterse, Khathu Mulaudzi and Gwen Loots also contributing to the success with their Silver awards. These registered skilled professionals’ success, is attributed to their commitment in finding the best properties to suit each individual buyer, and assist them through the whole property sale process with a backup support of 25 years experience in sales in our area. Our Rental Team Linda Oosthuysen and Rika Erasmus were also recognised for their outstanding service and commitment given to both Lessor and Lessee alike. “I receive many emails complimenting both

Linda and Rika for their willingness to go the extra mile and showing a passion for their work” says Gwen Loots (Principal) of Realty1 Louis Trichardt. I am very proud of their excellent team work, all contributing to the combined success of our Realty1 Brand. “Well done Ladies”

Linda Oosthuysen and Rika Erasmus.

Philantropic archbishop Peter Rabali of the New African Apostolic Church (standing right), other church bishops and some of the disabled during the event.

Day of fun for disabled in Nzhelele and gave them gifts. This was during the church’s When the New United AfDisability Day celebrations, a rican Apostolic Church was day specially dedicated to the formed a few years ago, the disabled. founder, archbishop Peter Rabali said it was a vision Rabali, made it clear that from God that told him that they wanted to impact on the all other groups were being community and mostly the taken care of, but the disabled less privileged. were the neglected lot whose relatives sometimes did not Recently he invited disabled even want them to be seen. people in the Nzhelele area who “God has given us a mandate are mostly confined to their to look after his own people, homes to his church headirrespective of how they are, quarters, where he fed them and we have taken a decision to spiritually and provided meals have a special day dedicated to By Elmon Tshikhudo

the disabled. “We are here to pray with them, as some of their disabilities could have been as a result of evil spirits, and with prayer they might find healing and be healthy again,” he said. Rabali urged families not to hide their disabled family members but to treat them as normal people. Mma Archbishop Mmabatho Rabali, who is also in the church’s management, said the day was not a once-off event but would be an annual event on the church calender.


16 August 2019 13

“These are all just lies,” says chairperson adamant that he was not selling stands.” If there is The chairperson of the anyone who can say I sell Sinthumule Traditional stands, he or she must Council, Mr Makhado come forward,” he said. Sinthumule, denied the “These are just lies.” allegations raised by the He said that residents residents that he was were used to fighting with dividing the residents by the traditional leadership selling stands and small and that residents must farms to people from leave the royal council to outside the village. deal with matters of tradiA fortnight ago, tional leadership. residents of Gogobole Sinthumule said that he marched to the Sinthuwas busy with his lawyer mule Traditional Council to open a case of defamaand presented a memoran- tion of character against dum of their grievances to the leader of the residents the council. who had accused him of Sinthumule was different wrongdoings. By Kaizer Nengovhela

Tshikota High will represent Vhembe in the provincial championships.

Tshikota High crowned as the Vhembe champs in Kay Motsepe Cup By Kaizer Nengovhela Tshikota High School were crowned as the Vhembe winners of the Sanlam Kay Motsepe Cup when they beat Fhatuwani High 2 -1 at the Eltivillas grounds on Saturday. Tshikota will represent the Vhembe against the winners of other regions for a whopping R1 million in funding for legacy projects at their school. R600 000 awaits the school that finishes in second place, while the third- and fourth-place finishers will receive R500 000

and R400 000 respectively. Each of the provincial winners has already received R100 000. The coach of Tshikota High, Mr Justice Matloga, said that he was happy with the unity in his team. “The boys are doing their best and we have a good understanding. Apart from the fact that there is a lot at stake in the competition, it is time for us to fulfil our promises,” he added. Matloga is also aware that his squad will have to score goals and match their opponents’ strength in every game in order to proceed to the next round.

Mr Makhado Sinthumule denies all allegations against him.

Sinthumule council respond to the grievances By Kaizer Nengovhela The Sinthumule Traditional Council recently responded to the memorandum of grievances brought by residents of Gogobole. The residents handed the memorandum to the traditional council a fortnight ago. The residents accused the chairperson of the Sinthumule Traditional council, Mr Makhado Sinthumule, of selling stands and small farms, dividing the community through the use of his power, and undermining the local chief. In their response, the tradition council said that the traditional police had not removed stand demarcation poles, whether they were illegally erected or not. “If it has happened, we are advising the aggrieved parties to come forward

and report the matter, so that the matter can be investigated.” They further said that the chairperson of the Sinthumule Traditional Council worked hand in hand with all 12 chairpersons of all village councils. He oversaw the administration of all village councils according to the rules and regulation of the Sinthumule Traditional Council. In discharging his duties, he must specifically report to the traditional council and alternatively to Thovhele Vho-Rudzani Sinthumule as the custodian of the Sinthumule community. They further said that if disputes regarding residential stands arose, the matter must be brought to the attention of the traditional council for further investigation and finalisation. The council said that ward coun-

Narrow defeat for Lidoda Duvha against Chiefs By Frank Mavhungu They were in the 12th spot after their 0-1 defeat to Polokwane City in their opening league match at the Thohoyandou Stadium two weeks ago, and now Black Leopards moved two steps down on the log, following their 0-1 defeat at the hands of Kaizer Chiefs at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban last Saturday evening. The club’s spokesperson, Mr Berry Ramunenyiwa, said losing their two opening league matches was a “blessing in disguise” as they now knew where to tighten up their loose ends. He appealed to the fans not to panic, saying they would see a new Black Leopards when they faced Highlands Park in their next league match at the Thohoyandou Stadium next Saturday, 24 August. Just like in their opening match against Polokwane City, Mwape Musonda, the league’s top goal scorer last season, was not part of the team that played against Kaizer Chiefs. According to Ramunenyiwa, the Zambian striker was not fit for the match after recovering from an ankle injury. Amakhosi took only 11 minutes to score the goal that earned them the three league points. The home side were awarded a corner kick after Chris Katjiukua, the Leopards’ left back, considered safety first by clearing the ball out of danger after a scramble within the box. Eric Mulomowandanu Mathoho broke the Leopards’ fans’ hearts when he headed home from inside the box. The visitors from Thohoyandou effected three changes later in the game. They introduced Alton Kapinga, Thuso Phala and Joseph Mhlongo for Lifa Hlongwane, Tswarelo Bereng and Tumelo Khutjang respectively. The replacements proved to be a good move on the part of the team’s technical staff as Lidoda Duvha were all over Chiefs in the last 30 minutes of the game, with the home side playing defensive football in a bid to maintain the lead.

cillors were political representatives of Makhado Municipality and were not controlled by the traditional council, “but we only have a working relationship as both councillors serve within the jurisdiction of traditional council”. They further said that the councillors had the obligation to render services to the Sinthumule community without fear or favour. They added that the leader or Chief of Gogobole village was Vho-Nyamukamadi Mukondi Ramabulana Mukhuba and not the current acting incumbent, Vho-Anna Magwala.

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14 16 August 2019

Gwadza boys pass the first round By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho A bright light is shining at the end of the tunnel for two young soccer stars from Tshiozwi and their coach after the soccer players underwent trials and the coach received professional coaching lessons. Luvhengo Negota (16) and Tshililo Tshidada (16), who were selected during Mamu’s tournament when they were playing in their home-based team, Gwasda United FC, played in the trials at the Bidvest Wits Football Academy in Johannesburg, courtesy of Mamu Community Development.

“They amazed the academy’s top coach and the team with a sterling performance,” said Mamu’s general secretary, Mr Jafter Mamugudubi. “They are impressed with the boys’ skills, such as strength, fitness and fastness adjustments. But then they lacked the skills for controlling the ball, and so they will have to go back again for trials during the school recess.” However, their coach, Vhutshilo “Gwasda” Nedzamba, received the lessons and coaching manuals on how to develop and prepare the two boys better for the next round of trials. “I am already busy coaching

Luvhengo and Tshililo in line with the manuals provided to me,” he said. Mamugudubi added that the organisation was grateful for the support they had received from Hollywoodbets, Ukwakhana Electrical Services, Mikasa, Phadziri & Son Bus Service, Phadziri Coaches, and Premjee & Son Cash and Carry. “As Mamu we would like to make sure that we give all our support to Gwasda United FC with football materials and other technical support, so that they meet the professional football level needed by the academy,” Mamugudubi said. “We want to make it easy for Tshililo and Luvhengo.”

Photographed during the awards are, from left to right, Julius Sadiki, Fhatuwani Magogodela, Tsiwi Mulungwa, Israel Lekganyane and Stanley Sadiki.

Newcastle award their best like to thank my teammates for a wonderful performance Tshivhazwaulu Newcastle’s throughout the season. I won goalkeeper, Cyril Ramatswi, this award because of them. We was the toast of the evening as should repeat this kind of perhe was given the Player of the formance next season,” he said. Year award during the club’s Other winners on the night awards ceremony, which were: Mpho Khadziandi, best recently took place at the defender of the year, Tsiwi MuNandoni Dam. lungwa, top goal scorer of the He received R500, a medal year, and Phumudzo Mulaudzi, and a floating trophy. Ramatsplayer of the month (June). wi said that winning a personal They received cash prizes and award waas lovely. “I would medals. By Mbulaheni Ridovhona

The chairman of the team, Mr Stanley Sadiki, said the awards aimed to recognize best-performing players and community builders. “The awards serve as motivation for the players to keep up the good work. I’m proud of these players and we plan to host these awards annually. We need these young players to focus on their careers in order to become future stars,” Sadiki said.

Domboni FC the Rirothe champions In the picture are (from left to right) Luvhengo Negota, Jafter Mamugudubi, Ashley Makhanya (Bidvest Wits Football Academy’s U/17 head coach), Vhutshilo “Gwasda” Nedzamba and Tshililo Tshidada.

Magau United win Mabena games By Kaizer Nengovhela Magau United emerged as the new champions of the Mabena Soccer tournament when they beat the evergreen Mpheni Home Defenders 5-4 in the final match at the Mashamba grounds on Saturday. The two teams played to a goalless draw before they went into a penalty shoot-out. The coach of United, Mr Bishop Musiamo, said that he

was happy with the way the team was gelling during the games. “The boys were doing their best and we have a good understanding,” he said. Musiamo stated that they had a squad that had all the ingredients for winning the league this season. “I’ve told my boys that we can perform well this season, if we only focus and give our best. We are ready for the league activities now. By winning this season’s league, we will not only make ourselves

proud, but the community and area as well,” said Musiamo. The organiser, Ms Mercy Rambau, praised the sponsors for their decision to sponsor local football. “I’m very proud that we have grown young people of real quality,” she said. Magau went home with a new soccer kit, trophy, gold medals and R15 000 cash. The runners-up, Mpheni, collected R10 000, new soccer kit and silver medals.

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Domboni FC beat Dambale Manchester 1-0 in the final of the Rirothe Soccer Tournament at the Mabvete Community Ground on Sunday. Domboni FC went home with a R1 000 cash prize, a soccer kit, 22 gold medals, a floating trophy and a soccer ball. “We are happy as a team and it is our first time to be crowned champions,” said Domboni FC’s coach, Mr Lugisani Ndou. Eight teams participated in the tournament, the first tournament of its kind to celebrate Women’s Month in the rural Niani area. Dambale Manchester received R700, 22 silver medals and 14 pairs of socks. All other teams were also given appreciation tokens. The spokesperson for the Rirothe Soccer Tournament, Mr Itani Nephawe, said that they were proud to be the title sponsors of this year’s tournament. “I am excited to support this grassroots initiative,” he said. “I promise to make this tournament more successful next year. Again, we thank Mabvete residents for their discipline and good behaviour during the matches.”

Domboni FC (photo) beat Dambale Manchester 1-0 in the final of the Rirothe Soccer Tournament 2019. Photo supplied.

Sixteen teams to participate in the James Rasimphi Summer Games and Long Live FC. The sponsor of the tourSixteen teams will particnament, Mr Try Mudau, has ipate in the annual James indicated that his company Rasimphi Summer Games is ploughing back what it has on Saturday and Sunday at gained from the community. the Ha-Masia grounds. “It is through the support The teams are: Mashamba from the community that this Record Breakers, Mpheni business is where it is today,” Home Defenders, Tshinavhe he added. FC, Rabali Pull Together, VyeThe champions will receive boom FC, Vyeboom Marikana R8 000, a soccer kit, gold FC, Romani United, Mazembe medals and a trophy, while FC, Matsila Arsenal, Davhathe runners-up will receive R3 na Balanganani, Mashamba 500, a soccer kit, and silver Soccer Academy, Wayeni Sea medals. The third-placed team Robbers, SAMS FC, Masakona will receive R2 000, a soccer Bayern Manash, Vhangani FC kit and bronze medals and By Kaizer Nengovhela

Makhosani Primary School were crowned as the champions of Nhjakanjhaka Build It U/13 tournament when they beat Vulani 2-1 at Bungeni last Saturday. Mr Solani Mashibye of Build It said that, through this investment, they were ploughing back into the community and were hoping to help develop young players at grassroots level. He also encouraged youngsters to take education seriously. “Education is the key that can open closed doors for a sportsman or artist.” When showing his appreciation for the sponsorship, the coach of the winning school, Mr Paul Chauke, described Build It as “a selfless and caring company”. He said it was painful to see that most businesspeople were not ploughing back into the community. In our photo are the jubilant champions with the winners’ trophy.

the fourth-placed team will receive R1 000 and soccer kit. The organiser, Mr Oriel Mashau, said that identifying future stars’ talent at grassroots level was important. He applauded the sponsors for helping to identify the talent of the region’s youth. He appealed to the club officials and players not to involve themselves in wrong­doings such as bribery and assault on referees, saying that would not only bring the tournament into disrepute, but it would also dent the image of the sponsor.


16 August 2019 15

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH ADVERTISEMENT OF VACANT POSTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Applications are hereby invited from suitable qualified candidates for vacant posts. Applications should be submitted on the Z83 form obtainable from any government institution and must be accompanied by comprehensive CV and certified copies of required qualifications and identity Document. Applications where the centre is indicated as Head Office and EMS should be directed to: The Head of Department, Department of Health, Private Bag X 9302, Polokwane, 0700 and for hand delivery at 18 College Street, Office No. 60, Fidel Castro Building Applications for all other positions should be directed to Chief Executive Officers of the hospitals and for posts at Districts to the District Executive Managers of the District Offices as per the address list below. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply and attention will be given to individuals or persons from disadvantaged communities. The closing date for applications is 30 August 2019. NB 1: Detailed profiles of the advertised posts can be found on the DPSA website on and Limpopo Department of Health website on Applicants should complete separate application forms where more than one post is applied for.Correspondence will be entered into with shortlisted candidates only. Faxed or e-mailed applications will not be considered. NB 2: The Department of Health is an equal opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. General enquires about advertised posts should be directed to Ms Matimatjatji RL / Ms Mpati MM at 015 293 6126 and Ms Mampane NR at 015 293 6426 during office hours.

SENIOR ADMIN ASSISTANT [RECEPTIONIST] [LEVEL 6] = 1 POST Ref: LDH/08/1 Commencing salary notch: R208 584 p.a. Centre: Head Office [Polokwane] [HOD’s Office)

Requirements: Qualifications and Competencies: A minimum of Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent qualification at NQF level 4 plus competencies as Receptionist. A three (3) year Degree in Public Management / National Diploma in Office Management will serve as an added advantage.


Commencing Salary Notch: Grade 1: R208 776 p.a. Centres: Primary Health Care Facilities (18 posts for 18 clusters) Capricorn District: Evelyn Lekganyane Clinic/Nobody Clinic/Makanye Clinic Cluster [1], Semenya Clinic/Mushubaba/Moletjie Clinic Cluster [1], Moletlane Clinic/Mogoto Clinic, Lebowakgomo ‘Unit B’ Clinic Cluster [1], Mohodi/Buffelshoek Clinic, (Blouberg)/Lesfontein Clinic Cluster [1] Mopani District: Sekororo Clinic/ Lorraine Clinic/ Sophia/Sekwai Clinic Cluster [1], Shotong Clinic/Modjadji 5 Clinic/Bolobedu Clinic Cluster [1], Muyexe Clinic/Muhlaba Clinic/ Khakhala-Hlomela Clinic Cluster [1], Lephepane Clinic/Mogoboya Clinic/Moime Clinic Cluster [1] Sekhukhune District: Penge CHC/Makofane Clinic/ Motshana Clinic Cluster [1], Paulus Masha Clinic/Mankotsane Clinic/Nkoana Clinic Cluster [1], Eensaam Clinic/ Rietfontein Clinic/ Phatantsoane Clinic Cluster [1] Vhembe District: Nancefield Clinic/Madimbo Clinic/ Musina Clinic Cluster [1], Tshino Clinic /Manavhela Clinic/Tshimbupfe Clinic Cluster [1], Tswinga/Magwedzha Clinic/Muledane Clinic Cluster [1], Malamulele Clinic/Mavambe Clinic/Shigalo Clinic Cluster [1] Waterberg District: Chromite Clinic/Northam Clinic/Swartklip Clinic Cluster [1], Bakenberg Clinic/Mokamole Clinic/Jakkalskuil Clinic Cluster [1], Mapela Clinic/Mosesetjane Clinic/Tsamahansi Clinic Cluster [1] Requirements: Qualifications and Competencies: Current registration with the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) as a Pharmacist Assistant Post Basic. Ability to travel to all facilities within the cluster using own transport. Valid driver’s license (Attach Copy)

ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK: SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT [LEVEL 5] = 3 POSTS Ref: LDH/08/3 Commencing Salary Notch: R173 703 p.a. Centres: Head Office [Polokwane] [1], Tshilidzini Hospital [2]

Requirements: Qualifications and Competencies: A minimum of Grade 12 certificate at NQF level 4. A National Diploma, Degree or N6 in Supply Chain Management or equivalent qualification in Financial/Logistics/ Economics/Administration/ Accounting and Cost Management will be an added advantage. A minimum of one (01) year experience in the supply chain environment or financial management environment.


Commencing Salary Notch: R173 703 p.a. Centres: Capricorn District: Helene Franz Hospital [4], W.F.Knobel Hospital [2], Zebediela Hospital [3], Mopani District: Dr CN Phatudi Hospital [2], Kgapane Hospital [6], Nkhensani Hospital [2], Sekororo Hospital [3], Letaba Hospital [4], Evuxakeni Hospital [3], Sekhukhune District: Dilokong Hospital [5], Groblesdal Hospital [1], Jane Furse Hospital [8], Matlala Hospital [4], Philadelphia Hospital [6], St Ritas Hospital [7], Vhembe District: Elim Hospital [2], Louis Trichardt Hospital [3], Malamulele Hospital [4], Messina Hospital [6], Hayani Hospital [2], Waterberg District: F.H.Odendaal Hospital [1], Thabazimbi Hospital [3], Witpoort Hospital [2], MDR TB Hospital [2] Requirements: Qualifications and Competencies: A minimum of Grade 12 certificate at NQF level 4. An appropriate Bachelor’s Degree /National diploma or equivalent qualification at NQF 7 or 6 in Administration / Financial Management / Accounting /Cost Management Accounting/Nursing will be added advantage Inherent requirements of job: Must be able to work shifts (including night duty, weekends and public holidays). Willingness to work extra hours on short notice. Computer literacy (MS: Word and Excel).


Commencing Salary Notch: R122 595 p.a. Centres: CAPRICORN DISTRICT: Polokwane Municipality: A Mamabolo Clinic [1], Laastehoop Clinic [1], Perskebult Clinic [2], Semenya Clinic [1], Lepelle-Nkumpi Municipality: Hwelereng Clinic [1], Lebowakgomo Clinic [2], Ledwaba Clinic [1], Malemati Clinic [1], Mogoto Clinic [2], Thabamoopo Hospital [3], Blouberg Municipality: Ambergate Clinic [1], Kibi Clinic [1], Molemole Municipality: Mogodi Clinic [2] MOPANI DISTRICT: Maruleng Municipality: Lorraine Clinic [2], Sekororo Gateway Clinic [1], Sekororo Clinic [2], Bismarck Clinic [2], The Oaks Clinic [2], Turkey Clinic [2], Willows Clinic [ 2], Hoedspruit Clinic [ 2], Sekwai Clinic (Sophia) [2], Calais Clinic [2], Mabins Clinic [2], Greater Tzaneen Municipality: Jamela Clinic [3], Letaba Gateway Clinic [1], Letsitele Clinic [1], Madumane Clinic [2], Makgope Clinic [2], Moime Clinic [2], Mogoboya Clinic [3], Muhlaba Clinic [2], Ooghoek Clinic [2], Relela Clinic [2], Tours Clinic [2], Zangoma Clinic [2] Greater Letaba Municipality: Bellevue Clinic [2], Bolobedu Clinic [2], Charlie Rangaan Clinic [2], Duiwelskloof Clinic [1], Kgapane Clinic [2], Lebaka Clinic [2], Mamaila Clinic [2], Mamanyoha Clinic [2], Maphalle Clinic [2], Meedingen Clinic [2], Modjadji 5 Clinic [2], Pheeha Clinic [2], Raphahlelo Clinic [2], Rotterdam Clinic [2], Seapole Clinic [2], Sekgopo Clinic [2], Senobela Clinic [2], Shotong Clinic [2], Greater Giyani Municipality: Basani Clinic [3], Loloka Clinic [3], Muyexe Clinic [3], Zava Clinic [2], Makhuva Clinic [2], Skimming Clinic [1], Hlaneki Clinic [2], Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality: Mahale Clinic [2], Mashishimale Clinic [2], Seloane Clinic [2] SEKHUKHUNE DISTRICT: Makhuduthamaga Municipality: Klipspruit Clinic [1], Madibong Clinic [2], Marulaneng Clinic (Makhuduthamaga) [2], Schoonoord Clinic [2], Phokoane Clinic [2], Probeerin Clinic [2], Setlabosoane Clinic [2], Mamone Clinic [2], Tswaing Clinic [2], Marishane Clinic [2] Fetakgomo-Grater Tubatse Municipality: Taung Clinic [2], Phasha Clinic [2], Paulus Masha Clinic [2], Nchabeleng Clinic [2], Eerstegeluk Clinic [2], Mahubahube Clinic [2], Makofane Clinic [2], Motlolo Clinic [2], Penge CHC

[2], Riba Clinic [2], Selepe Clinic [2], Seroka Clinic [2], Sterkspruit Clinic [2], Boschkloof Clinic [2], Swaranang Clinic [2], Mohlaletse Clinic [2], Motshana Clinic [2], Ngoabe Clinic [2], Maseven [2] Ephraim Mogale Municipality: Marble Hall Clinic [2], Marulaneng Clinic (Marble Hall) [2], Makeepsvlei Clinic [2], Moeding Clinic [2], Toitskraal Clinic [2], Vlaakplaas Clinic [2], Witfontein Clinic [1], Matlala Clinic (Marble Hall) [2], Elias Motsoaledi Municipality: Dikgalaopeng Clinic [2], Goedgedach Clinic [2], Hlogotlou Clinic [2], Kwarrielaagte Clinic [2], Magukubjane Clinic [2], Motetema Clinic [2], Philadelphia Gateway Clinic [2],Sephaku Clinic [2], Elandsdoorn Clinic [2], VHEMBE DISTRICT: Thulamela Municipality: Makonde Clinic [2], Tshififi Clinic [1], Khakhu Clinic [1], Lwamondo Clinic [1], Tshixwadza Clinic [1], Sterkstroom Clinic [1], Tswinga Clinic [1], Tshifudi Clinic [1], Mukula Clinic [1], Pfanani Clinic [2], Fondwe Clinic [1], Folovhodwe Clinic [1], Vhurivhuri Clinic [1], Sibasa Clinic [1], Tshisaulu Clinic [1], Musina Municipality : Manenzhe Clinic [1], Masisi Clinic [1], Mulala Clinic [1], Makhado Municipality: Beaconsfield Clinic [1], Ha-mutsha Clinic [1], Louis Trichardt Clinic[1], Madombidzha Clinic [3], Manyima Clinic [1], Mashamba Clinic [3], Mphephu Clinic [1], Matsa Clinic [1], Midoroni Clinic [2], Mpheni Clinic [2], Phadzima Clinic [1], Sereni Clinic [2], Straighthardt Clinic [2], Tshino Clinic [1], Muila Clinic [1], Collins Chabane Municipality: Helderwater Clinic [1], Makuleke Clinic [1], Malamulele Clinic [2], Masakona Clinic [1], Mashau Clinic[2], Marseilles Clinic [2], Matsheka Clinic [1], Mavambe Clinic [1], Mukhomi Clinic [1], Nghezimani Clinic [1], Ntlhaveni C Clinic [1], Ntlhaveni D Clinic [1], Peninghotsa Clinic [1], Shigalo Clinic [1], De Hoop Clinic [1], Kuruleni Clinic [1], Vyeboom Clinic [1], Shikundu Clinic [1] WATERBERG DISTRICT: Thabazimbi Municipality: Chromite Clinic [1], Thabazimbi Clinic [1], Tshepong Clinic [2] Mookgophong/Modimolle Municipality: Vaalwater Clinic [2], Mogalakwena Municipality, Voortrekker Gateway Clinic [1], Tsamahansi Clinic [1], Tiberius Clinic [1], Vaalkop Clinic [1], Phafola Clinic [1], Mokopane Gateway Clinic [1], Mamaselela Clinic [1], Jakkalskuil Clinic [1], Mabuela Clinic [2], Makgobe Clinic [2], Mokamole Clinic [1], Lephalale Municipality: Steenbokpan Clinic [1], Marapong CHC [3], Lephalale Clinic [2] Manyoga [3] Requirements: Qualifications and Competencies: A minimum of Abet. Appropriate competencies in cleaning services. Experience in hospital environment and patient care will be an added advantage. Inherent requirements of job: Must be able to work shifts (including night duty, weekends and public holidays). Willingness to work extra hours on short notice.


Commencing salary notch: R145 281 p.a. Centres: Mankweng Hospital [1], Sekororo Hospital [1], WF Knobel Hospital [1], Helene Franz Hospital [1],Tshilidzini Hospital [1], Elim Hospital [1], Witpoort Hospital [1], Thabamoopo Hospital [1] Requirements: Qualifications and Competencies: A minimum of Grade 12 certificate at NQF level 4.Valid accredited boiler operator training/National Steam Certificate. A minimum of one (1) year relevant experience. Inherent requirements of job: Must be able to work shifts (including night duty, weekends and public holidays). Willingness to work extra hours on short notice.


Commencing salary notch: R122 595.00 p.a. Centres: Mokopane Hospital [1], Tshilidzini Hospital [1], Letaba Hospital [1], St Rita’s Hospital [1], Philadelphia Hospital [1], Lebowakgomo Hospital [1], Nkhensani Hospital [1], Seshego Hospital [1] Requirements: Qualifications and Competencies: Junior certificate at NQF level 2. Appropriate verifiable work experience in carpentry and joinery, repairs and installations. Inherent requirements of the job: Ability to use industrial woodwork machinery and electrical power tools etc. Willingness to perform shifts hours, weekend, public holidays and standby duties. Must be physically able to perform duties required. A valid driver’s license [Attach copy].


Commencing Salary Notch: R102 534 p.a. Centres: MDR TB Hospital [5], Warmbaths Hospital [5], Maphutha-Malatjie Hospital [6], Kgapane Hospital [6], CN Phathudi Hospital [5], Witpoort Hospital [1], Botlokwa Hospital [2], Donald Frazer Hospital [4], Louis Trichardt Hospital [3], Messina Hospital [2], Ellisras Hospital [3], Helene Franz Hospital [1] Requirements: Qualifications and Competencies: A minimum of Grade 12 certificate and or ABET certificate at NQF level 4. Certificate/National Vocational certificate in Hospitality Management from TVET will be an added advantage. Experience: Appropriate experience in a Food service unit. Inherent requirements of the job: Ability to lift and move heavy equipment and supplies. Ability to be on your feet for a period of 12 hours per day. Ability to work shifts during the day, weekends and public holidays. ADDRESS LIST Botlokwa Hospital: 015 527 8000, Private Bag X544, Dwarsriver, 0812. Capricorn District: 015 290 9000, Private Bag X9530, Polokwane, 0700. CN Phatudi Hospital: 015 355 8000, Private Bag X4056, Tzaneen, 0850. Dilokong Hospital: 013 214 7265, Private Bag X 9119, Driekop, 1129. Donald Frazer Hospital: 015 963 1778, Private Bag X 1172, Vhufuli, 0971. Emergency Medical Services: 015 295 2312/2999, Private Bag X 9553, Polokwane, 0700. Elim Hospital: 015 556 3201, P. O. Box 312, Elim, 0960. Ellisras Hospital: 014 763 2227, Private Bag X218, Lephalale, 0555. Evuxakeni Hospital: 015 812 1138, Private Bag x 9661, Giyani, 0826. F.H. Odendaal Hospital: 014 718 5300, Private Bag x1007, Modimolle, 0510. George Masebe Hospital: 015 423 6000, Private Bag X 2201, Suswe, 0612. Groblersdal Hospital: 013 262 3024/5, Private Bag X 8604, Groblersdal, 0470. Hayani Hospital: 015 963 7600, Private Bag X 2272, Sibasa, 0970. Henele Franz Hospital: 015 505 8500, Private Bag X5002, Bochum, 0790. Jane Furse Hospital: 013 265 9400, Private Bag X 429, Jane Furse, 1085. Kgapane Hospital: 015 328 7800, Private Bag X 742, Ga-Kgapane, 0838. Lebowakgomo Hospital: 015 633 1800, Private Bag X14, Chuenespoort, 0745. Letaba Hospital: 015 303 8200 Private Bag X1430, Letaba, 0870. Louis Trichardt Hospital: 015 516 0148, Private Bag X 2417, Louis Trichardt, 0920. Malamulele Hospital: 015 851 0026 Private Bag X 9245, Malamulele, 0982. Mankweng Hospital: 015 286 1000, Private Bag X 1117, Sovenga, 0727. Maphutha L Malatjie Hospital: 015 769 1520, Private Bag X 11020, Namakgale, 1391. Matlala Hospital: 013 264 5000 Private Bag X 9624, Marble Hall, 0453. Mecklenburg Hospital: 015 619 0056, Private Bag X 1012, Burgersfort, 1150. Messina Hospital: 015 534 0446, PO Box 102, Messina, 0900. Mokopane Hospital: 015 483 4000, Private Bag X 2466, Mokopane, 0600. Mopani District: 015 811 6500, Private Bag X 628, Giyani, 0826. Nkhensani Hospital: 015 811 7300, Private Bag X 9581, Giyani, 0826. Philadelphia Hospital: 013 983 0112, P.O. Box 1, Denilton, 1030. Pietersburg Hospital: 015 287 5000, Private Bag X 9316, Polokwane, 0700. Sekhukhune District: 015 633 2300 Private Bag X 04, Chuenespoort, 0745. Sekororo Hospital: 015 383 9400, Private Bag X 404, Trichardtsdal, 0890. Seshego Hospital: 015 223 5141, Private Bag X4014, Seshego, 0742. Siloam Hospital: 015 973 0004, Private Bag X2432, Louis Trichardt, 0920. St. Rita’s Hospital: 013 298 1000, Private Bag X1303, Glen Cowie, 1061. Thabamoopo Hospital: 015 632 4112, Private Bag x37, Chuenespoort, 0745. Thabazimbi Hospital: 014 777 1599, PO Box 79, Thabazimbi, 0380. Tshilidzini Hospital: 015 964 1061, Private Bag X 924, Shayandima, 0931. Van Velden Hospital: 015 307 4475, Private Bag X4014, Tzaneen, 0850. Vhembe District: 015 962 1000, Private Bag x 5009, Thohoyandou, 0950. Voortrekker Hospital: 015 491 2236, Private Bag X 2495, Mokopane, 0600. Warmbaths Hospital: 014 736 7300, Private Bag X1618, Warmbad, 0480. Waterberg District: 014 718 0600, Private Bag X1026, Modimolle, 0510 WF Knobel Hospital: 015 295 8364, Private Bag X 544, Lonsdale, 0710. Witpoort Hospital: 014 769 0025, Private Bag X01, Ellisras, 0555. Zebediela Hospital: 015 662 0787, Private Bag X342, Gompies, 0631, MDR TB Hospital: 014 718 7200, Private Bag x 1053, Modimolle, 0510

16 16 August 2019


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LEGALS ADV THABELO P MANYELENYELE NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS In the estate of the late MULAUDZI AILWEI ALFRED, ID. NO: 5101055793088, who died on the 19th day of JULY 2019, resided at HAMAKHUVHA village and was married to Mulaudzi Tshililo. Estate number: 1651/2019. All persons having claim against the abovemen�oned estate must lodge them with the executor within 30 days from date of publica�on hereof. ADV T.P MANYELENYELE OFFICE NO 14 SHOTHODZO COMPLEX CELL: 076 744 8856/081 369 0313. Email: manyelenyelet@gmail. com Ref: Rokunda Est 018/ D T MPHAPHULI ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late MBAMBO SHANISEKA EDWARD of ID NO: 730204 6175 08 2. Date of death: 5 December 2018, of Magau Village, in the District of Makhado, Limpopo Province. Master Reference: 375/2019. All persons having claims against the abovemen�oned estate are requested to lodge their claims within thirty (30) days of publica�on hereof with the agent is as follows: Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 12 August 2019 D T MPHAPHULI ATTORNEYS, Office No 4, Real Rental Building, 117 Krogh street, Makhado 0920. Tel: 015 516 6936 Fax: 015 516 0291 Ref: Mr. Mphaphuli/Est/ ELN0034/19 TSHIVHIAHUVHI P ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION

OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late MUSEKENE ZWIITANI PHILEMON of ID NO: 580212 5203 08 7. Date of death: 29 July 2019, of Limpopo Province. Master Reference: 1625/2019 All persons having claims against the above men�oned estate are requested to lodge their claims within thirty (30) days of publica�on hereof with the agent is as follows: Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 5 August 2019. TSHIVHIAHUVHI ATTORNEYS, Erf 670, Thohoyandou, P-West, Munaka Madilonga Medical Centre, Office No: 8, First Floor, P O Box 4439, THOHOYANDOU Tel: 0820452871, Fax to e-mail: 0864646644 Ref: TP/EST/M008 TSHIKUKUVHE MBAVHI ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE Estate Late FHEDZI LAVHELESANI SAMSON, I.D no: 491013 5514 087 of stand no A076, Ha-Khakhu (Mphagani), Limpopo Province who died on the 2019-07-07 and who was unmarried. Estate number: 1663/2019, Master’s office: Thohoyandou. Persons having claims against this estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from date of publica�on. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 12TH AUGUST 2019. TSHIKUKUVHE MBAVHI ATTORNEYS, BOX 3305 MAKHADO, 0920 REF: Redress/Est.03/2019 KERN & DEKKER INC. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 ESTATE LATE: FLORENCE PUTTY KHOSA. IDENTITY NUMBER: 350707 0412 08 6. DATE OF DEATH: 3 JULY 2018. FROM: ELIM HOUSE NR. 34. All persons having claims against the above men�oned estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days (or as indicated) from date of publica�on hereof. NAME AND ADDRESS OF EXECUTOR OR AUTHORISED AGENT: ME L DEKKER, C/O KERN & DEKKER INC. PO BOX 25, LOUIS TRICHARDT 0920. REF: A12445/ag/L DEKKER LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE IN SECTION 29 In the Estate of the late MUNDALAMO VHULAHANI ELIOT, I.D. Number 680710 5416 087 who was a resident of Maniini Block K, house no.345, Limpopo Province who died on the 16/01/2019. Estate number: 1519/2019. Master’s office: Thohoyandou. All persons

having a claims against the abovemen�oned estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from the date of publica�on. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 30TH DAY OF JULY 2019. SIGNED: C.S.KHOSA LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA EXECUTOR, SHOP NO.2 METROPOLITAN CENTRE THOHOYANDOU TEL :( 015) 962 6206/8/9 FAX :( 015) 962 6383 REF: KHOSA/X793539519 LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE IN SECTION 29 In the Estate of the late NNDWAMATO PRINCE MAKUYA, I.D. Number 640601 6258 082 who was a resident of Maniini Block K, house no. 345,Limpopo Province who died on the 15/07/2019. Estate number: 1623/2019. Master’s office: Thohoyandou. All persons having a claims against the abovemen�oned estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from the date of publica�on. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 01ST DAY OF AUGUST 2019. SIGNED: C.S.KHOSA LEGAL AID SOUTH AFRICA EXECUTOR, SHOP NO.2 METROPOLITAN CENTRE THOHOYANDOU TEL :( 015) 962 6206/8/9 FAX :( 015) 962 6383 REF: KHOSA/X797478919 MADZHIGA ATTORNEYS INC. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE Estate Late MUNGULWA MUSANDIWA JOHANNES, I.D no: 280122 5153 088 of erf No. 2248, Shayandima, who died on the 2018-02-08. Estate number: 1571/2018. Master’s office: Thohoyandou. Persons having claims against this estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from date of publica�on. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 29TH DAY OF JULY 2019. MADZHIGA ATTORNEYS INC. OFFICE NO. 236 & 237, 2ND FLOOR, OLD MUTUAL BUILDING THOHOYANDOU 0950 FAX: 086510 4064 REF: MKE/EST/67/2019 SIPHIWE MATENZHE ATTORNEYS. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late TSHIFHUMULO VICTORIA MUHANELWA of ID NO: 710109 0820 08 4. Date of death: 18 April 2015, of Stand No: 835, Thenzheni, Limpopo Province. Master Reference: 843/2015. All persons having claims against the above men�oned estate are requested to lodge their claims within thirty (30) days of publica�on hereof with the executor’s agent, whose par�culars are as follows: Dated at Thohoyandou on

this 1 August 2019. SIPHIWE MATENZHE ATTORNEYS, Office No: 108, 1st Floor, Old Mutual Building THOHOYANDOU 0950 P O Box 3468, LWAMONDO 0985 Tel: 015 962 4848 Fax: 015 962 0200 Ref: Matenzhe.

RICHARD MATHOBO ATTORNEYS NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 The First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the late MASAKONA AZWINTAKADZI of ID NO: 680210 6471 08 2, of Thohoyandou Block G Loca�on, Limpopo Province, Estate No. 352/2019 will lie for inspec�on at the offices of the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, for a period of twenty-one (21) days, calculated from the date of publica�on hereof. Should no objec�on be lodged with the Master’s office during the specified period, the executor will proceed to distribute according to the said account. Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 13 August 2019 RICHARD MATHOBO ATTORNEYS, 2010 Centre Block 2, D18, Next to Phalaphala, FM Thohoyandou 0950 NKHUME MAKHAVHU ATTORNEYS No�ce to inspect account lying for inspec�on In terms of sec�on 35 (5) of act 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the copies of the Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account (first and final, unless otherwise stated) in the estate specified below will be open for inspec�on for all persons interested therein for a period of 21 days from the date of publica�on hereof at the offices of the master and the magistrate stated. Should no objec�on thereto be lodged with the masters concerned during the specified period, the executors will proceed to make payments in accordance with the account .Registra�on number of estate: 21271/2014 Surname: WIEDECK. Chris�an names: ARNO. Iden�ty number: 420128 5207 189. Surviving Spouse: Wiedeck Phuka Iris. Last address: P O Box 1547, Thohoyandou 0950, Limpopo Province. Masters’s office: Thohoyandou, High Court Building, Thohoyandou Executor: NKHUME MAKHAVHU ATTORNEYS, Office No: 109, 1st Floor, Old Mutual Building, THOHOYANDOU 0950. P O Box 1015 NZHELELE 0993 Tel: 015 962 4848 Fax: 015 962 0200 Ref: Matenzhe NKHUME MAKHAVHU ATTORNEYS NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35(5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965

Pursuant to the provisions of Sec�on 35(5) of Act, 66 of 1965, no�ce is hereby given that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the late MALUSHA AIFHELI RONALD of ID NO: 640502 5268 08 2, and surviving spouse Magagane Matshilane Nelly, of Stand No: 735, Tsianda, Limpopo Province, Estate No. 2434/2017 will lie for inspec�on at the offices of the Master of the High Court, Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, for a period of twenty-one (21) days, calculated from the date of publica�on hereof. Should no objec�on be lodged with the Master’s office during the specified period, the executor will proceed to distribute according to the said account. Dated at Thohoyandou on the 1st day of August 2019. NKHUME MAKHAVHU ATTORNEYS, Office No: 109, 1st Floor, Old Mutual Building, THOHOYANDOU 0950. P O Box 1015 NZHELELE 0993 Tel: 015 962 4848 Fax: 015 962 0200 Ref: Makhavhu



NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN DECEASED ESTATE Estate Late MAKUYA FULUFHELO ROSEMARY, I.D NO: 600103 1030 08 5 of House NO 150 Vuwani Loca�on, Limpopo Province who died on the 24/07/2019 and was married in community of property to Makuya Makondelele Joseph, ID NO: 5307165844089. Estate number: 1619/2019. Master’s office: Thohoyandou Persons having claims against this estate are called to lodge their claims within 30 days from date of publica�on. SIGNED AT THOHOYANDOU ON THIS THE 12TH DAY OF AUGUST 2019 WISANI BALOYI INC. BOX 3305 LOUIS TRICHARDT 0920 REF: REDRESS/EST.05/201

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late KWINDA AZWINNDINI PETRUS of ID NO: 601222 5509 08 1. Date of death: 24 December 2017, and surviving spouse Kwinda Balanganani Francinah of ID NO: 641003 0775 08 9 of Erf 4187, Makwarela Ext 3, in the District of Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province. Master Reference: 1647/2019. All persons having claims against the abovemen�oned estate are requested to lodge their claims within thirty (30) days of publica�on hereof with the agent is as follows: Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 7 August 2019. SIGWAVHULIMU ATTORNEYS, Office No 6, 8 & 9, Limdev Building, Thohoyandou, Next to Game Centre Tel: 015 962 1097 Ref: A�. Sigwavhulimu VENTER & VENTER INC IN THE MAGISTRATE’S COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF THULAMELA HELD AT THOHOYANDOU CASE NUMBER: 355/2014 In the ma�er between: FLORENCE NDITSHENI MUKWEVHO EXECUTION CREDITOR and VHANGANI VICTOR RAMAANO EXECUTION DEBTOR NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN COMPLIANCE with the judgment of the Magistrate’s Court of THOHOYANDOU and the warrant of execu�on served on the 15th day of JULY 2019 the under men�oned goods will be sold in execu�on on the


WERKSMANS ATTORNEYS NOTICE OF SALE OF BUSINESS No�ce is hereby given in terms of sec�on 34(1) of the Insolvency Act No 24 of 1936, as amended, to interested par�es and creditors of Silicon Smelters Proprietary Limited (Registra�on Number 1998/019036/07) (the “Company”) with business address at Beyersnek Road, Witkop Quarry, Polokwane, Limpopo Province, of the inten�on of the Company to, as soon as possible a�er the 31st day a�er the date of the publica�on of this no�ce but before the 60th day a�er the date of the publica�on of this no�ce, transfer all of the Company’s rights, �tle and interest in and to its business in respect of the plan�ng and harves�ng of �mber on its �mber farms situated in the Limpopo Province for sale to third par�es and which is conducted by the Company under the name and style of

SILICON SMELTERS and all its assets, including its immovable proper�es (comprising several �mber farms situated in the Louis Trichardt / Makhado, Haenertsburg, and Morebeng areas, including the planta�ons of standing �mber and improvements situated on such proper�es), movable assets, water use rights and water permits, to Mphome Agric Proprietary Limited (Registra�on Number 2019/094424/07). All enquiries, court processes, no�ces or other documents or communica�ons of whatsoever nature must be addressed and delivered to: Werksmans A�orneys, Block D, De Wagenweg Office Park, Stellen�a Road, Stellenbosch Tel: (021) 809 6000 ; E-mail: ejuul@werksmans. com ; Fax: (011) 535 8600 Reference: Mr Pierre le Roux STEWART MARITZ BASSON INC.

IN THE MAGISTRATE’S COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF GIYANI HELD AT GIYANI Case No: 406/2018 In the ma�er between: VISION ON LINE TZANEEN CC (Judgment Creditor) and ABDIKAHMAN MOHAMED ABDUKADIR (Judgment debtor) AUCTION IN PURSUANCE of a Judgment and Warrant of Execu�on issued in the above Court for district of GIYANI the under men�oned goods have been a�ached, and will be sold in execu�on for cash or Bank Guaranteed cheque to the highest bidder at 13H00 ON 5 SEPTEMBER 2019 IN FRONT OF THE SHERIFF’S STORE, LIMDEV BUILDING, GIYANI. 1.The sale is a sale in execu�on pursuant to a judgment obtained in the above honourable court. 2.The rules of the auc�on is available 24 hours prior to the auc�on at the office of the Sheriff, Limdev Building, Giyani. 3.Registra�on as a buyer is a pre-requisite subject to a specific condi�on, inter alia. 4.Direc�ve of the Consumer Protec�on Act 68 of 2008; (Url h�p:// za/view/downloadfileac�on?id-99961); 5.FICA legisla�on i.r.o. proof of iden�fy and address par�culars; payment of registra�on deposit of R500.00 in cash. 6.The office of the Sheriff will conduct the sale with the auc�oneers. 7.Goods will be sold for cash only to the highest bidder or sold subject to confirma�on as per the Consumer Protec�on Act upon instruc�ons from the execu�on creditor. GOODS 1.1 X ALL STOCK IN TRADE. DATED at TZANEEN this 12 July 2019. STEWART MARITZ BASSON INC., LEX NUMERI, 32 Peace Street, TZANEEN Ref: WFB/EM/V330


BAOBAB MINING & EXPLORATIION NOTICE OF INTENT TO RELOCATE TWO GRAVES (KNOWN AND UNKNOWN) AFFECTED BY THE PROPOSED COAL MINE DEVELOPMENT ON FARM WINDHOEK 649MS WITHIN THE MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY OF THE VHEMBE DISTRICT, LIMPOPO PROVINCE, SOUTH AFRICA. No�ce is given in terms Sec�ons 35 and 36 of the Na�onal Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999) (read with the Regula�ons published pursuant thereto (GNR.548 of 2 June 2000)); sec�on 2 (1) of the Removal of Graves and Dead Bodies Ordinance (Ordinance No.7 of 1925) (read with the Regula�ons published pursuant thereto (GNR.363 of 22 May 2013)), Burial Ordinance, 1965 (Ordinance 18 of 1965) as well as the Human Tissue Act (Act 65 of 1983) and Regula�ons rela�ng to the management of human remains as set-out by the Na�onal Health Act, 2003 (Act 61 of 2003) as well as the relevant local and the district By-laws that govern graves exhuma�on and re interment of human remains. These two graves will be affected by the proposed west pit coal mine development on farm Windhoek 649MS. One of the graves is located at (GPS S22°.49 ‘, 14,03” & E 29°.53’.59.00”) indicated by a single sandstone engraved: Grobler, N. J. J Born 1856, date of death unknown. The second is an unknown grave located at (GPS S22°.49 ‘15,02” & E 29°.54’.02.05”) indicated by oval parked calcrete stones as grave dressings. Dates of these graves is unknown. To be registered/ iden�fied as the interested/ affected par�es, including all persons and communi�es descendent from the buried individuals, all persons or communi�es concerned or who have interests with the graves can submit wri�en comments/ objec�ons to Baobab Mining and Explora�on (Pty) Ltd by no later than 67 days a�er the no�ce is published. Florence Duval Group Corporate Affairs Manager, MC Mining Limited, South Block, Summercon Office Park Cnr Rockery Lane and Sunset Avenue, Lonehill, 2191 Tel: +27 10 003 8000 Email: florence.duval@ BAOBAB MINING & EXPLORATIION NDIVHADZO YA MUHUMBULO WA U PFULUSA MAVHIDA MAVHILI (LI DIVHEAHO NA LI SA DIVHEI) A KWAMEAHO NGA MUGODI WA MALASHA UNE WA KHOU FANELA U SHUMIWA KHA BULASI I NO PFI WINDHOEK 649MS KHA MASIPALA WAPO WA MAKHADO KHA TSHITIRIKI TSHA VHEMBE, VUNDUNI

(Continues on p.17)

LIMPOPO MIRROR (Continues from p16) LA LIMPOPO, AFURIKA TSHIPEMBE. Ndivhadzo iyi i khou itwa ho lavheleswa tshitenwa tsha 35 na 36 tsha National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 ya 1999) (wo vhalwaho ho lavheleswa maga o andadzwaho kha (GNR.548 ya dzi 2 Fulwi 2000); tshitenwa tsha 2 (1) tsha mulayo wa Removal of Graves and Dead Bodies (Ordinance No.7 ya 1925) (yo vhalwaho ho lavheleswa maga o andadzwaho malugana na (GNR.363 ya dzi 22 Shundunthule 2013), Mulayo wa Mbulungano wa 1965 (Mulayo wa vhu 18 wa 1965) kathihi na Human Tissue Act (Act 65 ya 1983) na Kulangulele ku yelanaho na zwa u tshimbidzwa ha masalela a vhafu sa zwe zwa sumbedziswa nga National Health Act, 2003 (Act 61 ya 2003) khathihi na minwe milayo yapo na ya tshitiriki i langulaho zwa u bwelulwa na u vhulungwa hafhu ha masalela a vhafu. Haya mavhida mavhili a do kwamea nga mulindi wa thandela ya mugodi wa Malasha ure vhukovhela kha bulasi ya Windhoek 649MS. Linwe la ayo mavhida li fhala kha (GPS S22°.49’, 14, 03” na E 29°.53’. 59.00”) lo vhewa tombo lithihi la mutavha, lo nwalwaho uri: Grobler, N.J J o bebwa nga 1856, hone datumu ya lufu a i divhei. La vhuvhili a li divhei. Li khou wanala kha (GPS S22°.49 ’15, 02” na E 29°.54’.02.05”) henefho ho vhewa zwiga zwa matombo o itaho magumba ntha ha vhulalo. Datumu ya vhukale halo a i divhei. U di nwalisela kana vha tshi pfa uri vha nga vha vha munwe wa avho vha kwameaho nga ayo mavhida, zwi tshi katela na vhathu vhothe kana zwitshavha zwothe zwi kwameaho, vha nga disa vhupfiwa havho kana khanedzo/u sa fushea

16 August 2019 17 havho ho to nwalwaho kha Baobab Mining and Exploration (Pty) Ltd hu sa athu u fhela maduvha a 67 iyi ndivhadzo yo andadzwa. Kha: Florence Duval Group Corporate Affairs Manager, MC Mining Limited, South Block, Summercon Office Park Cnr Rockery Lane and Sunset Avenue, Lonehill, 2191 Tel: +27 10 003 8000 Email: florence.duval@ KHONGOLOTI CONSULTANT CC MAKHADO LOCAL MUNI­ CIPALITY CLAUSE 22 OF THE MAKHADO LAND USE SCHEME, 2009 APPLICATION FOR: Erection of a Vodacom Cellular Mast and Base Station In terms of Clause 22 of the Makhado Land Use Scheme, 2009 notice is hereby given that I / we, the undersigned to apply to the Makhado Local Municipality for special consent to conduct the following land use activities: Erection of a Vodacom Cellular Mast and Base Station on stand/ holding/ farm portion: THE REMAINING EXTENT OF THE FARM RIVERSDALE 75 LT Particulars of this application may be inspected during normal office hours at: Khongoloti Consultant cc, 373 Melk Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, 0181, Pretoria Any person having an objection to the approval of this consent use application must lodge such objection, together with the grounds thereof, with the office of the Town Planner, Makhado Local Municipality (Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920) and the undersigned, in writing not later then: 18 September 2019 Enquiries: Khongoloti Consultant cc, PO Box 1950, Brooklyn Square 0075. Tel: 012 460 4755

Fax: 012 460 4761 / 072 404 7447 Email: Ref Ha Mashamba BS149011 Eng 08/08/19 MASIPALA WA MAKHADO CLAUSE 22 OF THE MAKHADO LAND USE SCHEME, 2009 NDIVHADZO YA: Ufhatiwa ha thawara ya Vodacom Nga mulawo wa tshipida tsha clause 22 tsha Makhado Land Use Scheme, 2009. Ndivhadzo I khou fhiwa rine vha Khongoloti u divhadza Masipala wa Makhado khumbelo ya Special Consent u ita ndivhadzo: U fhatiwa ha thawara ya Vodacom. Kha shango la muvhuso: THE REMIANING EXTENT OF THE FARM RIVERSDALE 75 LT Zwidodombedzwa zwa ndivhadzo zwinga vhudzisiwa ganndoroni ya: Khongoloti Consultant cc, 373 Melkstraat, Nieuw Muckleneuk, 0181, Pretoria Muthu munwe na munwe ane a sa fushee nga heyi ndivhandzo anga kwama Masipala wa Makhado (Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920) nangwe a tou nwalela u sa fushea hawe: 18 September 2019 Mbudziso: Khongoloti Consultant cc, PO Box 1950, Brooklyn Square 0075 Tel: 012 460 4755 Fax: 012 460 4761 / 072 404 7447 Email: admin.khongoloti@ Ref Ha Mashamba BS149011 Venda 08/08/19 KHONGOLOTI CONSULTANT CC


Mast and Base Station In terms of Clause 22 of the Makhado Land Use Scheme, 2009 notice is hereby given that I / we,

the undersigned to apply to the Makhado Local Municipality for special consent to conduct the following land use activities: Erection of a Vodacom Cellular Mast and Base Station on stand/ holding/ farm portion: THE REMAINING EXTENT OF THE FARM WATERVAL 45 LT Particulars of this application may be inspected during normal office hours at: Khongoloti Consultant cc, 373 Melk Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, 0181, Pretoria Any person having an objection to the approval of this consent use application must lodge such objection, together with the grounds thereof, with the office of the Town Planner, Makhado Local Municipality (Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920) and the undersigned, in writing not later then: 18 September 2019 Enquiries: Khongoloti Consultant cc, PO Box 1950, Brooklyn Square 0075. Tel: 012 460 4755 Fax: 012 460 4761 / 072 404 7447 Email: Ref Makhangela BS139426 Eng 08/08/19 MASIPALA WA MAKHADO CLAUSE 22 OF THE MAKHADO LAND USE SCHEME, 2009 XITIVISO XI VIKIWA KU YA HI XIYENGE XA 22 XA MAKHADO LAND USE SCHEME, 2009. LESWAKU HINA VA TIRHI VA KHONGOLOTI PTY LTD HI KOMBELA PFUMELELO WA KU ENDLA HIGH MAST EKA PURASI RA: THE REMAINING EXTENT OF THE FARM WATERVAL 45 LT SWILAVEKO HINKWASWO SWA XIKOMBELO SWI KONA KU XIYAXIYIWA HI NKARI WA NTIRHO EKA TIHOFISI TA VAPULANI VA DOROBA MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY PRIVATE BAG X2596, LOUIS TRICHARDT, 0920 HI



NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 63 OF THE SPATIAL PLANNING, LAND DEVELOPMENT AND LAND USE MANAGE­MENT BY­LAW OF THE MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY, 2016 MAKHADO AMENDMENT SCHEME 324 Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 63, read with the provisions of Chapter 6 of the Spatial Planning, Land Development and Land Use Management By-Law of the Makhado Local Municipality, 2016 that I, Derick Peacock, the authorized agent of Manupont 124 (Pty) Ltd, intend applying to the Makhado Local Municipality for the amendment of the Makhado Land Use Scheme, 2009 by the rezoning of a part of the Remainder of the farm Juliana 647 MS, located north of district road D745 and about 30

km north of Makhado town. The land is zoned “Agriculture” in terms of the Makhado Land Use Scheme,2009. Application is made to rezone a part of the property

to “Special” for tourism accommodation and related uses. Plans and/ or particulars relating to the application may be inspected during office hours at the office of the Director Development Planning, Office C001, Makhado Civic Centre, for a period of 30 days from 16 August 2019. Physical address: 83 Krogh street, Makhado. Postal address: Private Bag X2596, Makhado, 0920 Any person having any objection to the granting of this application must lodge such objection (including the grounds for such objection) in writing, with the Municipal Manager, Makhado Local Municipality, at the abovementioned address as well as to the undersigned agent not later than 16 September 2019. Any person that is unable to write, will be assisted by the responsible official during normal office hours at the abovementioned address. Responsible official: Tahulela Musandiwa, Telephone 015 519 3285 Authorised Agent: Derick Peacock Associates, Town & Regional Planners/ Resort & Leisure Planners Postal Address: PO Box 11352, Silver Lakes, 0054 Cell no: 082 414 3655 Email address: dpasso@ KENNISGEWING VAN AANSOEK IN TERME VAN ARTIKEL 63 VAN DIE RUIMTELIKE BEPLANNING, GROND ONTWIKKELING EN GRONDGEBRUIKS­ BESTUUR BYWET VAN DIE MAKHADO PLAASLIKE MUNISIPALITEIT, 2016 MAKHADO WYSIGINGSKEMA 324 Kennis geskied hiermee in terme van Artikel 63 saamgelees met die bepalings van Hoofstuk 6 van die Ruimtelike Beplanning, Grond Ontwikkeling en Grondgebruiksbestuur Bywet van die Makhado

Plaaslike Munisipaliteit, 2016, dat ek, Derick Peacock die gemagtigde agent van Manupont 124 (Edms) Bpk, van voorneme is om aansoek te doen by die Makhado Plaaslike Munisipaliteit vir die wysiging van die Makhado Grond­gebruikskema, 2009 deur die hersonering van n gedeelte van die Restant van die plaas Juliana 647 MS, geleë noord van distrik pad D745, ongeveer 30 km noord van Makhado dorp. Die eiendom is “Landbou” gesoneer in terme van die Makhado Grondgebruikskema, 2009. Aansoek word gedoen om n gedeelte van die eiendom te hersoneer na “Spesiaal” vir toerisme akkommodasie en aanverwante gebruike. Planne en of besonderhede ten opsigte van die aansoek lê ter insae gedurende kantoorure by die kantoor van die Direkteur Ontwikkelingsbeplanning, kantoor C001, Makhado Burgersentrum, Makhado Plaaslike Munisipaliteit, vir ‘n tydperk van 30 dae vanaf 16 Augustus 2019. Fisiese adres: 83 Krogh straat, Makhado, Posadres: Privaatsak X 2596, Makhado, 0920 Enige person wat n beswaar het teen die toestaan van die aansoek moet sodanige beswaar (insluitend die gronde van so ‘n beswaar) skriftelik indien by of rig aan die Munisipale Bestuurder by die bogenoemde adres, sowel as by die onderstaande agent, voor of op 16 September 2019. Enige person wat nie kan skryf nie, sal deur die verantwoordelikke amptenaar bygestaan word tydens kantoorure by die bogenoemde adres. Verantwoordelike amptenaar: Tahulela Musandiwa, Telephone 015 519 3285 Gemagtigde Agent: Derick Peacock Associates, Stads

en Streeks Beplanners/ Oord Beplanners, Pos adres: Posbus 11352, Silver Lakes, 0054 Kontak nommer: 082 414 3655 Epos adres:

LEGAL NOTICE In terms of Regula�on 56 of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 as Amended, you are hereby kindly requested to publish the following details in your publica�on: The Department of Social Development/ organisa�on Vhembe District, Limpopo Province, is reques�ng anyone with informa�on with regards to the family of the following children: 1. Mugivhela Langanani Alice who was born on 2002-09-12 and Mugivhela Beauty born on 2005-06-01 at Folovhodwe Maswangaduvha, to contact social worker: Rambuda A at 071 5310 415 during office hours (07H30 -16H30) [To our knowledge the reported family of the children are: Mugivhela Lutendo Eunice of Folovhodwe Maswangaduvha. and 2. Kwinda Mbulaheni Sam who was born on 2001-11-04 at Mapakoni Village, to contact social worker: Thanyani L at 076 526 3632 during office hours (07H30 -16H30) To our knowledge the reported family of the child are : Meriri Vhengani Be�na of Mapakoni Village



Private Bag X2510 • Sibasa • 0970 • Limpopo Province • RSA Tel/Fax: (015) 963 2122 / Email:


POST 1: Mathematics and Physical Sciences Gr10-12 POST 2: Life Science and Physical Sciences Gr10-12

Send your CV (with contact numbers), two recent testimonials, one of which should be from your local pastor (not older than 3 months), certified copies of certificates and academic records, (SAQA evaluation certificate for foreign applicants), as well as SACE certificate to: The Principal Tshikevha Christian School Private Bag X2510 Sibasa 0970 or personally deliver it to the school which is situated at Mbaleni next to Block G Ext. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted telephonically.


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Tshikevha Christian School requires two (2) devoted CHRISTIAN EDUCATORS to teach in the High School.Applicants should be qualified teachers by profession, who are trained to teach the relevant subjects and grades. Foreign educators who wish to apply for the advertised posts should, in addition to a recognised professional qualification, have a recognised bachelor’s degree qualification as well as level 7 of SAQA evaluation. We are looking for quality teachers who are currently teaching and producing good results in Grade 12. Fluency in English will be an added advantage as Tshikevha Christian School is an English Medium School. Tshikevha Christian School offers competitive salary packages.


18 16 August 2019

Tricky hurdle for Diski Leopards By Frank Mavhungu After losing 0-2 to Cape Town City in their opening league match at the Thohoyandou Stadium last Saturday, Black Leopards are gearing up for another tricky hurdle this weekend. They will undertake a journey to Johannesburg, where they will battle it out

Tel: 015 - 516 0405

USED VEHICLE SALES EXECUTIVE Minimum requirements: * Minimum of Grade 12 * A Minimum of 2-3 years’ VEHICLE SALES experience * Valid Driver’s license * Product knowledge or the ability to quickly acquire * Computer literacy Salary Package: * Competitive Basic Salary * Commission structure

Send CV: e-mail to: If you have not been contacted within 7 days after application closure, please accept that your application was unsuccessful

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Skills requirements: * Internal drive & constantly demonstrate excellent results * Provide excellent customer service and satisfaction * Assertive, honest, excellent communication skills * Team player

Tiklas Thutlwa.



DEADLINE FOR LOGS: TUESDAYS 12:00 NO HANDWRITTEN LOGS WILL BE ACCEPTED Absa Premiership Log Played Won Draw 2 2 0 2 2 0 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 0 2 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 2 1 0 1 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0

Team Kaizer Chiefs Polokwane City Baroka Cape Town City Bloem Celtic Bidvest Wits Orlando Pirates Mamelodi Sundowns Golden Arrows Chippa United Highlands Park Maritzburg United Stellenbosch Black Leopards SuperSport United AmaZulu Team Mashau Give Bungeni Elim Birds Waterval Mbokota Bungeni United Maila Super Lagos Basani Chavani Nkuzana Mashamba Vleifontein Valdezia Masakona Mpheni

with Orlando Pirates at the Rand Stadium tomorrow morning. A win for the young Leopards will be a bonus when one considers the Pirates’ performance against Amazulu at the Princess Magogo Stadium in Durban. They beat Amazulu 1-0. The Thohoyandou outfit must acquire the services of two quality strikers as a matter of urgency if they are serious about competing for the league championship. The Leopards’ players to watch in tomorrow’s match are Luvuyo Ndlovu, Tiklas Thutlwa and Maanda Makhado. The match will start at 10:00. Chippa United will host Maritzburg United in Port Elizabeth, while Cape Town City will meet Baroka FC at the Old Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane. Amazulu will travel to Johannesburg to honor their fixture against Bidvest Wits at the Bidvest Stadium. The rookies, Stellenbosch FC, will lock horns with SuperSport United at the Lucas Moripe Stadium outside Pretoria. Sunday’s matches are: Polokwane City vs Mamelodi Sundowns, Bloemfontein Celtic vs Lamontville Golden Arrows and Kaizer Chiefs vs Highlands Park. Leopards’ playmaker,

Lost 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 2

Hlanganani Masters Football League Played Won Draw Lost 17 15 2 0 17 12 3 2 17 12 3 2 17 11 2 4 16 9 2 6 17 9 0 8 17 7 4 6 17 6 6 5 17 7 2 8 16 6 5 5 17 7 1 9 17 6 2 9 17 3 3 11 17 2 2 13 17 2 1 14 17 0 4 13

Team Gilson Pool Club Thabelo Pool Club Wata Pool Club Diza Dazzlers Pool Club Mamba Pool Club Hillside Pool Club Bra Bee Pool Club Toy Pool Club Cocks Pool Club Mathonsi res Pool Club Diza Highway Pool Club Bindulani Pool Club Goloza Pool Club Mutonga Pool Club Oom Pieter Pool Club Hlayisekani Pool Club

Hlapa League Log

Played 7 7 6 7 7 7 7 6 7 5 7 7 7 7 7 7

Won 6 6 6 5 5 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 0

Draw 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Lost 1 1 0 2 2 2 4 3 4 2 4 5 5 5 5 7

GD 2 2 1 1 3 2 2 2 -4 0 -1 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 For 53 63 48 43 36 52 38 38 29 37 42 31 30 23 16 13

Against Points 14 47 19 39 16 39 23 35 27 29 30 27 31 25 43 24 31 23 42 23 44 22 43 20 47 12 57 8 63 7 52 4

For 97 86 67 83 64 74 82 67 69 54 66 69 63 53 70 52

Against Points 43 18 54 18 53 18 57 15 76 15 66 13 58 9 53 9 71 9 56 9 74 9 71 6 77 6 67 6 70 3 88 0

Hlanganani Local Football Association Stream A

Team Caledon Junior Birds Mbokota FC Mashamba Record Bungeni Young Diplomats Matsila Morning Sweepers Jomo Young Stars Masakona United FC Given Bungeni Mukondeni Young Chiefs Mukondeni United Bodwe FC Basani Arrow Chiefs Bush River fc Mashamba Shinning Stars Tshivhuyuni Dream Boys Mashamba United Brothers

Played 25 26 25 24 26 22 25 23 23 26 25 25 23 24 25 26

Won 21 15 14 12 13 12 10 9 7 9 6 6 4 4 3 4

Draw 3 7 5 9 5 5 6 9 8 5 8 7 8 6 7 4

Lost 1 4 6 3 8 5 7 7 8 12 11 12 11 14 15 18

Points 6 6 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 0 0 0

For 78 41 59 51 44 48 33 32 32 25 24 24 18 27 19 29

Against Points 19 66 28 52 32 47 24 45 30 44 41 41 25 36 31 30 35 29 43 29 41 26 39 25 28 20 55 18 50 16 73 16

Hlanganani Local Football Association Stream B

Team Mulima FC Lambani United FC Mailaskop Academy FC Elim Double Class My Time FC Mpheni Barcelona Elim Blackpool Juniors Nthabalala United FC Koki FC Mailaskop Action Killers Mamphagi Real Vultures FC Vleifontein United FC Elim All Stars Nthabalala Flying Eagles

Played 23 22 23 22 23 23 22 22 22 21 22 22 22 23

Won 16 15 12 12 10 9 9 7 8 8 5 4 3 2

Draw 2 4 5 4 6 8 5 9 5 4 4 5 7 4

Lost 5 3 6 6 7 6 8 6 9 9 13 13 12 19

Limpopo The Fresh One Stream E

Team Muraleni Young Rebellions Mira Black Pull Zoutpansberg Powerline Madodonga Happy Hearts Muduluni Young Chiefs Manyeleti FC Manavhela Ablex FC Dave 16 FC Zamenkomste All Stars Maebani Aces United Zamenkomste United Zwino Zwino Boys

Team Mulindathavha O Swall New Discovery FC Tshamutshedzi FC Buluni H Boys Tshilongwe Y Bombers Dimani Y Masters Tshaulu S Academy Tshivhilwi Y Stars Tshaulu H Lion Munangwe U Brothers Lukaolo HG Spurs Nduvheni FC Citizen FC Tshidzini FC Belavhathu Tshikambe FC Lambani H Defenders Mubvumoni FC Team Malavuwe G Movers Tshikonelo United Tshikonelo Highlanders Banyini F Swallows Zwaloni Y Stars Sterkstroom R Chiefs Azwibali FC Mukoma All Stars Gole Liverpool Tshamutavha H Stand Tshififi FC Mbahe F Rebels

Team Tshikhudini FC Tshivhulani Fire Bros Tshikovha Arsenal Tshiulungoma FC All Nation FC Ravies FC Nkhwathiseni FC Arsenal FC Budeli United Maniini Real Madrid Juventus FC Dumasi All Stars Real Magidi Thohoyandou FC Bembani FC

Played 22 22 22 21 21 20 22 21 22 21 20 22

Won 15 13 13 13 11 9 7 6 7 4 3 1

Draw 4 5 5 5 6 4 7 6 3 3 1 0

THULFA STREAM A Played Won Draw 32 20 10 31 16 7 29 16 6 32 14 10 30 15 5 31 13 9 27 13 8 31 13 5 30 9 15 28 8 16 31 13 1 32 8 11 31 8 10 31 9 6 30 7 11 30 8 5 32 6 5 30 5 6

Lost 3 4 4 3 4 7 8 9 12 14 16 21

For 34 39 47 36 44 34 41 30 29 29 26 31 31 14

Against Points 22 50 18 49 25 41 26 40 32 36 23 35 34 32 24 30 27 29 32 28 45 19 64 17 43 16 50 10

For 50 46 43 37 45 30 32 32 34 26 8 7

Against Points 21 49 18 44 18 44 20 44 26 39 27 31 29 28 29 24 38 24 46 15 39 9 82 3

Lost 2 8 7 8 10 9 6 13 6 4 17 13 13 16 12 17 21 19

For 57 62 59 42 61 46 31 46 35 49 56 36 35 29 44 28 30 31

Against Points 22 70 41 55 40 54 31 52 41 50 33 48 19 47 47 44 29 42 32 40 60 40 50 35 43 34 57 33 52 32 64 29 56 23 60 21

THULFA STREAM B Played Won Draw Lost 21 10 9 2 21 11 5 5 21 10 4 7 21 7 12 2 20 9 6 5 21 10 2 9 21 8 6 7 21 5 8 8 21 5 6 10 21 5 6 10 20 5 3 12 21 4 5 12

For 23 35 30 27 31 33 29 20 26 27 24 20

Against Points 11 39 20 38 16 34 20 33 25 33 29 32 35 30 29 23 32 21 41 21 34 18 33 17

For 44 41 36 38 48 44 41 34 41 29 32 21 33 32 19

Against Points 26 53 31 48 28 46 22 43 35 42 26 40 30 39 33 38 44 38 36 29 45 27 32 26 43 25 52 24 50 12

THULFA STREAM C Played Won Draw 26 15 8 26 14 6 27 15 1 25 12 7 27 11 9 26 11 7 26 10 9 25 10 8 26 12 2 25 7 8 24 8 3 25 6 8 24 7 4 25 6 6 27 2 6

Lost 3 6 11 6 7 8 7 7 12 10 13 11 13 13 19

The champions, Berea FC.

Makuya tournament a huge success who had come in their numbers, despite the cold weather. He affirmed that the sponsors had made a commitment to sponsor another tournament before the end of next month. According to him, the next tournament is expected to be big in terms of sponsorship and the participating teams. Eight teams, Gondeni Big Cat, Makuya Try Again, Masisi FC, Anel Real Vikings, Berea FC, Matangari High Aims, Tshilamusi Super Eagles and Phaphama Young Stars, took part in last weekend’s tourna-

By Frank Mavhungu Following the success of the Makuya Annual Soccer Tournament at the Makuya Try Again grounds over the past weekend, local football fans can expect another tournament in the near future. This was said by the tournament’s chief organizer, Mr Neo Mutshauba. Mutshauba stated that the sponsors for last weekend’s tournament were highly impressed by the way it had dbeen run and the spectators Team Mungamunwe FC Dzwerani U Brothers Ndondola FC Manamani City Hlupheka Mapate B Mambaas Mvelaphana FC Miluwani H Boys Tshisaulu M Pirates Mashawane Y Tigers Mahematshena Y Stars Tshisaulu FC Muthndinne All Bullets Sibasa A Stars Centurion FC

THULFA STREAM D Played Won Draw 30 25 1 30 23 3 30 22 4 30 22 3 30 16 7 30 17 2 30 14 4 30 12 9 30 11 4 30 9 3 30 9 3 30 8 5 30 7 4 30 5 5 30 5 3 30 2 6

Lost 4 4 4 5 7 11 12 9 15 18 18 17 19 20 22 22

For 88 90 62 87 57 58 41 49 50 31 29 29 43 44 33 14

Against Points 24 76 19 72 22 70 16 69 38 55 40 53 39 46 46 45 75 37 45 30 62 30 46 29 75 25 92 20 110 18 56 12

Team Ngwenani M United Mapholi K Them All Tshivhungululu H V Vhutshavhelo FC Matondoni Sweepers Tshilapfene S Arsenal Lunungwi FC Maha F Gunners Tshirembe Vkillers Mukumbanii S Stars Ralies FC Ngovhela FC Tshiawelo Bossveld Vondo Vibes Themba Heroes Madamalala FC

THULFA STREAM E Played Won Draw 28 19 3 27 17 7 28 16 6 28 14 8 28 14 7 28 13 9 28 11 13 27 12 9 27 11 9 28 9 11 28 8 7 28 6 4 28 4 9 28 3 7 27 3 5 28 3 4

Lost 6 3 6 6 7 6 4 6 7 8 13 18 15 18 19 21

For 70 51 54 40 59 49 45 49 48 47 48 43 29 23 24 25

Against Points 36 60 20 58 28 54 30 50 39 49 30 48 26 46 35 45 41 42 43 38 51 31 70 22 50 21 61 16 61 14 83 13

Team Mukula Y Brothers Vondwe United Munkula Equitor Vondwe D Tigers Mukula M Killers Mutuwa Branzillian Tshidimbini B Lion Domboni FC Tshitereke C Stars Mukukula Avalon Makhuvha Up the Ants Goldville Y Tigers Mukuka S Stars Dzingahe P Makers Ngudza United Mastashe FC Mukula T Mushonga Vhufuli P Together

THULFA STREAM F Played Won Draw 32 24 2 33 20 7 32 20 6 33 19 7 32 16 10 31 16 6 32 13 14 33 11 17 33 13 8 33 12 10 32 11 12 33 12 8 32 9 6 33 8 8 33 7 8 31 5 7 33 2 5 33 3 1

Lost 6 6 6 7 6 9 5 5 12 11 9 13 17 17 18 19 26 29

For 59 45 54 61 49 51 69 37 54 53 45 50 29 37 32 40 15 29

Against Points 25 74 20 67 22 66 28 64 29 58 55 54 30 53 24 50 49 47 49 46 46 45 58 44 45 33 56 32 72 29 69 22 61 11 95 10

Team Tshipako H Spurs Makonde Youth Makonde Y Tigers Mudaswali U Brothers Khubvi p Makers Muhuyu XI Experience MT Green Mambas Makonde FC Makonde H Defenders Tshatshingo P Holes Luvhimbi Waderers Damani P Line Vhutalu M Rangers Makonde M United Khubvi Feedas Tshiwani F Boys Tshilngwi FC Matgangari Settlers Mudzidzi FC

THULFA STREAM G Played Won Draw 33 25 5 34 24 6 35 25 2 35 23 8 34 17 9 35 18 6 35 15 12 33 16 7 34 13 9 35 13 7 35 11 8 34 9 11 33 11 5 34 9 9 35 8 5 36 6 7 31 7 3 33 6 5 34 4 4

Lost 3 4 8 4 8 11 8 10 12 15 16 14 17 16 22 23 21 22 26

For 95 77 80 71 64 60 56 50 54 56 36 37 48 49 35 24 33 31 32

Against Points 35 80 22 78 31 77 22 77 31 60 52 60 40 57 28 55 51 48 63 46 55 41 48 38 64 38 59 36 66 29 66 25 66 24 87 23 102 16

ment. Berea FC were crowned the champions after beating Gondeni Big Cat 6-5 in the final. The winner was determined through penalty shootout, following a 1-1 draw at the end of the regulation time. Berea received R5 000 during a ceremony at the grounds shortly after the final game. Gondeni Big Cat received R3 500. Teams that were booted out of the tournament in the semi-final stage, Matangari High Aims and Tshilamusi Super Eagles, received R1 500 each.

Team Mutale Vikings Lukau H Aces Shadani D Scorpion Maranxwe H Boys M D United Tswera H Chillies Muhotoni FC Tshiawelo D Vultures Managa Uprising Mashsishi Y Tigers Phalama Y Vultures Mianzwi G Hornent Tshiombo XI Securitas Mapulon H landers Tshiombo Try Again Balethavba FC Tshagumbu FC

THULFA STREAM H Played Won Draw 30 21 5 29 20 5 28 16 8 28 17 5 29 15 7 27 13 7 28 13 6 27 11 5 28 10 6 28 10 4 30 8 9 28 7 7 27 6 8 27 7 4 29 6 5 30 5 5 25 5 2

Lost 4 4 4 6 7 7 9 11 12 14 13 14 13 16 18 20 18

For 65 64 45 46 41 58 52 34 52 38 49 30 37 46 32 36 20

Against Points 31 68 26 65 23 56 27 56 29 52 39 46 42 45 49 38 52 36 42 34 59 33 43 28 50 26 58 25 62 23 64 20 49 17

Team Makwali Try Again Tshlavule Elite Lurangwe The Angels Mangaya L Comondos Bashasha T Masters Maheni FC Thogwe FC Madzivhanani FC Tshaanda N Vultures Dzhanguluvhe FC Mabila H Defenders Tshamulungwi L Winn Humbulani FC Luphephe FC Thogani FC Gundani FC Mulodi Spain

THULFA STREAM I Played Won Draw Lost 30 18 7 5 29 17 8 4 27 14 7 6 28 16 0 12 29 13 9 7 29 12 6 11 28 11 9 8 30 10 11 9 28 10 10 8 28 11 7 10 28 10 9 9 29 10 8 11 30 8 13 9 27 8 3 16 29 7 5 17 27 6 5 16 28 2 1 25

For 52 56 45 50 35 46 37 39 40 34 34 33 33 37 31 30 12

Against Points 31 61 32 59 28 49 38 48 25 48 40 42 32 42 39 41 29 40 27 40 42 39 38 38 34 37 46 27 49 26 47 23 67 7

Lamvi FC Luvhimbi Western Tshanzhade United Matovha Devoted Stars Musundaa United Guyuni Hot Spurs Mudagasini FC Mukuya J Acess Nwiini C Stars Mahunguwi United Maholoni FC Tshambuka FC Sambandou 7 Hunters Fandani FC Vhurivheri FC Mukongwe FC Zwavhavhili

THULFA STREAM J Played Won Draw Lost 28 23 4 1 26 19 2 5 28 17 7 4 30 14 7 9 31 13 7 11 31 12 7 12 25 13 3 9 25 10 8 7 30 10 8 12 26 11 5 10 28 9 8 11 30 7 11 12 29 7 9 13 26 6 8 12 25 4 8 13 25 3 4 18 25 2 2 21

For 68 43 49 58 40 55 43 33 49 28 44 37 31 24 29 23 17

Against Points 25 73 20 59 23 58 35 49 38 46 39 43 38 42 25 38 48 38 31 38 45 35 46 32 43 30 44 26 53 20 46 13 72 8

Team Shanzha Continentals Tshithuthuni R MY Pr Fundudzi U Brothers Khakhu Y Chisefs Fondwe FC Thononda All Stars Khalavha Y Chiefs SheShe Bush Bucks Khalavha Napoli Maname Y Tigers Muadunungu Try Again Tshikombani O Boys Mandala Y Vultuyres Tshikomabani S Vultu Milabomi Chop Them Mandala Olympic Tshifume S Defence MTM U Brothers

THULFA STREAM K Played Won Draw 30 27 2 27 21 5 28 18 8 29 16 6 31 16 6 29 14 7 29 13 6 30 12 6 28 11 8 32 10 10 29 11 5 30 10 3 27 8 7 30 7 3 29 6 5 31 5 7 28 5 6 29 3 0

For 70 72 51 59 45 51 48 33 43 42 28 37 34 30 36 37 28 23

Against Points 18 83 22 68 16 62 31 54 37 54 36 49 41 45 39 42 31 41 41 40 36 38 60 33 38 31 70 24 63 23 61 22 43 21 84 9



Lost 1 1 2 7 9 8 10 12 9 12 13 17 12 20 18 19 17 26

The league logs are also available online at


Amazing 5-0 victory for Rambuda Fighters By Frank Mavhungu

lessly as the ball went beyond his reach. Gundo Munzhelele scored with a half volley three minutes before the halftime whistle. The Stars introduced two new faces in the last half. Nyandano Makhuvha and Muavhi Makhera came on for Matodzi Nemudzivhadi and Thanyani Bohwana respectively. That did not stop Fighters

from increasing the margin. Mutshidzi Randima completed his brace with a half volley in the 67th minute. The Stars abandoned their positions and moved forward in search for goals. That gave Fighters a good chance to score the fifth via Phumudzo Netshitomboni late in the game.

Mukula Jamaican Stars suffered a 0-5 drubbing at the hands of Rambuda Young Fighters in their opening match of the Tshikosi Soccer Tournament at the Makonde Home Defenders grounds on Sunday. The Stars from Mukula village managed to match Fighters pound for pound in the first 15 minutes of the game, but their stamina vanished with time. They realized that it was not their day when they squandered two clear chances in quick succession. In the first instance, Bornwise Baloyi shot wide from inside the box. A few minutes later, Tenda Nemavhola hesitated for far too long to unleash and ultimately lost possession. That was a wake-up call to Young Fighters. They opened their account in the 24th minute. Mutshidzi Randima, their overlapping defender, forced his way through the defence of Stars and hit the back of the net from the edge of the box. Azwihangwisi Msesnyane, the Young Fighters’ goal scorers are, from left to right, Mutshidzi Randima, Gundo MunStars’ keeper, watched helpzhelele, Phumudzo Netshitomboni and Rotanganedzwa Siobo.

16 August 2019 19

Gondeni Big Cat surrender to Berea FC before he could unleash from inside the box. Berea FC came back from a Big Cat finally put a smile 0-1 half time deficit to beat on the fans’ faces five minutes Gondeni Big Cat 6-5 in the before the end of the first half. final of the Makuya Soccer A clearing mistake by a deTournament at the Makuya fender of Berea, Aubrey Ndou, Try Again grounds on Saturgave birth to the Cat’s goal. day. Ndou miskicked the ball in the Although the game was even- 25-meter area and Jerry Mpofu ly contested in the first half, Big capitalized on the mistake and Cat had more shots at goal than beat the keeper. the visitors from Zwigodini. Lindelani Nephalama of Big Jerry Mpofu, the Cat’s centre Cat was booked for obstructing forward, came close to scoring Tshifhiwa Makhado in the 64th in the eighth minute. He went minute. Berea fought back in loose from the right corner the 78th minute. Their captain, and tried his luck with a half Dakalo Ratshitanga, headed volley from the edge of the box. home after a scramble within Tshifhiwa Rasivhaga, the Berea the box. The score was 1-1 keeper, made his presence felt when the regulation time came when he braved the shot and to an end. palmed the ball away for a No extra time was added, corner kick. and the winner was determined The only time Berea came through penalty shootout. close to scoring in the first half Berea scored five from the was in the 24th minute. Their white spot via Dzivhuluwani vastly experienced striker, Simba, Dakalo Ratshitanga, Edwin Ramphabana, received Mulanga Tshilukwa, Tshilidzi a neat pass from Dzivhuluwani Mulaudzi and Rofhiwa Siala, Simba and lost possession while Big Cat converted four. By Frank Mavhungu

United Artists wallop Thengwe Flying Peace three minutes into the last half. Unfortunately for Peace, the move was United Artists secured a place in the not good enough to stop Artists from quarter-final stage of the Tshikosi scoring their second goal. A substitute, Soccer Tournament, following their Unarine Kudzingana, was on target in 5-1 victory over Thengwe Flying Peace the 58th minute to make it 2-0. at Makonde on Sunday. Flying Peace were reduced to 10 men It took United Artists only 11 minutes three minutes afterwards. Their skipto open their account. per, Khodani Mavhungu, was given his Elias Ranyaoa, their dribbling wizard, marching orders for directing abusive received a neat pass from Rendani words to the referee. Mukomafhedzi and blasted in a rocket Flying Peace looked hopeless after the incident. United Artists capitalized and scored their third goal through Fikile Hobyane in the 67th minute. Hobyane completed his brace five minutes afterwards. He blasted in a rocket, following some entertaining moves with Robert Baloyi and Emmanuel Neswiswi. Flying Peace’s solitary goal came in the 78th minute. They were awarded a penalty after a defender of Artists handled the ball within the box. Molatelo Muvhali made no mistake from the white spot. The goal seemed to have been an insult to Artists. They scored the fifth via Elias Ranyaoa four minutes towards the end of the game. Idani Ndalambi of Flying Peace (left) and Phuluso Mulaudzi of Artists are focused on the outgoing ball. By Frank Mavhungu

from inside the box. Flying Peace regrouped from behind after the Artists’ opening goal, with their strikers showing a great appetite for goals. Rendani Mukomafhedzi, the Artists’ right back, was reprimanded with a card after tackling Martin Nefale from behind. The score was still 1-0 when the referee, Mr Eric “Khathikhathi” Munyai, blew the half-time whistle. Flying Peace replaced Idani Ndalammbi with Adivhaho Ramarumo

Vhufhelo Nedzamba of Big Cat (left) and Adivhaho Netshiungani of Berea chase the ball.

Dzivhuluwani Simba of Berea FC escapes with the ball after beating Khathutshelo Nedzivhani.

Golden games for the elderly By Silas Nduvheni Elderly people should keep on exercising to stay healthy, said Cllr Rose Mathukha of the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM). She was addressing elderly people during the golden games, which took place at the Louis Trichardt High School last Wednesday. According to Mathukha, physical fitness is a reliable solution for maintaining a

healthy mind, weight control and for staying strong and flexible always. During the games, for elderly people above 60 years of age, the elderly competed in events such as duck walk, dress-up, goal shooting, pegging washing pegs, athletics, passing the ball, ring the stick and many other activities. One of the participants during the games, Ms Gladwell Mayimele (67) of Nkuzana village in Collins Chabane Local

Municipality, who lost her leg in a vehicle accident some 10 years ago, said that since she started participating in the games, she had stopped taking medication for hypertension and diabetes. The best athletes will proceed to the provincial games at the Old Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane on 12 and 13 September. The winners during the provincial event will later participate in the Cllr Rose Mathukha pushes the wheelchair of Ms Gladwell Mayimele while other councillors national event. look on.


20 16 August 2019 TRY

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2019/07/17 09:0

GladAfrica Championship starts

TTM ready to destroy Umoya a number of rehearsal matches in the past weeks as part of their The league activities for the preparations for the new season. National Soccer League, or the According to him, some of the GladAfrica Championship as it is teams they played as part of their now known, will commence this preparations included the Absa weekend. Four matches will be Premiership sides Black Leopards played at various places through- and Baroka FC. out the country tomorrow afterMphephu also confirmed the noon. signing of several players, including Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila Jean Munganga (Black Leopards), (TTM) will open their new season Tebogo Kalake (Polokwane City), with a home match. They will host Wisani Mandlazi (Arconbush Cape Umoya United at the Thohoy- United) and Tumi Mashele from andou Stadium tomorrow (SaturAfrican All Stars. TTM were about day) afternoon. to complete the signing of two forWhether Umoya are ready for the eign players, one from Lesotho and new season remains to be seen. The the other one from Tanzania, at the team from the mother city escaped time of our going to press. the relegation axe by a whisker last TTM retained several good season. Asked about their level of players who were part of their readiness for the new season, TTM’s squad for last season. Lebohang chairman, Mr Humbulani MphepMabotja, Onyedikachi Ononogbu, hu, said they had done everything Phumelele Bhengu and the two within their power to ensure that goalkeepers, Tshepo Ramaele and they started the new season with a Simon Mamudzidi, are some of the bang. players whom the Tshakhuma side He said that the team had played could not afford to lose at the end of By Frank Mavhungu

New signee for TTM, Tebogo Kalake.

Tel: (015) 516 5175/6/7 Fax: (015) 516 1012 • 2016 VW Polo 1.0 TSi

49 700 km

2016 VW Polo Vivo 1.4 GP A/T T/Line

Retained - TTM’s left back, Lebohang Mabotja. last season. In the other matches that will also be played tomorrow, Moroka Swallows will host TS Sporting at the Volkswagen Dobsonville Stadium in Johannesburg, while the KZN derby between Real Kings and Uthongathi FC will be played at


2016 VW Jetta 1.4 TSI Comfortline

• Price: R472 000.00

R169 995

14 200 km

R269 995

2017 VW Polo Vivo 1.4 A/T Trendline

35 900km

R169 995

• R8 500.00 per month

2018 VW Golf 2.0 GTD DSG

No deposit, 72 months, 13% rate, 30% Residual.


R449 995


2016 VW Polo 1.2 TSi

46 223km

R239 995


OFFICE: 015 516 5175/6/7 • 084 786 5176 • 084 786 5177 Sales: Princess: 060 795 1207 TRADING HOURS: Mon-Fri 08h00-17h00 / Sat 08h00-13h00

• Was: R308 500.00 • Now: R290 000.00 Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

84 000 km

Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers


22 000km

R199 995

the Mpumalanga Stadium and Ajax Cape Town will entertain Free State Stars at the Cape Town Stadium. Sunday’s fixtures are: TS Galaxy vs Jomo Cosmos, Richards Bay FC vs JDR Stars, Pretoria University vs Steenburg United and Royal AM vs Mbombela United.

• R6 000.00 per month

No deposit, 72 months, 13% rate.

• Was: R396 000.00 • Now: R372 300.00

• R7 850.00 per month

No deposit, 72 months, 13% rate.

TEL: 015 534 0717 • email: •

ROGERS MUTHIGE 079 549 3778 / RICHARDT MASINA: 079 329 3844 / IVY MATSAING 079 119 2486 / JACO WESSELS: 082 447 9958

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16 August 2019 Limpopo Mirror  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

16 August 2019 Limpopo Mirror  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

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