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Will the MM be fired? By Anton van Zyl and Kaizer Nengovhela A veil of secrecy seems to surround the fate of the municipal manager of the Thulamela Municipality, Mr Hlengani Maluleke. A disciplinary hearing was held last month, and a recommendation was made that he be suspended for his role in the VBS Mutual Bank saga. The council, however, seems to be unwilling to take such a drastic step. Questions sent early this week to Thulamela Municipality’s spokesperson, Mr Ndwamato Tshiila, went unanswered. Tshiila was asked whether the council had convened to discuss the recommendations of the disciplinary committee. He responded telephonically, saying that they would not comment on the matter. When Tshiila was confronted about this seemingly unconstitutional conduct (by refusing the public information), he said that he had not yet been informed of any council decision on the matter. He did not deny that a council meeting had taken place to discuss the issue but said that he had no further information on the outcome. He confirmed that Mr Maluleke was not on suspension and that he was working as usual. That the Maluleke matter has become a hot potato for the council is certain. He is one of the people caught in the aftermath of the VBS scandal

for having approved the municipality’s R30 million investment in the now-liquidated bank. Thulamela Municipality, however, is one of the few Limpopo-based municipalities that did not lose money when the scams at the bank were exposed. Thulamela withdrew their investment and managed to collect interest of just over R682 000. In July this year, Thulamela Mayor Mushoni Tshifhango was axed, following an instruction by the provincial executive committee (PEC) of the ANC in Limpopo. This was in line with a forensic report on the VBS matter that recommended action against all politicians and officials involved in the scandal. The report also fingered Thulamela’s Maluleke. The report did indicate that political pressure had been exerted on officials to invest with VBS bank. A disciplinary hearing was eventually held on 26 July where Maluleke was charged with gross dishonesty, gross misconduct, or alternatively gross negligence. Prior to the hearing’s taking place, a plea agreement was concluded between the municipality and the municipal manager. In spite of the plea agreement, in which Maluleke pleaded guilty to all seven charges, the hearing continued, with Maluleke opting to represent himself. As a mitigating factor, Maluleke was portrayed as having a clean record at the municipality and,

under his leadership, Thulamela had received unqualified audit reports. He also indicated that he had approved the investment at VBS after political pressure had been exerted. The plea agreement suggested that Maluleke receive a written warning, which will be kept on his file for a period of six months. This agreement, however, was not automatically accepted by the chairperson of the hearing. He pointed out that Maluleke had been aware that his actions were in contravention of legislation, and he had been warned about this. The chairperson of the disciplinary committee had the difficult task of making a decision when the employer clearly did not seem in favour of a dismissal. He felt, however, that a recommendation that Maluleke be dismissed was the correct one. The council’s unwillingness to act against the municipal manager did not go down well with other structures in the region. The convenor of the ANC Youth League’s Thulamela Sub-region, Mukhethwa Mulovhedzi, welcomed the outcome of the disciplinary hearing, but expressed their unhappiness about the lack of further action taken. “It came to our attention that the mayor, together with the PMT (Political Management Team), are refusing to implement the outcomes of the report. As a youth structure, we are disturbed by the manner in which the matter is being handled.

The leadership that is supposed to think of reasons leading to the rejecprotect the municipality are exposing tion of the report when a lot of money the municipality by setting a wrong has been spent to compile this report. precedent against the adherence to The second opinion is out of sync!” the financial management policies. The spokesperson of the Vhembe It is our expectation that such senior ANC region, Tshifhiwa Dali, said that management leadership are rumoured they had taken note of the disciplinary to have received bribes in the form of hearing’s report that was circulating. money to mute their voices about the “We wish to reiterate that we shall issue of MM,” said Mulovhedzi. never micromanage our deployees He said that they would do all they (sic) in Thulamela. We firmly believe could to make sure that Thulamela that they have the capacity to deal Municipality was free from corrupwith such a governance issue,” he said. tion before the local government elections took place. Mulovhedzi said that the youth would be engaging lawyers to challenge the decision of the Thulamela council to ensure the implementation of the recommendations of the report. “We are made to understand that [the] council intends to get a second opinion on the matter. For us, the issue of the second opinion is unacceptable, because that will be misusing funds, leading to wasteful and fruitless expenditure. The municipal manager of the Thulamela Municipality, Mr Hlengani Maluleke. Photo: Silas Ndivheni We cannot begin to

SINCE 1959


2 10 SEPTEMBER 2021

Father accused of killing daughter (3) with hammer

bers and some of his friends, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo telling them that he intended confirmed the incident and said A 36-year-old father from to kill the child and then kill the police in Mutale were investhe rural village of Matavhela himself too. tigating a case of murder. near Mafukani, outside ThoThe source said that MaThe petty headman of hoyandou, briefly appeared thegu drove the child in his car Matavhela village, Vhakoma in the Mutale Magistrate’s to the Tshamutora Mountains Mashudu Shandukani, could Court on Monday, 6 Septemnear Gundani village, a few hardly believe what had hapber, on charges of murder kilometres from Matavhela vil- pened. Mathegu was described after he had allegedly brutally lage, where he allegedly took a as a cool and collected person murdered his three-year-old hammer and hit the child over who always took good care of daughter with a hammer on the head with it. He then put his child. Thursday, 2 September. her dead body in the boot of his Mathegu’s case was postThe accused, Mulalo Macar and tied a rope to a nearby poned to 14 September for a thegu, reportedly went berserk tree to hang himself. However, formal bail application, and he after a disagreement regarding before he could kill himself, was remanded in custody. the child between himself and community members and the The little girl, Kharendwe the child’s mother. police, who had by then been Mathegu, was buried during an The great-grandmother of hunting for him, arrived at the emotional funeral service on the child, Vho-Munzhedzi scene. Mathegu ran from them, Saturday, 4 September, in DzRadzabo, who lives in Dzwe­ but they pursued him. werani-Mvelaphanda village’s rani-Mvelaphanda in the According to the source, the cemetery. Vuwani area and took care of angry father acted “like he was the child, said that Mathegu possessed came to them on the evening of by an evil Wednesday, 1 September, and spirit”, getting asked if he could take the child violent and for a few days to visit him at later injuring his house. “We never suspected a police seranything wrong, as he was a geant. Another loving and caring father to his police officer child. He usually came here and shot him in asked for the child to visit him the leg before for a few days, and he normally they were able returned her without trouble. to arrest him We didn’t know that the moth- with the help er didn’t want to let the child go of the large to her father, and that the two number of were fighting,” said Radzabo. community Another source, who wished members to remain anonymous, told the from around media that Mathegu took the Matavhela, child that night to his home Mufulwi and village of Matavhela. In the Mafukani early hours of the next mornvillages. ing (Thursday), he allegedly Limpophoned and sent WhatsApp po police Mulalo Mathegu after his arrest by the Mutale messages out to family memspokesperson police. Photo: Silas Nduvheni. By Silas Nduvheni

Mulalo Mathegu, accused of killing his three-year-old daughter with a hammer, appeared in the Mutale Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 6 September. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

Mother allegedly killed with broom for “hiding their food in her room” By Silas Nduvheni A 28-year-old resident of Matangari-Tshiumoni village appeared in the Thohoyandou Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, 7 September, on a charge of murder after he had allegedly killed his mother with a broomstick, because she “hid their food in her room”. The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday, 5 September. Limpopo regional spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority

(NPA) Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi said that the deceased, Caroline Tshivhangwaho Khomola (58), was asleep when her son, Mukhethwa Tshivhase (28), came home in the early hours of Sunday morning and demanded food from his mother. According to Malabi-Dzhangi, Tshivhase started accusing his mother of hiding their food in her bedroom. He allegedly became so angry that he picked up a broomstick and started assaulting his mother with it. The mother tried to run away but collapsed at the gate. She was taken to Donald Fraser Hospital, where she was certified dead on arrival. Limpopo police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo confirmed that the police in Thohoyandou are investigating a case of murder. Tshivhase also has a record for other criminal offences. In 2015, he was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for attempted murder, and in 2009, he was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for stealing a car in Kagiso in Gauteng. His case was postponed to Monday, 13 September, for a formal bail application and for the accused to get a legal representative. He was remanded in custody. The traditional leader of Matangari village, Vhamusanda Mutulagole Nyamande, was very shocked about the incident and said that Tshivhase was supposed to protect and look after his mother. Caroline Khomola worked as a cleaner prior to her death. She will be buried in Matangari-Tshiumoni village on Saturday, 11 September.

From left to right: Acting Executive Mayor of the VDM Sylvia Machete, Tshililo Mphephu (Vhembe Moral Regeneration Movement), Fraser Maake (marketing manager for SEDA Limpopo), Sheila Mphaphathe (marketing manager for SEDA Limpopo) and Rofhiwa Mundalamo. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

Women must empower themselves

Mukhethwa Tshivhase (28).

By Silas Nduvheni

MAKHADO CARE GROUP IS A NON PROFIT ORGANISATION WHICH ASSISTS WITH THE CARE OF CANCER PATIENTS IN THE MAKHADO AREA CONTACT DETAILS: Dr Casper Venter: 082 857 0022 Dr Emil Gaigher: 082 892 8862 Jernay Mcleod: 086 403 5752 Angela Brennan: 082 902 6271

Limpopo MEC for Transport and Community Safety Ms Mavhungu Lerule-Rama­ khanya once again made a plea to drivers to obey traffic rules as the province continues to lose innocent lives as a result of reckless driving. This follows another fatal accident on local roads last weekend. According to the spokesperson for the department of Transport and Community Safety, Mr Matome Moremi, an Etios sedan collided head-on with a Toyota truck on the D3753 Dzwerani Road in the Vuwani area on Sunday, 5 September, at about 15:00. Only the 29-year-old driver of the Etios died in the crash. Photo supplied.

A group comprising 40 women from around the Vhembe region will be able start up or improve their small businesses, thanks to the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM), in conjunction with Limpopo Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) and Vhembe TVET College Incubation Centre. The three structures staged a Women Empowerment network session, which was held at the Vhembe District Council Chamber in Thohoyandou on Tuesday, 31 August. The marketing manager for SEDA Limpopo, Sheila Mphaphathe, said they had created a platform for women around the Vhembe region to gather for information sessions on starting up or improving their businesses, and also to network

for business development. “We also help women or individual entrepreneurs with networking information on applying for funding from government and other financial funders. We want to encourage women to work together as a group of co-operatives for their business development,” said Mphaphathe. SEDA Limpopo was very excited that women around the Vhembe region had shown such interest in their presentation on how to empower themselves economically. However, Mphaphathe advised women who attended the session that getting funding in the form of money could be a real challenge nowadays. Funders often like to fund equipment in the form of vouchers equal to the amount stated in the funding request, she said.

Working with Productivity South Africa, SEDA in Limpopo will organize and network for women who need training in, among others, fashion design, starting a community bakery, and tailoring, but applicants will have to show their business interest. Acting Vhembe District Executive Mayor Sylvia Machete said the district was amazed at SEDA Limpopo and Vhembe TVET College Incubation Centre’s Women Empowerment network session, and encouraged them to present more sessions of this nature around the various rural areas. “It is good for women to empower themselves economically, and it is also encouraging for us as district to see more rural women engaged in business. We need women who are ready to change life for the better for themselves,” said Machete.


10 SEPTEMBER 2021 3

The VBS ghost is still haunting the royal family Ramabulana. The liquidators, SNG Grant The ghost of VBS Mutual Thornton, filed court papers in Bank continues to haunt which they state that the Dzata the Venda royal family. Last Trust had failed to repay “loans” month, the bank’s liquidator it had received from VBS applied for a writ of execution Mutual Bank between February in the Johannesburg High 2016 and February 2017. The Court, trying to recoup more outstanding amount, according than R10 million that was to the court documents, is at allegedly channelled to a trust least R10 610 912,32. used to pay the expenses of The court was informed that Khosikhulu Toni Mphephu the Dzata Trust had ignored By Anton van Zyl

attempts to remedy the breach through letters of demand addressed to it by Werksmans Attorneys on behalf of VBS. SNG Grant Thornton asked the court to sequestrate the trust “for the benefit of the South Africans, being the retail depositors and other clients of VBS, which include members of the Venda community, businesses and public institutions, various local municipalities and

Nurse suspended after woman gives birth to baby outside clinic healthcare services at local clinics. An incident where a pregnant On the morning of Wedneswoman was denied entrance day, 1 September, Alice Ndou to a 24-hour clinic while she of Domboni village went into was in labour, leading her to labour. Vhulahani Nevhulamgive birth to her baby outside ba, a community member who the clinic in the dust, has rushed the heavily pregnant communities hot under the Ndou and her husband to the collar once again about poor nearest clinic, spoke to Limpopo Mirror. “At about 05:10 on Wednesday, Ndou called me for assistance. The Madimbo clinic is about 17 km from Domboni village, but noticing that the lady was in great pain, I realised that I would have to use a shorter route. It still took me almost 30 minutes to get to the clinic. The gates at the clinic were Alice Ndou of Domboni village gave birth to closed. I pleaded her baby in front of Madimbo Clinic on the with the security morning of Wednesday, 1 September, after guard manning she was denied entrance to the clinic. Photo the clinic gates supplied. to call the nurse, By Bernard Chiguvare

but the guard refused, insisting that the nurse on duty would only start work at 07:00,” said Nevhulamba. Ndou, with the help of her husband, then continued to give birth to her baby, standing next to Nevhulamba’s vehicle. Meanwhile, the Limpopo Department of Health has suspended the nurse who, it seems, had instructed the security guard not to let anyone in until 07:00. According to Neil Shikwambana, Limpopo Department of Health’s spokesperson, the clinic does not operate for 24 hours, but works on a call system. The nurses sleep at the clinic premises and when a patient presents to the facility with an emergency, they are expected to wake up and assist them. “The department has sent a team to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the occurrence of this incident, so that it can act accordingly. Emergency medical services took the woman and her baby to the Donald Fraser Hospital, and they are both doing well,” said Shikwambana in a media statement.

Former curriculum coordinator Tshiphiri Edwin Luvhimbi (52) dies By Silas Nduvheni The Vhembe community and especially the regional division of the Department of Education mourn the death of Mr Tshiphiri Edwin Luvhimbi, former chief education specialist in curriculum education in the Vhembe East district. Luvhimbi (52) passed away on Wednesday, 1 September, at the MediClinic Hospital in Pretoria after a short illness.


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Speaking on behalf of the family, Mr Khamusi Luvhimbi said that his older brother would be remembered as a hard worker and an avid community builder. “He always helped to solve the family and people’s problems without taking sides,” he said and added that Luvhimbi also founded a soccer team, called Malonga Killer Boys, that played in the Castle SAFA League. Mutanuni Livhuwani Mahadana, one of his children, described her father as a caring and loving parent who had raised them well and encouraged them to take their education seriously. Luvhimbi is survived by his three children, Aluwani (29), Livhuwani (28) and Mashudu (21). A memorial service will be held for him on Wednesday, 8 September, at 13: 00 under strict Covid-19 regulations. His funeral is on Saturday, 11 September, in Vuwani-Malonga village. The service starts at 06:00.

Contact: Vhavenda Bricks - Mapate Road Lwamondo Edward: 082 692 7587 Vhavenda Bricks - Shayandima Industrial Area Richardt: 082 929 5434 Vhavenda Bricks - Matombo Stone Crushers Tina: 074 283 0280 Vhavenda Bricks - Farm Vhavenda Bricks, Vuwani Road: 083 854 2723

The late Tshiphiri Edwin Luvhimbi (52) of Vuwani-Malonga village. Photo: supplied.

the Public Investment Corporation,” according to the founding affidavit by the firm’s director, Anooshkumar Rooplal. VBS Mutual Bank was declared insolvent in November 2018 and thousands of people, many of them pensioners, were left in limbo. The bank also targeted municipalities, which invested hundreds of millions in the mutual bank, contrary to what legislation allowed. When the bank collapsed, the losses to South African citizens and taxpayers were estimated to be more than R2 billion. In October 2018, the SA Reserve Bank tasked advocate Terry Motau to investigate the happenings at the bank. In the report that was released, titled The Great Bank Heist, the veil is lifted on how officials at the bank, with the assistance of outsiders and politicians, turned the once reputable bank into a looting scheme. In this report, the name of the contender for the Venda kingship, Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, also featured as a possible beneficiary of the spoils. Motau found that he had unduly benefited from illicit transactions involving the bank. The court papers filed last month state that money was allegedly siphoned through fictitious “credit” accounts created at VBS. In short, this implies that money was paid to accounts such as that of Dzata Trust. Such a “loan” was then offset by creating other accounts that, in turn, “paid

off ” the debt. “The fictitious credit was not a real payment and/or a credit deposit made into the trust’s VBS account, but rather a false book entry without the corresponding intra-transfer of funds into the aforesaid account ... the removal of the fictitious credit from the trust’s VBS account was necessary in order to reflect the trust’s true indebtedness to VBS from time to time,” the report states. “The records of VBS are in a state of disarray – a copy of a signed application for a business overdraft facility, incorporated in terms and conditions of the overdraft facility, could not be located anywhere, despite diligent search ... even from VBS servers. It is conceivable that a signed application for business overdraft facility incorporating the terms and conditions of the overdraft was possibly destroyed or not formally contracted in an attempt to cover up the fraudulent scheme,” SNG Grant Thornton argues in the court papers. In June 2020, Ramabulana released a statement saying that he had no problem settling any legitimate VBS Mutual Bank debt he might have, but he needed to be properly informed of the details of the money he was supposed to owe. At that stage, he had reportedly benefited to the tune of R17 million from these illicit transactions. Ramabulana previously stated that, in his capacity of

king of the Vhavenda people, he received various grants, including financial support from various individuals and entities. “Any such receipts I deem them to be legitimate, untainted, and bona fide support to the responsibilities I hold in relation to Vhavenda people,” he said in an open letter. He also absolved himself from blame and stated that, should he have received payments flowing from fraudulent or criminal activities, “I would have received (such) without knowledge of the criminal wrongdoing which the report identifies”. In Dewald van Rensburg’s book, VBS – A dream defrauded, he discusses the involvement of the Dzata Trust and Toni Mphephu Ramabulana in the VBS saga. Ramabulana was co-opted by Vele Investments (the entity effectively running the bank) and received a monthly “salary” of between R50 000 and R100 000. “He got a new house in the pricey Dainfern suburb of Johannesburg, and a company called Dzata Trust was set up to pay his expenses,” writes Van Rensburg in the book. Questions were sent to the spokesperson of the Mphephu Ramabulana Royal Family, Mr Ntsieni Ramabulana, on Monday, asking whether they would contest the application to liquidate the trust and if they had any other comments on the matter. No reply was received at the time of our going to press.


4 10 SEPTEMBER 2021

Match again abandoned after pitch gets invaded By Kaizer Nengovhela The match between Manavhela Real Fighters and Maebane Sport Academy, which had to be replayed at the Tshiozwi Grounds on Sunday, also ended in chaos. With 15 minutes left in the match and the score on 1-0, Fighters’ supporters stormed onto the pitch to stop the match. The two teams are contesting for the title of champion in their stream in the Makhado Local Football League. During the first clash, played on 29 of August at Manavhela, the match had to be abandoned. The referee who was officiating this match, Mr Khangala Ralutanda, was allegedly assaulted by Academy supporters. Sport Academy’s supporters accused him of being biased when Fighters scored a goal to take the score to 3-2. The case was heard by a disciplinary committee (DC) on Friday, 3 September, and the DC recommended that the match be replayed on Sunday at the Tshiozwi Grounds. On Sunday, what quickly became evident was that something unusual would happen. Halfway through the

second half, fans of Real Fighters stormed onto the pitch, forcing the PSL referee, Mr Jelly Chavani, to stop the game. The players of Fighters tried their best to persuade their supporters to leave the pitch, but the latter refused. The supporters said that they were not satisfied with the DC decision to have the match replayed, especially in light of the seriousness of the assault charges. The manager of Maebane Sport Academy, Mr Mashudu Mushandane, said that his team was leading 0-1 when the supporters of Fighters invaded the pitch. He confirmed that during the chaos, the officials and players of Fighters tried to calm the situation by requesting their supporters to leave the field, but they refused. The secretary of Makhado LFA, Mr Freddy Phathela, said that they were very concerned about the incident. “We want players to use soccer as a form of entertainment and create friendships. Manavhela Real Fighters will be called to appear before a disciplinary committee on Saturday 11 September and they will be charged for the abandonment of the game,” he said.

Manavhela Real Fighters’ supporters invade the pitch. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela.

From left to right: Vhembe councillors Thina Mbedzi and Festos Mafela, MEC for Public Works Roads and Infrastructure Namane Dickson Masemola, Thulamela Mayor Humbulani Mulovhedzi and senior traditional leader Thovhele Gole Mphaphuli. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

Long-abandoned Vhurivhuri-to-Masisi road will soon be completed, promises MEC By Silas Nduvheni The MEC for Public Works, Road and Infrastructure, Mr Namane Dickson Masemola, intervened and re-opened the abandoned Bermuda Road-project, from Vhurivhuri village to Masisi Road, which had been dormant for five years, during a sod-turning ceremony on Wednesday, 1 September. The project, comprising a 25,2 km stretch of road, experienced several disruptions and difficulties. However, when Masemola was appointed MEC in 2020, he visited the communities around Vhurivhuri and Makuya and promised them that he would ensure that the abandoned road got tarred to make life easier for the communities. “We want communities around

Vhurivhuri and Masisi to allow the contractor to complete the road without interruption, so that road users can enjoy roads that are in good condition, making an end to the dusty dirt roads in the area. The road will connect the Kruger National Park and Mozambique through the Pafuri gate, thus unblocking the socio-economic spin-off,” Masemola said. The MEC was joined by the CEO of Road Agency Limpopo (RAL), Mr Gabriel Maluleke, Thulamela Mayor Humbulani Mulovhedzi, Thovhele Gole Mphaphuli, Thovhele Hanyani Tshikundamalema and other councillors from Vhembe, Musina and Thulamela when he handed the R112 million project over to the contractor, Silas Ledwaba of Lilithalethu Trading. The handing-over event took place at Tshibalo Primary School in Vhurivhuri-Matovha village.

The remaining section of the road to be constructed is scheduled to be completed within 11 months and unemployed community members from the area will be granted temporary employment opportunities during this time frame. Senior traditional leader Thovhele Gole Mphaphuli was very excited about the project and said transportation would become a lot easier, as the communities had been suffering on the slippery and dusty road. The project’s steering committee chairperson, Mr Prince Phandavhudzi, said that they had learned the hard way how important developing a steady, good relationship with the contractor and engineer of such a project was to speed up the process and eliminate misunderstandings, as they had had with the previous contractor, who had later abandoned the contract.

Phumudzo Manenzhe gives back to the needy By Kaizer Nengovhela Three-hundred orphans from Tondalushaka Drop-In Centre in Madombidzha received educational toys to the value of R70 000 from the Phumudzo Manenzhe Foundation on Sunday, 5 September. “It is the desire of the foundation to put a smile on the face of needy orphans. Our calling is to touch lives and reach out to the poor, the rejected and those in pain,” said former Orlando Pirates striker and SABC 1 soccer analyst Phumudzo

Manenzhe. Manenzhe said that his foundation had made a commitment to donate to the needy. He is involved in many community-upliftment projects with the support of World Sport Betting. “This gives me an opportunity to give back to my community and contribute to orphanages. It warms my heart every time I see their smiles, and I believe that the toys will help these kids to learn more about teamwork, creative thinking, and help them develop problem-solving skills”. Ms Balanganani Netsianda, founder of the drop-in centre, said

that although life was good to her, she drew no pleasure from seeing child-headed families, where some went to bed on empty stomachs and others had no one to care for them. She said that she had had a vision that had showed her that she must look after disadvantaged children, but she had suppressed it at first. However, the vision persisted until she succumbed to it in the end. “I quit my job and started looking after the kids. The children have never gone to bed hungry and are well looked after,” she said. Today, they have a two-room house where they operate from. Netsianda said she would always remember those who gave her the support she dearly needed. She also thanked Phumudzo Manenzhe and his foundation for their love and care for the orphans and the generous donation.

From left to right: Jerrey Ralidzha, Phumudzo Manenzhe, Sarah Manenzhe, Balanagnanai Netsianda (founder of Tondalushaka Drop-In Centre in Madombidzha) and Trinity Tshivhula.

Save a child’s life by watching for cancer warnings

middle-income countries have poor access to hospitals, which in turn lack essential diagnostic Gold September is an annual tests, experience a shortage of campaign worldwide to raise nursing medical and surgical awareness of childhood cancer. personnel, inadequate and erratThere are many advances in ic supply of basic pharmaceutical paediatric oncology, yet cancer and chemotherapeutic agents, remains a leading cause of and an absence of radiotheramortality in children. It is py, surgical and intensive-care imperative that children are facilities. These are but some of diagnosed early for effecthe factors that contribute to pative treatment of early-stage tients’ presenting with advanced disease, which will translate disease and resultant poorer into favourable outcomes and outcomes. improved overall survival. As neonatal, infant and child Many factors are responsible health improves in South Africa, for delays in childhood cancer, communicable diseases, such including the child’s age, family’s as respiratory and diarrhoesocioeconomic status, parental al diseases, HIV-AIDS, and educational level, distance of res- tuberculosis, are better conidence from the hospital, cancer trolled. It is imperative to focus type, site, and stage. on non-communicable diseases Many children in low- and such as childhood cancer and By Childhood Cancer Foundation SA

identify these diseases early, have access to the correct diagnostics and therapeutics and ensure the availability of supportive care to improve overall survival of our children with cancer. The burden of the SARSCoV-2 is further testing our fragile African healthcare systems. Many caregivers are unemployed due to national lockdowns, there are inadequate transport systems, and caregivers are afraid to venture out of the safety of their homes to seek healthcare as the ever-present danger of contracting Covid-19 lurks. Sadly, we may experience even further delays in the diagnosis of childhood cancer. We should endeavour to ensure children with cancer do not face further delays in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

during the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The Siluan Warning Signs for childhood cancer were adopted by the South African Children’s Cancer Study Group and the national Department of Health to promote the early detection and treatment of cancer. We encourage the community to be a voice of hope this September and collaborate with healthcare workers, non-profit organisations, and the Department of Health to spread the Siluan Warning Signs for early cancer diagnosis. This could possibly save the life of a child or teenager. If you are concerned your child may have cancer, please refer your child or teenager here:


10 SEPTEMBER 2021 5

Soccer star will not be forgotten Family, friends and honoured guests converged The name Lesley “Slow at the Manyathela family’s Poison” Manyathela - the home in Musina last Saturlate star of Orlando Pirates day, 4 September, to launch and the South African the Lesley Manyathela national soccer team, Foundation (LMF) formally. Bafana Bafana - will live on The day’s programme was perpetually. proceeded by a visit to the

spot where Manyathela had died, where a remembrance cross had been erected, and to his gravesite. The event was also meant to mark and celebrate his birthday posthumously as he would have turned 40 on this day. Born on 4 September 1981, Manyathela was only 21 years old when he died in a car accident on 9 August 2003. The multiple award-winning soccer star was returning to Musina when his car overturned on the N1, only a few kilometres from his home. Classified as one of the best soccer strikers South Africa had ever produced, Manyathela scored 48 goals in his 73 appearances for Orlando Pirates. He was also the top goal scorer for the Premier Soccer League in 2003. Famously known for his number 22 jersey, he played for the South African national team on five occasions, with his debut on 20 March 2002 during an international friendly match against Saudi Arabia. At the time of his death, he was about to secure a lucrative deal with Gladys Manyathela visits her son’s gravesite shortly before the Ukrainian Club, the launch of the Lesley Manyathela Foundation on SaturDynamo Kiev. day, 4 September. Photo: Lesley Manyathela Foundation. Manyathela’s mother, News from Musina

Gladys Manyathela, who is also the chairperson of the Lesley Manyathela Foundation, said the foundation’s launch was long overdue. “I’m still hurting from the loss of my beloved son, but I’m now consoled by the fact that, through the foundation, his name will never be forgotten. He left us at a time when his soccer career was blossoming, but he made us proud because he had put our little town on the world map.” According to Gladys, the foundation aims to enforce social cohesion and community development initiatives in and around Musina. She said the foundation would work together with various stakeholders as an agent of change, while at the same time preserving the legacy of Lesley Manyathela. Cllr Nkele Milanzi, who represented Musina Municipality during the launch, said that they would work with the foundation to conserve the name of the soccer star. “This is one of the main reasons why the Lesley Manyathela Stadium is being revamped – to match the name of the great man it was named after.” Stakeholders and individuals who want to know more or partner with the Lesley Manyathela Foundation can call 076 052 2884 or 082 947 5558.

Rudzani and Melta tie the knot Rudzani Nepile of Makonde village and Melta Fulufhelo Nethononda of Matangari village recently tied the knot at Tshinakie Resort Muhuyu at Muhuyu village. Picture: Pan Photography.

Battle it out or Work from home Get Uncapped Fibre from




6 10 SEPTEMBER 2021

Fibre has arrived - but how much of it do you need? The past year saw a flurry of activities from Internet service providers, with a number of them digging trenches and installing a fibre network in Louis Trichardt. Three of the companies have activated their fibre networks and are offering packages to mostly home users. This, of course, means that consumers now have a choice, but making a decision may not be that easy. A fibre connection has many advantages, but it also brings along new terminology and consumers are expected to understand the difference between a 10Mbps and a 100Mbps connection, with aspects such as “latency”, “ping rate” and upload and download speed suddenly being important. But does a consumer really need to go for the top-of-the-range option? To try and assist with the choices, we “simplified” the matter. We set three home scenarios, starting with a small family and ending with a household that functions as a small office. We then asked an IT expert as well as the service providers what they would recommend for each of these households. The packages currently on offer vary between a 20/20Mbps line for around R400 to a 100/100Mbps (100Mbps upload and 100Mbps download) line for almost R1 000 per month. Certain providers charge extra for installation and a router, whereas others provide this free of charge. All the packages offer unlimited Internet usage, meaning the packages are not capped based on the volume of data uploaded or downloaded. (Unlimited is not, however, completely “unlimited”, as the service providers have what is called “fair-usage policies” that allow them to throttle or prioritise Internet traffic.)

set connected to the Internet, uses roughly 5Mbps. “If only one or two semi-heavy devices are used, 10Mbps will be just fine. If more than two heavy devices will be used, get a 20Mbps line,” he advises. Pietman Otto, owner/manager of Letaba Wireless, agrees and says that even with multiple users, a 20Mbps line would be totally adequate. The same response was received from Vuma, another of the service providers. “With the 20Mbps speed, families will have access to uncapped and affordable high-speed Internet,” says Bongiwe Nzuza of Tribeca, the PR company that Vuma uses.

In our second scenario, the children have grown up and are using the Internet a lot more. The teenage boy is a serious gamer, and he does not want any lag. His sister spends weekends binge watching the top Netflix series, while mom and dad watch the odd movie and enjoy Skyping with the grandparents.

A growing family The heavy hitters

The first scenario is a small family of four people. The children are still young, and mom and dad use their cellphones to access the Internet, mostly to communicate on social-media sites. They have a Netflix account, and the children enjoy streaming the cartoon channel.

A small family

Petrus Meiring, an IT specialist living in the United Kingdom, reckons that one of the most common mistakes that people make is to think that they need a high-capacity line. Meiring knows the Soutpansberg area very well, having grown up here. For the past decade, he has been living in the UK where he assists businesses and individuals as an IT consultant. He starts off by warning that speed is not the overriding factor when deciding on what option to take. “Latency or ping is what you look at and is perhaps 10 times more important,” he says. (More about that later). Meiring explains that a “heavy device”, such as a television


Totally hooked on fibre

Growing demand for data

A small household

The early years

The professionals

Letaba Wireless’s Pietman Otto reckons a 30 to 50Mbps connection would be better than a 20Mbps connection in the above scenario, “although you will very seldom use more than 20 to 30Mbps, let alone the full 50Mbps capacity”. “In my honest opinion I do not see most residential subscribers needing more than a 50Mbps connection. There are the exceptions, like gamers needing daily gaming updates (which are often large amounts of data) and customers uploading content to YouTube and TikTok that would benefit from a fast(er) connection. That is not to say that neither of those scenarios cannot work with a 50Mbps connection,” he explains. Meiring is even more conservative, saying that for most scenarios a 10/10Mbps connection will be fine. “It will definitely be fine if it is a 20/10 Mbps connection. Thus, it is obvious that more than 20Mbps is an overkill,” he says. Vuma recommends a 50Mbps connection, to be on the safe side. “It allows family members to binge watch their favourite shows, stream movies, and access the Internet simultaneously without having to worry about buffering and lost connections,” says Nzuza.

The heavy hitters The third scenario has the girl now being a full-time student doing online classes. Her brother has migrated and, apart from playing online games, he is also a “vlogger” (video blogger), regularly uploading videos to platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. As a result of the pandemic, mom and dad are working from home, making use of Zoom or Microsoft Teams to attend meetings. They also send and receive all documentation, which can often be quite big.


Vuma recommends a 100/100Mbps connection for these “heavy hitters”. “They can access HD-quality video chats with educators and tutors, download files of any size in a matter of seconds, and enjoy non-stop educational video streaming,” says Nzuza. Otto reckons even such a family does not necessarily need the top-of-the-range package. He provides an example of an overnight accommodation facility with a 100Mbps connection. In spite of a number of visitors linking in, the connection seldom averages more than 35Mbps. His second example is a school with a 200Mbps connection. “It is a private school with most teachers residing on campus and about 250+ boarders. Even with all those users constantly active, the connection occasionally breaches 100Mbps,” says Otto. Meiring agrees that even bigger families who use the Internet extensively may not need the more expensive and “faster” lines. He explains that numerous other factors affect the speed that connects users to the Internet.

Speed is the sum of many factors Meiring says that probably most cases when people complain about slow speeds, the problem lies within the local network of the user. “Ensure that all devices use healthy network cables,” he says. This means that good-quality cables (not wireless connections) must be used to connect television sets and personal computers, should speed be of the essence. The quality of the equipment used is also important. The router provided by the service provider may be sufficient but will not be comparable to a top-end router that costs 10 times more. “Any wireless connection will break your latency,” explains Meiring. Latency is the delay between a user’s action and a web application’s response to that action. In networking terms, this is often referred to as the total round-trip time that a data packet takes to travel. In a normal household, the main router may be linked to another wi-fi router (in another room). This router may not be configured correctly and quite a number of people may be linked to this router. If any part of the network is bad, that affects the other parts. Probably the most important decision to make, however, concerns the service provider. Residents in Louis Trichardt currently have a choice between three companies, with some others soon to follow. Meiring says that even though a fibre connection is a huge improvement on, for example a DSL connection, residents must do their homework before signing contracts.



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10 SEPTEMBER 2021 7

8 10 SEPTEMBER 2021

Art & Entertainment

“My artwork completes me,” says Willemina Mamoraka By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Willemina Mamoraka Gwambe (28) is a very talented local artist from Tshilamba in the Mutale area who has a unique way of addressing social issues and expressing her innermost feelings. “You see a piece of art and it strikes you; it speaks directly to you,” she said. “I’ve always been an artist at heart, since I was young. When I was still in school, I couldn’t afford to buy my mother gifts or cards for Mothers’ Day. Instead, I would find some blank paper and design my own cards.” Willemina, who resides at Tshilamba in the Mutale area, lost her mother when she was in the 12th grade. “That was a tragedy, as I was busy writing my final exams,” she said. “My sister also passed away shortly after, and I was devastated. I wanted to express my innermost feelings and find a way to deal with the deaths of my loved ones. Art seemed to be the only means to do it.” She started preserving the memories she had of her mother and sister through her paintings. “I felt that I didn’t have enough pictures of them, and the only way to preserve their memories was to seriously learn how to draw.” Willemina, who graduated from the University of Pretoria and works as a social worker, said

Women in the struggle - Winnie Madikizela Mandela, by Willemina Mamoraka Gwambe.

that she learnt a lot about drawing techniques from the Internet. “While I was studying, I had access to the Internet, and with the help of YouTube tutorials, I began the process of learning more about art,” she said. One day she accidentally smeared her dress with mud. “At that very moment it hit me that I had actually found the perfect medium to paint with – mud!” she said. Today she specialises in ‘mud drawing and painting’, but she is constantly experimenting with other kinds of mediums as well. “In 2017, I entered Arnold Schwarzenegger’s art competition. The winner of the competition drew with coffee, which is an unusual medium,” she said. “I re-entered the competition in 2019 and this time around I won. During the competition, which was held in Sandton in Johannesburg, I asked the former world champion bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to sign a portrait of him that I had painted. I still have that huge portrait and I believe that it has more value now, since it has Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature on it.” Willemina said that she would not trade her love of art for anything in the world. “My artwork completes me,” she said. “I have hopes of one day opening a non-profit organisation, preferably here in the Vhembe District, to bring artistic activities closer to our children.” Willemina can be reached on Willemina Mamoraka Gwambe with Arnold SchwarzenegTel 63 727 7939, or at willemiger in 2019 during his annual art competition held in She is ton, Johannesburg. Photo supplied. also available on Facebook.


A good year so far for Batondy and Jungle fever (ft Mellow Don Rotondwa “Batondy” SiliPiccaso) are mela from Tshaulu Habegwa available on has managed to make a name YouTube. for himself in the Vhembe Batondy has region with quality music in a had a good year so unique style. far, having worked His most recent album, The with artists such as Altered Beast, contains songs PH Raw x, Meloprosuch as Jungle fever, Lavida ducedit, and Kevi Loca, A luna Mutengo, At the kev on several bar, and Enough is Enough. He projects. He also is set to issue a music video for has a verse of the At the bar – a favourite among year so far on the hit song, fans - on 15 September this Thamu by Khubvi Kid, that year. took the country by storm. “I At the bar describes the became the most-talked-about excessive quarrelling between artist on the song as people a couple, which results in praised me and made video clip the man spending more time challenges of the song, based away from home. “The song on my verse,” he said. has the Tshivenda trap sound, He extended his heartfelt combined with an international gratitude to his team, The Plvg trap sound. It represents Africa Musiq, WAEFilms and all the well,” Batondy said. It also asfans who always support him serts the artist’s virtuosity since by streaming his music online. he did this song alone. “To me, music is everything. Both music videos for LaviIt’s therapeutic, it’s fun, and da Loca (ft Legendary Blaklez) it can also offer a solution to

Rotondwa “Batondy” Silimela has had a good year so far. Picture supplied.

By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

many problems, as artists address a lot of issues via music,” he said. “Music can change a person’s attitude or behaviour. It heals the broken-hearted and can fix broken relationships. Without music, the silence will be so loud.” Batondy is available on most social media platforms such as Facebook (Batondy Mujiee SA), Twitter (@batondy), Instagram (@batondy), and TikTok (@batondybtown). Those interested in his music can get in touch on Tel 067 111 2240, 072 828 4922 (WhatsApp) or

Poroza to start his own online radio station Entertainment Mpho Ragimana, better known as Poroza in the local gospel music industry, will soon start his very own online radio station, and this from the backyard of his home village, Tshithuthuni in Thengwe. “Based in the rural area, the station will be a voice for the voiceless,” Poroza said. “We will cover successful stories by ordinary people, which will help to build our community’s confidence. Over and above [that], young people will be able to use the radio station as a steppingstone for a career in broadcasting.”

If all goes well, Poro FM will go on air in three months’ time. “I have already acquired some of the machinery and I’m busy doing the final touch-ups in the studio, which is housed in my garage at home. I believe that, for a start, it would be better to broadcast from home and then move out as the radio station grows bigger and is able to generate revenue,” said the young gospel star. At the moment, though, he has no sponsors and finances this initiative from his own pocket, using his income from his music sales and farming project. Ragimana encourages other young people from rural areas to stand up and fulfil their own dreams, rather

Mpho ‘Poroza’ Ragimana. Photo supplied. than to wait for someone else to make it happen for them. “As young people, we are the future of this country, and it is upon us to build the future while we still have time to do it.” He welcomes individuals and stakeholders who would like to contribute to the success of Poro FM. Anyone who might be interested to work with Ragimana can contact him on 083 715 8824 or visit the radio station’s Facebook page (Poro-FM).

 PO Box 328, Fauna Park, 0787 Shop U51, Thavhani Mall, Thohoyandou Cnr Punda Maria/ Mphephu Highway, Vhembe District, Limpopo   015 151 0182

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Art & Entertainment

A woman of many hats

Picture supplied. By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Carrie Mudau (23) is a woman of many trades. Not only is she a popular radio presenter at Choice FM, she is also an actress, voice artist, content creator, creative director, master of ceremonies (MC), and the founder and host of the Conversations podcast, which focusses on music and life issues in general. Born and raised in Sibasa, Carrie fell in love with entertainment at a young age. “It all started with my ability to catch new songs fast, and en-

tertaining guests by mimicking dramatic scenes from television shows or dance moves I had seen,” she said. This is really not surprising for a young girl who attended the Little Flower, an esteemed pre-school that went to great lengths to provide children with a good head start in life. She then proceeded to Makwarela Primary School and later matriculated at Thohoyandou Technical High School. After school, she followed her arts-and-entertainment dream by registering for a course at AFDA University in Johannesburg. She majored in sound and editing because she has always been intrigued by the making of films and the different ways of storytelling. “It was unfortunate for me that I couldn’t finish my course due to a lack of funds for school fees. So, I decided to come back home and see what I might do in the meantime,” she said. Carrie met local entertainer and successful master of ceremonies Mbalavhali “Mr MC” Divhambele, who quickly recognised her talents and skills. He encouraged her to start recording radio demos and send them in to some of the local community radio stations. “Mbalavhali believed so much in me,” she said. “He saw a radio presenter in me, something that I didn’t realise at first.” Soon, one of her demos reached Nzhelele FM, and they gave her a job as presenter for The Prime-Time Slot show, which aired between September and December of 2020. “While I worked at Nzhelele FM, I realised that radio presenting was something that I enjoyed doing and wanted

to do every day,” she said. “However, after a few months I left Nzhelele FM and joined Choice FM. That was another milestone in my radio career, as Choice FM is a commercial radio station.” At Choice FM she was mentored by the great radio guru, Shonisani “Ashifashabba” Muleya. She currently hosts The Insomniac show every Monday to Friday from 03:00 to 06:00, as well as the Morning Rush show on Saturdays from 06:00 to 10:00. As someone who has loved art from a young age, her interests involve music, painting, drawing, sculpting, storytelling, and writing poems and stories. She also does work for Genesis TV at Genesis Events, where she creates the content, puts everything that needs to be done prior to shooting together and directs the production. “I am a woman of many hats!” she laughs. Carrie recently came up with a concept called Venda Life, which is about having backyard music sessions with artists from Limpopo. “These sessions will be recorded and posted on the Venda Life YouTube page,” she said. “The aim is to give artists a platform to do what they love and get the exposure they need so much in these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic.” She recently got cast as a featured extra on a locally produced film, The Bad Bishop, and she is very excited about venturing into the acting field as well. Carrie can be followed on Instagram (@ mudaucarrie), Facebook (Mudau Carrie), and Twitter (@carriemudau), or reached on 060 419 8597 or at

New soothing sounds by Florence Mutele Entertainment Gospel fans woke up to soothing new sounds when prolific gospel star Awedzani Florence Mutele released her latest two-track album. The album, titled Kha ri dzule ro lugela, was received very well and is already making headlines in the gospel music fraternity. The title track, Kha ri dzule ro lugela, and the other one, Ri tshi renda Murena, are truly worth listening to. Mutele’s hard work

seems to be paying off at last and the album is a clear indication of her maturing into a seasoned gospel artist. Florence Mutele M, as she is known on stage, hails from HaMakuya outside Thohoyandou. She has walked a long and winding road to be where she is today. She started singing in church at a very young age and led worship songs during morning devotions at school. Before she went solo in 2018, Mutele had performed with various local gospel groups. Her first album, Tshanda tsha

Vhuthuhawe is reaching for the stars By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho Vhuthuhawe Victoria Madondo (26) from Tshifulanani Fhasi Ha Bada (Mathule) is gradually starting to make her dream of becoming a successful Amapiano and House singer come true. Her music is full of vibe, reflecting her own lively personality. She told Limpopo Mirror that her musical journey started back at Sunday school and church, where she was a member of first the youth choir and then the church’s worship team. “Takalani Trustic Maphuli saw my potential and invited me to join him in the studio. While I backed him on some of his music, my singing talent was honed a lot along the way.” When she wrote and recorded her first song, Ndo nanga, she never thought that it would be such a hit. But the song propelled music lovers to the dancefloor for many months. “I was really moved by the people’s response, so I started writing more songs,” she said. She sipped influence from the music of Maduvha Madima and Malondolo. Soon she had more hits to her name, such as Impilo (ft Trustic), and the most recent track, Kolongonya.. She is currently working on her

first full-length album, which is due one of these days. “We have recorded most of the songs but, as you know, the music industry requires excellence, so we prefer to do one song many times over, until we feel satisfied with the outcome,” she said. Vhuthuhawe matriculated from Thohoyandou Secondary School, attended Nazarene School of Natural Science, and obtained a certificate in financial management from Vhembe TVET College. Follow her on social media or call her at 072 315 1784.

Vhuthuhawe Victoria Madon do is reaching for the stars. Picture supplied.

Yehova,, was released in 2018, followed by the second one, U hone Mukundeli,, released early last year. “My previous albums had been received so well by my fans; they would not stop crying for more. I tried to explain to some of them that I was not ready for another full album, but they kept on pleading. That is why I released these two songs while I am preparing for my next full album, to be released at the end of this year.” Mutele says she is grateful that the local people are supporting her by buying her music. Besides distributing hard copies, she uses social media such as Facebook (Awedzani Florence Mutele Makuya) and WhatsApp (076 703 0935) to sell her music.

Gospel-music sensation Awedzani Florence Mutele, better known as Florence Mutele M, has released two new gospel tracks. Photo supplied.

Lwendo sings again By Kaizer Nengovhela After a break of six solid years, 17-year-old Tshiwela Muthibi, known as Lwendo, has finally made a comeback with her second album, called Ngoma yavhumalo. This resident of Ha- Ramavhoya in the Nzhelele area, who is now a grade 10 pupil at Tshilala High, started singing when she was only 10 years old. Her debut album appeared on June 16, 2015. The album performed well in the market, Tshiwela said, despite not being promoted properly. Ngoma yavhumalo is very popular in the local tshingondo (rhumba) music fraternity and already receives massive airplay on local, regional, and national radio stations. The new release contains seven thrilling tracks, and songs that promise to be instant hits with her fans include Base lidenya, Huyashesha and DJ search. “One thing I like about tshingondo music is that it does not go out of fashion,” she said. “For the past six years, many people believed Lwendo to be dead and buried because I did not release another album. I proved

the critics wrong when I made my comeback with this new album. The long break helped me to reorganise myself and gave me time to compose new music without any pressure.” She said that the new album was a lot more mature than her previous one. “I’m very thankful to my fans who still buy my albums. I also thank the various radio stations who play my music regularly.” Though she enjoys the fruits of her success, Lwendo said she would not rest until tshingondo music received the recognition it deserved. “Some people still perceive this type of music as low-class music, but I will fight until people realise that it is in fact the mother of all music genres,” she said. For public performances, CD sales and bookings, Lwendo can be called on 076 468 1079. Tshiwela Muthibi, know as Lwendo, has released her second album. Photo supplied.

10 SEPTEMBER 2021 9

Phalaphala FM focuses on our rich cultural heritage Phalaphala FM is celebrating heritage month with a campaign that is being implemented on-air and on social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) to preserve the Tshivenda heritage through broadcasting and sharing heritage-focused content to inform, educate and entertain its listeners. As part of the new approach for Heritage Day on 24 September, the focus has not only been on the main celebration itself but rather on the entire month, with a plethora of activities to celebrate our diverse heritage. At the outset one might ask why we celebrate our heritage, as well as the station-days programme? What purpose do they serve, and do we have reason to celebrate in the face of the current global pandemic that has ravaged so many precious lives? Firstly, heritage ought to be celebrated because it foregrounds our collective sense of self-identity as a people. In saying this, one is also acutely aware of the politics of heritage and the political economy of heritage. The station runs a campaign on social media that focuses on, among other aspects, traditional foods. In terms of traditional food, we have vegetables; the Venda area has a variety of vegetables, such as vowa, fhuri, delele, murudi, dzaluma, nngu, and many other traditional cuisines. These vegetables are rich in nutrients and minerals. Delele, for example, is rich in iron. Health practitioners encourage people to eat lots of vegetables. The station also highlights the many other different types of foods that Vhavenda people enjoy eating. Among those foods are Mopani worms (mashonzha). Mopani worms are found on different trees, such as the Mopani tree and others and are an important source of protein for many in the region. Ms Sharon Ravele, programme manager at Phalaphala FM, commented about the station’s efforts in preserving the Tshivenda heritage. “In line with the station’s corporate identity, it is a true reflection that Phalaphala FM indeed is on a mission to preserve the Tshivenda culture. This is because our logo is made up of the various colours derived from the minwenda - traditional Vhavenda attire,” Ravele said. “This Heritage Month is an opportunity for us to further remind our listeners of our culture and to embrace the Tshivenda culture and heritage.” Phalaphala FM is rooted and believes in the promotion of the mother tongue – a true custodian of the Tshivenda language and heritage by providing Tshivenda music, culture, and regular news services.

Ms Sharon Ravele, programme manager at Phalaphala FM. Photo supplied.

POLOKWANE: STUDIOS: (015) 297 1709 / 297 4306; THOHOYANDOU: STUDIOS: (015) 962 5101/5 / FAX: (015) 962 2998


10 10 SEPTEMBER 2021

From police constable to advocate in the High Court By Godfrey Mandiwana

Procedure Act is applied. I used to sit with prosecutors in the courtroom, discussing cases, and that was where an interest inr doing a degree in law engulfed my mind,” said Tshisikule. “In June 2013, I enrolled for an LLB with the University of South Africa (Unisa). This was a very tough educational journey because

A former police constable, Mashudu Isaac Tshisikule, has inspired many in the South African Police Service after graduating with an LLB degree from the University of South Africa (Unisa). Tshisikule (36), of Maniini Village near Thohoyandou, started his primary education in 1991 at Tshiulungoma Primary School. After completing matric in 2004, he found himself in the wilderness as all attempts to get registered at the University of Venda were in vain. A chance to further his studies at tertiary level became available in 2007 and he enrolled for a small course to qualify as a Basic Ambulance Assistant in Pretoria, where he obtained a level-5 certificate. According to him, job Godknows Wemba, one of the 13 homeless Zimbabweans who occupy an empty, dilapidated house in Louis Tri­ hunting with a mere certifichardt town, returned “home” from one of their popular scavenging areas - a bin next to Spar - with a black plastic cate in hand was not enough, bag containing bread and buns. Photo: Bernard Chiguvare. and he enrolled for a national diploma in public management with Professional FET College. After completing the course, he went back home but realised that jobs were scarce. these destitute people at the house. Wemba is from Masvingo. His parBy Bernard Chiguvare “This prompted me to find “It is already 08:00. I am hungry ents died when he was still very young. a piece job at Ligaraba FunerThirteen homeless Zimbabweans and tired. Yesterday I walked far in He was in the care of relatives but al Services and Tombstones. who occupy an empty, dilapidated, search of a casual job and scavenging claims they neglected to let him go to My job description was spade Adv Mashudu Isaac Tshisikule when roofless house in President Street in for food in bins,” said Innocent Katuru- school and did not feed him properly. work, erecting tombstones in he was still a police constable. Photo Louis Trichardt’s CBD complain that re (19), one of the 13 occupants who “I am sure my relatives believe I am supplied. the cemeteries and washthey are rarely able to take a bath live in the house. “Our major challenge dead because I never informed anyone ing the service vehicles. We because of the erratic water supply is to wash ourselves. Sometimes the of my journey to South Africa. Now I sometimes used to sleep in in town. water only comes back on at night. feel like calling them, but I do not have the graveyard just to make sure our my police job was very demanding. We cannot walk to the nearest house any of their contacts,” said Wemba job was well done,” he said. I also had financial problems that Not having access to the water or seeking for water then, and by morning while he munched on some buns. “On the other hand, I was a volcouldn’t be solved by my SAPSs electricity supply at the house they the taps may have gone dry again,” said Matodzi Ralushai, Vhembe District unteer in the local youth-againstsalary. Mom and my fiancé helped live in (illegally, because they have Katurure. Katurure has been in South Municipality’s spokesperson, concrime structure, a programme me settle the outstanding balance. nowhere else to go), they depend on Africa since 2019, but wishes to reunite firmed that Louis Trichardt CBD was that was spearheaded by the SAPS I am beyond grateful to have had neighbours’ taps or sometimes fetch with his mother in Zimbabwe. experiencing water shortages. “Louis to fight crime in and around the their support,” he said. water from a communal tap at the taxi Fellow occupant Godknows Wemba Trichardt’s residential sections, TshiThohoyandou CBD during festive “My financial woes ended in 2017 rank. But when all the taps run dry, (19) returned from their favourite kota and central business district have seasons. From 2010 to 2012, I was when I got a three-year contract at they are forced to skip bathing - even scavenging spot, a bin next to Spar. He been experiencing water shortages due a secretary of the Vhembe District the office of the Minister for Public washing their hands. With the current had a black plastic bag, a quarter full of to the Albasini water scheme’s ageing Municipality Youth Council, a non- Service and Administration, Ms lack of water in town, they now bath bread and buns. “It is now a common infrastructure, which has been under partisan youth organ advocating for Faith Muthambi.” During his gradonly twice a month, at most. They do practice that we wake up and just rush constant maintenance. The completion youth economic emancipation and uation celebration, Adv Tsietsi Ranot even have water containers to store out to scavenge for food and water. of the Mowkop project that is currently recognition across all areas. matsekisa invited him to consider water for these unforeseen dry spells. Though we should bath regularly, we in progress will be a solution to the “Before finishing all these joining the bar. In February 2020, Limpopo Mirror recently visited are unable to,” said Wemba. problem,” said Ralushai. programs, I received a call from he resigned and joined the bar in the SAPS that my application to Polokwane as Pupil Advocate. be trained as a police officer was “After successfully completing the acknowledged, and I spent six pupillage program, I was admitted months in the police academy,” he by the honourable Justices Muller ordinary ‘Woman in Blue’. Over the an investigator, Selolo is recognized for continued. and Kganyago of the Limpopo By Maanda Bele years, she has championed the course her consistent and effective investiga“After graduating from the police division of the High Court. Sergeant Chuene Rachel Selolo is of victims of gender-based violence by tions that have sent dangerous rapists to academy, I was stationed at Levubu, Tshisikule urges the youth to based at the Polokwane Family Viointensively investigating their cases prison for a long time. Giyani and Thohoyandou police take their studies seriously as it lence, Child Protection and Sexual and ensuring that the perpetrators One of the cases she would not likely stations. I was in the crime-prewill enable them to participate in Offences (FCS) Unit - a crucial unit are sent to long-term imprisonment. forget, is the Botlokwa case. Serial rapist vention unit and later moved to the running of the country. “I spent that offers specialised investigations This 47-year-old wife and mother of Robert Makgolobotho was sent to life crime investigations. These units seven years to complete my degree. to women and children who are three certainly deserves a pat on the imprisonment for three separate cases sharpened my mind regarding court Only the sky is the limit if you are victims of crime. However, she is no back. and an additional 10 years for a reign of proceedings and how the Criminal determined,” Tshisikule concluded. Selolo has been a po- terror that started in 2015. lice officer for 16 years “This was not an easy case and took and her efforts have not two years to crack, as the suspect was been in vain. She has unknown. There was no information even been compliment- about the perpetrator because the ed by the province’s top incidents all happened at night. I never cop herself - Limpopo gave up, though; spent sleepless nights Police Commissioner studying the modus operandi of the Lt General Thembi Ha- suspect and finally cracked the case,” debe - who described Selolo said. her as one of the most Her outstanding detective skills have remarkable, couraensured that five other rapists were geous and dedicated sentenced to life imprisonment. “I love female detectives in the children. I am determined to fight and province. prevent crimes against women and She joined the children and ensure the perpetrators police in 2003 and was are brought to book. What also gives me transferred to the FCS courage every day is seeing the victims Unit in 2007. She holds of the heinous crimes we investigate a degree in psychology, who believe in the police to bring them which stands her in justice, and ultimately restoring the good stead, taking into communities’ confidence in the police account the trauma she and the law,” she said. faces in her daily work. She encourages young people to Sergeant Chuene Rachel Selolo is no ordinary ‘Wom- With more than 10 follow their dreams and passions, no an in Blue’. Adv Mashudu Isaac Tshisikule. Photo supplied. years of experience as matter the odds.

Even the town’s homeless can no longer bath because of the lack of water in CBD

Sgt Selolo is no ordinary “Woman in Blue”


10 SEPTEMBER 2021 11

“Radio station must apologise for fake news,” says Khubvi leader was broadcast on Phalaphala FM last Monday (August 30) but withdrawn A false story about a man who was the next day when the station realised caught cheating on his wife and that it was not true. whose private parts were then cut off, Vhamusanda Vho-Thinawanga is still a source of unhappiness among Randima of Khubvi village was still very residents of Khubvi village. The story upset the past week and insisted that the station send representatives to come and formally apologise to the people in the village. He said the story had tarnished the image of the village, because the incident had supposedly happened at Khubvi. Randima accused the radio station of relying on social media for news, instead of verifying facts. He said that, after the story had been aired, the tribal council had to respond to questions from many listeners who wanted to Vhamusanda Vho-Thinawanga Randima of know exactly what had happened Khubvi village is upset because a fake news to the man whose private parts story was broadcast without journalists’ had been cut off. He said some of checking the facts. Photo supplied. them had been very abusive and By Kaizer Nengovhela

had insulted people from Khubvi. Ms Sharon Ravele, the programme manager at Phalaphala FM, said that the station would like to apologise to listeners and the residents of Khubvi village about the incident. On Tuesday, 31 August, the presenter of the talk show, Mr Mpho Rathando, and the producer, Tshililo Khanari, went on-air to report to the listeners what had happened. Both the producer and presenter withdrew the story and duly apologised. Ravele also went on air to apologise to the listeners about this incident. “The station takes the broadcasting of fake news seriously. The Phalaphala FM management unreservedly apologises to Khubvi village residents and all listeners. Phalaphala FM recommits to deliver well-researched content and will continue to educate, inform and entertain diligently,” Ravele said. The producer, Khanari, had been relieved of all on-air activities until the 12th of September, she added.

A non-profit organisation, Limpopo Show Foundation, donated food parcels to school children from impoverished families in the Makuleke area near the Kruger National Park last Friday. The director of Limpopo Show Foundation, Mr Lytton Mabalane, said they had donated food packages to 38 of the poorest families. According to Mabalane, each food relief package provides a wide range of macro- and micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. He said the packages included items such as maize meal, rice, samp, fish, soap, washing powder, cooking oil, soup and sugar. “We rely on school principals, traditional leaders and civic organisations to select learners coming from the poorest of the poor families,” he said.

With your R350 Covid grant you can start a farming project, says Mbedzi all the way - from planning to profit. Mbedzi, who farms with pigs, goats, A young farmer from Musina wants Indian quails, chickens, and ducks, to use his experience and knowledge says young people have no reason to to assist young, unemployed people complain about unemployment when to benefit from the monthly R350 they get a grant from the government Covid-19 social relief grant by starting every month. They must use it wisely. their own farming projects as a means He offers to help five young people to to fight poverty. get their own farming projects under way, at no cost. Emmanuel Mbedzi (26) says the “I started from scratch. Those who monthly grant is enough for someone get the monthly social relief grant are who is dedicated to start a farming very fortunate. I need the first batch project, and he is willing to assist them of at least five young people who are News from Musina

serious about farming, so that I can help them realise their dreams. Any type of farming project can bring changes to their lives, as long as they have the love of farming at heart. The challenge is that most of the young people think farming is difficult because you have to toil in the sun all day long. Farming is very good because there are rewards for the hard work of those who are dedicated,” said the young farmer, who supplies his products to individuals and shops around Musina. He said the prospective young

farmers that he wanted to assist did not have to start big. “Even a small backyard farming project can make a very big difference in people’s lives. We just have to start small, and things will grow bigger as we

soldier on. I also started small, with the assistance of other people, and this is my time to plough back to my beloved community,” Mbedzi said. Mbedzi can be contacted on 072 198 7221.

Eight-room house in Lwamondo gutted by fire By Silas Nduvheni Life took a sad turn for a single mother of two, Ms Vhonani Tshirema (40) of Lwamondo-Khumbe village, just outside Thohoyandou, when her eight-room house caught on fire on

Wednesday, 1 September. Tshirema, a clerk at one of the University of Venda’s student residences in Shayandima, said she was hard at work when she received a phone call informing her of the fire. “I nearly fainted when I heard the house was on fire,” she

Ms Vhonani Tshirema (40) stands in disbelief in front of her destroyed home that caught fire last Wednesday. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

told the media. Tshirema shared her spacious house with some 13 other family members after they had lost both their parents. “I’m NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROCESS (BASIC ASSESSMENT) FOR THE PROPOSED ESTABLISHMENT so shocked about the incident and really don’t know what could have caused theOF A CATTLE FEEDLOT SITUATED IN MAMPAKUIL FARM 313 LS, MAKHADO, IN MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY WITHIN THE fire, as no appliances had been pluggedJURISDICTION OF VHEMBE DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY, LIMPOPO PROVINCE. in. I have spent sleepless nights sinceNotice is hereby given in terms of Section 41 of Chapter 6 of the EIA Regulations, published in Government Notice No. 326 of 7 April 201 this incident. Now we are forced to published in terms of National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998) as amended with the intention to undertake an Environment share a three-room house with 13 other Impact Assessment. family members,” she said. Emmanuel Mbedzi (26), a young farmer from Musina, wants to help According to Tshirema, all their valuDescription of the project: youths to realize their dreams. unemployed ables and appliances were destroyed Enterprise propose to undertake the establishment of firstly a Cattle Feedlot and later an abattoir situated in Mampakuil Farm in the fire. Her younger sister, PfarisoTsedu Farming NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT PROCESS (BASIC ASSESSMENT) FOR THE PROPOSED ESTABLISHMENT 313 LS, Makhado, in Makhado Local Municipality within the jurisdiction of Vhembe District Municipality, Limpopo province. Tshirema, lost all the equipment that OF A CATTLE FEEDLOT SITUATED IN MAMPAKUIL FARM 313 LS, MAKHADO, IN MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF VHEMBE DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY, LIMPOPO PROVINCE. had recently been donated to her by the Listed activities: according to EIA regulations 2017 National Youth Development Agency to Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 41 of Chapter 6 of the EIA Regulations, published in Government Notice No. 326 of 7 April 2017 Applicable Listing Notice Activity No: start her own catering business. published in terms of National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998) as amended with the intention to undertake an Environmental Listing Notice 1 Activity 27: The clearance of an area of 1 hectares or more, but less than 20 hectares Assessment. “This is a sad thing that has hap- GNR 327Impact of indigenous vegetation. pened, but we are very thankful to Description of the project: the communities around Lwamon- GNR 327Tsedu Listing Notice 1 propose to undertake the establishment Activity 4: The development andanrelated operation of facilities Farming Enterprise of firstly a Cattle Feedlot and later abattoir situated in Mampakuil Farm for the concentration o 313 LS, Makhado, in Makhado Local Municipality within the jurisdiction of Vhembe District Municipality, Limpopo province. do-Khumbe for their support. We have animals in densities that will exceed— (i) 20 square metres per large stock unit, and reported the matter to the Vuwani Listed activities: according to EIA regulations 2017 more than 500 units per facility Disaster Centre, but unfortunately the Applicable Listing Notice Activity No: house was already gutted by the timeProject location: GNR 327 Listing Notice 1 Activity 27: The clearance of an area of 1 hectares or more, but less than 20 hectares of indigenous vegetation. they arrived,” said Tshirema. Project Location: The proposed development is situated in Mampakuil Farm 313 LS, Makhado, in Makhado Local Municipality. Project GNR 327 Listing Notice 1 Activity 4: The development and related operation of facilities for the concentration of Limpopo police spokesperson Coordinates: 23°09'41.90"S 29°53'26.46"E animals in densities that will exceed— (i) 20 square metres per large stock unit, and Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo said the more than 500 units per facility Vuwani police were investigating the Name of Applicant: Name of Environmental Assessment Practitioner: Project location: cause of the fire. Tsedu Farming Enterprise Tshikovha Green and Climate Change Advocates (Pty) Ltd Project Location: The proposed development is situated in Mampakuil Farm 313 LS, Makhado, in Makhado Local Municipality. Project Coordinates: 23°09'41.90"S 29°53'26.46"E

Registration of Interested and Affected parties Name of Applicant:

Name of Environmental Assessment Practitioner:

Farming Enterprise Green Climate Change Advocates Ltd Interested Tsedu and Affected Parties (I&AP), who wish toTshikovha participate by and contributing comments or (Pty) concerns, or would like to obtain more informatio

should please contact us on the details below. You are kindly requested to register your details on this project database within 30 days of th Registration of Interested and Affected parties

date of this publication. As a registered (I&AP), you will be informed of all updates regarding the proposed project and the decision made by th Interested and Affected Parties (I&AP), who wish to participate by contributing comments or concerns, or would like to obtain more information,

competentshould authority. please contact us on the details below. You are kindly requested to register your details on this project database within 30 days of the

date of this publication. As a registered (I&AP), you will be informed updates regarding the proposed project andBE the SUBMITTED decision made by TO: the REGISTRATION, QUERIES ANDof all WRITTEN COMMENTS SHOULD competent authority.



NAMES Charrity Ngcane

CONTACT NUMBER 072 124 1350


Charrity Ngcane Moudy Mudzielwana

072 124 1350 076 431 1016

Moudy Mudzielwana

Women employees of the Vhembe District Municipality wrapped Women’s Month up by wearing different cultural attire, such as minwenda and Xibelane. The photo was taken outside the Vhembe Chamber Council in Thohoyandou on Tuesday, 31 August. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

076 431 1016




12 10 SEPTEMBER 2021

Feud between cousins over goats causes rift in family By Maanda Bele The feud between two cousins from Mandala outside Nzhelele, who both share the same passion for farming, has caused an unhappy rift between their families. Mulatedzi Siphuma (47) farms with goats and does a bit of vegetable farming. With the proceeds of his goat-farming activities, he has managed to build himself a shop that enables him to put a plate of food on the table every day and take care of his family. His goats have become a central part of his life and he treasures them more than anything. His cousin, Hendrick Nekomwani (31), farms with vegetables. When his crops were ravaged by baboons and monkeys, he put out snares to capture and stop them from eating his tomatoes. The result, unfortunately, was devastating, as the traps did not catch the intended culprits but ensnared and killed two pregnant goats belonging to Siphuma instead. The incident has now torn the family in two, as Siphuma demands compensation for his lost goats to the value of R4 000 from his cousin, and Nekokwane does not have the money to pay him back. Siphuma, who is also a civic

leader, believes that his goats were killed deliberately. “He once told me my goats ate his tomatoes, but could not show me the damage. Last month I was called to his place, where I found two of my pregnant goats hanging dead by their necks. I did not look twice and left. His father tried to apologise on his behalf, but I cannot accept it as I feel it was deliberate. I asked for R4 000 compensation for my loss, but they are not prepared to compensate me. These goats are my livelihood as I am unemployed. It is like I lost two children. I am very saddened and left with no other option but to open a case,” he said. Nekokwane’s father, Headman Ntsundeni Nekokwane, said the case was one of a mistaken target. “My son has lost a great deal through baboons and monkeys that ravaged his tomato crops. That is when he decided to put snares to catch them. But it ended up causing this damage when the goats were caught. This is unfortunate to the family, as these boys are cousins. We tried to find an amicable way to resolve the issue as a family, but we cannot raise the amount that he demands as compensation. We are still going to try and see to it that family ties are not broken amidst this problem,” he said.

One of Mulatedzi Siphuma’s pregnant goats that was caught in a snare.

The rural school of Mbilwana near Sibasa, just outside Thohoyandou, recently suffered a terrible blow when thugs broke the window of the school’s staff room and stole sanitary pads for their Grade 7 girls, electrical appliances and calculators. On Friday, 3 August, Ms Takalani Tshivhandekano, a social worker based in Polokwane, visited the school and donated new sanitary pads, toothpaste and hand towels to the school. In the photo, Ms Tshivhandekano (on the left), hands a pack of sanitary pads to one of the Grade 7 girls at Mbilwana Primary School. Former principal of the school Ms Joyce Munonde is seated in the chair next to Mr Nkhanedzeni Dzaga (current principal) and some of the learners. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

Vhembe scholars shine at Road Safety debate By Bernard Chiguvare

team scored 402 points, safely placing itself in the second position after Sekhukhune District, who scored 454 points. Kutama Secondary School from the VDM was rated the best in the PET category. The Department of Transport and Community Safety holds such competi-

tions as part of the many interventions lined up in yearly programmes to try and respond to road safety.

On Saturday, 21 August, the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) made its mark at the Provincial Road Safety Ms Christina Ramovha, manager of Debate and Participatory Education the Soutpansberg West Circuit, said the Techniques (PET) competition, held circuit was delighted and proud of the at The Ranch Hotel in Polokwane. learners. This annual event is for learners from various schools in the five districts of Limpopo and aimed at broadening learners’ knowledge of safety measures to minimise road carnage. Last year, the event was postponed because of the Covid-19 lockdown. The two winning schools in the provincial debate competition from all the participating districts make the provincial team, which will compete nationally in the two categories, namely Kutama Secondary School learners who participated in the Participatory Education Techthe Urban Category niques (PET) competition last month were each awarded school bags, dictionaries, T-shirts and Rural Category, in and drymacks, certificates and a trophy. From left to right in the front row are Mr Muthuphei September this year. Mamburu (principal), Mulapfu Mavhungu, Ramuelo Pasela, Rantete Dakalo, Mpharalala The VDM’s debate Emmanuel and Kutama Muthelo. Photo supplied.

Unarine Foundation brings fun and laughter to Fulufhelo’s children By Tshifhiwa Mukwevho The Unarine Foundation brought smiles to the faces of pupils of the Fulufhelo Special School in Thohoyandou Block G this past Casual Day (3 September), when members of the foundation socialised with the children through music and the distribution of performeditem-based prizes. Ms Unarine Mulaudzi (20), who hails from Makwarela in

the Thulamela area, said that the event had been made possible with the help of SAMFLO Student Foundation, led by Ndamulelo Mulaudzi, and the Child Upliftment Corner, led by Fulufhelo Muvhali. “We really enjoyed spending the day with the children, who all expressed joy and excitement about the ray of hope we offered them,” Unarine said. The school management, the children and visitors had the

best day ever dancing, singing, reciting poetry, and winning prizes along the way. “The children were ecstatic when Rukekid Venda ascended the stage and performed his best songs for them,” Unarine said. The foundation’s biggest challenge is a lack of funds to assist them in fulfilling all their goals and activities. They travel around quite a lot to visit schools, orphanages and other needy institutions to address

From left to right: Tsumbedzo Makhani, Unarine Mulaudzi (Unarine Foundation), William Ramaano (principal of Fulufhelo Special School), Adivhaho Mulaudzi, Daphne Matshavhange, Rabelani Mudau and Neverson Tonodzai. Picture supplied.

learners and donate reading material, school uniforms, stationery and sanitary towels. Unarine is a BCom student at the University of the Free State and winner of the Indoni Miss Venda and Indoni Miss Ubuntu cultural pageants. She is also founder of the Miss Makwarela Exclusive pageant. Fulufhelo Special School’s principal, Mr William Ramaano, said that he had learnt to open the school’s gates for the community to work with them. “We are so proud of the youth in the Vhembe District who are taking a step to making our community a better place,” he said. “Our kids had so much fun today. It would be so nice to have them again in the coming years. We are grateful for their effort.” People who might be interested in Unarine Foundation’s activities, or who want to contribute to it, can contact Unarine on Tel 068 030 3454, or WhatsApp her on 081 449 0471.

Unarine Mulaudzi from the Unarine Foundation with Fulufhelo Special School’s principal, Mr William Ramaano. Picture supplied.




55 Commercial Rd Louis Trichardt

Paper, Stationery, Cartridges, Stamps Face shields and hand sanitizers now available

015 516 3981 TO LET NORTHERN SIDE of CBD. 2 x Bedroom flat with 2 x bathrooms, kitchen, living room and verandah at backdoor. 4 x Open and 1 x covered parking bays. Buy gas for own consumption. Ideally to work from home. Plus electricity.Available 1 October 2021.

R6 000 p.m.

Contact Carel 0829231620.


G A NGWAILA ATTORNEYS NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late: SHIVAMBU KHAZAMULA EDWARD Estate number: 150/2010 Id Nu: 490718 5296 086 Last address: Tiyani Village Date of Death: 2010/01/05 All persons having claims against the under men�oned estate are

LIGEGE AND ASSOCIATES INC. NOTICE IN TERMS SECTION 35 (5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 The First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account in the Estate of the late NETSHIVHUYU ORIEL NTHAMBELENI of ID No. 581202 5715 080 of Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, who died on the 13-01-2021, Ref No.791/2021 Master’s Office: Thohoyandou will be open for inspec�on for a period of 21 days from date of publica�on at the Master’s offices. Should no objec�on be lodged with the master’s office during the specified period, the executor will proceed to make payments in accordance with the said account. Signed at Thohoyandou on this the 10th day of August 2021 LIGEGE AND ASSOCIATES P.O Box, 1381 Phangami 0950. TEL: 015 962 0509, EMAIL: info@ligegeand Ref: Est 791/2021

MADALA PHILLIP ATTORNEYS NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35 (5) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 Kindly be informed that the First and Final account in respect of the late RANENYENI AILWEI CALVIN ID No: 570707 5349 089 shall lie for inspec�on at the Master of the Limpopo High Court Thohoyandou for a period of 30 days calculated from the date of this publica�on. Dated at Thohoyandou on this the 28th day of June 2021 MADALA PHILLIP ATTORNEYS, Executrix A�orneys, House no 801 A, Block P-East, Pfunzo Street, Thohoyandou, 0950 CELL:081 269 4329 Ref: MAD/ranenyeni / EST/044/2021

MADZIVHANDILA N ATTORNEYS LOST OR DESTROYED TITLE DEED No�ce is hereby given in terms of regula�on 68(1) of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937, for the inten�on to apply for the issue of a cer�fied copy of ST 070949/2008 passed by LOUIS TRICHARDT TOP SEAL (PTY) LTD in favour of TSHILILO OSWARD MUNONDE of ID Number 800824 5375 089 in respect of A Unit Consis�ng of Sec�on No 4 as shown and more fully described on Sec�onal Plan No SS 00702/2008 in the Scheme known as Pine Grove in respect of the land and building or

buildings situated at Louis Trichardt Township, Local Authority: Makhado Local Municipality, Registra�on Division L.S, LIMPOPO PROVINCE measuring 152 square meters which has been lost or destroyed. All interested persons having objec�on to the issue of such copy are hereby required to lodge the same in wri�ng with the Registrar of Deeds at Limpopo Deeds Office within two weeks from the date of the publica�on of this no�ce. Dated at POLOKWANE this 2nd day of September 2021 Applicant: MADZIVHANDILA N ATTORNEYS, Office G7 Ramlin Square, 31 Hans van Rensburg Street, Polokwane. Tel: 0152300152/ 0726995643 Email: mna�orneys1@

Number 790402 0474 082 in respect of Erf 1774 Tshikota Extension 1, Registra�on Division L.S, Limpopo Province measuring 450 square meters which has been lost or destroyed. All interested persons having objec�on to the issue of such copy are hereby required to lodge the same in wri�ng with the Registrar of Deeds at Limpopo Deeds Office within two weeks from the date of the publica�on of this no�ce. Dated at POLOKWANE this 2nd day of September 2021 Applicant: MADZIVHANDILA N ATTORNEYS, Office G7 Ramlin Square, 31 Hans van Rensburg Street, Polokwane. Tel: 0152300152/ 0726995643 Email: mna�orneys1@



LOST OR DESTROYED TITLE DEED No�ce is hereby given in terms of regula�on 68(1) of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937, for the inten�on to apply for the issue of a cer�fied copy of ST 070988/2008 passed by LOUIS TRICHARDT TOP SEAL (PTY) LTD in favour of TSHILILO OSWARD MUNONDE of ID Number 800824 5375 089 in respect of A Unit Consis�ng of Sec�on No 25 as shown and more fully described on Sec�onal Plan No SS 00702/2008 in the Scheme known as Pine Grove in respect of the land and building or buildings situated at Louis Trichardt Township, Local Authority: Makhado Local Municipality, Registra�on Division L.S, LIMPOPO PROVINCE measuring 152 square meters which has been lost or destroyed. All interested persons having objec�on to the issue of such copy are hereby required to lodge the same in wri�ng with the Registrar of Deeds at Limpopo Deeds Office within two weeks from the date of the publica�on of this no�ce. Dated at POLOKWANE this 2nd day of September 2021 Applicant: MADZIVHANDILA N ATTORNEYS, Office G7 Ramlin Square, 31 Hans van Rensburg Street, Polokwane. Tel: 0152300152/ 0726995643 Email: mna�orneys1@

MADZIVHANDILA N ATTORNEYS LOST OR DESTROYED TITLE DEED No�ce is hereby given in terms of regula�on 68(1) of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937, for the inten�on to apply for the issue of a cer�fied copy of T3494/2018 passed by MAKHADO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY in favour of SENGANI NORAH MASETE of ID

NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35 (5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Kindly be informed that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account of the Estate Late MULATEDZI PETRUS MULAUDZI ID NO: 350310 5149 082 of Masisi Mutale Village, Limpopo Province who died on the 2020/07/24 and who was married in community of property to Ndidzula�i Mulaudzi of ID NO: 450702 0389 086. Estate number: 1837/2020 Master’s office: Thohoyandou will be open for inspec�on for a period of 21 (twenty one) days from date of publica�on at the Master’s offices Should no objec�on be lodged with the master’s office during the specified period, the executor will proceed to make payments in accordance with the said account. Signed at Thohoyandou on the 07th day of September 2021. Name and address of Executor or Authorised agent: MAKHUVHA E.M ATTORNEYS Silver Square Complex, Opposite Phalaphala FM, Office No 12 A, 1st Floor, Thohoyandou, 0950 Ref: MAK/EST/02/21/MUL

MALULEKE MARIA ATTORNEYS NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 35 (5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Kindly be informed that the First and Final Liquida�on and Distribu�on Account of the Estate Late SIKHWIVHILU MUKATSHELWA ID NO: 570625 0238 083 Registra�on no of Estate: 1387/2021 Last address: Maniini Block M in the district of Thohoyandou, Limpopo province will be open for inspec�on for a period of 21 (twenty one) days at Offices of Thohoyandou Master of the Limpopo High court from the date

Specified or from the date of publica�on hereof,which ever may be later. Dated at Thohoyandou on the 24TH of August, 2021. Name and address of Executor or Authorised agent: MALULEKE MARIA ATTORNEYS, Office no: 37, 2nd Floor, Limdev building, Thohoyandou Tel: 081 479 9136 E-mail: maluleke_m@ Ref: MAL/EST03/2021

TSHIGOMANA ATTORNEYS. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 All persons having claims against the undermen�oned estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days (or as indicated) from date of publica�on hereof. Estate number: 1933/2021 Master’s Office: Thohoyandou, Names: MUVHANGO FHATUWANI RICHARD Date of birth: 1964-02-02 Id No.640202 7050 089 Last address: Makwarela Date of death:2021-04-18 Name and Address of Executor or Authorised agent: TSHIGOMANA ATTORNEYS, 83 Tshedza Street, Mvudi Park Muledane, Thohoyandou Block J, CELL: 072 972 3671 EMAIL: uapfatshigomana Ref: Est 1933/2021

NAZIA CARIM ATTORNEYS Our office received instruc�on to a�end to the transfer of Erf 1677

Thohoyandou-J ( owned by Estate late Thatheni Hildah Sidogi, iden�ty number 580612 1311 08 3 (estate number 2251/2019). Reques�ng Thabelo Ndou to contact our office immediately or anyone who knows this person. NAZIA CARRIM ATTORNEYS, 1 Fees street, Tzaneen – Elma 015295 7625

TSHIGOMANA ATTORNEYS. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 All persons having claims against the undermen�oned estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days (or as indicated) from date of publica�on hereof. Estate number: 1884/2021 Master’s Office: Thohoyandou, Names: MOLEYA AIFHELI LUCAS Date of Birth: 1952-08-10 Id No.520810 5911 089 Last Address: Shumela Street, Makwarela Date of Death:2021-01-09 Name and Address of Executor or Authorised agent: TSHIGOMANA ATTORNEYS, 83 Tshedza Street, Mvudi Park Muledane, Thohoyandou Block J, CELL: 072 972 3671 EMAIL: uapfatshigomana Ref: Est 1884/2021

To advertise your Legal on this page, contact Email : accounts@zoutnet.


NOTICE IN TERMS OF SEC TION 35 (5) OF ACT 66 OF 1965 Kindly be informed that the first and final Liquida�on and Distribu�on in respect of the estate CHAUKE MANGALANI ELSIE ID NO: 631110 0211 080 Registra�on no of estate: 1425/2021 Last address: Nzhelele Khalavha Village, in the district of Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, will be open for inspec�on for period of Twenty one days (21) days at Offices of Thohoyandou Master of the Limpopo High court from the date specified or from the date of publica�on hereof, which ever may be later. Dated at Thohoyandou on 10/09/2021. SINGO ADIVHAHO AURELIA ATTORNEYS, Office no 46, Limdev building, Thohoyandou Tel:015 9691234 / 081 837 1061 E-mail: aasingo a� Ref: SINGO/aa/CHAUKE

MASHAU SIGOGO ATTORNEYS INC. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 In the estate of the late: SIGOGO LUTENDO BENNEDICT Iden�ty Number: 721228 5772 087 who was residing at 9002 Mavhunda Village, Thohoyandou and who died on the 31st July 2021 Masters Reference Number: 001812/2021 All persons having claims against the above men�oned are called upon to lodge their claims with the undersigned within thirty (30) days as from date of this publica�on thereof hereof Name and Address of Executor or Authorised agent: KHANGALE CONFIDENCE NEPHAWE SIGOGO, 9002 Mavhunda Village, Thohoyandou Adver�ser: MASHAU SIGOGO ATTORNEYS, 401 Central Towers, 286 Pretorius Street, Pretoria. Ref: MSA15/200/M. Sigogo

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NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TERMS OF SECTION 29 (1) OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES ACT 66 OF 1965 All persons having claims against the undermen�oned estate must lodge it with the Executor concerned within 30 days from date of publica�on hereof. Estate number: 1753/2021 Surname: MOSEBOA Names: OBED DITEKO Date of birth: 1960/10/02 Id No: 601002 5771 083 Last address: 48 Mopane Street, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province. Date of death: 2021/07/15, Master’s Office: Thohoyandou First names and surname of surviving spouse: MOSEBOA GLORIA TSHILIDZI , Date of birth: 20 AUGUST 1964 Iden�ty No.: 64082008853244 Name and Address of Executor or Authorised agent: : ADVOCATE SIKUTSHI’S CHAMBERS, Hanlo Building, Office No; 05, Krogh street, Louis Trichardt Tel: 015 516 0590 REF: Est 1753/2021

called upon to lodge it with the undersigned within 30 days as from the date of publica�on hereof. GA NGWAILA ATTORNEYS INC, Markus Complex Auto-Gen, Office no 3, Opposite KFC, Giyani Main Road Ref: GA/ST/2021/004

10 SEPTEMBER 2021 13

Build it Thohoyandou have the following position available:


Minimum 5 years Sales Representative Experience Valid Code 8 Drivers licence is an absolute must (Code B). Self-motivated (must be able to work without supervision) Work under pressure. Must be Target and Sales driven (Sales targets must be met on a monthly basis) Must have proven and traceable track record. Must be able to communicate well with all people within the Vhembe District

Successful applicant will work outside, give feedback on target progress and set up meetings with possible clientele. Salary and targets will be discussed in interview. Please forward a short CV to the following Email Please note Application will close on the 30th of September 2021. Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview no later than the 4th of October 2021.

NEWS Correspondents: Bernard Chiguvare Frank Mavhungu (Thohoyandou) Kaizer Nengovhela Ndivhuwo Musetha Silas Nduvheni Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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14 10 SEPTEMBER 2021

Limpopo Silver Stars shine brightly over Real Madrid By Frank Mavhungu

Paralympics bronze medalist, Sheryl James, welcomed home A large group of supporters gathered along the N1, next to the Information Centre in Louis Trichardt, on Sunday, 5 September, to welcome Paralympic bronze medallist Sheryl James, also known as Takalani, home. In the photo are Mr Avhatakali Themeli (left), Vhembe District Municipality’s sports manager, Sheryl James and Makhado Mayor Samuel Munyai (right). Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela.

Limpopo Silver Stars Sports Academy FC continued to pave their way to the SAB League by beating Maniini Real Madrid 3-1 in their Thulamela Local Football Association League match played at the Maniini Block L Grounds on Saturday. The youthful Stars approached the game aggressively, showing their elder brothers no respect. Stars blew the trumpet for the first time in the 11th minute. Their opening goal came via Andani Mufamadi. The keeper of Real Madrid, Wanga Tshikhudo, mishandled the ball after Israel Mathugana’ attempt and Mufamadi, who was waiting close by, blasted in a rocket. Real Madrid lost cohesion in the middle of the park after Stars’ opening goal. The Stars capitalized on the setback and increased the tally nine minutes later. Andani Mufamadi was brought down within the box and the referee, Mr Absalom Ndou, was compelled to award a penalty to the Stars. Uhone Munzhelele made no mistake from the white spot to bring the half-time score to 2-0. The second stanza was no different from the first one as the Stars continued to enjoy more ball possession. They put the matter beyond doubt in the 69th minute. Tshimangadzo Mu­



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All suitable service providers or individual are hereby invited to submit proposal for possible future land development at old cloud end hotel in Makhado local municipality. Bidders or individual are requested to submit their written proposal to the municipality. The request of proposal document will be available from 20 September 2021 at non –refundable amount of R600.00 per document at the Procurement Office No. B043 Ground Floor, 83 Krogh Street, Civic Center, Makhado or can be downloaded from e-tender portal for free or NB: NO COMPULSORY BRIEFING MEETING WILL BE HELD BUT VIEWING OF A SITE WILL BE PERMISSABLE. Completed proposal documents signed by a duly authorized person, sealed in an envelope clearly marked “Bid no 73/2021: proposal for possible future land development at old cloud end hotel in Makhado local municipality” must reach the undersigned by depositing it into the tender box at the foyer of the main entrance to the Civic Centre by not later than “ 29 October 2021 at 12:00pm ” when all the request for proposal received will be opened in public in the Council Chamber, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, No.83 Krogh Street, Makhado.

Phodzo Rathanya of Silver Stars pushes against Elijah Mawela of Real Madrid. Photo: Frank Mavhungu. Ad designed by Zoutnet Publishers

Tel: (015) 519 3000 Fax: (015) 516 1195 Private Bag X2596 Louis Trichardt 0920


k­wevho caught Real Madrid’s keeper napping with a close-range ground cutter. The Stars could have scored at least four goals in the last half, but their strikers were not lucky enough at the goal finish. Real Madrid reduced the margin through Takalani Ravhuhali later in the game.



NOTICE OF SECTION 24G APPLICATION Notice is hereby given in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation published in Government Notice R.983 of 8 December 2014 of the National Enivironmental Management Act (Act. No. 107 of 1998) as amended to carry out the following project: Project Description: Application in consequences of unlawful commencement of listed activity in terms of Section 24G of the National Environmental Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998) as amended in respect of the establishment of a resort at Lufule village within the jurisdiction of Thulamela Local Municipality of Vhembe District, Limpopo Province. Applicant:

Ngadeni Resort Contact person: Mr Luvhimbi G Address: P. O. Box 3320, Thohoyandou, 0950 Cell: 076 285 7187

In order to be identified as interested and affected party (I&AP) in terms of EIA process submits all your queries and comments to the following address within 30 days of publication of this notice: Environmental consultant: MPC Technology Attention: Phaswana R Address: P. O. Box 478, Sibasa, 0970 Tel/Fax: 015 962 1639 Cell: 082 734 9246 Email:

The Municipality is not bound to accept the lowest or any proposal document and reserves the right to accept any part of a proposal. Submitted proposal must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days after closing date of submission thereof. Submitted proposal will be evaluated based on the functionality


Proposal which are late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted in pencil or by telegraph or facsimile or electronically by e-mail, or not having the following documents attached for evaluation or not complying with terms of reference, will not be evaluated and will be disqualified: • • • • •

Valid Tax compliance status pin issued by SARS A copy of company registration documents e.g. CK Certified copy/copies of company owner(s) ID book(s), not older than three (03) months. Attach proof of payment for municipal rates not owing for more than (03) months or formal lease agreement for rental premises or letter from the traditional authority in cases of non-ratable areas. (Attach for both entity and directors of the company) Copy of central supplier database report.

NB: • All Service Provider doing business with Makhado municipality are required to register on the CSD (Central Supplier Database). • A copy of a certified copy will not be accepted. All technical enquiries can be directed to Acting Director: Development and Planning Mr RV Phalanndwa at (015) 519 3000, during office hours while procurement enquiries should be directed to Ms P Mudau at (015) 519 3044. Civic Centre 83 Krogh Street, Louis Trichardt Notice No:142 of 2021 File No: 8/3/2/1830


Manager position opening at Beit Bridge for SleepOver Franchise We are opening one of our units at Beit bridge within the next 3 months. We would like to advertise for a manager from the area which is in line with our company values. Our requirements are as follows: • • • • • • • •

Can be male or female. Must have a matric or equivalent. Must have a driver’s licence. Must have hospitality /retail experience in a junior or senior management position. Must be a leader, and lead a team from the front. Must have basic computer skills. Must have basic accountancy skills. Must be an RSA citizen.

Terms and conditions All CV’s must be accompanied by a photo. All CV’s must be sent to The entries will close on the 17/09/2021. Anyone who has not heard back from Sleepover by 20/09/2021 was not successful. Background We are an accommodation company that was started in 2019 with the aim of offering safe, high-quality accommodation at affordable rates across South Africa and Africa. We currently have 6 units from Gauteng to Kruger gate, with another 3 opening before the end of the year and another 20 units opening next year.


10 SEPTEMBER 2021 15

Maindis and First Touch in thrilling draw By Frank Mavhungu Maindis Ladies FC and First Touch Ladies shared the spoils when they

The Player of the Match, Jeanet Fisher, displays her trophy and cheque after the game. Photo: Frank Mavhungu.

played to a 2-2 draw in their Hollywood Bets Super League match played at the Giyani Stadium on Sunday afternoon. The game produced characteristics of a derby from the first whistle. Jeanet Fisher, First Touch’s left winger, was a marvel to watch throughout the game. She scored a brace in the game and was nominated afterwards as the best player. She was presented with a trophy and cash amounting to R2 000 after the game. The former Maindis’ striker made her presence felt five minutes into the game. She beat Maindis’ keeper, Monnye Theledi, with a header after a corner kick that was taken by Esther Ndou. The goal seemed to be an insult to Maindis’ players. They regrouped from behind, initiating some promising moves from the middle of the park. They found the equalizer five minutes afterwards. Molepo Rapatsa dribbled past two defenders in a row and beat the keeper with a half volley.

The game became lukewarm towards the end of the first half. At that stage, the players looked weary as a result of the tempo of the game. First Touch reclaimed the lead four minutes before the referee blew the half-time whistle when Jeanet Fisher completed her brace with a long-range half volley. First Touch strengthened their midfield by introducing Noxolo Gcima and sacrificing Precious Choshi early in the last half. Maindis were the better side throughout the last stanza. They created numerous scoring chances, but their strikers let them down by shooting aimlessly from close range. They finally found the equalizer in the 60th minute. They were awarded a free kick in the 25-metre area. Xiluva Tshabalala beat the keeper with a half volley from the free kick. First Touch effected another change to their starting line-up later in the game, but that did not change the complexion of the game.

Jeanet Fisher of First Touch (right) and Kedibone Mnisi of Maindis wrestle to win the loose ball. Photo: Frank Mavhungu.

Victory for Ravies FC against Real Madrid fortnight ago, Ravies FC continued to deposit more significant league After beating Maniini Real Madrid points into their league account when 4-3 in their Thulamela Local Football they beat Dididi FC 3-1 on Saturday. Association League match played Dididi started the game, also played at the Maniini Bock M Grounds a at the Maniini Grounds, with eight players because of a late arrival. The rest of the players joined the team one by one as they arrived. As if they were going to bury the visitors alive, Ravies were on the attack from the first whistle. Realizing that scoring under the circumstances would be difficult for them, Dididi played defensive football while awaiting the arrival of their teammates. Ravies opened their account when the game was only four minutes old. Their lethal striker, Brian Mahwai, forced his way through the defence of Dididi and unleashed a half volley from inside Robert Malivha of Dididi (front) and Funanani the box. Dididi’s keepNefale of Ravies chase the ball. Photo: Frank er, Awelani Mathoma, Mavhungu. By Frank Mavhungu

watched helplessly as the ball went beyond his reach. The struggle continued, with Dididi playing defensive football in a bid to minimise the damage. Zwivhuya Tshisaphungo of Ravies was brought down within the box and the referee, Mr Albert Madzunye, was quick to point at the white spot. Fhulufhelo Mukwevho, the team’s captain, blasted in a rocket from the penalty spot to bring the half-time score to 2-0. Three players, namely Adivhaho Montai and Thetshelesani Mathoma - both from Dididi - and Unarine Matamela of Ravies were reprimanded with yellow cards within a short space of time. Dididi’s solitary goal came in the 59th minute. A defender of Ravies, Muano Madoba, handled the ball within the box and the referee awarded a penalty to Dididi. Mpfariseni Ndivheni converted from the spot. Vuledzani Ratombo scored Ravies’ third goal with a header, following a scramble within the box. Dididi were reduced to 10 men later in the game. Their overlapping defender, Thetshelesani Mathoma, was given his marching orders for a second bookable offence. Ravies failed to capitalize on the setback as the score line remained unchanged until the referee blew the final whistle.

Maindis Ladies think they can win the league By Frank Mavhungu Most of the teams affiliated to the Hollywood Bets Super League had played their last first-round league matches over the past weekend. After playing their last first-round league match last Sunday, the rookies, Maindis Ladies FC, are optimistic that they can win the league championship. Maindis played to a 2-2 draw with First Touch FC at the Giyani Stadium last Sunday. According to the team’s assistant coach, Ms Rhulani Mathebula, when they got promoted at the end of last season, the team’s managing director, Mr Falaza Mdaka, told them to use this season to assemble a squad that

would be strong enough to compete for silverware in the coming seasons. She revealed that, after completing their first-round league programme, they had observed that anything was possible. Mathebula said that they had learnt that winning the league championship was not something that was beyond their reach. She said that their players were nervous at the beginning of the season. “We have lost the games that we could have won convincingly because our players did not have self-confidence,” she said. Mathebula said that they had to play their last four matches without six of their key players, such as Sophy Magoro, Lucy Twala, Kamogelo Nakana, Rahab

Mabina and Xiluva Tshabalala, who watched from the grandstand because of injuries. The team’s captain, Xiluva Tshabalala, only returned to the squad last Sunday after sustaining an injury five weeks ago. Tshabalala scored the team’s second goal against First Touch FC. Most of the injured players are likely to report at the team’s training camp next Tuesday. Maindis will journey to Emalahleni this weekend. They will play against Coal City Wizards at the Witbank Rugby Stadium on Saturday. The other weekend fixtures are University of Johannesburg FC vs Richmond United, First Touch FC vs Golden Ladies and Bloemfontein Celtic vs Tsunami Queens.

Evans Manizo (left) of Defenders and Phungela Ndadza fight for possession of the ball. Photo: Kaizer Nengovhela.

Defenders wallop Magau Mighty Green 6-0 blasted in a rocket after a scramble within the box. Makhado Home Defenders Pressure continued to mount on brutally walloped Magau Mighty Mighty Green’ defence. Defenders Green 6-0 in their Spring Top were awarded a corner kick in the 8 soccer tournament played on 24th minute. The team’s captain, Sunday at the Magau Grounds. Evans Manizo, took the corner The match was a one-sided kick and Fhatuwani Saul Mthimaffair as Mighty Green spent the ba headed home to make the score better part of the game chasing 3-0. Defenders increased the the action. Defenders took only a margin through Solomon Mbedzi few minutes to open their account. four minutes into the last half. Their killer striker, Manly Mhanzi, Both sides used all their substituwent loose after beating the offtion chances in the game. Mookie side trap and sent the keeper the Moedi was on target in the 69th wrong way. minute. He headed home, folMighty Green were unlucky not lowing a square pass from Manly to find the net in the first 10 min- Mhanzi. utes of the game. Their midfieldMighty Green were supposed to er-cum-striker, Phungela Ndadza, score when their reliable striker, kept the defence of Defenders Mpho Mulaudzi, shot wide with running for cover, although he only the keeper to beat. could not find the net. Moedi caught the keeper napMighty Green lost shape in the ping and completed his brace after middle of the park. Defenders receiving a brilliant pass from scored their second goal in the Daniel Maake in the 87th minute, 14th minute. Solomon Mbedzi to bring the full-time score to 6-0. By Kaizer Nengovhela

Morning Stars start to prepare for promotional playoffs By Frank Mavhungu With four matches remaining before the activities for the Sasol Women’s League come to an end, Lacoste Morning Stars have already started their preparations for the promotional playoffs. The Shayandima side are currently leading Stream B with 27 points. Morning Stars have been collecting significant league points at home and away in the past weeks. The Stars proved beyond doubt that they were serious about promotion when they brutally

walloped the other title chasers, Chippas United Ladies, 4-0 at the Shayandima School Grounds early last month. They went further to beat another title contender, Botlokwa Ladies, 2-0 at the Tshitungulwane Grounds the following week. Morning Stars continued to pave their way to the Hollywood Bets Super League by crushing Sealene Ladies 6-1 at the Shayandima School Grounds last Saturday. The club’s managing director, Mr Emmanuel Mudau, said that they were sure of a place in the promotional playoffs despite the fact that they

still had four matches to play before the end of the season. He added that their target was to win at least two of their remaining matches. Should they do this, Morning Stars will be guaranteed a place in the promotional playoffs. Mudau said that they were optimistic that they could go all the way with the current squad, but they had also beefed up the squad by acquiring the services of a few experienced players. Morning Stars’ next fixture will be against Merwe United Ladies at the Merwe Stadium next Saturday, 18 September.

SOCCER LEAGUE LOGS Vhembe Masters Soccer League Team







Dzanani 1T / Association









PTS 17

LTT Masters









Sinthumule Kuatama









Swongozwi Masters









Matidza Masters









Wesifa Masters









Vhulaudzi Masters









Khakhu Masters









Makungwi Masters









Mavhunga Masters









Ellis Masters









Mandiwana Masters









Mphaila Masters










16 10 SEPTEMBER 2021


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Mpho Mphephu of Equator with the ball, leaving Khamusi Rabali behind.

Fast XI too strong for Equator By Kaizer Nengovhela Mukula Fast XI beat Mukula Equator 3-0 in a local derby in the Thulamela Local Football league on Saturday at Mukula. The result against Equator was not a true reflection of the game as Fast XI were out of touch for the better part of the first half. Fast XI started off as if they were going to bury their opponents alive and took the game to Equator. Although Equator lost cohesion in the middle of the park at one point, their dribbling wizard, Mpho Mphephu, remained a thorn in the flesh of the defenders of Fast XI. Mphephu came

close to scoring in the 14th minute when he tried his luck from the edge of the box. The ball missed the goal mouth by inches. The only player reprimanded with a yellow card was Rolivhuwa Ramaswiela of Equator. He tackled Khuthadzo Munyai from behind and the referee was quick to flash yellow. The score was still 0-0 when the referee blew the halftime whistle. Fast XI took the lead in the 24th minute. Nduvho Tshikovhela beat the offside trap and showed the keeper the wrong way. The home side did not give in without a fight. They continued to attack collectively, with their midfielders

dishing out some telling passes to the goal poachers time after time. Equator introduced Ndivhuwo Sikhitha and Thompho Mathaulula for Rolivhuwa Makhado and Malamba Ramathavha. Fast XI responded by replacing Ntshavheni Mudau and Rofhiwa Mukhesakule. The move was not good enough to stop Fast XI from scoring two more goals. Apfiwaho Makhwanya was on target in the 69th minute. He beat the keeper with a volley. Thanyani Bohwana scored his team’s third goal when he finished off a square pass from Elijah Munyai in the dying minutes of the match.

After a break of two weeks, the teams affiliated to the GladAfrica Championship League will resume activities this weekend. Black Leopards have reason to believe that they will collect the maximum points at the expense of TS Sporting, with whom they will lock horns at the Old Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane on Saturday afternoon. Black Leopards’ head coach, Mr Morgan Shivambu, was quoted earlier as saying they would use the 12-day FIFA break to tighten up the team’s loose ends. He stated that his team had played entertaining football in their first two league games and that their strikers had been unlucky at the goal finish. Shivambu said that they would be working on the strikers’ target shooting. Lidoda duvha shared the glory in their first two league matches. They played to a 1-1 draw with Polokwane City at the Old Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane before playing to another 1-1 draw with Uthongathi FC at the Princess Magogo Stadium in Durban a fortnight ago. According to the spokesperson for Leopards, Mr Diambele Mbalavhali, the team’s killer striker, Daniel Gozar, will be available for tomorrow’s game. The Gha-

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naian sharpshooter had watched his team’s first two league games from the grandstand while his work permit was being finalised. Should he be given an opportunity tomorrow, Gozar is likely to form a good combination with Linda Bhengu at the forefront, while Selby Rapatsa, Tiklas Thutwa and Mumuni Abubakar will be expected to make things happen in the middle of the park. Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila (TTM) will travel to Pretoria, where they will do battle against JDR Stars at the Soshanguve Giant Stadium. JDR Stars lost their first two league matches. The same applies to Pretoria Callies, who will fly to Cape Town to honour their fixture against Cape Town All Stars at the Ida’s Valley Stadium outside Cape Town. After beating TTM 1-0 at the Thohoyandou Stadium two weeks ago, Venda Football Academy will be on the road this weekend. They will travel to Bethlehem in the Free State. Their match against Free State Stars will be staged at the Goble Park Stadium. The pace setters, Platinum City Rovers, will host Polokwane City at the Olën Park Stadium in Potchefstroom. Sunday’s fixtures are: Hungry Lions vs University of Pretoria, Jomo Cosmos vs Cape Town Spurs and Uthongathi FC vs Richards Bay FC.

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By Frank Mavhungu

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Limpopo Mirror 10 September 2021  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

Limpopo Mirror 10 September 2021  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

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