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10 November 2017

News with an independent soul

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Makhado fire station in urgent need of upgrade - page 2

Jaargang 33 Vol. 45

Diesel, petrol en Diesel, Petrol en paraffien aflewerings Paraffien aflewerings

T: 015 516 1570

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3 Unika Straat, Makhado, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo

3 Unika Straat, Makhado, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo

Oom Danie groet rustig in sy slaap - bladsy 3

Kanker eis onverwags lewe van oud inwoner - bladsy 4

No-go cemetery? By Andries van Zyl

For many, the Makhado municipal cemetery has become a “no-go” area, following several violent attacks on visitors to the cemetery in recent weeks. Most recently, four members of the Indian community were attacked and robbed by an armed suspect whilst visiting the Muslim part of the cemetery on 27 October. One was a young father who had recently lost his son in an accident. He was accompanied by family friends, traveling in two vehicles and escorted by an armed security guard in a third vehicle. “We parked our cars, walked to the children’s

cemetery and just started praying, when suddenly a man appeared with a gun,” said the father, who did not want to be named in the newspaper. All of them were ordered to lie down on their stomachs and hand over all their money and cell phones. The still grief-stricken father, however, said he decided not to give the robber anything. This prompted the robber to walk up to him, give him a push and to start searching the father. “I told him: ‘You know what, let’s go look in the vehicle?’ I was banking on the armed security guard, who remained seated in his vehicle, to notice what was going on,” said the father. The robber agreed to this and, after clearing out the men’s pockets, escorted the young father back

to his vehicle. “I was walking with my hands in the air, so as to attract attention,” said the father. The guard, however, did not immediately see what was going on, as he was distracted by a telephone call. The father took the robber to the passenger side of the first vehicle, opened the door and showed the robber that there was nothing in the glove compartment. “We then walked over to the driver’s side of the vehicle. I inconspicuously gave two steps back, however, and without the robber’s noticing, indicated to the guard that we were being robbed and that it was one person,” said the father. The father and the robber walked around the security guard’s vehicle. The next moment, the father tackled his attacker while the armed security

guard simultaneously jumped out of his vehicle. “The robber was going for his gun. When he saw the security guard, however, he panicked and took off after I let him go,” said the father. The security guard fired upon the armed robber, but the robber kept running and disappeared into the adjacent bushes. Despite losing some money and their cell phones, the group was happy that they were all alive and reported the matter to the Makhado police. That following Monday, a family friend went to the police station to discuss the issue of attacks at the cemetery with a senior police official. “Unbelievably, the senior official told us that they had arrested a man in Zimbabwe with a bullet wound to his leg. (Condt on P2)

Residents’ safety when visiting the Makhado municipal cemetery remains a concern, especially following a recent armed robbery.

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Makhado fire station in urgent need of upgrade By Isabel Venter

Hulp steeds nodig om koste te dek Dit gaan baie goed met klein Luan Oosthuizen, nadat hy verlede maand by die dood omgedraai het vanweë ‘n ernstige longinfeksie. Danksy baie gebede en donasies kon dokters hom deurtrek, tot groot dankbaarheid van sy ouers, Robert Steyn en Chané Oosthuizen, veral omdat hulle nie oor ‘n mediese fonds beskik nie. Tans is daar steeds ‘n bedrag van sowat R35 000 uitstaande op Luan se mediese rekening. Inwoners word weereens versoek om hul harte en hande oop te maak en te help om die mediese koste te dek. Persone wat belangstel om ‘n donasie te maak, kan vir Rudi Meissenheimer van Tafelrondte Zoutpansberg 66 skakel by tel. 082 776 8377. Die Tafelrondte help om donasies te administreer en alle geld word direk aan die hospitaal betaal. Afgeneem is klein Luan saam met pa Robert en ma Chané ‘n dag voordat hy uit die MediKliniek in Tzaneen ontslaan is. Foto verskaf.

The Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) has once again come under scrutiny, following a fatal accident along the Soutpansberg mountain pass. The remains of the person who passed away in the accident on 19 October, who had been a passenger in the truck, had to be cut loose by the owner of the truck. Local firemen were unable to assist as they simply did not have the necessary equipment with them. According to the Makhado police, it would seem that the driver of the truck lost control, causing his truck to capsize just before the 60km/h sharp bend in the road near the Ingwe Hotel. The driver was on his way to deliver a load of maize meal to a client in the Tshipise area. The driver managed to escape the overturned wreckage with only a broken leg. He was later transferred to the Polokwane Provincial Hospital for treatment. While on the scene, the Zoutpansberger witnessed firemen from the Makhado Fire Station repeatedly asking the owner of the truck, Mr Hannes Wolmarans, for assistance. Neither the firemen nor the police were willing to wait for a towing truck to lift the wrecked cabin. This was despite Wolmarans’ efforts to explain to the police that, in terms of his insurance contract, only one specific company is authorized to tow away the wreck. In the end, Wolmarans had to assist the firemen with one of his own industrial lifts to drag the body from underneath the wreckage. This is not the first time that the Makhado Fire Station has struggled with equipment. In 2015, a truck driver pinned under his overturned truck

passed away while firemen had to struggle with dilapidated equipment that did not function properly. The Makhado Fire Station falls under the jurisdiction of the VDM, which is supposed to allocate a certain amount to the station for repairs and maintenance. Getting money paid from this budget to have repairs done is a lengthy process. Since the accident, the newspaper has been trying to get answers from the VDM to find out if the budget for the Makhado Fire Station has been amended since 2015. This week, the VDM responded to questions and defended the actions of their firemen. According to VDM spokesperson Mr Ralushai Matodzi, the firemen attended the scene only to assess “the state of the accident.” Matodzi further added that in the Wolmarans case, it had been acceptable for the firemen to ask for his assistance. According to legislation (Fire Brigade Service Act No 99 of 1987 as amended in 2000) firemen may, whenever it is necessary, in order to perform their duties, order any inhabitant of the republic who is not younger than 16 years and not older than 60 years to assist in the performance of their duties on any particular occasion. Insofar as it concerns the budget, Matodzi claimed that R700 000 had been set aside to procure new firefighting equipment. “It is correct that the Makhado Fire Station is currently using one set of the Jaws of Life, but the officers on duty are aware that, in the event of another accident, a backup must be requested from other fire stations,” said Matodzi. Matodzi said that the VDM was also waiting for the delivery of a newly purchased fire truck to “beef up” its vehicle fleet. “The procurement process for new firefighting equipment is in progress,” Matodzi added.

Please continue to conserve water Notice

Residents need to continue to conserve water and use this precious resource with the utmost care. This was the warning from the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), despite reports of rain in some parts of Limpopo. “Provincial dams have not yet fully recovered,” said the DWS in a statement last week. The DWS expressed concern about a decline from 70% (in the previous week) to 69,4%. This

is still a lot better, compared to dam levels that were at 52.8 % during the same period in the previous year. “It is a considerable improvement, compared to last year; however, it is not satisfying enough, hence people must at all times conserve water,” said the DWS. Locally, both the Nandoni and Albasini dam have seen a slight decline from the first week in November to the second week. The Nandoni dam stands at 97.2%, compared to the 97.5% in

the previous week (last year this time it was at a very low 49%). The Albasini stood at a 78.1% this week, slightly down from the 78.5% measured in the previous week. In the previous year, the Albasini was almost halfway empty at 55.6%. The owner of the truck, Mr Hannes Wolmarans, assessed the damage of the overturned truck. “In relation to the provincial Later he had to assist rescue workers, who did not have equipment at the scene, to remove the storage, even though the water remains of an employee who was pinned underneath the cab. levels are still at a satisfying percentage, the province still needs to continue to implement water restrictions, so that reliable water provision is sustained until the rainy season,” said the DWS.

Safety at cemetery a big concern (Contd from P1) “It appeared to be the same man who had attacked us, as my cellphone was allegedly found on him,” said the father. Although a suspect was apparently arrested in connection with the robbery, the father said the issue of safety at the cemetery was an ongoing concern. He referred to other incidents at the cemetery over the last couple of months, which prompted members of the Indian community not to visit the cemetery alone. “We either go in a very large group of people, or arrange for armed security. You just cannot go to the cemetery alone anymore,” said the father. In this case, however, even this precaution did not help. The safety of citizens visiting the Makhado municipal cemetery

is not a new concern. The situation is similar to that experienced at the end of 2015 when several residents were also attacked and robbed whilst visiting the cemetery. In response, municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi said this week that the municipality was not aware of any attacks at the cemetery. “We will, however, appreciate it if people could come forward with information and report these cases to us as we intend to investigate this unfortunate incident,” said Bobodi. Bobodi added that since the attacks in 2015, the cemetery’s fences had been fixed. There are, however, at present no security guards at the cemetery. “Security was deployed previously, but

currently [the cemetery] is unguarded, so we are going to re-deploy security soonest to guard the cemetery,” said Bobodi. The Makhado SAPS confirmed the robbery on 27 October in their response to an enquiry. “Money and cell phones were stolen,” said police spokesperson Const Irene Radzilane. She added, however, that no arrests have been made, irrespective of reports indicating that the suspect had been arrested in Zimbab­ we. For the interim, Radzilane warned members of the public to be careful when visiting the cemetery. “The public must be vigilant at all times when visiting the cemetery and make sure your vehicles are locked. The police are continuing to monitor the area,” said Radzilane.

As the ANC presidential race heats up, the campaign of one of the main contenders and a son of the soil in the Vhavenda Kingdom, Cyril Ramaphosa, received a major boost when two high-ranking royals in the country gave him the thumbs-up and wished him well in his journey towards the presidency. Ramaphosa, the Deputy President of South Africa, had a triumphant entry to the Vhavenda kingdom over the weekend when thousands of residents gave him a warm welcome during his visit to the area. A well-known businessman from Louis Trichardt, Iqbal Ahmed, was also present to welcome Ramaphosa, when he visited Dzanani on Saturday.



Oom Danie groet rustig in sy slaap In memoriam

Een van die Soutpansberg se kleurvolste oud-inwoners, oom Danie Lourens, is Saterdagaand in die ouderdom van 89 jaar oorlede. Volgens dogter Anne is hy rustig in sy slaap oorlede. Hy het vroeër die aand net gekla dat sy knieë hom bietjie opdraande gee. Oom Danie, of oom Louwtjie soos baie hom ook geken het, het in Oktober 2015 ná 61 jaar op Louis Trichardt gegroet om terug te keer na die Groot Marico-distrik waar hy in 1928 gebore is. Hy het saam met Anne en haar man Johan na Zeerust getrek. In Augustus 2016 het oom Danie weer saam met sy dogter-hulle verhuis, dié keer na Bethlehem in die Vrystaat, waar hy Saterdag oorlede is. In sy 61 jaar hier in Louis Trichardt, het oom Danie egter diep spore in die Soutpansberg getrap. Oom Danie het op 17 Junie 1954 as passer en draaier in Louis Trichardt kom wortelskiet, nadat hy en sy vrou, tannie Kate, hul huis in Suidheuwels, Johannesburg, verkoop het. Die groot rede vir die skuif was sodat tannie Kate haar suster, wat ‘n invalide was, kon help versorg. Vir die eerste paar maande was oom Danie egter werkloos, totdat hy op 1 Oktober 1954 by die plaaslike kragstasie begin werk het. Hy was presies 10 jaar en een maand hier werksaam, waarna hy op 2 November 1964 by die destydse Transvaalse Provinsiale Administrasie as verkeersbeampte begin het. Daar het hy ‘n rekord opgestel deurdat hy tot met sy aftrede as verkeersbeampte op 31 Julie 1993, slegs by een stasie gestasioneer was. Dit is juis as verkeersbeampte wat baie inwoners oom Danie sal onthou. Daar is ook baie staaltjies oor hom. So het oom Danie in lewe self vertel van die man en vrou wat hy op die N1 voor Lalapanzi afgetrek het vir spoed. Die man het uit sy voertuig geklim en teruggestap na oom Danie en die lesing op die gatsometer bevraagteken. Oom Danie het toe voorgestel dat hy [die man] die gatsometer moet beman, terwyl oom Danie weer sal verbyry met die man se voertuig om sodoende die spoedmeter te toets. Oom Danie het na die man se voertuig gestap en ingeklim. Die vrou het egter nie gesien dat dit

nie haar man is wat in die voertuig klim nie. Die volgende oomblik vra die vrou toe vir oom Danie: “So wat sê die ou bliksem?” Oom Danie het ook nie omgegee hoe belangrik ‘n persoon was wanneer hulle ‘n verkeersreël oortree het nie. Hy het selfs vir oud-minister Fanie Botha ‘n verkeerskaartjie vir spoed gegee. Ook sy dogter Anne, by wie hy nou bly, het in 1978 ‘n kaartjie van haar pa gekry omdat sy dubbel parkeer het voor die polisiestasie in Kroghstraat. Buiten vir sy jare diens as verkeersbeampte, was oom Danie ook een van die pioniersfigure in plaaslike resiesduifgeledere. Hy het in 1959 aan sy eerste resiesduifwedvlug deelgeneem en was vir meer as vyf dekades aktief betrokke in die sportsoort, tot sy uittrede in September 2014. As kerkman het oom Danie ook baie gesag afgedwing en was hy vir 57 jaar kerkraadslid van die Hervormde Kerk Louis Trichardt-gemeente. In hierdie 57 jaar kon hy slegs 10 kerkraadsvergade­ rings nie bywoon nie.

Buiten vir sy liefde vir sy werk, posduiwe en kerk, was Schoemansdal ook baie na aan oom Danie se hart, veral as lid van die feeskomitee en die reël van die jaarlikse Geloftefeesvieringe. Vir bykans ‘n dekade was dit elke jaar oom Danie se voorreg om ‘n ruiker op Van Warmelo se vrou se graf tydens Geloftedag op die Schoemansdal Feesterrein te lê. Tannie Kate het oom Danie op 20 Desember 1988 ontval. Oom Danie was met tannie Kate se dood 11 jaar haar jongere. ‘n Paar jaar ná haar dood het die liefde egter weer geblom en is oom Danie op 18 Julie 1992 met tannie Alice getroud. Ongelukkig het tannie Alice hom ook ontval, op 13 Augustus 2008. Wyle oom Danie word eerskomende Donderdag, 9 November, om 10:00 vanuit die Hervormde Kerk Louis Trichardt-gemeente begrawe. Hy word oorleef deur sy dogter Anne, skoonseun Johan, kleinseun Tiaan Buitendag (met eggenote Nicky), kleinseun Danie Scott en vier agterkleinkinders.

Wyle oom Danie Lourens (89).

Former magistrate to testify in own corruption trial Court News

Former regional magistrate Ronnie Rambau is expected to tell all when he will take the stand in his corruption trial in the Messina Magistrate’s Court. Rambau, who stands accused of accepting a bribe to influence a court case, will call his witnesses to the stand this coming Tuesday, 14 November. During an earlier court appearance in August

this year, Rambau had indicated that he still wanted to call two more witnesses to testify on his behalf. One of his witnesses, however, could not be called because of bad health. This witness has since passed away. Despite this, Rambau gave a resolution to the court during a follow-up appearance in October that all his other witnesses will be ready to testify on the date set down for November. Rambau, together with his co-accused, ex-pros-

ecutor prosecutor Estene Willemse and attorney Tivoneleni Edmond Lubisi, faces charges of corruption and conspiracy to commit corruption. They were arrested during a police trap in February 2010. The trap was set within the Musina area, with the aim of catching corrupt officials who sabotaged the course of justice by pre-determining the sentence of vehicle theft cases by means of a plea agreement. The three accused allegedly also received bribe money in murder and rape cases.

Saak teen sakeman word uitgestel tot einde Januarie Hofnuus

Danie Pita (46) het verlede Vrydag weer vlugtig in die Louis Trichardt Distrikshof verskyn. Pita is op 31 Augustus gearresteer deur die Valke, nadat daar militêre plofstof en ammunisie op ‘n sakeperseel van hom in Kortstraat, Louis Trichardt, gevind is. Volgens die Valke het hulle

het op ‘n wenk gereageer dat daar plofstof op die perseel versteek word. In totaal het die ondersoekspan beslag gelê op 552 R4-rondtes, een granaat, ses rookgranate, drie leë R1-magasyne en vyf potjiefakkels. Pita is vyf dae ná sy arrestasie op 5 September vrygelaat op borg van R5 000. Buiten die klag van die onwettige besit van plofstof en ‘n klag van

die onwettige besit van ammunisie, is daar ook ‘n klag van die besit van ‘n onwettige vuurwapen teen Pita gebring. Laasgenoemde klag is ná die tyd deur die Staat teruggetrek, omdat die Valke nie op enige vuurwapens beslag gelê het nie. Pita se saak is verlede Vrydag uitgestel tot en met 29 Januarie 2018. Die ondersoekspan het aangevoer dat hulle meer tyd nodig het om hul ondersoek af te handel.






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ALL purchases to be paid within 2 hours after auction.



Hoërskool Louis Trichardt het Dinsdagaand, tydens ‘n spesiale funksie by die skool, al hul borge en ondersteuners bedank vir die sosiale kaptiaal wat hulle ingestoot het by die skool gedurende 2017. “Dit is nie altyd geld wat die verskil maak nie, maar ook dié wat hulle tyd en energie gee om ‘n verskil te maak by die skool, en daarvoor sê ons baie dankie,” het die skoolhoof, mnr. Louis Cilliers, gesê. Afgeneem tydens die geleentheid is, van links na regs, mnre. Theo Muller (adjunk-hoof), Braam Dekker (beheerliggaam), Cilliers en Luke Enslin (beheerliggaam).

Wyle Marjory en eggenoot Fritz Botha. Foto verskaf.

Kanker eis onverwags lewe van oud inwoner In memoriam

Personeel van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt het Dinsdag die geleentheid gehad om skouers te skuur met die skool se lojale borge en ondersteuners. Afgeneem tydens die funksie is, van links na regs, mev. Jernay Mcleod (Makhado Care Group), me. Renata Joubert (onderwyser), mev. Madelein Nel (kommunikasie Hoërskool Louis Trichardt) en mev. Louise Dekker (Hoërskool Louis Trichardt Beheerliggaam).

24 NOVEMBER 2017

Wat ‘n Kaapse aftree-avontuur moes wees, het vir die bekende en geliefde Botha-egpaar, Fritz (72) en Marjory (69), in tragedie geëindig, met Marjory wat verlede week aan limfoomkanker gesterf het. Die Bothas het in Desember hul huis in President Steynstraat, Louis Trichardt, verkoop en sou vir twee jaar in die Wes-Kaap rondkamp, voordat hulle sou besluit waar om hul permanente aftreeplekkie te koop. Volgens hul oudste dogter, Alida Buckle (46), het hulle drie wonderlike maande in Leentjiesklip by Langebaan aan die Weskus spandeer, waar hulle die rustigheid van aftrede kon beleef, voordat Marjory in April met limfoomkanker gediagnoseer is. “Dit was reeds in ‘n gevorderde stadium, maar ten spyte daarvan het my ma die chemo-behandeling aangepak. Sy was tot op die laaste nog vas van plan om die kanker te oorwin,” het Alida gesê. Die Bothas het hulle in 1986 eers in Levubu en later in Louis Trichardt kom vestig. Marjory was deur die jare by

Suspect back in court Court News








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The man accused of fatally stabbing a po­liceman from the Makhado SAPS brief­ ly appeared in the Louis Trichardt Ma­ gi­s trate’s Court on Tues­day. Fhumulani Simali (30) is accused of at­t ack­i ng and fatally stabbing detective W/O Nthambeleni Andrew Mudau (59) on 22 October at a residence in Louis Trichardt. Investigations into what exactly happened that fateful day are still ongoing. According to the police’s provincial spokesperson, Lt-Col Moatshe Ngoepe, Mudau was murdered by a suspect who was sought for a variety of charges, which include assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and theft out of a motor vehicle. On Tuesday, Simali’s case was transferred from the district to the re­gional court. He was not asked to bring a bail application and will remain in custody until his next court appearance on 1 December.

verskeie skole, die Tshisimani Onderwyskollege en afdelings van die onderwysdepartement betrokke en was met haar amptelike aftrede in 2014 Limpopo se hoofeksaminator. Sy het van 2014 tot 2016 weer laerskoolkinders by die Emmanuel Christian School onderrig. “Om kinders te leer was haar passie. Sy was teen die einde van elke jaar so lief vir elke kind, self die stoutes,” het Alida gesê. Marjory se dood het vir eggenoot Fritz as groot skok gekom. “My pa is platgeslaan. My ma was so seker dat sy gesond sou word dat hulle reeds bespreek het om volgende jaar met die Sinfonia te gaan vaar. Ons vermoed dat sy ‘n voorgevoel gehad het dat die einde naby is, maar tog nooit ophou hoop het nie,” het Alida gesê. Fritz, al die jare in die boubedryf, was ouderling in die Hervormde Kerk en Marjory was vir baie jare die koster. Benewens Frits en Alida, laat sy ook haar seun, Hano (43), dogter Susan (32), en drie kleinkinders, Neo (17), Marcus (16) en Blaze (13) agter. ‘n Roudiens word Donderdag, 11:30, vanuit die Hervormde Kerk in Louis Trichardt vir Marjory gehou. Persone wat graag meegevoel wil betuig is welkom om vir Fritz te skakel by tel. 082 564 9981.

BASIC ASSESSMENT FOR THE CLOSURE OF TSHIKONDENI COAL MINE, LIMPOPO PROVINCE BASIC ASSESSMENT yA U VALwA HA MINE wA TSHIKONDENI COAL MINE, LIMPOPO PROVINCE Tshikondeni Coal Mine (TCM), which is part of Exxaro Coal (Pty) Ltd (Exxaro) is situated in the north-eastern corner of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. A portion of the mining lease area lies directly adjacent to the Makuya Nature Reserve, where the remaining portion falls within the reserve area. The Makuya Nature Reserve has since taken over the management of the portion that falls within their borders. TCM is also located approximately 140 km by road from the town of Musina and approximately 16km from the town of Masisi. Project Background and Description Until 2014, TCM produced approximately 316 kilo tonnes per annum premium coal, using underground and open pit mining methods. Once mined the coal was processed / beneficiated within the mining lease area. As part of the processing of the mined material, the coal would be separated from waste rock. The processed coal was then transported from the beneficiation plant via road to the Musina railway siding, from the siding it was transported to ArcelorMittal works located at Vanderbijlpark for use in the production of steel. Coal extraction at all underground workings and the three mini-pits has already ceased and the mini-pits have been backfilled and rehabilitated. TCM has depleted its mineable reserves and is in the process of decommissioning the mine and its associated coal beneficiation infrastructure with the objective of ultimate rehabilitation and closure of the site. The aim of the Basic Assessment process under National Environmental Management Act 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) (NEMA) as amended, is therefore to assist TCM in proactively planning for closure and have a plan in place to relinquish the mine in a safe and environmentally-sound manner that contributes to sustainable development of the immediate area. Digby Wells Environmental (Digby Wells) will develop a Basic Assessment and Environmental Management Plan for the closure of TCM that complies with all the requirements as set down in the regulations under NEMA. The Closure Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) was prepared in terms of Section 43 and Regulation 57 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (Act No. 28 of 2002) (MPRDA), as amended and was initially submitted to the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) for consideration in December 2014 and again in December 2016 after some outstanding issues was addressed. The CEMP has since been approved by the DMR under the MPRDA however following a request from the DMR, the public consultation for the Basic Assessment process now needs to be completed. How to Comment on the Report: The Closure Basic Assessment will be available for public comment from 13th November to 13th December 2017 on the Digby Wells website ( under Public Documents and a copy is also available for review at the main entrance to the mine. Registration as an Interested and Affected Party Should you wish to be registered as an Interested and Affected Party, obtain additional information or comment on the project, please use the contact details below: Arali vhatshi nga takalela u nwaliswa sa muthu a kwameaho nga I thandela, kana vha tshi toda udivha zwinwe nga ha thandela, kha vha ri Kwame kha nomboro kana email yo bulwaho afha fhasi: Digby Wells Environmental Nondumiso Gwala Tel: 011 789 9495, Fax: 011 069 6801 Postal Address: Private Bag X 10046, Randburg, 2125 Project No.: EXX4867







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Zoutie ZoutieWeather

Thursday, 9 November

Louis Trichardt


KERKE/CHURCHES • Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (LTT) Tshirululunistraat 28, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 516 2272 • Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk (Musina) Cass Straat 16, Sondag 09:00, Tel: 015 534 2126 • Agapé Gemeente (LTT) Sondae: Afrikaanse diens om 08:30 insluitend Peuter-, Kinder- en Tienerbedieninge. Sundays: English service at 10:30 including Toddler-, Children- and Teen Ministries, Past. Sampie van Niekerk, Tel: 015 516 3725 or 082 926 9538 • AGS Charisma (LTT) Munnikstraat 70, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Leonie Meyfarth (084 219 4406), Tel 015 516 0486 (kerkkantoor) • AGS El-Shaddai (Musina) Watsonlaan 17, Sondag 10:00 en 18:00, Past. Boetie Visser, Tel: 015 534 3361 / 084 456 6959 • AGS Charisma (Levubu) Sondag 09:00. Past Gys en Bettie Snyman 082 441 3951. • All Nations for Jesus Christian Centre (LTT) 93 Burger Street (Maranatha Centre), Sunday 09:30 & Wednesday 18:00, Past Benjamin Sithole, Tel 083 532 9492/ 015 516 2275 • Anglican Church / St Marks (LTT) 128 Munnik Street, Sunday 10:30, Rev Robbie Novella, Tel: 015 516 5165 • Baptist Church (Musina) Corner of Whyte & Limpopo Street, Sunday 09:30, Rev Paul Richardson, Tel: 015 534 0479 or 082 446 1728 • Baptist Church / Baptiste Kerk (LTT) Ruh Street 25, English: Sunday services 08:30 & Adult Bible time/ Sunday school 10:00, Rev Seth Meyers, Tel: 084 699 4242. Afrikaans: volwasse Bybelklas 09:15, dienste 10:00 en 18:00, ds. Johan Marais, Tel: 015 516 2714. • Catholic Church (LTT) Corner Burger & Jeppe Street, Mass times: 1st Sunday 10:00 - 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday 17:00, Father Frank Gallagher, Tel: 015 516 0566 / 082 664 1393 (Catholic Church Musina, Tel: 015 534 2085) • Chapel of Grace Church Sunday 09:00 - 11:00 at Maurunwa/Siloam/Nzhelele Past Oke Tel 083 461 6455 or 072 976 3448. • St Peters Church (LTT) 33 Breda Street, Sunday 09:00, Tel: 083 377 0984 (Iain Purdon), 084 404 0050 (Soekie Bierman) • Emmanuel Christelike Kerk (LTT) Koraalboomstraat 3, Sondae 09:00 & 18:00, Jeug Vrydae 19:00, Past. Andries van Heerden, Tel: 015 516 4282 / 083 357 1658 • Evangelies-Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) LTT Lodge-saal (Hlangananistraat), Sondagoggend erediens 08:00, kontak ds. Herbie Lyon Tel: 082 906 0288 • Gereformeerde Kerk (LTT) H/v Anderson & Songozwistraat, Sondag 09:00 en 10:45, leraar ds. Innes Nagel, Tel. 082 701 5602 • Gereformeerde Kerk (Musina) Wilsonlaan 1, Sondag 09:30, Ds. Cornel Nagel, Tel 015 534 2253/ 084 406 1723 • Hervormde Kerk Louis Trichardt H/v Stubbs & Forestryweg, Sondag 08:30, Ds. Gustav van Zyl, Selfoon 083 387 7548. • Hervormde Kerk Zoutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubb & Forestry, Elke tweede Sondag om 16:00, Dr. B.J. van Wyk, Tel: 082 828 5711 • Hervormde Kerk Zoutpansberg: Geloofsbond van Hervormde Gemeentes (LTT) H/v Stubb & Forestry, Sondag 10:15, Ds. Ronel Eckard, Tel 072 122 7956 • Hervormde Kerk (Musina) H/v Van Zyl & Celliersstraat, Sondag om 09:00, ds. Eddie Eckard, Tel: 015 534 2519 of 082 958 9095, Kerkkantoor 015 534 2756. • Lede in Christus Kerk (LTT) Joubertstraat 29, Sondag oggenddien 09:30, evangeliedien om 18:00. Past. Christo van Rooijen, Tel: 015 516 0521 / 082 465 8774 • Lewende Woord Louis Trichardt Louis Trichardt Lodge-saal. Sondag erediens 10:00 (Afrikaans) en 18:00 (English). Senior past. Andrew Bezuidenhout (071 078 1631) en past. Jan Wilkins (071 161 9254). • Levubu Christelike Gemeente (Hatfield) Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Craig Whitcomb, Tel 015 583 0134 of 084 400 8937 • Lewende Hoop Bedieninge (Louis Trichardt) Plaasgemeente, Sondagdiens 09:30, skakel Susan (076 812 4013) vir meer inligting. • Methodist Church (LTT) 79 Munnik Street, Sunday 09:00, Tel. 015 516 0446 • NG Kerk (Levubu) Perseel 316, Sondag 08:30 en 10:15 (LTT - Rondebosch Lapa), Ds. Petrus Kriel Tel: 015 583 002 / 082 898 2081 • NG Kerk (LTT) Erasmusstraat 23, Sondae: 09:00 oggenddiens & kinder- en kleuterkerk; 10:15 kategese; 08:30 Braambos; 10:30 Soekmekaar; 11:00 Waterpoort en Bandelierkop(1x pm); en 14:00 Kutama Sinthumule Gevangenis; ds. Jan Pretorius (079 881 9673), ds. Corné Burger (073 759 0451), Kerkkantoor 015 516 3902. • NG Kerk Soutpansberg (LTT) H/v Stubbs & Andersonstraat, Sondag 09:00, ds. Etienne van Staden (083 274 3227), Kerkkantoor 015 516 4366 • NG Kerk (Musina) Ds. Henricostraat, Sondag 09:00, ds. André van Rooyen, Tel: 082 468 7640 / E-pos: of • New Covenant Kerk/Church (LTT) 115 Krogh Street, Sondag 09:00 en 18:30, Louis Trichardt, André van Niekerk, Tel 015 516 5305 or 082 926 7313 • Ou Apostoliese Kerk van SA (LTT) Kroghstraat, Sondagdienste om 08:45 en 18:00, Priester JJ Janse van Rensburg, Tel. 072 544 7505. • Reformed Church Songozwi Corner of Songozwi and Anderson Street, Louis Trichardt, Sunday 11:00, Rev Paul Mushayabasa (076 860 0669) • Shammah Bedieninge/Ministries (LTT) Sondag hoofdiens & Kinderkerk 09:00, Huisselle 18:00, Donderdag: opleiding en geestelik toerusting, Vrydag 18:30 jeugbyeenkoms, Past Strydom 082 785 0265, kerkkantoor 015 516 4018, Rissikstraat 50 • Sewendedag-adventiste (LTT) Groblerstraat, Saterdag 09:00 en 11:00, leraar Johan Steyn, Tel 082 372 7362 • Sewendedag-adventiste (Musina) H/v Turner & Whytestraat, Saterdag 11:00, Marguerite Sindon & Marietjie Diener, Tel: 015 534 3240 / 082 358 2526 • Volle Evangelie Kerk (LTT) H/v Rissik & Burgersraat, Sondae 09:00 & 17:00, Past. Philip de Jager, Tel: 015 516 0758 / 071 674 7205 • Volle Evangelie Kerk Ebenhaeser (Musina) H/v Turner & Watsonstraat, Sondag 09:00 & 18:00, Past. Jimmy Venter, Tel: 082 920 4493 • Veritas Gemeenskapskerk (LTT) Groblerstraat 80, Sondae 09:00, dr. Philip Venter, Tel. 083 444 7672

Friday, 10 November

Saturday, 11 November

Mostly cloudy, a little rain.

Cloudy, a thunderstorm in spots.

Cloudy with a little rain.

High: 23oC Low: 14oC

High: 23oC Low: 16oC

High: 29oC Low: 18oC


vergader elke Maandag om 18:00 by die Metodiste Kerk te Munnikstraat 79 in Louis Trichardt en almal wat daaraan ‘n behoefte het om die vergadering by te woon, is welkom. Die AA vergader ook elke Woensdag vanaf 18:00 in Levubu. Vir meer inligting, skakel Jannie by tel. 076 501 8285.

MANNE VAN DIE WOORD Die Manne van die Woord in Louis Trichardt kom elke Vrydag van 05:45 tot 06:45 by Ocean Basket in Songozwistraat byeen. Vir meer inligting kan Tobias Fourie by 082 451 4249 geskakel word.


Die NG Kerk Soutpansberg-gemeente bied tans top-gehalte vleis teen sakpaspryse te koop aan. Lekker wors en maalvleis is beskikbaar, asook smullekker sosaties, biltong en droëwors. Ander snitte kan ook op bestelling gereël word. Vir meer inligting of bestellings, skakel Thea by die kerkkantoor by tel. 015 516 4366. DOJO OEFENTYE Die Ninjutsu Dojo (Shio pan yama dojo Soutpansberg-skool) oefen elke Maandag en Woensdag vanaf 17:30 tot 19:00 in die stoeisaal. Privaatklasse, asook kinderklasse, is beskikbaar. Vir meer inligting kan shihan Swanepoel geskakel word by tel. 076 467 2306. Die groep kan ook op Facebook gevolg word by “Shio Pan Yama Dojo”

SKAAKKLUB Louis Trichardt het nou sy eie skaakklub wat elke weeksaand bymekaar kom. Vir meer inligting, skakel Willem by tel. 015 516 1942.

• KARATEKAS OEFEN Die Soutpansberg Kofukan Karateklub oefen elke Woensdag vanaf 18:00 tot 20:00 by die Emmanuel Christian School net buite Louis Trichardt. Vir meer inligting, skakel Tommy by tel. 083 346 6600.



The Louis Trichardt Rotary Club will be hosting their annual golf day at the Soutpansberg LUISTER AFRIKAANS OP Golf Club on Saturday, 11 November. MAKHADO FM Inwoners van Louis The competition is in the format of a 4-ball Trichardt en omstreke kan elke Woensdag tussen GISTER-SE-JEUG BYEEN Die Gister-se-Jeug klub, waar jonger en ouer seniors 11:00 en 12:00 inskakel vir die Afrikaanse uur op alliance with an entry fee of R1 500 per team. Members of the public are also welcome to die sender van Makhado FM 107.3. welkom is, vergader elke Dinsdag van 09:00 sponsor a hole, starting at a minimum price of R1 Weekliks word daar oor interessante ondertot 11:00 in die Hervormde Kerk se saal op die 000 per hole. werpe, in Afrikaans, gesels. hoek van Stubbsstraat en Forestryweg in Louis For more information, phone Johan at 084 557 Skakel vir Pétria de Vaal-Senekal vir enige Trichardt. navrae, of as daar onderwerpe is waarvan luiste- 0149 or Brian at 082 821 0076. Vir meer inligting kan Willie Agenbacht raars meer wil weet of as daar interessanthede geskakel word by tel. 083 453 6597, Flippie LAAT LENTE & HERFDiedericks by 071 671 9866 of Anna Lordan by oor ons omgewing en sy mense is wat u met SAKKER BASAAR Laat luisteraars wil deel. 082 921 6110. Pétria kan geskakel word by tel. 082 555 1672. Lente en Herfsakker in Louis Trichardt hou op BAHÁ’Í INFORMATION CEN11 November hul eerste basaar om geld in te TRE The Bahá’í Information Centre in Louis LOSGOEDWINKEL In ‘n poging om samel vir die oord. behoeftige gesinne se nood te help verlig, nooi Trichardt holds multi-faith devotionals every Die inwoners van hierdie oord wil graag bietjie die NG Kerk Soutpansberg alle inwoners om Thursdays from 19:30. meer selfonderhoudend word en die publiek ‘n draai te maak by hul tweedehandse klere- en “Do not allow difference of opinion, or word uitgenooi om hul basaar te ondersteun. losgoedwinkel. Die winkeltjie is geleë op die diversity of thought to separate you from your Die normale “basaarkos” sal te koop aangebied kerkterrein op die hoek van Stubbs- en Anderfellowmen, or to be the cause of dispute, hatred word. Daar sal ook ‘n koektafel en wit olifant and strife in your hearts. Rather, search diligently sonstraat. Inwoners kan daar gaan rondkrap tafel wees. “As daar mense is wat ons kan help vir ‘n winskopie. Die winkel is elke Woensdag for the truth and make all men your friends.” met die bak van koeke of skenk van items vir die vanaf 11:00 tot 14:00 oop. For more information phone 081 884 9553 wit olifant tafel sal ons graag van hulle wil hoor,” (after hours). Alternatively, visit the website at het Rina Vermeulen (organiseerder) gesê. Sy kan ONDERSTEUN BERGCARE geskakel word by tel. 083 297 6925. CHARITY SHOP Die Bergcare CharDie basaar begin om 08:00 by die oord in ity Shop op die perseel van die Haantjie Kerk GEBEDSBYEENKOMS Shammah Impalastraat. Bedieninge te Rissikstraat 50 in Louis Trichardt (NG Kerk Louis Trichardt) is oop weeksdae nooi alle besigheidspersone uit om elke Woens- van 07:00 tot 12:00. “Kom ondersteun gerus. REMEMBRANCE DAY On U is ook welkom om alle onnodige huisraad dag vanaf 05:45 tot 06:30 saam te kom bid. Sunday, 12 November, the South Af“Wees deel van ‘n geleentheid waar ons op ‘n of klere te skenk. Die inkomste van Bergcare rican National Defence Force, military veterans ontspanne en informele wyse mekaar bemoedig Charity Shop word gebruik vir die aankope van and civilians will spend two minutes rememberkos vir die Bergcare Bejaarde-projek,” sê die by wyse van gebed en gedagtes uit die Woord. ing those who had made the ultimate sacrifice in Ons hanteer graag ook spesiale gebedsversoeke,” projekbestuurders. Vir meer inligting, skakel 015 the service of their country as part of Remem516 3902. nooi die gemeente. brance Day. Vir navrae, skakel past. Francois Strydom by HELP LEVUBU SE GESKIEDEAt 05:00 on Monday, 11 November, 1918, a tel. 082 7850 265 of Johan Kruger by 078 451 NIS NAVORS Die NG Kerk Levubu-ge- document was signed that brought an end to the 9211. First World War. At the 11th hour of the 11th meente het ‘n eie Facebook-blad, met die naam NG Kerk Levubu, begin met die uitsluitlike doel day of the 11th month of that year, the guns fell INTERKERKLIKE BIDUUR om die geskiedenis van die Levubu-omgewing na silent. The war that was supposed to end all wars Inwoners word uitgenooi om elke Woensdag had come to an end, but not before an estimated te vors van die 1800’s af tot nou. “Ons nooi alvanaf 08:00 tot 09:00 saam te kom bid vir die mal wat foto’s, koerantberigte of ander inligting nine million people had lost their lives. gemeenskap en die land tydens ‘n interkerklike To pay homage those who died in the war and het om dit met ons te deel, of alternatiewelik met biduur by die Louis Trichardt Metodistekerk. subsequent wars, Remembrance Day is comRalda van Wyk (e-pos: in Vir meer inligting, skakel past. Leonie Meyverbinding te tree,” nooi die gemeente. Ralda kan memorated annually. farth by tel. 084 219 4406. (Contd on P7) ook geskakel word by tel. 082 854 5910.





WEEKLY DAM LEVELS According to latest available information from the Department WEEKLIKSE of Water Affairs and Forestry as on Monday, 30 October. DAMVLAKKE



06/11/2017 30/10/2017

Albasini Dam Ebenezer Dam Flag Boshielo Dam Glen Alpine Dam Luphephe Dam Middel Letaba Dam Nandoni Dam Nsami Dam Nwanedzi Dam Nzhelele Dam Tzaneen Dam Vondo Dam

78.1% 78.5% 92.4% 93.2% #43.7% 43.7% 49.7% 50.6% 60.7% 61.7% 17.5% 17.9% 97.2% 97.5% 60.4% 61.4% 75.4% 75.4% 49.8% 50.9% 50.1% 45.7% 88.5% 89.3%

EMERGENCY NUMBERS - 10111/ 015 519 4300 / 083 206 5594 • Ambulance/Ambulans - 015 516 4378 015 516 2395 • Electricity/Elektrisiteit - 015 516 2990 • Water - 015 516 2990 • Fire Brigade/Brandweer - 015 516 0551 015 516 0554 • Munisipaliteit/Municipality - 015 519 3000 • Hospital (Government) - 015 516 0148 / 9 • Hospital (Private) - 015 516 0720 015 516 6980 • SPB Dorpswag - 082 251 0827

MUSINA • SAPS/SAPD • Ambulance/Ambulans • Fire Brigade/Brandweer • Hospital (Government) • Municipality • Electricity/Water

- 10111 / 015 534 7601 - 10177 / 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0061 - 015 534 0446 / 7 - 015 534 6000 - 083 457 2183


- 015 583 7400 015 583 7418 • Municipal and other services (see Louis Trichardt)





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10-12 PG ˛ Ç Fri, Sat: 09:30, 12:00, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15, 22:45 Sun, Tue: 09:30, 12:00, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:00, 15:00, 17:45, 20:15


PG Fri - Sun: 10:00, 12:15, 14:45

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Fri, Sat: 09:00, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00, 22:45 Sun, Tue: 09:00, 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:45, 14:30, 17:15, 20:00


PG ˛ Ç Fri, Sat: 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Sun, Tue: 09:15, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30




Fri, Sat: 09:45, 12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:30, 22:45 Sun, Tue: 09:45, 12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:30, 15:15, 18:00, 20:30

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Sunday, 12 November

Monday, 13 November

Tuesday, 14 November

Wednesday, 15 November

Cloudy with a passing shower.

Rather cloudy with a shower.

Sun and clouds.

An afternoon thunderstorm or two.

High: 26oC Low: 14oC

High: 28oC Low: 15oC

High: 28 C Low: 17 C

WAT GEBEUR? (Contd from P6) The Memorable Order of Tin Hats (MOTHs) of Louis Trichardt will be holding their annual Remembrance Day parade and wreath-laying ceremony on 12 November at 10:30 for 11:00 at their Turbi Hills Shell hole at 66 Burger Street. All members of the public are welcome to attend.



High: 29oC Low: 15oC


Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151



Residents can start preparing themselves for the Soutpansberg Cycling Club’s annual Jingle Toy Ride. This year’s toy ride will take place on 1 December, starting at Mike’s Kitchen as usual. As in previous years, the entry fee for cyclists NG SOUTPANSBERG is a soft toy that will later be donated to charity. KERSNAWEEK Die NG Kerk More information about drop-off points for Soutpansberg-gemeente hou op 18 en 19 Novem- toys will also be made available closer to the ber ‘n lekker Kersnaweek. date. Op 18 November is daar vanaf 09:00 tot 16:00 GATEWAY TO CHRISTMAS ‘n Kersmark. Uitstallers kan ‘n stalletjie vir die KERSMARK Uitstallers word uitgedag bespreek teen R100 per stalletjie. Die enigste nooi om ‘n stalletjie te bespreek vir die Gateway voorwaarde is dat geen eetgoed verkoop mag to Christmas Kersmark in Louis Trichardt op 2 word nie. Om ‘n stalletjie te bespreek, skakel Desember. Alet Vermaak by tel. 061 077 6324. Die koste beloop R100 per stalletjie en sluit Dieselfde dag, vanaf 17:00, is daar a langkrag in vir die wat dit nodig het. Ongelukkig tafel-ete teen R100 per persoon. Kaartjies word geen kosstalletjies toegelaat nie, maar wel hiervoor is beskikbaar by Gerrie Voges by tel. ander lekkernye. 084 596 5912. Om ‘n stalletjie te bespreek, skakel Trieks Die naweek sal Sondag, 19 November, om Spies by tel 082 042 3365. 18:30 afsluit met ‘n Kerssangdiens. “Almal is welkom om te kom saam sing en kuier,” nooi die SANDRIVIER FAMILIE 4X4gemeente. DAG Die Zoutpansberg CVO bied op LEVUBU KERSMARK The 9 Desember weer hulle gewilde Sandrivier FamFlower Bunch kwekery in Levubu ilie 4x4-dag aan in samewerking met die Louis bied op 18 November vanaf 09:00 tot 14:00 ‘n Trichardt 4x4-klub. Kersmark aan. Daar sal ‘n verskeidenheid van Die dag vind plaas by Legkraal Boerdery, stalletjies wees, insluitend heerlike eetgoed, ongeveer 62 km vanaf Louis Trichardt. ‘n Nupottery-teestelle, Annique- en Justine-produkwigheid hierdie jaar is dat vierwiel-motorfietse te, pragtige handgemaakte items van egte leer, ook ingeskryf kan word en hulle ry dieselfde kersversierings en SA Toy Trade met ‘n wye ver- 4x4-roete. skeidenheid van opvoedkundige speelgoed ens. Inskrywing kos R350 per voertuig, met ‘n “Kom geniet die dag saam met ons onder die maksimum van 4 persone. Toeskouers betaal palmbome. Heerlike eet- en drinkgoed is by R150 per voertuig. Die inskrywing vir vierdie teetuin te koop, met speelplek vir kinders. wiel-motorfietse is R100 per fiets. “Kom geniet Toegang is gratis,” nooi organiseerder Liezl ‘n dag met baie aktiwiteite saam met ons,” nooi Beetge. die organiseerders. Vir meer inligting, skakel Annetjie by 082 371 DORPSWAG AJV Die 5984 of Stefan by 082 440 9306. Soutpansberg Dorpswag se algemene MUTT MILE EN KERSjaarvergadering sal gehou word op Woensdag, MARK Uitstallers word uitgenooi 22 November, in die Louis Trichardt Rolbalklub se saal op die hoek van Anderson- en Ruhstraat. om ‘n stalletjie te bespreek vir die Gateway to Die vergadering begin om 18:00 en is oop vir Christmas Kersmark in Louis Trichardt op 2 Desember. die publiek om by te woon. Vir meer inligting Die koste beloop R100 per stalletjie en sluit kan die voorsitter, me. Nella Klynhans, geskakel krag in vir dié wat dit nodig het. Ongelukkig word by tel. 079 882 1831. word geen kosstalletjies toegelaat nie, maar wel CHAMBER OF COMander lekkernye. Om ‘n stalletjie te bespreek, MERCE AGM The Soutpansskakel Trieks Spies by tel 082 042 3365. berg Chamber of Commerce will be holding their Die Kersmark sal saamval met die Louis annual general meeting on 23 November. Trichardt DBV se Mutt Mile. Deelname aan die The meeting will start at 18:00 at the Soutpans- 1,6 km kos R10 en R20 vir die 5 km. Daar is ook berg Golf Club in Louis Trichardt. All interested pryse in die troeteldier en eienaar dress-up kompersons are welcome to attend. petisie. Inskrywingsvorm is op die dag van die For more information, phone secretary Jamy mark beskikbaar of kan vooraf by die plaaslike Jonker at Tel 076 421 0022. DBV se kantore afgehaal word. Vir meer inligting hieroor, kan Alicia geskakel word by tel. 084 900 5332.






Triegies stap vir Bybels ‘n Paar van die honderde leerlinge van Laerskool Louis Trichardt wat verlede Vrydag aan die skool se jaarlikse Stap-vir-Bybels deelgeneem het. Hierdie jaar het die skool meer as R5 000 ingesamel vir die Bybelverspreidingfonds. Foto verskaf.




Beraders: 072 262 8646 / 084 616 2355 / 082 256 6423 / 083 257 3127 Ondersteuningsgroep: Posbus 85, Louis Trichardt

BERGCARE MPY is ‘n geregistreerde Openbare Weldaads Organisasie sonder winsbejag wat in samewerking met ander gemeenskapsorganisasies hulpverlening doen binne die breë gemeenskap van Louis Trichardt. Hulle dienste sluit in: ♥ Bejaardesorg ♥ Liefdadigheid ♥ ‘n Welsynswinkel ♥ ‘n Kommunehuis vir minder bevoorregtes ♥ `n Kinderhuis in Tshikota Hulp aan die gemeenskap deur die gemeenskap. Indien u op enige manier betrokke wil raak: KONTAKBESONDERHEDE: Andries Smal (0828999543)

CURRENTLY UP FOR ADOPTION AT SPCA LOUIS TRICHARDT Contact Insp Lawrence Khodobo Cell 082 965 5151• Follow SPCA Louis Trichardt on Facebook

Bella Female

Ben Male

Baxter Male

Tai Male

Gorgeous pups

Gorgeous pups

Lots of kittens



Time running out to enter calender competition

far as possible to encourage photographers to learn more about film (and even plate) photography. At the end of November, the 12 best photos will be selected from all the entries. Each winner will receive R700 per photo chosen. The photos will form part of the 2018 calendar. People interested in taking part in the competition may also enter photos of the Soutpansberg taken many years ago. In such cases it will be necessary to send us the negatives, which we will then quickly scan. The film negatives must accompany all entries, but these will be returned to the photographer.


Die Soutpansberg Distrikslandbou-unie (SDLU) het op Vrydag, 27 Oktober, hul nuwe bestuur vir 2018 verkies tydens hul algemene jaarvergadering. Voor, van links na regs, is Doors le Roux (ondervoorsitter en verteenwoordiger vir veiligheid), Fanie Havinga (voorsitter) en Hester Bayes (sekretaresse). Agter is Wynand Louw (SDLU Jongboer), Fritz Ahrens (verteenwoordiger vir arbeid- en grondsake), Stephen Hoffman (verteenwoordiger vir ekonomiese sake en water) en Erika Helm (verteenwoordiger van plaaslike regering, paaie en omgewingsbewaring). Foto verskaf.

Debo Motors in Musina bied aan Privaat busroete tussen Tzaneen en Musina vanaf Januarie 2018 TIPE VERVOER:

14 Sitplek Quantum Bus met lugverkoeling en sleepwa 7 Sitplek H1 Hyundai Bus met lugverkoeling en sleepwa Veiligheid: Ons bestuurder besit oor die nodige bestuurspermit wat elke jaar hernu word. Hy bestuur die skoolbus nou al 7 jaar tussen Musina, Tzaneen en Polokwane, met ‘n ongelukvrye rekord wat leerlinge en ouers baie veilig laat voel. Met gereelde terugvoer word hy geprys vir die verantwoordelike manier waarop hy elke rit hanteer, en sy besonderse verhouding met die kinders, en elkeen se persoonlike behoeftes. Die maatskappy het die nodige permitte volgens die Verkeersordinansie en die verpligte aanspreeklikheidsversekering in plek. Optelpunte en vertrektye: Sondae middae - Vertrek vanaf parkeerarea by Munisipaliteit 14h00 Maandae oggende - Vertrek vanaf parkeerarea by Munisipaliteit 03h45 Vrydae - Afhangende van sluitingstye van skole, sal die bus nie later as 14h30 uit Tzaneen vertrek. Let wel: lndien getalle dit vereis (Min. 19 en Max 26), sal daar Sondag en Maandag ‘n bus loop, anders (Min. 7 en Max. 13) sal dit OF Sondag OF Maandag wees afhangende van aanvraag soos aangedui met registrasie. Eerste stop is by Bokmakierie OF Willeys Poort (indien nodig), Tweede stop by Safari Garage in louis Trichardt dan Laaste stoppe in Tzaneen by Merensky en dan Ben Vorster. Let Wel.: Stanford Lake College is NIE lngesluit op die roete nie. Dieselfde roete word gevolg vanuit Tzaneen na Musina, met eerste optelpunt Ben Vorster. Sou dit gebeur dat Merensky ‘n uur of meer vroeer sluit as Ben Vorster, sal die bus eerste daar stop op ‘n Vrydag. Fooi: Die fooie beloop R1600.00 per kind, per maand (vooruitbetaalbaar) vir 10 Maande (Feb- Nov). Betaal einde Jan. vir Feb. AFSLAG vir tweede kind -- Betaal slegs R1400 vir tweede kind in dieselfde gesin per kop per maand. R5OO Eenmalige registrasiefooi per gesin betaalbaar Desember 2017 sal jou plek en ons akkurate beplanning verseker. Geleentheid vir maats is beskikbaar as daar plek is op die bus@ R250 Enkelroete. VIR NADERE INLIGTING EN AANSOEKVORMS KONTAK: Telefonies: Liesl by 015-5343150 Per Epos: *** Afsnydatum vir aansoekvorms is 26 November 201 7 om ‘n plek te verseker ***

Debo Motors in Musina presents Private bus route between Tzaneen and Musina from January 2018

The region’s camera enthusiasts can start entering their photos for the Zoutpansberger and Limpopo Mirror’s annual calendar competition. As was the case last year, the competition has a bit of a twist, as there is a limitation on the type of cameras eligible for use. Last year the requirement was that photos needed to be taken with cameras 50 years and older. This was quite a challenge, but the end result was one of the most interesting calendars ever locally produced. Local photographers were encouraged to use vintage cameras, some of them dating back almost 100 years. The limitation for this year’s competition is slightly less stringent, as any photo taken with a film camera can be entered. The medium is blackand-white, which excludes all colour photos. The theme is, as usual, the Soutpansberg, meaning that photos not depicting the beauty and character of the region will not be considered. One of the aims of the competition is once again to promote an interest in vintage photography. For that reason, the newspaper makes available its selection of antique cameras to readers. Most of the roughly 150 cameras on display can still be used. Several outings have been organised during which enthusiasts were shown how to use such old cameras. At least two more outings are planned for November. People interested in taking part in the competition are encouraged to contact the newspaper’s office at 015 516 4996/7 and speak to Anton, Andries or Isabel. Own (film) cameras can be used or a camera may be borrowed. The easiest would be to collect film from the newspaper and we will develop it. Film and the developing chemicals are The 2017 calendars was one of the most in­ also available from several online stores, but it costs teresting ever produced. For 2018 it again has a around R130 per film. Costs are being kept low as vintage theme, but any film camera may be used.

Die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg het op 25 en 26 Oktober, tydens hul jaarlikse prysuitdeling, hulle nuwe hoofleiers bekend gemaak vir 2018. Vir die hoërskool is die nuwe leiers, van links na regs, Drico Kahts, Anesca De Jongh, Natascha Esch (hoofmeisie) en Gray Badenhorst (hoofseun).

Types of Vehicle:

14 Seater Quantum Bus with Aircon and Trailer 7 Seater H1 Hyundai Bus with Aircon and Trailer Safety: Our drivers and vehicles are equipped with the appropriate licencing and permits according to traffic regulations, which is updated annually. We maintain a high standard of professional service that will ensure that your child wil feel safe and comfortable during each trip. As a private service we pride ourselves with a more personal touch attending to individual needs of parents and kids. Pick up points and departing times: Sunday afternoons - From parking area at Musina Municipality at 14h00 Monday mornings - From parking area at Musina Municipality at 03h45 Fridays - Depending on the closing of both schools, the bus will leave Tzaneen at the latest 14h30 Take Note: Depending on the need (Min 19 and max 26), there will be a bus on Sunday AND Monday, alternatively (Min 7 and max 13) it will be either Sunday or Monday, which will be determined by individual choice with registration. FIRST stop is Bokmakierie OR Willeys Poort (if needed), SECOND stop is at Safari Garage in Louis Trichardt with the LAST stop in Tzaneen at Merensky, then Ben Vorster. NOTE: Stanford Lake College is NOT included on this route. The same route is followed from Tzaneen to Musina, with first pick up point Ben Vorster. Should it happen that Merensky closes an hour or more earlier than Ben Vorster, the bus will first stop there on a Friday. Fees: Bus fees are R1 600 per child, per month for 10 months (Feb - Nov) payable in advance. You pay before end Jan for Feb. DISCOUNT for second child: Pay only R1 400 for a second child of the same family. R500 once off registration fee per family is payble in December 2017 to ensure your place and our accurate planning. Providing there is space, friends visiting on weekens will be allowed at R250 per child one way. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND APPLICATION FORMS, PLEASE CONTACT: office hours - Liesl: 015 534 3150 • *** Due date for appplications is 26 November 2017 to ensure your child’s space ***


e n

1 9

N o v e m b e r

Saterdag 18 November Kersmark_09h00 tot 16h00 Langtafel ete_17h00

Sondag 19 November Kerssangdiens_18h30

Vir navrae oor stalletjies: Alet Vermaak 061 077 6324

2 0 1 7



Jani Badenhorst van die CVO Skool Zout­ pansberg buite Louis Trichardt is tydens die skool se jaarlikse prysuitdeling op 26 Oktober Jacobus Bloem het die gesogte Staatmaker van aangewys as die skool se Dux Leerling vir 2017 die Jaar-trofee ontvang tydens die CVO Skool en Zoutie van die Jaar. Zoutpansberg se jaarlikse prysuitdeling wat op 26 Oktober aangebied is.

Die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg net buite Louis Trichardt het tydens die skool se jaarlikse prysuitdeling einde Oktober hul topatlete aangewys. Voor is die laerskool Sportseun van die Jaar, Janus Jacobs. Agter, van links na regs, is Erwee Robbertze (hoërskool Sportseun van die Jaar), Jani Badenhorst (hoërskool Sportmeisie van die Jaar) en Sualize van der Merwe (laerskool Sportmeisie van die Jaar).

Tydens hul jaarlikse prysuitdeling einde Oktober het die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg hul top kultuurleerlinge vereer. Hulle is, van links na regs, Jani Badenhorst (kultuurleerling Graad 8 Die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg het tydens hul tot 12), André Prinsloo (kultuurleerling Graad 0 tot 3) en Mieke Prinsloo (kultuurleerling Graad jaarlikse prysuitdeling (wat op 25 en 26 Oktober 4 tot 7). gehou is) hulle nuwe hoofleiers bekend gemaak Die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg het op 26 Ok­ vir 2018. Vir die laerskool is die nuwe leiers to­ber, tydens hul jaarlikse prysuitdeling, vir voor, van links na regs, SJ Mynhardt en Bernice Mieke Prinsloo (Graad 5) aangewys as hul Robbertze. Agter is Rikus Smit (hoofseun) en laerskool se Zoutie van die Jaar. Anika Badenhorst (hoofmeisie).


24 November 2017 Make sure to advertise your specials in time! Contact George or Yolanda at 015 516 4996



Oom Jackie en Tannie Elsa Smit van Levubu vier op Vrydag, 10 November, hul 61ste huweliksherdenking. Dié egpaar woon al vir die laaste 53 jaar op Levubu, waar oom Jackie met avokados geboer het. Voor dit was hy vir jare betrokke as inspekteur van uitvoervrugte by die destydse Departement van Landbou. Dis deur sy werk as inspekteur dat hy tannie Elsa in Pietersburg ontmoet het in April 1954 toe die departement hom verplaas het na Zebediela. Twee jaar later is hulle in die NG Kerk op Pietersburg in die eg verbind. Hierna het oom Jackie vanaf 1957 tot 1964 in Tzaneen gewerk vir die departement. In Februarie 1964 het die gesin verhuis na Levubu. Uit hulle huwelik is vyf seuns gebore, naamlik Kobus, André, Gerhard, Jacques en Ian, wat oom Jackie en tannie Elsa geseën het met 12 kleinkinders en vier agterkleinkinders. Hulle geheim, lap oom Jackie uit, is wedersydse respek en harde werk. “Moet nooit in die aand gaan slaap as julle kwaad is vir mekaar nie,” het oom Jackie gesê. Foto verskaf.

Rynard Pretorius (Graad 7) het, buiten vir die gesogte Triegie van die Jaar-trofee wat hy ontvang het tydens Laerskool Louis Trichardt se prysuitdeling op 26 Oktober, nog vele ander toptrofeë opgeraap. Dit het ingesluit Beste Senior Redenaar (Afrikaans moedertaal), Beste Presteerder Wiskunde Olimpiade, Beste Presteerder Engels, Beste Prestasie in Wiskunde Olimpiade 2017, Toppresteerder Akademie Graad 7 en Beste Vordering (Hokkie 1ste Span).

131 Krogh Street (C/o Krogh & Ruh st) Louis Trichardt 0920 HAMMANN PROPERTIES

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Laerskool Louis Trichardt het Maandag hul nuwe redaksie vir 2018 verwelkom wat sal help om nuus in te samel vir die skoolkoerant, die Triegie Flitse. Hierdie groepie leerlinge is Maandag verkies as Laerskool Louis Trichardt se nuwe snoepieprefekte vir die komende skooljaar.

Cell: 082 923 1620 E-mail:

ALBASINI DAM 8.5Ha vacant land. R800 000

MOPANE. 21Ha undeveloped. Lovely bushveld. R550 000

Laerskool Louis Trichardt het Dinsdag hul nuwe mediaprefekte (afgeneem) aangekondig en sterkte toegewens met die werk wat vir hulle voorlê in 2018.

BOSVELDWEGBREEK. 21Ha Sandrivier plaas. Kamp slaap 12 persone. 2 Braai areas, houtdek, lapa met kombuis en sit/eetkamer. Werkers geriewe en stoorkamer. Eskom en sonkrag. Toegeruste boorgat. Alarm stelsel en elektries omhein. Wild ingesluit.

R2.1 Miljoen


32Ha. Old farm house. 3 x Garages. Shed. 3 x Equipped boreholes. 5Ha irrigation land. Nursery.

R1.65 Million + VAT

CAREL HAMMANN 082 923 1620

Anwyll Buys van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt het onlangs sy Limpopo kleure verwerf in dans en het ook gekwalifiseer om deel te neem aan die 2018 Suid-Afrikaanse Danskampioenskappe wat by Sun City gehou sal word. Foto verskaf.




Die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Bloeddiens (SANBD) staar tans ‘n kritieke bloedtekort in die gesig, omdat daar nie tans baie bloedskenkingsveldtogte by skole en universiteite gehou kan word nie weens eksamens. Die SANBD het in ‘n persverklaring verlede Woensdag bekendgemaak dat daar ’n kritieke tekort aan bloed is regoor die land. In daardie stadium was daar slegs 1 473 groep O-eenhede beskikbaar, slegs genoeg vir 1.5 dae. In KwaZulu-Natal was die situasie selfs meer benard, met minder as een dag se beskikbare bloedvoorraad. Dit word beskou as ’n krisis wanneer bloedvoorraad daal tot op die punt waar daar minder as twee dae se voorraad beskikbaar is. “Die land se bloedvoorraad is gevaarlik laag. Dit staan tans op minder as 1.5 dae se groep O-voorraad, in vergelyking met ‘n goeie bloedvoorraad van 3 000 eenhede of vyf dae se bloed,” het Silungile Mlambo, nasionale bemarkingsbestuurder van die SANBD, in die verklaring gesê. Mlambo het gesê dat bloed lewensnoodsaaklik is vir kankerpasiënte en vroue wat geboorte skenk. Dié twee groepe maak ook die grootste gedeelte uit van mense wat bloedoortappings nodig het. Die SANBD het ‘n dringende beroep op Suid-Afrikaners gedoen om onmiddellik bloed te gaan skenk. “Meer as dit, ons vra alle Suid-Afrikaners om gereelde skenkers te word. Deur net vier keer ‘n jaar bloed te skenk, kan ons maklik situasies vermy soos die een waarin ons onsself tans bevind,” het Mlambo gesê. Om meer oor bloedskenking uit te vind en waar die naaste SANBD-bloedskenksentrum is, besoek of skakel 0800 11 90 31.

Please help find stolen laptop

The Craig-family of Louis Trichardt, write:


lease be on the lookout for my stolen laptop. It is an Acer Travel Mate P2 (TMP273MG) in a black over-the-shoulder “Targus” laptop bag with all contents (power pack, memory sticks and black A5 2017-diary which contain crucial information needed to continue with my work). If you notice anything suspicious, please contact Matilda at 083 376 9119 or Dawid at 083 655 3559. A big reward is offered for information.

ZOUT CLASSIFIEDS TO LET 2 TOWN HOUSES TO LET Mid town, Louis Trichardt. Water included. Municipal power. No animals First house available: Imediately Second house: 1 Dec. 015 516 5024 HUIS OP WILDSPLAAS TE HUUR Netjiese 2 slaapkamer, 1 badkamer huis te huur op plaas ± 7km op Levubu-pad. Veilige omgewing, geleë tussen ander huise) Huur R3 800 p.m. Water ingesluit. Voorafbetaalde krag

Kontak: 082 071 0260


GROOT 5 slaapkamer, 3 badkamer dubbleverdieping huis, groot sit-, leef-, eetkamer, grasdak lapa stoorkamers, 3 afdakke vir motors. R7 000p.m. 2 Slaapkamer, 2 badkamer huis, groot sit-, leef-, eetkamer, aparte waskamer, dubbel toesluit motorhuis. R3 800 p.m. Tuindiense ingesluit. Koop krag. Deposito word verlang

KONTAK: Martie: 082 465 2523 André: 082 781 7249

To leT Workshop / Storeroom space. 083 777 0185 F R E E


2 Slaapkamer woonstel te huur. Omhein, diere-vriendelik. 7km uit op Vivo pad, teenaan hoofhuis. Dadelik beskikbaar. SMS of Whatsapp: 082 804 6772


Bernice Meiring van Hoërskool Louis Tri­­chardt het, op die vooraand van die Nasionale Eisteddfods se gala-prysuitdeling in Pretoria, die geleentheid gebruik om al haar ondersteuners en borge te bedank. Dit is danksy haar ondersteuningsnetwerk, het Bernice gesê, dat dit vir haar moontlik was om aan die onderskeie Eisteddfods, redenaarskompetisies en spelfeeste deel te neem en Triegies se naam hoog te hou. Sy het onder andere by die finale rondte van die WoW Spelfees in Stellenbosh op 21 Oktober ‘n nasionale vyfde plek behaal.

Agricultural, situated at Bende Mutale Village. Plans and/or particulars relating to the application may be inspected during office hours at Ace Environmental Solutions, 7 Quagga Street, Bela Bela OR at the offices of the Manager: Planning and Development, Musina Municipality, 21 Irwin Street Musina 0900 Any person having any objections to the granting of this application must lodge such objection together with grounds thereof in writing, with both the Manager: Planning and Development, Musina Municipality and the undersigned not later than 21 November 2017. Applicant’s Details: ACE Environmental Solutions cc 7 Quagga Street Bela Bela Tel: 014 001 7005 MUSINA STADSBEPLANNING SKEMA, 2016 AANSOEK VIR SPESIALE TOESTEMMING IN TERME KLOUSULE 20 VAN DIE MUSINA STADSBEPLANNING SKEMA, 2016 OM N MTN KABINET EN 54m MAS OP TE RIG. Hiermee word kennis gegee dat, in terme van Klousule 20 van die Musina Munispale Stadsbeplanning skema, ek/ons, die ondergetekendes, van voorneme is om aansoek te doen vir spesiale toestemming by die Musina Munisipaliteit vir spesiale toestemming vir die oprigting van Selfoon Mas op Bende Mutale Village, Musina, gesoneer vir landbou, te Bende Mutale Village Planne of besonderhede wat betrekking het op die aansoek kan gedurende kantoor ure ondersoek word by Ace Environmental Solutions cc, 7Quagga straat, Bela-Bela, OF by die kantoor van die Bestuurder: Beplanning en Ontwikkeling, Musina Munisipaliteit, 21 Irwin Straa t Musina 0900 Enige person wat besware het teen die aansoek moet so beswaar tesame met geskrewe rede vir so beswaar indien by die Bestuurder: Beplanning en Ontwikkeling, Musina Munisipaliteit en die ondergetekende, nie later as 21 November 2017.


Notice in respect of a licence application in terms MUSINA TOWN PLAN- of the Petroleum Products NING SCHEME, 2016 Act, 1977 (Act No 120 APPLICATION FOR of 1977) SPECIAL CONSENT IN This notice serves to TERMS OF CLAUSE 20 inform parties that may be OF THE MUSINA LAND interested of affected that USE SCHEME, TO PER- Ngavhi Investments (Pty) MIT A MTN CABINET Ltd, hereinafter referred AND 54m LATTICE. to as “the applicant”, has Notice is hereby given submitted an application that, in terms of Clause 20 for a RETAIL license, of the Musina Land Use application number Scheme, I/we, the underF/2017/11/02/0002. ERF signed, intend applying to 1215, SHAYANDIMA the Musina Municipality THOHOYANDOU. The for Special Consent to purpose of the application erect a Cellular Mast on to be granted a license Bende Village 442, zoned to undertake petroleum


retailing activities as detailed in the application. Arrangements for viewing the application documentation can be made by contacting the Controller of Petroleum Products by: -Telephone: (015) 230 3600; or -Fax: or -Email: Any objections to the issuing of a license in respect of this application, which must clearly quote the application number above, must be lodged with the Controller of Petroleum Products within a period of twenty (20) working days from the date of publication of this notice. Such objection must be lodged at the following physical or postal address: Physical address: The Controller of Petroleum Products Department of Energy 18A Landros Mare Street Postal Address: The Controller of Petroleum Products Department of Energy Private Bag X9712, Polokwane, 0700.


Musina Local Municipality Land Use Management Scheme, 2010 Amendment Scheme No: 369 I, Tshivhombela T, being the authorized agent by the owner of the undermentioned properties, hereby give notice in terms of Provision of Section 36 of Musina Local Municipality Spatial Planning and Land Use Management By-Laws, 2016, that I am applying to Musina Municipality for Amendment of Musina Land Use Management Scheme, 2010. Amendment Scheme Number: 369 for Rezoning and Consolidation of Erf 4911 and 4925 Messina Nancefield Ext 11 from “Residential 1” to “Business 1” for “Guest House”. The Particulars of the applications will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office to town planner,

21 Irwin Street; Musina Local Municipality for the period of 28 days from the first day of the notice. Objections and/or comments or representation in respect of the applications must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager at this address : Private Bag X 611; Musina ; 0900;within 28 days from the date of first publication( 10 November 2017). Address of the Agent: P.O. Box 206, Tshaulu, 0987 Cell: (060) 752 0756 Musina Local Municipality Land Use Management Scheme, 2010 Amendment Scheme No: 369 Nne, Tshivhombela T muimeleli o tendelwaho nga vhane vha ndaka dzo bulwaho a fho fhasi, ndi khou divhadza hu tshi tevhelwa Tshitenwa tsha Section 36 of Musina Local Municipality Spatial Planning and Land Use Management By-Laws, 2016 nga ndila I tevhelaho: (a) Nomboro ya u shandukisa Tshikimu ya vhu 369 nga u shandukisa ku shumiselwe kwa tshitannde tsha 4911 na 4925 Messina nacefield Extension 11,ubva kha “Residential 1” uya kha “Business 1” hu tshi itelwa Guest House. Zwidodombedzwa zwa khumbelo idzo zwi do lugelwa u tolwa nga tshifhinga tsho tiwaho tsha awara dza ofisi kha ofisi ya muhulwane wa Mveledziso na Vhupulani, tshifhatoni tsha Muhasho wa Mveledziso na Vhupulani, 21 Irwin Street;Masipala wa Musina lwa tshifhinga tsha maduvha a fumbili malo (28) ubva nga duvha la vhufumi (10) Lara 2017. Khanedzo kana nyimelelwa kha khumbelo edzo dzi rumelwe kana dzi itiwe nga u to nwalela kha Mucipal Manager, Private Bag x611; Musina ; 0900 nga ngomu ha maduvha a fumbili malo (28) ubva nga duvha la vhufumi (10) Lara 2017, Adiresi ya Muimeleli: P.O. Box 206, Tshaulu, 0987. Cell: (060) 752 0756

AIRS RE• AllPappliances:

Tumbledriers, washing machines, microwaves, fridges, freezers & ice machines • Refrigeration installation & repairs. Airconditioning, installation, sales & repairs

LTT Radio & Electrical Centre Tel: 015 516 0751; Munnikstr. 90, LTT


To advertise your vacancy on this page, contact us at: 015 516 4996 Hoërskool

Louis Trichardt High School VAKATURE Administratiewe beampte Posbeskrywing: Voldag administratiewe pos Die hoof se persoonlike assistent wat insluit: sekretaresse (ingesluit komitees), hantering van korrespondensie, skakelwerk, algemene administrasie, personeel administrasie Posvereistes: • Matriek of gelykwaardige kwalifikasie • Ervaring in die hantering van administratiewe take • Rekenaargeletterd (Word / Excel) • Tweetaligheid (Afrikaans / Engels) • Goeie menseverhoudings • Moet onder druk kan werk • Konfidentialiteit handhaaf Aansoeke: • Sluitingsdatum: 13 November 2017 om 17:00 ‘n Volledige CV moet gefaks word na 015 516 5408 of e-pos na Diensaanvaarding: 10 Jan 2018 Navrae: Die hoof, Hoërskool Louis Trichardt (015 516 4965) Kortlyskandidate sal op 15 November 2017 gekontak word

VACANCY We are looking for a


for Elim Mall. This has to be a very skilled and hard working individual. His main function will be to monitor and maintain the water systems at the mall.This includes several boreholes, several pressure pumps and several water treatment facilities. Minimum skills: • Plumbing qualification. • Matric. • Any background in maintenance will be a benefit. • Must be able to speak GOOD English. Salary from R5000 to R10 000 per month depending on qualifications and experience. Email cv to

Business Guide To advertise your service here, contact us at 015 516 4996

Elektries & Verkoeling ois C 24 uur per dag! 7 dae ‘n week!

• Foutsporing en herstel • Instandhouding• Konstruksie • Sertifikaat van nakoming • Verkoeling • Lugversorging• Koelkamers

Cois Pretorius 082 498 1484 • 083 808 3000

55 Commercial Rd, Louis Trichardt

Paper, Stationery, Cartridges, Stamps Tel: 015 516 3981

* Geklassifiseerd en blok advertensies: Dinsdae 14:00 * Kleur advertensies: Maandae 16:00

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Bloedtekort word krisis



I am ... the Way, the Truth and the life


Christian Discipleship.


hat is Christian discipleship? It is someone drawn by the Father to follow the Lord Jesus (John 6:44). It involves a counting of the cost and a total commitment to Him. The cost and condition of discipleship. No one should be allowed to embark upon discipleship without first counting the cost (Matt 19:21). Our Lord went to great trouble to underline its demands (Luke 14:25-33). The love we have for people, and the desire we may have that they should become disciples, must not mean that we neglect to make them count the cost (Mark 10:21). The basic principle is that we cannot serve two masters (Matt. 6:24). Discipleship involves the abandonment of everything that would take Christ’s place in a person’s life (Mark 10: 21). Discipleship begins with a renunciation, and it is not intended that the act of renunciation should be left until later (Matt 19:21). Looking back is no more possible for a disciple than it is for someone who flees persecution (Luke 17:31), or for anyone who puts a hand to the plough and looks back (Luke 9:62). Discipleship means a sincere acknowledgement of the Lordship of Christ (Matt 7:21-27; Luke 6:46). Discipleship also means a life of devotion to Christ; the relationship we have with Him has priority over every other relationship (Matt 12:49-50; Luke 8:21). Discipleship also means the acceptance of the principle of dying to self (John 12:2326). Only when the principle of dying to self is genuinely accepted, can there be a true readiness for trials and persecution (Matt 5:10-12; Mark 8:34-37). Discipleship means doing the will of the Father, and to this end the Word of God must be both listened to and obeyed (Matt 12:48-50). - 079 516 8303

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“Probeer eerder deel van die oplossing te wees” dik te gaan maak daar by die polisie se aanklabloot aan te skuif na die volgende Facebook-post gkantoor. (Nog beter, sluit aan by jou buurt- of nie. plaaswagstruktuur en maak ‘n werklike verskil). Sluit aan by plaaslike diensorganisasies wat il jy weet hoekom is ons situasie so wanGaan vertel die polisie van oom Johan wat jou probeer om die munisipaliteit tot verantwoor­ hopig, vra ‘n vriend die ander dag. ding te roep. Dié organisasies is net so sterk soos Kyk na Facebook ... dit is om van naar te word. alweer probeer belieg het vir selfoonlugtyd, of dat daar gisteraand by jou huis ingebreek is. hul ledetal en kan nie ‘n verskil maak sonder die Dis mos nou dié plek waar ons sit en kerm. Of tel die foon op en vra bietjie vir die muninodige ondersteuning vanuit die gemeenskap nie. Een vir almal, almal vir een en niemand (rêrig) sipaliteit hoekom hulle jou water afgesit het/nie Probeer eerder ‘n deel van die oplossing te vir iemand nie. Deesdae wil almal tog so graag jou kragrekening gestuur het nie. Dit is nie so wees as om grondbone vanuit die Facebook-galhul stem laat hoor; van misdade, dienslewering maklik om mense te ignoreer as wat dit is om ‘n lery te gooi. en sulke dergelike dinge word alles getrou op hierdie gewilde geselshoekie gerapporteer. Dan praat ons nie van die mammas wat bekommerd wil weet of hulle ou skapie (‘n lys van simptome word gewoonlik gegee) dalk malaria of iets onder lede het nie. En bid jou aan, dan vra hulle vir raad van die publiek! Mevrou, tel op die foon en skakel jou huisdokter! Die kanse is goed dat jou gesprek met jou dokter jou net so lank sou gevat het as die tyd wat dit jou geneem het om daardie boodskap (dikwels nog vol spelfoute) te tik op Facebook. Nog ‘n tipiese geval waaroor daar gereeld ge­ kla word, is Louis Trichardt se water (of gebrek daaraan). Dikwels moet die groot boetie (hetsy die koerant, die DA of AfriForum) inspring en help en die probleem rapporteer én regsien. Meneer, en ja jy mevrou wat so kla, weet jy nie hoe werk die telefoon toepassing waarmee jy sekondes terug op Facebook jou lot bekla het nie?? Die bekende evangelis Lukas Korff het op 20 Oktober bietjie met die kinders by Laerskool So is dit ook met Louis Trichardt se misdaadMessina kom praat. Hy is vergesel deur pastoor Jimmy Venter van die Volle Evangelie Kerk in gevalle. Musina. Die doel van Korff se besoek was om die jong leerlinge te motiveer. Afgeneem is, van “Waarsku almal!” sal ‘n tipiese boodskap links na regs, Phenyo Legwabe (onderhoofseun), Annika Pretorius (onderhoofmeisie), Korff, dit ten hemele uit roep. Gewoonlik is vriend of past. Jimmy, Jané Naudé (hoofmeisie) en Kyle Greig (hoofseun). Foto verskaf. familielid aangeval. “Wees tog asseblief paraat,” sal die boodskap dan mee afsluit. (Moet tog asseblief nie hier verkeerd verstaan nie; misdaad is ‘n euwel wat uitgeroei moet word). “Almal” word mos gewaarsku of hoe? Maar wat van ou tannie Sarie en oom Piet wat onder in die straat af bly? Tegnologie is vir hulle ‘n selfoon en Facebook is die ding waarin die kleinkinders se foto’s gebêre word. Plaaslik is daar ook nie so iets soos ‘n Facebook patrollie wat die heeldag kan sit en kyk waar misdaad aangemeld word nie. Dit is ook in my opinie nie regverdig om die polisie te wil kruisig oor halfgebakte werk as die misdaadklag dit net so ver as ‘n Facebook-pos maak nie. Laat jou stem eerder geld deur hom ‘n bietjie Anoniem van Louis Trichardt, skryf:


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Die Soutpansberg Distrikslandbou-unie (SDLU) het tydens hul algemene jaarver­ gadering op Vrydag, 27 Oktober, ‘n baie spesiale toekenning gemaak aan mnr. Jurgens van der Walt van die Alldays Boerevereniging vir sy 65 jaar van volgehoue ondersteuning en bydraes as lid van die Transvaalse Landbouunie. Voor is oom Jurgens, en agter saam met hom is, van links na regs, mnr. Robert Gallon (verteenwoordiger van die Alldays Boerevereniging) en mnr. Fanie Havinga (SDLU voorsitter). Foto verskaf.



Die Louis Trichardt Rolbalklub se gewilde besigheidsliga het verlede Donderdag, 2 November, weer in alle erns afgeskop, met nege spanne wat aan die eerste van die drie rondtes deelgeneem het. Afgeneem is die onderskeie spanne kort voor die eerste rondte wedstryd. Die NG Kerk Soutpansberg-gemeente se Deadly Deacons het met ‘n punteverskil van +10 as algehele wenners van die eerste rondte uit die stryd getree. Tweede, met ‘n punteverskil van +7, was die span van Ons Tuiste met die Dopper-span in die derde plek met ‘n punteverskil van +5. Die besigheidsliga dien nie net as fondsinsameling vir die klub nie, maar ook om rolbal as sportsoort te bemark. Die tweede rondte wedstryde van die liga word Donderdag, 9 November, beslis.

Die streek se topskuts het op 28 Oktober mekaar die stryd aangesê tydens die Soutpansbergtak van die Bosveld Jagtersvereniging se derde en laaste Skut van die Jaar-kompetisie op die plaas Franzhoek. Die klub het hul dank uitgespreek teenoor almal wat die dag ondersteun het, asook die baanoffisiere. “Dankie ook vir die verversingstafel. Heerlike eetgoed is verkoop,” het die klub gesê. Die dag se wenners was (voor, van links na regs) Junior Smit (eerste senior junior seun), Wian du Toit (tweede senior ju­nior seun), Jeanette van der Merwe (eerste senior vrou), Gezelle Koen (eerste junior meisie) en Michelle Ackerman (tweede junior meisie). Agter is Theyman Jongbloed (tweede senior man), Ampie du Toit (eerste senior man), Kiewiet Botha (derde senior vrou), Tiny Rademeyer (tweede senior junior meisie) en Simone du Toit (eerste senior junior meisie). Inlas links is Ruan Ackerman (derde senior junior seun) en inlas regs is Conrad Burger (eerste junior seun).

Die Soutpansberg-tak van die Bosveld Jagtersvereniging het op 23 September hul tweede Skut van die Jaar kompetisie op Vivo aangebied. Die wenners was (voor, van links na regs) Wian du Toit (eerste senior junior seun), Simone du Toit (eerste senior junior meisie), Tarien Botha (tweede junior meisie), Gezelle Koen (eerste junior meisie), Tiny Rademeyer (tweede senior junior meisie) en Juan Steenkamp (tweede senior junior seun). Agter is Theyman Jongbloed (eerste senior), Ampie du Toit (tweede senior) en Kiewiet Botha (eerste senior vrou). Die klub het hul dank uitgespreek teenoor almal wat die dag gehelp het, asook die kompetisie bygewoon het. Foto’s verskaf.


Rondte 1 Punte

The top pupil of Soutpansberg Primary, Khuthadzo Budeli, receives her trophy and certificate from the principal of the school, Ms Adri Kloppers.

Souties honour their top students By Kaizer Nengovhela

start afresh to rectify what you couldn’t achieve at first. We need to stress the importance of education because it is the backbone of prosperity and knowledge.” An SGB member, Mr Mpho Mphilo, told the pupils how he and others like him had defeated the odds to become successful in life. He told them that they, too, could succeed if they worked hard, planned and stayed focused. The “role models” included engineers, businessmen and medical doctors from rural villages around the area, and all had a similar story to tell: “One can succeed despite one’s background”.

Pupils from Soutpansberg Pri­mary School received trophies and certificates for outstanding achievements in different categories during an awards ceremony held at the school last Thursday evening. The principal of the school, Ms Adri Kloppers said that the ceremony was aimed at promoting cleanliness, dedication, faithfulness, self-esteem and a sense of value among the pupils. “Parents should check their children’s school work frequently, so that they are able to contribute to their performance in the classroom,” she added. She appealed to pupils who are struggling to succeed not to give up. “Don’t waste time in creating excuses. An unnecessary excuse will not make you an achiever,” she said. She also mentioned the suspected use of muti to help pupils to achieve better results. “Pupils and teachers had to sweat it out to reap the rewards at the end of the year,” she added. She encouraged the pupils to take education seriously, so that they could face the challenges of the future with ease. She said the parents must cooperate with the Department of Education and other stakeholders for the benefit of education in the country. “Failure does not necessarily mean that one Mukundi Thangavhuelelo, the sports girl has to stop pursuing your dreams. Failure gives of the year, receives her tropy from Ms Vu­ you the opportunity to realise your mistakes and ledzani Kutama.

Besigheidsliga 2017 Rondte 2

Punte verskil


Rondte 3

Punte verskil


Punte verskil

Totaal Punte

Punte verskil


Deadly Deacons






Ons Tuiste


+ 7


+ 7


Die Doppers


+ 5


+ 5




+ 3


+ 3


KB Struktureel


+ 2


+ 2




- 2


- 2


Sewing Centre


- 3


- 3




- 7


- 7


ZCP Konsultante


- 10


- 10

Louis Trichardt Bowls Club, c/o Anderson & Ruh Streets, Louis Trichardt. Contact no: 084 505 3663

Soutpansberg Gholfklub

The 19th hole

Uitslae/Results Woensdagspel Datum




Eie reëlings






A. Pretorius



G. Mahlauli


Maandelikse Houespel Datum 04/11/17

Hoofborg SPB Gholfklub


Formaat HS Punte


Plek 1

C. Mocke

Opkomende Kompetisie


R. Machumela


Z. Nortjé








Rotary Golfday



T. Pretorius

uittel 70


J. Pretorius

uittel 70








BS - Beterbal Stableford, IS - Ind Sta­bleford, BBB - B/ bal Bonus Bogey, HS - Houespel, GS - Gekombineerde Stable­ford, 4BA/S - 4Bal Alliansie Stableford, 2B/AS - 2Bal American Scramble, BBM - Beterbal Multiplier

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Magoebaskloof Classic lok baie Fietsrynuus

Boere net-net te sterk vir Souties

Nie net die maandelikse houespel is Saterdag, 4 November, by die Soutpansberg Gholfklub beslis nie. Dit was ook weer tyd vir die klub se baie gewilde jaarlikse Boere vs Souties uitdaag met die Boere wat vanjaar die gesogte trofee opraap ná ‘n uitspeel. Afgeneem is die wen Boerespan. Foto verskaf.

Phoenix beat LTT in Premier clash Cricket News

Louis Trichardt’s first cricket side suffered another defeat on Sunday when Phoenix (Modadjiskloof) beat them by 54 runs in a Premier League clash. Phoenix batted first in the 50-over clash and put up a very decent total of 279/5. Their opening pair, Gideon Swanepoel (78) and Mauritz Perold (39), put up a good partnership from where an attack in the middle order could be launched. This was very effectively done by Imran Badar (44) and Franco Oberholzer (55), with Ettienne Wahl adding a useful 25 runs at the end. Louis Trichardt’s most successful bowlers were FC Phillipson (2/19 in 2 overs) and Ettienne van Heerden (2/71 in 10 overs). Vimal Shah (1/28 in 9 overs) and Hamid Dukanwala (0/19 in 6 overs) were very economical. AJ Fourie (23) and Louis van Jaarsveld (11)

combined well to get Louis Trichardt’s innings started, but the first three wickets fell fairly quickly. Nimesh Watekar (65) and Christo Gerber (25) gave the home side some hope. Nimesh was in destructive mode, hitting seven fours and two sixes. Once these two departed, wickets fell in quick succession. At the end, Ettienne van Heerden (20) and FC Phillipson (22) added some spark, but they could not hold out until the end. The last wicket fell in the 43rd over with Louis Trichardt still 54 runs short of a victory. Phoenix’s most successful bowlers were Andre de Beer (3/21 in 5 overs) and Imran Badar (3/35 in 8 overs). Franco Oberholzer (2/31 in 6 overs) and Aubrey van Reenen (2/30 in 7.1 overs) also played their part. This coming Sunday, Louis Trichardt’s side will travel to the Duivelskloof oval to play against Nkowankowa.

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46 980km

Heelwat van die streek se bergfietsryers het Saterdag die uitdagende Magoebaskloof Classic oor afstande van onderskeidelik 20 km, 40 km en 80 km aangedurf. Net drie plaaslike fietsryer het kans gesien vir die uiters uitdagende 80 km-wedren. Hier was Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se Marno van Zyl die eerste plaaslike ryer tuis in ‘n algehele 17de plek uit 42 in ‘n tyd van 04:20:19 (5de Elite man). In die 18de posisie was die jong Casper Venter in 04:21:57 (1ste seuns O/16) met pa Casper senior in die 19de plek (4de meester man) in 04:22:44). Heelwat meer plaaslike ryers het kans gesien vir die korter 40 km-wedren, alhoewel dit ook uiters uitdagend was. Weer was dit die jongelinge van Hoërskool Louis Trichardt wat die top podiumplekke oorheers het. Uit die 150 deelnemers wat klaargemaak het, was Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se Richard Lambert algeheel tweede in ‘n tyd van 01:56:44. Hy was ook die tweede junior man tuis. Spanmaat Rohan Cronjé het ook weer ‘n goeie wedren gehad en algeheel derde geëindig in ‘n tyd van 02:02:58. Cronjé het ook ‘n eerste plek in die seuns O/16-afdeling ingepalm. Agste tuis was nog ‘n Triegie, Roan le Roux, in ‘n tyd van 02:08:48. Hy was derde in die seuns O/16-afdeling. Triegies se Rofhiwa Kutama het ook sy beste wedren tot op hede gery en algeheel 12de in 02:13:44 (5de seuns O/16) geëindig. Louis Trichardt se Jandré van Jaarsveldt was algeheel 29ste in die 40 km (8ste Elite man) in 02:24:39. Kort op sy hakke was Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se Christelle Coetzer in die 33ste plek in

02:26:19. Dit het ook aan haar ‘n derde plek besorg in die meisies O/16-afdeling). Spanmaat Jennavieve Truter was die volgende Triegie-meisie tuis, in die 56ste plek in 02:37:06 (4de meisies O/16). Douglas Archer was algeheel 71ste in 02:51:25 (13de Elite man), met Louis Trichardt se Flippie Greyling wat 74ste klaargemaak het in 02:53:24 (14de veteraan man). Jaco Oberholzer was die 16de veteraanman tuis in ‘n algehele 78ste posisie in ‘n tyd van 02:58:19. Louis Trichardt se Jernay McLoed het algeheel 90ste klaargemaak in die 40 km-wedren in 03:02:11, wat aan haar ‘n eerste plek besorg het in die vroue meestersafdeling. Mark Archer was 100ste in ‘n tyd van 03:10:47 (23ste veteraan man), terwyl Michelle Greyling as agste veteraan vrou klaargemaak het in ‘n algehele 113de plek in 03:15:05. Die dorp se bekende Stanley Thompson was die 29ste mansveteraan tuis in die 123ste plek in ‘n tyd van 03:29:00. Vroulief Andra Thompson het bietjie meer as 10 minute later klaargemaak in 03:41:05 en was die derde meestersvrou oor die wenstreep. Soos gewoonlik het die jongspan van Laerskool Louis Trichardt se fietsryspan aan die 20 km-wedren deelgeneem. Hier was Shaun de Beer die eerste plaaslike ryer tuis in ‘n algehele sewende plek uit 133 ryers in ‘n tyd van 01:01:23. Hy was ook die vyfde sub-junior seun. Trevor de Beer was die 14de ryer tuis (agste sub-junior seun) in 01:03:45, met Hoërskool Louis Trichardt se ElizMari Pretorius 16de in 01:03:47. Sy het egter ‘n podium plek ingeneem as derde sub-junior meisie. Spanmaat Annika Kotze was algeheel 36ste in ‘n tyd van 01:13:25 en sesde sub-junior meisie.

10 November 2017 Zoutpansberger  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.

10 November 2017 Zoutpansberger  

Local newspaper bringing you the news, sport and more from Louis Trichardt and surrounding areas in Limpopo province, South Africa.