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WORKS 1995 - 2013


Home/Spirit, black white photography, 1998

Home/Spirit, 1998-2001, installation 36th Zagreb Salon, PM Gallery, Zagreb, 2001, Comprised a table with a black cloth and a shoe (set beneath a table's leg) along with a black/white photography that I've taken in my room when I first returned to Baranja in 1998. I have photographed the room with a turned off TV set, over which I applied white paper to form a sentence saying Nobody 's safe.

11.00 – 19.00, performance, Gallery Gradska, Zagreb,1998 The title of the performance referred to the opening hours of the gallery. The artist sat with his back turned towards the window of the gallery, drinking about forty glasses of water in eight hours. The action in 11.00 – 19.00 resembles the one in The Punishment, it is monotonous and exhausting, self-sufficient and without any interaction with the public. Still, in both performances we can identify the protest, even if the only trace of it is the artist averting his eyes from the audience. Apart from iterpreting it as meditative and self-questioning, this performance is also ana act of a refusal to submit, obey and ingratiate.

The Last Exhibition, exhibition view Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, 1999

Baranja & Slavonija, performance 9.Performance Festival Barutana, Osijek, 2009

During 4 last days of the exhibition,the author dressed in black, is laying at a standstill in the center of the yellow canvas, at the gallery. The following text is accompanies the scene: If I am disappear from this world, I would like it to happen in Nature with plenty of sunshine.

The performance took place on the bridge Drava in Osijek. The river is at this point a sort of natural boundaries between Slavonia and Baranja. I crossed the bridge at the first from the Baranja side walking along the footpath. I pushed ahead wooden toy called Rattler, which produces an intense 'wagging' sound. When I came to the end of the bridge (entered into Slavonia), I returned back to the other side in the direction of Baranja pushing the same Rattler, which is a traditional toy in Slavonia and Baranja. So I connected the two regions - Slavonia, where I was born and Baranja in which I grew up.

The Long Body, performance From A to B, the old railway station, Vara탑din, 2002.

The Guard at the Exhibition DM, action Museum of Contemporary Arts, Zagreb, 1998 The action directly alludes to artist Dalibor Martinis performance The Guard at the Exhibition, performed at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in 1976. Martinis criticizes the institution of the museum when he, dressed in the uniform of a guard, stands in front of the exhibited works of old masters and contemporary authors and prevents the visitors from seeing them. I repeated this situation, at a time when I actually working as a guard during the exhibition of Dalibor Martis at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Regarding the fact that the title is almost directly system, but it is also ironically displaced and it opens a situation in which I am at the same time the artist and the guard of the exhibition.

The performance takes place under stroboscopic light, at the old railway station in Vara탑din. At the beginning of the performance, at the tracks that stretch from the entrance to the former depot train station, I unwound a roll of white plastic which is maded from discarded banners that were used to advertise the exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb. Illuminated by stroboscope I walk down the banner, with the hands on the chest, covering up tee-shirt. Then I performing Adoration - and revealing the sign on my chest: GORGONA

The Long Body, performance, Savski nasip, Zagreb, 2010 The Long Body, performance, Savski nasip, Zagreb, 2000 Long body occurs at the Sava embankment without the presence of the audience, right on artist’s birthday. The act of going to the embankment, is documented by photography recording artists from the back. This is repeated ten years later, again on his birthday, and footage from the back this time shows the artist with no head. In both cases, it’s a reference a Gorgona Group, focusing Gorgona on the ‘existence’ rather than ‘action’. But not a re-enactment of some of the actions groups, but invoking cultural memory that are indirectly reclining action, and therefore the reception area and the position of a part of the current art practice in Croatia.

I like Madonna and Madonna likes me, installation, print on canvas, dim: 4800cm x 80cm Extended Media Gallery/ Gallery PM, Zagreb, 2005/2008 Photo still printed on canvas, showing an excerpt from Madonna's video spot American life, edited video version from 2005 wich features Madonna dressed in US military uniform, singing in front of a backdrop of ever-changing flags of different countries. From the video was extract a frame in wich Madonna is standing in front of the Croatian flag. The photo-still was printed at the centre of the canvas, while on the left and the right side of the image, there was elongated Croatian flag. The title of the work paraphrases the title of Beuy's performance I like Amerika Amerika likes me, performed in New York in 1974.

Morning Action, performance Art Workshop Lazarety, Dubrovnik, 2008 At 02h after midnight, I walked along Stradun street in Dubrovnik, pushing ahead colorful children's wooden toys so coled Rattler, which is creating on the sidewalk a horrific sound and thus disrupting the early morning peace. I was returned at the same way pushing a toy.

Thursday, Otok Gallery, Art Workshop Lazarety, Dubrovnik, 1999 Along one of the walls of the gallery I wrote in coal the sentence: To enlarge Kožarić 200 times. At the another wall are placed 200 photocopies (A4 format) of Croatin artist Ivan Kožarić digging a hole. Below, I placed an elliptically shaped black canvas as an association to the excavation.

Concentration, performance, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2013 I'm standing on stage in front of two microphones. Below shirts I have hidden four badges in the colors of the Croatian flag, which when activated (by pressing), playing the Croatian anthem. I activate at first the badge on the left, and then the other, one by one; due to the mixing of sounds anthem becomes unrecognizable. The performance was realised: Gallery POT/Kassel, 2012 (during exhibition Der Zug nach Kassel/Kurator Privatkollektion), and at Performance Art Festival, Osijek, 2012.

L'arte e una parola italiana, space intervention Opera Don Orione Artigianelli, Venice, 2013 The intervention was carried out in the garden of Croatian Pavilion at the 55. Venice Biennale opening. I was collected magnolia leaves from the garden writing on them the sentence: L'arte e una parola Italiana. Then I ‘sting’ leaves in the an ornamental shrub, at the old antique well in the center of the garden. Intervention proceeds from the one of my artwork/concept under which the same sentence passed through the different languages, for example: Art is an English word, L'arte e una parola italiana, Kunst is eine deutches Word, Umjetnost je hrvatska rijeÄ?, etc., etc. The similar interventions on the basis of the same concept, I've realised in Croatia, Germany, Denmark, USA, Hungari and Slovenia.

Marking /Daily Arts 2009-2010, photographic series The series of photographs Marking (part of the series Daily Arts), were created in November of 2009 when I was worked as part – time techical support in setting the permanent collection of the newly launched Museum of Contemporary Art/MSU/ in Zagreb. During the breaks in setting up of the collection I was photograph my self in various performative situation within the collection. Wearing a white lab coat and taking a pose in which my head was not visible, I had situate myself by selected artworks, or in areas in which some of them, according to the collection curators, would be placed. Daily arts continues the invisible actions /interventions that I was performed since 1999, in various galleries, museums and other culture institutions whithout the audience, and official permission.

Swamp in the Swamp 1991-2001, performance Swamp Club, Zagreb, 2002 The performance was realised as a tribute to The Swamp group, that was active in Baranja 1988 to 1991 (in which I was a founding member), and as a reminder of the performance Introduction to the Swamp, which was performed at the opening of the exhibition The Swamp Group, in Osijek in 1990. Dressed in a white painting coat at the beginning of the performance, I sowed wheat on the floor with the sounds of Mozart's Lacrimosa. In the second part, with a strobe light and rock instrumental Cecilia Ann by Pixies – I clean wheat with a broom, then stir up black nylon on the floor (on which sowed the wheat) and below which appears white rectangle that shines under stroboscopic light. Standing with a broom in my hand in front of the glowing rectangle, I end performance.

Kunst ist ein deutsches Wort, installation, Düsseldorf, 2007 In the presented Four Works (2007), Pavelić intervenes on Düsseldorf's daily press, and writes: Kunst ist ein deutsches Wort in black acrylic over the papers. This same sentence, written in yellow on a red background, is on the cover of the booklet-catalogue and on the invitation cards for the exhibition. Pavelić also made a collage Invitation (2007)out of these invitations.

Foot Stomp, action, The House of Croatian Artists, Zagreb, 2007

Voting box, performance Decentralization, Dopust, Mala dvorana Jedinstvo, Zagreb, 2011. In the darkened space with fluorescent lighting, dressed in black, with white gloves and a large white ‘voting box’ that hold over my head, I marched to the rhythm of the song The Light pours Out Of Me by The Magazine, turning on my own axis, in the duration of the songs (4min and 44sec). Before entering the space every spectator, a potential 'voter' received a small round white badge, to make those tiny white pigment react to fluorescent light as ‘voting box on my head.

In the Foot Stomp, the same action and its sound effect were shot in a Zagreb gallery during the dismantling of an exhibition. This twenty-seven second shot shows the artist's feet in black shoes and a part of the white dustcoat smudged with paint / confirmation of the artistic identity/. Trough the repetition of motives Pavelić suggests persistence of the question posed in The Voice of the Artist, that is, the position of the artist within the value system of the institution/society.

You Can Say Anything Here, video installation, 2007 Baranja Art Collony, Kopački Rit Installation was realized in 2007 in space Tikves Castle (Kopački Rit), known as Tito's Castle, an elite resort wich it was once frequently visited by former president of the former Yugoslavia, Tito. During the war in Croatia (from 1991-1995) the castle was completely devasted, and 2007 started to renovate. The installation consisted of fake microphone (inoperative) that hung from the ceiling in the hallway of castle. Under the microphone, on the floor was placed a paper with inscription: You can say anything here, wich invites visitors to participate in 'free speech'. At the same time, the whole situation is recorded by hidden camera.

Tom, video, 2008 Baranja Art Collony, Tikveš The video is dedicated to Tomislav Gotovac, (1937 – 2010), artist, performer, maker of experimental films. The space of the corridor suggests the feeling of separation and isolation of the person sitting at the bottom of the corridor. Towards the end of the video shot when Tom looked into the camera a contact with the camera (with the gaze of one who is watching) is established. The shot was taken with the intention of capturing this gaze.

AWARD, action, 2013. In 1972. Croatian conceptual artist Goran Trbuljak submitted to the Commission awards a written proposal for the award for the work that he will make in the future. 25 years later, I granted him on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his artistic work. The award I handed him consisted of 40 sheets of paper with the printed words AWARD (for each year one award), packaged in a wooden box.

Roll Call 2010, performance Branjin Vrh, 2010 The performance was realized without an audience in December 2010 in Baranja, in a field near my home village (Branjin Vrh). The performance has the following contents: standing on a hunter’s observation point, in the middle of deserted winter landscape, I called out with a megaphone the names of all animal species that lives in this area. The work is related to the Roll call/2002, performance maded in the Gallery of Fine Arts in Osijek, when I was with a megaphone called out the names of all persons wich Gallery usual calls to the openings. Cultural environment from the Roll call/2002, in the Roll call/2010, is replaced with natural environment of animal species.

Roll Call 2013, performance Copula, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, 2013 At the From of a hunter's observation point in the middle of Korzo (main street in Rijeka), Zoran Pavelić calls the names of persons the Museum usually invites to its exhibition openings. In that way he wants to draw the attention of the 'called' potential museum visitors to the importance of their participation in the museum's becoming. The hunter's observation point serves as a connection of two disparate notions – the natural and the urban ambience – but also reminds of a hunter's 'preying', in this case the museum visitors.

Reading Kožarić’s sentence upside down, performance Call to action, Atelier Kožarić, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2011 The performance took place within the action Call to action and consisted in the follows: at the upper floor of Atelier Kožarić, sitting on a chair, I was read with a microphone selected sentences of croatian sculptor Ivan Kožarić, in backward. On the lower floor of studio, visitors also read the same sentence backward, with a microphone. The performance is inspired by Kožarić’s ‘ceremonial speech' - a series of sentences with no real meaning which was Kožarić held that summer welcomed guests at events Friends of Kožarić in MSU.

Presentation, photographic series, 2009 The photographic series Presentation,, is a part of the work cycle Daily Arts, maded during November and December 2009. In that period, I took a part in the work on the permanent collection in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, as a technical staff. While having a work break, I secretly recorded myself in the following situations; in a white working uniform, in a pose which doesn't shows my head and standing next to the selected works. In this action, in which time and place of action/intervention are most important, the emphasis is on 'marking', on my meeting as an artist with the selected works from the Museum collection. Presentation continued at a number of invisible actions/interventions, which I was performed in galleries, museums and other primary and secondary institutions of culture, without audience and without the awareness of the official staff. Invisible actions put in the foreground a question of communication between artistic and cultural layers of heritage.

WORKS 1995 - 2013

An alle Künstler 1997. – 1998., Kunst in der Stadt, Mainz, 1997. To all the Artists 1997 – 1998, Art in the City, Mainz 1997 Svim umjetnicima da prestanu sa svojim izlagačkim djelatnostima te da se posvete druženju u sljedećih godinu dana. To all the Artists that they stop with their exhibition activities and dedicate themselves to socializing in the next year. Help, Umjetnički paviljon, Zagreb, 1997. Help, Art Pavilion, Zagreb, 1997 Na instalaciji/globusu – radu Yoko Ono predstavljenom na izložbi Kartografi (Umjetnički paviljon, 1997.), ispisao sam riječ "HELP" aludirajući na tada još neriješenu ratnu situaciju u Hrvatskoj. Nekoliko godina poslije tu sam riječ 'preokrenuo' u "PLEH" i koristio je u nekoliko radova. Godine 2007. osnovana je umjetnička organizacija PLEH. I wrote the word “HELP” on the Yoko Ono installation/globe shown at the “Cartographers” exhibition (Art Pavilion, 1997), alluding to the yet unresolved war situation in Croatia. Several years later, I inverted the letters so that they read “PLEH”, and used the word in several works. In 2007 the artist-led organization PLEH was founded.

Slikareva priča br. 2, 1997. – 1998, instalacija, prijenosni TV, drveno postolje, papir, dim: 147 x 37 x 37 cm, 33. Zagrebački salon, Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb, 1998. Painter’s Story No. 2, 1997 – 1998, installation, portable TV, wooden base, hammer paper, dim: 147 x 37 x 37 cm, 33rd Zagreb Salon, Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb 1998 Na ekran televizora na kojem je cijelo vrijeme bio uključen Prvi program HTV-a apliciran je crni kvadrat od papira (dim: 8 x 8 cm).

Zwanzig Jahre einer Postkarte, 25 April 1988 – 25. Travanj 2008., dim: 10,5 x 14,8 cm Twenty Years of a Postcard, 25 April 1988 – 25 April 2008, dim: 10.5 x 14.8 cm

I applied a black paper square (dim: 8 x 8 cm) on a TV screen that was broadcasting the Croatian Television program. fotopreslik iz kataloga

Kartolina je pronađeni ready-made iz 1995., datiran 25. 04. 1988. Kako bih obilježio dvadesetu godišnjicu njezina nastanka, poslao sam informaciju o tom događaju (fotografiju kartoline s nazivom rada i označenim datumima) na nekoliko e-mail adresa. The postcard is a found ready-made from 1995, with the date 25 April 1988 on it. In order to mark its 20th anniversary, I sent information about this event (a photo of the postcard with the title of the work and the signed dates) to several e-mail addresses.

Bez naziva, instalacija, ready-made, četiri drvena štapa za hodanje Untitled, installation, ready-made, four wooden walking sticks 16. Slavonski biennale, Osijek, Vukovar, 1998. 16th Slavonian Biennale, Osijek, Vukovar, 1998

Portir MSU, signatura gtrbuljak, olovka, papir, dim: 8,4 x 12 cm, 1999. MSU Porter, signature by gtrbuljak, paper, pencil, dim: 8.4 x 12 cm, 1999 Godine 1999. kratko sam radio kao portir u Muzeju suvremene umjetnosti. Posjetitelji koji su dolazili u muzej, a i umjetnici upisivali su se u knjigu evidencije. Između ostalih bio je tu i potpis Gorana Trbuljaka koji sam pokušao kopirati tehnikom frotaža, trljajući i sjenčeći olovkom papir preko originalnog potpisa iz muzejske evidencije. In 1999 I was briefly employed as a porter at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Visitors to the museum, among them artists, would sign their names in the museum sign-in register. Among others was Goran Trbuljak’s signature which I attempted to copy using the frottage technique, by rubbing and shading a pencil on paper over the original signature from the museum register.

Pozivnica, 12,5 x 8 cm Invitation Card, 12.5 x 8 cm

Zima / Winter, photo, 60 x 90 cm

Proljeće / Spring, photo, 60 x 90 cm

Foto radovi izložbe "Jozefina" održane u Galeriji Ghetto, Split 2001. Photo works from the “Jozefina” exhibition held at the Ghetto Gallery, Split 2001 Krista, 16,8 x 10,6 x 1,8 cm, ready-made, željezo, 2006. Croatia Before Christ, 16.8 x 10.6 x 1.8 cm, ready-made, iron, 2006 Na putu za dogovor o izložbi koju je Željko Jerman u galeriji Meandar Media priređivao uz svoju knjigu Zagubljeni portreti, pronašao sam između tramvajskih tračnica neobičan predmet, i ponudio ga Jermanu za svoj dio izložbe. On my way to meet Željko Jerman and discuss the exhibition he was planning for Meandar Media Gallery along with the presentation of his book Misplaced Portraits, I found an unusual object between the tram tracks which I offered to Jerman as my part of the exhibition.

Psst!, ready-made, drvena blind rama, akril, dim: 20,5 x 4,4 x 2,3 cm Psst!, ready-made, blind frame, acrylic, dim: 20.5 x 4.4 x 2.3 cm

Relacije, fotografija, promjenljive dimenzije Relations, photo, dimensions variable Ispis na fotografiji, 1995. – 1997. Print on photo, 1995 – 1997

Art Millenium, skupna izložba, Galerija Ghetto, Split, 1999. Art Millenium, group exhibition, Ghetto Gallery, Split, 1999

Signatura I.K., fotografija instalacije, Županja, 2003. Signature IK, installation photo, Županja, 2003

Yes/No, video, 2001. Yes/No, video, 2001 Video je snimljen oko zgrade Doma HDLU-a uz sudjelovanje umjetnika Michaela Talleya. Snimatelji Frane Rogić i Michael Talley. Workshop, HDLU, Zagreb 2001. The video was shot around the HDLU House (Croatian Association of Artists) with the participation of artist Michael Talley. Recorded by Frane Rogić and Michael Talley. Workshop, HDLU, Zagreb, 2001.

Gripa u galeriji, akcija, fotografija, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, 2001. The Flu in the Gallery, action, photo, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Zagreb, 2001 Službenu obavijest na ulaznim vratima galerije da je „galerija zatvorena zbog gripe“, krišom sam preoblikovao u obavijest „Gripa u galeriji!“. I stealthily converted the official notice on the gallery doors reading “The gallery is closed due to flu” to “Flu in the Gallery!”.

Četiri upaljača, ready-made iz kolekcije Kurator / Privatkollektion, dim: 12 x 20 x 1,6 cm, 2002. Four lighters, ready-made from the Curator / Private Collection collection, dim: 12 x 20 x 1.6 cm, 2002

Četiri upaljača, (poklon Branka Franceschija), nalazi se u mojoj zbirci Kurator/Privatkollektion. Zbirka je vezana za umjetnički život i rad, a sastoji se od poklonjenih predmeta i radova drugih umjetnika, ili raznih pronađenih i prikupljenih, odbačenih predmeta. Four lighters (a gift from Branko Franceschi) is part of my Curator/Private Collection collection. The collection is related to artistic life and work and consists of donated objects and works by other artists, or various found and collected, discarded objects.

Točka na kraju rečenice, samostalna izložba, Galerija Matice Hrvatske, Križevci, 2003. Full Stop at the End of the Sentence, solo exhibition, Matica Hrvatska Gallery, Križevci, 2003 Izložba se sastojala od dvije instalacije, Štrajk rečenica i Točka na kraju rečenice. Rezultat je ideje o odsustvu teksta i odsustvu govora u kontekstu izlagačkog prostora. The exhibition consisted of two installations, Strike of the Sentences and Full Stop at the End of the Sentence. It is based on the idea of the absence of text or speech in the context of exhibition space.

Rad je nastao neposredno nakon smrti poznatog hrvatskog umjetnika Julija Knifera. Na nogometnom igralištu u blizini svog atelijera, topeći snijeg uz pomoć vrele vode, oblikovao sam meandar – zaštitni znak Julija Knifera.

Kolibri, prostorna intervencija, instalacija, Hannover, 2002.: Zagreb, 2008.: Subotica, 2009. The Hummingbird, spatial intervention, installation, Hannover, 2002: Zagreb, 2008: Subotica, 2009

This work was made immediately after the death of famous Croatian artist Julije Knifer. On a football field close to my atelier, I melted snow with hot water, making a meander – the trade mark of Julije Knifer.

Pri postavljanju prostorne intervencije/instalacije Kolibri, dimenzije rada određivao sam prema broju godina umjetnika Jurja Dobrovića u trenutku izvedbe.

Snijeg Knifer, intervencija u javnom prostoru, fotografija, Žitnjak, Zagreb, 2004. – 2005. Snow Knifer, intervention in public space, photo, Žitnjak, Zagreb, 2004 – 2005

While setting up the spatial intervention/installation Hummingbird, I determined the dimensions of the work according to the age of the artist Juraj Dobrović at the time of the intervention.

Jučer, danas, sutra, katalog – knjiga, dim: 23,5 x 16,3 x 1,8 cm, 2007. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, catalogue – book, dim: 23,5 x 16,3 x 1,8 cm, 2007 Katalog skupne izložbe u kojem sam sve stranice s fotografijama radova sudionika obojio crnom akrilnom bojom, a ostavio neobojanu samo svoju stranicu u katalogu. Na nekoliko stranica su ispisane riječi na njemačkom jeziku: "gestern", "heute", "morgen". Exhibition catalogue in which I painted all the pages with photos of the works of participants in black acrylic paint, and left only the page with my work unpainted. I wrote the German words “gestern”, “heute”, “morgen” on several pages.

Svjesno, intervencija u javnom prostoru, fotografija, Žitnjak, Zagreb, 2004. – 2005. Consciously, intervention in public space, photo, Žitnjak, Zagreb, 2004 – 2005

Tijekom obnove zgrade mjesne zajednice u neposrednoj blizini svog atelijera, izveo sam ilegalno sljedeću intervenciju: ispred ulaznih vrata mjesne zajednice, u prazan drveni okvir u kojem se nalazio naziv institucije, aplicirao sam srebrnim letrasetom riječ "SVJESNO". Nakon toga fotografirao sam brojne reakcije mještana, s obzirom na potpuno nejasan razlog pojavljivanja te riječi na zgradi koja će nekoliko mjeseci poslije biti preuređena. Ispunjavanje praznog okvira, referenca je na ciklus radova konceptualnog umjetnika Antuna Maračića pod nazivom Ispražnjeni okviri - Ispražnjeni sadržaji. In the course of reconstruction of a local community building close to my atelier, I illegally performed the following intervention: at the entrance to the local community building I applied the word “CONSCIOUSLY” in silver Letraset letters in the empty wooden frame (where the name of the institution had stood). I then photographed the numerous reactions of local citizens regarding the appearance of that word on a building that would be renovated several months later. Filling the empty frame is a reference to a series of works of conceptual artist Antun Maračić entitled “Emptied Frames – Vanished Contents”.

Jučer, danas, sutra, video, 2007. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, video, 2007 Video sadrži dvije fotografije Umjetničke akademije u Düsseldorfu, snimljene s malim pomakom u kadru, dodatno je montiran zvuk ''skoka'' iz videa Kuća umjetnika. The video contains two photos of the Düsseldorf Art Academy taken with a slight frame shift to which the sound of “jumping” from the video The House of the Artist was added in later.

Kultura, izložba, Studio PM, Žitnjak, Zagreb 27. 07. 2008. – 27. 08. 2008. Culture, exhibition, Studio PM, Žitnjak, Zagreb, July 27th 2008 – August 27th 2008 Izložba se sastojala od foto printeva iz kojih je nastala Knjiga umjetnika – Kultura 2011. Realizirana je bez prisutnosti publike u prostoru atelijera Pavelić/Mijatović, preimenovanom u Studio PM, Žitnjak, Zagreb. MG Rijeka 2000 – MMSU Rijeka 2008, akcija vraćanje zastave, fotografija, Rijeka, 2008. MG Rijeka 2000 – MMSU Rijeka 2008, the action of returning the flag, photo, Rijeka, 2008

The exhibition consisted of photo prints from which The Artist’s Book – Culture 2011 was made. It was realized without the presence of an audience in the Pavelić/Mijatović Atelier, which was renamed to Studio PM, Žitnjak, Zagreb

Na izložbi "Ambient ‘90" (Moderna galerija Rijeka), za instalaciju Posljednja izložba koristio sam europske zastave koje sam pronašao u skladištu muzeja. Slučajno sam izostavio zastavu Albanije i ponio je sa sobom u Zagreb. Godine 2008. vratio sam zastavu u tada preimenovani riječki Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti i svečano je predao muzejskom tehničaru.

SMS posjetitelji, Studio PM, Žitnjak, Zagreb, 27. 07. 2009. SMS Visitors, PM Studio, Žitnjak, Zagreb, July 27th 2009

During the “Ambient 90” exhibition (Modern Gallery in Rijeka), for the installation The Last Exhibition I used European national flags that I had found in the museum storage. I accidentally left out the Albanian flag and brought it back with me to Zagreb. In 2008 I returned the flag to the then renamed Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka and ceremonially handed it over to the museum technician.

Kako bih se odužio za brojne rođendanske sms čestitke koje sam dobio 2008., odlučio sam svim sms pošiljateljima darovati po jedan print Joseph Beuys u PM-u. Tako je nastala izložba SMS posjetitelji koja se sastojala od 28 printeva i trajala je dok svi radovi nisu bili podijeljeni pošiljateljima čestitki.

Čitanje Zareza, akcija, serija fotografija, video, HDLU, Zagreb, 2007. Reading Zarez, action, photo series, video, HDLU, Zagreb, 2007

Postojeću metalnu konstrukciju na koju sam naišao za slučajnog posjeta u galeriji Bačva iskoristio sam za čitanje časopisa za kulturu Zarez. Čitajući novine polagano se njišem naprijed-nazad proizvodeći blagu škripu u prostoru. I used an existing metal construction, which I found during an unplanned visit to the Bačva Gallery, to read the cultural magazine Zarez. While reading the paper, I slowly swung back and forth making a weak creaking sound in the space.

In order to repay the numerous SMS birthday greetings that I received in 2008, I decided to give each SMS sender one Joseph Beuys in PM print. This is how the exhibition “SMS Visitors” came about. It consisted of 28 prints and lasted until all the works were handed out to the greeting senders.

Trgovina, transparent na pročelju zgrade Doma HDLU-a, 45. Zagrebački salon, Zagreb, 2010. Market, banner on the facade of the HDLU building, 45th Zagreb Salon, Zagreb, 2010 Proces razmjene koji se odvija na relaciji kupac – prodavač naziva se trgovina. Zanimalo me može li se TRGOVINA prodati/kupiti i po kojoj cijeni. The exchange process between a buyer and a seller is called market. I was interested to see whether this MARKET could be sold/bought and for what price.

Glas umjetnika, Osijek, 2006. (početak akcije preimenovanja novina). The Voice of the Artist, Osijek, 2006 (the beginning of the action of renaming the newspapers). Tijekom 20. Slavonskog biennala, svakodnevno sam kupovao osječke novine Glas Slavonije na čije sam naslovnice aplicirao naljepnice s tekstom "Glas Umjetnika". During the 20th Slavonian Biennale, I would buy the Osijek newspaper Glas Slavonije every day and apply stickers over the front page with the text “Glas Umjetnika” (The Voice of the Artist).

naslovna strana knjige / cover: Joseph Beuys in PM

stranica iz knjige / page from the book: Zadovoljstvo jezika / The Pleasure of Language

Knjiga umjetnika – Kultura 2011. The Artist’s Book – Culture 2011 Aluminijska kutija (29,5 x 22,8 x 2 cm ), knjiga: 158 stranica, dim: 28,5 x 22 x 1,5 cm, prvo izdanje: 4 primjerka, Zagreb, 2011. Aluminium box object (29.5 x 22.8 x 2 cm), book: (158 pages), dim: 28.5 x 22 x 1.5 cm, first edition: 4 copies, Zagreb 2011.

Slobodna umjetnost, jumbo plakat za projekt ''Kalendar'', Cista Provo, 2011. Free art, Billboard for the project ''Calendar'', Cista Provo, 2011 Fotografija snimljena kroz prozorsko staklo autobusa na koje je aplicirana naljepnica s tekstom "Slobodna umjetnost".

Joseph Beuys u PM-u, akcija zamjena slike, Galerija PM, HDLU, Zagreb, 27. 07. 2008. Joseph Beuys in PM, picture replacing action, PM Gallery, HDLU, Zagreb, July 27th 2008

Photo taken through a bus window to which the sticker “Free art” has been applied.

Tijekom izložbe ''Konceptualna umjetnost'' (HDLU), snimio sam fotografiju iz postava Joseph Beuys – akcija crtanja na podu. Tu sam fotografiju pod nazivom Joseph Beuys u PM-u, pokušao zamijeniti s originalom. Budući da pokušaj nije uspio svoju sam fotografiju odložio na pod galerije ispod originala.

Artist, nevidljiva akcija, bivši MSU, 2010. The Artist, invisible action, former MSU 2010

During the “Conceptual Art” exhibition (HDLU), I took a photo of an exhibited photograph Joseph Beuys – action of drawing on the floor. I tried to replace the original with my photo entitled Joseph Beuys in PM. As my attempt failed, I placed my photograph on the floor of the gallery below the original.

Joseph Beuys u PM-u / Joseph Beuys in PM

Nevidljiva akcija apliciranja naljepnice "Artist" u izložbenom prostoru, tijekom izložbe ''Umjetnost uvijek ima posljedice'', bivši MSU, Zagreb, 2010. Naljepnica je izrađena kao kopija naljepnica s vatrogasnih aparata ''Pastor'', uz preinaku riječi "Pastor" u riječ "Artist".

Invisible action of applying a sticker with the word “Artist” in the exhibition space during the “Art Always Has Its Consequences” exhibition, former MSU, Zagreb, 2010. The sticker was made to look like the existing stickers on the Pastor fire extinguishers, changing the name “Pastor” to “Artist”.

ZORAN PAVELIĆ Born in 1961 in Osijek (Croatia). Founder of the informal art group Močvara (1988 - 1991). Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, in the class of Đuro Seder (1998.) Member of the Croatian Association of Artists and Croatian Freelance Artists. Member of the Gallery of Extended Media council (2000 - 2007). Member of the artistic committee Baranja Art Colony (2004 - 2010). Member of the artistic organization Atelieri Žitnjak. Artistic director and member of the artistic organization PLEH. Lives and works in Zagreb.


contact: ‘Zoran Pavelić, Žitnjak 53, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia _

2009. SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2011. Greetings from Baranja, Gallery Kooh i nor, Copenhagen Kožarića uvećati 200 puta / To Enlarge Kožarić 200 Times, Studio PM, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb Slobodna umjetnost / Free Art, Cista Provo 2010. Markiranje, Daily Arts / Marking, Daily Arts, Zbirke u pokretu, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Preimenovanja / Renaming, Galerija Prozori, Zagreb Centrirano / Centered, Mali salon, Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti, Rijeka 2009. Jučer, danas, sutra / Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Multimedijalni kulturni centar, Split SMS posjetitelji / SMS Visitors, Studio PM, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb 2008. Kultura / Culture, Studio PM, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb Glas umjetnika / The Voice of the Artist, Galerija Otok, Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik I like Madonna and Madonna likes me, Galerija PM, HDLU, Zagreb 2007. Jeka / Echo, Galerija Moria, Stari grad, Hvar Kunst ist ein deutsches Wort, Franz Jürgens Straße 12, Düsseldorf 2006. Centar periferije / The Centre of the Periphery, MMC Kuglana 2, Koprivnica 2005. Oko umjetnosti / The Eye of Art, Galerija SC, Zagreb 2004. Kulmerove peći / Kulmer’s Stoves, Pilot 04, Studio MSU, Zagreb Achtzehn Werke fűr Joseph Beuys, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb 2003. Kuća umjetnika / The House of the Artist, Galerija PM, HDLU, Zagreb Točka na kraju rečenice / Full Stop at the End of Sentence, Galerija Matice hrvatske Križevci, Križevci 2002. Privremeni smještaj / Temporary Accommodation, Studio MSU, Zagreb 2001. K+Z, Galerija umjetnina, Art radionica Barutana, Slavonski Brod Jozefina, Galerija Ghetto, Split 2000. Home/Spirit, Galerija O.K., MMC Palach, Rijeka Home/Spirit, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb 1999. Šuma / Forest, Galerija VN, Zagreb Politički govor je suprematizam / Political Speech is Suprematism, Galerija PM, HDLU, Zagreb Četvrtak / Thursday, Galerija Otok, Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik Posljednja izložba / The Last Exhibition, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb

PERFORMANCES, ACTIONS 2011. Poziv na akciju, Čitanje Kožarićevih rečenica naopako / Call to Action, Reading Kožarić’s Sentences upside-down, Atelier Kožarić, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Pleh light, Prešerenov Trg, Ljubljana Umetnost je slovenska beseda / Art is a Slovenian word, Ljubljana Greetings, Gallery Kooh i nor, Copenhagen Marking in Kunsthal Charlottenbourg, Marking Statens-Museum-For-Kunst, Copenhagen Glasačka kutija / Voting Box, DOPUST – Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb Marking Laibach in PM, Galerija PM, HDLU, Zagreb



2006. 2005. 2004.

2003. 2002.

2001. 2000.

Artist, Thomas Hotel, Budapest; Leopold Museum, Kunsthalle, Vienna; Overgaden, Copenhagen; Muzej sodobne umetnosti, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana Prozivka 2010. / Roll Call 2010, Branjin Vrh Artist, Umjetnost uvijek ima posljedice / Artist, Art Always Has Its Consequences, ex Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Akcija, Daily Arts / Action, Daily Arts, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Centrirano predavanje / Centered Lecture, Umjetnička Akademija Osijek, Osijek Umjetničke: dijeljenje novina / Art Newspapers: Sharing a newspaper, Charlama Depot Gallery, Sarajevo Umetničke novine: dijeljenje novina / Art Newspapers: Sharing a newspaper, Galerija Viktor Perčić, Subotica Fićukanje u kutovima / Whistling in the Corners, Dani otvorenog performansa / Days of Open Performance, Split Baranja & Slavonija / Baranja & Slavonia, 9. Performance Art Festival Barutana, Osijek The Voice of the Artists, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia Akcija Staff - Arts / Action Staff - Arts, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Jednomjesečna Akcija / One-month Action, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Nevidljiva akcija, 20. – 23. 03. 2008. / Invisible Action, 20 – 23/03/2008., Galerija Karas, Zagreb Kozomov u akciji / Kozomov in Action, Galerija S, Koprivnica Kolibri / Hummingbirds, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb Jutarnja akcija / Morning Action, Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik Zwanzig Jahre einer Postkarte, 25 April 1988 / 25. Travanj 2008. Dijeljenje bedževa / Distributing Badges, Galerija PM, Zagreb Sretna umjetnost 2007 / Happy Art 2007, Zagreb, Tikveš Čitanje Zareza / Reading Zarez, Galerija Bačva, HDLU, Zagreb Picnic here, Rheina, Düsseldorf Östernaktion, Haus 33, Franz Jürgens Straße 12, Düsseldorf Message to Ivan Kožarić, Ikona Gallery, Venezia Glas umjetnika J.K. / The Voice of the Artist J.K., Galerija Kazamat, Osijek Glas umjetnika / The Voice of the Artist, 20. Slavonski biennale, Osijek Centar periferije / The Centre of the Periphery, MMC Kuglana, Koprivnica Baranya Vár – Centar periferije / Baranya Vár – The Centre of the Periphery, Branjin Vrh Brijanje / Shaving, Batina Snijeg Knifer / Snow Knifer, Žitnjak, Zagreb Svjesno / Consciously, Žitnjak, Zagreb The Batina Times, Puškaš Nevidljiva akcija; Centar / Invisible Action; Centre, Zagreb Glas umjetnika / The Voice of the Artist, HDLU, Zagreb Der lange Kőrper, Studio 6ix Pack, Zinnober, Hannover Mjesto na kojem sam već bio / The Place I Already Visited, Inter muros, Zadar u živo 02, Zadar Message to Ivan Kožarić, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević – Musee d’Art de la Ville de Paris Dugačko tijelo / The Long Body, Željeznički kolodvor, Varaždin Nevidljivi performans / Invisible Performance, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Močvara u Močvari 1991. - 2001. / The Swamp in the Swamp 1991 - 2001, Klub Močvara, Zagreb Prozivka / Roll Call, Galerija likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek Gripa u galeriji / Flu in the Gallery, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb Dugačko tijelo / The Long Body, Krvavi most 3, Galerija Minima, Zagreb Home/Spirit, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb Home/Spirit, Galerija O.K., Rijeka

Nevidljivi performans / Invisible Performance, Savski nasip, Zagreb 1999. Nevidljiva akcija / Invisible Action, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Portir MSU, signatura gt / MSU Porter, signature gt, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb 1998. Kazna / Punishment, Galerija Otok, Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik 11-19, Galerija Gradska, Zagreb Čuvar na izložbi D.M. / The Guard at DM Exhibition, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb 1997. Kustos soba / Curator Room, Galerija likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek Recepti Jozefina / Recipes Jozefina, Vijenac Petrove Gore, Osijek 1990. Uvod u Močvaru / The Introduction to the Swamp, STUC, Galerija CM, Osijek GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2011. Pleh u Ljubljani – Pleh reference / Pleh in Ljubljana – Pleh References, javni prostor, Ljubljana Der Mensch. Der Fluss. Malerei aus den Donauländer / Along the River of Men, paintings from the Danube Countries, Landratsamt Schwarzvald-Baar-Kries, Vilingen – Schwenningen, 2011 - 2013 Žitnjački recepti, Umjetnost i hrana - Dani otvorenih atelijera / Žitnjak Recipes, Art and Food, Open Studio Days, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb Verbote im Kunstraum / Prohibitions in the Space of Art, Leopold Museum Vienna Dopust, Decentralizacija, Dani otvorenog performansa / Dopust, Decentralization, Days of Open Performance, Split, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Zagreb Kratki prizori / Short Images, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb Prostor je oblik mišljenja / Space is a Form of Thinking, Galerija Bačva, HDLU, Zagreb 2010. T-HT – / T-HT –, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb Planet Kožarić / Kožarić Planet, Udruga za promicanje suvremene umjetnosti Pernar, Zagreb Nitko nije siguran / Nobody’s Safe, 50. Annale, Istarska Sabornica, Poreč PLEH u Sarajevu / PLEH in Sarajevo, Charlama Depot Gallery, Sarajevo Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Galerija Waldinger, Osijek; Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb Gosti na Žitnjaku, Dani otvorenih atelijera / Guests at Žitnjak, Open Studio Days, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb Tržište, 45. Zagrebački salon / Market, 45th Zagreb Salon, HDLU, Zagreb Surduk festival, Kneževi vinogradi 2009. Cijena umjetnosti, Dani otvorenih atelijera / The Price of Art, Open Studio Days, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb Political Speech is Suprematism, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia PLEH u Subotici / PLEH in Subotica, Galerija Vinko Perčić, Subotica Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Galerija Waldinger, Osijek; Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb 9. Performance Art Festival, Barutana, Osijek Dopust, Festival performansa, Split Planet Kožarić, Udruga za promicanje suvremene umjetnosti Pernar, Zagreb 2008. PLEH u Koprivnici / PLEH in Koprivnica, Galerija S, Koprivnica Baranjska umjetnička kolonija 2007 / Baranja Art Colony 2007, Galerija Waldinger, Osijek; Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb Prva petoljetka – Dani otvorenih atelijera / First Five -Year Plan, Open Studio Days, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb 2007. 5+, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb Baranjska umjetnička kolonija 2005. i 2006. / Baranja Art Colony 2005 and 2006, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb Na rubu, Dani otvorenih atelijera / On the Edge, Open Studio Days, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb

Umjetnost kao život / Art as Life, 20. Slavonski biennale, Galerija Kazamat, Osijek 2006. Serijalnost / Seriality, 20. Slavonski biennale, Galerija likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek Zagubljeni portreti / Misplaced portraits, Galerija Meandar Media, Zagreb Mala zemlja / Small Planet, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti & Makronova, Zagreb Insert – Retrospektiva hrvatske video umjetnosti / Insert – Retrospective of Croatian Video Art, Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti, Rijeka A – Ž, grafička mapa, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Kabinet grafike, HAZU, Zagreb Baranjska umjetnička kolonija 2005 / Baranja Art Collony 2005, Centar za kulturu, Beli Manastir 2005. 40 godina Galerije SC, Akcija – Atrakcija / 40 years of Gallery SC, Action – Attraction, Galerija PU, Zagreb Insert – Retrospektiva hrvatske video umjetnosti / Insert – Retrospective of Croatian Video Art, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagrebački velesajam, Paviljon 19, Zagreb Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Galerija baranjske umjetničke kolonije, Batina Strast / Passion, Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti, Rijeka 30 godina Baranjske umjetničke kolonije / 30 years of Baranja Art Colony, Galerija likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek Dan otvorenih atelijera / Open Studio Day, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb Zemlja / Earth, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb 2004. Dan otvorenih atelijera / Open Studio Day, Atelijeri Žitnjak, Zagreb Homeless Ideas, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb BUK 2004, Galerija baranjske umjetničke kolonije, Batina 2003. Zagreb Stories, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb Mala špijunka / Die kleine Spionin, Galerija Minima, Goethe institute, HDLU, Zagreb 2002. Zinnober 5, Studio 6ix Pack, Hannover XVIII Slavonski biennale / XVIII Slavonian Biennale, Galerija likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek Inter muros, Zadar u živo2 / Inter muros, Zadar Live 2, Zadar Od A do B / From A to B, HDLU, Varaždin Salon mladih, Sisak 2002 / Youth Salon, Sisak 2002, Dom kulture Kristalna kocka vedrine, Sisak Fokus: Domaćica / In Focus: Homemaker, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb BUK 2002, Galerija likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek 2001. 36. Zagrebački salon / 36th Zagreb Salon, Galerija PM, HDLU, Zagreb Art Workshop, HDLU, Zagreb Teatar i mit / Theatre and myth, Kazalište Gavella, Zagreb Graddonji, Muzej Slavonije, Osijek Mali radovi / Small Works, Galerija Minima, Zagreb 2000. Ambijent ‘90 / Ambient ‘90, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo Ambijent ‘90 / Ambient ‘90, Moderna galerija, Rijeka XVII Slavonski biennale / XVII Slavonian Biennale, Galerija likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek 1999. Art Millennium, Galerija Ghetto, Split Mala Zemlja / Small Planet Earth, Galerija Otok, Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik Expo “Marubi 1999”, The National Gallery of Tirana XVI Slavonski biennale / XVI Slavonian Biennale, Gradski muzej Vukovar, Vukovar 1998. XVI Slavonski biennale / XVI Slavonian Biennale, Galerija Likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek 33. Zagrebački salon / 33th Zagreb Salon, MGC Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb Mala Zemlja / Small Planet Earth, Council of Europe, Strasbourg Knjiga i društvo 22% / Book and Society 22%, Zagreb 1997. Kommunikation, Kunst in der Stadt, City Festival, Mainz Mala Zemlja / Small Planet Earth, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Klub Arhitekata DAZ-a, Zagreb Hrvatska fotografija ‘97 / Croatian Photography ‘97, Umjetnički paviljon, Zagreb

XV Slavonski biennale / XV Slavonian Biennale, Gradski muzej Vinkovci, Vinkovci 1996. 24. Salon mladih / 24th Youth Salon, HDLU, Zagreb International Trienniale of Painting, Sofia 1995. 30. Zagrebački salon / 30th Zagreb Salon, MGC Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb Ideja – materijal / Idea – Material, Lamparna, Labin Art Expres, Labin XIV Slavonski biennale / XIV Slavonian Biennale, Pech Gallery, Pech 1994. XIV Slavonian biennale / XIV Slavonian Biennale, Galerija likovnih umjetnosti, Osijek 1993. 28. Zagrebački salon / 28th Zagreb Salon, MGC, Zagreb 1992. Hrvatski umjetnici za 124. Vukovarsku brigadu / Croatian Artists for the 124th Vukovar Brigade, Hrvatski povijesni muzej, Zagreb 1991. Akcija Forum / Action Forum, Studio Galerije Forum, Zagreb Grupa Močvara, Knjižara Nova, Osijek 1990. Grupa Močvara, STUC, Galerija CM, Osijek VIII Međunarodni Ex Tempore / VIII International Ex Tempore, Umjetnički paviljon Juraj Šporer, Opatija Grupa Močvara, P+8, Beli Manastir 1989. VII Međunarodni Ex Tempore / VII International Ex Tempore, Umjetnički paviljon, Juraj Šporer, Opatija Mladi likovni umjetnici iz Baranje / Young Artists from Baranja, P+8, Beli Manastir 1985. III Međunarodni Ex Tempore / III International Ex Tempore, Umjetnički paviljon, Juraj Šporer, Opatija Baranja ‘85, Gradska knjižnica, Beli Manastir 1984. Mladi likovni stvaraoci iz Baranje / Young Artists from Baranja, Gradska knjižnica, Beli Manastir

BIBLIOGRAPHY Ivica Župan, The Last Exhibition, cat. Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, 3. – 16. 5. 1999. Chaterine A Carl, Branko Franceschi, Ambience 90', cat. Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Kud Ina, Zagreb, 2000. Sonja Briski Uzelac, Umjetnik kao posttotalitarni subjekt, Život umjetnosti, br. 64, str. 64 -1, Zagreb, 2001. Željko Jerman, Prva ''posljednja izložba'', Zagubljeni portreti, Meandar Media, Zagreb, 2006. Branko Franceschi, Political Speech is Suprematism, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia,, 19. 9. 2009. Slaven Tolj, Nobody's safe, cat. 50. Porečki annale, Poreč, 29.7. –12. 9. 2010., Ivica Župan, Marking/Daily arts, tekst izložbe, MSU, Zagreb, 11. 12. 2010. Tihomir Milovac, Marking/Daily arts, tekst izložbe, MSU, Zagreb, 11.12. 2010. Vladimir Frelih, Kunst/Dunst Zorana Pavelića, u: Der Mensch. Der Fluss. Malerei der Donauländer, Donauschwäbisches Zentralmuseum Ulm, str. 85. – 91., 2011 Ivana Mance, Trojanski konj, Galerija SC, Der Zug nach Kassel - Kurator Privattkollektion Ružica Šimunović, Tama za k, Galerija Kazamat, Osijek, kat., 2012 Ivana Mance, Poslije četrdeset godina, tekst za izložbu u Greta Gallery, Zagreb, 21.4.2013. Ružica Šimunović, Political Speech is Suprematism, Artist Book, editor PLEH, Zagreb, 2012 Branko Franceschi, Freedom among everything, cat. Kata Mijatović, Between the Sky and the Earth,

ART COLONIES, WORKSHOPS, RESIDENCY 2009. Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Zeleni Otok, Batina 2008. Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Dvorac Tikveš, Kopački rit, 2007. Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Dvorac Tikveš, Kopački rit Gastatelier der Landeshauptstadt, Dűsseldorf 2006. Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Dvorac Tikveš, Kopački rit 2005. Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Batina 2004. Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Puškaš, Batina 2002. Ješkovo 2, umjetnička kolonija / Ješkovo 2, Art Colony, Gola, Koprivnica Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Batina 2001. Art Workshop, HDLU, Zagreb 1998. Baranjska umjetnička kolonija / Baranja Art Colony, Batina 1997. Kunst in der Stadt, City Festival, Mainz 1995. Lamparna, Labin Art Express, Labin 1985. Baranja ‘85, Zeleni otok, Batina

AWARDS 1998. Ex Aequo, XVI Slavonski biennale / Ex Aequo, XVI Slavonian Biennale, Osijek 1997. Rektorova nagrada, Sveučilište Zagreb / Rectors Award, University of City Zagreb 1990. VIII Međunarodni Ex Tempore / VIII International Ex Tempore, Opatija

WORKS IN COLLECTION Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti Rijeka / Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka Muzej suvremene umjetnosti Zagreb / Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

Profile for Zoran Pavelić

Zoran Pavelić  

Selected works of Croatian artist Zoran Pavelić

Zoran Pavelić  

Selected works of Croatian artist Zoran Pavelić


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