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Silver coins The QUALITY of a SOLID SILVER COINS of the world most reputable and recognized producers AFFORDABLE PURCHASES of silver coins without VAT 22% (this means more silver coins for same

amount of money) The MOST SECURE STORAGE of your silver coins in the duty-f ree secured warehouse, in Switzerland The MOST EASY way to purchase, retention and disposal of precious metals become Customer of Company Elementum Elementum Ag d.o.o. and Yours property Consultant FLEXIBLE payment OPTIONS, according to your wish in cash or precious metals (including gold)

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Elementum, sale and purchase of investment silver, gold, Platinum and Palladium . Silver investment without VAT . Silver and gold in physical form. Buying silver and gold. Created and designed by Inventum d.o.o., namenski programi, web strani, svetovanje, računalniki, mrež e

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