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For: Hotel Operations of Princess Cruises

Hello Princess Cruises.Please have a peitence and read this letter to the end, because it’s very important for your company. It’s addressing you and writing you Kouzon your autorized agent for hiring hotelcrew for your ships from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro - Balkan region of Europe. Many of my candidates which apply to work on your ships for shop department, in autumn2012 were endlesly disapointed because yor HR Managers who conducted the interview didn’t accept no one of them. Also many of the previous hotel crew which I send you in the past years are frustrated too much becauseyour higher position supervisors likeHotel Directors - on your ships don’t respect them at all, they treat them like animalsand verbally and sexuallyharrace them- no matterwhether is working for male or female persons. So that is a thanks to Me for sending to your cruise lineall this years, white, beautiful and qualafied hotel crew. So, If your company don’t stop this, Me - Kouzontogether with all the hotel crew which I send you in the past yearsdeal between us that will jointly destroy Princess Cruises. If your cruise line think that we cannot do that, or that we are jockin, your company will have to ask twice. Your company can check in their HR department for crew ships how manycrewI send you in the past years in the hotel department like buffet stuards,bar waiters,roomservice attendants,cooks etc. Well all of that crew are endlessly thankful to Me, because of course they came through Me, and that means a lot for them especially now in this global economic crisis. So they will do anything in cooperation with Me, especially now after this incidents occurs on interviews and on your company ships. So Me Kouzon together with “my”– yourcruise line hotel crew, started to coordinate attack, to sabotage your fuckin cruise ships, and your fuckincompany. Your company don’t need to be surprise at all, if any of your company ships in the following months catch food or drink poisoning, because “my” – your cruise ships hotel crew no matter female or male,will put any kind of poison in the food or drinks for their guests which they serve on your company ships. Does your company remember poisoning onDawn Princess and Emerald Princes last year? Well I will proudly announce to your company, that it was our sucssesful act. So your company knows very well how destroying is this for cruise line company, especially like Princess Cruises, when the public will read in the news thatPrincess Cruises is poisoning their own guests. Andyour company don’t want to plunge Carnival Corporation shares again down, not now till Costa Concordia disaster and Princess cruise ships poisoning are still fresh. And your company will see now, how fatfull is your hotel recruitment agent from Italy, - Navitrans BV Napoli. 3 years ago I send to your company those treatening letters, and I’ve done that what I said in those letters. Me and “my” – your cruise ships hotel crew has done that poisoning onDawn and Emerald Princesssucssesfully. And beside that your hotel crew agent from Italy –Navitrans BV Napoli is still working with me, and is taking hotelcrew from me. Of course I give him good amount of money for that, because as everybody knows Italians are the most corrupted people in the world. So for this what happened, to myhotelcrew and that your HR shop department reqruiters has jerked around with my candidates, your fuckincompany will pay again, but if this or somethingelsehappens against “my” – your cruise ships hotel crewin the future, or your company breaks business with Me the damage to your company will be far, far, greater, we will destroy your company completly. And we have, even far more destroying methods, to destroy your company whole, which we will not tell you of course. And your company needs to don’t doubt at all in this letter whether is authentic from Me or not,and whether we will do this or not, because we have already donethat once and we will do it again as your company will fill that again in the following months.

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