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Has anyone ever told you, “it’s just your imagination”? Well, The Secret Species Project is just your imagination! Use the Secret Species to inspire your creativity. Spend five minutes or five hours being creative and make something unique. It can be a painting, sculpture, stuffed animal, poetry, music lyrics, or anything you want.

It can be small and simple. Just go make something! When you are finished, don’t keep it a secret! Please share your creation with us and then see what others have made at .

Draw something!

Doodling is allowed and cherish your Sketchbooks.

Paint a picture with a brush or just use your fingers. Hang it up on the wall when you are finished.

Take a picture.

Take a walk outside and get some fresh air.

to a friend. er tt le a or y, or st a , ng so a Write a poem,ous, fun, or just silly. It can be seri

Make a weird cartoon.

The Secret Species can be any shape or size or color...

...but they usually have spots. Arms, feet, noses and ears are optional.

Give your Secret Species a good name.

Have NO

fear! Be bold and make a big statement!

Make something on the computer.

Sam painted “Beepers� and Jim made this out of denim.

Make a nice home for your Secret Species. They like to sleep in boxes that have been decorated with colorful spots.

share your art

Beth used her sewing machine, scissors, and glue. Emma made up funny voices.

Maria draws in her sketchbook.

Have a Secret Species Drawing Party! We did and the following pages have some of the drawings from artists of all ages.

Use the provided stamped postcard to make something and send it to the Secret Species Project. For additional information about sharing your art, visit

The Secret Species Project thanks the creative people featured in this booklet. Marius Valdes Barry Wheeler Bob Wertz Sketchbook B Sam Spina Jim Arendt Beth Ward Emma Valdes Maria Fabrizio Celia Cooksey Aaron Ryba Andrew Molinaro Nick Isacksson Jack Finch Cate Ryba Stephen Long Claudia Dishon Jessica Barnes Tammy Stokes Wayne Wilson Brad Steinecke Mary Peyton Cook Chris Martin

Rogers Brandt Angela Camziani Cathy Canino Lisa Peterson Additional thanks Karen Heid THE ZOO CREW: Beth Valdes, Barry Wheeler, Heather Bauer, Nate Puza.

You can be a part of the Secret Species Project too! Visit Now go on and make something great! The Secret Species Project is a Zoo Valdes creative project. All rights reserved and copyrighted 2011. Visit for more weird creatures and art.

The Secret Species  

Inspiration booklet