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Challenge: The Kazo cult needs to be re-imbibed in the youth to gain highest amount of Market share

Strategy: Embellishing oomph factor with Innovation and Marketing

What does Kazo means to youth? Kazo = oomph [me] 1. Enthusiasm, vigor, or energy 2. Sex appeal - attractiveness to the opposite, desirability, desirableness ,attractiveness - sexual allure 3. Sultriness - the quality of expressing or arousing sexual desire; "the sultriness of her look was unmistakable";

Create brand awareness and brand preference among the oomph factor/kazo youth

Strategy to identify and capture the “oomph youth” 1 Seasonal youth trends: Use Summer and Winter relevance to youth 2.Cultural mindset Activating the Oomph factor in youth by promoting it as a “Positive” factor to have as opposed to the cultural 3.Promoting new Cultural trends like Night clubs, hang out places to encourage

The Oomph factor of youth in India has to be identified through the above means as well as capture the target group to further enhance brand preference for it

1 Seasonal youth trends: ( Promote Spring and Summer collection) How youth make it special on vacations

Objective: Evidence of opportunities to tap these emerging trends Challenge: The Oomph factor is a hidden thing, but desired

2.Promote the cultural mindset of OOMPH (sex, relations ship) : Activating the Oomph factor in youth by promoting it as a “Positive� factor Objective: Evidence of opportunities to tap these emerging trends Challenge: The Oomph factor is a hidden thing, but desired

3.Promoting new Cultural trends like Night clubs, hang out places to encourage

Objective: Evidence of opportunities to tap these emerging trends Challenge: The Oomph factor is a hidden thing, but desired

Facts to tap kazo (oomph) youth

The present trends of oomph cult in India -Self-confidence is always hot -Oomph is the way to cool, stress down -Health and body image conscious youth -Clothes ,perfumes, make up .style. body language,tatoos,pub cluture.piercing, -Lifestyle and work out -Short clothes. dressing up to dress down -Art and culture, reality shows like emotional ,fashion channels in indene, fashion weeks ,music and trends -Fashion magazines, Health conscious brands -Beautification brands for personal care

Media Solutions’ way to tap

The OOMPH SEGMENT FOR THE CAMPAIGN “KAZO INDIA” Awake.Tranform.Live the oomph within Challenge every style icon brand of Indian Market

Media Solutions’ way to tap Long term plans a. Tapping of present oomph energy & capture the share from present youth attractive segment 1 Identify the target over off line and on line market 2 Engage 3.Convert Interest and engagement into SALE b. Continue positioning with exclusive differentiation strategies continuously Short term plans Execution of plan> Bring the oomph youth and transform them to kazo Regular updates online and offline New marketing strategies : Online and offline Online result measurement Offline fallout measurement

Our International competitors

On the Kazo website General talk involving fashion news online, /feature talk about enhance looks, fashionists twitter account ,blogs ,updates of fashion industry Downloads Summer holiday and party target group Add tabs: CATALOG, SHOP, Fashion jobs Update news online by featuring hot and happening events online. You Tube Channel for Kazo fashion promotions over to users with updates of Kazo events List with discount offering sites like 'Fashion and you' for discounts and offers to customers. Registered members to invite friends to the page to receive discounts and prizes.

On the Web Promotion 1.Make a Virtual showroom under the event "dress for party tonight� to attract the party goers to choose from varied options without them having to worry about shopping 2.Online counseling by fashion designers for special makeover requests 3.Feature the celebrity interviews at over kazo's website by featuring on testimonials page under the tagline- “kazo is the celebrity thing" 4.Feature online by spot the celebrity /group of friends/spot the fashion shows featuring kazo under the title: " kazo real the world " 5.Viral video over the web across fashion and apparel groups 6.Cross branding with online magazines. 7.Face book party makeover game: Involve friends in the dress before party event/dress for party tonight.

Best looking couple

Facebook Best looking couple

Online regular events like:

PR updates, Page 3 events of kazoo

a) Face book applications 1. Accessorize your self on face book, 2. Kazo;s news 3. Show case ur oppmph factor with kazoo

Spring Summer collection promotion Winter collection Pr updates

Encourage users to put pictures of kazoo shoppers on face book and award the “ oomph factor of the day�

Page 3 events Schedule of events Update from page 3 Halloween parties

Summer holiday and party target group: Real people real style: feature the kazoo oomph personality of the week

Association with rock bands Choose your wardrobe: Face book or spotted club: Pick the picture of the hottest party dress and get a goodie.

On the Web Promotion Party tips- cosmetic, dressing sense, accessory, beverages, dealing with hangovers, staying fit regimes and features of fit etc. Online Fashion Quizzes on face book E-mailer Online. Download Section for wall papers and screen savers on website. Online show room - Buy online through website by picking up the favorite dress, entering the size, choosing color that best fits them under the name “ Trail room online�. Search Engine Optimization for KAZO website Bog for Kazo

Off the Web promotion 1.Choose the black theme to feature with launches along famous rock and metal brands since they signify fashion ,attitude and darkly attitude. 2.Use the black interior of kazo to host parties/live shows/fashion shows with related positioning 3.Choose the makeover session inside the showroom and feature the pictures or video for various press releases for print. 4. Organize a show inside all the stores and use the space well for the show 5. Organize regular POP campaigns to increase footfalls at the show room like ‘Be the next kazo girl’ or “Feature next in Kazo ad” 6. Use funky themes at showroom like Halloween or rejoice in hell to attract youth. 7. Provide for vouchers of tattoo artists and piercing people on a buy. 8. Design your own dress and that gets a display in the hoardings or the best used in a next cover shoot. 9. In house party dressing stylists to help dress and accessorize best. 10. Promote product to young teen girls by keeping discounts especially for girls between 17 to 20, keeping in mind their pocket size. 11. Do a road Ramp show or Kazo show in a party

More Marketing ideas You tube Channels Style check and fashion updates PR plans updates Tie up with online fashion magazines Tie up with TV India feature in fashion weeks Convenience shopping on net Discount and awarding prizes to the following people Direct user to draw to online shopping on kazoo page. Photographers in focus Models in focus Affiliate with us