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In a lot of cases, people who choose the wrong car rental company don’t know that they have chosen the wrong one until it is too late. When that small print kicks in and you are faced with a bunch of fees you didn’t know about or the service isn’t quite up to par, your moment to make it right has passed. If you take the time to consider some important factors before you sign that contract, you’ll find a car rental company that’s perfect for your situation.

Value Most people want to know how much they’ll have to spend on their car rental, and your goal should be to find good value for your money. Shop around a little to get an idea of typical prices, then look for competitively priced rentals that you like. Also, make sure there aren’t a bunch of hidden fees that you may or may not have to pay when you return the vehicle.

Reputation In an industry like car rentals, having a reputation as an honest company that is fair with their customers goes a long way. It makes sense to look at more than one source to determine reputation, but if you find a series of glowing recommendations or dire warnings, you’re probably onto something.

Conflict Resolution From time to time, there is bound to be conflict in an industry like car rentals. Not everyone will have a positive experience, no matter how well the company is run. Ask about the company’s policy for dissatisfied customers, and their methods of conflict resolution. If they seem to make every effort to wrap up the transaction with a satisfied customer, then they probably take conflict resolution and their own reputation seriously.

Online Capabilities Convenience is a big factor when it comes to your car rental, and offering online rentals really boosts the convenience factor of the service. When a rental company has full online capabilities, it’s a breeze to reserve a car ahead of time and you can do it from home at any time of the day or night.

Customer Service Customer service is paramount in any business, and it’s just as important in the car rental business. Adding little extras to your car, making your experience easier with things like alternate drop off locations and having reps available 24/7 are all examples of great customer service. Look for these and other examples, so you’ll feel like you’re being looked after from the time you get into the car until the moment you return it.

Money-Saving Options You definitely want value, but special offers, sales and promotions are always nice, too. Ask if they have any deals going on during the initial conversation or web visit, and look for other money-saving options, too. Some of the more common include: Using your own car insurance  Filling up somewhere else when you first get the car  Signing up for a car rental club or something similar to save money. 

References Zoom Rentals

How to Choose a Car Rental Company  

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