Zoomoozophone Review - Issue 9 / April 2016

Page 74

Turn left on Entrance Street before you lose your nerve. A journey of a thousand miles begins with an open door policy so go sit on a wooden bench in the rain and watch as it absorbs the deluge. Anvil House is down past the pink tree line in the valley below the valley. It is just one of many destinations. You will reach one with every movement you make. It’s like a game in which the board is a jigsaw that you must construct before you can begin play and you cannot turn away from something without turning towards something else. The opposite is always also true. Cold feet can be a sign of commitment. Throwing toenails into the bushes could have unexpected consequences. There is a group on the road ahead of you. You have infinite options of how to react to this situation. You will choose the one most suited to your current goals and state of mind. Then you will choose again and again and again and again. More instructions are forthcoming.