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ZOOM in business quarterly magazine

From the editor

ISSUE 10 – July 2012 Zoom in Business magazine is published quarterly in Townsville by Bizrich®

Kirsten Gadsby

Doesn’t time fly? Already another

be forgiven for having economic whiplash. It’s confusing

financial year has closed, and

and it’s frustrating for business owners at the moment,

business owners are either winding

and we hope that our jam-packed contributor pages can

up or winding down in preparation for

help you keep faith that good news and professional help

another trading year.

is right here in the back yard of your business community.

I constantly wonder, are we experiencing gloom or

This economic turmoil throws up important questions,

boom? Regardless, the common theme of ‘tightening the

in particular, what are we going to do when we hit the

belt’ is prevalent and extends not only to our commercial

bottom of the quarry? As we don’t have crystal balls,

sector, but right up to a State Government level.

Bizrich continues to offer you the popular 4-page lift

As I was listening to the commentary from the State Treasurer Tim Nicholls and former Federal Treasurer

out to help you boost value and prepare for growth (not decline) in your business.

Peter Costello on the first interim report of the audit of

Speaking of growth, I’ve just finished reading “The

Queensland’s finances, I was repeatedly struck by the

Inevitable Superpower”. According to author, Arvind

similarity of the challenges in our state system and the

Subramanian, by 2030 China’s share of global economic

health of our small business community. Costello coined

power will match America’s in the 1970s and Britain’s

the phrases “harsh medicine” and “radical surgery” in his

a century before. This is unbelievable growth in such a

address to the media, and continuing with this analogy,

relatively short period of time. This certainly lends promise

as a small business owner, I ask how is the health of your

to the term of “value” in an economic sense. Until next time...get Zooming in your Business.

business? Have you checked the vital signs? Has it had a


check up from specialists? Our cover story on local Child Psychologist, Nicole Pierotti lends hope and inspiration to busy working parents. Nicole’s story proves that, no matter how hectic life gets, with a little nudge from her mentors and a great deal of perseverance and determination, she is now a published author destined to scale the ladder of success. On the business front, we’ve been inundated with business owners wanting to sell their business. We’ve watched the trending decline of the lending market however even with this drag, healthy businesses continue to sell – an encouraging prospect for all. We all wished that things were different for both business buyers and sellers on the lending front, however the Reserve Bank Governor himself warned about a two-speed economy which offers good reason to be sitting on the interest rate sidelines. Anyone in business knows that things are tight and with the Reserve bank cutting interest rates on concerns about the global economy, and then the Bureau of Statistics releasing their glowing report card on the

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Kirsten Gadsby art director

Kellie Williams Photography

Cover Photo: Brooklyn Eller

Your attitude determines your altitude. Amelia Earhart

This month:


Cover story Nicole Pierotti, mother of 3, popular child psychologist, and now published author shares her tips on making Babies Smile

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businesses for sale

Australian economy, the average business owner could

Disclaimer All material that appears in this edition of Zoom in Business is printed at the discretion of the publishers, but does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publishers. We endeavour to maintain a high standard of credibility in the quality of articles published and our articles are intended as informed contributions to people seeking to pursue a rich and rewarding experience in business. Readers are advised to always use their discretion in using any product, service or approach either advertised or written about in Zoom in Business. The publishers can take no responsibility for individual outcomes of any such choice and readers should always be guided by their own business professionals. Copyright All material and content in this edition of Zoom in Business is copyright under the normal copyright laws in Australia. No part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission of the publisher.

© ZOOM in Business 2012.

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4 was amazing and it encouraged me to dig deeper into designing easy, practical... information for expectant or new parents.


babies smile


oday, like any other day, is buzzing with activity in Nicole and John Pierotti’s home, just like many other busy working parents who have a schedule that is unrelenting. The difference between Nicole and the average mother is that she is a parenting expert. Nicole is one of Townsville’s finest psychologists, starting out in a private practice 19 years ago in her home town of Ayr. The majority of clientele were locals who needed help with everything from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, children, adults, substance abuse and family relationships. These early years were the underpinning foundations of what Nicole now calls her ‘building block years’. “Working in this trusted role in a closeknitted community required me to be multiskilled and think very differently about how I could contribute not only to my clients’ health, but also extend this to the well-being of the community”, Nicole tells. It was when Nicole and John were expecting their first child that they realized that there was limited information on foundational skills development for parents who are either planning or expecting a baby. Nicole recalls, “Most of the psychology, paediatrics and general information books I was researching and reading were written for parents on how to correct

behavioural issues in their children, rather than to learn the skills to manage and prevent the difficult behaviour.” So, it was with her own experience as a mother that later triggered Nicole’s entrepreneurial venture BabySmiles with the concept of ‘Happy Baby = Happy You’. As Nicole advanced her training and knowledge on child psychology, she wrote an initial workshop on How to have a baby that is happy and sleeps well for expectant parents. “I designed this workshop to start parents on the right track, give them tried and tested principles that actually work.” Nicole started out in maternity classes doing a promo of her workshops when parents attended, and Nicole said “their feedback was amazing and it encouraged me to dig deeper into designing easy, practical behavioural educational information for expectant or new parents.” Nicole then started researching business and marketing information, learning about how to identify a target audience. “It was obvious that I needed to focus on pregnant women”, Nicole tells. So she decided to approach a well-known and respected local obstetrician. “After several knockbacks from the gatekeeper (reception staff) I didn’t give up and just kept phoning back. On about the fourth call he finally accepted to see me briefly one lunch time,” 5






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Caring for your baby A QUICK GUIDE


Caring for your baby A QUICK GUIDE

Birth to







Nicole Pierotti © 2012

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and as every success story goes, persistence paid off, and at the end of the half hour, Nicole had negotiated to move to a spare office at the clinic. “That’s how much he believed in what I was doing, and again, I was encouraged to keep my focus on educating parents on preventative behaviour techniques.” For the next few years while operating a private practice, (and having three children) Nicole struggled and juggled to find balance. She continued to expand the workshops she offered parents. “I added a Crawler to 6 Month workshop, a 12 Month to Toddler, and Two Year Old workshop, but often attending a workshop wasn’t enough.” As a result of this demand for extra support Nicole continued to see parents for consultations whenever they needed a bit of help or advice to do with kids and behaviour or parenting challenges. “Parenting (just like business) is downright challenging and not only did I offer an extra service to willing parents who wanted to learn, but my business also thrived on value-adding”. In 2010, a new round of goals were set and Nicole started to video her workshops. “The DVD added services for parents that weren’t able to attend the workshops.” Again Nicole was committed to ensuring that her popular workshops could reach all parents. “The DVD’s also allowed me to expand globally.” Both John and Nicole discussed business expansion ideas and decided having a practice and managing staff was not the structure for BabySmiles. “So we decided to branch into information products”. Along with the DVD came Nicole’s idea for writing a book. However between the DVD, being a busy mother, a wife and running a practice that offers workshops on weekends, the idea just wasn’t moving ahead. Nicole is no stranger to writing. For the past three years she has been a popular columnist for the Townsville Bulletin’s About a Baby 6

weekly section answering parents questions, as well as writing a monthly article for Duo Magazine on current family topics. Nicole knew she desperately needed to devise a plan if she was ever going to find time to write, publish and market a book. “I tried for years, then 12 months ago, I walked… yes, just walked, no appointment or anything, into the office of a business coach. I introduced myself, signed up for a initial coaching session and I must say that this was the push I needed. “My coach wouldn’t let the excuses ride, and suggested ways that I could find that extra bit of time to not only write, but also helped me to ‘think’ and work like a published author. “It was important for me to understand that this was not all about me writing a book and selling it, it was about turning the idea into action and seeing how far I could take it.” In March this year (within 10 months of meeting her business coach), Nicole released her first book and DVD pack, titled BabyCare - Caring for your baby Birth to 6 Months. The book and DVD is about understanding the importance of having the right quantities of sleep and food. “If you can get that right it can make the difference between enjoying being a parent or not.” She says it’s important to set behaviour patterns from the start, rather than unwittingly falling into a trap and having to undo the damage later, which is a lot harder. Especially when it comes to bedtime. “We’re also excited about the eBook version which has just been accepted and within weeks will be available internationally on Amazon, Book Nook, Barnes & Noble and numerous other sites”, Nicole proudly announces. The last six months she has created a totally new website which has taken an enormous amount of work and it still ongoing, once again her business coach recommended just the right people for this project.


6 mont

Birth to 6 months

time: 1



Nicole Pi

Nicole Pierotti

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are available online at


Birth to 6 months


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Nicole Pierotti

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threw out he stack of baby books and now I just tick to his one.

Caring for your baby : : Birth - 6 months

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Baby Care tips for working parents •M  inimise the amount of out-of-school care you use. If you use before-school care, try not to use after-school care. •E  stablish family routines and traditions. It could be a weekly family night or Sunday morning brunch. •L  imit kids’ activities. Just say no to overscheduling. Limit your kids to two or three after-school activities a week. The other days should be time spent with mum or dad, whether it’s kicking the ball around the backyard or playing cards. •C  ommit to spending one hour with your children, at least once or twice a week. •T  he best way to help your child excel in school while spending time with them is to help them with their homework. •S  top working on the weekend and go somewhere with limited phone coverage for a night or two.

With her first book now completed, Nicole is turning her focus to the next two books in the BabyCare series, and aims to write another series of books for parents to follow them through from 2 years old and onwards. There’s a common theme to Nicole’s story. Becoming a parent is similar to owning and operating a business. You can’t just rely on instinct alone – both take passion, determination, training and the right mix of mentoring and support to make a success story, like BabySmiles.

Business & Franchise Expo

Brian Arnold NQ Small Business Development Centre

announced for 2013


ollowing the success of the region’s first small business and franchise expo last year, the business extravaganza will return in 2013. Next year’s event willl have more expert speakers, more booths, more essential business tips and more prizes. The North Queensland Business and Franchise Expo will again be held at Riverway from Friday, May 17 to Saturday, May 18 and will launch with a Townsville Chamber of Commerce business breakfast. “We’ve taken a fresh approach for 2013 to create more immediate business tips and more

Arnold said, with the Condon-based facility being the main organiser of the event. “This next event is designed to blend knowledge with networking so you can connect while you learn. We’ve incorporated more events on-site including the business breakfast and lunch sessions, plus Friday afternoon networking drinks with live music. We’ve also introduced a greater focus on inspiring keynote speakers and high quality workshops that are free to attend. “With more than 100 exhibitors and more than 1000 participants, this event will deliver unparalleled learning opportunities, practical advice and plenty of inspiration.”

dynamic information that attendees would otherwise find difficult or costly to access,” North Queensland Small Business Development Centre (NQSBDC) chief executive officer Brian

The 100 trade booths were launched this month with some already being snapped up by 2011’s exhibitors. Both open plan exhibition booths and spaces are available at the 2013

event, with ‘early bird rates’ ranging from $440 to $770 if paid before August 1, 2012. “With direct access to decision-makers, potential customers and peers from a range of industry sectors, the expo is the ideal vehicle for exhibitors to promote what they do, obtain genuine sales leads, test new products or services, make beneficial contacts, and generally boost their business profile,” Mr Arnold said. “In addition, in 2013 we have introduced the concept of an exhibitor presentation stage, giving businesses the opportunity to present informative sessions on their products and services. Another addition is a dedicated ‘business opportunities’ space for visitors looking to invest in a franchise or buy an existing business.” There is also an opportunity for businesses to sponsor the event, with existing media partners including Prime Radio, Channel 7 and Bizrich. Sponsorship packages start at just $2,900 and can be tailored to meet specific objectives. More information about the 2013 Business and Franchise Expo can be found at www., including registering for complimentary entry prior to the event. For more information about NQSBDC contact chief executive officer Brian Arnold on 4723 8491 or

Are you in business? Or thinking about starting one? We can help:

Sales and Marketing  Internet  Website Development  Accounting/Finance  Legal Matters  Intellectual Property (IP)  Insurance/Licences/Permits  Govt. Requirements  Inventions  Assistance to distressed businesses  Business plan advice  Assessment of businesses for sale 

The Small Business Development Centre offers free, confidential, counseling and referral services for small business in addition to its incubator service.

The services provided by this Centre are partially funded by the Australian Government

Phone 4723 8491

184-188 Vickers Road North, Condon 7

zoom in . . . business training

Bigger and better

by ewen jones

zoom in . . . government


hat should the role of government be when it comes to interfering in business? You may have heard about the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) in the media of late. To put it simply, the CEFC is a $10 billion taxpayer funded corporation which will see loans or co-investment on projects which have failed to achieve private sector funding. Quite apart from the politics of the scheme (this was demanded by the Greens for their support for Labor to form Government), the question that comes to me most on this is “Is this a primary role for Government?” If the purpose of Government is to help out where the private sector cannot, then is this the right use of tax payer funds? We have seen the Government underfund the National Disability Insurance Scheme by $3 billion initially while they are prepared to move into the venture capital markets for the CEFC. Surely, the

Tax Payer should have their dollar paid more respect than to have bureaucrats punt on Green inventions with no real consequences to their decisions, especially when it may concern

...what happens to the renewable energy sector which has worked hard to get their business plans and finance the normal way? existing businesses. The cost of borrowing $10 billion (around $530 million per year in interest) is, in itself, significant and cause for reflection. Treasury have confirmed they expect to write off at least $750 million as losses. They have also

confirmed that this figure has no real basis in fact – it is a purely speculative figure. Consequently, what happens to the renewable energy sector which has worked hard to get their business plans and finance the normal way? What happens to the firm that has spent the last 10 years developing a business around renewable energy, only to have someone move in next door with full Government funding and compete for their market, with the tax payer taking the risk? This is the type of market manipulation which can destroy an entire sector. This Government does not have good form picking winners either. It is not so long ago that they ventured into the roof insulation business. You don’t have to ask too many people who had developed their business in this field how it went for the entire industry. Phone 4725 2066, or email Ewen Jones MP, Member for Herbert

Ph 0400 270 806 Fax 1300 889 275 PO Box 1609, Aitkenvale BC Qld 4814



as your business ever suffered unnecessary financial strain due to slow payments or bad debts? Most businesses find cash flow a juggle at one time or another. Don’t let bad debts be the downfall of your business. Having clear strategies and processes in place to chase up outstanding monies is crucial for your business to succeed and maintain company cash flow. Operating costs, overheads, payroll, BAS etc cannot wait forever until debts are cleared. At times like this it may be a prudent to look up the services of a good debt collector to help out. Forget all the stereo types involving baseball bats and concrete boots, these days we have to follow strict protocol and compliance to protect all parties. The art of debt collection requires many skills. Firstly you require good listening skills to assess the circumstances of the debt and the best way to approach the collection. It is essential to remain calm and professional and be reasonable with all parties involved. Empathy and tact are often required to obtain the best result for the client. We use a standard format for the collection of debts, which has been fine tuned over the years to reach a successful outcome. It appears to be a pre conceived idea in many business sectors that legal fees are very expensive and are a deterrent to retrieving the debt. A Debt collection agency provides a cost effective option, whilst still having the ability to take a debtor owing up to $25k to the (QCAT) Queensland Civil & administrative Tribunal, therefore solicitors services are negated. We only proceed to legal action after a quote is accepted and consent given. Coral Sea Mercantile (CSM) is the only debt collection agency based in North Queensland and was setup three years ago by Michael Robinson when he spotted a niche in the market for a personalised approach to debt collection. Most other agencies at the time

Mike Robinson Coral Sea Mercantile

were centralising operations down south and so removing the one to one case management. It’s best to choose a local debt collection agency as they are likely to have first hand knowledge of the local business and debtors you are dealing with. At CSM the client is allocated one debt

collector allowing a strong relationship to flourish and communications remain simple. I have been lucky enough to live in Townsville for over ten years and have a great life here with my wife and two young children. We love the weather and lifestyle that is hard to find anywhere else. Having my own business gives me more flexibility and so allows me to spend more quality time with the family. Inventing and setting up a new business from scratch for the first time was a big challenge, especially in the initial stages. I have learnt a tremendous amount about running a business and making it successful. The process was rewarding as well as tough, and now I am enjoying watching the business flourish and providing my clients with

good results. I have worked within the credit industry for a long time and have formed a strong team including an experienced paralegal and Litigation Lawyer. We have built up a large client base not only locally but nationally, and word is spreading of our unique approach and great results. We understand the importance of an efficient credit department and we have facilities in place to outsource a credit department to any degree required. Otherwise a consultation with us may assist with restructuring of your department in order to increase cash flow. We know that good agencies never require a membership, annual subscription or joining fee and will not charge you if they have been unable to retrieve the debt. Therefore we have a policy of NO COLLECTION NO FEE. The pressure is really on us to retrieve the debt in order to make a living! Our rates are very competitive and we even offer discounts for large volumes or substantial debts. Any debt is a bad debt and we will look at all files presented to us no matter how big or small. Never one to sit still for long another opportunity has become apparent in the feedback from my clients. I am launching a new business which turns invoices into instant cash. FIFO-Capital can simply turn one or more of your unpaid invoices into cash and make your cash flow worries disappear. I understand that time is money so I can make doing business super easy and super fast. FIFO-Capital and CSM can allow your business to grow at a rate that would not have been possible without the benefit of increased cash flow. For more information on FIFO-Capital phone 4795 2835/0428 624 916 or email mike. For information on Coral Sea Mercantile phone 4795 2834/0435 494 822 or email






Curing Cancer, One Child at a Time. 9

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Turn the tap off to Bad Debt

zoom in . . . business training

Lots of help on offer to

Small Business Owners


he North Queensland Small Business Development Centre (NQSBDC) has been helping local small businesses for more than 20 years. The latest offering from the NQSBDC, the Business Growth Series, is allowing them to work more closely with their clients in order to enable business owners to better understand and manage their businesses successfully. These Mentoring Programs have been developed in response to recent requests for assistance in ‘plain English’, at an affordable price, and on demand. The Business Growth Series is made up of a number of different programs, all of which can be tailored to suit the individual business’s needs. Designed to step clients through these processes with a Business Advisor at their side providing ongoing advice, guidance and support, these programs include assistance with inventory, accounting software, bank funding applications, and “Mumpreneur” businesses just to name a few. “We are finding that these new programs are filling a void for our small business clients” stated Karen Keynes, a qualified Chartered Accountant who is one of the Business Advisors

at the NQSBDC. “Small business owners do the best they can with the knowledge they have. These new services allow us to help put clients in a position where they can better manage their business and save money in the process.” One client who is currently undertaking the Inventory Management Tool Box program is receiving advice on how to change the way their stock is set up, both in their accounting software and physically on site. When complete, these changes will save the client thousands of dollars and allow for improved efficiencies when it comes to recording, tracking and counting their stock, something that has been a big headache for them for several years. Another client who is using the “Mumpreneur” Tool Box program had operated a website for a year and had achieved no online sales. The NQSBDC worked with the client to improve her online presence resulting in her first online sale within 6 weeks of contacting the NQSBDC. Initial interviews to scope the assignment are FREE, and the programs range in price from $60+GST to $750+GST. To make an appointment, contact the NQSBDC on (07) 4723 8491 or for more information, visit the website

Other Business Growth Series programs are also getting remarkable results:

•O  ne on one sessions in MYOB/ Quickbooks Software, are helping business owners to ensure that their business files are set up correctly and that they are processing transactions that are specific to their businesses, in an efficient and accurate way. •C  lients are being assisted with coordinating and presenting information for bank funding applications in a succinct and structured manner, ensuring they contain a number of essential features to achieve an approval. •F  irst-time business aspirants are being helped with tools such as a Financial Viability Template to establish the critical “Break-Even Point”, as well as a simple but robust Business Plan Template. These Templates provide a structure to Entrepreneurs’ enthusiastic ideas, to confirm there really is a profit to be made, as well as providing two years of Cashflow Projections for Income and Capital Expenditure, a SWOT analysis and a concise Marketing Strategy.

july to october

7 Days a Week By Appointment (Walk-ins Welcome)

Individual Returns

Business Returns

Present this ad to receive $20 OFF your tax return. *Not valid with any other offer


Phone 4755 4042 Suite 8 Kirwan Plaza 40 Thuringowa Dr, KIRwan Email:



nce there was a small business. Tom and Marie, husband and wife had more enthusiasm than experience when they started it, but they worked long hours to build it into a successful venture. They watched their business grow and were proud when their son James and daughter Kate came to work in the business too. While Mum and Dad concentrated on production, James was in charge of sales and marketing and Kate looked after the finances and paperwork. As well there were two long serving and dedicated employees. Over the years the business saw tough times, boom times and lots of years of in-between times. From the outside it looked ideal. Tom and Marie had a successful business to provide security for their future and their children too had worthwhile jobs and a promising future. From the inside though, things looked different. James would get frustrated with his parents’ “old fashioned” ideas. He wanted to upgrade the equipment, change some products and set up a website to sell online. His parents on the other hand figured that they knew from many years of experience what worked. They knew their products and their customers and they knew what their customers wanted. They saw James’ ideas as an expensive experiment. They were also worried about taking on debt at their time of life. They were already thinking about that wonderful time when they could jump into their campervan and head off on a long dreamed of trip to the far reaches of the country. Kate felt trapped in the middle. She saw both points of view. She knew the firm needed to make changes – they needed to be more efficient to reduce costs. That required some expenditure on new equipment but that meant they had to have enough sales to fund that equipment. As well, she knew that her parents had worked hard all their lives and were looking forward to fewer challenges, not more. She

Cathy Morato Enterprise Connect

would listen to the spirited discussions between her parents and her brother and wish she had an answer. Kate spent a lot of time looking at reports. She could see that sales were increasing but when she looked at the net profit it seemed to get less every quarter. She wished she understood the balance sheet better. The only bit she understood well and wrestled with on a daily basis was the bank balance. Managing the cash flow was getting harder and harder. And those debtors! They had always been high maintenance but over the past two years they had become more difficult, stringing out payment longer and longer. Kate’s biggest worry though was the firm’s

It seemed that the money was flowing out of the business as fast as it flowed in. profits. It seemed that they were all working harder to make more sales but the profits were still shrinking. No matter how hard they worked, it seemed that the money was flowing out of the business as fast as it flowed in. Her parents wanted to retire in the next couple of years in the knowledge that business was doing well but this was looking increasingly unlikely. Family meetings were difficult. Everyone had a different opinion on what needed to be done and every meeting seemed to go the same way – Marie and James butting heads, Tom quiet and subdued and Kate trying to keep the peace. Luckily the firm had a good accountant. As well as looking after their tax planning, Michael took an interest in the firm and in the family and would sometimes drop into the business. Tom met with Michael one day and told him of his concerns and frustrations with the business and how worried he was of the impact on the

family if the business kept just struggling along or worse, failed. And so it was decided that Michael would attend the next family meeting and offer his advice and suggestions. The family was surprised and pleased by the result. Not only were the issues discussed in a professional manner but potential solutions were discussed and by the end of the meeting a plan had been developed. Michael couldn’t help with everything but he knew people with the expertise who could. When I last visited the business many things had changed. Michael was working with Kate to improve the finance systems. Kate now knew the real costs of the products made and so knew which products were the most profitable. As well Kate was well on her way to really understanding the firm’s cash cycle and how to keep the cash flowing with minimum stress. Tom and Marie were proving the old saying wrong that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. They were busy working with a manufacturing specialist and enjoying the results. Their factory may have been small but they were astonished to see how much more efficient and productive it could be simply by modifying the layout, changing how stock was managed, planning production and by being better organised. The better managed stock had an immediate impact on the firm’s finances – this had always been tricky – too little and it stopped production, too much and the bank balance suffered. James is busy putting the firm’s new marketing strategy into action and sales are steadily increasing. The best bit is that the sales are not the result of discounting, the trap that so many businesses fall into. Family meetings are much more enjoyable and are focussed on planning and improving. The business still has a way to go before Tom and Marie can drive off into the sunset but now both the business and the family have a plan for the future. Things are looking good. Business Advisor - Enterprise Connect


Clive Williams 0429 826 204 11

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All in the Family... ...Business

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Pick a font by Kellie Williams

Graphic designers and their clients are often notorious for not communicating in the same way. Sometimes it is the difference between a visual- and a non-visualthinker (the right or left brainer!). Other times it’s just not sharing the same ‘language’. This lack of effective communication can waste time, money, creativity and have everyone frazzled. In order to be sure you are both speaking clearly, sometimes a bit of ‘to and fro’ is needed. Here are some helpful hints to keep the lines of communication open:

• Visual representation is important. If you can’t draw find a picture that speaks for you. This can help both you and your designer to start on the same page. • Describe the ‘feeling’ you would like your design to inspire. Think of words to convey this feeling such as fresh or delicate or the type of design you are looking for - such as vintage, organic or polished. But be careful - asking for something to be innovative yet corporate can be quite a challenge!

• Have a brainstorming session with team members. Let loose and don’t be afraid to come up with something wacky - you can always tone it down. Use a white board or notepad and send a copy to the designer. • Start a mood-board - very helpful for larger projects. Paint colour books from a hardware store are great (free) colour inspiration too.

• Let go! In order for you to get the most out of your design experience you should be willing to let the artist loose a little and be open to new ideas. And always see the creation of a design as a process. It can take time, a bit of inspiration and patience, but when the end results are exactly what you wanted, it will be worth it! Having trouble with words? Email me for a list of descriptive words at 8

Non-organic Advertising W

e all know gaining the highest possible organic ranking is one of the cheapest ways to advertise our business or product. There are no direct costs associated with it and it can be relatively simple, depending on your industry. But search engines also offer a more traditional (i.e. paid) advertising avenue. Organic vs Paid Organic search ranking is where your website appears due to the relevance of your keywords and search terms. Organic listings are not paid for. You can improve your organic ranking by changing your meta keywords and meta description but this takes time and results are not guaranteed. As an alternative most search engines also offer paid advertising search results i.e. ads. The ads are designed to look similar to the search results, though they differ in formatting enough for readers to make distinctions between the organic results and the ads, such as their background colour and/or placement on the page. Sometimes the appearance of the ads is so similar to the genuine search results that a large majority of users cannot effectively distinguish between them. There are a variety of options you can choose from to pay for these ads but most use the ‘pay-per-click’ method. Control your budget The “pay-per-click” model of advertising works just like it sounds - you only pay when your ad is clicked on. So you’re charged only when someone who is searching for your business or product clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed. From there it is up to you where the click takes them and the conversion rate once they reach your website. Even if you have a small budget and not much time you can you can reach new customers and grow your business using search engine advertising. You can choose where your ad appears, set a budget that’s comfortable for you and easily measure the impact of your ad. Reach your audience Reach people exactly when they’re searching the Internet for what you offer. Your ad is displayed

The Socialite

Kellie Williams Jasper Design

to people who are already searching for the kinds of products and services you offer. So those people are more likely to take action. You can also choose where your ad appears on which specific websites and in which geographical areas (states, towns, or even neighbourhoods). Search engine ads reach 80% of Internet users in the USA. That’s a big audience. Let’s say you run a bakery in Kirwan. Set your ad to appear to customers in just that location, and when someone living or holidaying there searches Google for “blueberry muffins near Kirwan,” they could see your ad and click it to connect to your business. Other tools Tools on offer from the search engines, such as Google, can create a report of how your ad is performing, and you can see how many new customers connect to your business from your ad, where they’re coming from, and other useful info. You can use these tools to edit and improve your ad, and increase the number of potential customers who contact your business. Your ad is easily changed too and it’s easy to pause or stop. Pay-per-clicks can be a great tool to increase business, sign-ups and exposure for your company... But if there is one thing to always remember when advertising online it is that search engines can only deliver potential customers to your site. It is up to your website to make good use of those visitors!

weets urite t r o v a f Our ar te his qu from t

@DoctorKarl : what’s your favourite science phenomena to cause people to stop & think? @Lentilburgler Gold is made inside exploding stars.

@BRW : Job hopping’s de rigueur for #GenY so what is it that makes some people stay with one company for 20 years [free]

@crawford_pc : Very proud and really happy to be named as part of the Australian basketball team for the London 2012 Olympics. #first-tweet #YEAH!!

@JuliaGillard : Hi @PommyRick, if you’re earning less than $80K you’ll get a tax cut. Here’s some more info … #CashForYou TeamJG

@tsv_bulletin : Census shows its becoming more expensive to live in Townsville with rent and mortgages above national average

@DalaiLama : To be extremely self-centred, only interested in your own satisfaction, always brings negative consequences in the long run.

lue, a V , w 3. Understanding your business value: Buy, Gro iness bus a . . . l l Se

Maximise your sale price! your business re a p re p d n a e lu Va as it can ll e s to e id c e d u before yo an you th d te a c li p m o c re be mo had planned for.

Now that you’ve spent years building and growing your business, it’s only natural to want to cash in your chips and reap the rewards of your hard work. But how much is your business really worth? Determining the price you’re willing to sell for, and the price a buyer is willing to pay for your business is one of the most complicated and difficult computations.


Demonstrate Value

One of the most effective methods for boosting the sale price of your business is to demonstrate its worth to potential buyers. If you’re determined to do what it takes to get the best price when selling your business, create a sound revenue model that is predictable, sustainable and recurring. By clearly laying out the current and potential value of the business through a revenue model, prospective buyers will be encouraged. Remember to value and/or protect any intangible assets such as intellectual property (IP) by developing an assets register that includes copies of trademarks, contracts, policies/manual, agreements etc.


Determine True Market Value

In order to negotiate the best price you’ll need to determine its true market value, and having a business valuation done, either professionally or otherwise will serve of great value. The valuation will provide an analysis of every aspect of your business and can also help determine strengths and weaknesses which can be addressed accordingly to increase business value. Also, a valuation helps you negotiate from a position of having information, rather than from emotion.

This 4-page lift out will give you a back-of-the-napkin method you can use to prepare and maximise the value and sale price of your business when the time comes – whatever the field, industry or service you are in. 13

3 Prepare the books A valuable

business is attractive,

There’s no doubt that transparency is critical

accurate and up-to-date financial records,

to avoiding any suspicion or unexpected

statements and tax lodgment records will

surprises with prospective buyers. It’s

most definitely support the value of your

highly recommended having your due

business to potential buyers. It is also

diligence materials reviewed in advance by

wise to reduce your liabilities for example,

professional advisors such as an accountant

ensuring all tax payments, leases and asset

or business advisor. Comprehensive,

loans are up to date.


systemised and low risk.

4 Increase Sales Income A rise in sales income leading up to a buyer

if a large portion of your business income

purchasing the business can certainly

is wrapped up one or two customers,

help boost value, but also assist in buyers

your business will seem much riskier to

if they are applying for finance. However,

prospective buyers. By diversifying your

any business owner knows that increasing

customer base, you will reduce the risk that

sales is no easy task. If possible, seek to

the loss of one large client would have on

build a highly diversified customer base and

the business.

5 Maintain the smooth running of the operations When you finally make the decision to advertise your business for sale, it’s critically important to ensure that you understand what you are really selling and that your business operations are running smoothly. Some important areas to consider prior to selling your business is (where appropriate) to prepare your employees, key contracting partners and customers, to ensure that operations continue as planned throughout the process. Your business performance during this crucial period could ultimately impact the overall sale price.

6 Plan, Plan, Plan With lending institutions tightening their belts like never before, and cashed-up buyer rarer than hens teeth, it’s more important than ever to plan ahead. Always remember that, no matter how ready your business is, finding a buyer can take considerable time.


Business Plan: Getting Started I’ve never met anyone who bought

Just like house plans, a business

Regardless of whether you’re starting

a business so they could follow a

plan precisely defines the project

from scratch, buying, expanding

business plan. Despite its critical

and identifies the basic components

or planning to sell a business, a

importance, many business owners

that help allocate resources properly,

functional business plan forces you

drag their feet when it comes to

handle unexpected/unforeseen

to be objective rather than overly

the process of planning. From my

complications and most of all it’s a tool


experience, they argue that their

to help make good business decisions.

marketplace changes too fast and outdates the plan or they don’t have enough time to keep track. Sound like anyone you know?

When you take the time to sit down

But just as a builder won’t begin

and honestly consider the financial

construction without plans, eager

picture, market projections and overall

business owners shouldn’t operate

objectives, you’re more likely to make a

without a business plan.

rational decision.

creating the plan If you’ve got this far into the article, I’m guessing you’re thinking about improving the value or selling your business and drafting up a plan (or blowing the dust off the one you did a few years ago). But before you go anywhere or do anything, I want to remind you that a business plan is a tool with 3 basic purposes:

Communication As a communication tool, your business plan can be used to attract capital from investors, secure loans, assist in attracting strategic business partners or in everyone’s case, sell the business. In other words, a well executed and managed

1. Com muni catio n, 2. Ma nage ment , and

3. Pla nni


business plan can convince a third party investor of the present and future value held in the business by demonstrating that it has the potential


to make a PROFIT. A thoughtful business plan will take a realistic look at almost every phase of

As a planning tool, the business plan will

business (startup, growth, expansion, maturity)

guide you through the various phases of your

and will allow you, as the business owner and

business regardless of how it is performing

Director, to show that you have worked out all the

when you start. The Plan will help mitigate

problems and outlined solutions as well as offering

roadblocks and obstacles. Many business

potential alternatives before actually launching, or

owners share their business plans with their

transitioning out of your business.

employees to foster a broader understanding


of where the business is going.

As a management tool, your business plan will

improvement. By using your business plan daily

help you track, monitor and evaluate progress

or weekly, you will be able to flag any variances

and performance. It’s critically important for

and amend to accommodate critical changes.

you to remember that any business plan is a

Overall, the plan will establish timelines and

living document that you will modify as you

milestones, and its purpose is clearly to gauge

gain knowledge and experience. Nothing is

your progress and compare your projections to

certain, so all plans are subject to change or

actual results. 15

1. Over the next 5 years, what service or product does your business provide and what needs does it fill?

g value and eventually If you intend on boostin ld your Business plan shou selling your business, tions: cover these 4 core ques

2. Over the next 5 years, who are the potential customers or buyers for your business and why will they purchase from you?

3. How much a re you business willing for and to sell y b our y when? 4. W  hat a re the strength of your s and w business eakness that ca to impr es n be w ove valu orked on e?

using the plan In a nutshell, if you can briefly complete the following pointers, you’ll be on your way to developing your own Plan for the future: Give a detailed description of the business and its goals.  iscuss the ownership of the business and the legal D structure. List the skills and experience you bring to the business.  iscuss the advantages you and your business have over D your competitors. Discuss the products/services offered. Identify the customer demand for your product/service. Identify your market, its size and location/s.  xplain how your product/service will be advertised and E marketed. Explain the pricing strategy.  xplain your source and the amount of initial equity or E capital.  hat is a monthly operating budget for the next 24 W months.  hat is an expected return on investment and monthly W cash flow for the next 12 months.

 rovide income statements and balance sheets for a twoP year period. Calculate your break-even point.  reate a plan to maintain your accounting records and C how they will be kept.  hat contingencies do you need to develop in order to W address alternative approaches to any problem that may develop.  ow will the business will be managed on a day-to-day H basis.  hat hiring and personnel procedures are/need to be W implemented or improved on.  hat insurance, lease or rent agreements, and issues are W on foot in your business.  Account for the equipment necessary to produce your products or services.  ccount for production and delivery of products and A services.

The big questions are “Why are businesses sold for less than they are advertised for?” or “Why can’t I sell my business?” Now more than ever business owners are feeling the pressures of a tight lending market, and these hard economic times won’t tolerate a business that is not maintaining a profit or improving its value. So before you begin thinking of selling your business, make sure you invest time in putting together the correct material and systems to present the tangible and intangible value in your business. Why? Because the better your business looks on paper, the more it will be worth and the better the chance of actually selling it for the asking price. Get Zooming and…VALUE your business.

d by: Proudly sponsore

Well, this is only a fracti on of what it takes to boos t value and pr epare your business for sale. Selling yo ur business is a chance to be repaid for yo ur hard work and Bizrich Business Sal es are expert helping you s in value and se ll your busine know what bu ss. We siness buyers ar e lo ok ing for and how to get yo ur business re ady to sell. For heaps of tips and chec klists to prep your business are for sale emai l info@bizric

This content has been prepared without taking account of the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular individual. It does not constitute formal advice. For this reason, any individual should, before acting, consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to the individual’s objectives, financial situation and needs and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.

You get hat you w S give

taff retention is an interesting topic. There are many theories and diagrams to explain why you can or can’t retain your staff. It really comes down to one thing: satisfaction. If an employee is not satisfied in their job, they will look elsewhere. Now, satisfaction doesn’t necessarily mean they enjoy their job; it could be they hate their job but the pay rate is favourable, so they stay. Therefore they are still satisfied with an element of the job. Employee satisfaction is hard to achieve and everyone will tell you something different. In the end, your management strategy will make a big difference in an employees happiness at work. Satisfaction not only means employees, it also touches on both suppliers and customers. If you have a satisfied employee, they will most likely deal with suppliers in a friendlier manner and this could be beneficial for your business in a number of ways, such as developing long term relationships and cost savings. For customers, it can mean better service and an easier relationship. It also means your job will be easier. For instance, you won’t need to micro manage, however you still need to monitor employees. By monitoring and giving constructive feedback, an

by taryn webb

Employee satisfaction is hard to achieve...

employee not only knows where they stand, but they can also work on improving themselves. A satisfied employee will often solve problems themselves and will also work well with others, meaning you spend less time refereeing and more time focusing on the fundamentals. Systems are also a great tool. A solid system means everyone knows the process and the goal/s you are moving towards. It also outlines boundaries, whilst still having the freedom to move within those boundaries. Systems in turn allow a manager to trust that employees are following the rules set out and they spend less time micro managing. So, with all that said, we come to how do you achieve employee satisfaction? This is a debatable argument, but again, I think it comes down to a few basics. A happy workplace is generally a productive workplace. Encourage team building efforts, even something as small as a fund raising morning tea where everyone can get together and catch up. Talk to your employees. Performance Reviews

are a great way of getting them to open up and talk about real issues. There are some helpful templates online with thoughtful questions. Don’t just ask “What do you like about the job” ask things like “what keeps you with our company” and “how do you add value to our company”. These questions will get employees thinking and they are also positive questions. Know your employees. The little things count, such as asking how a sick child is, or how the weekend was or even just knowing their names means a lot. If you show that you care and take the time to get to know them, you will find it easier to talk to them. They will also come to you for advice when in trouble. Finally, reward your employees. This isn’t necessarily a bonus. Gifts are often a great way to thank employees for their efforts, and anything as simple as a cap can go a long way. Another great idea is a family orientated day. A fun day with rides for the kids builds a family atmosphere and allows the employees loved ones to be involved. Employee satisfaction is important, because without your employees, you couldn’t run your business. Your most valuable asset is your employees, so make sure you take the time to let them know.

Ask r ou about

* E E R Fembroidery




itions a


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zoom in . . . business training

Accelerating Performance Through

Client Engagement

Phil ‘PJ’ Jenkins Benchmark Business Solutions


The findings were telling: The Outcome of Low Employee raditionally, engagement Engagement • Employers in high performing organisations within organisations When an employer is not engaged with their were 24% more satisfied with the level of has been viewed one business it has a flow on effect to employees. Customer Service provided by employees than dimensionally. Employee They can become comfortable with the those in low performing organisations. engagement is widely known as everyday or disillusioned with the absence of i.e. High Performing 92% : Low Performing critical in achieving organisational leadership. 68% success. It can be difficult for employees to look • Employee Results - Satisfaction Staff However viewing employee engagement in forward to a challenge or career development Customer Focus isolation is dangerous as the overall impact of if they are not confident the business can offer High Performing 88% : Low Performing 73% engagement is unknown. them. The everyday becomes monotonous and (Variation 15%) In 2011 the HR Coach Research Institute employees become disengaged. • Employee Results – Staff Customer Feedback published the White Paper – “Managing back to This is a real issue for workplaces. The High Performing 76% : Low Performing 66% Certainty”. This paper explored a new dimension employment relationship can become (Variation 10%) in engagement – that of the employer. Please check the following pro destructive, as the employer is preoccupied with • Employee Results – Staff Meet Client Needs Employer engagement is a unique factor that the survival of the business. High Performing 84% : Low Performing 76% exists within the business sector. The business Disengaged employees are indifferent to (Variation 8%) sector is defined as organisations with less than Please the following proof carefully and approve asap. business performance. They havecheck a “low care 200 employees. The engagement of a business Given the significance of client engagement, owner within their own business is equally the way organisations manage their client Please check the following proof carefully and important as that of the employees. If the relationships is increasingly important. business owner is not engaged with the strategy As Castle a result PO Box 5761, 350 Hillthe Rdstudy also evaluated Tel: 07the 4772 0233 and operations of the business, the entire Townsville, QLDcompleteness 4810 of client management Mob: 0438 713 915 organisation suffers. Given employer reluctance National: 1300 132 133 documentation: or inability over the last five years to make ABN: 833 9889 1027 07 4721 0983 • 39% of all businesses had Fax: no documentation PO Box 5761, 350 Castle Hill Rd Tel: 07 4772 0233 decisions in regards to strategy and investment,PO Box 5761, 350 Castle Hill Rd or analysis of clientTownsville, results QLD 4810 Townsville, QLD 4810 Mob: 0438 713 915 business foresight has suffered. Persisting with • A133 further 37% stated they had documentation, National: 1300 132 factor” or a negative impact on delivering sales. the strategy “business as usual” for an PO Box 5761, 3 PO Box 5761, 350 Castle Hill Rd Tel: 07 4772 0233 but that it was incomplete improvements 833 9889 1027 ABN: 833or9889 1027 Fax: 07 4721 0983 in turn can worsen the QLD business period of time is a warning sign of low employerABN: This Townsville, QLD Townsville, 4810 outlook Mob: 0438 713 915 were required pj@benchmark and place increased pressure on employers engagement. BUSINESS SOLUTIONS National: 1300 132 13325% of businesses www.benchma • This means that less than as they struggle to retain the customers they ABN: 833 9889 1027 ABN: 833 9889 1 Fax: 07 4721 0983 are actually proactively managing client already have, let alone develop or acquire new Sean Sperling relationships (3 out of 4 businesses have an business. Operations &to Customer Support opportunity improve results – today!) BUSINESS SOLUTIONS BUSINESS SO So what can businesses do to

...less than 25% of businesses are actually proactively managing client relationships...


overcome this challenge? A key Foundations of Engagement – A Sean Sperling Philip Jen finding in the research was the impactSOLUTIONS BUSINESS BU Common Purpose Operations & Customer Support Managing Dir client engagement can have on the With this information and the strategies overall business performance – the of how high performing organisations are Sean Sperling third dimension of engagement. proactively managing client engagement, the Operations & Customer Support

HR Coach Research Institute has identified Client Engagement – The Third Dimension critical models and methods to fast track PEOPLE + PERFORM The HR Coach Research Institute client engagement for improved business delved into the research to explore the performance. concept of client engagement and its For more information please email me impact on organisations. PEOPLE + personally PERFORMANCE = RESULTS at


People+Performance=Results We provide business support through Strategic Planning, Sales, Sales Management & HR. Ph: 1300 132 133 PO Box 5761, Townsville QLD 4810 Email: Web: 18

PO Box 5761, 350 Castle Hill Rd Townsville, QLD 4810

PO Box 5761, 350 Castle Hill Rd Townsville, QLD 4810 ABN: 833 9889 1027

Tel: 07 4772 0233 Mob: 0419 355 516 National: 1300 132 133



Tel: 07 4772 0233 Mob: 0419 355 516 National: 1300 132 133 Fax: 07 4721 0983


dex boardHRReport Quarterly Index

Australian Dashboard Report

April 2012 February 2012

Business Expectations EXECUTIVE SUMMARY for Staff


The current economic outlook is showing signs 15% of hope in 2012, despite a volatile end to last 10% year. Short term planning was hindering capital 5% investment and longer term strategy in the business 0% during 2011. This quarter we are seeing sector businesses taking a conservative growth Oct-11 focus in Jun-11 Aug-11 their businesses with a 6% increase in confidence. There has been no shift in the top 3 concerns for businesses since October 2008. Economic Concerns - Ability to Sales, Find and Keep Staff Climate and Cashflow remain the primary focus moving into 2012. Stability and continuity Expect Increases in Wages Bill in government and policy is also influencing internal decisions in business.This is a in trend expect to Expect Increases Size we of Workforce continue throughout the year.

ast ns

45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0%


40% 20%


Dec-11 Sep-11





Concerns - Ability to Find and Keep Staff




Expect Increases in Wages Bill





Expect Increases inMar-12 Size of Workforce Jan-12








Job Advertisements per week


Expect Increase Jun-11 in Profitability

Productivity Growth Factors -0.50% Lack of Business Confidence Business Confidence -0.60% Concerns - Ability to Find and Keep Staff -0.30% Expect Increase in Wages Bill Expect Increase in Size3.30% of Workforce Expect Increase in Value of Sales Expect Increase in Profitability Expect Increase in Capital Expenditure

Consolidated Results Table

Expect Business Increase in Profitability 70%

Feb-11 Jun-11

19% 63% 7% 23% 12% 44% 41% 18%

27% 55% 6% 23% 11% 37% 35% 18%

70% 60% 50% Jan-12 Qtr Var Sep-11 40% 33% 27% -6% 30% 48% 54% 6% 20% 4% 7% 3% 10% 21% 39% 18% 0% 11% 36% 34% 15%

21% Jun-1110% 54% 18% 51% 17% 19% 4%

41% Sep-11

Expect Increase in Capital Expenditure





35% Dec-11 18%






34% 51% Mar-12 15%

















60% Expect Increase 50% in Capital40% Expenditure 30% 20% 10% 0%

Aug-11 Jun-11 Sep-11

44% Dec-11 37%

Sep-11 Value of Sales

Business Confidence



Expect Increase in


1.40% 2.60% 2.90% 1.20% -0.50% -0.60% -0.30%

Consolidated Results Table 1.20%



Month Change

Jul-10 Aug-10 Nov-10 Feb-11 May-11 Month Change Aug-11 2.60% Nov-11


y o t r




Expect Increase in advertisements increase and decrease at a slower rate than the internet.Value of Sales

Employers are looking at investing in wages as the Mar-12 key driver for growth in sales and profitability. This could be driven by existing employees receiving a wage increase for the first time in 2 years. It could also mean a future recruitment drive. This is not yet reflected in the job advertisements as this is a lag indicator.


20% Feb-12


23% 21% 22%have 23% Job Advertisements fallen after consistently. Newspaper


Productivity Growth Factors Lack of Business Confidence Business Confidence Concerns - Ability to Find and Keep Staff Expect Increase in Wages Bill Expect Increase in Size of Workforce Expect Increase in Value of Sales Expect Increase in Profitability Expect Increase in Capital Expenditure


6% Job Advertisements 4% 7% 5%

The data this quarter is showing that even though Nov-10 concerns remain over the general market volatility, there are emerging trends that look like they will Feb-11 affect business change in the year ahead. We have seen lack of growth in wages and lowered concern May-11 for employee turnover and availablility over the past year. This quarter is different. Employers are Aug-11 recognizing that to forecast an increase in sales and profitability will require investment.




Job Advertisements

to g






The cost of business compliance and increased pressure of cashflow has seen a rise in subcontracting. With a government push for compliance in employee and subcontractor arrangements, business owners will need to be diligent in this area. Budgeting per for the expense and Job Advertisements week allocating time for compliance will be essential to avoid additional costs or penalties.


Business Expectations for Growth Business Expectations for Growth

Business Expectations for Staff

40%HR Quarterly Index provides a The 35% summary of employment confidence 30% in the business sector from the HR 25% Coach Research Institute. 20%



Current State of the Employment Market (as at November 2011)

Participation Rate Unemployment Rate IMF Unemployment Forecast 2011 - Australia OECD Unemployment Forecast 2011 Employment by person Unemployment by person Labour force underutilisation Aug-11 Oct-11 rate Dec-11 Key Sources: HR Coach Research Institute National STAR Report Sensis® Business Index

65.5% 5.3% 5.1% 8.4% 11,457,100 638,700 12.5% Feb-12

ANZ Job Advertisement Series December 2011 ABS – 6202.0 – January 2012, Labour Force, Australia

Current State of the Employment Market (as at March 2012)

To the best knowledge of HR Coach, information was current and accurate as at the date of this report. Any harm or loss arising from use or otherwise of the

information providedJan-11 is disclaimedMar-12 of responsibility HR Coach.; Ph 1300 550 674; HR Coach International Pty Ltd © 2012 Jun-11 Sep-11 QtrbyVar Participation Rate

27% 55% 6% 23% 11% 37% 35% 18%

33% 48% 4% 21% 11% 36% 34% 15%

27% 54% 7% 39% 21% 54% 51% 19%

28% 53% 5% 23% 12% 39% 36% 19%

1% -1% -2% 1% 1% 1% -1% 0%

Unemployment Rate IMF Unemployment Forecast OECD Unemployment Forecast Employment by person Unemployment by person Labour force underutilisation rate Key Sources: HR Coach Research Institute National STAR Report 2012 Sensis® Business Index

65.2% 5.2% 5.1% 5.2% 11,444,600 625,000 12.5%

ANZ Job Advertisement Series March 2012 ABS – 6202.0 – March 2012, Labour Force, Australia

To the best knowledge of HR Coach, information was current and accurate as at the date of this report. Any harm or loss arising from use or otherwise of the information provided is disclaimed of responsibility by HR Coach.; Ph 1300 550 674; HR Coach International Pty Ltd © 2012


laugh often and much;

To my God Da ugh ter ,A

To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child,

a lex nd r a Je a


Photo by Brooklyn Eller

To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;

A garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ed's Corner

19 Kirsten Gadsby

household solar pv A

s with any new technology, it usually hits the retail market at a premium price. In 1997 the first Flat Panel Plasma TVs went on sale in the United States. For a cool US$15,000, you could be one of the first to own a 107cm plasma TV - today it’s a very different story. Household solar Photo Voltaic (PV) systems have had a very similar introduction, with the first of the entry level 1.5 kilowatt systems setting you back up to AU$12,000 after the Government assistance. Certainly there were a number of solar companies willing to cash in on the new scheme and a customer base that had little knowledge of the new technology. High demand, a shortage of components and a low Australian Dollar all played a part in making early Solar PV Systems a costly venture. Now, thanks to a very competitive industry, high buying power of the dollar and a large variety of components to suit most budgets, prices have reduced significantly. Even despite the assistance scheme winding down, the costs of solar components are still reducing. For a quick comparison, in Oct 2010, with Government assistance at its maximum, a top quality German 1.7 kilowatt inverter retailed for around $1800 after GST. The same inverter today will set you back around $800 after GST. A similar reduction is apparent for many solar panel brands, in addition to advances in efficiency, technology and power output. Current pricing trends suggest that Australian pricing is near parity with the European market, which should stabilise pricing here at home. Supply and demand and a fluctuating Australian dollar will continue to

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Pricing and Government v assistance explained.

...despite the assistance system winding down, the costs of solar components are still reducing...

have an effect on solar pricing. Government Assistance for Household Solar PV The Australian Government has been providing assistance to eligible households to support the Solar Industry and promote the production of clean energy. If we take a look at the current assistance for Solar PV systems, it exists in three forms - Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), Solar Credits (multiplier) and a Feed in Tariff. STCs An STC (Small Scale Technology Certificate) replaced a REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) as of 1 January 2011. Each STC is an electronically tradable commodity. STCs are similar to shares on the stock market. A certificate represents a unit of value dependant on the wholesale market and has varied between $40 and $16. These certificates may be traded by you for financial return, but most commonly solar retailers will purchase your certificates from you at the time of your purchase. The purchase price of the certificates will be deducted off the price of your new solar system. The current number of certificates you will receive is 20.6 for every kilowatt of panels you install. Solar Credits Scheme Hand in hand with STCs, the Solar Credits scheme applies a multiplier to increase the number of certificates that are issued for the first 1.5 kilowatts. The multiplier initially began at five and was set to decrease by one on the 1st of July each year until it provided no multiple. Surprisingly this scheme was cut short by the Government when on the 1st of July 2011 the multiplier was reduced from five to three. As of 1st July 2012 the multiplier is two, providing 62 certificates for the first 1.5

kilowatts and 20.6 certificates for every kilowatt thereafter. Feed in Tariff The Feed in Tariff allows you to sell the excess solar power generated by your solar PV system to your electricity provider. A new meter will be installed at your residence that will meter the flow of electricity back to the grid, which will be read at the time of your regular meter reading and applied to your bill. As we go to print, the Queensland Government has announced a reduction in the feed in tariff from 44 cents per kilowatt hour returned to the grid to 8 cents. This change is not all doom and gloom and installing solar for your home or business will still provide financial relief from the rising cost of electricity, so depending on when and how much electricity your household uses, with a little management the change to the tariff will not present an issue. Northrich Solar can advise you on how to maximise your return via feed in tariff when selecting your new system. Selecting a retailer Due to a huge range of components currently on the market pricing can vary considerably for systems with the same output. Be careful to compare apples with apples when comparing quotes from solar retailers. The person quoting on your system should come to you and have a good look at your house and existing electrical equipment to determine if any upgrades are required or to identify any potential issues that could pose a problem on the day of the install. Not all premises are suitable for the mounting of solar PV and eligibility for Government assistance will vary.


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Businesses for sale accountancy practice

a trusted franchise

Location: Contact:

Ultra Tune - A well known and trusted name in the Australian car servicing has become available in Townsville! Both Townsville Service Centres are available for purchase, either individually or both in a complete package. Both with an annual turnover of $1M +. Ultra Tune provides a unique system. It is a structured series of operating procedures to perform all motor vehicle services, faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively. The system is maintained through an exclusive computer program which encompasses both administration and billing, and updated servicing data. In addition, Ultra Tune provides regular in house training and service programs. You’ll have professional support in administration, in marketing and on the technical side. Ultra Tune will be with you at the start, helping with site selection and leasing, with workshop layout and equipment purchases, even the planning of your launch. Whilst it is desirable to have a mechanical background it is not critical, some management and organisation skills will be positive attributes, and with the training program provided by the Franchisor will help the new franchisee with the necessary skills and experience required to run the business.


Buchan’s Cycles and Mowers

Category: Franchise: Profitable: Ready & Attractive:


Location: Garbutt and Townsville Asking Price: Garbutt $500,00 + SAV, Townsville $400,00 + SAV Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

Mechanical, Franchise Yes Yes Yes

inner city fashion boutique

Location: Contact:

Location: Ayr Asking Price: $325,000 + SAV Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

This Bookkeeping and payroll business has been operating in Townsville and surrounds since 2006. Two staff - fully registered BAS agents and provide clients with the following services; 1. Accounting cycle to trail balance 2. BAS/IAS, Payroll Tax, Superannuation 3. Full payroll service including end of year i.e. issuing of payment summaries to employees 4. Marketing strategies 5. Cash flow projections/budgets 6. HR advice and staff management if required 7. General business advice re structures/policies and best practice Location: Townsville Asking Price: $100,000 Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930


Townsville Kirsten 0409 120 408

naturally healthy

Bookkeeping Practice

Location: Contact:

Buchan’s Cycles and Mowers have been firmly established and trading successfully in the Burdekin for over 60 years. Buchan’s stocks only the best brands of cycles and mowers and is the region’s Honda Power Equipment Dealer for sales and repair. Ranked in the top 15% for Honda Power Equipment sales in the country and with fantastic leasing terms this business is well positioned to grow and provide a new owner with years of great income.

Townsville Nigel 0437 544 930

Townsville Nigel 0437 544 930

north ward fashion boutique

Location: Contact:

Townsville Nigel 0437 544 930

Businesses for sale Burdekin HarDware Store

Giardini Pizza & Pasta (Cannon Park)

If you love the idea of making excellent money, as well as enjoying a great lifestyle, then this business will get you excited. Bizrich is proud to exclusively market this four-decade strong plumbing, paint, timber and hardware store located in the Burdekin Shire. As a new owner of this store, you can expect that the community will embrace you as their own, and with residential property prices still very reasonable, you can make this an unbeatable financial and lifestyle investment. This well established hardware store has is also renowned as a plumbing specialist, with a product range that is diverse and also operates as a plumbing service. The business attracts both trade and retail clients from the surrounding community and wider catchment. Forming part of the Mitre 10 and Danks buying group, the independent store offers clients a comprehensive selection of plumbing and hardware products that align with the horticultural, agricultural and rural community as well as servicing domestic and industrial clientelle. This diversity allows the business to thrive all year round.

This locally-owned iconic, licensed Italian restaurant has been serving some of the best pizza, pasta and a fantastic assortment of Mediterranean meals all over Townsville. Located at Cannon Park right next to the Reading cinemas, Giardini Pizza and Pasta Bar has been firmly established and trading well for over 20 years. This operation is not part of a Franchise, but certainly franchise-able - you get a brand with the lot. Complete with pickup, delivery and dine-in. Fully systemised and ready for the new owner to come in and manage the experienced staff.

Location: Burdekin Shire Asking Price: $420,000 + SAV Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

Category: Franchise: Profitable: Ready & Attractive:

Plumbing, Hardware (Rural) No Yes Yes

Location: Townsville Asking Price: POA Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

Herbert River Newsagency

Pizza & Pasta (Rising Sun)

The Herbert River Newsagency is located within the Woolworths complex in the relaxed community of Ingham, just north of Townsville. Awarded 2010 Queensland Retail Newsagency of the year and nominated for 2011 Australian News agency of the year this business is a perfect opportunity for a family, couple or partnership to work and live in a great relaxed location, with a loyal and welcoming customer base. This busy newsagency is perfect for those who love the warm tropical seachange in the Hinchinbrook or it is ideal for a local Townsville or Ingham family to stay in the area and continue working on a successful business. The Herbert River Newsagency is among the 4,000 newsagents trading across Australia with a combined total sales exceeding $6.5 billion per annum. With this in mind as a buyer, you can be secure in the knowledge that the Herbert River Newsagency is backed by supply arrangements with the country’s largest publishers, together with the franchise agreement with Golden Casket Corporation. The Herbert River Newsagency is poised to grow and strengthen its position as a dominant retailer in the Ingham community and only goes to reinforce the knowledge that newsagencies are a DESTINATION business now and into the future.

Well established in Rising Sun with expansion opportunity, this local pizza and pasta brand has been serving and delivering great pizza and pasta all over Townsville. Wishing to travel in retirement, the owners are offering their hard work and dedication to a lucky buyer to continue to reap the rewards and grow it even further. Complete with Delivery vehicle. (please note the brand name “Giardini� does not form part of the sale at this location).

Location: Ingham Asking Price: $595,000 + SAV Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

Category: Franchise: Profitable: Ready & Attractive:

Newsagency No Yes Yes

>60% managed, profitable, ready, attractive, systemized

Location: Townsville Asking Price: POA (with vehicle) Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

Businesses for sale BOBCAT AND TIPPER HIRE

warrina books

jools interiors

This great little opportunity comes complete with guaranteed work servicing a number of regular clients supporting Townsville’s thriving construction industry. With a qualified operator willing to stay you won’t even need to get your hands dirty. The business boasts modern plant & equipment only 4 years old – Sale comes complete with: • Mitsubishi Fuso 3.5 Tonne tipper • Toyota Husky 5 on trailer • 150 mm Trencher • 600,450 & 300 mm Augers • Spreader bar • Set of rippers

One of only four book exchange stores in Townsville located in the Warrina Cinema and Shopping Complex, ensuring solid foot traffic.Currently open 5 1/2 days per week, the exchange boasts a fully catalogued inventory of over 40,600 books in an electronic database which allows for pre-ordering which has increased the interest of the younger generation. Low overheads, easy to operate and has a lot of growth potential through the addition of new books, E-Book Readers, Audio Tapes and CD’s as well as the potential of integrating with the ready to go web site to diversify to online bookings and purchases / exchanges.

Well established for 36 years, the last 26 years featuring an unequalled reputation for quality and service and a highly visible showroom located in a prominent centre on a busy main road with unlimited customer parking. Easily operated with two people this fabulous interior furniture and furnishings store has been operated by just one person for much of the time over the last 2 years. A unique store in Townsville selling quality furniture, furnishings, curtain & upholstery fabrics, blinds, giftware, rugs, prints, lamps, and providing a complete interior design and upholstery service.

Location: Townsville Asking Price: $70,000 WIWO Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

Location: Currajong Asking Price: $55,000 WIWO Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

Location: Townsville Asking Price: $75,000 + SAV Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

barber / Hair Salon

vending nq

flinders street cafe

Located centrally on the busy Riverway Drive in a convenient shopping complex. This salon has ample parking, long lease, cheap rent and regular customers. Currently operated by the owner this great little salon focuses mainly on its large regular male clientele, but caters for the ladies too. Large enough to expand to a full service salon that could easily include beauty services, this salon would be the ideal start for a qualified hairdresser that wishes to branch out and control his or her own destiny. The premises include the following: 3 Cutting Stations; 1 Shampoo Station

Well established in the Townsville region including Magnetic Island for around 10 years, Vending NQ can be easily run from home and currently only requires around 22 hours of work per week. Machines range from drinks and snacks to cigarettes. Sale is complete with 41 vending machines in 26 + great locations with site agreements in place, all stock in machines at sale. Ford Transit turbo diesel van, and training from existing owner. Average turnover $190,000.00. Current value of plant, stock and vehicle $158,400.00.

1 Fresh is a great little café with a fabulous relaxed feel in one of the best locations in Townsville city. Only 12 months new and having survived trading interruptions from Cyclone Yasi and the Mall redevelopment the shop has proven staying power and starting to show some great potential. After a $56 million facelift, Townsville’s oldest shopping street has been revitalised and is growing in reputation as a centre for fashion, food and atmosphere. Located in the centre of this revitalisation 1 Fresh is certainly well positioned to establish itself into café culture.

Location: Townsville Asking Price: $79,000 WIWO Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

Location: Townsville and Magnetic Island Asking Price: $195,000 +SAV Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

Location: Flinders Street, Townsville Asking Price: POA Contact: Nigel 0437 544 930

>60% managed, profitable, ready, attractive, systemized

The ultimate team building event. Registration and Event Information Phone 4788 7196 or 0407 171 164 Registrations close Wednesday August 15, 2012

Townsville Sports Reserve 7am to 5:30pm Carnival After Party at The Brewery

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Enter your organisation in the ultimate team building event 9 team sports, plus the Gloat up the Goat, an individual race from the bottom of Castle hill, up the Goat Track and back down the road.

Touch football

Table tennis doubles


Lawn bowls

Soccer 6’s

Tennis doubles

Volleyball 6’s



Gloat up the Goat

4 NEw SPoRTS iN 2012 NEw SPECiAL TEAm PRiCES iN 2012


ThAnks To ouR MAjoR sponsoRs 19

s i t r e v d A

m o r f ing

h t n o m r e p $50

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