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LUCIA TRAN Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the Editor


dear reader, Two years ago, this time around, I found myself venturing into a new field that had no end that I could see of. When an idea sparks in my mind, I tend to take it and run wildly with it until my body exhausts itself. But for this particular project, I couldn’t turn it down and I certainly could not quit. I lied sprawled across the carpet of my local Borders store (which is now unfortunately closed) all of summer and sought after a goal that was seen as unattainable. I was fine with that. The impossibility of the idea only fired my passion further. Zooey Magazine was finally completed in that summer of 2010. Growing up, things never felt as right as they did unless I was holding onto a copy of a magazine or watching a movie or television show. Parents would describe this as an unhealthy obsession, but it wasn’t just that I only enjoyed what I was reading or watching, it was the fact that I wanted to be a part of this entertainment industry. When we’re sad, lonely, bored, with friends, or searching for a laugh, we turn on the television and immerse ourselves into the shoes of a character in a show or a movie. When we want to be inspired, we turn to our favorite magazines to fall into the pages to find ourselves busy until our hands have reached the back cover. The acts, which may seem relatively small, provide a source of escape. I wanted to create one of these outlets. But instead of simply just providing just pages of images and text, I sought to produce a medium where readers have a voice. I followed this dream and never

looked back. Even with the lack of resources and even the lack of time, I was able to bring a whole new character to life. Through all the turbulence I had to endure as a child, I knew the only way out was to rise above. And let me tell you one thing – I never believed I could achieve something as massive as Zooey, and that means you should not deem your aspiration impossible either. Life is an interesting ride, and no matter how many problems come darting your way, life is much too short to stop and wonder what could be, would be, or should be. When I had the first copy of Zooey in my hands, it felt as though I was holding the world in my hands and balancing it better than ever. There will always be this weight on my shoulders attempting to knock me over and bring me down, but as long as I continue to keep walking forward with as much strength than ever, I know that one day, the underdog in me will win. We tend to lose ourselves along the way and we forget how little time we have on this planet. We take time for granted by dreaming instead of going, wondering instead of doing, and simply looking back when life offers no route in that direction. I do not mean to say our journeys must be perfect. There will be situations where you may feel lost and insignificant, as though you have to hide your tears whenever the feeling of failure takes over, but these emotions are shared. Your adventure will allow for you to explore untouched territory and

new passions that you may never have known before. For me, Zooey helped me to understand the incredible power that comes from a group of people who share a common enthusiasm, and the positive changes that this group can offer to the world simply by inspiring one individual at a time attempt to do the impossible and triumph. No one person can encounter accomplishments without the help of another, and we must acknowledge this and help others climb up this tremendously high ladder the world provides. Now two years later, as I’m writing this letter, I can only wish but one thing…that Zooey may live for at least another two. This time, I will conquer each day from a desk rather than from the floor of the fashion section of Borders. How times have changed.



Success is Fulfillment

one mother redefines business management

The business industry is constantly changing, and from what we see for women, it is for the better. Amber Schaub is the definition of a go-getter. A mother of two, Schaub now runs her own children’s fashion brand (entitled “RuffleButts”) that has surpassed a million dollars in revenue as of 2012. She is attempting to redefine how companies are run and we certainly approve of it.

You were in real estate before transitioning RuffleButts. What does RuffleButts offer that real estate doesn’t? For me, fulfillment, simple as that. Although I [had] success in the real estate industry, I was frustrated by the ethics (or lack thereof), disgusted by the customer service (it was the hay-day for the industry at the time, and everyone seemed to take customers for granted), and simply missing a piece of me. I think real estate can be great, [but] it just wasn’t my destiny. I yearned to affect people on a greater scale, and funny enough, ruffled baby booties allow me to do that. Have you ever had experience in running your own business before? How exactly did you learn the in’s and out’s of starting your own company? I was 27 when I started RuffleButts, so if you discount my experience in running a babysitting club in middle school, I was a newbie at the CEO thing. I had always dreamed of starting a business, even tossed around a few ‘business plans’

through college, but I was never really ready to take the plunge. Looking back, RuffleButts came at just the right time for me. Learning the in’s and out’s, well that question is truly ongoing. I have learned a ridiculous amount of everything in the past five years, and really have no idea how in the world I did it without any industry or entrepreneurship knowledge whatsoever. With that said, I still have so much to learn, and do so every single day. Here’s the thing, if we all waited till we were experts at whatever we are about to try, most of us would never take the 1st steps. I’m almost grateful that I didn’t realize how lacking in knowledge I truly was at the beginning or I may have sprinted away in fear. What were the difficulties you faced in launching RuffleButts then later Ruggedbutts (your boys’ line)? What difficulty didn’t I face really? My biggest hurdle in the beginning was production or manufacturing. I had no idea where to start, who to trust, how to negotiate, how to manage the process. I thought it would be as simple as googling ‘children’s apparel manufacturer,’ not so much! Let’s just say, I ended

Photographed by Erin Dietrich

Tell us, what exactly inspired RuffleButts? Why did you name the brand RuffleButts? In retrospect, I firmly believe that “RuffleButts” was my destiny, but was directly inspired by a lack of fulfillment in my career, a desire for ethics in business, and a drive to do things the ‘right way.’ When out looking for the ruffled diaper covers of my childhood memories, I was shocked by the disappearance of this childhood wardrobe staple. My ‘lightbulb’ moment came in a parking lot outside Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I picked up my cell and called my mom, “Mom, I think I know what I’m supposed to do.” Days later I trademarked the name “RuffleButts.” The name was the easy’s what my mom always called

my ruffled diaper covers as a child, I thought that was the official name for most of my life.

up on the couch of a local therapist less than one year in. I didn’t know how to mentally carry it, and I’m one darn stubborn individual. With the support of my family, and especially my husband, I was determined to make it work. Five years later, two kids later, and the addition of a boys’ brand, we’re still going strong! Who would you deem your inspiration behind RuffleButts or simply being a female entrepreneur overall? What keeps you so motivated? My faith. I remind myself that faith is trusting what the eyes cannot see. I have no crystal ball, but I know with all the faith in the world that this is what I am meant to do. The fact that I am able to touch others, to affect them in a positive way, brings me more joy than I can explain. From watching my employees blossom, to receiving pictures from a proud grandma, to inspiring other women to go after their own dreams, these are daily gifts that I do not take for granted. Is there any competition that you have to manage? Sure, what business does not have competition? If no one is copying what you do, then you likely don’t have the greatest idea going! In my opinion, I owe it to my team to stay ahead. If at any point you find yourself following another company and imitating their decisions, it is time to re-evaluate the business plan. In my eyes, it’s like a ship following behind Christopher Columbus. That’s no way to make history! I know we’re not discovering America here, but we are certainly planning to make some history. What is the demand of RuffleButts like among customers? We are beyond blessed to have the most amazing, encouraging, and loyal customers. I truly don’t know how we got so lucky, but the fact that they spread the word, and support us every step of the way is just incredible to me. Our company has a growth rate of over 2000% in the past three years. The demand and growth has truly been humbling and thrilling, all at once. What kind of feedback have you received that are noteworthy? The hundreds if not thousands of pic-

tures that we have received directly and on our Facebook page (with over 106,000 fans) are what push us every day. The emails and notes that I receive telling of my direct inspiration on their life, those are the ones that really drive deep for me.

How did the children change your perspective on business and life in general? I am blessed with a uber-smart and hard-working husband Mark, who serves as the company’s COO. Aubrey, our daughter was born about a year after RuffleButts, and Jonas, our son was born just months following the launch of Being a mother of two children, are RuggedButts (they told us he was a girl there some challenges you face in bal- at our 1st ultrasound, so I thought I was ancing motherhood and work? If so, going to be model-less for the boys line, what are they? What are the perks? so he came as a very fun surprise and I can only speak perwith great timing!). sonally, but this is an Children change evenormous challenge. "I remind myself that faith erything in every way. I struggle like every is trusting what the eyes I can’t imagine our life other mom, wonwithout them. They dering what more I cannot see. I have no crys- truly humble you and should or could be tal ball, but I know with all are a daily reminder doing. Do I spend what is really imthe faith in the world that of enough time with portant in life. them? Am I missing this is what I am meant to out on big moments do. The fact that I am able What is the best in their life? For me, I about running to touch others, to affect thing feel like I am a better RuffleButts? them in a positive way, mom by following my Everything. Look, I heart and doing what brings me more joy than I don’t live in lala-land. I do, but I still wonder This job is tough, very can explain.” sometimes if they are tough. I think those paying the price. The big black circles decotime I spend with them is precious and rating my eyes are now permanent! With I try my best to be 100% focused when that said, I am extremely grateful for the we are together. The perks, well I guess opportunity to do what I do. I face a bit that’s being able to ‘have it all!’ of burnout like anyone else. There are some days that I’d rather hang out in bed Now, we know RuffleButts is a multi- and watch movies or play with my kids, million dollar making company. What but the truth is I know how lucky I am do you think makes the brand so suc- to have found my calling. Many people cessful? Is it odd to have so many people search many years for this and I hope know how much the company makes? that through my story, even just one othIt was a tough decision for us to go pub- er person can discover this joy in their lic with our sales figures. Honestly not own life. something I wanted to do, but since we are in the running for the Inc5000 list, it In an era of budding entrepreneurs, was something required in order to qual- what kind of advice do you have to offer ify. My reasoning is not because I want for people who are striving for success to hide anything, but because the aver- in their business or field of work? age person does not understand the reI guess if someone reading this is allationship between revenue figures and ready an entrepreneur, they can likely profit figures. I didn’t want our custom- relate. My only advice, as corny as it may ers, employees, friends, or family to have sound to some, is to pray when lost and the perception of us as “millionaires.” I live with heart. We’re only human, and live a life that is not like any “millionaire” as an entrepreneur, sometimes you feel that I ever imagined. I didn’t grow up responsible to have all of the answers. around money, not even close, and I am The reality is, we don’t and never will. very much the same person today. My other advice is that if you are not going to do it with 110% effort and heart, What was life like before RuffleButts? don’t do it at all. WWW.ZOOEYMAGAZINE.COM


Where Persistence Succeeds a single mother challenges the status quo


ehind the beautiful, ginger locks and striking green eyes of Amanda Smith, is a side that most people find difficult to believe. As the single mother of a preschooler, Smith dedicates herself to her daughter and giving her the life she deserves. Smith is also a contracted model with one of the top agencies in Los Angeles, Photogenics. Put the two together and we are left with one stunning and tenacious woman, an inspiration to anyone. Needless to say, Smith has strived to overcome many challenges in her life. From the young age of twelve years old Smith knew she wanted to become a model. “I had my parents shell out their funds for training and headshots. That really didn’t take me anywhere at the time, but I did not give up on it.” It is not simply the fact that she is tall and beautiful and successful that makes this girl and inspiration. It is the reasoning behind her wanting to become a model that gives this girl extra points in our book. “I was different, and I really wanted that to be seen as beautiful” she says of her youth, “people who are young in the mind don’t understand that differences aren’t always ugly.” Even at such a young age Smith understood something that some people never realize. With her peers singling her out as “different” because of her red hair and freckles, she was determined to prove to them and others that beauty comes in all forms. “I felt I had something to say and just wanted to be in a position where people would listen.” Further down the line, having taken a break from modeling, Smith was working a minimum wage job when she found out she was going to be a mother. Fearing that her salary would not be enough to support herself and the coming baby, she returned to modeling. As she puts it, “at the time it seemed to be the only answer. It became something I needed to do and was meant to do rather than just something I really wanted to do.” When thinking of a young, aspiring model, being a single mother is not something that typically comes to mind,



but that is the life that Smith lives. “I don’t feel that people treat me differently because I am a mother, but what I do find a lot is that people are always shocked when they find out. I’m not sure if it’s because I am young, or because I’m thin, or because they don’t expect someone to be able to juggle being a single mother and being in the industry. Maybe it is a combination of those things, but I can’t count how many times I have heard ‘you don’t look like a mom.’ Whatever that means,” she laughs as she tells us of her encounters with people in the industry. Although it may not have been in her life plan to be a single mother and it comes with great difficulty, this young model is able to balance both of her lives successfully with the help of her family. Her mother is always there “ready to drive an hour into [Los Angeles] whenever a job runs too early or late” to watch her daughter or pick her up from school. It is not only the single mother aspect that has been difficult to deal with, however. “The industry in general is just a very stressful job because you have so many places to be and it is so last minute a lot of the time, adding anything extra makes it hard. I also don’t get as much time as I’d like to spend with my daughter, because I travel for work sometimes and have long work days when I am home.” That doesn’t leave much motherdaughter time for her, and as she tells us, “most of the time the only time I get to spend with [my daughter] is getting her ready for bed and getting her ready for school in the mornings—and that’s only when my schedule has me in LA and I don’t work too early or late.” It is incredible to imagine tackling what she has and still have an optimistic outlook through it all. So what gets her through it and continuing on? “It’s hard, but I know that right now I’m doing the best thing for us, and that hard work pays off.” Smith’s determination to succeed for her daughter and “glass-half-full” perspective in the face of adversity make her such an inspiration to women. Aside from the challenges that arise

from being the single mother of a toddler, Smith has overcome many other obstacles on her journey to success. One of the most prominent was trying to get her foot in the door in the modeling industry. Finding a modeling agency to sponsor her in Los Angeles was not an easy task. After having been turned down by seven different agencies in the area for being “too edgy” or “too short” (she is 5’8”), she could have easily let the harsh words get the better of her. “I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do with my life in not this, because I believed in this so much and I knew I really needed to take the next step,” she says. Perseverance got the better of her as she refused to give up. “Little did I know that the agency I finally did land with was one of the best agencies around,” she tells us of signing with Photogenics. Her everlasting optimism shines through again as she adds, “Everything happens for a reason. Life just likes to test you.” Through all of the ups and downs, Smith’s daughter has been there to inspire her all along the way. Being a single mother, Smith had to be her own support system. As she says it, “I knew when I was pregnant with her that I would only have me to depend on for supporting her financially.” It is all a mother could want to give their daughter the best life possible, and Smith is a perfect example of a mother who was relentless and persevered to achieve just that. With her daughter in preschool now, and taking dance classes, Smith tells us that “[she] struggled for a long time, but that having that extra push of being responsible for the well-being of someone else, was so powerful that [she has] worked much harder than [she] would have if it were just [her she] had to worry about.” For any woman who finds herself in Smith’s shoes, and hopes to follow in her footsteps in the modeling industry, “always chase your dreams so you don’t have to ask ‘what if’ later. Never give up. Never let anything get you down, believe in it and make it happen.” - KAYLA Aldecoa

photographed by diana king

alexa vega Photographed by Vince Trupsin


ur interview becomes more like girl-talk - there’s popcorn, skittles, and us sitting informally on one of her ivory-colored sofas with her legs crossing and leaning back comfortably. Her dog Ramona happens to be right beneath us, under the couch and unwilling to come out as she happily gnaws on rawhide. Alexa Vega, now 23, offers a never-ending angelic smile as she chats with our crew, wearing her own pair of jeans, a grey American Apparel cotton tee, and a pair of converse shoes. We visit yet another beautiful home in Los Angeles, this time behind closed gates that offers a private environment for Vega and her two dogs (Ramona and Parker), as well as a handful of chickens living in her backyard. Vega describes her home as “Southern,” citing her Southern roots as inspiration when it came to decorating. She grew up in this house with her many siblings, and now that her younger sister Mackenzie films in New York for The Good Wife, her other siblings have also migrated to the east. Vega therefore mans the house, even as she constantly travels for work and for fun. After some scheduling conflicts, we finally locked Vega down for a home visit and discussed everything about her. We discovered more than we ever knew the fact that she has dated three homosexual guys in the past and didn’t know it, and how she seems to be best friends with everyone from Young Hollywood.

(and we have a sitter for Parker and the chickens). Now tell us about your love for cooking! I love to cook. Some people do yoga to relieve stress...I cook. I love to create different things and I know the flavors of the spices, and it’s so artistic. It’s wonderful. I love to make somebody happy [through cooking]. I make arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) and caldo con pollo (really wonderful chicken soup). For desserts, my number one thing I like to make are caramels (especially for Christmas). I make a whole bunch, last year, I made 2,500 for Christmas. Do you have any fashion icons that you look up to? Well, the person I think dresses so incredibly well, and I heard she dresses herself, is Blake Lively. She’s gorgeous and has an incredible body, and an incredible sense of style. I have no style whatsoever! Living in Los Angeles, you have to have favorite places. What are they? One is La Poubelle. My other favorite place to go to was The Farm at The Grove, but it closed! I always go there before going to movies...I’m an avid movie goer. It’s frustrating now that it’s gone... I go to the one in Beverly Hills. I just went with Aly & AJ last week playing Scrabble for two hours. I also have a secret salsa place in Hollywood I love to go to.

In what direction did you and your family take in terms of decorating this house? I love Southern architecture. You might notice that we have a lot of antiques in our house, and our balcony has a wrap around the way that a plantation home would. I was raised in the South and I wanted those roots to show.

Bad habits? Every night, I make this mistake. I go into the bedroom, not wanting to brush my teeth yet and don’t want to wash my face yet either, I just want to sit in bed and be on the computer. But it’s always the wrong decision. I sit there, when I sit there, and I get really tired and I have to FORCE myself to go get ready for bed. It’s so frustrating!

It doesn’t seem as though you can enjoy your home enough since you’re always out on the road! Because our careers are so wishy-washy, you have no idea when you’re going to be working. It’s frustrating because you also live out of suitcases, and I’ve been out on the road for about four months. I love to be able to have clean clothes [while at home], and let Ramona run around

If your friends and family were to describe you with a few words, what would they be? My friends would say...chill and uplifting. I’m adventerous...I’ll be like, let’s just book a flight and go for it! At the same time, I’m always the mom of the group. Family - they know me as go-go-go. ‘She always has to be doing something!’

She picks up fresh eggs each morning from her hens who have their very own home in the backyard.




Vega’s favorite hallway.



brooklyn bridge

new york city, ny 10038 This bridge is such a piece of genuine history and one of the most iconic New York locations and images and I love how readily available it is for anyone to enjoy. I probably walked across it about 15 times last year alone. It’s one of my favorite views in the city.

john gallagher jr. broadway fans know him as moritz from “spring awakening.” he’s now heading to the small screen in hbo’s “newsroom” starring as jim harper. taking a break from work, gallagher jr. shows us around his favorite places in nyc. photographed by jason goodrich. 18


Newsroom is the anticipated HBO show that has TV fanatics stirring in their seats. Being in a media outlet ourselves, we’re excited to see how this show will portray the work that we happen to go through each day. The show depicts a fictional cable news show in New York City entitled “News Night,” and the series follows the show’s staff who are balancing their work and personal lives. John Gallagher Jr., whose character joins News Night’s staff as the new senior producer, is a “workaholic and equal parts realist and idealist.” After being on a handful of Broadway shows including our personal favorite “Spring Awakening,” Gallagher Jr. notes the difference in his newfound schedule. “The work ethic required for a Broadway schedule and a TV series schedule are very different in many ways but similar in a sense that they are both based around longevity. You know you’re going to have a long haul ahead of you but in theatre once you open the show you run that show eight times a week and settle in for the repetition. The show will no doubt vary from night to night as the run wears on but unlike television you won’t have to be constantly learning

new dialogue and doing new scenes.” He describes himself as somewhat of a “hermit” but also a “night owl” from time to time, embracing his diverse work schedule and making sure he is able to entertain and please an audience as the show kicks into people’s television must-watch list this summer season. And while he may be busy, he took some time off to bring us to his favorite places in New York City: the Brooklyn Bridge, Bleecker Street Records, Matt Umanov Guitars, Madison Square Park, and Frankies 570 Spuntino. “One of my favorite things about New York is that kind of accessibility. The ease with which you can float in and out of places.” This Wilmington native then explains New York City from his perception: “The pace and the pulse of New York City is obviously much more intense than any American suburb which is why I think I’m drawn to it so much. Luckily it’s easy to escape to any number of locations where you can take a breath and recharge your batteries. I think my main trouble living in New York City is that there’s so much to do and so much to see that I’m constantly burning the candle at both ends to fit it all in. It can be exhausting but it’s awfully fun.”

madison square park madison avenue new york, ny, 10010,

When I was 18 I signed with an agency that I’m still with whose offices are right off of Madison Square Park and I was living in Long Island City at the time, so I ended up spending a lot of time waiting in the park for meetings and tapings. That was when I first tried the Shake Shack and it’s been one of my favorite burgers place in New York ever since. The park is a great place to kill time in the grass and read a book. They also had a BBQ festival in there once that was pretty amazing.



bleecker street records 239 bleecker street new york, ny 10014

I love records and have accrued a collection over the last year and a couple of choice contributions have been purchased at this record store. I found an amazing album there last fall called Delaware Garage. It was a compilation of all of the almost famous garage bands from Delaware in the 1960s. I grew up in Delaware so it was a real gem for me to find. In fact, when we went into the basement to take a few pictures for this shoot I found a used copy in great condition of a Bob Dylan record I’d been in search of for a while called New Morning. It was only five bucks.

matt umanov guitars 273 bleecker street new york, ny 10014



I love guitars so sometimes I just like to go into this store and look at some of the vintage guitars they have. I bought a Fender roadworn series bass here that I play in a band with my friends Michael Esper and Gerard Canonico who were both in American Idiot with me on Broadway. New York has two truly amazing guitar stores to their name; this one and Mandolin Brothers on Staten Island.

Frankies 570 Spuntino 570 Hudson street new york, ny 10014 I used to live in Brooklyn and going to Frankie’s 457 on Court Street was one of my favorite night’s out at the time. After moving into Manhattan I started hardcore missing having a Frankie’s nearby and then only a few months later this location opened and there was much rejoicing. The buffalo mozzarella salad and the cavateli pasta with sausage are amazing dishes.



the travel report

tieka from the ‘selective potential’ blog introduces us to her favorite places in her city (Grand Rapids, Michigan) in this ‘travel report’

Tieka stands in front of one of her places called the “Hopcat.” She says, “Hopcat is a must-try for dinner if you’re in the Grand Rapids area. I would highly recommend getting a brew with their famous killer mac & cheese and crack fries. Their fries are literally addicting.”





rr y



Cherry Deli is the best deli in the city. Not only are their sandwiches, soups and salads the best, they name all of them after streets, landmarks and parks in Grand Rapids. Address:



s d r o

ec r o


ti r e v

Vertigo Records is a gem in Grand Rapids. It’s one of the best record stores in the state. They have a killer vibe and killer selection. Address:










Pyramid Scheme is an amazing bar and music venue. They are constantly hosting great bands and dance parties. Plus, they have the best service with some of the greatest prices for drinks in the area. Address:



style file

where floral denim succeed

photographed by lucas passmore and styled by kristina van dyk

The Midriff Trend The midriff baring trend is a fun way to show a little skin this summer. When baring your tummy, remember, less is more! Show a sliver of skin is far more stylish than a whole stomach. Pair something like a denim vest or jacket over the midriff top and wear with high waisted shorts, a skirt, or floral print denim.

The Accessories Rope bracelets look best when styled together or mixed with other beaded and friendship bracelets. It’s a fun layered look. This zipped Rebecca Minkoff clutch is a personal favorite as well. It can be carried day or night, and is a great piece to give any oufit a little edge.

Midriff Bustier, Silence and Noise. Jeans, West 36th Corp. Jean Vest, Levies. Shoes, converse. Watch, La Mer Collection. Rings, Nissa Jewelry. Necklace, Lenora Dame. Necklaces, Nashelle. Neon Rope bracelets, Nissa Jewelry. Bead Bracelets, Adesso.

makeup by alyson granaderos | stylist’s assistant: jill mcfadden



The Neon Trend Neon is having a major moment right now, but not in an overly 80s way. It’s fresh and sophisticated. Here we paired a neon tank with a sheer, feminine look. The ivory floral jeans and the raffia clutch are both neurtrals, but have a great pop of acid neon, making them easy to pair with a range of outfits.

Shirt, Line & Dot. Tank, BDG. Jeans, BDG. Shoes, Eric Rutberg. Clutch, Rebecca Minkoff. Solo Bracelet, Nissa Jewelry. Watch, La Mer Collections. Bracelet, Nissa Jewelry. Bangle with Stone, Nashelle Jewelry. Rings, Nissa Jewelery.



The Pattern Mixing Trend Mixing prints is a great way to refresh an outfit and break out of a wardrobe rut this summer. One rule when mixing prints is to make sure one color repeats itself in each print. For example, the blue stripes in the shirt is pulled from the blue floral in the orange jeans, making it a more cohesive and intentional mix.

The Accessories Layering bangles with your watch is a great way to mix up your everyday jewelry styling. Another must for summer is adding a pop of color with a great cross body bag, like this green one.

Shirt, J.Crew. Jeans, West 36th Corp. Shoes, Shoes of Prey. Watch, La Mer Collections. Colored Bangles, Stella and Dot. Branch Ring, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry. Rings, Nissa Jewelry. purse, Rebecca Minkoff.



The Pastel Trend Pastels are lovely hues to incorporate into your wardrobe to soften and lighten your look. Here, we used a lace shirt with a lightweight seer sucker blazer and pastel floral jeans. This is also another great example of mixing prints. The light grey stripe in the jacket is pulled from the light grey in the floral jeans.

The Accessories A beautiful leaf cuff and statement ring are great jewelry additions to your summer jewels. This peach ostrich print bag with chain strap is the perfect pairing for an overall soft, ethereal, pastel look.

Blazer, Line & Dot. Lace Shirt, Darling. Jeans, Level 99. Shoes, Very Volatile. Purse, Rebecca Minkoff. Necklace, Lavish Jewelry. Bracelet, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry. Rings, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry.



Month of Style

Rebecca Stice is known to the blogging world as “The Clothes Horse.” Her sense of fashion led her to be one of the most beloved bloggers, especially for those who love all things vintage or vintage-inspired. This Pennsylvania resident gained quite the following in a short amount of time. She describes herself as “quirky ladylike” who notes that she does not have any fashion icon for individualistic reasons. “I look more to characters in movies and the way their consuming reflects their lives and it’s more theatric than most individuals.” Stice also has an interesting background - citing herself as a “military brat” who has lived in several states and countries until settling down in Pennsylvania (at least for a year so far!). She learned one thing: “to stop caring about what was popular (sartorially speaking) because every time I moved, it would be something completely different.” And while people may depict a set of rules in fashion, Stice finds it otherwise: “Fashion should be fun and…rules limit your fun and make it seem so serious and limited.”





orange crush in conjunction with zosimos botanicals

summer is a time to add a little brightness to your everyday life, and this time, we’re adding orange - this season’s color.

photographed by roneil chavez | hair and makeup by mark quirimit

styled by lyndzi trang model: leza g (ford models)

the color report

meet megan inghram from southern florida

We found Megan Inghram on Tumblr, typical? Well, not too much. The idea of minimalism doesn’t cross her perspective when it comes to illustrating what seems to be like a good range of fashion, where she also cites that she wishes to take her work to the next level and work with Miuccia Prada. The intense detailing in her art is what drew us to her, so we sought to catch her before the entire world knows she is an illustrating phenomenon (which we already know she is!). Visit her blog at: Where are you from? I am from a tiny, coastal town in Southern Florida and I have now made my way 3,000 miles across the country to the Bay Area of Northern California and I love it. How much has your background affected who you are today? And your artwork? My background has affected me a lot. I grew up as an only child, with a crazy sense of style, and I submerged myself in books as much as I could. Once I reached high school, I became obsessed



Francisco, french new wave cinema, vintage graphic design and typography, street style, animals, bloggers, existential literature, the list goes on... What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know? Something interesting about me that most people don’t know is that I can play the Star Spangled Banner on guitar in the style of Jimi Hendrix...with my teeth. with learning the guitar and played in a few garage bands. Although at separate times I considered going into writing and music, I ultimately used my background and my passions as subjects for illustration. I redesigned six book covers for my thesis and I have since been designing band posters and doing fashion illustration. Where do you draw your inspirations from? I draw my inspiration from various sources: the 1960’s, fashion, rock ‘n roll, San

Where do you see yourself with your art in the next few years? My dream is to be constantly creating, to work with Miuccia Prada, and to live in a sky-high, colorful townhouse in San Francisco surrounded by friends. Your dream? Where do you want to take yourself to? In the next few years, I hope to see my art in many different outlets - working with fashion designers on lookbooks and prints/textiles, designing band posters/ album covers, doing book illustration, and everything in between.

recipes BY La Poubelle 5907 Franklin Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90068

Coq Au Vin Ingredients


3 liters burgundy wine 2 quarts veal stock (if you cannot find use chicken stock) 2 quarts chicken stock 6 large onions medium dice 6 large carrots medium dice

1. Measure out all ingredients, Cut all vegetables 2. Place all vegetables and spices for the bouquet garni into cheese cloth and tie like a teabag 3. Dredge chicken drumsticks and thighs in flour, removing excess flour 4. Heat a very large pot filled with enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan 5. Fry all chicken until golden, but still raw in the middle 6. Remove all oil from pan but keep the same pan and do not wash out 7. Add vegetables to the pan and sweat down for 1-2 minutes 8. Add crisped chicken to pan 9. Deglaze the pan with the wine, add in your veal stock and chicken stock 10. Bring up to a simmer and cook for roughly 2-3 hours until the chicken is so tender that it can be eaten with a spoon.

Bouquet garni consisting of: 1 head garlic 16 sprigs of thyme 3 fresh bay leaves 1 tablespoon black peppercorns whole ½ tablespoon white peppercorns 8-12 chicken drumsticks 4-6 chicken thighs bone in skin on 2 cups all purpose flour for dreding

Serve with any seasonal vegetables that you pick up at your local farmers market



Cucumber Carpaccio Ingredients


3-6 Japanese Cucumbers 2 Extra Yellow heads of Frisee 2-3 Meyer lemons depending on size 1 Bunch Tarragon 1 Bunch Parsley 2-3 Rosso Bruno tomatoes or Heirloom A very nice Extra Virgin olive oil

1. Start by peeling the cucumbers, juicing the meyer lemons and picking off the leaves of frisee away from the fibrous stems. 2. Slice the cucumbers as evenly as possible into discs and reserve. 3. Pick the Tarragon and Parsley off the stems and reserve. 4. Dice the tomatoes into bite size pieces and season with salt, fresh cracked pepper and olive oil in a small bowl. 5. Once you have your mise en place together now is time to assemble the salad. 6. Place the cucumbers onto the plate starting with the top of the plate and working around the plate in a circular motion. Once you completely cover the bottom of the plate with cucumbers you are ready to go. 7. Season the cucumber once it is plated with salt, fresh cracked pepper and olive oil. 8. In a small bowl combine the frisee, tarragon, parsley and meyer lemon juice. Season the salad with salt and fresh cracked pepper and olive oil. 9. Assemble the seasoned tomatoes in the center of the plated cucumbers and gently place the frisee on top the tomatoes.



Meyer Lemon Pot au Crème




1 Cup of water 10 Strips of meyer lemon zest (You will need 2-3 meyer lemons) 6 tablespoons of sugar 1 Cup heavy whipping cream 6 Egg yolks Juice of 1 Meyer Lemon

1. Combine first three ingredients in a sauce pan and boil mixture until reduce down to 1/3 cup and stop cooking 2. Stir in Cream 3. Place egg yolks into a bowl and gradually whisk the hot cream mixture into the egg yolks (this process is called tempering) 4. Whisk in lemon juice 5. Strain custard through a sieve into a measuring cup to make for easy pouring. 6. Pour custard in any cups you wish to serve in and place in a shallow baking dish. 7. Fill shallow baking dish with water ½ inch high (this process is called making a bain marie) 8. Cover with Aluminum foil 9. Bake for 45 minutes until set. 10. Remove from bain marie and place a small layer of plastic wrap on top of cooked custard to prevent a skin from forming. 11. Chill in refrigerator for 1 hour until set. Serve with meyer lemon zest and your favorite cookies


Pan Seared Scallops with fresh corn succotash Ingredients


4-8 Fresh Scallops (preferably Nantucket Bay) 6 Heads of Fresh Yellow Corn 2 Red Bell Peppers 6 Strips of cooked bacon 4-6 Tablespoons of Plugra or equal quality butter and a little extra for scallops cooking ½ cup water Bunch Chives 1 large shallot 1 lemon cut in half seeds removed This recipe is all about summer and showing off scallops natural flavor with accents

1. First assemble the corn succotash before starting to cook the scallops because they cook very fast and are unpleasant when over cooked. 2. Place all the ingredients except the chives into a small pot and allow the butter to melt down into the water. Constantly stirring the corn will get to a point of just barely cooked that you are looking for. Season with fresh cracked black pepper, salt and a touch of fresh lemon juice.

1. Peel the husks of corn off and make sure to clean ALL strings from the corn, they make eating corn very unpleasant. Shuck the corn by placing corn big side down and tip of corn facing up towards you and use a knife to slowly cut kernals off. 2. Cut “petals” of bell peppers by cutting straight down all 4 sides discarding seeds and stem. Small dice these bell peppers. 3. Chop the bacon to ¼ inch pieces 4. Slice the chives very finely 5. Small dice the large shallot.

Now you are ready to sear the scallops, get a cast iron pan if you have one or a small sauté pan so hot that the oil in the pan is smoking, season the scallops on both sides with salt just before putting into the pan. Once scallops are in the pan do not touch until you see they have developed a nice sear with good carmelization. Place 1 tablespoon of butter into the pan and turn off the heat. Flip the scallops so seared side is up and bottom side is finishing cooking in butter. Add chives to succotash and stir. Place succotash in a bowl and scallops a top.



guys and dolls Photographed by Vince Trupsin and Styled by Kristina Van Dyk

Three guys and two dolls spent their Saturday nestled at the Mosaic Hotel in Beverly Hills to discuss their summer television shows. Fans are waiting anxiously and preparing to immerse themselves in the Charlie Sheen approved werewolf show which has Dallas residents raving, and the man-dog begging for more under the falling skies. Oh wait, did we mention the correct show?



jesse metcalfe Jesse Metcalfe: Dapper Biker Boy, Thrill-seeking Madcap Catch him as: Christopher Ewing on TNT’s Dallas Life on set: “Filming on location is a lot of fun, and the cast is incredible. You have this hot young cast and the original cast members—Larry, Patrick and Linda—who we like to call ‘the big three’. They’re the most warm, generous, supportive people I’ve ever met in my life. It’s such a blessing to be working with them. They really created an environment that was prefect for us. The on set environment is great.” His extreme adventures: “I’ve done some crazy stuff. I’ve done the three biggest bungee jumps in the world, I’ve skydived, I’ve bungee jumped of the bottom of a helicopter, off the sides of mountains. I did all of that with Jack Osbourne, who has an extreme sports show in the UK. I’ve liked to ride motorcycles since I was pretty young. My stepfather had a Harley Davidson. I have a Harley that I bought in Louisiana while filming Beyond a Reasonable Doubt back in ’08.” Rebel without a cause: “In my teenage years I was definitely a rebel. I crashed cars, and once got arrested for reckless driving coming back from a 311 concert in Rhode Island. [One time] my friends and I threw an after party in high school. I don’t know what precipitated this, but we ended up torching an old couch with lighter fluid, and it set the entire surrounding area on fire. We called the fire department, it was handled, nobody was hurt, and it never got pinned on me. Hopefully the statute of limitations is up on that. I’ve calmed down completely! I’m talking about going to bed at 9 o’clock, nowadays.” Words to live by: “Be fearless. I’m not always fearless, but I think that as time goes on and as you get older, if you’re not careful, you can become fearful. You have to always challenge yourself and face your fears and do the things that scare you. That keeps you young.”

Tie, Ted Baker. Blazer, Ted Baker. Shirt, Ted Baker. Pants, Hawkings McGill. Pocket square, Brooks Brothers .

Hair and Makeup by Melissa Chaires and Sharon Tabb Production Assistants: Daria Kobayashi Ritch and Ashley Symone Lee Stylist’s Assistant: Nick Tatone



Shirt, Ted Baker. Shorts, CPO Provisions. Jacket, Hawkings McGill. Belt, J.Crew. Shoes, Fred Perry.

COLTON HAYNES Colton Haynes: Casual Gentleman, Thrift Store Forager Catch him as: Jackson Whittemore on MTV’s Teen Wolf Life on set: “When filming the pilot of Teen Wolf, there was an instant connection between all of us. We met, and the next day we were taking group naps as if we were family. We were so attached at the hip and that’s continued throughout the last two years. It takes a while to get a good take because we laugh nonstop. It’s like we go to a party every day at work. I’m definitely having a serious bro-mance with Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brian, and Tyler Hoechlin. We just bro out, go play sports, go surfing all the time. Everything about working on the show has made it the most amazing experience of my life.” Guilty Pleasure: “I actually really enjoy shopping. If I find an extra-large Burberry shirt [at a thrift store] I will cut it and make it fit. Before I didn’t really like it, but now I find it so therapeutic. [Besides] I like to look good and when you look good you feel good.” Words to live by: “Live for the ‘look at me now’ moments. We all get told that we aren’t going to succeed and if you’re going to Hollywood people say ‘good luck, it’s a rat race’. Whenever I look back and I think of the managers who’ve dropped me in the past or the people who told me I wasn’t going to be successful I live for the moments when I can say, ‘look at me now’.“



Dress, 50 dresses. Jacket, McGinn. Shoes, Eric Rutberg. Bracelets, Nissa Jewelry.

Noureen Dewulf Noureen Dewulf: Sultry Siren, Enigmatic Stunner Catch her as: Lacey alongside Charlie Sheen on FX’s Anger Management Her character: “My character is pretty wild. She is in group therapy because she shot her ex-boyfriend balls for cheating on her. She says the things you shouldn’t say. She’s a bitch— she’s sassy. She’s my inner diva, but more violent.” On working with Charlie Sheen: “As an actor you want to work with people who are critically respectable, and [Charlie Sheen] is amazing. He is one of the highest paid actors for a reason. For me, it was really exciting to work with him. He’s fun to be around. I was a little nervous, but on the first day, he stood up and gave this big speech and told us that it would be an amazing experience.” A work in progress: “I’m still learning and growing. I want to learn from the people I work with. On one level, I’ve been around the block, just not the ‘famous’ block. I think it’s scary to lose your anonymity. People go through it, and it’s not easy. Whatever happens, though, I’m open to it.” Words to live by: “The thoughts in your mind dominate your reality. It’s important to concentrate on the things that you’re good at, and pay attention to yourself. Focus on the positive and create a [positive] mental headspace and that will translate into your real life.”



Dress, McGinn. Bracelet, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry. Earrings, Danielle Stevens. Ring, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry.

FIONA GUBELMANN Fiona Gubelmann: Timeless Beauty, DIY Darling Catch her as: Jenna on FX’s Wilfred Working with writers: “It’s incredible. The relationship varies depending on the show. On some shows, you have writers that only come in for a couple episodes or for entire seasons, and then there are other shows where the writers are there from the beginning. What’s great about Wilfred is that I have David Zuckerman who asks us questions about our characters, our ideas. He’s very open to suggestions. He sees the genius, and he writes out the most incredible stuff for us. I can’t remember who said this, but it’s definitely true: you have a color-



ing book: the writer draws the figure, and the actor colors it in. I think that’s it. It’s all collaboration. Everyone on set is so important.” A change of heart: “I got into UCLA during my junior year of high school. It was my first choice. I was a pre-med major. I grew up acting and loved it, but becoming a doctor just seemed stable. But during my first quarter at UCLA, my friend and I enrolled in a drama class and auditioned for a play. I was so happy when I got the part. It was so much fun, and I felt so alive doing it. I figured, I was young, so why not pursue it.” Working with an icon: “We’ve had an amazing guest cast [on Wilfred]. [For example],

Robin Williams was everything I hoped and dreamed he would be, and then more. He loves the project. I’ve seen every movie of his. I loved getting to talk to him about his performances and his experiences. “ Coping with stress: “I make jewelry for fun and to unwind. I’m a [huge fan] of Martha Stewart and I love making crafts. I am very much a DIY kind of person.” On maintaining a happy marriage: “Patience, respect, and laughing together are really important. Treat them as you want to be treated. Listen to them and be considerate. [The greatest] secret to overall happiness is being grateful for everything you have in your life.”

DREW ROY Drew Roy: Relentless Charmer, Fearless Dreamer Catch him as: Hal Mason on TNT’s Spielbergproduced Falling Skies On working with Spielberg: “It’s pretty wild. When I was going in to read for Falling Skies, I knew that when we got down to the end, we would have to wait for his approval of who was going to be cast. Even if I didn’t get the part, the fact that Steven Spielberg was going to see my audition tape was crazy [enough]. He actually showed up on set during the pilot and just blew me away with his kindness and how open he was with everybody. He would let anybody come up and speak with him.” All that glitters isn’t gold: “I started college on scholarship, and everything was all lined up. I always wanted to be a doctor. Then I came up with the bright idea that without any training or any knowledge of what I was doing, I would move out to LA with my five best friends who were in a band. We were just going to wait and see what happened. The fact that we knew so little, made it seem more possible. My parents thought I was crazy, and my dad was really skeptical about it. I got out here, realized I was in over my head, and that’s when I really had to buckle down. When I got here, I was living in a place I called the Hobbit Hole. It was a little storage unit underneath a lady’s house, and the ceiling was like 3 inches above my head. You could literally see the outside because there were little holes everywhere. It was a spider’s dream!” Life in L.A.: “My main job while auditioning was as a valet at the Beverly Hills hotel. You’re driving every car a kid has ever wanted to drive. You’re seeing wild things happen because guests would ask you to come up to their rooms and you never knew who was going to open the door, how they were going to be dressed when they came to the door, or what was going to happen when you walked through the door. Everything that you’re thinking right now: yes, that happened. We might not have said yes to it, but it was proposed.”

Sweater, CPO Provisions. Shorts, Dockers. Belt, Diesel. Sneakers, Fred Perry. Watch, TimeX. Bracelets, J. Crew.






florida sunshine

Photographed by Beth Studenberg styled by Lina Rodriguez hair/makeup by Daniel Pazos









i'm back to livin' floridays blue skies and ultra-violet rays













e n n a i l ju

she joined a seductive burlesque group in 2010, making her a bit more footloose in 2011, which in turn drew her to achieve the big time in an era of rock of ages in 2012.

h g u o h

of e g a o the t e m o welc


gh u o h e juliann


Jumpsuit, Line & Dot. Jewelry, Stella and Dot. Cuffs, Charles Albert. Rings, Nissa Jewelry. Coil Rings, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry.

rockin’ n’ reminiscing Julianne Hough speaks to us about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Photographed by Derek Wood and Styled by Kristina Van Dyk


ne of those ideal summer days. The kind where you’re lying in a lawn chair after a refreshing dip in the pool; rays wrap you up with their warmth as you sip an ice cold mint leaf lemonade; chic sunglasses protect your eyes and the patio table beside you is stacked with your unread favorite magazines. Hanging out with Julianne Hough, star of this summer’s bigger-than-life musical Rock of Ages, has that exact vibe. She just feels like a perfect laid back sunny summer afternoon. After joining Dancing with the Stars in 2005 and snatching up two consecutive wins, the dancing darling left to pursue music. By 2008 her first album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Country Album Chart and was awarded two Country Music Awards. Her sights were then set on film. First came Burlesque [2010], then Footloose [2011] and now for her third musical she is leading the all-star cast in Rock of Ages. This in no way means she is simply film’s go-to musical actress. Hough will soon get to show off her dark-comedic flair as a burn victim in Oscar winner Diablo Cody’s anticipated directorial debut Lamb of God (slated for early 2013). It’s evident her talent and ambition are in perfect harmony, but what is perhaps most impressive is her ability to set aside that competitive, driven and hard-working spirit and refrain from permanently living inside the hectic mindset of the entertainment industry. Wherever Hough is, she’s serenely present. Thick blond waves, cobalt eyes that almost seem to reflect the images of whatever memory she’s sharing, and toned bronzed limbs from all the water sports she partakes in when sunny days are just hers to enjoy. She looks like summer just as much as she feels like it. Delicately draped in a silky cream eyelet ensemble, Hough sits across from me with an authentic willingness to share. Whether I bring up the subject of her soaring career, her relationship with American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, the role Mormonism plays in her present life or how her unconventional childhood as a dance prodigy has shaped who she is today, Hough offers thoughtful answers. All I have to do is sit back and listen as she exposes her multihued layers in that voice that radiates warmth but what she refers to as her “confusing western/British/southern accent.” What are you most excited for this summer? Every summer the whole family goes to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. My grandparents have a houseboat on the lake and when we all get together it’s a shit show because we’re all trying to get attention from everyone else. We’re all very competitive and love to entertain. Who can do a better swan dive from the houseboat into the lake? Who can win that ping pong game ‘Around the World?’ Who can do a better this or that? Oh, and

there’s a big talent show. We have this video from when I was little of my Dad and my Uncle Terry singing “Hold me! Squeeze me! Never leave me! Got to, got to, got to try a little tenderness.” Watching them in their bathing suits singing and holding each other is pretty epic. How nervous were you when you left your obviously close family at 10 years old to move to London for dance training? I wasn’t at all! I was just disappointed that there weren’t horse drawn carriages and men with little eyeglasses. Bummed you wouldn’t be living on the set of A Christmas Carol? Yeah! I was really upset that they had cell phones. I didn’t know what was going on! How challenging was it to live with your dance coach for five years? The woman I lived with in London [Latin Ballroom champion Shirley Ballas] made me strong and not necessarily in the best way. She made me very guarded and she made me a fighter. I had to fight to hold onto myself. She was very tough on me. Honestly I went through things that I don’t think anyone should have to go through but if they hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have the character and the strength I have today. Did you have anywhere to escape? There was a bagel shop that was right across the street from where I lived. I didn’t get allowance very often but when I did that was the first place I would go. I would get a cup of tea and a sausage or bacon bagel depending upon what I was in the mood for and I would put HP sauce on it. That’s a very grown up choice to spend your allowance on. I know! What was the reaction when you decided to leave London to be an actress? Everyone in London told me I was crazy and needed to stay. That I was going to amount to nothing and was going to work at “Whatever Burger.” I had my whole life set up in London and I knew it would just be me continuing to dance and I would eventually become professional, win world championships, and then I would be a teacher or I would tour around Europe and Asia and do shows and get titles. I knew all this and it’s not what I wanted. I wanted to act, but living with my dance coaches made dance my only option. It was a really hard deciWWW.ZOOEYMAGAZINE.COM


Shirt, Finders Keepers, Pants, Rebecca Minkoff. Bracelet, Belle Noel. Ring: Laura Elizabeth Jewelry. Earrings, Flirt,



“I had my whole life set up in London and I knew it would just be me continuing to dance and I would eventually become professional, win world championships, and then I would be a teacher or I would tour around Europe and Asia and do shows and get titles. I knew all this and it’s not what I wanted. I wanted to act, but living with my dance coaches made dance my only option.” sion for a 15 year old girl to make, but I needed to do something for me. You finished high school in Utah where you had been raised in the LDS church. Do you still consider yourself Mormon? I was raised Mormon and then went to London where it wasn’t part of my life at all and then came back and was super Mormon again and then came to L.A. where I wasn’t around it. Now I’m older and I almost appreciate it more. I hold onto the everyday teachings, but as far as the religious teachings there might be parts I disagree with here and there. I’ve modified it to fit my lifestyle but it taught me great morals and principals. It gave me a sense of what it means to be a nice person, to be humble, what it means to be grateful and a desire to service people. Does it bother you when it’s the subject of ridicule? There’s always somebody that’s going to say this is ridiculous and somebody else saying that’s ridiculous. I went and saw The Book of Mormon [2011 Tony winning Broadway musical] and it was absolutely outstanding. Very crude and disturbing and out there, but it was hilarious. There are things that are very true that they made fun of but in the end there’s a good message that no matter what you believe in, as long as it gives you hope and makes you a better person, then it’s worth fighting for.

You’ve been with Ryan Seacrest for two years. What made you fall in-love? You know, we gush and mush at each other all the time. At dinner we’ll always be sitting there explaining the reasons why we love each other. It’s corny and silly but it’s great. I love talking about Ryan. He’s so genuine and loyal. I didn’t realize…I had perceptions of who I thought he was. On our first date I thought, “This is so not what I expected.” He’s one of the most thoughtful--not just boyfriends or men--but people I’ve ever met. A lot of the romantic things he does for me are sometimes not even specifically for me. He’ll remember my Mom’s birthday or that it’s Mother’s Day and he’ll send something. I would so much rather him be like that with my family than have him do something for me. When Ryan talked with Tom Cruise on KISS fm during the filming of Rock of Ages, Cruise praised your talent. How scary initially was it to be surrounded by such entertainment giants? I was so scared for the table read that I just went in and said, “I’m fuckin’ nervous!”

Can’t blame you! Everyone was out of their element and nervous, so I just addressed the big white elephant in the room. Tom is so inspiring though. I always admire people that are focused and work hard. He made me feel like I could play and have fun instead of feeling JULIANNE HOUGH IN “ROCK OF AGES” restricted or so nervous that I couldn’t realGrowing up in the LDS church, what is the ly let go. Mary J [Blige] and I got really close biggest misconception? on the movie too. All of our conversations were motivating and That everybody has ten wives. At one point that was the case, uplifting. She told me, “I’m there for you no matter what. As but… your friend, your sister, your aunt, your Mom. I’ll be whatever you want me to be.” It’s not “Big Love?” [laughs] No. It is community based though. I think about You have such a solid support system and a confidence that when I have kids and how I want to raise them. I really love frankly seems unstoppable. Are there any insecurities lurking how their community is and how everyone looks out for each behind that cheerful exterior? other. There’s a sense of family and I want that for my kids. I could care less if tabloids say I look fat, but the thing I get the most insecure about is when I hear, “Oh, it must be nice dating Despite only being 23, do you feel you’re ready to tie the knot Ryan so you can do movies.” I’m like, “Yo! I’ve been doing this and do the family thing? a lot longer than I’ve been dating him.” I never want people I feel like I’m 43 - I’m so tired! But yes, I’m ready. This last film to think I’ve gotten somewhere or gotten something I haven’t I just did with Diablo Cody made me very clear with where I’m worked for. I’m here. at personally and professionally. I feel really grounded. - LECIA DOSS WWW.ZOOEYMAGAZINE.COM


Dress, Rebecca Minkoff. Cuff, Anna Beck. Ring, Anna Beck. Earrings, Nissa Jewelry. Shoes, Eric Rutberg.

Dress, Rebecca Minkoff. Earrings, Lavish Jewelry. Colored Bracelets, Robyn Brooks. Gold Bracelet, Belle Noel. Ring, Charles Albert.



Dress, Ava available at Hat, J.Crew. ring, Nissa Jewelry. Necklace, Skinny available at Cuff, Belle Noel. HAIR: Campbell McAuley MAKEUP: Spencer Barnes MANICURIST: Staci Nguyen PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANTS: Richard Luong and Brad Bucksky Stylist’s Assistants: Jill McFadden and Reed Van Dyk PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Daria Kobayashi Ritch

Romper, Keepsake available at Cuff, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry. Earrings, available atBlue Candy Jewelry. Ring, Charles Albert. Shoes, Ted Baker.

Dress, Rebecca Minkoff. Earrings, Stella and Dot available at Wood Bangles, flirt available at Headband, J.Crew.

Tank, Paul & Joe Sister. Shorts, Ted Baker. Necklace, London Manori. Coral/Gold Bangles, Flirt available at Gold/ beige, Rachel Leigh. Earrings, Nissa Jewelry. Shoes, Luichiny.

like a rose Summer romance means a day out in Paris. Nothing gets sweeter than that. photographed by melanie rodriguez and styled by JOY SINANIAN.

Stylist’S ASSISTANT: Joy Sinanian Make-up: Morgane Goupy Hair stylist: Shuko Sumida Model: Solange Frejean (marilyn Agency Paris)

zooey’s ALBUM REVIEWS by francesca nicol

jon mclaughlin I am already sure that Jon McLaughlin will be played on the radio - Promising Promises is just sweet summer radio ready. His voice is very now, just breathy and raspy enough to be interesting and alluring, but just clean enough for your Mom to like, too. But this sweetly clean feel doesn’t take away from his musical abilities. Boy knows how to write a damn good catchy song. Having written 40 songs for the album before whittling it down to 13, I don’t doubt his musicianship, and his lyrics are often as intelligent as his songwriting. The album’s first single, Summer is Over, perfectly pairs McLaughlin with Sara Bareilles, making an undeniably good, digestible, likeable and light track. Promising Promises may not be a bold or innovative work, but he’s just a good Midwestern chap making good, family-friendly tunes. You Never Know and I’ll Follow You are particular highlights, with simple but effective drops, and catchy choruses that don’t irritate you. Predictably, his style often becomes underwhelming and slightly, well, boring, with too much refined polishing. But I still imagine Promising Promises as a cute soundtrack to a teenage summer romance.



XNY XNY make real music. You can hear imperfections, you can hear the sound of the finger sliding down the guitar frets, and you can hear cracks in the vocals. It’s very unproduced, and this is all part of the charm of XNY. It feels raw, energetic, and gritty - it feels like live music. You know XNY are good live just by listening to Through the Wall. It makes me want to chug a beer and kiss the next guy I see... and then punch him in the face. Female vocalist, Pam Autuori, is a big part of this. Her voice is extremely emotive and evocative, and while tracks like Avalanche and Make Me have those moments of energetic power, tracks like Voyager show stirring tenderness. Through the Wall has as much heart and soul as it does punch and bite. The rawness does at times mean there are points that leaves Through the Wall feeling a little depthless, and unrealized - but that’s still part of the charm. For a debut album it is more than solid. I can’t wait to hear where they go next, and I definitely can’t wait to see them live. I liked it on the first listen, I love it now.


kinectics & one I’m not quite sure what drove Kinetics & One Love to create You Are Not Alone, or if they are trying to make some kind of statement by essentially repeating the same track 12 times and just calling it an album. But I do know that their attempts unfortunately remain unfruitful in a genre sadly over-saturated with similar artists. Their excessive use of a vocoder does nothing to distance them from their peers, and their lyrics that insult rival rappers for being unoriginal or subpar, aside from being possibly the least original thing a rapper can do, is also quite ironic. Positively, In My Own World shows hints of maturity in their sound, through the interesting use of filtered synths, but again, these steps don’t lead us anywhere. The only real variation we see is in the final track, Will You be Remembered? which begins with an acoustic guitar, only to prove that they can’t quite span genres in ways they would like. Perhaps it is just because this is not quite my cup of tea, but I found You Are Not Alone difficult to swallow.

Lira is huge in Africa, but I’m apprehensive, yet interested, to see how she will translate to a Western audience. Rise Again is an interesting mix of varying influences, the classical guitar on the first track behind her smooth voice feels mellow, and charismatic, with a subtle message of female empowerment. Guitar solos in tracks like Feel Good also have a distinctly latin feel, showing yet another layer to Lira’s influence, and backing vocals often add another dimension, creating intricate harmonies. Valley of Darkness, coming later, is perhaps the best example and combination of Lira’s sound, which hold a slight rock ‘n’ roll guitar intro leading to an R&B style verse, but with an undercurrent of African rhythmic elements. These combinations throughout the album are undoubtedly Lira’s strength. Despite this, Rise Again is by no means a groundbreaking album, but it is ethereal and elegant, making pretty easy listening. It’s unobtrusive, and the intricate, flowing combinations just feel relaxing.



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zooey magazine is proud to announce of its collaboration with the impossible project to bring readers more instant film art in each issue. the impossible project is the only producer of instant film for classic polaroid cameras, and collections come in numerous different shades and styles. the ones that were used for julianne hough are the color shade film pack (sx-70). there is nothing more beautiful than this simple, instant art.



June/July 2012  

Featuring Julianne Hough of Rock of Ages on the cover.

June/July 2012  

Featuring Julianne Hough of Rock of Ages on the cover.