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LUCIA TRAN Editor-in-Chief Creative Director LYNDZI TRANG Photography Director DEREK WOOD Fashion Editor KRISTINA VAN DYK Beauty Director Mark Quirimit Beauty Editor SHARON TABB Director of Online Photography VINCE TRUPSIN Newsstand Consultant REBECCA Gaczkowski Interns Ashley Symone Lee, Connie Wang Daria Kobayashi Ritch, Francesca Nicol Hillary Williams, Kayla Aldecoa Lecia Doss, MICHELLE CHANG, Tiffany Ma Special Thanks Alana G., Amber Bruehl Amber Fike, Angie Miller Annette Starbuck, Ashley Thomas Brad Bucksky, Cean One Photography Christine Symonds, Christopher Orrett Coleen Campbell, Cory Osborne Felvi Hernando, Gloria Noto Gretchen Bonaduce, Jacqueline Nguyen JAK, Jane Lee, Jenny Hausam Jill McFadden, JUCO Katie Halchischick, Kinsey Mhire Lisa Bryant, Luca Passmore Maria Sideris, Naja, Nedra Jones Paula Peralta, Richard Luong Roneil Chavez, Sherise Moore Sherri Celis, Sonny Le Stace Nguyen, Sussy Campos Tara Jean, Veggie Grill Yvette Gallardo

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Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the 2nd anniversary issue of Zooey Magazine. For the past two years, I have sat at this desk scheduling shoots, editing articles, and perfecting this letter that is always typed in the middle of the night when my stomach growls for dinner that I managed to forget to devour. These past two years have brought irreplaceable memories and experiences, for we have leaped far from our days as a ‘teen’ magazine and into a ‘women’s’ magazine. While we may not be particularly as thick as Vogue’s September issue (they have a whooping 916 pages), I have to say that my directors and editors work twice as hard to accomplish this milestone of a 13th issue in the history of Zooey. We have been defeated countless times by the big bad, but we have also dodged bullets, sprinted through bridges inundated with embers, and jumped across skyscrapers to be where we are at this very moment. Being a small business means we do not have the resources to get everything we desire, but it does provide us the many opportunities to fight for the prize. Yet although I work long hours, I

dear reader...

know I can only go so far alone. As cliché as it may sound, my staff are the wheels to this rather old wagon. We have an old school touch to what we do, and we work with a fiery passion that hasn’t yet been blown out. If I were to tell you how many sleepless nights we have endured to bring you the content of Zooey, you wouldn’t believe it. Derek, Lyndzi, Kristina, Vince, Sharon, Mark…they are a gifted bunch of artists who produce this very magazine you have in your hands today. Because of that, they deserve a standing ovation. I was considering what I would say in my 13th letter and I knew nothing else but to say thank you. Thank you for even having Zooey in your bookmarks and in your bookshelves. Two years ago, I only wanted to achieve at least five issues…but we surpassed that number almost three times. This year, I will work for the 20th issue. By that time, I wish every woman in America will cherish Zooey the way we value our readers. For you all are the driving force behind our mission of empowering women through entertainment.

No. 7

And with this issue, we feature actress Kristen Bell on the cover. Kristen Bell. I remember watching Veronica Mars during those UPN days and now years later…we were able to work with such a fearless, sweet, and dedicated actress. If you haven’t met this blonde beauty, you are missing out on a shining array of genuine amusement. As you further flip through the magazine, you’ll find more interviews with amazing talents-Lamorne Morris (New Girl), Autumn Reeser (Last Resort), Brian White (Beauty and the Beast), and more-who deserve some acknowledgement for they are our daily entertainers. To finish this piece off, I will end with a quote: “We are never defeated. We are only given different opportunities to win.”

lines & colors

children’s illustrator shares her art to the world There is no doubt that artists hold a very special place in our hearts. We love discovering new talents and grave for their art. Emily Balsley from Madison, Wisconsin is one artist who captured our attention through her children’s illustrations and creative play with lines and colors. When did you begin your creative career in illustrations? I graduated from the UW in 2001 with a BFA and an emphasis in Graphic Design. For several years, I focused on design until 2010 when I got an opportunity to create custom illustrations for a lovely line of specialty products. That project was a reminder of how much I loved illustrating. Since then, I have been slowly transitioning from graphic design to illustration work. June of 2012 was the turning point when I made my illustration career official with a new website, new clients, and a fresh approach! What inspired you from the beginning to simply ‘draw’? My mom is an artist, so growing up around her and all of her awesome art supplies and books definitely fostered my interest in art. My favorite thing to do as a kid was draw. In fact, I won 34 coloring contests as a child, the first one was for JC Penneys when I was 3! I won a swimsuit and thought I was the coolest kid in town. Art was, by far, my favorite subject in school – and my parents still have boxes and boxes of my old art projects in their basement. I’m pretty lucky that they were so supportive of me and my dream to become an artist.

What are the challenges of illustrating, especially when you are in a pool of many other talented illustrators as well? Technology is easily my biggest challenge. I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet. I love it because it makes sharing my portfolio with the rest of the world a breeze. It is a great way to meet other creatives and there is neverending inspiration. But at a certain point it becomes über overwhelming. With the accessibility of everyone’s work, it is so easy to start questioning one’s talent. I’ve had many days of, ‘Wow – there are SO many amazing artists out there! How do I even compare?’ and I doubt that this is the right path for me. Then I have to step back and tell myself that I AM awesome. And there is a place in this world for all of us! My other challenge with technology is keeping my work as organic as possible. I love working with pen and paper. I have piles of sketchbooks with all of my drawings. But when I bring my illustrations onto the computer to digitize them, I feel they lose some of my hand. Photoshop is a great tool for adding colors and textures, but overuse of these tools can push the illustration into looking too unnatural. I have been experimenting a lot to find the balance of maintaining the analog nature of my drawings, while utilizing technology to create digital masterpieces. Where do you hope to take this career? In the next 5, 10 years? In 5 years I want to be known as Emily Balsley, illustrator. I would love all of my

No. 8

client work to be illustration-based – no dependency on graphic design work. My ultimate goal is illustrating children’s books. I have a 4-year old daughter who is a constant inspiration to me. Our family has so many adventures which could translate into some fun kid’s books. Plus, my husband is a great writer, so it would be a perfect collaboration. Tell us about yourself. What are some of your hobbies, other than illustrating? What do you enjoy doing on your downtime? First and foremost, I love hanging out with my family. Madison has a lot to offer, so many of our weekends are spent biking to the Farmer’s Market, eating ice cream at the Union Terrace or spending time with friends. My husband and I also love our cable TV shows, so most nights are spent watching our favorites on Netflix. I love busying myself with creative projects. I sew stuffed animals and bags for my Etsy shops and screen print in our basement. I’m a thrift store/garage sale junkie, and often purchase old furniture or home décor to revitalize for our house. Fortunately our small abode helps keep me under control… I am also pretty active. We live right off of the bike path, so I bike as much as possible. I am on a volleyball and a softball team during the summer and go to the gym for zumba and yoga during the winter. We just went kayaking for the first time a couple weeks ago and loved it, so we’ll probably start incorporating that into our summer activities as well. Visit her site at:

No. 9

the proposal

Our Creative Director Lyndzi Trang was proposed to on June 10, 2012 by her long time boyfriend Son Le. The plan? Complex but it was suiting for Lyndzi. The leading team of this party included Son Le, Stace Nguyen, and Editor-in-Chief Lucia Tran. Friends and family sought to throw a ‘fashion show’ with Lyndzi set to style the 15 models behind the curtains. On all 15 models was a tee (all designed by Son Le) that featured a vintage logo helping to spell out “LYNDZI, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Lyndzi unknowingly styles each model with the shirts, denim from Skinny Bitch Apparel, and shoes from Seychelles. Lucia escorted Lyndzi out to the runway after the models completed their walk, to thank guests for coming. Yet as she looked at the models, behind her was her boyfriend with an engagement ring in his hand. And of course, she said yes! Their wedding is set for December 16, 2012. Congratulations to the wonderful couple! Photographs by Roneil Chavez | Video by CEAN ONE Photography | Makeup by Yvette Gallardo and Nedra Jones | Hair by Sherise Moore and Felvi Hernando

No. 10

No. 11

shoes provided by seychelles | denim provided by skinny bitch apparel | cupcakes by goodie girl cupcakes

Friends help to set up the backstage area with wardrobe (skinny bitch apparel) to make sure Lyndzi suspects nothing suspicious.

The crowd listening to Lucia give directions on how the event will ‘run’ when Lyndzi arrives.

No. 12

Lyndzi’s arrival triggers the beginning of the event! Here she is, not knowing what’s coming up next.

Delicious cupcakes from Goodie Girls!

Models getting ready to walk the runway.

Lucia escorts Lyndzi down the runway to ‘thank the guests.’

The surprise: Behind her was Sonny with an engagement ring.

No. 13

the travel report maria sideris of the ‘little tree vintage’ blog shares us her most beloved places of her hometown - edison, new jersey.

No. 15

Schneck Mier Park This is the park I grew up in, it’s only a ten minute walk from my house and was just recently redone with beautiful colors, and swings. I really love going here because it reminds me of my childhood and I remember sitting on the swings with my cousins eating ice cream every summer. Sometimes if you’re lucky on a good night if you walk up, you see deer all the way in the back of the park, it’s pretty magical.

No. 16

Art Walls in Downtown Highland Park This wall is one of my favorite places in highland park. A friend of mine who is also a local artist (John Horowitz), painted the mural and all of the murals going towards the back. I really appreciate nice art and every time I drive by I can’t help but look at the details and colors. It’s definitely an eye catcher and it’s perfect for the downtown area, because the art scene is very up and coming, so I think it will always be a piece of Highland Park.

No. 17

Donaldson Park Lake Although Schneck Mier is a beautiful park, Donaldson also holds a place in my heart. I really love going for walks, and walking around this lake it one of my favorite things to do. If you go at sunset, the sun reflects off of the water and it’s one of the most relaxing places to be. The park itself is beautiful, very well kept and there are tennis courts, baseball diamonds and it also connects right to the river, so you have a little of everything.

No. 18

Highland Park Public Library This library is one of the best around this area. It’s located right near the high school in Highland Park and a two second walk from the downtown area. I love picking up a book and heading to the park to read, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I just started taking my nephews to this library, so it means a lot to me that I can share that with them.

No. 19

we are natural a story about how katie halchishick helped to change our views on the modeling industry “A Natural Model is somebody that has a lot of life. There’s something there, it’s not just the pretty girl growing up, or the prom queen, just a girl that understands that she is beautiful, and that beauty is a gift, not a superiority. It’s girls that see the need for role models among young people, and that are ready to take on that responsibility. That’s what is beautiful to me, women who have a true sense of self. It’s not, ‘look at me, I’m beautiful!,’ it’s ‘look at what I believe in, look at what I’m working to do, look at my actions.” This is how Katie Halchishick describes the models she represents, and funnily enough, that’s almost exactly how I’d describe Katie herself. Full of life, smart, sassy, and honest. As the owner of Natural Models and its handful of partner projects, her actions make her a great role model for any young girl. While she sits opposite me at the Natural Models’ office in Hollywood…, she’s relaxed, recalling her past with a pure retrospect and sense of humor. I feel immediately calmed in this homely haven, with the high ceilings and big bright windows, seated in the plush seats next to Katie’s adorable English Bulldog. There’s Aerosmith playing in the background, and Katie’s laugh is extremely cathartic and infectious. We start at the beginning, and Katie tells me that she entered this industry early on, as a plus model in high school, “I went into an open call with an agency and I was a volleyball player at the time so I was fit - I always joke and say I was brick house - and I was! We worked out, lifted weights four

hours a day…we were athletes. But when I moved to New York the agency said, “Could you gain a little weight? You’re a bit small.” She recalls this time with a heavy heart, “You get sold all these dreams, that’s a big thing that happens to girls. As soon as you get there, it’s not what you think it’s going to be. That was really hard, you have false ideas about what the industry is going to be like - it being glamorous and everyone is nice. That’s just a naive approach. Everyone is mean!” But Katie did what she could do to earn money and continue doing what she loved, “I was in college as well. So I gained the freshman 20! I was depressed. I was trying to balance school and make money, but they weren’t going together well. It was a lot of stress for a 17-year-old to handle. When I was gaining weight, I didn’t feel comfortable, I wasn’t happy. But when I went into the agency, it was all, ‘Oh you look amazing! Perfect! We love it!’ I was the size they wanted me to be, but I didn’t feel good. I started making six figures, and I had everything I thought I wanted. You’re told if you’re modeling, you’re making money, you’re with this agency, you’ll feel different, better, you’re worth something. I didn’t feel any of that! That’s a scary place to be. It’s an unrealistic idea of what makes you happy.” Katie makes it clear that the plus size modeling world is not the ‘healthy’ curvaceous world we envision, but rather an environment facilitating an unhealthy lifestyle in much the same way of skinny, or ‘straight’

No. 20

modeling. “I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how I could change. I never necessarily wanted to be small, I just wanted to feel the way I did when I was an athlete. Strong. So I learned the basics of nutrition. I started to just eat better, be more active. It was a great learning curve, I had no idea why as young girls we weren’t taught this valuable information. So then I started to get down to my natural weight. I was healthier and happier... But I started losing all my jobs.” “I looked a thousand times better! It made no sense. My agency said, if you can lose another size we might be able to book you on other stuff. I couldn’t go back up 50 lbs, so I tried. I had never tried to lose so much before. I got down to 143 pounds, My face was all drawn in, my hip bones were sticking out - I looked awful. People would ask me if I was okay, and I’d say - I’m almost at my goal! I got into that awful mentality. I started that downward spiral that I thought would never happen to me. But they still wanted me smaller. I would have had to start taking drugs, smoking, and give up eating all together to get any thinner... and for what? When you get rewarded for neg-

No. 22

Fashion is a look, a style, it isn’t determined by a measurement, even though it has become that way, we don’t see it that way.

ative behavior, you’re always going to justify it. If you tell a girl, you can earn $100,000 if you lose five inches from your measurements...or instead you can work at the mall... she’s going to do what she has to do. But I managed to snap out of it, because I was just losing myself. I didn’t want to be that person, I didn’t want my only worth in life to be how ‘pretty’ I am, or what size I am, and instead of sitting and bitching about it, I started to think about how to be a part of the solution.” Thus, Natural Models was born. With the intention of bridging that gap between ‘straight’ and ‘plus,’ with normal, healthy, natural women of varying sizes, Katie began building a network of inspired, empowered people who have found that enviable balance of health. She talks excitedly about the beauty of variety and the sad misrepresentation of this with just two types of women. “Plus size isn’t normal either, I don’t think we should be praising either or. We thought we could be that agency. The industry is supply and demand, but we hoped, if we build it - they will come! We invited girls I personally knew that struggled with measurements, or had previously had eating disorders. We asked what they thought about the opportunity to become a positive role model, where you can work, but also be a healthy size. At first they were skeptical, they were afraid to give up their status and become ‘plus size,’ but we wanted to take away that label and just let them be models. Fashion is a look, a style, it isn’t determined by a measurement, even though it has become that way, we don’t see it that way.”

Katie has been extremely successful in her attempt; she has a great number of girls under her wing, a number that is consistently increasing. She is essentially creating an army of healthy role models for young girls, something she tells me she never had. “Natural just means what’s naturally best for you! For some girls, that’s not going to be size 10, it’s going to be a six, or 14. I’m no one to say what’s best for anyone else, and no agent is. I would rather a girl find a healthy place. To me, that’s a success story, not working some job.” Halchishick sometimes struggles against the force of the industry, but is fending remarkably well. “It’s a business based on beauty, but it’s ugly. There’s no loyalty, everyone is a shark, there’s so much drama. I don’t like to deal with that. But I really do believe you can run your business with integrity, and still be successful.” Her mantra is evidently working. The success and strength of the agency did not appear overnight, and is most definitely not Katie’s only focus. For some time, her non-profit organization that goes hand-in-hand with the agency’s ideas, has traveled the country running school programs. Katie and her team have talked about health issues at inner city high schools, and given fifth-graders valuable education on nutrition that is seemingly lost in school syllabuses. Her site, Healthy is the New Skinny, is a modern, accessible platform that upholds and expresses all of her admirable ideas and goals, and is a wonderful watering ground for young girls. It also seeks to promote the power of female companionship and support, “Being overweight and

No. 23

underweight comes from a lot of the same issues, but there’s no compassion for each other amongst women. Why can’t we be on the same team? We tear each other down so viciously, imagine if we worked together on something, imagine what we could accomplish. If we just focused on being healthy, that’s something everyone can be successful at! Why can’t we be supportive of each other?” Halchishick is not stopping yet, her next endeavor is an online store tied to Healthy is the New Skinny, where she will have creative reign over the girls featured in various campaigns. “The site is a great platform because we can ignore the supply and demand of the agency world, and shoot girls of all sizes, heights, and ethnicities.” Her ultimate goal is to change the landscape of advertising, “I want to show that there is social responsibility with the messages that are being sent in marketing and advertising, and that you can achieve the goal of selling products, without harming people in the process.” Her combination of drive, passion, and a fantastic cause is proving unstoppable. You can feel her dedication just by talking to her, as she reveals numerous documentaries for me to watch, and pages for me to read. “This is what I do everyday, I’m totally focused on what I’m building.” Her mere presence is uplifting, evoking everything she hopes to inspire in others. As I left Katie’s oasis-office, I soon realized it is a simple metaphor for her company, a voice of calm reason amid the industry’s shark-infested waters. -Francesca Nicol

style file Chunk While we thought chunky jewelry was no longer wearable, the runways have announced it... they’re in, and will be a beloved piece of accessory for quite some time.

PhotographeD BY Lucas Passmore FASHION EDITOR KRISTINA VAN DYK make up by Sherri Celis hair BY Lisa Bryant

No. 24

Gold Like we’ve said, and said again, gold is one of fall fashion’s colors. Don’t brush away your gold jewelry, sparkle in the fall with this gorgeous color and metal.

No. 25

Jeweled Hair Clips A little dazzle in your hair doesn’t hurt. Do a little someting different this season, and utilize those jeweled hair accessories.

No. 26

Headband Oh how we just adore the boho look. It’s sticking around for a long time, and what’s even more exciting is that there are even bejeweled headbands.

No. 27

Photographer: Ashley Thomas | Makeup: Amber Fike | Hair: Jenny Hausam

sharon tabb’s beauty how-to’s






Separate hair into three parts, pinning two out of your way. Take approximately one inch sections of hair of the first part you divided earlier and wrap the hair around the wand rolling away from your face towards the back. Continue upwards, releasing the other pinned sections as soon as you get to them. Use a light spray to hold your hair in place. Using an extra-firm spray will make your curls look really rough and thick.

No. 28








Choose two lip colors in the same color family. Start with the lighter shade, and using either a lip brush or the tube itself fill in the middle of both your top and bottom lips. Apply the darker shade to outline your lips, and blend into the lighter shade. The lighter shade in the middle of your lips will give you a more full, pouty look. Finally, finish by dabbing a clear gloss with your finger over both lips. Remember to blot your lips (rather than rubbing) them together to keep the colors if you want to keep the two colors more defined. Whether you go bright and bold or dark and edgy, your ombre lips are sure to make a splash!

No. 29

Month of Style

Kinsey Mhire is a blogger we hold dear to our bookmark folders. After discovering her from A Beautiful Mess, a blog we featured in our February issue, we were immediately hooked onto her creativity - DIYs, fashion features, and of course, her style is admired. Kinsey describes hersef as “just a small town gal who sees things better with her eyes closed.” Adding a personal touch of the Mid West to her blog, we find things absolutely irresistable when she teaches us how to recreate our own clothing, style our outfits in ways we didn’t yet think of, and she even showcases her beautiful photography on her blog. Kinsey is the reliable kind of gal who can help us with our fashion disasters and she can also help us with our creative deprivation. Her vintage-inspired projects help for her readers to reimagine the possibility of reinvention...turning household pieces to gems. For that, we applaud and we follow. Visit Kinsey on her blog for you will not regret it!

No. 30

No. 31


Gramma Betty’s Chili Ingredients


1 package of ground beef 4 ribs of celery 1 large onion 3 Tbsp chili powder 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 can of brown beans 1 can of kidney bean 1 can of pinto beans 1 can of Mexican stewed tomatoes

1. In a large pot brown your beef. 2. Add spices and simmer for a couple of minutes. 3. Add celery and onion simmer until tender. 4. Add the rest of your ingredients 5. Let simmer for an hour 6. Serve with tex mex cheese, buns or taco chips.

No. 32

Good TO Go Cheeseball Ingredients


16 ounces cream cheese 1/4 cup of tex mex shredded cheese 1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar 1/4 cup of shredded white onion 1/4 green pepper 2 Serrano or jalapeno peppers 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder 1/2 teaspoon of Mexican spice 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/2 cup pecans, chopped (or ground) 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

1. Let cream cheese come to room temperature. 2. Combine all ingredients in a medium glass bowl. 3. Mix well. 4. Shape like a ball and roll in nuts. 5. Refrigerate overnight for best flavor. 6. Serve with your favorite crackers.

No. 33

Meyer Lemon Pot au Crème Ingredients


Cake 2 packages of cream cheese 1 pint of whipping cream ½ cup of sugar 2 tsp of vanilla

1. Mix cream cheese and ¼ cup of sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla until smooth. 2. In separate bowl whip whipping cream and the rest of the sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla until stiff. 3. Fold the whipping cream mixture with the cream cheese mixture.

Graham Crust 1 cup of graham wafer crumbs 3 tbsp melted butter

4. In a bowl mix the graham wafer crumbs with butter. 5. Put into a spring form pan and press until flat and firm. 6. Pour your cheesecake mixture onto the graham wafer crust. 7. Add a topping of your choice (example: fruits or whipped cream).

No. 34

Gigi’s Pretty in Pink Lemonade Cake Ingredients


Cake 1 cup softened butter 2 cups white sugar 4 eggs 2-3/4 cups flour 1TBSP baking powder 3/4 tsp salt 1 cup frozen pink lemonade 1 TBS Lemon Zest Pink food coloring

1. Preheat oven to 350 Sift the dry ingredients together and set aside. 2. Beat the butter for 3 minutes until light and fluffy. Add the sugar and beat another 3 minutes. Add the eggs, one at a time, and beat thoroughly after each addition. 3. Start adding the flour mixture one cup at a time, and alternate with the lemonade; ending with the flour mixture, mix well and pour into prepared bunt pan. 4. Bake for 25-30 minutes or when a knife comes out clean let cool completely.

Frosting 1 cup softened butter 7 to 8 cups powdered sugar 1/2 cup thawed pink lemonade Lemon zest to taste Pink food coloring

FROSTING 1. Place the softened butter in a mixing bowl and beat with 1/2 of the powdered sugar. 2. Add the lemonade and mix well. 3. Add another cup of powdered sugar 1 cup at a time until you reach the desired consistency to spread; you may not need all of the sugar specified. Beat until light and fluffy. 4. Put icing into a good-sized saucepan and heat until icing is quite runny Spread on the cooled cake.

No. 35

FALL into


THE PREPSTER Sweater, Paul and Joe Sister. Shirt, Paul and Joe Sister. Shorts, Paul and Joe Sister. Purse, Urban Outfitters. Socks, Hue. Shoes, Dolcetta by Dolce Vita. Ring, Nashelle Jewelry.

THE CAPE Cape, Paul and Joe Sister. Shirt, Paul and Joe Sister. Pants, Paul and Joe; Shoes, Hendrick Brun. Gold Rings, Nissa Jewelry. Earrings, Nashelle Jewelry.

Keep warm this fall by throwing on an oversized coat or draping a chic cape off your shoulders. Embrace graphic pairings such as black and white and mixing prints. Glints of gold can be seen everywhere from dresses to shoes to jewels this season. And just as they did for spring, statement collars and jumpsuits continue to hold their own in the fashion world for fall.

THE B/W COMBO Pants, Ruti www.rutiboutique. com. Shirt, Brose. Coat, Darling Necklace, Urban Outfitters. Shoes, Ryan Haber Collection.

THE STATEMENT COLLAR Dress, Darling www.

THE PRINT MIXER Hat, Mint by Goorin. Sweater, Paul and Joe Sister. Shirt, Paul and Joe Sister. Pants, Paul and Joe Sister. Shoes, Eric Rutberg. Cuff, AMICLUBWEAR www.amiclubwear. com. Braclets, Nissa Jewelry.

THE OVERSIZED COAT Dress, Pinkyotto. Sweater Dress, Paul and Joe Sister. Coat, Paul and Joe Sister. Scarf, Paul and Joe Sister.

THE COLOR GOLD Dress, La Luna London. Necklace, Urban Outfitters. Cuff, Nissa Jewelry. Clutch, Deepa Gurnani. Rings, Nissa Jewelry. Shoes, Ryan Haber Collection.

THE JUMPSUIT Jumpsuit, Paul and JoE. Shoes, Ryan Haber Collection. Cuff, Nissa Jewelry. Clutch, Deepa Gurnani.

Hair and Makeup BY Sussy Campos | STYLIST’S ASSISTANT: Jill McFadden

OH MY, Bell . Photographed by Derek Wood and Styled by Lyndzi Trang

She is blonde, skinny, delicately pretty, and has a hot stage, TV and movie career. That’s a lot to get in life. Any woman would be insanely envious of Kristen Bell if she didn’t have the makings for the perfect BFF. Perfect in that she’s not only an amusing hang with her snarky humor, but also that she’s thoughtful, reflective and there to relate. She’s the kind of girl you support and cheer on. Just as you would with any friend. Only she’s a star. An anomaly harking back to the golden age, Bell is a triple threat: vocalist, dancer and actress. Majoring in musical theatre at NYU, she landed two Broadway shows while still in school and then won the title role in the TV cult-favorite Veronica Mars less than a year after moving to Los Angeles. With a string of hit films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and When in Rome, Bell returned to the small screen earlier this year with Showtime’s smash hit House of Lies where she brilliantly played off Don Cheadle as the emotionally vacant ladder climbing business consultant Jeannie. This August she’ll be acting alongside fiance (whom she refers to as her husband) Dax Shepard in the comedy Hit and Run which they produced together. With her Hollywood status escalating and her IMDB page expanding at a rapid rate, Bell has stayed true to herself: effortlessly witty and sincerely heartfelt. Riding her green and white You & Me bicycle to set would have been enough to show off her ease, but when Bell criss-cross apple-sauced her forest green denim covered legs atop a bar stool in the breakfast nook of a Los Feliz home, I knew I was in for a good old-fashioned session of girl talk. Relaxed and eager to chat, I immediately I brought up her name change at four-years-old from Kristen to Smurfette and then to Annie [her middle name that she went by until high school], and how I had similarly done the

same thing at four when I refused to be called anything but Annie [not because it was my middle name but because it was the name of that famed red headed orphan]. Both being children that “made strong choices for ourselves,” as Bell deemed us, and sharing commonalities such as our vegetarian diets beginning at such a young age, the loss of a childhood best friend to car accidents, and a mutual admiration for Denise Huxtable’s fashion sense on The Cosby Show, we quickly entered bonding territory. “We were literally separated at birth,” Bell kept insisting. Hmm…not my new bestie but my long lost sister? I’ll take that. Let’s be honest. Could there be a cooler sister than Kristen Bell? You actually do have two older sisters… who you were not separated from. [laughs] Yes. Growing up, did you look up to them? Absolutely. I don’t know why this is so significant, but on this one Saturday night when I was 13 and my oldest sister was 18, I didn’t have anything to do, and she was going to iHop with her friends and said, ‘Hey Annie do you want to come?’ I was floored! Do I want to hang out with a bunch of 18-year-olds at the iHop? Of course I do. I was just so excited to be invited out socially by my cool older sister that I thought, ‘I hope every single one of my friends sees me tonight.’

Did your older sisters teach you style or help dress you? My sisters did make me a whole Madonna costume for Halloween when I was 11. That was monumental for me. They worked on it for four or five days...took a pair of my jeans, cut them, put patches on them, drew pinstripes on them. They made me a shirt, and I wore the dog’s collar around my neck and even crimped

No. 44

my hair.

You’ve admitted to having a potty mouth. Did that also come from having older sisters? I grew up such a goodie-goodie. I didn’t even say ‘shut-up’ until 2nd grade. I thought shut up was like fuck. I would hear 5-year-olds saying “shut up” and it was such a shock to me. My best friend growing up had a horrible potty mouth. She was such a rebel. She even got acrylic nails when we were 10. Such a rule breaker [shakes her head in mock disapproval]. She would try to egg me on to say ‘shut up’ and I wouldn’t do it. Then it slipped out on the playground one day and I got that first wave of goodbye childhood. When did boy crushes begin? I was a late bloomer. I did have a giant poster of Antonio Banderas on my wall, but I never particularly loved Antonio. It was around the time that all my girlfriends were putting up pictures of boys and I just did it because I wanted to fit in. Pulled the first poster I could find of a cute guy and put it up. Then I was like, “Yeah, [in her cool voice] I have posters.” I assume there’s no pretending when it comes to liking your fiance. What made you fall for funnyman Dax Shepard? How much time do you have? He’s extraordinarily communicative. He always says what’s on his mind and normally that can be interpreted as someone that’s bossy or a know-it-all, but I mean it as such a compliment. He tells me when he’s vulnerable and feeling insecure. He manages to be completely masculine and vulnerable at the same time. It’s so attractive. For me it was like…yeah, I’m in! You have two corgi mutts with Dax.

Lola and Shaky. Dax constantly comes up with new names for our dogs though. Recently he’s been calling one of them the carpet roll. When he walks in our room, he’ll say, ‘Unroll that carpet and get it off the bed…it stinks.’ Hysterical. Do you dress your dogs up for Halloween like your sisters did with you? I often do. This year I really want to dress up the dogs as the two mean characters from Downton Abbey. O’Brien and Thomas. Nice! My dog was a Chia Pet last year. I sewed his entire costume and after he had won the doggie costume contest, I realized that I had just turned into one of those fanatical dog owners. You’re talking to someone that used to eat her food out of a dog bowl as a kid. I literally thought I was a dog. It’s that kind of character dedication that probably got you into NYU (New York University). [laughs] Actually…Audra MacDonald was starring in Ragtime just as I was applying for college. She played a slave who had buried her dead slave baby in the backyard, and I was so moved that I chose to sing that song. That African American lament for my audition piece for NYU. Nothing could have been more inappropriate than a tiny white girl coming in singing about her dead slave baby. They were probably thinking, ‘Geez! The balls on this girl!’ Were you ever told you wouldn’t make it as an actress? Not often, but you literally just triggered this memory of a teacher. I was singing “Surrey with a Fringe on Top” [from Oklahoma!] and apparently I wasn’t connected and she let me know. She said, “If this is how you perform, I just don’t ever see you working” in front of my entire class. Devastated me…and I didn’t know how to make it better. 20 minutes after class ended, I got a call that I had booked my first Broadway show [Becky in Tom Sawyer]. It was the sweetest irony I’ve ever had in my life.s And you haven’t stopped since. House of Lies got picked up for a second season. What is it like working with such a

talented cast? Don Cheadle keeps you on your toes and Josh has access to my funny bone that is almost inappropriate. I don’t know why, but everything he does sends me into a fit of giggles. I’ve been into Billy Joel since he was on American Idol, and whenever I start singing to myself, Josh will come up behind me and whisper, “I’m sorry. I’m going to need you to pipe that down. I’ve got a headache.” He’s so dorky which I really love. With Showtime seasons being so short, you’re able to still do films. Tell me about Hit and Run. Best experience of my life. Being a couple, there were a lot of very real moments captured on screen that we triggered by fighting and saying awful things to each other off camera. We wanted to make it as raw as possible and for it to be like some of the fights we had at the beginning of our relationship before you figure out who you are in relation to that other person. When you’re still hanging onto your individuality and independence. I’m so proud of this film. What was it like co-producing with Dax? Having watched it from its conception, it holds a bigger place in my heart. It was a family affair and very personal. Dax’s Mom and stepdad flew in to do craft service and make fruit cups. All our friends were involved, we used two of our cars in the movie, and I brought in a bunch of things that were my grandfather’s like his war medals and the afghan my grandmother knitted. Personal artifacts only added to the significance of the experience for me. You’re sentimental. Yes. My most treasured possession is my grandmother’s wedding band…and I watch Christmas Vacation a lot. I watch it in the middle of the year. That’s pretty sentimental. Balanced sentimentality. [laughs] I’m all about balance. I read someone’s Twitter bio the other day, and it blew me away. “I think everything deserves to be loved, and everything deserves to be made fun of.” I thought, “Wow. You’re speaking to my soul.” - LECIA DOSS

No. 47

“[Dax is] extraordinarily communicative. He always says what’s on his mind and normally that can be interpreted as someone that’s bossy or a know-it-all, but I mean it as such a compliment. He tells me when he’s vulnerable and feeling insecure. He manages to be completely masculine and vulnerable at the same time. It’s so attractive.”

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HAIR: Christine Symonds (wall group) MAKEUP: Coleen Campbell (exclusive) MANICURIST: Naja (celestine) PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANTS: Richard Luong and Brad Bucksky Production Assistants: Alex Levine, daria kobayashi ritch, ashley symone lee, AND TIFFANY MA Location: Gretchen Bonaduce’s Home Special thanks: Veggie Grill and Babycakes

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the GOLD files

Photographed by JUCO | Styled by JAK with Wallgroup | Creative Director: Derek Wood Hair: Tara Jean with Art Mix | Makeup: Gloria Noto with Jed Root | Model: Alana G with Vision

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OPENING PAGE: Gold lame dress, BCBG. Bracelet, earrings, and necklace, Vita Fede. previous page: White Silk Western Blouse, LeyendeckeR. Bolo necklace, Virgo Boutique. Tan fur jacket, Leyendecker.

Gold Lame Dress, Foley & Corinna. Rose Gold hoops, Pat Fields. Watch, Swarovski Bracelet, Vita Fede. Shoes available at

Rose Gold sequin one sleeve shirt, BCBG. Gold Rings, Vita Fede.

White pleated Dress with gold sequin detail, Georges Chakra. Gold Bracelets, vita fede. Silver rings, vita fede.

White Silk Blouse, August Field. White sequin skirt, BCBG. Gold Belt, Karen Walker. Rose Gold Hoop Earrings, Pat Fields. Rainbow Platforms, Jeffery CampbelL. Rings, Vita Fede.

Silver sequin blouse, Leyendecker. Cream trousers, Bec&Bridge. Earrings, Stylists’ own. Vintage gold turban head piece.

wilson bethel

HART OF DIXIE Jacket, Paul and Joe. Shirt, Paul and Joe. Jeans, Paul and Joe. Shoes, Hawkings McGill.

this television season’s rockstars Photographer: Vince Trupsin fashion editor: kristina van dyk

Wilson Bethel—a New Hampshireborn, San Franciscan charmer – possesses a quiet wit that sneaks out from beneath his cool than cool exterior. Fans know him best for his role as Wade Kinsella, “the roguish town bad boy with a heart of gold” on the CW’s Hart of Dixie, opposite leading lady, Rachel Bilson. “Working with her is awesome,” says Bethel of his costar. “She’s just a really cool down to earth girl and we have a lot of fun. We share a similar sense of humor. I count her as a friend.” Throughout the first season of Dixie, we tracked the rocky relationship between Wade and Zoe (Bilson) and in the season finale, the push and pull culminated with what Bethel describes as “an epic freak-nasty session. There was definitely drama for your mama. The word from the writers is that for a show that didn’t have too much making whoopee, there’s going to be a lot more. People are just going to be jumping each other’s bones. Lots of R.Kelly. That’s word on the street. We’ll see if it comes to fruition.” Freak-nasty or not, viewers and the stars of the show alike are eager to see how the second season will play out. “My hope is that we’ll get to take the story places that we didn’t go last year. A lot of the dynamics have shifted since last season so there’s going to be a lot of new stuff to explore. [For Wade] growing up was one of the pieces that was starting to come in focus last season; this arc of his attempt to grow up and be a bit of a man. Hopefully we’ll see him rising to the occasion getting out of man-child adolescence. “Will Zoe make the choice between George and Wade? “My sense is that Wade and Zoe are meant to be. My guess is that in the very end Zoe and Wade will be together.” Aside from acting, Bethel found his niche in a different creative platform;

INTERVIEWS BY: ASHLEY SYMONE LEE Hip Hop. Not surprising after his appearance in the video for Rachel Bilson’s Funny or Die parody rap song, “Call Me Doctor.” The actor wrote and produced Stupid Hype which premiers this fall on the CW’s digital platform “It’s a vague parody of 8 mile set in 1990 about a rapper finding his artistic voice. He’s like a Vanilla Ice type.” Over the years Bethel has had several hip-hop alter egos. “I used to be in a hip hop group with my brother when I was in High School. I did a lot of spoken word poetry. In High School, I had a character called Lil’ Dwayne-o—this was before Lil’ Wayne. He would make epic appearances in freestyle battles. In the early 00s I had

No. 64

this Grime rapper personality named Industry who was a wonky British rapper. Now I have Hype who is the newest incarnation of my rap career.” Creating characters and writing stories seems to be encoded in his DNA. Bethel’s mother is author Joyce Maynard. “I love my mother and respect her as an artist. She’s incredibly talented.” This season, Bethel is most looking forward to reprising his role as Wade; a role he says is incredibly fun to play. “He’s got that swagger, and that playful personality. He brings out some of the better sides of my own personality. He’s an unadulterated side of me.” Season 2 of Hart of Dixie premieres October 2nd at 8/7c on the CW.

autumn reeser


Dress, Pinkyotto. Sweater, Gold Hawk. Skirt, Paul and Joe Sister. Cuff, Charles Albert. Earrings, Nissa Jewelry. Necklace, London Manori.

ABC’s Last Resort packs loads of conflict into what Autumn Reeser describes as a “political thriller meets epic action romance.” A new drama from the creator of The Shield, the series follows the crew of a United States Navy nuclear submarine who after being attacked inexplicably by their own country, take refuge on an island in the middle of the Pacific. Meanwhile, Reeser’s character Kylie Sinclair, an ambitious weapons lobbyist, is back in Washington, D.C. trying to unravel the political conspiracy. “It’s an incredibly complex story line. One of the special things about this show is that their storytelling is really ballsy. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, it pushes far beyond that.” The secret to the show’s captivating spirit is a strong relationship between those working both on and off screen. “It’s collaboration. They are willing to take the time with the actors to make the scenes really spectacular. Martin Campbell directed the pilot and he sees any bullshit that you’re doing. When I went in to audition for him, he worked with me for about an hour to get the scene where it needed to be. The writers invited the actors into the writer’s room where I got to sit with them for a few hours to talk about my [personal] journey and what I want in my life, and Kylie’s journey and where she is in her life. It allowed them to get to know me. That was the first time I’d ever experienced anything like that while working on a show.” For Autumn, playing Kylie hits close to home in an unexpected way. “Kylie’s in a place where she’s searching for the truth and that is where I feel I am in my life right now. Becoming a mother a year ago has profoundly changed my life and made me feel more accountable for myself in a really wonderful way. I feel like I’m on the hunt for greater personal integrity in my relationships and my career and I think Kylie is on a similar journey of personal exploration.” The most stimulating thing about being on a show that brings such high intensity? “It demands a high level of acting from everyone on the show. I love being told to bring my A-game.” Last Resort will air on Thursdays at 8/7c this fall on ABC.

No. 65

meghan markle

SUITS Coat, Wish. Dress, Gypsy Junkies. Earrings, Charles Albert. Ring, Nissa.

It’s a new season of USA Network’s polished television drama, Suits and as we saw in the season premiere, things between Rachel Zane and Mike Ross aren’t getting any less complicated anytime soon. “Love is never easy,” says Meghan Markle, the L.A.-born beauty who portrays Pearson Hardman’s savviest paralegal. “Mike Ross brings out her vulnerable side. As we saw in season one, her Achilles heel has always been her inability to test well. She had been so jaded in a way by all these hot shots that come to the firm and have this bravado, and she always assumed that Mike was

the same sort of guy. I think in watching the development of their relationship, you really get to see that she has a soft spot for him.” Though the show presents itself as a legal drama, the focus is far more grounded in the relationships of the characters than in the cases in their litigation bags. “Part of the appeal is in watching the push and pull and trying to see if the characters can make it work. For me certainly as an actor half the fun is waiting to see how it’ll all play out.” You know a show is bitingly witty when even the actors are dying to know what happens next. “When I get the script

No. 66

and I call my other cast mates, we all have this communal ‘oh my god, did you read that?!’ moment. I’d fan girl over the show even if I wasn’t on it. I just think it’s so much fun and I’m so proud to be a part of it.” So what’s on the horizon for Rachel and the other formidable minds over at Pearson Hardman? “I would love for Rachel to become a lawyer. Not only would she become a great role model if that happened, but I think it would really shift the dynamic at the firm. It’s all up to the writers. What I can promise is that there will be a lot of fun in store.” Catch Suits Thursdays at 10/9c on USA.

lamorne morris


Shirt, Marna Ro. Sweater, Ted Baker. Jeans, Levis.

Unlike Zooey Deschanel, whose personality is rumored to be much in line with that of the quirky, free-spirited, bespectacled sweetheart, Jess, on Fox’s New Girl, Lamorne Morris’ cool, calm and collected persona is bit of a jump from Winston Bishop’s notoriously competitive nature. “In peeling back some of his layers you see that at his core he’s a sweetheart. He’s a really nice, down to earth guy who likes to see the good in people. I would like to see Winston grow two inches, get all the girls…maybe we could get Beyoncé and Rihanna on the show.” The cast’s chemistry is unwavering, and they never fail to do whatever it takes to keep the laugh cramps coming. “We all just get along. Nobody has an ego. Everybody sacrifices. If Jake has to cut his hair, he’ll do it. Zooey has to act like a weirdo, she’ll do it. Max has to take his clothes off all the time he’ll do it— he low-key enjoys that, though.” Keeping straight face through the absurd scenes that make the show so loveable isn’t always easy. “Jake Johnson always gives me a hard time because I’m always breaking and cracking while he’s sitting there telling all the funniest jokes when delivering his lines and improvising.” New Girl has established itself as one of the funniest, most successful shows on television, no doubt in part because of boss lady Zooey’s stellar work ethic and business savvy. “It’s her show. She’s a producer on the show so technically she really is my boss. She knows what she’s doing. I remember the first time I was late, Zooey, who lives further away and had an earlier call time came in early! I thought if she can be early, I can [at least] be on time. She’s so professional and she sets an example. We all sort of fall in line behind her.” Following a bit of confusion and a quick casting change, (Morris replaced Damon Wayans, Jr.) Lamorne effortlessly fell into place amongst the rest of the cast. “Because we are all very different, we all work well together. I kind of predicted [the success of the show]. The writers and producers do a great job of working with each other and working with us to make sure that everything turns out well. ” Season 2 of New Girl premieres September 25th at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.

No. 67

melissa rauch


Jacket, Mad Love. Sweater, Alexander Wang. Pants, Fornarina. Necklace, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry. Pendant Necklace, Lenora Dame Jewelry. Bracelet, Charles Albert. Rings, Nissa Jewelry.

As darling and petite as her character, Bernadette, on The Big Bang Theory may be, not even the highest of high definition televisions could possibly convey the adorability and delightful charisma of the real-life Melissa Rauch. Her witty spirit has always naturally lent itself to comedy. “I’ve always been obsessed with comedy. As a kid I loved The Carol Burnett Show and I Love Lucy. I started stand-up when I was 19, and at the time I was studying acting as well. I love the training ground that stand up gave me— working so intimately with the audience— I consider it a part of my

education and it really thickened my skin which is something your definitely need as an actress.” Rauch worked her way into our hearts when she appeared as the recurring love interest of Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) in the third season of Big Bang, a role that eventually became a major driving force of the show’s plot-line. “There is not one day that I’m not super grateful. As a fan of the show before I came on to it, I was so stoked when I got the role. It was supposed to be a one-time thing. It’s a fan’s dream come true and of course an actor’s dream come true to have a one week job

No. 68

turn into something regular.” Last season, the show wrapped with wedding bells when Bernadette and Howard tied the knot. “I’m interested to see how they will be as a married couple. She’s got a high powered job at a pharmaceutical research company and he’s now an astronaut. They’re the new power couple. Even though Howard is in space, I think she’ll be a loyal astronaut wife. She definitely enjoys her time in the bedroom, but her heart is with him.” In its five seasons, Big Bang Theory has garnered a loyal following and critical acclaim for its sharp humor and endearing characters. “The writers are so superb. If I could take them all home and have them write my life I would do it in a heartbeat. Not only are they fantastic comedy writers, but I feel like they don’t shy away from the heart and people really respond to that. These characters are all underdogs and we all can relate to being an underdog at some point in our lives. Some of the show’s success is definitely attributable to that.” The cast has made appearances at nearly every Comic Con since 2008, an experience that always proves to be nothing less than wild. “People go all out. It’s overwhelming but incredibly fun. There was a girl covered head to toe in green paint who reached her hand under my bathroom stall to ask for an autograph. I was like ‘Let me wash my hands and I’ll get that to you’ (laughs). You hear that the show is doing well but actually meeting the fans, especially for me being such a big TV fan, is really cool.” Rauch is eager to reunite on the small screen with her Big Bang family this fall. “I love each one of them. Everyone’s so incredibly smart and funny. They welcomed me with open arms. I’m grateful for them as co-workers, but also for their friendships.” The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS September 27th at 8/7c.

steven mcqueen


Coat, Marna Ro. Shirt, Stapleford. Tie, J.Crew. Jeans, Levis.

Nothing about Steven McQueen is unrecognizable. His name alone carries a legacy of badassery pioneered by his grandfather Steve McQueen in the 60s and 70s. With his role as Jeremy Gilbert on the CW’s wildly successful series The Vampire Diaries, Steven has become part of a cast of young pioneers in their own right. The success of the series has been fueled by the public’s insatiable, media-driven obsession with vampirism, an obsession that doesn’t seem to have subsided since the series premiere back in 2009. “I think we’ve got great writers, and great people working on it. We’re just telling a story and it’s great that people are watching it.” And people definitely are. The show has over 13 million fans and counting on Facebook and it’s safe to assume that all of them are burning to see how the series will unfold after the death of Elena in the season three finale left viewers speechless. McQueen says that we can expect to see a change in Jeremy’s intentions throughout the fourth season. “His main objective was always to keep his family safe. He fails to do so, and Elena dies. I think now his main objective has changed to becoming stronger and controlling his destiny. He’s the guy in the ring that gets knocked around but keeps getting back up. We see him start to callous and become stronger.” And what’s on the horizon for Jeremy and Bonnie? “Jeremy hooked up with Anna, who was a ghost, and that caused friction between them. I say necrophilia doesn’t count [laughs]. I don’t know quite where they stand— that’s up to our very capable writers— but I’d love to see him get back with Bonnie.” The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW on Thursday October 11th at 8/7c.

No. 69

justin hartley

EMILY OWENS, M.D. Jacket, Paul and Joe. Shirt, Paul and Joe. Jeans, Paul and Joe. Shoes, Hawkings McGill.

The CW’s upcoming medical comedy drama, Emily Owens, M.D. follows the slightly awkward shenanigans of Emily Owens (Mamie Gummer) a first-year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital, where her high school nemesis Cassandra Kopelson (Aja Naomi King) and her crush Will Rider ( Justin Hartley) also work. “He’s of the mind that they are best friends and they’re there for each other. It’s them versus the world,” says Hartley. “He finds out that she’s got a different idea about the relationship, and he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to hurt her but at the same time he can’t lead her on. It’s a tough situation to be in.” For Hartley, after his dramatic roles on Smallville and Passions, the choice to do a comedy was an easy decision to make. “I talked to my close friends, my family and my agent who is also one my closest friends about what I wanted to do. I wanted to pursue something that had a little humor in it. I adore Smallville and I owe everything to it, but I found myself comfortable in the recurring themes of these hour long dramas. With this show, everything came together. There’s comedy, it’s an hour long, there’s a lot of drama and it doesn’t pander to anyone. It’s very smart and sophisticated but at the same time you will laugh with us, you will be embarrassed with us, and you’ll cry with us.” The role seemed to be everything Hartley was looking for. “I must have read the episode 60 times before we started filming it and every single time there were parts of it where I found myself laughing out loud and parts where I found myself literally fighting back tears. [The creator] Jennie Snyder is a wonderful writer and an amazing storyteller. Our cast is unbelievably smart and talented. I’m in a really good position. I’m absolutely looking forward to the series. I’ve never been more proud of something or more thrilled to be a part of something. I feel so confident in the show. I feel like I know people… and I know they’ll enjoy the show.” Emily Owens, M.D. premieres Tuesday, October 16th on the CW.

No. 70

jd pardo

Shirt, Ted Baker. Black Sweater, Marna Ro. Tie, Urban Outfitters. Jeans, Diesel.


Dear, dearly departed Gil Scott-Heron, this fall, the revolution will in fact be televised. NBC’s original series Revolution is an action packed sci-fi drama set in a post-apocalyptic world some 15 years after a mysterious phenomenon purges the world of electricity, wiping out all modern technological amenities. Law enforcement no longer exists and out of the calamity, a brave group of militia arises to save the world. Of the brave is JD Pardo’s character, Nate

Walker, an enigmatic man whose feelings for female lead Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) sometimes get in the way of his objectives. “He is attracted to her,” says Pardo, “and that definitely creates a conflict for Nate.” Executive produced by J.J. Abrams, Revolution brings fighting and grandiose action in traditional Abrams fashion to the small screen. “It’s a tribute to action adventure films like Indiana Jones where there’s fighting, but it’s fun fighting! You get

No. 71

to jump on tables and swing on lights. We’re all training and trying to get ready for it. It’s pure entertainment, but has its twists. I think it’s something that a lot of people can enjoy and just have fun with the adventure.” The young actor is also the newest addition to the Twilight clan. This November he plays Nahuel, a vampire hybrid in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2. “It was an amazing experience all around. Everybody was incredibly warm and kind of like ‘welcome to the family.’ Twilight is such a huge franchise so to be a part of that… I’m just so thankful for. I was really excited, but at the same time there was huge amount of pressure and responsibility. The fans have been with Twilight since the beginning, and here I come stepping in. The last thing I wanted to do was ruin the story. I didn’t want the mob coming after me!” When asked how it all feels he responds with a chuckle, “It’s like Billy Burke told me when we were shooting the pilot [for Revolution], ‘You’re on a TV show. Now get over it.’ I guess I’ll just get over it.” Revolution premieres September 17th at 10/9c on NBC.

laz alonso

INFAMOUS Jacket, Dorsia. Sweater, Ted Baker. Shirt, Marna Ro. Jeans, Levi’s. Shoes, Armarni Exchange. Beaded bracelets, Adesso. Rope Bracelet, Lemon and Line.

Let the scandal begin! Laz Alonso stars in ABC’s upcoming drama, Infamous. “The show follows a corrupt family in New York whose daughter, a Paris Hilton-type, socialite and supermodel, turns her life around and becomes a humanitarian trying to help the world. She ends up dead. I’m the FBI agent on the case.” Meagan Good plays his love interest in the series. “Meagan’s character grew up in the family’s home and was the victim’s best friend. She’s also my ex-lover. There’s a lot of sexual tension between our characters.” Infamous is guaranteed to be TV’s next great guilty pleasure. “The show is completely character driven. It’s got that whole ‘Page

Six’ element of the rich and famous and what they do behind closed doors; that salacious stuff that people like to see. What I liked about this character was that he very emotional. He’s not hiding it. He’s expressive, he’s in love and he’s insecure about it. He’s vulnerable and I really wanted to play that next. He still has that strong male thing going on, but you’re going to see a lot of emotion from him. Once I read the first page [of the script] I just couldn’t put it down. You’re going to really get to know these people and see their good sides and bad sides… and there’s a lot of bad.” Before acting, Alonso worked on Wall Street as an investment banker, a career

No. 72

that brought home the bacon, but not much in the way of true fulfillment. “In the investment banking world you’re working 80-90 hours per week and you don’t have time to have a personal life or even shower on some days. There were times were I was nailed to a desk for two days straight. The bathroom in the bank was my shower. There was a lot of pumping soap and doubling up on napkins. I realized sure, I could make money, but I wasn’t going to have time to pursue what my heart was telling me I needed. I didn’t love it enough to sacrifice my dream. I didn’t want to look back 20 years later and think ‘what if ?’.” A leap of faith and a mile long IMDb later (Laz jokes about having the longest IMDb page ever), Alonso landed one of his best known roles to date as Tsu’tey in James Cameron’s epic sci-fi hit, Avatar. He’s played many different roles, but if he could add one more title to his resume, he “would play the hero. I could be superhero, action hero or I could just be portraying a person who changed the lives of people or made a positive impact on history. I am drawn to heroic roles. Everyone wants to watch something that inspires them.” Alonso had an inspirational moment of his own while filming the biographical war drama, Jarhead. “I was going through all the military training and boot camps and at the end of the day I got to go back to a warm bed in a hotel. The more I tried to absorb the DNA of a soldier, the guiltier I felt because these guys are out there doing it for real. Their lives are truly on the line every single day and they don’t have a lunch break or bathroom break. No one yells cut so they can go to craft services and get Starbucks. I felt I was pretending to be someone who I felt was much more deserving of accolades than I am. I spoke with someone in the field about how I felt [and] he told me that I had no idea how much movies motivate them when they’re out in the field. For two hours they get to be somewhere else, distracted from the harsh reality. His words validated that what I’m doing can actually help someone. There is power in film.” Catch the series premiere of Infamous in 2013 on ABC.

katie cassidy

Sweater, Paul and Joe Sister. Shirt, Rebecca Minkoff. Pants, Daniela Corte. Necklace, London Minori. Hat, Margaret O'Leary.


Smallville fans can stop their sulking and start preparing their TiVos. Following the finale of the venerated series last year, the CW delves back into the world of DC comics with Arrow, an actionpacked series based on the classic comic strip, Green Arrow. The plot follows the story of billionaire philanderer Oliver Queen (Stephen Amall), who while running off with the sister of the woman who loves him most, goes missing after a vicious shipwreck sinks his getaway yacht. “Oliver is the love of Laurel’s life”, says Katie Cassidy, daughter of former teen pop-culture sensation David Cassidy, whose character Laurel Lance is a courageous lawyer in the story’s fictional Star City, and the scorned lover in ques-

tion. “They grew up together, became best friends and fell in love. When she hears the news she’s absolutely devastated.” Five years after the tragedy, Oliver is discovered alive, having been stranded on an island and forced to survive and fight for himself. When he returns, he brings the skills he learned fending for his life to his hometown where he has changed and become the Green Arrow, out to save the city from malice and corruption. But not everyone is thrilled about his homecoming. “Laurel harbors a lot of anger and hatred towards him, but he’s still the love of her life so when he shows up it completely confuses her. It’s an overwhelmingly complicated situation.”

No. 73

In preparing for the role, staying true to her character’s comic book roots was of utmost importance. “I did a ton of research. I worked three weeks with someone who does backstory trying to figure out why she is the way she is and making it legitimate to the story. It’s all about script analysis and trying to make it as real as possible. Especially with a show like this because it’s based on a comic book series and I feel as though you need characters that the audience can relate to.” Arrow does not lack the obscurity and complexity of the original story. “I have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s got that mysterious element. It’s very much grounded in reality, but there is a lot of action and drama to look forward to.” And from what we hear, it seems as though Laurel Lance may have some tricks up her own sleeve. “There’s a possibility of Laurel turning into the Black Canary. I watched some animation on her and she’s a tough chick. I’ve always wanted to do action. Getting to train and fight would be really fun… and sexy. I’m excited.” Arrow premieres October 10th at 8pm on The CW.

jamie lynn-sigler Cheers to Jamie Lynn Sigler! The actress we’ve come to know best for her dramatic role as Meadow Soprano on HBO’s iconic series The Sopranos, takes on her first leading comedic role on NBC’s upcoming Guys With Kids. “Drama is what I knew. Acting’s always a challenge, but I saw comedy as a specific challenge because I knew that was the hardest to cross over into from drama. Multi-cam comedy is about rhythm, like music. It’s hard because that isn’t always natural. I wanted to do a comedy because I was told that I couldn’t do it.” Created and penned by Jimmy Fallon, the series follows three thirty-something guys raising babies in New York City. “Jimmy felt that there was a void of young parents on TV that actually enjoyed having children and families. These guys love being dads, but are still kids at heart, trying to figure out their lives and how to be parents. It’s adventures in parenting for late 20, early 30-somethings.” Jamie’s character, Emily, and her hubby Nick (Zach Cregger) are raising a five year-old daughter that they had right out of college and a nine-month-old baby boy. When it comes to dealing with the little ones on set, one star in particular has the magic touch. “I am a huge Anthony [Anderson] fan. He is absolutely colorful and vibrant. He brings so much energy that sometimes if we’re lacking, we can get it from him. He’s also really good with the babies. He’s the only one out of all of us that actually has kids so he was one of the people we’d turn to when the babies were crying or when the kids were acting up. He’d be like ‘I got this’.” Sigler got her big break on The Sopranos, and from the series’ premiere in 1999 until the finale in 2007, we witnessed her make the transition into womanhood. “I went through a lot during those years. I went through normal things that most young girls go through in their teens and early twenties, and then some other things that many don’t go through like a divorce. Sopranos was something that was consistent. Obviously what it’s done for me professionally is immeasurable, but what it did for me personally during that time is indescribable. It was like a


Shirt, Darling. Dress, Garcia. Coil Rings, Laura Elizabeth. Shoes, Fornarina. Bracelets, London Manori. ID Cuff, Jook & Nona. Earrings, Lia Sophia.

second family for me and a safe place for me to go every year no matter what was happening.” The show’s ending went down as one of television’s most notorious finales, and to this day people are still scratching their heads. “Initially the way it was left open-ended was hard for me to find closure with, because I wanted it to keep going. None of us wanted it to end. I feel the way that last scene was edited— everyone seemed to be in a happy place but we’re seeing all of these potential threats— his life could have ended that night. ” Guys With Kids is Jimmy Fallon’s first ever full length series, and Sigler says that his quirky personality makes work-

No. 74

ing with him that much more enjoyable. “Throughout the whole two-week process of shooting the pilot he was there. He’s exactly how you’d imagine him to be. After our first read-through, he made all of us get in a van and took us to Universal Studios. We rode every roller coaster and he was screaming like a little kid. He was getting approached by people all day and he stopped for everyone. He’s so nice and I think his excitement for the pilot and his joy in seeing it all come together— we could only follow suit. He was such a cheerleader and I feel really lucky to have him as a boss.” Guys With Kids premieres September 26th at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.

brian white


After the success of the mystical series The Vampire Diaries, The CW finds another whimsical hit in this fall’s Beauty and the Beast, a reprise of the original 1987 cult sensation. Smallville bombshell Kristen Kreuk returns to the network as Catherine Chandler (“Belle”) who after witnessing the murder of her mother as child, would’ve been killed herself had someone (or something) not stepped in and saved her life. Fast forward to the present, she’s now a police officer and her boss is Lieutenant Joe Bishop, played by Brian J. White. “It’s a complete update,” White says of the production. “It’s now a procedural that focuses heavy on character. It’s not always about solving the case; it’s about how the characters respond to the process of solving the case and how it affects their lives, their emotions and their relationships.” Beauty promises the mystery, magic and forbidden romance of both the original series and the beloved fairy tale. The Beast ( Jay Ryan) is trying to find a cure for his hulk-like tendencies, while Catherine is working to find her mother’s murderers. The pair agrees to help each other out, and of course they’re drawn to one another. No stranger to the world of cop-drama, White has starred in shows like The Shield and Moonlight, roles that White

Sweater, Marna Ro. Shirt, Stapleford. Tie, J.Crew. Pants, Hawkings McGill.

went above and beyond the call of duty to prepare for. “When I was working on The Shield, we spent 2 or 3 days a week riding along with the LAPD. We’d ride around with them all night, go on arrests, go on raids, go to the shooting range. The more experience I can get the better. I’ve been out with the FBI, CIA, ATF, and police departments in about 7 states trying to be a part of anything that lets me know what their lives are really like. Knowing what the stakes are helps me do my job better.” A former profes-

No. 75

sional NFL player, he brings a little athleticism to everything he does. He even does his own stunts. “I never use a stunt double. Doing wire work and running from building to building is amazing. Whether it’s me and Channing Tatum kicking each other’s butts in Fighting or letting Tyler Perry kick my butt in Good Deeds, I can always find ways to use the skills I’ve had and develop them and push myself to the limit.” Don’t miss the premiere of Beauty and the Beast on October 11th at 9/8c on The CW.

tyler labine

ANIMAL PRACTICE Blazer, Ted Baker. Sweater, Ted Baker. Jeans, Levis. Shoes, Vans. Rope Bracelets, Lemon and Line. Beaded Bracelets, Adesso.

Animal Practice follows the adventures of NYC veterinarian Dr. George Coleman ( Justin Kirk) whose uncanny gift for working with animals (human beings not so much) makes him the top doctor at a veterinary practice where it often seems as if the patients are the ones in charge. The diverse cast includes JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Justin Kirk, Bobby Lee, Kym Whitley, and funny man Tyler Labine who plays Dr. Doug Jackson. “When you first meet me, I’ve had my heart broken and I’m trying to get back onto my feet,” says Labine. “I’m basically the only logical, reasonable animal and human-loving doctor at the clinic. Dr. Coleman hates people and my character is always running defense for him and

smoothing out situations because he’s so anti-social. I’m the one who’s clipping nails and brushing out knots in fur and playing gentle music to make sure the animals are in a happy place.” The cast stars alongside live animals, something that isn’t always easy to do while working on set. “You have no idea. I learned that penguins bite! They take huge chunks of skin! The trainer has pieces of arm missing all over his forearms. In the pilot, I’m giving a basset hound a rectal exam and I thought ‘oh okay we’re going to fake it or they’ll have a sedated dog something.’ But the dog was this fully awake, very spry basset hound that didn’t want my fingers anywhere near his butt. He kept jumping off the

No. 76

table, turning around trying to bite my hand. And again I can’t blame the dog, I have to look at the people who didn’t stop to think ‘oh maybe that dog won’t like getting finger-banged.’ We also had a Bengal tiger that was pissing on everybody. Beautiful creature, but it’s a giant cat with a lot of piss.” Crystal, the beloved monkey from The Hangover 2, also stars alongside her human counterparts. “She’s an international star. They flew her first class to New York. She had her own seat at all the dinner parties. Everyone wanted a photo with Crystal. She’s already the runaway star and scene stealer of the show. But it’s not a gimmicky show about animals; it’s about the people and their interactions with each other. That’s actually the play on words with the show. The idea is that we’re the real animals.” Perhaps it’s because of his Canadian roots (he’s from Toronto by way of Vancouver), but Labine’s down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is spirit is a breath of fresh air in the ego-sealed ampoule that is Hollywood. The roles he’s chosen over the years, however funny, haven’t necessarily reflected his seemingly grounded nature. “Honestly, there are a couple moments on film that I wish I could erase. My brother and I made a movie called Control Alt Delete and there were scenes while I was watching it with friends and family where it’s literally just me stripped down, banging a computer. I might take that moment back…it was a little intimate. It was brave or whatever but it was hard to watch.” Animal Practice is a bit of a departure from Tyler we’re used to seeing. “It’s still funny but I’m not being that brash, borderline asshole character. After a while that role became a comfort zone and I liked playing that part because I knew I could. This year the goal was to do something different. This is my 8th TV series now and it was time I went after something different. If I come out of the gates doing the exact same thing again and I get slammed for it, I have nobody to blame but myself. I’m a dad now. I want to have some good moral fabric out there for my daughter to see.” Animal Practice premieres September 26th at 8/7c on NBC.

michael trevino

Jacket, Marna Ro. Sweater, Ted Baker. Shirt, Ted Baker.


Looking at Michael Trevino, it’s hard not to see how he was the perfect casting choice for the role of Tyler Lockwood on the CW series, The Vampire Diaries. With his refined good looks and penetrating eyes, the latest development in his character’s plotline makes perfect sense. When we left off in season three, Tyler had been transformed into a hybrid, a supernatural crossbreed between a werewolf and vampire. “There have been so many transitions with Tyler. In season

one he was basically just this one-note douchebag, alpha-male, football jock. In season two, he’s cursed and becomes a werewolf, and when we finished off in season three, he was the first successful hybrid created by Klaus. Our cliffhanger in season three was Tyler becoming Klaus after. Klaus is taking over Tyler’s body. We’re going to see that play out in the beginning of season four.” Prepping for lycanthropy didn’t always prove to be the most settling experience. “I had

No. 77

to watch some very graphic videos of women giving birth. It’s drawn out, agonizing and gruesome. That pretty much got me where I needed to be.” It’s safe to say that The Vampire Diaries is the one of the CW’s most successful shows; something Trevino says is the result of constantly pushing boundaries. “We’re always pushing the envelope. They don’t wait until the end of season for a major character to die. [Characters] come and go. What’s cool about our show is the cliffhanger at the end of each episode. Things change all the time within the script. When we have a storyline it isn’t cemented. It’s always going to change. That keeps us on our toes.” Die-hard fans of the show could also play a significant role in story. “With Twitter and Facebook and other social media, the execs are definitely tracking what fans are saying and what they want to see.” Of his own anticipation for season four, Trevino says he’s excited “to see how long I’m going to be playing Klaus. And When Tyler is his own self again, I wonder how that’s going to play out with Caroline and affect the whole love triangle between she, Klaus and Tyler. We left it on a weird note and Caroline’s in the dark about it. I want to see how she reacts to what’s happening.” The best part about playing Tyler? “Kissing Caroline, without a doubt.” The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW on Thursday October 11th at 8/7c.

hannah ware

BOSS Shirt, Yoana Baraschi. Skirt, Wish. Jacket, Darling. Bracelets, Jewelmint. Rings, Jules Smith.

“This season, she’s angry and she’s really in a kind of ‘fuck it’ frame of mind,” says Hannah Ware of her character Emma Kane on Boss, a political drama that stars Kelsey Grammer as Tom Kane, the mayor of Chicago who is trying to keep his power after being diagnosed with a debilitating neurological disorder. “I play his estranged daughter who tries to rebuild a relationship with him having been the only person he confides in about his disease. [The show] charts how he uses people as pawns in his game to hold on to his title as mayor. He, by the end of the first season, has turned on his own daughter, and I’ve become one of these pawns. It will be fun playing Emma from a different angle. She was very much the victim of her father’s ploys in season one.” Season 2 picks up with Emma in jail. “In one of her darkest hours we will see her try to survive and get through it. You get to know a lot more about every character this season; what makes them tick. We get to dig a little bit deeper and it’s from a human aspect rather than just pure politics. It’s more intriguing this time around.” The STARZ original is executive produced in part by two time Academy Award nominee Gus Van Sant and Grammer himself, someone who the South Londoner speaks very highly of. “He’s amazing. We’ve all become very good friends with Kelsey, and it’s because he’s so charming and such a pleasure to work with. It’s been a real treat to watch someone so great at work. I feel really lucky to know him and work with him.” Catch Season 2 of Boss Fridays at 9PM E/P on STARZ.

No. 78

brandon routh


Jacket, Ted Baker. Henley, Ted Baker. Jeans, Levis.

Stylist’s Assistant: Jill McFadden Hair: Rachel Beauty and Paula Peralta Makeup: Amber Bruehl and Angie Miller Production Assistants: Ashley Symone Lee, Daria Kobyashi Ritch, and Michelle Chang

“I like to mix it up,” explains Brandon Routh, who will star alongside Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), David Krumholtz (Numb3rs), and Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) on the upcoming comedy series, Partners. “I’ve been pushing more for comedy lately just because it’s a lot of fun to go to work and make people laugh rather than going to work and having to be overly emotional. I like to change it up. I like being able to have fun on set.” The series is the latest brainchild of David Kohan and Max Mutch-

nick, the same pair that brought us the turn of the century masterpiece, Will and Grace. The story centers on the lives of childhood besties Louis (Urie) and Joe (Krumholtz), who go into business as partners at an architecture firm. Their friendship is tested when Joe gets engaged and Louis begins a new relationship. “It’s basically about them (Kohan and Mutchnick). They’re BFFs. One’s gay, one’s straight. It’s about their friendship, their relationship in business and their [respective] partners.” Routh plays

No. 79

Wyatt, Louis’ significant other. Audiences who know him best as the eponymous hero in the 2006 blockbuster Superman Returns might wonder if playing the role is a challenge for Routh. “Not really. I’m an actor. This will be the second time I’ve played vegan. No one ever asks about that [laughs]. ” The all-star team promises a true hit. “The four of us are a great group. I hope that partners will last for years. I’m happy to be with them. It’s going to be fun.” Partners premieres on September 24th at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

Left: Elle red and black knit dress, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, available at SAKS FIFTH AVE in Beverly Hills. Earrings, GLYNNETH B, available at black patent heels, GUCCI. Right: Blair plaid dress, alexander mcqueen, available at SAKS FIFTH AVE in Beverly Hills. gold bracelet and earrings, GLYNNETH B, available at bronze peep toe pumps, GUCCI.

No. 80

Elle & Blair sisters run a multi-platform business photographer: VINCE TRUPSIN “At first I didn’t want to,” said Blair Fowler, 19, about posting beauty tutorials online. “I thought, that’s just freaky.” But, seeing her sister Elle’s success, Blair began her own channel and saw her viewer base grow just as Elle’s had. “Elle helped me with my first one and I was hooked.” Now the two have relocated from Tennessee to Los Angeles and have become more than just a YouTube channel but instead, they’ve become a multiplatform business and brand, ranging from a novel to a line of iPhone cases (in partnership with Cellairis). Elle Fowler, 24 and the older of the two, started making videos in her bedroom in the summer of 2008. Bored in a small town, Elle came across a video that reviewed a foundation that inspired her to make her own videos. Several years later, after a move out to Los Angeles, Elle and Blair became a brand, one that is starting to really take off. When did you realize you needed to expand to a website? Blair: The first time it really hit us was when Seventeen Magazine approached us. They didn’t even know we were sisters. Everything happened very gradually, very organically. Came along, we were in the right time and the right place. Just decided to go with it. Elle: We still have individual channels but originally we were very independent. We let our channels grow independently of each other. It wasn’t until we moved out to LA together until we made Elle and Blair brand. The brand started a reality when we moved out together because prior to that, we were totally in different

Stylist: Jessica Margolis (Magnet Agency)

worlds. I was at college six hours away. How important do you think social media has become now? B: Incredibly important, especially in today’s age. If it weren’t for social media, we wouldn’t be where we are today! Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s incredible. I can’t imagine life without it. E: I think it’s really important with our generation and the generation younger. It’s such a big part of everyone’s life, if you’re not a part of it, it’s almost like you’re so removed. My little sister who’s nine came home from school one afternoon and was on Skype with her friend, not even talking. That’s what they do. They just sit on Skype and Skype play! Tell us about your book and book tour! B: Our novel Beneath the Glitter is very loosely based on our lives. It’s about two sisters who move out to LA. The only similarities are that we are also sisters and we got to make up the rest of it… there’s drama and romance and it was just so fun to develop. E: The book tour first stop is September 4th, which is when the book releases. We are going to six cities across the country and doing signing events. I think it’s going to be so much fun. It’s such a humbling experience for us, because we stay in our bedroom and film and don’t see who’s watching but we get to meet the viewers face to face. Do you have a favorite social media platform you just can’t part from?

No. 81

B: YouTube, definitely. Out of the others, I love Twitter. I tweet way more than I do anything else. There’s also an application called Pose, it’s kind of an outfit of the day application, you can post what you’re wearing and tag the items in the photo. It’s really fun. E: I would have to say YouTube, but I use Twitter the most often. When something crazy happens, even if it’s trivial, Twitter is what comes to my mind. Blair and I do everything, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pose, Pinterest, we’re everywhere, Tumblr. How do you come up with the themes and ideas for your videos? B: A lot of it is based on request, tons and tons are through social media, but also it goes with what we’re working on in that season. It’s back to school season, so that’s a no brainer and it takes us through another month. It just goes organically, it depends on what we think people will want to watch. E: So, we get inspiration from everything. We keep a constant list and it’s our YouTube idea list. I went to museum with a painting and it inspired me so I wrote it down in the book! If ever we don’t know what we want to film one day, we look at the idea book. It helps get into each video. It can get overwhelming but we take it one video at a time and make it as good as we can. How long do they take to make? B: One video takes one day, from start to finish when wake up to when we’re going to sleep. If we’re doing a video where

Makeup: Kindra M (Wall Group)

we’re somewhere we’re not used to, it might take a bit longer.

book reviews, I’m a big reader so I feel the need to tell people what I’ve read.

have lip-gloss but we’re expanding into different products.

E: We film in our bedrooms so we don’t have lighting rigged. We have to do it each time. Then to import, edit takes a while and I film on high-definition and so that itself takes a while to upload. Normally I’ll multitask, blog and tweet and plan the next video.

What are your favorite fashion trends of the moment? B: Texture for the fall, rich deep colors, patterns, layers. I like to layer a bunch of textures on top. I like mixing in velvet and suede and leather and all of that! Some trends I think…tribal and western vibe, not necessarily cowgirl but western accents.

B: We have developed a cell phone accessory line, too. The whole idea was that girls and everyone in general, change their bags to match their outfits but phones are what are always in our hands.

What are your favorite topics to v-blog/ blog about? B: It started off as beauty, but right now I’m more into fashion because fall fashion is my favorite. I’ve also actually started doing cooking videos. A lot of people don’t know I’m obsessed with cooking and it turns out a lot of my viewers are too. E: My two channels are so separate but on my main: beauty videos, because that’s what I started doing. Recently, I’ve been into really into décor and organizational videos. I’m so fired up to do those videos. On my second channel, I like

E: Of the moment, I’m really into layering arm candy, just tons of different bracelets and watches. I would wear two watches at once. For fall, just looking at what’s coming out and what we saw at Fashion Week in February, it’s all really heavy textures, which I love. But this fall I see the actual fabrics are thicker, much richer fabrics. What are your plans for the future? B: We are working on book two already, we are very excited about that. We also have our makeup line, Skylark. We only

No. 82

E: It’s called Solaris by Elle and Blair. We are also working on a holiday palette and nail set, it can be found on B: I also have little goals, like making chicken cordon bleu, and lots of mini goals. I just want to stay true to who I am and keep doing my videos, and be a good mom to my dog. E: I want to backpack through Europe, like legitimately with a backpack. I want to go to museums and just museum bop. I don’t know when I’ll ever have time to do that but it’s on my bucket list. It’s my dream. - MICHELLE CHANG

elle: black satin and floral print dress, STELLA MCCARTNEY, available at SAKS FIFTH AVE in Beverly Hills. onyx and diamond ring, DAVID YURMAN. silver pyramid earrings, GLYNNETH B available at blair: olive green leather jacket with grey knit detail, THAKOON, available at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE in Beverly HIlls. white tank, THEORY. gold stud earrings, GLYNNETH B available at at blair:

HAIR: Alex Polillo (Starworks)

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August/September 2012  

Featuring Kristen Bell on the cover.

August/September 2012  

Featuring Kristen Bell on the cover.