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August 13, 2012


Volume 2, Issue 1

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Leilehua Zontian

President’s Message an important position.

• Zonta has three new members. Read all about them. • Meet our new Officers. • Debbie Hart is new Area Direcror!

Individual Highlights: Scholarship


Mom‟s Baskets 2 Area Seminar


New Board


Area Director


2012 – 2013 Zonta Officers International President:

Lynne McKenzie District Governor:

Lori Montigel Lt. Governor Area Director:

Debbie Hart Leilehua Club President

Estelle Mullen

Aloha fellow Zontians! Let me first say thank you for your support, trust, and encouragement by allowing me to take on the role of President. I am very excited to be a part of the Zonta Club of Leilehua and, more so to have the privilege of holding such

My vision for this club is very bright and daring. I see many opportunities for us to focus on important issues in our community such as, providing support to advance education of women, addressing homelessness and reducing drug addiction among young Hawaii women to name a few. I look forward to getting to know and work with each of you to move this club ahead in a positive manner to the new Zonta year.

I am very fortunate and proud to have an excellent Board of Directors and Officers to work with who are creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated to our mission. Zonta provides many opportunities to make a difference in our community, state and world. Please feel free to bring forth your ideas and suggestions to myself or any of the Board. This is YOUR club, be an active part of it!

We Bid a Fond Farewell to Jenny Tokunaga … No words can do justice in describing the gleaming persona of Jenny Tokunaga. She was a dedicated member of the Zonta Club of Leilehua for 7 years and at age 97 years old, the oldest member in the club. Jenny grew up in Honamu, Big Island and graduated from Maui High School. We will miss her stories elaborating on how it was in old time Hawaii. Jenny was one of three with her club where she often assisted her daugher Lani Varde and

granddaughter, Estelle Mullen with various Zonta projects. Jenny was very generous with her time and money. Jenny will be missed for her vivacious attitude towards life and her positive disposition. Zonta Club of Leilehua would like to extend our condolences to her two daughters. Aloha „oe, a ho‟ i a‟e au!

Jenny Tokunaga 1914 - 2012

The Leilehua Zontian

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Kayla Varde

Zonta Club of Leilehua is proud of our 2012/2013 scholarship receipients. This year two scholarships were awarded. Each candidate completed a scholarship application and wrote an essay answering the question,” Besides your mother, who was the most influential woman in your life?” Our first scholarship was awarded to Chelsea Tyson who is homeschooled. She was a member of the Olelo No`eau Speech and Debate team where she placed 1st in Apologetics. Chelsea was also President of the

Generation Joshua, a Youths Civics Club. And if that‟s not enough, Chelsea is a member of the National Honor Society. Chelsea‟s mentor was Kelli Shiroma who has helped Chesea break into the career of her choice, journalism. Ms. Shiroma, who is an editor-in-chief for a religious newsletter, was a reflection of who Chelsea wants to be like. This fall, Chelsea heads off to college at Houston Baptiste College where she will major in journalism. Our second scholarship recipient is Kayla Varde

who is in her second year of college at the University of Hawaii, West Oahu Campus. Kayla is majoring in Psychology where she hopes to be a school counselor. Kayla moved to Hawaii from Oregon a year ago to attend college. She works fulltime as a waitress at Hooters which shows she has beauty and brains! The woman that Kayla wrote about was her best friend since kindergarten, Chelsea Hopkins because of the adverseness Chelsea overcame and still perseveres. Good Luck Scholars!

Zonta Spreads some Mother Day Cheer Zontian Denise Werle and Kim Rapacz, and friends of Zonta, Margaret Stratka, put together a dozen Mother‟s Day baskets for women of the Leeward Domestic Violence Shelter. The baskets were taken out to the shelter and distributed to all the women in the shelter. All items for the baskets as well as the baskets were donated. The ladies had a fun time sorting out the items and putting them into a nice arrangement. Each basket were nicely

arranged and filled with hygiene items, (soaps, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, mousse) and jewelry (bracelets, earrings, and necklaces); perfume, crèmes, and body spray; as well as small household items such as pot holders, cups, hand towels, and coasters. A little bit of time brought a lot of cheer.

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The Leilehua Zontian

Zonta Leilehua Hosts Area Seminar! The Area 7 meeting on Feb. 25, 2012 was a wonderful event, thanks to months of planning. The weekend started off with a Friday dinner get-together attended by about 20 people, Zontians as well as some family members. The Saturday meeting, held at the Catlin Park Community Center, was attended by about 25 Zontians from nearly all of Hawaii‟s clubs, and included District 9 Governor Laura Peters and Area 7 Director Mele Spencer. All three speakers were great, and each presentation built on the one before. The first speaker, Cathy Betts, was appointed the

Executive Director of the Commission on the Status of Women less than three months prior to the meeting. She talked about several bills being considered by the State Legislature related to women‟s issues. The next speaker, Kimberly Frank, had just started 7 weeks earlier as the Chief Executive Officer for the Honolulu YWCA. With an extensive background in Organizational Development, she spoke about strategic planning, its process, and the risks of not planning. The 6 steps involved in strategic planning are: Review, Analyze, Envision, Develop, Share, and Repeat. Lisa Foster, Principal of the

Star of the Sea, was the third speaker. She previously served as the Rotary District 5000 Governor of Hawaii in 2009-2010 and spoke about living a well-balanced life with PASSION, recounting her visits to Cambodia and an orphanage, and the heartwarming experience of fostering orphans. Co-host Clubs were Leilehua and Maui. Leilehua President Deb Hart did a great job as MC, and Maui‟s Lynne Pelosi and Miriam Kahalekai ably handled the raffle process, from collecting raffle items, disbursing tickets, and doing the drawings. Other activities during the meeting included Gov. Laura showing a District 9 video and inspiring all the

members to submit historic Club items for the upcoming th 100 anniversary celebration of Zonta International in 2019 and Area Director Mele reporting on District 9 events. The Club Presidents all did a wonderful job reporting on the many service projects and events going on in their clubs. “Dimples” Kano of the Kauai Club was recognized for her 40 years as a Zonta member, and a All participants agreed that this was a great meeting, and are looking forward to next year‟s meeting! This 2012 Area 7 meeting was the last as “Area 7” as the area will be renumbered to “Area 1.”

Here’s our Officers for the Biennium 2012 - 2013

Left to Right:, VP: Kim Rapacz, Director:, Treasurer: Denise Werlie, Secretary: Alysia Paaluhi, Director: Ann Russell, Lynn Masumoto President Estelle Mullen (page 1)

President -Estelle Mullen: This is Estelle‟s second goaround as President and hopes to keep the momentum that her predesscor has started with the club. Estelle currently works in IT at Schofield th Barracks for the 500 MI BDE. Being a member of

Zonta for close to ten years, Estelle has held various positions within the club. We wish her the best. Vice President -COL Kim Rapacz: What a dynamite! Kim is a Colonel in the us Army and comes with a passion

for community service and enthusiasm to boot. Kim is married and a mother of six! Kim recently graduate with a masters which is her third! Kim is transfer from the Zonta Club of Hilo and wanted to continue her involvement with Zonta. We are so lucky to have such a vivacious and enthusiastic woman!

Treasurer - Denise Werle This will be Denise‟s second term as treasurer and what a great job she has done. Not only does Denise work three jobs, she also is president of her Lions Club! Denise is the proud mamma of three show dogs and is married to a wonderful husband, . Secretary – Alysia Pa’aluhi Alysia is recently married to her husband, . (continued on page 6)

The Leilehua Zontian

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Zonta’s Annual Tea Annually, the Zonta Club of Leilehua hosts a formal tea party and auction. The event captures the authentic feel of old English Tea events while infusing a taste of Aloha. For the past two years Hawaii‟s title holders including past Miss Hawaii, Mrs. Hawaii, Miss Teen Hawaii and more have graciously

participated in the event as servers. In addition, the program includes special guest speakers who address issues and topics of interest to women and a “FUN” silent to live auction with an array of items that appeal to all levels of shoppers. This event raises hundreds of dollars with proceeds donated to the

Leeward Domestic Violence Shelter, operated by Child and Family Service and the Zonta Club of Leilehua‟s scholarships fund. Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors continuing their education into college or vocational schools or current women enrolled in higher learning institutes.

Traditionally, the Tea event occurs in February. Check back to this website for the announcement of the date for the next event. Please plan to join the Zonta Club of Leilehua at the 2013 Tea.

Zonta Goes to School … Our service project for July was getting school supplies for school aged children of the Leeward Women‟s shelter. The shelter can use all supplies from back packs, paper, rulers, glue, colored pens and pencils, markers, erasers, folders and even back to school

clothes. The club provided over 5 boxes of supplies to help support the children of the shelter. Currently there are 15 children at the shelter; this will be an on-going project to support the children and their school requirement needs. This is the 5th annual school

Debbie Hart is Area One's Director We are so proud of our very own Debbie Ellison, who is has been selected to be Area 1's new Area Director. She is only the second female in the 50 plus year history of this club to take this office. Debbie has held many positions within the Zonta Club of Leilehua. We thank Debbie for her tiredless efforts in putting Zonta Club of Leilehua on the map!

President Debbie Ellison vows to create a working relationship with the other Zonta Clubs in Hawaii so that Zonta Hawaii can be one force when focusing on the our mission of raising the status of women worldwide. Congratulations and Goodluck, Debbie!

supply drive from the Club and the first that supported the shelter. “The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all. “ --Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.”

The Leilehua Zontian

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We’re on the web ! Although much of the site is still under construction, has much to offer. Here you will find the most up dated calendar of events, membership roster, newsletters and much more. If you have any suggestions to improve the web site please do not hesitate to suggest it.

At this time we would like you to refer people to the web site because there is even a place to join. We hope to start our very own shopping website to be used as a fundraiser for us. We are looking for items to sell and any ideas you may have. Once our website is up, we will continue with twitter, facebook,

Linkedin, and other social media sites. Other future goals for the site is to have the ability to keep historical information, bookkeeping, databases. And other technical information here. Wow, have we entered the 21st century or what?

Installation of New Members Our Installation Ceremony was a big special occasion. Both officers and new members were installed during this event. The ceremony was held at Verbano‟s Itallian Restraunt, who provided excellent cuisine, wonderful accommodations, and excellent service.

Outgoing president , Debbie Hart, opened the ceremony with a speech acknowledging members for their efforts, dedication, and support during her term. Kim Rapacz introduced our guest speaker, Ms. Debra Zedalis who is the Region Director for the Department of the Army.

Ms. Zedalis spoke on leadership and what she said was necessary to be a leader: Being a good listener, get to know people, and honesty. She also was able to give us the military status within the PACOM region. Our new members were installed by our NEW Area Director, Debbie Ellison.

Garden for the Leeward Shelter Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does my garden grow? Well, the garden at the Leeward shelter has been growing since October 2011. The shelter had asked for assistance in establishing a garden on their grounds, and members of our club as well as the Lion‟s Club, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts helped make the garden come to life. The ground was very hard and the first

task at hand was using a pick to dig up the hard soil, before we could put in the top soil and nutrients. Everyone had a chance to take a few swings. There were residents helping along side of us moving and shoveling dirt. The residents were very excited and one 7 year old resident was happy to be involved in aspects of the project. The area of the garden is 4 foot

by 10 foot and is located in the back of the shelter in an open area on the grounds. The space provided the opportunity to plant plants, eggplant, cucumber, and herbs which consisted of basil, and parsley just to name a few. The girl scouts had brought vines of sweet peas they grew from seeds ready to transplant to the garden

We would like to welcome Alysia Pa‟aluhi, Gaylynne Pa‟aluhi, and Clara Priester and thank you for choosing to be Zonta members. Welcome aboard new members! Get ready to rumble ….. I

“Women are like stars, there are millions of them out there, but only one can make your dreams come true. --Author Unknown -

. The garden watering and weeding became one of the chores of the shelter residents thus keeping the garden growing. Some of the residents routinely used the herbs and other vegetables in their cooking. It was great fun. Guten Appetite. The Zonta helpers and attendees were Denise Werle and Kim Rapacz.

Continued: Board Zonta Club of Leilehua PO BOX 892707 Mililani, Hi 96789 PHONE: (808) 542-0366 FAX: (708) 555-0102 E-MAIL:

Nick and is a recent college graduate in Nursing Planning for a wedding and finals was a bit of a challenge. Alysia is a new member who willingly volunteered for the position of Secretary all while starting a new job as a registered nurse for Queen‟s Hospital. For stepping up, we thank her. Director - Lynn Masumoto: This will be the third year as treasurer for Ms. Masumoto and we thank her for doing an outstanding job. She is currently employed by the state over seeing many of the Libraries Oahu. Ms. Masumoto earned her

Master‟s Degree in Library Science from the University of Hawaii. She is a devoted Aunt and enjoys taking her nieces to the movies.

AARP and . Thank you Ann for your dedication and support throughout the years.

Director – Ann Russell Ann has been with the Zonta Club of Leilehua for twelve years. She should get an award for having the best attendance as well! Hardly ever missing a meeting and doing this without owning a car or driving! Ann is a retired LT COL from the US Army where she was a nurse practionor. She has traveled the world with the Army and settled on Hawaii after retirement. Ann is also very active in

About Zonta Club of Leilehua… We‟re on the Web! See us at:

Board of Officers: President, Estelle Mullen VP. Kim Rapacz Treas.: Denise Werle Secretary: Alysia Paaluhi Directors: Lynn Masumoto, Ann Russell

Committees: 

Membership Recruitment and Retention Service and Advocacy

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