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events management   web  development   exhibi3on  stands   film  produc3on   corporate  gi8s   adver3sing   marke3ng   interior   print  


Great results  starts     with  simple  ideas.  

Who we  are?  

Experience the  difference  that  only  an  integrated  media,   marke3ng  and  design  group  can  deliver.       Get  a  winning  edge  by  surrounding  yourself  with  the  interna3onal   experience  and  local  knowledge  needed  to  take  your  brand  to   new  heights  and  make  your  business  soar.       Pla3num  Touch  Design  is  uniquely  posi3oned  to  deliver  large-­‐ scale,  mul3-­‐discipline  projects  by  leveraging  the  unmatched   talent,  in-­‐depth  exper3se  and  complementary  offerings  of  our   Group  companies  and  numerous  strategic  partners,  which   collec3vely  cover  the  en3re  spectrum  of  media,  marke3ng  and   design.  

From strategy  and  planning  to  implementa3on  and  produc3on,   our  team  of  industry  experts  and  crea3ve  specialists  brings  a   collabora3ve  approach  and  an  eye  for  detail  that  crystallize  into   bold  ideas  and  innova3ve  approaches  to  drive  your  organiza3on’s   success.         We  thrive  on  new  challenges  and  strive  for  excellence  in   everything  that  we  do,  so  get  in  touch  today  to  explore  why   Pla3num  Touch  is  the  right  partner  for  your  organiza3on.     Based  in  Dubai  and  serving  the  MENA  region,  we  have  been   building  brands,  suppor3ng  growth  and  delivering  excep3onal   value  to  a  wide  range  of  high-­‐profile  public  and  private  sector   clients  across  the  UAE  and  beyond  since  2007.    

Why work  with  us?  

Mission To  apply  our  knowledge,  exper3se  and  crea3vity  in  delivering   sound  strategic  advice  and  valued  crea3ve  solu3ons  that  provide   immediate  and  las3ng  benefits  to  our  clients.       Vision   To  become  the  region’s  leading  one-­‐stop-­‐shop  for  consistently   high  quality,  integrated  media,  marke3ng,  design,  event   management  and  film  produc3on  services.     Our  Strengths     One-­‐stop-­‐shop  model   Excep$onal  quality  &  unsurpassed  value   Professional  team,  experience,  crea3vity  &  technical  ability   In-­‐house  produc$on  at  dedicated  full-­‐service  workshops   Successful  track  record  of  high-­‐profile  projects  &  events     Local  knowledge  &  interna3onal  experience  

  Pla3num  Touch  is  an  integrated  media,  marke3ng  and  design   company  with  a  difference.  Quite  simply,  we’ve  brought   everything  you  need  –  from  strategic  consul3ng  and  crea3ve   design  to  full-­‐service  produc3on  and  prin3ng  –  under  one  roof.         We  have  seamlessly  combined  this  comprehensive  marke3ng,   media  and  design  offering  with  a  quality  and  service-­‐focused   team  that  has  the  experience,  exper3se  and  ability  to  deliver   crea3ve  and  effec3ve  solu3ons  on  all  types  and  sizes  of  projects.       What  that  means  for  you  is  that  you  only  have  to  explain  your   needs  once  and  we’ll  take  care  of  the  rest.    

Our Services  

Event management  –    

strategic event  planning  and  sound  logis3cal  execu3on  so  your   conferences,  exhibi3ons  and  events  delight  and  inspire.  

Web development  &  online  campaigns  –    

the power  of  the  web  at  your  finger3ps  with   professional  websites  &  high  impact  online  campaigns  

Exhibi$on stand  design  &  produc$on  –    

Make sure  your  stand  is  designed  and  built  to  aZract   your  customers  and  maximize  your  return  on  investment  

Interior –  Create  spectacular  and  func3onal  

residen3al and  commercial  spaces  to  suit  your   individual  needs,  taste  and  budget  

Film produc$on  –  Tell  your  organiza3on’s  story  through  a  corporate   video  or  leverage  this  powerful  media  for  effec3ve  promo3ons  or   external  and  internal  corporate  communica3ons  

Corporate giJs  –  solidify  your  client  and  

partner rela3onships  with  a  wide  range  of   high-­‐quality,  off-­‐the-­‐shelf  or  branded,   made-­‐to-­‐order  corporate  gi8s  

Our Services  

Adver$sing –  Take  your  brand,  product   or  service  to  the  masses  with  a  crea3ve   and  memorable  adver3sing  campaign   spanning  print,  digital  and  mul3media  

Print –  Develop  strong  and  clear  brochures,   posters  and  other  corporate  collateral  and   sta3onary  to  support  your  organiza3on’s   development  

Marke$ng –  Know  your  target  audience  inside  out  so  you  can  engage  with   them,  sell  to  them  and  maintain  their  trust  through  thick  and  thin  

Some of  our  clients  

Some of  our     recent  projects   Events  &  Exhibi3ons  

CNIA @  ISNR  Abu  Dhabi  2012  –    

225 sqm  stand,  closed  mee3ng  room,   lighthouse  design,  vehicle  displays  and   catering  area.  

AIS @  ISNR  Abu  Dhabi  2012  –    

450 sqm  stand,  double  decker  with  7   meters  height,  mee3ng  rooms,  offices,   secret  private  demo  room,  catering  and   sphere  projec3on.  

ADFCA Al  Ain  Agriculture  Exhibi$on   2012  –  155  stands,  main  stage  old  castle  

design, workshop  area,  media  center  and   outdoor  machinery  display  area.  Event   organizing  &  management.  

CNIA Award  ceremony  @  officers  club  Abu  Dhabi  –    

Some of  our     recent  projects   Events  &  Exhibi3ons  

Main stage,  sound,  light,  fireworks  &  laser  show,  event   management  &  branding.  

UAE Presiden$al  Guard  rep.  office  –    

Full constructed  villa  design  caravan  in  al   falah  military  camp  in  sharjah  with  all   exterior  &  interior  work,  parking  for  8  cars   and  furniture.  

UAE Presiden$al  Guard  @  Tawhdeef  Abu  dhabi  2012   –  270  sqm  stand,  VIP  majlis,  catering  and  storage  areas,   mee3ng  area,  event  management.  

Some of  our  recent  projects   Web  development  

ICTDE 2011  conference  KSA  –    

Web concept  design,  Dynamic  CMS,   registra3on  &  papers  submission  modules,   contacts  forms  and  online  payment   processing.  

Digital marke$ng  and  social  media  –    

Both projects  included  digital  marke3ng  campaign  and   social  media  ads,  generated  thousands  of  views  and   subscrip3ons,  facebook  apps  and  mobile  apps  .  

UAE Presiden$al  Guard  official  website  &  enrollment   portal  –  Web  design  &  development,  Dynamic  CMS,   registra3on  module  and  event  registra3on  mechanism.  

Contact us  

Al Qouz  industrial  area  1   st.  no.  5B,  warehouse  16   P.O.  Box  333980,  Dubai  -­‐  UAE   T:  +971  4  3465608   F:  +971  4  3465609  


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Platinum Touch Design is uniquely positioned to deliver large-scale, multi-discipline projects by leveraging the unmatched talent, in-depth...

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