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WHERE WE’VE COME FROM AND WHERE WE’RE GOING Zone3 is currently the number one triathlon brand in the UK and one of the fastest growing in Europe. The brand was formed by James Lock after he graduated from Loughborough University in 2007. James was a sports scholar at Loughborough and went on to race triathlon at elite level for over 5 years whilst also building Zone3. With such such an an in-depth in-depth understanding understanding of of the the sport, sport, James James felt felt there there was was an an With opportunity to to make make market-leading market-leading performance performance products products whilst whilst also also ensuring ensuring opportunity accessable fair prices. prices. The original original wetsuits wetsuits and and tri tri suits suits were were researched researched and and developed developed with with the the help help of of The Loughborough’s athletes athletes and and Sports Sports Technology Technology Department. Department. However, However, this this has has Loughborough’s been backed backed up up with with ’thousands’ thousands ofofdemo been demosessions sessionswith with‘real ‘reallife’ life’athletes athletesand and feedback from dealers, to perfect the products even further. feedback from dealers, to perfect the products even further. Sales have grown rapidly over the years and we are proud to have achieved a Sales have grown rapidly over the years and we are proud to have achieved a number of industry awards and some of the highest rated reviews on the market. number of industry awards and some of the highest rated reviews on the market. We have firmly established ourselves as the one of the leading triathlon brands We have firmly asthis the further one of over the leading triathlon brands in the world andestablished are lookingourselves to build on the coming years. Our in the world and are looking to build on this further over the coming years. Our approach is simple; to build the best dealer network possible and continue to approach simple;level to build the best dealer network possible and continue to ensure theishighest of support and customer service. ensure the highest level of support and customer service. We have made some ground-breaking advancements over the last few years and We made some ground-breaking the last havehave continued this innovative thinking advancements for 2015 whilst over ensuring we few keepyears the fitand and have continued this innovative thinking for 2014 whilst ensuring we keep the fit and features which we’re known for. All of our products use the latest fabric technologies features which we’re known for.they All of our products use thebe. latest fabric technologies and innovations to ensure that are the best they can and innovations to ensure that they are the best they can be. We are looking to work as closely as possible with our dealers in 2015 and will increase our advertising and marketing to maximize sales potential. We are looking to work as closely as possible with our dealers in 2014 and will increase our advertising and marketing to maximize sales potential. We are expecting another surge in growth and hope that you can become part of the Zone3 story. another surge in growth and hope that you can become part of We are expecting the Zone3 story.




“Probably one of the best wetsuits we’ve ever tested” Triathlon Plus Magazine

“Zone3 is going from strength to strength each year, with the British brand producing a plethora of world-class race wear.” 220 Triathlon

WHY ZONE3?       

British brand founded at Loughborough University in 2007 Range developed in conjunction with Elite and Age Group Triathletes Some of the highest rated wetsuits and tri suits on the market Affordable pricing and unbeatable quality Fantastic hands-on dealer support Exceptionally high standards in customer service Innovative marketing campaigns

WHAT DO OUR CUSTOMERS THINK? “Swimming in it for the first time today was like being inside an underwater Lamborghini on Nitrous Oxide!” “Once you’ve bought this product you won’t look at any other brands ever again” “As for swimming this suit is quick. Makes me at least 6 seconds faster over 100m and feels great. If you have any doubts then just buy one”


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BRAND AWARENESS Events Zone3 proactively visit as many tri clubs and open water venues as possible to arrange demo sessions which allow customers to swim in the wetsuits before purchase. These are held in partnership with our dealers and have proved to be extremely successful. Zone3 also attend events and trade shows to further increase the brand awareness. It is always a fantastic experience to speak to current customers and gain any feedback whilst also engaging with new customers about which products would be best for them.

Social Media Presently it is incredibly important to constantly interact with your customer base through social media and this is a high priority for Zone3. As a young and energetic company we ensure we have a strong understanding of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Flicker and You Tube and use this in the best way possible to communicate and send information to the industry.

Sponsored Athletes We not only sponsor Olympians, Ironman Champions and high profile teams but also a very wide range of amateur athletes, junior and development athletes and para-athletes. Rather than just giving out lots of free products we try to really build a relationship with our athletes so they give us as much back as they get. We’re proud to have not only very talented and successful athletes but also very friendly and vocal athletes who always help spread the word.

Advertising and PR Not only do we advertise with the key triathlon magazines around the world but we also gain a lot of interest from other mass market media through our PR efforts. We do everything we can to increase the brand awareness whilst also ensuring that we drive traffic to our dealer network.


WETSUITS Zone3 wetsuits have always been designed with the athlete in mind - supremely comfortable, high performance and subtle styling. Our innovative and unique features include:

Pro Speed cuffs™ All Zone3 suits feature the Pro Speed™ arm and leg cuffs which use a specially formulated silicone coating to make the wetsuit come off extremely quickly. Perfect to increase transition speed or for novices.

Spring Loaded design All Zone3 suits offer a Spring Loaded shoulder design to generate a more rhythmic swim stroke, enabling faster and more energy efficient swimming.

Aqua dynamic coatings The Zone3 suits are coated with an aqua dynamic covering which significantly minimize any drag through the water as well improve the durability .

Measured Buoyancy All Zone3 suits feature balanced neoprene thickness to give you maximum buoyancy and core support without disturbing your stroke.

Comfort Fit The wetsuits are not only designed for performance but also comfort and this is ensured by using some of the world’s highest quality inner linings and features such as our T-shirt neck collar design.

tyler butterfield abu dhabi champion 2014 7th in kona 2013 double olympian


The Advance wetsuit was is one one of of thethe bigbig success success stories stories of of 2013. 2014. In In 220 220 magazine magazine it scored it scored thethe BEST BUY award and a ranking of 92% against 14 other brands tested. It’s become known for it’s fantastic performance and quality and at an extremely competitive price point. The suit features: • mixture A mixture of SpeedoFlo of SpeedoFlo & Smoothskin & Smoothskin fabrics fabrics for speed for speed and and durability durability Shoulder and Arm panels • 2mm Shoulder and Arm panels for for • 4mm A 4mm buoyancy buoyancy control control system system on the on front the front hip and hip and leg panels leg panels • Pro-speed cuffscuffs on the on legs the legs • combination A combination of linings of linings for for and and comfort. comfort. • Quality YKKYKK downwards downwards zipper zipper

“Performance well above expectations at this price point”

“It wouldn’t feel out of place against many of the midrange products at twice the price” 220 Triathlon Magazine Notes

The Vision had an incredible launch in 2012 which saw the range sell out very early in the season. The magazine reviews were fantastic and the athletes praised the high level of performance and comfort at such a price point. The 2015 suit is again made from fully rubberized neoprene with Speed Flo coating to improve speed and durability. The stand out feature for 2015 is the one-piece shoulder panel design stretching from elbow to elbow. The reduction in the seams makes for an even more suit when combined with the 1.5 mm neoprene and super stretchy inner lining. The suit continues to feature 5mm buoyancy core support panels, Pro Speed cuffs and eye-catching colours and styling.

“Technically the best wetsuit on test and great value too” Outdoor Fitness Magazine

“A fantastic suit and probably the best out there at around the £200 mark” Tri Radar Notes


The Aspire wetsuit has become one of the best selling wetsuits thanks to it’s pedigree of fantastic reviews and industry awards. These included a 10 out of 10 score in both Triathlete Europe and 220 magazine. The performance and comfort this suit can offer has made sure that it remains as one of the most desirable suits in the industry. In 2013, again the Aspire wetsuit achieved the highest wetsuit rating in 220 magazine with a score of 95%, higher than any other brand. For 2015 we have stuck with the same basic principles which made this wetsuit such a success, opting only to add a small graphic around the side panel to celebrate the praise it has recieved. This suit features: • Full Yamamoto #39 fabrics • Premium inner linings for comfort and • Balanced buoyancy ensuring one of the most natural feeling swims • 3D Forearm catch panels • Pro Speed Cuffs




We are incredibly excited about the 2015 Vanquish. The re-design for 2014 lead to it becoming one of the best selling ‘high end’ wetsuits on the market, something we hope to continue through 2015. Traditionally it has been the choice of the more advanced and experienced athletes, but more recently also the athlete who just wants to race in one of the very best wetsuits out there. The new features make the Vanquish one of the most flexible and buoyant suits on the market. Features include: • • • • • • •

A 40-cell one piece shoulder panel stretching from wrist to wrist helping to ensure maximum comfort and energy ef ciency Balanced with 5mm moulded buoyancy roll-bar on the chest for improved body position in the water and warmth Maximum core and upper leg buoyancy utilising a combination of NBR and Aerodome fabrics Sensory ‘Cool Spot’ catch panels on the forearms for an improved catch and more natural feeling swim Pro Speed Cuffs Upwards break-away zip Molded T-shirt neck design

“There is no better suit for those wanting exceptional performance and extra buoyancy” Triathlon Plus Magazine

“Probably one of the best wetsuits we’ve ever tested” Triathlon Plus Magazine Notes




The The Vitruvian Vitruvian is is the is the the long long distance distance specific specific suit suit in in in the the Zone3 Zone3 range range which which takes takes over from from thethe 2013 2013 The Victory D long distance specific suit the Zone3 range. Designed forover maximum flexibility throughout the suit and balanced core buoyancy, theand suit is perfect forbuoyancy, the Ironman or Victory. Victory. Designed Designed forfor maximum maximum flexibility flexibility throughout throughout thethe suit suit and balanced balanced core core buoyancy, thethe long distance swimmer. It also ensures that the suit is warm enough for the distance events, suit, suit, is perfect is perfect forfor thethe Ironman Ironman or or long long distance distance swimmer. swimmer. It also It also ensures ensures that that thethe suit suit is warm is warm something which a lot of other brands don’t consider. hope this suit willconsider. set the benchmark enough enough forfor the the distance distance events, events, something something which which a lot a lot ofWe of other other brands brands don’t don’t consider. WeWe hope hope for performance 2015. thislong suitdistance will set the benchmarkinfor long distance performance in 2013/2014 Thesuit suituses usesaacarefully carefullyconstructed constructedpanel paneland andmaterial materialdesign designand andcombines combinesthis thiswith withstylish stylish The colours and graphics. colours and graphics. FFeatures Featuresinclude: include: •••AAAcombination combinationofof#45, #45,#40, #40,#39, #39,NBR NBRand andAerodome Aerodomefabric fabricfor formaximum maximum buoyancyand anddurability durability buoyancy Central chest panel forwarmth, warmth,core corebuoyancy buoyancyand androll-bar roll-bareffect. effect. Central chest panel for ••• ••• Premium Premiuminner innerlinings liningsfor forcomfort comfortand andperformance. performance.Titanium Titaniumcoatings coatingstotoimprove improvewarmth warmth and andblood blood and MetallicGold GoldPro ProSpeed SpeedCuffs Cuffs ••• Metallic Upwardsbreakaway breakawayzipper zipper ••• Upwards Vitruvian D branded brandedSwim Swim Cap, Cap, Race Race belt belt and and Transition Transition bag bag included included ••• Victory Invitationtotoan anopen openwater watertraining trainingand andcoaching coachingday day ••• Invitation Men’s: Men’s:S,S,SM, SM,M, M,MT, MT,ML, ML, XL , L,L,XL Women’s:XS, XS,S,S,ST, ST,M, M,L L WWomen’s:


SPECIALIST SUITS The Align is a new wetsuit for 2015 and has been designed based on feedback from a minority of swimmers wanting a neutral wetsuit which is designed with minimal buoyancy and no additonal performance features such as catch panels. The panel design is based on our award winning Aspire wetsuit but with a one piece chest panel made from Yamamoto #40 SCS Nano for maximum flexibility. The suit has a reduced thickness on the body, side and lower leg panels as can be seen in the drawing below.

Mens: S, SM, M, MT, ML, L, XL

1.5mm Yamamoto 40 Cell SCS Nano

Based on our award winning Vision wetsuit, this sleeveless version is suited towards swimming in warmer water conditions. The Vision Sleeveless packs in all the great features you would find in the Vision, but also gives you increased freedom around the shoulders and arms. Men’s: S, ST, SM, M, MT, ML, L, XL Women’s: XS, S, ST, M, L

The 2015 Zone3 swim skin has been developed due to a number of requests from Ironman athletes who are looking for that extra core support and reduced drag during non-wetsuit swims. Made from X2R, a revolutionary woven fabric made in France. It is one of the lightest and most compressive fabrics available and is extremely hydrophobic with only a 5% water absorbtion rate. To maximise drag reduction seams have been kept to a minimum and are fully seal bonded. Men’s & Women’s: XS, S, M, L, XL

KIDS SUITS The Children’s wetsuit has been designed based on the increased demand for a quality, performance wetsuit but in the smaller sizes. The suit is a mixture of 2mm, 3mm and 4mm neoprene thicknesses, with a panel design based on our Advance model. Zone3 has been known as the ‘hip’ brand by the youth and junior athletes for the last few years, so we hope that this new suit will further cement that and ensure they continue to stick with Zone3 as they grow up. Size: S (8-10), M (10-12), L (12-14)

The children's Adventure range of tri-apparel is designed for those younger triathletes looking to get started at an early age. This range will hopefully help to encourage participation in multisport events and give the new entrants to the market a high quality product but at an affordable price. Based on the popular Activate range, the Adventure is made using a Lycra sport fabric to ensure breathability, comfort and performance. Features include a children’s specific Tri pad, easy-to-use front zipper, silicone UFO leg grippers and flat locked stitching to ensure maximum comfort. Sizes; S (8-10), M (10-12) and L (12-14).


Buoyancy Shorts

Warmth Vest

Zone3 were the original inventors of this training aid back in 2007. Designed to give a more natural feling of buoyancy during training and significantly improve swim technique and times.

This vest is designed to be either worn underneath a wetsuit during cold water conditions or can be worn instead of a wetsuit in warmer water.

They are made from top quality Smothskin neoprene and are stitched and bonded the same way as a Triathlon Wetsuit. Designed using 3mm neoprene down the centre and 5mm neoprene down the sides. The shorts offer full body buoyancy and help to promote hip rotation through the stroke.

The vest s made from 2mm thick neoprene and is designed for comfort and flexibility against the skin. It features a high neck for comfort and additional warmth as well as a band of silicone coated Lycra around the waist to help keep the vest in place.

Open Water Specific Socks An essential product to keep the feet warm whilst swimming in cold water. We found all of the other socks we tested weren’t long or tight enough so soon started to slip off the feet whilst swimming. The Zone3 socks are therefore designed to be tight fitting to ensure minimal water entry and help maintain a strong leg-kick. They are also long enough to be tucked into a wetsuit and have a velcro strap to ensure they stay in place. The undersole is made from a durable and gripping fabric to help with protection and control when walking to or from the water; whether by the sea, lake or river.

Open Water Specific Gloves The primary function of the Zone3 open water swimming gloves is to keep your hands insulated from the cold. They are again designed to be long enough to fit underneath a wetsuit and also feature a Velcro strap to hold them in place. There is no webbing between the fingers to improve the feel in the water and there is also a silicone print on the palm for grip.

Open Water Skull Cap The ultimate thermal protection for open water swimming. The Zone3 Neoprene Skull Cap provides warmth whilst maintaining good hydrodynamics through the water. It has a Velcro strap which joins under the chin so the optimum fit can be ensured.

TRI SUITS The Zone3 Tri suits have had just as much research and development as the wetsuits, if not more. The fabrics have been sourced from all over the world and tried and tested not only in the lab but also on real life athletes. It’s not been easy to ensure that the garments offer not only really high performance but also comfort during the swim, bike and run but we think we have done this. Our innovative features include:

Fabrics: All Zone3 suits use highly technical fabrics designed to be fast through the water and air, breathable and quick-drying for comfort and also durable and protective.

P ads: All suits use Italian designed pads to minimising water absorption and providing protection during the cycling phase, without impeding your swim or run. Also, fine-line stitching is used to ensure comfort.

Air Seam: Air Seams which run along the spine of the back actively allow air to

in and out

thus helping to keep the athlete cool and minimizing moisture build up.

P ockets: Pockets have been carefully positioned on to some suits to store nutritional products or other race accessories whilst not creating excessive drag.

Total Zip protection: Zone3 suit have a lot of care and attention put into each suit and this includes the inner protection system which ensures no rubbing on the sharp edges along the zip.

Elastic Technology and piping: Used to give a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck lines.

Silicone leg grippers: Positioned on the inside knee of each suit to prevent any movement of the shorts whilst also helping to prevent irritation. Unique design to offer just the right pressure.

Flat locked stitching: All Zone3 suits use Flat lock over stitching designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin.



is a fast and comfortable fabric with unique hologram speed-arrows adding a stylish coating applied - designed to give low levels of drag thanks to look. The fabric has a its water repellency. also promotes longevity thanks to its high piling and chlorine resistance. High quality Xtra-Life Lycra® ensures great shape retention and comfort throughout the race.

Men’s Aquaflo Tri suit Rated the 2012 ‘Best Buy’ tri suit by 220 magazine, this suit offers superb performance, durability and comfort and all at a great value price tag. Features include: • Hologram coated fabric • Top Italian Tri specific pad • Unique ‘Air-Seam’ back for breathability • Total zip protection for comfort • Nutrition storage Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Notes

Men’s Aquaflo Back-Zip Tri suit This suit was made due to the large number of customers who already had the Men’s suit but also wanted another colour. The suit offers the same great fit and fabrics but this time with zip on the back for even more streamlined racing. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Notes

Women’s Aquaflo Tri Suit Designed specifically for ladies the suit benefits from the same features as the men’s suit but with a carefully cut shape to accommodate for a range of sizes. The suits also feature an inner support with separate front zip to give both ventilation and support. This suit is used by both elite teams and first timers. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Notes

Men’s Tri Top and Shorts Probably some of the best Tri shorts available on the market. Contoured panel design for perfect fit, Houdini pad, subtle leg grippers, drawstring cords and rear zipped pocket. The Tri Top offers front zip, mesh panels for ventilation and pockets for nutritional storage. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Notes

Women’s Tri Top and Shorts

Women’s specific shorts tried and tested by over 50 triathletes. Feature low pressure elastic waist and leg bands for comfort, fabric placement design for compression and cooling and rear pocket. The top includes inner bra for comfort and support, zipped front for ventilation and dual back pockets. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL



LAVA LONG DISTANCE RANGE Lava Top and Shorts These garments have been made specifically for longer distances races such as Ironman. The Shorts feature the softest and most comfortable fabric possible, graduated compression, coating, long distance pad and 360 waist band. The top is made from an ultra lightweight and breathable Italian fabric with deep pockets, white back and sublimation printing for a more colourful look. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Notes

Lava Trisuit After the Lava Top & Shorts recieved the Editors Choice award and 92% rating back in 2013, Zone3 have had a lot of requests from customers to also develop the full suit. The suit uses all of the same features which make the Lava collection so highly rated. It is made from an ultra lightweight and breathable Italian fabric which is one of the softest and most comfortable fabrics available on the market. The suit also features graduated compression, a Teflon coating and long distance specific Italian tri pad. The suit offers overall comfort whilst combining it with perfomance during all three disciplines. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Notes

The Lava range uses an ‘Iron Performance’ pad designed by Cytech, one of the World’s leading pad manufacturers in Italy. The innovative perforated pad lamination delivers supreme breathability and quick drying capabilities. The high density foam gives more padding and protection when cycling and the central channelling in the perinea area is designed to offset pressure points. The high level of elasticity in the pad also maximises freedom of movement when swimming and running. Described by 220 magazine as being "remarkably good on the saddle".

ACTIVATE The Activate range has been created by Zone3 to help encourage participation in multi-sport and give the new entrants to the market a high quality product at an affordable price. The range features a compressive lycra sport fabric to ensure coverage, longevity and performance. This is combined with a mesh-skin fabric on the back from improved breathability. The other key features include: • • • • • •

Tri lite foam pad suitable for Sprint and Olympic distance racing UFO Silicone Leg Grippers Pockets on the back for nutrition storage High quality and easy to use front zip Flat-lock stitching and elasticated arm and neck binding for comfort Built-in chest support in women’s garments





AEROFORCE Aeroforce Sub 220 Tri suit Aeroforce fabric in an ITU legal design. Lightweight design with upwards rear zipper for added ventilation. Extremely light, breathable, quick drying & superior Nano-Flo – Top end Nano-Technology giving extreme drag resistance both in & out of the water. Dunk this suit into the water & it will come out almost completely dry! Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Notes

Aeroforce Nano Tri suit Aeroforce – The fabric used by 90% of Pro Triathletes. Zone3’s award winning tri suit has been crafted offering optimal performance on the swim, bike and run. Made using a combination of Aeroforce, Nano Technology and PU power, we really don’t think there is anything better on the market. Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Notes

Aeroforce Women’s Tri suit Quick drying Aeroforce material in a stunning female specific open backed design offering and ventilation. the ultimate in Designed with intermediate to advanced female triathletes in mind. Sizes: XS, S, M, L Notes

Open Water Goggles It’s taken two years of testing to find the perfect googles to compliment the Zone3 range. There are three options in the range, one with Revo Mirror lenses for open water swimming in bright and sunny conditions, one with light grey lenses for cloudy or dark conditions and a mask for extra comfort and vision in the water. All sets are super comfortable against the face, have a great seal and most importantly look the part!

Swim Jammers Swimming jammers designed for training or racing, made from a highly chloring resistant fabric. Black with grey flat lock sticking to give great coverage and durability.

Bright Training Shorts Originally designed swim shorts. Designed to be used in training or on the beach - Eye-catching, durable and fashionable.

Drag Shorts These uniquely designed drag shorts are to be worn over normal swimwear and provide drag to build strengh, giving you a significant boost when taken off!

Hand Paddles Not too big, not too small, the Zone3 hand paddles are great for building upper body strength and can be used in conjunction with leg bands and buoyancy shorts.

Transition Backpack The Zone3 Transition Backpack is designed especially for triathletes and swimmers. Perfect for storing and transporting all of the essential components needed for race day. The bag includes front, side, internal, top and bottom pockets to help keep all elements separate and well organized. The bag also utilises separate wet and dry storage compartments to keep wetsuits or swim kit separate and a strong PVC base for long term durability. All in all, it is designed to be practical, easy to carry and perfect for any swimmer or triathlete.

Mesh Bags One size A very convenient invention for all swimmers... These mesh bags will store all your training equipment and then dry all the excess water off without you having to put your equipment against the radiator. the bags have a large strap for shoulder carry, short strap for hanging on pegs etc. and a draw-string cord for easy access.

Swim Towel

Silicone Swim Cap

Soft and durable wover jaquard towel. Made from 100% Turkish cotton. Sized 70cm x 140cm

Useful silicone swim cap for pool or open water training. Available in silver, red, black and hi-vis orange.



Race Belt

Elastic Laces

We got fed up of seeing race belts that looked like old knicker elastic! The Zone3 belt is a well made and sturdy design using elastic clips to secure your number and can accommodate 3 x gels!

Top of the range heavy-duty elastic cord laces perfect for speedy transitions! You simply replace your laces with these elastic cords, use the dual cord-stopper to adjust the tension, and tie off the ends in a knot, so they don’t accidentally slip through the cordstopper. A triathlon essential.

Triathlon Specific Sunglasses One size We are pleased to announce a brand new range of stylish and practical sunglasses for 2015. The Carbon VS1 and Ultra Speed sunglasses feature a robust and lightweight TR90 composite wrap-around frame to ensure comfort and protection, along with Revo LMS lenses to protect you from harmful UV rays. Each set also comes with a spare set of lenses for use in alternate light conditions. Notes

Zone3 Visor & Baseball Cap These race day visors are perfect for summer races or training when you need protection from the sun but also need to allow the maximum amount of heat to escape from your head. They are made from light weight polyester mesh material with a soft breathable inner lining speci cally. They look very sporty and a necessity for the ‘Triathlon look’. Each visor has an adjustable Velcro back strap, so one size fits all.

Neoprene Toe Cap Covers

Top Tube Cycling Bento Box

The Zone3 toe covers are designed to bring just the right amount of warmth to transitional and cooler weather rides. Perfect for spring and autumn time or for anyone doing an early morning race or ride.

The Zone3 top tube, or ‘bento’ box as they are better known, is designed to store training or race essentials. This storage device fastens to the bike with Velcro straps and a mesh cover keeps everything in place.


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2015 Zone3 Product Brochure  

2015 Range of Zone3 products

2015 Zone3 Product Brochure  

2015 Range of Zone3 products