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28th November 2013 All NZHRA Clubs via email

Hi all Club Secretaries We have received a number of questions about the Board of Management Proposal that was sent to you on Friday, specifically around the voting process. I wish to reiterate a few key points: 

This proposal has been put together by an external working group, not by NZHRA.

The “Voting  Form”  is  to  provide  the  external  working  group  with  feedback only and is non binding. The voting form was created by the external working group, not NZHRA.

The working group is looking to get an understanding from clubs on whether they support the proposal which will help to determine whether this initiative progresses to a remit. NB: The voting form is an indication of support and NOT a vote on a remit which requires a Annual General Meeting to be considered.

In order for a change like the proposal to go ahead a remit would need to be completed.

If a remit was put forward, all clubs would be given the chance to vote on this remit as per the NZHRA Rule Book.

NZHRA will collect the voting forms and provide a tally of 'Yes' and 'No' votes to the external working group. Club information will not be passed on to the working group. Any feedback will also have the Club information removed, before passing on to the working group.

Yours in rodding

Warren Pattinson President New Zealand Hot Rod Association Inc

PO Box 454, Tauranga 3140 P 07 575 7606 F 07 575 7454

Warren to clubs re bom voting 28nov13  
Warren to clubs re bom voting 28nov13