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NZHRA National Rulebook draft – September 2012 Draft V11 I have put together some points for discussion as suggested at the last Zone 10 Meeting and including those that were discussed at the meeting. Page 9 Introduction – does all this need to be included ? Is it up to date ? Page 15 -16 There appears to be 3 different kinds of rules – is this necessary ,( “these rules , by-laws, Appendix ABC etc and elsewhere constitution) should there just be one set of rules as suggested by Incorporated Societies so there is no confusion? Page 15 – By Laws the statement here is different from the statement in the Constitution ( page 93) By laws – the first one says NZHRA exec can alter bylaws and the second one on page 93 says NZHRA Exec and clubs by due process … Both statements should match and should all be done by due process. Page 16 “Corporate Membership” – by paying a fee any group considered to be “corporate” will be entitled to all the privileges and rights of membership but not voting rights . What would be the purpose of such a membership? Is it necessary? What are the ramifications ? Page 17 Entrant / participant any person firm or corporation who or which being responsible for a competing vehicle … this is a good example of not written clearly. (Did I mention that there is actually a law in NZ that states that documents should be in plain English!) Page 22 Art 10 (2) event sanctioning may be issued by NZHRA only to itself or to organisers of meetings or events which are member clubs….. Should NZHRA exec be able to run events without going through a club? Also read Art 11 (3) For the avoidance of doubt, NZHRA may at any time issue to itself event Sanctioning of any kind. Should NZHRA have that power? Where would the money come from to run an event ? Why would they need to? Page 28 Art 34 Withdrawal of Member Affiliation Card . Any person entering for, driving in, officiating at, organising or in any way taking part in any meeting, event or record attempt in respect of which NZHRA Event Sanctioning has not been issued in accordance with these rules may in addition to any other applicable penalty under these rules , have their member Affiliation Card suspended. Should you be allowed to attend any event you choose ie Beach Hop, Muscle car Madness, Kumeu? Shouldn’t this be an individual choice ? It also would mean as a member of NZHRA you would not be able to organise any event that wasn’t sanctioned by NZHRA. Art 36 Scrutineering – another example of not plain English.

Art 41 (2) If a Secretary of the meeting is not appointed etc …, NZHRA do not have such a position . This whole section doesn’t really appear to worded for a NZHRA event .

Also Art 42 Duties of Secretary of meeting. Also an example not using language that we understand and use . Page 93 1 Definitions Rules mean these rules and rule shall have a corresponding meaning - what does this mean? Page 93 Majority Vote … This has changed from the old rule book which said ¾ of all clubs are required a to vote and ¾ s of those would need to be in favour for a vote to be successful that means if there were 100 clubs , then 75 of them would need to vote and at least 56 . That’s 56 % of all clubs to vote in favour of the remit. In this new version its 51% of all clubs must vote in favour to pass a remit. Note. There doesn’t appear to be a detailed description of this anywhere in the constitution other than this definition. This should be included in the Voting section. Page 94 (top of page) Zone representative means a person who may be appointed by the Zone Director in conjunction with Zone Clubs to stand in their absence at executive Meetings . There are 3 meetings a year set in advance and agreed by the NZHRA Exec . Is this rule necessary? Also see page 98 7.1 Composition , Page 97 5.3.2 Corporate membership … is this a sponsorship agreement – if so should be in plain English. Page 102 10 Criteria for submission of remits … Remits to alter add to or rescind any rule of NZHRA or and rule in Appendix of the rules of NZHRA may be submitted by the Executive or any member club Should NZHRA exec be able to submit remits as they are not a member club. Page 104 14.4.1 as above allows exec to submit remits – why? That would mean NZHRA exec members would have two ways of getting remits submitted – as regular club members and as Exec. Comment The law on Incorporated Societies are about to reviewed and the 1908 Act updated . They recommend very plainly written rules that are clear to everyone. This new draft of the rulebook is hard to understand.. There appears to be confusion between rule, by law and constitution and procedures.

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Comments and discussion from Zone 10 meeting about draft rulebook.