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Protecta Insurance NZHRA National Show Edgar Centre Dunedin

Entry Form for Zone 10 NZHRA members only Entrant Details Driver Name

Affiliation No


O Home Phone Mobile


Vehicle Photo emailed yes/ not yet

Vehicle Details Zone 10 members have the choice of being judged or display only

Vehicle to be judged Or Display only Please indicate by deleting one Make


Rego No#

Cert Plate No # OR Stock Sticker

Class entered for judging only

Modifications ( for those wanting vehicle judged)– please complete the information form attached and send back with entry ( it is also used to inform judges so detail is important)

Passenger Name


I have read and accept the conditions of entry Signed


__/ __/ 2014

Conditions of Entry

• • •

Entries accepted at organisers discretion.

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All vehicles must provide their own drip tray.

• • • • • •

No travel money will be paid for any member of a Zone 10 club ( regardless of where they live) Entrants from Zone 10 (and any passengers) are required to purchase (at cost) any social event tickets which includes Saturday dinner and social event and Sunday prize giving lunch All entrants are requested to provide their own display for vehicles on Movie / TV theme. Any displays using power (lighting, power leads, or powered equipment ) must show a current Electrical Compliance tag. Entrants must be set up on Friday night – open from 6:30pm 24 October 2014 No vehicle may be withdrawn from the show venue until the designated closing time without express permission from the organising committee. Each entrant is required to provide a clear digital photo of their vehicle, that is used to establish class entered and may be used to in promotional material. A high standard of behavior is expected, no alcohol or intoxicated people will be allowed in the main show display area at any time. Illegal substances will not be allowed in the venue at any time. No pets allowed. The organising committee reserve the right to evict entrants who are considered not to be abiding by the rules, in which case no refund will be payable. Liability – in consideration of acceptance of the right to participate, entrants, participants and spectators expressly release and discharge 2014 National Show Committee and their representatives of and from all unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgements and or claims, from any causes whatsoever that may be suffered by an entrant to their person or property. All participants must have their own vehicle insurance. Privacy – The organisers may wish to use information and images gained from your entry for promotional purposes, both before, during and after the show, including print, radio, television and internet. The lodging of an entry shall be deemed to be consent to such use, unless consent is specifically revoked, by noting on the entry form and signing.

Proposed Timetable Friday 24 October 2014 6:30- 11 pm load in vehicles, set up displays Saturday 25 October 2014 Vehicles on display 8am Show judging starts Dinner and Social event at Edgar Centre evening Sunday 26 October 2014 Vehicles on display until 4pm Show judging from 8am Prize giving and lunch 4pm Show closes, vehicles load out Monday 27 October 2014 8 am Vehicles load out until 10am Hand over 11am

Closing date 15 July 2014 Late entries may be accepted at Show Committees discretion. Please return to Email Post Protecta NZHRA National Show PO Box 719


Entry form show 2014 3  
Entry form show 2014 3