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28 June 2013

All NZHRA Affiliated Clubs Via email

Dear Committee In the latest NZ Hot Rod Magazine, you will see an article concerning the New Zealand Hot Rod Association. This article is the opinion of the Editor of the magazine, not the opinion of the NZHRA. During the November 2012 Executive Meeting, Ian McNeill (Zone 2 Director) presented a Financial Management Proposal. After discussing the proposal at length, the Executive Committee tasked Ian McNeill and Errol Uttinger (Zone 3 Director) with researching structure models that may suit NZHRA. Subsequently, Ian McNeill presented a Management Restructure Proposal to the NZHRA Executive Committee at the March 2013 Executive Meeting. This proposal was put together with the assistance of Steve Keys, Paul Grace and Richard Addlington. The Executive Committee voted unanimously to proceed with the proposal in principle, subject to some changes around ensuring that NZHRA Clubs and Members were able to have direct communication with NZHRA decision makers. Although the Executive Committee could see merit in the proposal, they also requested more detail, before taking the proposal to the Membership. The discussion was recorded in the minutes and forwarded to all clubs. The NZHRA Executive Committee requested that the proposal be revised, ready to be presented at the July 2013 Executive Meeting. As the proposal still required work, it was agreed that the structure review would be kept confidential, until a proposal was ready to be presented to the NZHRA Clubs and Membership, for their consideration. During the  revision  of  the  structure  proposal,  the  proposal  committee  asked  the  NZHRA  to  get  a  “First  Look”  legal   opinion on its suggested proposal. This opinion was to cost NZHRA approximately $500. This was declined at this stage in the process, as the NZHRA Executive Committee wanted to be able to see the revised proposal before the legal opinion was obtained. The revised proposal is on the agenda to be discussed at our July 2013 Executive Meeting. The NZHRA Executive Committee will then decide if it is to be progressed to the next stage of the review; where it is sent out to all NZHRA Clubs and Members for their consideration and feedback.

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The Executive Committee was very disappointed to read about this confidential structure review in the July 2013 edition of the New Zealand Hot Rod Magazine. It was never our intention to hide anything from our Membership by keeping the proposal confidential; we simply wanted to be able to provide Clubs and Members with the full picture before asking for their feedback.

Yours in rodding

Warren Pattinson Acting President New Zealand Hot Rod Association Inc


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6195 9g nz hot rod mag