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Zona United Company Integrated Security System

 Mob. : +966 50 2525942 Tel. : +966 12 670 4667 Fax. : +966 12 672 4667 P.O.Box 41555 Jeddah 21531 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

٢٠٠٧ / ٢٠٠٦             

Zona United Company start activities in 2006\ 2007 in the field of finance and business. And was an integral part of its multi-in computer networks and keep up with modern technology in all its forms from the areas of progress in the types of networks and internal wiring and plumbing and foreignbased delivery by commercial and government wireless networks. T h e F o u n d a t i o n a l s o p l a c e d a l l o f i t s a t t e n t i o n a n d w o r k e d o n t h e d e v e l o p m e n t o f i t s e n g i n e e r i n g s t a ff efficiency and its technical staff P r o m o t e d i n t h e l e v e l o f b u s i n e s s t o l a rg e c o r p o r a t i o n s a n d g o v e r n m e n t d e p a r t m e n t s a n d f e d w i t h w h a t i s new and Majdi and meets the need and permanent addresses problems in communications technology and protection. Zona United objectives Aimed at the growth of the technology to keep up with technological advances booming and get everything new and effective and meets the demands of the market and Middle East customers In particular institutions and existing local companies and always strive to reach the maximum degree of meeting the client with all kinds of modern technology that has become an integral part of the work of companies and institutions And support in terms of technology and facilitate its work and protect their networks and maintain always practical pathway and harmonious in its work is accomplished

Data Networking Solutions, structure cabling and Cabinets IP Telephony Solutions MATV Systems & IP TV Solutions PBX Solutions, Digital & Analog Barriers & Road Blocker CCTV Systems Solutions Home Automation Solutions ID Card Printers Sound Systems Solutions & Home IP Camera Solutions Access Control & Time Attendance Alarm Systems against theft Fire & Pumps System


Certified Partners


 Zona United Company constantly seeks to link with the best suppliers of IT and Security products and service providers to meet the aspirations of our customers



Technical Team

  Zona United Company employs professional engineers and technicians with expertise and training of higher and they are ready to meet customer needs

    

• Installation and programming all types of CCTV & DVR • Installation and programming all types of PBX ( IP & Digital ) • Cabling & Termination all types of cables • Maintenance & Services Contracts • And more of the installation and maintenance services and special after-sales service


Systems Solutions CCTV



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Systems Solutions



    DVR   PTZ IP         DVD/RW USB TCP/IP POS DVRCM 



Systems Solutions


• Video surveillance systems that rely on sophisticated devices, advanced and high specification of the presentation and follow-upregistration and remote cameras linked through external or internal quality and accuracy of clarity to make interfacing more secure and enable you to follow up and controlled remotely through the Internet or Mobile PDA or Normal Mobile • CCTV System for small & large projects. • DVR devices for viewing and registration: 32 / 16 / 8 / 4 Camera. • The system at the registration or registration continuous movement. • System supports IP camera and the cameras of PTZ cameras internal and • external day and night. • Show registration & registration by the previous intelligent search technology to provide many creative times in locating • Database huge monthly, weekly or daily. • You can watch the cameras directly from any location world via the Internet or mobile PDA or normal mobile. • The system introduce several pattern of the screen divided 32/16/9/4/1 pattern. • The system to send a message to your mobile, your e-mail and to a fax and a warning bell in the event of any break through or he voice message and a picture of the event. • Introduce electronic maps to locate cameras. • The system has several exits of the screen and bilateral external USB and the headphones entrance to the TCP/IP. Support POS system to control point-of-sale Support CM300 system more than one location at 1000 DVRs. • And more application and advantages.


Access Control & Time Attendance Solutions



Access Control & Time Attendance Solutions   WAN / LAN            CCTV • Includes 10 simultaneous full function clients over LAN/WAN. • The possibility of a link 21 to expand control of up to 512 entrance 512 exit. • 5000 cards per panel, expandable to 8000. • Dynamically suspend and re-instate cardholders access privileges while main tainting access special authorized card. • The system allows control of the elevators limits for each 8-story elevator and could expand to 32 floors. • Signature and fingerprint capture. • Linking them with a single • Warning in the event of defeat. • A delay in staff time and attendance reports and go and a lot of human resources system. • Linked with CCTV surveillance video monitoring and remote control


 

Data Networking Solutions, Structure cabling and Cabinets 11

Data Networking Solutions, Structure cabling and Cabinets

 

Fiber Optics The use of fiber optic cable is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. Both residential and commercial applications using fiber optic cable have established a new demand for excellence, knowledge and diversity in this field. Whether your project is commercial, institutional, industrial, manufacturing or fiber to the home, is fully capable of handling the project. provides reliable, experienced professionals to meet the demands of any fiber optic situation. We use state-of-the-art testing equipment and software, assuring complete reliability and proof of performance of each application. Customers are provided with all electronic date results supporting the certification process for references. We also offer existing plant testing and certification to ensure reliability and performance.


Data Networking Solutions, Structure cabling and Cabinets

 

Fiber Optics * LAN/WAN Design and Implementation

* Multi Mode

* Installation and Termination

* One Directional Testing

* Fusion Splicing

* Bi-Directional Testing

* Mass Fusion Splicing

* Aerial/Underground

* Dark Fiber

* Certification and Proof

* Single Mode also provides quality upgrades to existing systems. Whether it’s a retrofit or plant extension, we highly skilled construction department offers a broad range of services. Splice

Plant Maintenance

Single / Multiple Span Replacement

Joint Trench

Over Lash

Plant Extension




Drop Swing

MDU Rebuild


Data Networking Solutions, Structure cabling and Cabinets

 

Fiber Optics With the vast experience of our field technicians and the various types of equipment in which they are knowledgeable,

is prepared for any project.

Research is done on all equipment through the manufacturer and the service provider before gear is certified. Detailed documentation outlining characteristics and performance of the plant according to FCC specifications will be provided. Our goal is to seek perfection to meet and exceed these specifications.



Category 5/6, Copper / Coaxial

Voice / Data Communications: Local area

Full Project Design and Blueprint Layout

Network (LAN), wide area Network (WAN)

Accurate analysis of installed systems

Upgrade existing infrastructure, Add or change

System industrycertification standards meeting or exceeding

existing system components

Data Networking Solutions, Structure cabling and Cabinets

 

LAN / WAN COMMUNICATION Network communication Infrastructure Design and Implementation Network Communication Systems Design and Analysis Installation and Maintenance (Routers, Switches, Hubs, etc.) Virtual Private Network Solutions LAN / WAN Internet Integration Video Conferencing

“I believe that with our background in the sweep and certification department,

has the

competitive edge when it comes to properly completing every High Speed Data installation. We have approached broadband services not from a production installation stand point, but more importantly, from a view in which the customer will have complete understanding and satisfaction. If this is adhered to, growth and production will follow.


Data Networking Solutions, Structure cabling and Cabinets

• Cisco Switches • Cisco Routers • Cisco Firewall • Cisco Access Point Indoor & Outdoor • Cisco SFP Modular • Cisco IP Telephony • Cisco IP Camera


 

Data Networking Solutions, Structure cabling and Cabinets

 

• UTP Cable Cat.6 • UTP Cable Cat.7 • UTP Patch Cord 1,2,3,5 Mtr. • Fiber Patch Cord 3 Mtr. • Data Outlet Cat.6 • UTP Patch Panel 24 Ports • Fiber Patch Panel 12 Ports • Fiber Cable 4,6,8,10,12 Core SM or MM outdoor & indoor • Data Center Solutions


• Data Cabinet 9U –47U

Data Center Solutions


Data Center Solutions

• Estap Data Center Solutions is a data center and computer room consulting services firm and turnkey solutions provider. • We offer abroad range of project expertise. We specialize in planning, designing, engineering, constructing, monitoring and maintaining data centers, computer rooms and server rooms that integrate, 'best-of-breed', critical infrastructure technologies. The result is an always available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable, and maintainable data center environment. • Estap is uniquely qualified to help businesses assess their data center or computer room and support infrastructure risks, provide recommendations for improvement and offer accurate project cost estimating and guidance throughout implementation. • In today's hyper-competitive markets, where you measure network downtime in lost profits, Estap designs solutions that protect against some of the leading causes of downtime, hardware damage, data loss, and decreased productivity. Estap sets the standard for 'always' available solutions for data centers, computer rooms, server rooms, net work closets, telecommunications rooms, network operations centers, and other mission critical facilities.


Data Center Solutions

• Power Distribution and Conditioning • Fire Detection and Suppression • Uninterruptible Power Supply • Under floor Water Detection • Access Raised Floor • General Construction • Generator Backup • Service Contracts • Air Conditioning • Site Monitoring • Site Cleaning


 Digital Telephony Solutions


Digital Telephony Solutions


      

• Digital PBX Add accommodate large external lines and internal transfers • A major programming • Main machine with additional features to control • Subsidiary organ of the users • Wireless devices according to the client • Headset connected with the PBX • Opining the doors over the phone


IP 

IP Telephony Solutions

. .    Ethernet  SIP. –  . SIP .   - More easy to download, and the definition of the old traditional phone systems. - Easier management through the interface was baptizedon the Internet in the definition. - No need for separate phone connections. -Allows users to connect directly to their phone from any where within the office-theyall have to connect the user's currency is his nearest lot Ethernet Palaces, then keep the old number without changing the -Mobility and roaming-asyou can call any where in the world, thanks to the advantages of protocol SIP. -Limit and even reduce the cost of calls significantly, thanks to are liance on the Internet. -Get rid of the costly traditional phone thanks to technology protocols SIP. -Better reporting -Better view of the state of the system, the quality of calls and parking barriers Tel.


Alarm Systems Against theft

Protection system against the ft systems are better, able to detect any breakthroughs may occur in your home than you feeling comfortable, safety and tranquility to yourselves and property.

   

   Protect your business establishment, showroom, warehouse,  home, office, etc. 24 hours a day.  Division of the site for more than one section to determine the penetration. Works alarms and sending RESALE and communication from you and him, the police in case of defeat. Sensitive, accurate and high quality with the ability to detect rapid penetration•



MATV Systems & IP TV Solutions Complete remote control of the system without needing a dedicated PC Bandwidth optimization, streaming the modules only upon the customer's request Programs and services delivered a smulticast streams Very easy and user-friendly systems et-up Modular system, the head end can be updated and extended a ccording to your needs (for example, switching on new transponders) Hot-insertion of the modules; it is possible to add or change the modules without switching off the whole head end.

    


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Home Automation Systems


,,  ,  , LCD   , , SMS , ,   ,  , ,  , ,  , ,  .

Home automation security system is a specialized field dealing with specified requirements of homes in the usage of easy-to-use technologies for security and comforts of the residents. Home automation includes all that a building automation provides like the climate controls, door and window controls and security etc plus additionally controlling multimedia home theaters, pet feeding, plant watering, blinds and soon. But there exists a difference in that home automation emphasizes more on comforts through ergonomics and ease of operation With the fast development in the field, door ways for wireless home automation system is being opened in a big way.


Home Automation Systems



Raised Floor Systems


We are supplying and installing a world-renowned raised floor. Offers a series of raised flooring systems engineered for use in all seismic zones. Adapted to accommodate all types of equipment and designed with room to expand, the Floor is a flexible, secure and cost competitive solution for your Data Center flooring needs. Our raised floors are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality and environmental management certified. All of our products go through rigorous independently certified testing in compliance with CISCA testing procedures. In addition, our products are tested to international norms which require whole system tests using understructure rather than panel only tests. has developed and adapted a series of three different raised floor designs to accommodate all seismic zones. To further verify all structural calculations, we submit the floor and bracing structures to dynamic full-scale laboratory tests in accordance with NEBS GR-63 and NEBS GR-2930

ConCore Raised Floor ConCore Access Floor panels are epoxy coated unitized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a formed steel bottom sheet filled with a highly controlled mixture of lightweight cement Manufactured to exact tolerances these solid panels deliver the ultimate in design, performance, plenum integrity, service and usability All Steel Raised Floor All Steel Access Floor panels are epoxy coated unitized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a formed steel bottom sheet. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, these non-combustible rigid, solid panels deliver the ultimate in strength and durability with the convenience of lightweight construction. Woodcore Raised Floor Woodcore panels consist of high density composite wood core glue to and encased in hot dipped galvanized formed steel sheets. These panels have a class A flame spread rating and provide excellent rigidity, durability, and acoustic performance.




Keeping the data center cool is critical to ensure systems are running at top performance. If you do not have the right cooling it can affect the performance of the systems and shorten the lifespan and lead to an unexpected system crash. When designing a data center it is very important to plan and choose the right cooling system. It is recommended to keep the data center temperature around 68 to 77 degree Fahrenheit. There are lots of variables to consider in a data center such as power, rack space, ventilating, and raised floor or not to raise floor, security etc. In this article I will briefly discuss the different cooling solutions for a data center. Through our partners, we supply a wide variety of Air-Conditioning Products (Split wall mount, Ceiling Cassette, under Ceiling mounted, Floor ceiling, Duct, Floor Standing types and Chillers) of high quality, superior technology, innovative design with different capacity. Our services covers supply, installation, operation, testing, maintenance & provide Warranty and spare parts to meet our customers’ needs for different applications in commercial & residential complexes, Offices, Hospitals, Homes and Shopping malls.


 ID CARDS PRINTER

• • – 600 • •ID Card Printer, Single and Dual Side • •Color & monochrome printing •Easy to exchange ribbon & TPH • •Video CD & Maintenance Manual • •Individual card slot for reprinting • •Design software ‘The designer’ • •RFID ribbon protection USB• •Magnetic stripe encoder (4 Million pass) •Contactless Smart Card encoder • •Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) •Contact Smart Card encoder (1 Million contacts) •Flipper module for Dual side printing • High-definitionresolutionof not less than300 dots/ inch •Scanner (Dual Side Color 600dpi)


 Money Counting Machine & Checking

•Multi detection Features •UV ultraviolet marketing detection •MG magnetic ink detection •Intelligent double not detection •Note size detection •Half Note detection •IR infrared sensor •Multifunctional capabilities •Precision counting •Computerized adding •Accurate batching 1-999 •Simultaneous adding and batching mode Technical Specification : •Hopper capacity: 400 bills •Stacker capacity: 300 bills •Counting Speed : 1400 bills/minute •Weight : 12 Ibs


 Barriers and Road Blocker

 High quality security bumpers working by Hydraulic all sizes and measurement are available High Quality arms barriers working with cards  Individuals entry & exit devices provided with persons entry & exit and with Accounting System  Security Gate Systems for show rooms


 Fire & Pumps System

Whilst the best security in the world may protect and safeguard your networks and infrastructure, MST has the latest, most advanced solutions to provide you with the peace of mind that no matter what may happened your assets are secure. With a team of qualified and experienced technician who are experts in the design and installation of all types of fire protection and alarm systems, MST offers a comprehensive range of services and products including design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of fire alarm systems FM-200® is the clear choice for a fast, clean fire protection agent. Introduced as a Halon replacement in 1993, it quickly gained acceptance as the world’s leading clean gaseous fire extinguishing agent. When it comes to fire protection, there can be no compromise. FM-200® extinguishes fire via a combination of chemically based fire inhibition and cooling. It is environmentally acceptable, safe to use with sensitive equipment, fast-acting, efficient and effective. When it comes to fire protection there can be no compromise – contact us to day to learn more about our FM-200 system solutions.


 Fire & Pumps System

SYSTEM FEATURES: Environmentally Clean Agent Fast-Acting and Efficient Extinguishment Compatible with Sensitive Equipment Recognized by the Top Independent Listing and Approval Agencies Safe for Occupied Spaces NOVA Fire Protection is the recognized leader in all types of fire protection systems. We've been designing, fabricating and installing sprinkler systems since 1985. Our company is headquartered in Fargo, ND with a branch office in Bismarck, ND. We offer a complete line of fire protection services including: Consulting Design Engineering Fabrication Installation Inspection & Testing Service & Repairs


                   


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