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“Rise of the Guardians” when magic becomes real By Georgiana

Only a few animated movies for children manage to keep the magic that make us all continue to believe in stories. But “Rise of the Guardians / Five Heroes of Legend” fascinates you immediately and makes you enter a world of childhood, which for many is long forgotten. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Sandman (“Mos Ene” in Romanian), Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost conquer the little ones and manage to captivate and fascinate the adults as well, as

long as the latter enters the room with an open heart to a great story. But where is good, there is evil too: The Boogieman is also trying to make himself visible among the children of the world. The Boogieman (“Bau-Bau”), named Pitch Black, ruled during the Dark Ages. That is, until the Guardians appeared to spread hope and joy to the children of the world. Now, he’s back, strengthening himself and his powers by turning children’s dreams into nightmares while

instilling fear and crushing their hopes. The main character of the story is Jack Frost, a rascally kid with the power to bring snow days and freeze anything with his staff, always fooling around. His only problem is that nobody believes that he exists. The guardians are entrusted to protect children and they ensure they always shine with amazement and dreams. However, they realize they need help to defeat the Boogieman, so they ask

the Man in the Moon for help. The Man in the Moon chooses a new guardian, and the one he chooses is Jack Frost. Although the script was predictable, the play acting was excellent. “Rise of the Guardians” shines from all points of view. The visual level is exceptionally achieved as the graphics for The Sandman’s amazing talents are breathtaking (him – floating on a golden cloud, surrounded by gold threads). The actors do a terrific job of voicing: for example

Santa Claus is dubbed by Alec Baldwin – giving him a Russian accent or Hugh Jackman makes Easter Bunny sound like an Australian (called a kangaroo by Jack Frost) or the mesmerizing wing flapping of Tooth Fairy. The 3D cinema enhanced these effects and, at some point, in the cinema room I had the feeling that I was surrounded by little fairies, ready to steal a tooth. As a child, it’s fascinating to see how Santa Claus “works”, along with his fellows (the Yetis and the

elves – yes, they are real too) to give children an unforgettable Christmas. As an adult, you go back in your childhood, and you say: “So this is what Boogieman looks like”. The end of the movie is unexpectedly interesting. One of these two magic powers will triumph. I wonder which… accentureinromania ©2013 Accenture. All rights reserved

“Rise of the Guardians”  

“Rise of the Guardians”