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________________ Low-Power WSN Platform

Wireless Sensor Networks Recent technology advances in areas like computing, networking, sensing and wireless communication, now enable a new paradigm where objects and environments can interact in a seamlessly way to monitor and control environments. The time for smart objects in smart environments has come.

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2.4GHz IEEE® 802.15.4 & 6LowPAN Compatible 2nd Generation MSP430(F2617) Widely Adopted Radio: CC2420 On-board Digital Sensors (x2) Up to 4x Analog Phidgets™ 52-pin Expansion Connector Embedded or External Antenna MicroUSB Connector

With the Z1 low-power wireless module, Zolertia launches the first public release of its WSN mote, its flagship product. The Z1 module is a general purpose development platform for wireless sensor networks (WSN) designed for researchers, developers, enthusiasts and hobbyists. It is a platform compatible with the successful Tmote™family motes with several enhancements that offers roughly a 2x performance in several aspects.

___________ Description ______________ Equipped with two on board digital sensors (accelerometer and temperature), it comes with everything a developer needs to start building smart networks from scratch. You can connect your applications directly to the Internet of Things (IoT) with IPv6. The Z1 module was devised keeping in mind:

Immersing your device in the IoT Personal healthcare monitoring Environmental monitoring Emergency detectors Safe and rescue devices Long-term unattended monitoring Power consumption monitoring Agricultural monitoring

Backwards compatibility with motes based on MSP430+CC2420 as well as support for some of the most currently employed open source O.S.’s/stacks by the WSN community, like TinyOS (current) or Contiki (soon). Maximum flexibility and expandability while improving low power consumption with most versatile and low power sensors and uC. ____________________________ Do you need a custom solution? Call/Email us


Out of the box support for Phidgets™

16-bit Ultra-Low-Power MCU 2.4 GHz RF Transceiver 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Low Power Digital Temp. Sensor Serial Flash Memory for Storage Multiple Power Options 52-pin Expansion Connector 2 Antenna Options Expandable with up to 4 Phidgets™

MicroUSB for power & communications Embedded or external antenna Expansion connector for GPIO’s, digital buses, interrupts and Analog I/O’s.

____ Related Products (coming soon) ____ Z1 Starter Kit Ziglets™, plugins for the Z1 Starter Kit

92KB flash, 8KB RAM IEEE 802.15.4 & 6LowPAN ready Configurable to ±2/4/8/16 g, events interrupts ±0.5°C accuracy 16Mbit, 100k cycles USB powered, 2xAA/AAA, coin cell ADCs, DACs, SPI, I2C, UARTs, interrupts, USB Embedded ceramic or U.FL external adapter 2x3V + 2x5V Phidgets™


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Main Features

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Z1 Brochure  
Z1 Brochure  

Brochure of Zolertia's Z1 as of January 2010