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October 2012 /Vol. 1

OR TAMBO HONOURED BY UFH The OR Tambo Memorial Lecture, in honour

ing stating; “I must confess that I have pre-

lecture is particularly significant for the

of an esteemed member of the University of

pared this lecture deeply troubled by a feel-

University of Fort Hare as it progresses

Fort Hare family, was held at the Sports

ing of great unease that our beloved Mother-

towards its Centenary year; striving to real-

Complex on the 19th of October. The lecture

land is losing its sense of direction...”, add-

ise its vision of being a vibrant, equitable

was delivered by the former State President

ing that “it would be treacherous to hide our

and sustainable African university, commit-

of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Thabo

heads in the sand and behave as though we

ted to teaching, learning and research ex-

Mbeki in which he highlighted fundamental

remain on course in

cellence at the service of its stu-

challenges facing the country in its quest to

terms of the achieve-

dents, scholars and the wider com-

achieve the objectives of the National De-

ment of our shared and

munity . It is during such occasions

mocratic Revolution (NDR), to which Oliver

various national objec-

that the continuation of ideals and

Tambo dedicated his life.


goals of past leaders of the institu-

The outcome of the successful implementa-

He attributed the devia-

tion is ensured and used to inspire

tion of the National Democratic Revolution’s

tion in the course of

the changes foreseen by the present

objectives would lead to South Africa being

action outlined by the

generation of students and staff.

a truly egalitarian society; anchored by the

objectives of the NDR

To this Mr Mbeki said; “...I believe

principles of genuinely democratic, non-

on a number of issues,

we who have gathered here today

racial and prosperous people. Yet despite

amongst which were; the perception held by

have no choice but to ask ourselves the

these enlightened objectives, South Africa

numerous people that the Apartheid legacy

vitally important question – what are we

remains one of the most inequitable societies

was completely irradiated at the inception of

doing today, to ensure the Fort Hare Uni-

in the world, wrecked by poverty and unem-

democracy in 1994; and the failure of past

versity continues to be the incubator of


and present leaders in sustaining a calibre of

Africa’s revolutionary democrats and a

Mbeki laid a sombre cloud of discomfort

politically mature leaders, with the moral

centre for the promotion of the objective of

across the hall as he expressed his concerns

and ethical astuteness embodied by leaders

the renaissance of Africa, which character-

about the looming tragedy he felt was the

such as OR Tambo, to guide the implemen-

ises so distinctively the life of Oliver

direction the future of the country was head-

tation of the directives. The timing of the

Tambo. “


From the Editor Good Morning Fort Harians.


perience. Its essential purpose is to en-

small successes we achieve everyday ,

In 2009, the UFH Strategic Plan 2009-

gage all students on pertinent issues

and to celebrate all the Fort Harians

2016 , which was to serve as the head-

affecting the Univer-

light that guides our vision for the next

sity to make the stu-

7 years while charting ours and the fu-


ture of the University of Fort Hare, was

mental in its func-


tioning; creating a

In the strides that we leap everyday,

sense of ownership

heading towards our Centenary year

and belonging to the

and beyond, there will be times when

University - to iden-

we momentarily lose focus of the big-

tify I as a Fort Ha-

ger picture, our bigger picture. It is

rarian - and to en-

therefore very important to take snap-

courage students to

shots of the progress we’ve made and

take their roles as

continue to make everyday while head-

leaders in all spheres

ing towards the fulfilment of our collec-

of life.

Connecting with Alumni Judge Mjali speaks at UFH

tive vision,

and to allow us time to

The name ‘student

Czechs check out UFH

celebrate the gains we’ve made along

newsletter’ however

the way.


The student newsletter was a collective

all the features we feel our publication

effort to engage the student community

embodies. So with the aid of the stu-

with the student community on all

dent body, we’ve gone on an all-out

things that aid in ours and the student’s

brainstorming session to source a name

quest to gain knowledge, challenge our

that we feel is suitable enough to com-

quate ‘student newsletter’, please send

perceptions of the world, while adding

municate the aspirations of the Fort

your suggestions to Quinter Ndege on

wholesome insight to the student ex-

Hare community, the many giant and



who live the motto; “Together in Excel-


In this issue 2nd Public Lecture for tourism month at UFH Tokyo Sexwale speaks at at UFH Towards 2016

3 4 5

Turning passion into profit Google and UFH a step into the future

6 6 7 8 9

encompass lence” . To assist us in our Brainstorming and to stand the chance of your chosen name becoming the official publication name, replacing the inade-

UFH Successfully hosts 2nd Public Lecture for Tourism The University of Fort Hare held the 2nd

the need for a “paradigm shift in think-

tion of environmental externalities as-

public lecture for Tourism Month

ing”, insisting that the tourism industry

sociated with increasing economic ac-

which was hosted by the Honourable

has an important role to play in curbing


Minister of Department of Tourism,

the effects of global warming.

Minister van Schalkwyk took a similar


Martinus van Schalkwyk, and a panel

stance in his ad-

of industry experts leading discussions


around tourism and sustainable energy.

“Tourism is closely

The Eastern Cape, a Big 7 destination

linked to climate and

known for its spectacular biodiversity,

the environment and

was deliberately chosen as the host

the adverse effects

Province for the Public Lecture. The

associated with cli-

intention was to engage the region’s


tourism stakeholders on pertinent is-

devastating for the

sues affecting the tourism industry


while sharing information that is cen-

Bearing this change




tral to its development.

added that all contributors in the tour-

in the global climate patterns in mind,

The lecture, whose topic was; "Tourism

ism sector must be aware that the sus-


& Sustainable Energy: Powering Sus-

tainability of the industry and economic

that the country’s development plans

tainable Development", was informed

development go hand-in-hand with the

were shifting towards a green economy.

by the theme for this year’s World

capacity to be efficient at all levels of

“Greening’ tourism is not only in line

Tourism Day on 27 September and was

production; through conscious and

with international best practise but is

delivered by the University’s own Pro-

responsible use of the natural resources

essential to the sustainability of the

fessor Edson Meyer. Meyer emphasized

that power the industry, and the reduc-

industry”, he said.

minister gave some reassurance

Together in Excellence Alongside Speech






Department was Courage

UFH congratulates him

Mlambo from the Faculty of

on this success.

Minister of Finance, Pravin




Gordhan, has committed to

merce. The panel felt that

running an annual competi-

his research essay was well

tion called Investing in In-

balanced in terms of struc-

sights. This year, the winner

ture, simplicity and directly

selected by the Treasury

answering the questions.


Tokyo Sexwale speaks at at Legacies of the Forefathers and the Youth Today Colloquium Minister of Human Settlements, Tokyo

tary climax when the Marikana tragedy

Sexwale gave an address that attempted


against”. Being a

to answer to the difficult and funda-

sending a


mental question of how we go about


did not exempt his

reconciling our responsibilities as a



generation with the social and political

for a need

some of the short-

foundations laid by past generations in

for change

comings of the pre-

a colloquium titled “Legacies of the


sent ANC-

Forefathers and the youth of Africa


led Government as

Today”, which was hosted by the UFH

tion’s so-

he emphasized that

African Renaissance Society at the


“citizens ought to

Green Auditorium, Alice Campus. In


have strong politi-

the heartfelt address, which demon-


cal, economic and

strated the Minister’s charismatic per-

In his address, the Minister stated that

civil society structures aimed at ad-

sona and interconnectedness with the

“fundamental change in thinking” is

vancing the interests of those coun-

plights and accomplishments of the

needed in the country, adding that it is

tries”, adding that “real change is re-

country, he posed the question; “How

the responsibility of the present gen-

quired to give young people, who are

do we, the generation of today, meas-

eration, bestowed with all the values,

leaving schools and seeking employ-

ure up to the past 100 years?”

ideals and tools charted in the Freedom

ment hope that they are not destined to

The tumultuous social, economic and

Charter by the country’s forefathers,

hopelessness and unemployment.”



to “rise above many of the society’s

through the country reached a momen-

social ills, which the University of Fort



Hare is well known for taking a stand






Iraq Ambassador Visits University of Fort Hare


The University of Fort Hare was

The ambassador presented an opportu-

nsformation in its social, economic and

pleased to host delegation from Iraq,

nity to the University of Fort Hare to be

political structures. The exodus of foreign

which was led by Dr

Hashim Al-

one of the institutions to which the

militia will enabled the country to rebuild

Alawi, the Iraq Ambassador to South

Iraqi government would send Master’s

itself to its former glory as the pinnacle of


and Doctoral students.

knowledge in the Middle Eastern region,

The purpose of the Ambassador’s visit

The first phase of this proposed ex-

and it is hoped that the skills gained in

to the country, the Eastern Cape in par-

change programme would only be exe-

South Africa will be a catalyst to this

ticular, was to

explore opportunities

cuted on a short-term basis, and de-


for the two countries to share and ex-

pendent on its success, would trans-

The meeting was an introductory session,

change valuable skills such as health,

form into an annual programme.

with a more in depth and practical meeting

engineering, sciences and humanities.

The country of Iraq is undergoing a tra-

scheduled for March 2013 in Pretoria.


Towards 2016 Much needed Refurb for UFH residences The last decade has seen an explo-

However, there is a ray of hope in

capacity of 3750 beds.

sion in student enrolment in the

that the university is embarking on

This still falls short of the required

residential university system, with

a refurbishment of student accom-

bed capacity but the university will

enrolment reaching 535 433 in 2010

modation starting on the Alice

develop a student village that will

(538 210 in 2011) and expected to

campus. The new facilities will be

deal with the shortage specifically

grow at a rate of about 2%. The

state of the art and will have strin-

in Alice Campus. The Tender for

number of beds available however at

gent access control and safety fea-

the project was issued out in July

residential universities in 2010 to-

tures, which include finger print

2012 and will soon be a reality in

taled 107 598, or 20% of total enrol-

identification, CCTV Monitoring

the span of 3 years.


and wireless connectivity for study

“We therefore call upon any inter-

The high levels of poverty within the

and social purposes. This project

ested community members of Alice

UFH catchment area and the unsuit-

will be steered by Dr Jabulani

to take up this challenge to grow

ability of the home environment for

Mjwara, DVC Institutional Sup-

the town of Alice together with the

academic endeavor for the majority


University and its student commu-

of students, therefore insists that

“While we are refurbishing the

nity”, said Dr Mjwara.

suitable student accommodation

student accommodation there will

needs to be provided for up to 100%

be an overflow/transit accommo-

of students in some contexts. The

dation provided to limit distur-

ideal bed capacity target ranges from

bance of student life and study.”

50% to 80%. This situation signals

Dr Mjwara said. This overflow

that by 2013, there will be a shortage

accommodation will remain as

of 207 800 beds nationwide.

additional accommodation for the



UFH Students get plugged in In a bid to allow the student com-

one of the objectives of the Univer-

on the student users themselves, as

munity to work more efficiently

sity of Fort Hare’s Strategic Plan

they are the biggest security re-

with technology,

2009 – 2016;




Future plans of the ICT Department


include a storage area network up-


grade, further video conference kit

Security of the

that will be rolled out in Alice and

Hall in Alice; the total cost of the

equipment was a major concern for

East London, and phase two of the

venture amounting to just over R2

Mr Chris Johl, Chief Information

“wireless everywhere” project.

Million. This investment will con-

Office and he emphasised that the

tribute towards the realisation of

security of the laptops vests heavily

The ICT Department



“to harness technology effectively”

stalled 333 laptops at the Great

Turning passion into profit Nkokheli Siphon Mzimba, a Bachelor of Fine Arts honours student, was recently invited to participate at the Tshwane Entrepreneurship week as a star entrepreneur. The weeklong event was held from 21 27 August at the Innovation Hub in Lynwood, Pretoria. Given the failure of the public and private sector in absorbing



the growing number of job

18 and 35. The conference

where he highlighted the

grateful to have his passion

seekers in South Africa,

is dedicated to celebrating

struggles he faces while

for art being recognized as a

increasing attention has



following his dream to

model self-sustenance skill

been focused on entrepre-

nesses in


have a career in the arts.

at a national level and prom-

neurship and its potential

around South Africa while

Kheli is actively involved

ised to be an inspiration to

for contributing to eco-

initiating strategic dialogue

in the arts in the Eastern


nomic growth and job

between young entrepre-

Cape Province and assures

neurs from various fields.


neurs, policy makers and

that there are countless

Entrepreneurship Week’s



opportunities available for

goal is to inspire and

topic of Mzimba’s presen-

entrepreneurship and art-

showcase young entrepre-

tation was: “How to turn

ists to assert themselves in

neurs between the ages of

your passion into profit”,

the industry. Nkokheli was



supporting Gauteng




Fishing for development The need for innovative and sustain-

Karoo, which are managed through a

fresh water fish produced by the

able community development

CSAP are packaged and sold to

initiatives coupled by the

provide alternative protein sup-

drastic depletion of fish stock

plies to the South African mar-

around the world, the result of


globalisation, overfishing and

A project of this nature can help

climate change, has made

the district economically and

aquaculture a fundamental and

socially as it aids job creation

lucrative industry in the South

and development in the region,

African economy.

said Liesl of Blue Karoo Trust.

In response to the depletion of

According to Pretoria- Agricul-

fish stock in the country, Blue

ture, Forestry and Fisheries Min-

Karoo trust has created an

ister, Tina Joemat-Pettersson,



aquaculture is the fastest grow-

that provides food security

ing food production sector in the

while creating employment

world, and adapting to effects of


opportunities for the local community.

central management system.


climate change and other shocks

The model, which is called the Camde-

cluster produces in excess of one ton

will ensure the sustainability of the

boo Satellite Aquaculture Project

of fish per month, employing ap-

industry in the decades to come.

(CSAP), comprises a cluster of satellite

proximately 500 community mem-

aquaculture farms dispersed around a

bers in the Camdeeboo area.


Connecting with Alumni The Alumni Relations Office strives to communicate the outstanding accomplishments of Fort Hare graduates to encourage other upcoming graduates along a similar success path. This initiative is crucial in keeping us connected with our bright UFH stars who are shinning out in the world. Today’s focus is on Salome Kamela, an Honours graduate in Communications currently working as a Public Relations and Corporate officer in Debswana

“Yes you can!!”

Mining Company, Botswana. Our Alumni star is carrying the Fort Hare

to the upcoming graduates is that that

banner with pride and attributes her

everything is possible and “YES



to Fort Hare at large, hard

work and perseverance. Her message 7


Judge Mjali shares her wisdom with LAW Students “Wathint’umfazi, wathint’imbokodo”; a phrase Dr Mrwetyana, the University of Fort Hare Registrar, acknowledged has become synonymous with the courage and resilience of women the world over, was the prevailing theme at the Law Faculty’s OCJ Women’s Lecture that was given by Judge Nozuko Mjali at the East London Campus. Born in Libode in the Eastern Cape into a family of teachers and nurses, Judge Mjali decided to take the road less travelled when she went to study towards her BA LAW degree at the University of the Western Cape. Studying in a Varsity whose language of instruction was primarily Afrikaans, she professed that her road to triumph was not easy, likening her high school background to that of some of the students of the University of Fort Hare. Despite the challenges encountered, she managed to attain her degree mitment to putting women in key positions in the legal and later her LLM in Commercial Law at Cardiff Univer- field. There are now female judges in almost every divisity in Wales. The Judge recognised that women were sion of the law, a drastic increase from only two female fighting for recognition for what they deserve by doing judges in pre-Constitutional South Africa. She said that their jobs to the best of their ability, with integrity and despite this improvement; “a lot still needs to be accomaccording to the law. “The profession’s glass ceiling has plished both in the professional and the moral landscape been pierced”, the judge stated; SA has seen greater com-

of the country”.

Google and UFH; a step into the future The Google UFH Online

ditional benefit that could

an international campaign

us, which was then loaded

event, which was con-

reduce the numerous hours

run by Google Africa Map

onto the ‘app’ to give direc-

ducted by the UFH ambas-

spent in designing event



tions to anyone who is not

sadors for Google was an


from the

familiar with the campus.

effort to bring the UFH

The team dis-


There are a lot of Google

14th of

opportunities which should


be embraced by UFH to


position the University as a

community Google’s



played this



“there are a lot of Google opportunities which should be embraced by UFH”

which could transform the

tion could be

University into a 21st Cen-

used to give directions,

the UFH Google Ambas-

re-emerging giant in Aca-

tury Institution.


plan events and send in-

sadors worked with more

demic matters and technol-

was intro-

vites. The benefits of this

than 20 Fort Harians in

ogy, said Cheteni, UFH

duced by Google as an ad-

‘app’ were used in line with

mapping the Alice Camp-

Google ambassador.

Map Maker






PPS Sponsors Graduate Seminar Room In a formal presentation to

halls; bidding to provide a added to the students’ quest

nated into the hefty dona-

the Business Management


tion made, began in 2009.

envi- for knowledge, and urged


the Post graduate class in

Themba Mjoli, Executive

class of UFH, the

“learning conducive environ-

attendance to take full ad-

Dean of the Faculty of


ment for the improvement of

vantage of the opportunities

Management and Com-

the student experience”

availed by succeeding in

merce, applauded Mr Ben

their learning endeavours.

Jordaan for the part that

Providence Society (PPS) pre-

sented them a cheque of

ronment for the improve- PPS embraces Universities

he played in the undertak-

amount R80, 000.

ment of the student experi- throughout the country and

ing, as well as his active

The money will go to-

ence. Vice Chancellor Dr runs student programmes


wards the refurbishment of

Mvuyo Tom commended which focus on donations in


the Post Graduate seminar

the role played by PPS in practical areas of student’s

change in the University.

room; an effort to alleviate


overcrowding in lecture





tangible studies. Their partnership

that is


continuously with UFH, which has culmi-

Czechs check out UFH University of Fort Hare

cations in projects such as:

zation. The project are ap-


played host to a delegation


plied in

From the experience that the

of 6 students and 2 staff

Bamboo industry in South

tries, which include: Ghana;

members from Mendel Uni-

Africa; the qualification of

Chile; Peru and South Af-

South Africa, they

versity, Brno in the Czech

teachers as a solution to mi-

rica, where the students

believe that more







developing coun-




students from the


South Africa from 4 Sep-


tember to 4 October 2012.

will be encouraged

The visit was part of a Euro-

to study in South

pean Union initiative called


“Improvement of Profes-











Study Program International Development Studies through the System of

balance in primary educa-


Practical Internships in

tion; worm farming as an

projects that stimulate de-

Developing Countries”.

alternative, easy and cheap

velopment, while comparing

The initiative is an effort to

disposal of organic waste

and using techniques they




learn in each of the coun-

principles of the student’s

water treatment; as well as

tries to enable the sustain-

studies with real-life appli-

various new ways of fertili-

ability of every








Introducing the Nkonkobe Business Centre


The Nkonkobe Business Sup-

porting emerging entrepre-

munity interest groups.

Ntsangani added.

port Centre was officially

neurs, small and disadvan-

“The Eastern Cape features

The centre opened its doors

opened by the MEC of Eco-

taged businesses by providing

regularly as the province in

in February, and has since

nomic Development Mcebisi

managerial and technical as-

the country with a chronic

attracted 503 visitors who

Jonasi and Nkonkobe Munici-




came for advice or informa-

pality Mayor Cllr AW Ntsan-

“It is common knowledge

economic disadvantages, and

tion. Among these, 478 have

gani in Alice on August 2.

that most small businesses fail

Nkonkobe is not immune to

been given business advice,

The centre is a joint initiative


of the municipality, MTN

phases. Therefore busi-

used admin-

Foundation and the Nkonkobe






comes a dynamic proc-



Agency (NEDA) to contribute

ess of business enter-






use of com-

SMMEs in the area.

where emerging entre-

puters which

The purpose of the business

preneurs are nurtured

have internet

support centre is to ensure

and assisted to grow and sur-

these challenges.

access, and 19 businesses

that local SMMEs, NGOs,

vive during the start-up period

“The concept of the Nkon-

have been registered with

CBOs and any income gener-

when they are most vulner-

kobe Business Support Cen-

the Companies and Intellec-

ating entities’ activities are

able,” said Cllr Ntsangani.

tre was therefore established

tual Property Commission


Effective and sustainable lo-

in support of the objectives of

of SA (CIPC) through the

This will be done through the

cal economic



provision of workshops and

has been associated with the

promote the economic growth

The centre has been wel-

training in business develop-

emergence of strong local

of local economies in partner-

comed by the local business

ment, management and ad-



ship with key stakeholders, to

community in supporting

ministrative services.


gether key stakeholders, from

grow small business capacity,

their day-to-day challenges.

aim is to foster regional eco-

both public and private sec-

encourage continuity of work

nomic development by sup-

tors along with local com-



















Local Municipality launches Public Works Programme On the 25 September, the

aim of the programme is to

Mayor Cllr Ntsangani.

vibrancy for all parties in-

Nkonkobe Local Municipal-

improve the state of gravel

He said apart from slaying

volved to gear themselves to

ity launched its Expanded

roads and will also look at

the "demon of poverty and

work," said Ntsangani.

Public Works Programme

the renovations of bridges in

unemployment" in our com-



all wards.

munities, the programme also

new recruit to the pro-

EPWP is one of government

"The issue of maintenance

assists to integrate the mu-




arrays of programmes aimed

of gravel roads is among the

nicipality with the commu-




at providing poverty and

critical issues in our com-


grateful for the jobs we have

income relief through tem-

munities. Since the official

"The EPWP encourages part-

received. Even though we

porary work for the unem-

launch of the programme

nerships between government

will be employed for three

ployed, which was launched



- the municipality in this

months, things will be a

in 2004. In Nkonkobe, the

we've taken decisive steps

sense - and communities.

little different in the home

programme will see a total

to budget for the mainte-

EPWP is going to be an an-


of 68 jobs created over a

nance of our roads," said

nual programme, so as to

period of three months. The


maintain sustainability










und o r A Seen mpus Ca On September 5th, UFH saw the birth of its maiden Research and Fitness Facility open to all students and staff who meet the necessary requirements for membership. The centre is the result of a generous donations from the National Lottery Distribution Board, Techno-gym, and the International Olympic Committee. Dr Maya van INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT DEPARTMENT OF MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS

Gent, who runs the project, was overwhelmed to the point of tears and expressed her gratitude to all parties involved in making this a reality.

Alice Campus Office A5 Private Bag X1314, King Williams Town Rd, Alice 5700

Phone: 040 602 2002 Fax: 086 626 2026 E-mail:

East London Campus

If you have any stories, or information that

Office 424,Gasson Centre

would benefit the University of Fort Hare com-

50 Church Street

munity; we would love to hear them, and fea-

PO Box 7426, East London, 5201

ture in our Newsletter. Please send your articles to Quinter Ndege :

Phone: 043 704 7551 Fax: 086 626 2026 E-mail:




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