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Hamptons Styles Dining Table - For that Simple Yet Chic Look

Anyone who has ever watched Nancy Meyers, an American film director, movie knows the lure of Hamptons style. The oversized spaces, high loft ceilings and classic, muted color palettes are always chic. The great thing about the Hamptons style is that while it looks expensive, but is quite accessible. As the Australians have already embraced summer and shaken off the last remnants of winter, then why not start afresh with a new look for their home. Aussies love the outdoor lifestyle and for many of us living on the coast is the ultimate dream. So, it will be ideal creating a ‘beachy’ commonly known as Hamptons-style and feel in their home. And fortunately, you do not actually have to live near the ocean to pull it off. The Hamptons look for home interiors has been gleefully welcomed by interior designers around the world and is set to be the hottest trend for Australian homes. The Hamptons look is all about bringing the outside in. This look will help you going years, and allow you to refresh with décor and soft furnishings. Keep spaces as open and bright as possible, and let the light pour in.

Your home interior says a lot about you. From rustic accents to bold statements, Hamptons furniture are more than a practical living solution. If there is one such style that can work wonder and turn the lifeless corners of your home by being the talk of the town is Hamptons style dining table from zohiinteriors. The kitchen forms the centre point of the Hamptons design style. It will surely define the style for the rest of your entertainment areas. One can choose from an array of style available be it a Maine, Provence or Swazi dining table.

Things to know about Hamptons style – Hamptons is not a theme, but a lifestyle. So, do not combine with any other styles in your home. Go all the way Hamptons or give up now. It’s about the creating the style for your entire home and not just the living room only. Here are some things you need to know before you start redecorating Hamptons-style. 1. Go Natural – Bring the outdoors in, ensuring that there is plenty of natural light. This will add to the chic feel of your Hamptons home. Using natural materials like natural jute rugs, a touch of cane or wicker for furniture will be great, but remember not to go overboard and turn it to a chic shabby zone.

2. Keep Minimal Color - Hamptons style is all about keeping low toned color. White walls and light colored floors will be that’s it. For rugs and upholstery, natural and peachy tones will work great. Accent colors that can complement include duck egg and navy blue. 3. A Little Space, Please – Wide open spaces are essential for Hamptons style. All you need is high ceilings, oversize rooms and seamless spaces flowing from indoor to outdoor.

In a Nutshell, Hamptons style is all about that grandeur, but in a neat and classy way. Dolled up with luxury finishes, Hamptons style furniture are a chic expansion to any living room. Order one today for your home by contacting us at 02 9580 2297. If you found this post helpful, do not forget to provide your feedback and share this information piece with your social peers.

Hamptons Styles Dining Table - For that Simple Yet Chic Look  
Hamptons Styles Dining Table - For that Simple Yet Chic Look  

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