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For events

Flock is a mobile directory that helps showcase events. It exposes your event to people that are already looking for events similar to yours

Showcase your event Share event information Keep attendees informed by sharing important information such as schedules, speakers, locations, etc

Digitize Ticketing Flock connects with Eventbrite to offer barcoded in-app tickets.

Interactive Map Attendees can discover and rate hotspots, hotels, restaurants, etc nearby

Get Attendees Socializing Get attendees socializing before, during, and after the event through in-app private messaging.


For exhibitions

Flock provides attendees with the ability to scan QR codes to gather information and notes about products/ services they are interested in. Exhibitors get access to a list of all attendees who scanned their QRCodes.

Gather leads Exhibitors get an exclusive list of people interested in their products/services

The Web Portal Flock stores all scanned information and custom notes in the attendees portal for viewing both on smartphones and on our web portal. This information can be exported to Excel and CSV formats for external use. Exhibitors get a fully searchable list of leads with the option of sending one-click follow up emails.

Attendees get access to information and notes they scanned

One-click follow ups

The Backend

Save money by offering information digitally Reduce the amount of paper waste currently being gathered at booths

5 Export data to Excel and CSV formats for external use

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