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ZOF Africa 2011 Annual Report Copy prepared for public viewing* *In an effort to respect the privacy of the orphaned and vulnerable children ZOF Africa helps support, we have removed from this report all photos revealing their identity. To request a free copy of our private version with photos, please contact

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Letter from our CEO


ZOF Africa Overview


Overview of Zimbabwe & the need for ZOF Africa




Emerald Hill Children’s Home, partner of ZOF Africa in 2011


Fundraisers Outlook for 2012 Our Team

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17 | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Letter from the CEO Dear Friends, I started ZOF Africa in 2009 after witnessing the pressing need for humanitarian aid in orphanages during a visit to Zimbabwe. For over a year I worked closely with volunteers and advisors to build an organization focused on enabling Zimbabwe’s orphaned and vulnerable children to grow up as self-sufficient citizens able to contribute to Zimbabwe’s growth. The year 2011 marked the official launch of ZOF Africa’s fundraising and awareness-building campaigns. We held our first fundraiser in March and our second fundraiser in November. We are still deeply grateful for the support these generated, which enabled us to fund both psychological counseling and the establishment of computer labs at the Emerald Hill orphanage in Zimbabwe. To build off these extraordinary accomplishments, I decided in March of this year 2012 to quit my corporate job and dedicate myself full-time to furthering ZOF Africa’s mission. The year ahead will be centered on growing our network and increasing our positive impact in Zimbabwe. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our all donors, volunteers, advisors, and board members, whose dedicated support makes ZOF’s goals reality. Warm regards,

Georgina Fleming Co-Founder & CEO | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


ZOF Africa Overview ZOF Africa1 is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization run on a volunteer basis in New York City. We fund projects at orphanages in Zimbabwe focused on giving orphaned and vulnerable children the necessary tools for achieving long-term personal, social, and intellectual well-being. Our goal is to provide the framework within which vulnerable children in Zimbabwe can become self-sufficient citizens able to contribute positively to Zimbabwe’s future growth.


Legally registered as “Zimbabwe Orphans Fund” with the IRS and New York State Division of Corporations. | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Overview of Zimbabwe & the need for ZOF Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Zimbabwe was a rare success story in the African continent. In addition to being rich in mineral reserves, its fertile land made it a major tobacco and wheat producer in southern Africa, its exemplary educational system gave it one of the highest literacy rates in the world at over 90%, and its economy was steadily growing at a rate of 4-5% a year. However, from 1998 to 2008, following chaotic land reform, political instability and a costly involvement in the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe’s economy plummeted. In between 2000 and 2007, GDP declined by over 40 percent, agricultural production decreased by an estimated 51%, and the government could no longer afford to fund its public institutions. This forced many public hospitals, schools and orphanages to close down. With unemployment surpassing 90% in 2009, a soaring number of adults could no longer afford to care for themselves or their families. Diseases such as HIV and cholera became widespread, and life expectancy in 2006 fell to the lowest rank in the world (with 37 years for men and 34 years for women). | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484 4

Overview of Zimbabwe & the need for ZOF Africa (cont.) This low life expectancy has left an estimated 25% of Zimbabwe’s children orphaned. Furthermore, due to outstanding government debt, less than a quarter of these children today receive external support. After witnessing the eminent need for this external support, ZOF Africa was founded in 2009. Today Zimbabwe is on a road to recovery, which means that there is hope for the country and its people. Its economy has been growing at an average of 7% a year since 2009, HIV rates have been steadily declining (from 25% in 2003 to 14% in 2010), and according to many sources the literacy rate remains at over 90%. ZOF Africa is working hard to contribute to this recovery. We provide targeted funding to orphaned children in Zimbabwe to provide them with the tools and framework to become self-sufficient citizens and contribute positively to the future growth of their country. Sources: Economy Watch ; CIA World Factbook ; United Nations World Health Organisation; UNICEF; the University of Zimbabwe. | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484 5

Accomplishments The Computer Project Most of the Emerald Hill Children’s Home1 alumni find it difficult to secure a job because they lack basic professional and academic qualifications needed for the current job market. The Computer Project was initiated by Emerald Hill to provide children in its care with good academic results with International Computer Driver’s License (ICDL)2 training and certificates to assist them in their job search, and to assist all the children at Emerald Hill as well as other vulnerable children in the community with studying and revision.


More on Emerald Hill Children’s Home can be found on page 10 of this report.


The ICDL is a test of practical skills and competencies and consists of seven separate modules covering computer theory and practice necessary to be a proficient user of a computer and common computer applications. It is recognized by many governments, corporations and universities as the international standard in end-user computer skills. For more information, visit | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Accomplishments Specifically, ZOF enabled Emerald Hill to:  register Emerald Hill as an ICDL training and testing center  install and network one of the computer rooms  purchase and install UHF equipment to use for broadband service  purchase 20 second-hand desktop computers for the infant and primary school children and for the senior girls  purchase one laptop for the teacher to prepare teaching sessions  provide Teaching Handwriting training and teaching material –a program for the infant and primary school children  purchase computer desks and chairs for two of the three labs | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484



This effort has already yielded results: to date, the project has given computer access to 150 vulnerable children in the community, enabling them to develop Math or English concepts on the computers or learn how to type a Word document. So far, 11 youths have received ICDL certificates, which have enabled them to get computer teacher jobs in different organizations in the community. The labs are useful not only for learning school subjects, but also for preparing for post-school employment. In addition to using the computers to engage the children with their schoolwork, all the senior girls are now attending computer lessons and being taught typing skills which they will need once they attend university or gain employment in an office setting. Finally, so as to share the benefits of the new computer labs, Emerald Hill employs locals from the community to teach the computer skills classes. | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Accomplishments Psychological Counseling Sessions Many of the children at Emerald Hill have suffered emotional, sexual and physical abuse. In addition, Emerald Hill receives many older children who have never attended school. These traumatic experiences often lead to emotional instability in the children, which affects academic performance and peer relationships. Understanding the value of emotional stability as a prerequisite for the future well-being of these children, ZOF Africa raised funds to enable 60 of the most vulnerable children aged 8 through 12 at Emerald Hill to receive psychological counseling from January 2012 through June 2012. Specifically, ZOF Africa funded two sessions for three groups of 20, and three individual sessions for all 60 children. The sessions are being conducted by a practitioner with over fifteen years of relevant counseling experience. Many of these children use their pasts as an excuse for failure in their present lives, so the sessions are focusing on helping them accept their pasts and develop a sense of purpose, as well as a desire to achieve. In our most recent follow-up with Emerald Hill in May 2012, the staff at Emerald Hill and the children’s school teachers were already seeing improvements in the children as they reported that the children had a more positive outlook towards their school work. In addition, ZOF funded intensive counseling training in March for two staff members at Emerald Hill, conducted by a counseling expert from South Africa. | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Overview of Emerald Hill Children’s Home, partner of ZOF Africa in 2011 Emerald Hill Children’s Home, located near Harare, was founded in 1914 and is run by the Dominican Missionary Sisters. It is home to over 100 orphaned and vulnerable children and cares for boys aged 3 to 12 and girls aged 3 to “independence” (usually 18 years).

Emerald Hill’s mission is to ensure that each child in its care fully develops intellectually and emotionally. To achieve this, Emerald Hill works closely with the Department of Social Welfare, other non-governmental organizations including ZOF Africa, faith-based organizations and foreign embassies. In addition to caring for the children at Emerald Hill, the Dominican Missionary Sisters also work with over 1000 other vulnerable children and underprivileged youths in various communities throughout Zimbabwe and provide them with basic necessities such as food and funding for school fees. | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Fundraisers ZOF’s launch party, held on March 11, 2011 at the Yale Club in Manhattan, raised funds for the Computer Lab Project at Emerald Hill. This event was a tremendous success, attracting over 100 guests and raising over $17,0001.

Photos courtesy of Brittany Berckes. 11

This amount excludes the cost of the sponsored venue. | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Fundraisers Our Fall Fundraiser was held in November to raise money for psychological counseling sessions at Emerald Hill. The event took place at the Ainsworth bar in Gramercy and attracted 50 guests whose generous contributions totaled over $1,800.

Photos courtesy of Katie Kalafus. | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Outlook for 2012 Building on our successes of 2011, we are currently researching potential projects that will help and encourage more adolescents to secure jobs or pursue tertiary studies upon leaving orphanages near Harare. To set-up these new initiatives, our CEO Georgina Fleming is undertaking a three-month long trip to Zimbabwe beginning in June where she will be researching the future prospects and outlooks of young adults leaving orphanages in Harare, and how ZOF Africa can accommodate their needs while working with other NGOs on-site. Our upcoming projects will focus on following three criteria: 1.

Economic stimulation – Enabling orphaned and vulnerable youths to develop tangible skills that they will be able to apply in their adult life to further their jobs prospects.


Sustainability – Developing a project with a timeline for ZOF Africa that will be able to sustain itself in the long-term without ZOF Africa’s help.


Cost-efficiency – Reducing costs wherever possible, and even generating revenue from the projects for the orphanages and community members. The projects will seek to build on other NGOs’ work, so as to not duplicate any efforts. | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Our Team

Georgina Fleming Chief Executive Officer

Caroline Janin Deputy CEO

Jens Robatzek Vice Chairman

Maddie Rottman Shailesh Paranjpe Event Planning Volunteer Web Team

Charles Fleming Member of the Board

Katie Kalafus Chief Operating Officer

Lauren Jayson Olivia Saucier Program Planning Intern Volunteer | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484

Andreas Brinck Chief Marketing Officer

Martha Brantley Volunteer

John Bizimana Volunteer


Our Team Other Volunteers

Board Members

Alyssa Moran, Program Planning Steve Brathwaite, Web Team Lauren Goldman, Volunteer Natalie Polito, Design Volunteer Christina Bailey, Volunteer

Georgina Fleming, Chairman Jens Robatzek, Vice Chairman Caroline Janin, Member of the Board Andreas Brinck, Member of the Board Charles Fleming, Member of the Board

Special thanks to: Olivia Saucier, who provided invaluable advice to ZOF Africa since its founding and who has been a major contributor to the organization’s success. Shailesh Paranjpe and Steve Brathwaite, who are generously dedicating their time and expertise to re-designing ZOF Africa’s website.

Caroline and Martha accepting donations at ZOF’s Fall Fundraiser | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


INCOME STATEMENT For the year ended December 31, 2011 INCOME* Private Donations Total Income

$20,215 $20,215

EXPENDITURE Programs (Beneficiary: Emerald Hill Children’s Home)


Programs Total


Overhead Fundraising












Overhead Total Total Expenditure

$1,675 $16,422

Funds Rolled over from 2010 Funds Rolled over to 2012

$184 $3,977

*In addition, ZOF Africa received a restricted donation of $6,436 to cover the venue and consumption expenses of its fundraising event on March 11, 2011 **Expense sponsored by a private donor in 2012 | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


Acknowledgments Gold donors – over $2,000 John Bizimana David & Mary Morrison Silver donors – over $1,000 Ted Geiger Kelly & Spencer Kimball Bronze donors – $200 or more Naveen Thomas Rob Milam Willard Taylor Catharine Melvin Gwen Melvin Platinum Volunteers – over 15 hours donated monthly Caroline Janin Katie Kalafus Gold Volunteers – over five hours donated monthly Andreas Brinck Silver Volunteers – over two hours donated monthly Maddie Rottman Martha Brantley A special thank-you also goes out to our other committed donors Michael Taub, Normand Saucier, and Beth Morrison, for their ongoing support. | Twitter: @ZOF_Africa | Facebook: ZOF Africa ZOF, PO Box 2447, New York NY 10008 | +1 312 593 4484


ZOF Africa – Report 2011 [public version]  

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