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“I sometimes make some frickin awesome make up videos” As bloggers go this one is ever so slightly aimed more at the female population. Okay, so maybe this article will alienate the male readers but if you’d ever wondered how girls take so long getting ready, and make up shopping then this channel is worth a quick look. As you’ve probably guessed by now Deniz and Make Up is a vlog and blog mainly on make up, there’s also some bits on female lifestyle in general, and a few feminist views but it all adds to the viewing pleasure. The type of thing you will see are reviews of the latest make up releases, but with a twist. Deniz is a naturally comical individual which makes for pleasurable watching. Self profiling Height: 163cm/ 5'3" Hair color: Super duper dark brown Eye color: Super duper dark brown too! Freckles: I wish. Most favorite body part: I like my waist. Ankles. Lips. And brain (that would be such a good joke if I were a dude) Least favorite body part: My shoulders are narrow. My nose is jacked and so are my teeth. But we all have something! :) Scars: One under my eyebrow from a disastrous parental haircutting when I was 5 and a chicken pock scar on my chin. And countless cat-scratches. Tattoos: Maybe someday. Piercings: One in each ear. Extremely glad I didn't get my belly button pierced that time when I was 16. Broken bones: Broke my nose when I was 14 and never got it fixed so it looks like this: :^( Phobias: Terrified of dying in a fire. Flying. Crashing in a plane and subsequently dying in a fire. Compulsive thoughts: My job is a ball of compulsive thoughts. Fear: Wasting my life. Party trick: Wriggling my ears? Seriously, I have like negative amounts of co-ordination. The best feeling is: OF COURSE wearing a new lipstick for the first time.

We love knitwear here at scene mag, so we thought we’d head into london and hunt some fellow cardigan wearers and see what they had to say about it,



Chloe is an 18 year old Journalism Student from London. She is hoping to work in Fashion Journalism and says that this season’s knitwear comeback is the best thing that’s happened to fashion in a long time, “It’s just so versatille and warm! There’s nothing better than being warm and stylish at the same time, which is something that sometimes is hard to come accross these days.”

Picture 1- Cardigan £40 Topshop, Shirt £22 Boutique, Vest £5 Primark, Skirt £14 Vintage, Necklace £12 Topshop, Shoes £15 New Look| Picture 2- Jumper £17 Vintage, Skirt £12 H&M, Necklace Handmade| Picture3- Cardigan £42 Topman, Scarf £20 Urban Outfitters, Hairband £5 Primark. All of the above looks plus more can be found at


Oliver is 19 and works as a concession manager inTopshop. He says he lives in knitwear on almost a daily basis and his wardrobe has slowly turned into wool. “As part of my job I need to look the part all the time, thankfully I get first pick of everything that comes in store and a discount which makes it much easier! Although I guess being as lately the most stylish thing to wear is indeed knitwear I think I would wear it anyway.” Oliver gets most of his kitwear from Topman and some in vintage shops around London.

Picture 1- Jeans Topman £42, Jumper £22 Vintage, Shoes £50 Schuh, Coat £112 Topman|Picture 2- Hat £9 Vintage, Shirt £88 Vivienne Westwood, Jeans £19 H&M, Jumper £30 Urban Outfitters |Cardigan Luke £40, Jumper £12 Vintage, Trousers £22 H&M, Shirt £14 Zara

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