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Bristol Mayoral Election

GEORGE FOR MAYOR 15th November 2012

George Ferguson bids to be Bristol City Mayor

“For Real Change we need a strong independent Mayor who puts Bristol first� This is your chance to elect a City Mayor who has a vision for Bristol and a proven track record of real-world achievement and urban regeneration.

George is the ONLY candidate who can beat Labour and deliver REAL change. My only purpose is to make Bristol, the city I love, a better city for all. I have no political ambition beyond Bristol where I have chosen to live and, work for 47 years.

Together we can make real change happen and give Bristol the strong, decisive leadership it needs. I will get Bristol working and nobody will receive favoured treatment due to their party affiliation.

We may live in the best city in Britain, but it has been held back by politics and party bickering. As your independent mayor I promise to put Bristol 1st and to champion it across the world.

Vote to put Bristol 1st. Make sure the world is talking about us for the right reasons. Help me free Bristol from failed party politics on November 15th.

I will work with you to regenerate the pride in Bristol and its people that has been undermined by years of political squabbling.


George can win. He is the ONLY candidate who can beat Labour in this election.

MY VISION FOR BRISTOL 1 Getting Bristol Moving

2 Getting Bristol Working

I will work to establish an Integrated Transport Authority in conjunction with our neighbouring authorities.

I will work with the council, our colleges and other providers to increase the training opportunities for young people.

I will strike a City Deal with Government that includes enhanced rail, tram and bus service alternatives to the flawed BRT bendy bus.

I will work with our universities and industry to meet the demand for higher skilled jobs, including the delivering of key technical skills required for a 21st century economy.

I will seek to introduce a Bristol Freedom Pass for all forms of public transport and access to city venues, public services and facilities. I will make our city centre accessible and inspiring to all, creating a city fit for residents and commuters, pedestrians and cyclists, disabled and able-bodied. An inclusive city fit for all. I will revoke Sunday parking charges, designed to annoy and frustrate whilst producing minimal benefits.

My vision. A city where people can get where they want to go, however they want to travel.

I will seek to make Bristol an exemplar in low carbon technology and clean renewable energy. I will work to build a knowledge economy and see that Bristol is recognised as a ‘City of Science and Innovation’. “George is absolutely committed to Bristol and is a great advocate for the city. Having led the way with his Tobacco Factory project he was instrumental in getting Urban Splash to invest tens of millions of pounds into the restoration and regeneration of Lakeshore in South Bristol” Tom Bloxham MBE Chairman Urban Splash Group Ltd and Tate Trustee

I will not rest until the deficit of Primary School places across Bristol is solved.

My vision. A city of opportunity and improved employment prospects where everyone has a chance to develop their skills.

3 A Healthy and Caring Bristol I will prioritise Bristol’s community day care for the elderly. I will ensure the building of more affordable accommodation across Bristol. I will work to reduce damaging emissions and improve Bristol’s air quality. I will grow a greener Bristol, planting more trees and encouraging local food production. I will champion the protection of Bristol’s Green Belt and farmland, and will prioritise the redevelopment of derelict city sites. I will ensure all our children have inspiring places to play with equal opportunity of access to quality play space.

My vision. A greener city that promotes and improves the health and wellbeing of all its citizens.

“To be able to run a city you need skills in communication, engagement, management, politics, business, buildings, spaces, the urban realm and much, much more. We in Bristol are lucky enough to have a unique individual with all of these important characteristics and skills – George Ferguson.” Shankari Raj Easton


4 A Democratic Bristol

5 Making Bristol Great

I will change the fortress culture of the ‘Council House’ to that of a people’s ‘City Hall’ encouraging meaningful citizen participation.

I will champion Bristol across the world, promoting its many attributes as an outward looking city.

I will appoint a Deputy Mayor and a cabinet of 5 ‘Assistant Mayors’ on the basis of talent and experience regardless of political party. I will replace the Chief Executive with a Chief Operating Officer who has practical and relevant business experience. I will appoint two Youth Mayors, one male, one female, to champion youth provision. I will devolve power to local communities and local people, allowing them to make local decisions about local issues that directly affect them.

George cuts through 300 pages of cabinet agenda papers.

My vision. A democratic city, governed for everyone, freed of party politics.

6 A Vibrant Bristol

I will encourage the restoration of Bristol’s historic Dutch House and High Street destroyed in the war.

My vision. A more beautiful city, known and admired across the world. “I believe George Ferguson offers Bristol the best hope for a strong, independent future as a cultural and exciting European City. For working parents, like me, with young children, his promotion of Adventure Play is just one of many examples of the real difference he makes for local people and families.”

7 A Safer Bristol

I will work with our clubs and players to develop great sports and recreation facilities to turn us into a ‘City of Sport’.

I will prioritise making our streets safer for all.

I will seek to open our school resources for the benefit of local communities, encouraging wider use of valuable facilities.

I will create safer routes to school to encourage walking and cycling amongst younger generations. I will listen to our youth organisations and work with them to provide inspiring opportunities to reduce unsocial behaviour, crime and drug abuse.

I will encourage arts and cultural events across Bristol building on a growing reputation as a city of festivals and street parties.

I will campaign to keep party politics out of policing starting with supporting an Independent Police and Crime Commissioner and will work closely with her and the Chief Constable to ensure Bristol has sufficient and appropriate policing.

I will use my experience to create great public spaces in the city.

My vision. A city with artistic, sporting and neighbourhood facilities that meet your needs and attract others to visit.

I will seek World Heritage status for the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Avon Gorge – the internationally recognised symbol of our city.

Esther O’Callaghan OBE Founder, The Factory Foundation

I will deliver an Arena for Bristol at Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.

I will establish Town Teams across Bristol, modelled on our Greater Bedminster success, to revitalise our high streets and independent shops.

I will build on Bristol’s strengths of creative and ‘green’ industries, engineering and specialist manufacturing to attract new investment.

“George has travelled the world, studying closely the ways in which other cities work successfully and the lessons Bristol can learn. He has already implemented some of them; as Mayor he will do even more to benefit our city.”

My vision. A city where everyone feels safe whatever they are doing and wherever they are.

Tim Stanley Westbury on Trym

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George Ferguson's Vision for Bristol  
George Ferguson's Vision for Bristol  

This document outlines independent candidate George Ferguson's vision for Bristol. The election for the first Mayor of Bristol takes place 1...