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Maestro Bravest



O DENIRAN C E O a n d Founder Zoe Gospel Promotions, 2006



about the


12 years of incorporation (2006—2018) nearly two decades of service (1999 to 2018).


Zoe Records was established in 1999 and Zoe's Gospel Promotions it's not for profit arm, was incorporated as a separate entity in 2006. Since 1999, Zoe Records and Zoe's Gospel Promotions have been making music, inspiring and impacting lives, nurturing the artists of the day, teaching the artists of the future and changing the landscape of gospel music in the United Kingdom and how its perceived around the world. For two decades we have made music, curated, showcased artists, hosted live performances, developed festivals, produced radio and television programmes, toured artists across the world, trained young people, researched heritage, sponsored music events, organised conferences, curated exhibitions, made films and more. The future is bright as we seek to further impact communities, change perspectives, challenge stereotypes by using Gospel Music as a tool for community cohesion and bridging inter generation gaps. I am very excited about what the future holds for Zoe Gospel Promotions and for the UK gospel music industry!. 3

cadence: A sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase; a modulation or inflection of the voice, a rhythmical effect in written text and a all in pitch of the voice at the end of a phrase or sentence. Cadence is a vocal skill. 2017 marked a great milestone in Zoe Gospel Promotion’s history. We were asked to participate in providing CPD training for music teachers across the borough. To mark this momentous occasion, we asked the multi-talented and cadence-rich Professor Wilbur Belton and Company to serve as facilitators. The diversity found within the Gospel music genre allows our organisation to form partnerships that create new opportunities and extend our reach.

“To sing gospel music well you need to feel it and to be able to translate that feeling into cadence”

Partnerships & collaborations tenor, alto, soprano, director As well as facilitating our CPD delivery, Professor Wilbur Belton, has been in London, leading our Fri:d3m vocal master classes . Role: composer, musician, and arranger . Nationality: American Alma Mater: The Catholic University Washington DC. (Major: Music education, minor: Classical piano) awards EnSound Award, Washington Area Music Award Gospel Awards for Best Traditional Choir and The Community Choir Award. nominations Best Mass Choir Professor Wilbur Belton Founder and Executive Music Director of the Excel School of Music Coordinator at the Cathedral School for the Performing Arts Adult Education


Audience Development ZGP has been working to create a rich, creative activities and events that bring people together to promote cohesions and the sense of community. Our events bring diverse generations, and communities together. “ Activity which is undertaken specifically to meet the needs of existing and potential audiences, visitors and participants and to help arts organisations to develop ongoing relationships with audiences. “ The Arts Council

the audience: all physical and digital attendees, visitors, readers, listeners, viewers, participants, learners and people who purchase works of art.


I’m the Project Coordinator for Fri:d3m 2017 music project. I joined Zoe Records as a volunteer in August 2016. I joined the organisation in order to gain experience in marketing and promotions. I was offered a paid role after successfully completing a number of tasks.

without its challenges and requires strong people management skills.

The parents where happy with the program. I already have a waiting list for Fri:d3m 2018.

The main challenges I faced were the project delivery time frame and balancing competing schedules and objectives.

Fri:d3m was absolutely brilliant for both the local and wider communities. It brought people together and left a lasting impact in the boroughs.

However judging by the feedback collected from the students every week, comments from Beyond Fri:d3m , my role at ZGP is diverse In January 2017 I was seconded to Zoe Gospel parents and from staff at partner organisaand includes a heritage archiving project and tions such as Kingsford Community School; Promotions to work on Fri:d3m. producing radio shows . the Fri:d3m project was indeed a success. This has been my first experience managing a I have seen the impact that this project has had big scale project and I'm looking forward to TRACY on the young people who participated in it. working on other music and drama related They really enjoyed the experience and grew in projects. confidence and skill. A success indicator for me personally, was that we succeeded in making Coordinating Fri:d3m is a dream come true. Fri:d3m fun. The young people really enjoyed and has been both challenging and very themselves and didn't really want it to end. rewarding. Project Coordinator, They came in each day, happy and ready to sing. They have made new friends and Graduated First Class Music Management I’m a fan of Gospel music and enjoy organising performed for live audiences., which are all from University of West London. events. It’s really rewarding when it all comes experiences with a lasting impact. Joined Zoe Gospel Promotions 2016 together even though coordination is not



OUTPUTS FROM PROJECTS concerts, training sessions, volunteer opportunities work placements books, reports, music CD’s video

HUMAN RESOURCES participants: 600 (including audiences) volunteers:100 freelance workers: 60 artists: 30 partner organisations: 15

Free Resources jordan's deamours heritage project evaluation report. public exhibitions zgp annual reports

OUTCOMES FROM PROJECTS increased opportunities for target groups increased transferable skills development raised levels of social capital raised levels of employability verifiable industry experience for beneficiaries sharing music, culture and heritage greater community cohesion increased intergenerational working community partnerships

RESOURCES Defn: a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.


FRI:D3M (pronounced freedom) is a participatory music, mentoring and masterclass project supporting young people from communities across East London. FRI:D3M celebrates aspiration, empowerment, positivity, freedom and the musical diversity found within Black Gospel Music.



FRI:D3M provides new and innovative opportunities for professional, amateur, aspiring artists and non-artists involved with the genre to showcase their art and engage with new audiences.







2 10


9 8 7 17 1. Kingsford Community School


2. Remi Ogunshakin 3. Volney Morgan 4.JayEss 5.Shantelle Fuller


6. Sabrina Hilaire


7. InderPaul Sandhu 8. Feed ’Em 9. Dennis Parkes 10. Ibe and Cast


11. Israel Allen 12. Andrew Bello 13. Ayo Tikare 14. Unique Creation 15. Triple O 16. Sarah Teibo 17. Davida Robertson


THE BRIDGE PROJECT Bridge stands for Building (social) Resources for Individual Development, Growth and Empowerment. The use of the word Bridge is intended as both a metaphor and a statement of purpose. People, communities and neighbourhoods flourish and become successful largely due to the calibre and strength of the networks they possess or to which they have access. These networks determine levels of social cohesion, social capital, well-being, quality of life and community spirit. The Bridge project gave young people opportunity to learn how to network and to work with people from diverse ethnicities and ages. Social Capital and knowing how to build bridges is essential for getting ahead in life .



vocal Aspirations Project: Say it! Scribe it! Sing it! Share it! Olympic themed, collaborative song writing and performance project. Funded by: East London Business Alliance Commercial Sense Conference Funded by Awards for All. Barnsley and Newham Olympic Project Funded by Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley.

Target groups: 7-12 & 13-25yrs

“Social Capital� refers to the resources available in and through personal and business networks. These resources include information, ideas, leads, business opportunities, financial capital, power and influence, emotional support, even goodwill, trust, and cooperation.



“Prior to working with Zoe's Gospel Promotions, I had very little knowledge or understanding of Gospel music as a genre.

journey of ZPG Volunteer Typically volunteers come to ZGP either through the schools and university work placements, or through volunteer centres.

I was aware of its association with the church. However, I wasn't aware of Gospel music's many complexities. …..

In order to leverage the intrinsic value of volunteering we created distinct programs that enable volunteers to maximise the outcomes of their investment of time and skills at ZGP.

Working with ZGP has taught me more about myself and how to work/ interact with different groups of people.”

We want to ensure that volunteers gain practical experience, and are able to use this experience to stand out from the crowd .

Ray Verma; Volunteer Videographer

“Being involved in the Jordan's Demeanours Project has re-ignited the fire for my work. I not only inspired to become involved with similar projects, I feel inspired to contribute to meaningful work that has some real educational and inspirational merit.” Sharon Gaspard; Volunteer Videographer

Emp loyability

Volunteering, and the quality of ZGP volunteering program creates points of differentiation between ZGP volunteers and the other candidates. We want our volunteers, as a result of having volunteered at ZGP, to be able to demonstrate their well-rounded personalities and interesting life experience with clarity and real life and role–related examples. Socia l Capita l

Through our volunteering program, volunteers learn new skills, meet new people, extend their social and community networks, gain new experiences and have opportunities to explore areas of work of interest to them. They gain improved transferable skills such as leadership, motivation, time management, prioritisation, delegation, listening, communication, analytics, and research as well as verifiable ways of demonstrating those skills and experiences.


“The school chose this project for me, but I’m glad I did it because I learnt a lot and met great people.” Student, Age 15

Zoe UK Sound of Gospel Radio Show find us on UGN Radio Streaming Praise Radio Synergy Radio Zoe UK Sounds of Gospel’, Zoe’s Radio Station, currently broadcast in both the UK and Canada, is Zoe’s own radio station Five shows are recorded and produced every week by a roster of Zoe personalities. Zoe’s Issac Odeniran, Uzo Anyia and Tracy Lenga present their own shows celebrating their unique and inimitable styles and musical tastes.


LILLEY Sound Engineer I’m the chap that helps you get the sound you want to achieve.

I work on the technical aspects of sound and music production by mixing, reproducing and manipulating the equalization and electronic effects of sound.

The shows play the best of UK Gospel music, both old and new, featuring Zoe’s label artists and music from contemporary UK Gospel Grime and Rap scene. Zoe UK Sounds of Gospel regularly features interviews of the most interesting new artists on the Gospel scene as well those of more established Gospel artists like Noel Robinson.

“The collaborations at Zoe Gospel Promotions, between singers, songwriters and producers will hopefully one day produce the Gospel stars of tomorrow! “

There is a constant creative buzz in the office as we develop and encourage new artists and singers. Those just beginning their careers can come to Zoe and try out ideas for future projects, write songs, record vocals and experiment with production sounds. 12

REACHING OUT GEOGRAPHICALLY; PARTNERSHIP WORKING. “helping to improve communities by increasing levels of skills, and bringing people together.� Talent can be found in every community in this nation. ZGP aims to go where that talent maybe found and to enable as many people as possible to access our services.

In Greater London we have engaged communities in: Newham Waltham Forest Hackney Westminster Greenwich Camden Highbury and Islington Tower hamlets Redbridge Kensington and Chelsea Barking and Dagenham. And beyond London Barnsley in West Yorkshire. Birmingham Linking and working across communities is great news for the genre and art form. The cross fertilisation that occurs creates new sounds, fusion of old sounds and interesting musical collaborations. It brings people together beyond Postcode, borough and city borders. We have been awarded financial support from the London Boroughs of Redbridge and Newham as well as from Barnsley Council. We have received written support for our project initiatives, publicity and in-kind support from the London Boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, Newham, Westminster and Waltham Forest. In addition to these we have been able to make use of the free resources available on the websites of most Local Authority to help us plan new projects and thereby play our part in


THE MUSO’s The musicians make all our live performances, concerts, workshops, training events come alive. and helps us turn events in great creative experiences Muso’s provide opportunities for young musicians and artists to participate in music-based mentoring and informal jam sessions.


As young people play with better and more experienced musicians; the younger less experienced musician are exposed to more musical techniques and develop skills that they would not otherwise gain

2 3

1. Alton Mcghee


2. Mike Edwardes 3. Jarrett Turnipseed

4 5

4. Christopher Savage. 5. DJ Shunz 14

impact community

“We wish to thank you very much for the recent projects from Zoe Records which have brought enormous enrichment to the education and development of many of our pupils and indeed much joy to the school and wider community. “ Reverend Fred Ashford-Okai Assistant Headteacher (For Community Cohesion). Kings Ford Community School

“This is the best experience of my life” Year 7 participants

“Just wanted to pass on my congratulations and thanks for the dedicated work making the weekend festival such a success. The workshops and performance at Kingsford were impressive! “ John Bergin., CEO Newham Music

beyond the projects

How ZGP projects impact individuals, families and communities. (Measuring impact using LBG model) outputs

We have contributed to growth of the genre while helping young people, artists and families, develop new skills and participate musically, socially and economically in the growing creative industry. impacts

Long term impact; many of our volunteers and interns have gone on to secure long-term employment. Their employment means that there are more individuals engaged in social and economic participation in the communities we serve. ZGP has served local families by helping to increase the number of high quality and affordable summer programs for young people in inner-city areas. While these programs have been fun and skills enhancing, they have also served to keep the young people constructively engaged during the long summer holidays. For the Gospel music industry it means we have been investing in the future. By ensuring that up and coming artists have opportunities to showcase their music and build audiences, ZGP has played its part in ensuring that new and/ or young artists have access to music related opportunities. As a member of the communities we serve, our community events have opened up the genre to new audiences. This in turn aids cohesion in communities because music has the ability to bring diverse

audiences together.

How ZGP benefits? Word of mouth advertising and established relationships with institutes of learning about our value and skill enhancing placements, has and continues to help us attract high calibre volunteers and interns. These placements and volunteering programs in term have helped participants obtain the experience and exposure that they need to get into the creative industries.

our inputs

Donations, Time, Expertise , Volunteering, Influence and advocacy – highlighting the issues, raising awareness , Grants 15

in the media The areas I cover include Digital, Radio Servicing, Social Media, managing those who volunteer at Zoe Gospel Promotions and our artists. Although very challenging, the tasks are all very enjoyable, especially knowing that I am helping to build something substantial.


ANYIA Business Development Executive


what we did: Traced the effect of post World War II immigration on black gospel music in London. Created archives by taping into people’s memories and their own private collections.

The Story of British Black Gospel Music Post 1948.

worked with: young people from the boroughs of Newham, Waltham Forest, Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and community elders. supported by: staff from the archive services in the four boroughs. Used the information gathered to create : a website, video documentary archive of recordings images, exhibitions and book

Zoe’s Gospel Promotions Heritage Project

“A group of young people will gain a range of skills in the process of helping to create a lasting record of the development of black gospel music in London in the years following World War II. In so doing they will not only add to general awareness of this particular form of music, but will enrich the history of immigration.”

Documentation of black gospel music’s recent history in modern British culture.

Sue Bowers, HLF London

‘’This is a great opportunity to uncover the great gems that are hidden away in people’s memories and to build a body of written and photographic data. We are excited about sharing our discoveries with the wider public and providing numerous opportunities for them to enjoy and appreciate the diversity, richness and history that is British black gospel music.’’ Zoe Gospel Promotions, Director Isaac Odeniran


1 We don't have a typical service user or beneficiary. Music and music-making naturally lend themselves to the engagement of young people (12– 17 years). We spend a lot of time working with young people. They make up the greater number of individuals reaching out to us for talent development and showcasing and as expected they are our key demographic. Thanks largely to the youth work placement service, Newham in Business, young people also make up the greater number of work placement at ZGP. ZGP and our sister record label Zoe Records are based in East London. Our location is in within easy access of the secondary schools in the area. Any young person wanting to, spend their two week placement gaining music and events industry experience would have very difficulty finding our premises. Our activities provide young people with amazing opportunities to ‘gig ‘ with professional artists and musicians. The diversity and style available within our pool of mentors is incredible and ranges from rock to opera, soul to grime, rap to traditional gospel. This diversity allows young people to experiment with many styles and learn to use their voices in a variety of musical ways.

2 Then we have the wider local community. The communities we service are generally inner-city with varying levels of economic and social disadvantage. One of the consequences of social and economic disadvantage is in the negative impact that it has on family and community relationships. It’s often said that families that play together stay together. However economic disadvantage often means that many inner-city families and communities do not have much disposable income to spend on leisure and artistic activities. Our public and community engagement events are usually free of charge or very low priced. We want families to be able to attend and participate in events together i.e. as a family. Our summer activities also serve as a diversionary role. Families are able to enrol their young people in productive activities and thereby reduce the opportunities of engaging in any antisocial behaviour.


The next group of ZGP service-users are professional and semi-professional artists. This group have been working in the music industry for a few years. Generally this service-user group are looking for new platforms and opportunities in which to share, extend or showcase their skills, materials knowledge and experience. They help to make-up our pool of diverse and multi-talented vocal, and instrument, coaches and music-mentors. Within this group are artists who looking for opportunities to take their careers onto the next phase by either developing new audiences, creating videos or raising their media profiles. Working with ZGP goes a long way to helping them achieve those aims


BEN EFI CIA RIE S 4 Our Trustees, Staff, and Volunteers all benefit from ZGP services and projects. Apart from financial benefits to the staff, this group benefit from being able to curate in unique one off experiences that they are able to participate in with their friends and family.

whom do we serve?


promote gospel Music through training, education, and events; Support gospel artists through concerts, tour, television and radio campaigns; raise awareness on issues relating to gospel music and the development of the genre gospel music; develop periodicals, magazines, books, leaflets or other documents or films or recorded tapes that promote the genre, artists and social good; hold exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and courses; foster and undertake research and disseminate the results of any such research; co-operate and enter into arrangements with authorities, nationals, local or otherwise to promote the genre and social good.


ZGP Zoë gospel promotion www.zoegospelpromo.co.uk 9 Campbell Rd E15 1SU Company no: 06016647 telephone: 0208 534294/ 2316