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Step by Step Guide for Photoshop Student Magazine Project (Front Cover) I got the writing for my student magazine from the website I wrote in the words I wanted to use for my magazine and print screened the image from the internet. I then pasted the image into Photoshop and cropped it to the right size I wanted it, and then pasted it onto my background.

To colour in the letters I clicked on the ‘quick selection tool’, I then zoomed in with the zoom in tool and filled the letters with different colours using the paint bucket tool.

I thought that the white on this photo didn’t go very well with the background, so I used the ‘magnetic lasso tool’ to cut my friend out from the background, then I deleted the layer the background was on and pasted the image of my friend onto my background.

I downloaded this flower paintbrush tool from the website and made the colour black as I wanted to keep my magazine simple.

I then created a text box and changed the font size to 26.74pt and the font style to Viner Hand ITC, the reason I changed it to this is because I wanted it to have a handwritten student feel. I then changed the colour of the font to black and white to work with the background.

I added a brush and changed colour yellow I then added red writing onto the yellow paintbrush and made it red against yellow background. I found this worked quite well.

I then made a box and filled it in red, then dragged the layer to the top of the screen so it would appear above the shot of Ruby and the background.

I then added some writing on top of the text box using the text tool.

To make the writing stand out a little more I made the writing bold.

Step by step guide (Front Cover)