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Our Mission Statement












“À cæur vaillant rien d’impossible”




Art Wanson Group is formed by a dedicated family of individuals whose aim

Art, Design, Architecture, Luxury, Hospitality and Business Strategies

and philosophy is the creation of excellence in Art, Design, Architecture,

are intimately linked. The Wanson Group of professionals focuses on

Hospitality & Luxury Projects and Business Strategies. The creation of a

luxury projects and strives for perfection, excellence and exclusivity. The

distinct international platform comes to describe the Group as a source

underlying passion for unique creations and tailored projects is achieved

of inspiration for luxury seekers and companies alike. Its select clientele

through the interaction of our individual strengths. By taking personal care

around the world enjoys the challenge of new creations.

and consideration of the finer details, AWG is able to give birth to projects


of the highest standards. Reflecting its unique clientele’s personality and lifestyle, the product family created by the Group is truly unique. Ideas

Léon Wanson founded the Wanson Group in 1949. A visionary of his

are led step by step from concept to completion with luxury and quality

time, he focused his engineering organization on contemporary ground-

in mind throughout. The challenge of new creations and programmes is a

breaking innovations. His energy and commitment let him quickly expand

distinctive feature of the Art Wanson Group’s portfolio of clients.

from Belgium to France, Italy & Morocco, reaching a presence in thirtynine countries around the globe over the years. In their wish to continue the Wanson family’s legacy, Mercedes and François Duerinckx created Art Wanson Gallery and Art Wanson Group. Based on the success of a family tradition that was powered by innovation, the Arts and Culture became quintessential values to initiate profound and positive contributions to the world.

As a key part of progress, we transform businesses and communities with the power of Arts & Culture. We connect these to cultural organisations and individuals, providing expertise and insight for the resulting relationships to thrive - both for their mutual benefit and for that of the wider community. We encourage and promote strong partnerships between businesses through our platform. These partnerships will come to underline our own strategies in the transformation of neighbouring

ART WANSON GROUP T ODAY With headquarters in Marbella’s renowned ‘Marbella Club Hotel’, the group boasts international representation in Doha, Paris, London and Sao Paulo, while expanding towards Russian, Asian, Middle Eastern

companies and communities. We offer exclusive services that promote the idea of living in harmony. We generate ideas in the endeavour to add value to your business. We build long-term capital growth for Investors and provide diversification to investment portfolios.

and MENA markets. The iconic emblem of the buffalo that once used to


adorn Grandfather Wanson’s factories, is now reborn. A revered symbol,

To enable the enjoyment of Art. This can only be done with true passion,

it represents strength, stability and most of all wisdom, and has been

sensation & emotion.

brought back to life with the Art Wanson Group.


“Tradition, Excellence, Exclusivity & Passion”


that allow us to forever renew our strengths & inspirations and define future development goals.



AWG project in Doha, fecha, año AWG©2016



We are precursors; trend hunters in the Art, Design & Architecture sectors

Good design is in the details and Art Wanson Group ask the right questions

within the context of Luxury Projects and Business Strategies.

to understand them. Be it interior, exterior or landscape design we take our original concept sketches and develop them into the final product.

We are constantly facing changes. New strategies and futuristic visions

One that expresses every need and requirement that the client has called

see art, luxury, communications, technology and incessant transformation

for, and features that only our experience and knowledge can provide.

as a key part of progress. In a world where things are continuously turning, the only thing that remains constant is evolution itself.

ARCHITECTURE We specialize in Architecture and landscaping for residential projects,

We make things happen. We do this by promoting interaction, innovation

business spaces, hotels and resorts. We develop concept designs and

and creativity through cultural initiatives between individuals, companies,

have the necessary skills and knowledge to turn them into reality. A team

institutions, corporations, governments and foundations. The synergies

of in-house dedicated individuals share the same passion and vision of

that spread to other fields and markets continuously generate contacts

excellence and exclusivity to make it all come together as one.

on an international level.



The educational and cultural values that define us form our legacy

Through Art, we aim to add luxury experiences, and therefore value, to

and thereby, our future. We promote mutually enriching relationships

Hospitality projects. With a strong focus on strategy and practical actions

between tradition and innovation.

that are tailored to our clients’ needs, we deliver tangible results, engaging on all levels of organisational aspects. As professionals in the emerging


world of Luxury Art Projects & Services within the Hospitality industry,

Art is a powerful language that transcends borders, space and time and

we build up momentum and develop lasting success.

contributes to a better understanding between cultures and nations. Art Wanson Gallery is a leading modern and contemporary Art gallery that


represents many of the most significant international artists of the 20th

Art Wanson Group possesses the experience and knowledge in strategic

and 21st centuries. Diverse groups of internationally acclaimed artists

thinking associated with Art, Design and Architecture. From finance, real

include Fine Masters such as Picasso, Lichtenstein, Giacometti, Dali,

estate, consulting, development, project management and production,

Bacon and Warhol.

we have the in-house professionals on hand to offer the necessary skills to achieve the finest results - on time and on budget - every time.





AWG offers professional advice in art,

As an investment, Art is a trend-oriented asset


design, architecture, luxury, communication,

showing rising demand and limited supply. We

As ambassadors of Cultural, Educational and

strategies, finance and investment with using

consult in these areas offering a substantial


key tools:


the relationship with our customers and offer

· An international identity

· Art as an asset class

bespoke services. We are set to offer you and

· Innovation and creativity

· Art as a tangible asset investment

your company unforgettable experiences.

· Our vision

· Art advice and investment structuring

strategies, we seek excellence in

We believe that human educational & cultural

· Passion, sensations and emotions


values are essential attributes in the definition


Hospitality is a niche in constant change and

of future development goals on a global scale.

· Business

our goal is to add value to the user experience

Furthermore, our commitment takes on a ho-

· Luxury

through Art with the help of:

listic approach that starts with the individual.

· Excellence

· Projects and initiatives

· Exclusivity

· Ongoing development of new concepts

· Wellness

· A-Z organisation from every aspect.

· Global strategy · Public relations


· Media visibility

Art Wanson Group suggests a portfolio of

· Networking

one-of-a-kind assets to offer as investments.

· B2B

We tailor to specific and understand each

· Social events

acquisition as personal growth. We view the

· Prestigious connections

trading of assets from both sides and endeavour to understand sellers’ interests. · Residencial · Motoring & Boating · Jewellery · Oenology AWG©2016


Marc Chagall

Vasili Kandinsky

Frida Kahlo

Michelangelo Buonar roti

Rober to Matta

Amedeo Modigliani

Remedios Varo

Mark Rothko

Peter Paul Rubens

Salvador Dalí

Tamara Lempicka

Emile Ber nard

Leonardo da Vinci

Paul Gauguin

Our mission is to be the first and best source for acquiring Fine Art


Aer t de Gelder

Masterpieces for individual clients and collectors worldwide. From the

Henri Matisse

Fabrizio Santafed

16th century through to contemporary artists, we provide excellent

Pablo Picasso

G.D. Tiepolo

documentation and historical descriptions. At the same time, we

Francis Bacon

Tiberio Tinelli

strongly believe in establishing a lifetime of personal and professional


Cuno Amiet

relationships with our clients.

Claude Monet

J. van Walscapelle

Diego Velázquez

Tiziano Vecellio/J.Robusti

Jeff Koons


Max Er nst

Lucio Fontana

Van Dyck

Joan Miró

Vincent van Gogh

Paul Cézanne

Francisco de Goya

Joaquin Sorolla

Art Wanson is confident that the interested collector will find value and

Gustav Klimt

Fer nando Botero

quality in the artwork we offer. We serve collectors at all levels and


Francisco de Goya

stages - from beginners to connoisseurs – from well-priced lithographs


Georges Braque

to multi-million-dollar superlative masterpieces.

Piet Mondrian

Antoni Tàpies

Andy Warhol

Roy Lichtenstein

ART WANSON GALLERY FINE ART Art Wanson is dedicated to historical and scholarly museum-quality exhibitions which are accompanied by a strong commitment to the Art of the 21st century and beyond. Since its inception and continuing today, Art Wanson has organized many important exhibitions from renowned artists and the Great Masters themselves.

This business philosophy allows us to look to collectors’ long-term needs. We listen carefully, share our knowledge and experience and strive to enhance the collecting experience for our clients. We seek to aid the informed and intelligent buyer to make equally informed and wise decisions when looking to purchase works of fine art.

Gerhard Richter


THE WANSON GROUP TEAM We are an international network, a ‘Think Tank’ built by professionals with conscience, ethics and a sense of responsibility generated from the worlds of business, communications, technology, science, the Arts and philosophical thinking. We are a team with the knowledge and skills needed to compete in a global economy. Our professionals in the fields of architecture, art, design, hospitality and cultural projects strive for perfection, excellence and exclusivity. Actively engaged, all contribute strategically to the global exchange of ideas through the Arts and business. Our extensive network includes highly specialized professionals who are qualified in all the areas of personal and professional growth, including overall health and wellbeing. We provide and promote training services, activities and projects with a focus on strategic business thinking.

MERCEDES DUERINCKX Founder of Art Wanson Gallery and co-founder of Art Wanson Group, Mercedes is a cosmopolite entrepreneur whose career path covers over 20 years’ experience in European and MENA Countries. Mercedes founded Art Wanson Gallery in 2008 and it has become a well-known Art consultancy and contemporary gallery with an important portfolio that includes collections from 18th - 20th century Masters. Looking to push further into international markets, the Group looked to the Middle East and opened as a luxury platform in the Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf: unique, exclusive and philanthropic projects driven by passion, tradition and excellence on all levels. Leading an inspired team of professionals, Mercedes’ vision and guidance has pushed the platform to the very highest levels. AWG©2016

ART WANSON GROUP HEADQUARTERS Our headquarters are located within the grounds of the historic Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa. Opening hours are from Monday to Friday, 11am - 2pm / 5 pm - 8 pm. Appointments are available and welcome out of opening hours. T (+34) 952 541 541 M (+34) 650 463 130 Marbella Club Hotel Blvd PrĂ­ncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n 29602 Marbella, Spain

AWG is further represented in Madrid, Valencia, Mallorca, Paris, London, Monaco, Miami, New York, Doha and Dubai.


“Tradition, Excellence, Exclusivity & Passion”

ART WANSON GROUP Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa Blv Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, 29602 Marbella Telf.+34 952 541 541 | Mov.+ 34 650 463 130


AWG Mission Statement  

Art Wanson Group

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