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Artistic Journalist Editors Letter

Melbourne 11th September - 15th September Places to visit on my itinerary listKuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Done Langkawi, Malaysia - Done Koh Phangan, Thailand - Done Singapore-Done Melbourne, Australia - Doing Japan- Tokyo Back to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Then back home to London and back to my University The University of East London. I was awarded a Travel Scholarship by my University, University of East London (UEL). My project proposal, that I devised myself, was to travel in South East Asia and learn about all the different cultures, see what’s on offer for young people like myself, and create an online mixed media magazine in ‘blog’ style presented in PDF printable and downloadable versions. My magazine is called “Juppie” which is a Japanese slang term for young sophisticated working person. I liked the term when researching one night. It’s also a play on the word ‘yuppie’. I have arrived safely in Melbourne. This is the fifth issue and I am loving every minute. I’m having the best adventures, exploring and being creative. I can’t wait to go out and party and have heard so much great stuff about this city, glad to be free of a few less mosquitoes for now, and it’s back to burger and chips for dinner! Since stepping off the plane I have lost count how many times I have heard that saying ‘No Worries mate’ I am planning to visit the famous RMIT University. I’ve made a few good lasting friendships here. Thanks for looking after me you guys - you know who you are! Hope you enjoy my fifth issue - it’s been along time coming... Zoe Holloway X.

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There are many famous artists- Robert Brown, Jean Miro who studied and lived in this city. The famous RMIT University is here in Melbourne and has some great skilled art students. I went to the National Gallery here called NGV. There are many examples of street art around. Melbourne is a very creative city.

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Actually, the only bizarre thing in Melbourne was that I spotted this man going across a bridge the outside way‌

Environment Page 7 When I arrived in September the weather was hot one second then breezy the next, but apparently that is winter weather! it wasn’t that cold, so I am not complaining.

Melbourne is not such a big city, there are free trams for getting around good-looking people, cool fashion, nice atmosphere, lots of open space to roam and explore and the people are very laid back and friendly.

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Melbourne is well-dressed city, full of fashion addicts, high class boutiques to back street designers. This is preparing me for Tokyo perfectly.

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Well there were no BBQ meals for my stay in Oz. Although absolutely anything can be cooked on a Barbie, even apple pie, so I am told. I will have to go back to try that. All I ate whilst in Melbourne was burger and chips and other types of fast food.

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This is the city for live music. I don’t know about Chicago, but Melbourne is a mixture of pop, rock, funk, soul, house, jazz, reggae, electro, or whatever other sounds you’re into. You can find it here, any night of the week in the Brunswick areas.

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Too many bars and clubs to choose from!

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Aussies are friendly and down to earth. Here are some things I learnt aboutStubby coolers, ‘throw another snag on the Barbie’, ‘Shelia’, visited the famous RMIT University, viewpoint and the Australian football league. I made some friends who showed me around Glen, Jamy and Ben. Thanks you guys!

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I checked out a lot of places here – Brunswick for the music Crown plaza for shopping St Kilda’s beach Viewpoint Another Big wheel




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I managed to get a ticket for a big game, St Kilda – vs. Collingwood. Over 170 thousand people were in the stadium - it was really good.

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You can travel free by tram until 12pm and even take a trip in helicopter around the city.

Thank - you I would like to thank the following people for helping me and making it possible for me to create this IssueMelbourne Airport has a Victorian Police Unit Glen Ockwell Jamy & Ben Sian Harris at UEL Debbie Smith at UEL Lauren Hutson Jay Holloway

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