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Artistic Journalist Editors Letter

27th August - 29th August I was in Langkawi, but only for 2 days so wasn’t sure whether to do a new issue of Juppie. There is a lot to see on this Island so I thought I should. It had originally been planned that two friends from Malaysia would come with me, but they got held up so joined me later. I left for Langkawi because I had been in KL for a while I was getting used to the place. Places to visit on my itinerary listKuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Done Langkawi, Malaysia - Doing Koh Phangan, Thailand Singapore Melbourne, Australia Tokyo, Japan Back to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Then Back home to London and back to my university, the University of East London. For those of you who don’t already know.. I was awarded a Travel Scholarship by my University, University of East London (UEL). My project proposal, that I devised myself, was to travel in South East Asia and learn about all the different cultures, see what’s on offer for young people like myself, and create an online mixed media magazine in ‘blog’ style presented in PDF printable and downloadable versions. My magazine is called “Juppie” which is a Japanese slang term for young sophisticated working person. I liked the term when researching one night. It’s also a play on the word ‘yuppie’. Langkawi is a 1hr and 30min flight from Kuala Lumpur so quite a popular destination for Malaysians and tourists alike. I managed to have some issues again overweight luggage again, thanks Air Asia…They’re offering reduced travel from London to KL from March- check it out but don’t bring to many bags with you. I arrived in Langkawi safely and within about 30 minutes my two friends were there to pick me up - thanks guys! We got some accommodation sorted and went out to celebrate. Hope you enjoy my second issue. It has been along time coming... Zoe Holloway x.

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Myth has it this mountainous range is the Pregnant lady. We spotted her whilst island hopping. I found out about these little fish that live in fresh water Garra Rufa and eat dead skin.

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This is more of a small shopping, duty free, party town, and port and island destination. Still, there are nice views on the Island and a few fun things to do.

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There are general, beachwear shops around here. The only other shopping is for alcohol, cigarettes and chocolates which are all duty free.

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Fruits called Langsats (below). Seafood is available at many restaurants and there is Debbie’s Irish bar if you are feeling home sick.

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There are some good bars on the island, chimes for the Hip Hop, Sunba Retro has live bands playing, usually open until 2am. Langkawi is only place where alcohol is the same price as or cheaper than water!

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Langkawi for me was a short break from the city of Kuala Lumpur. There is plenty to do, although I mainly wanted to chill by my rented beachside house. I went to a few bars including the Aquarium where I met the snake man and his family.

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I got to check out Awana hotel, the resort’s best hotel on the island. I have been to the Awana Mango Tree restaurant in South Ken, London before (thanks Nok Murphy restaurant manager and Nilam Jadav complete media group) Island hopping is good fun

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Local people on this island are stoosh, some friendly and some not. I have mixed views about my time here. The photo is of Kealo and Queensets dropping me off at the airport to go to Langkawi

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You can rent a scooter or a car to explore the Island.

Thank - you I would like to thank the following people for helping me and making it possible for me to create this IssueOmair Kealo Queensets Jayslim The Snake man

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Issue02 Langkawi  
Issue02 Langkawi  

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