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Avi.– INT. COACH / BUS. AFTERNOON. A large empty bus, all dull beige seats and wood veneer, makes its way along a stretch of motorway. INT. COACH / MOTORWAY. At the back of the coach we see a lone passenger with a (samsonite) bag next to him. His eyes closed, head drooped. Suddenly he raises a hand and rubs the bridge of his nose. It’s no use, AVI, 25, can’t sleep. He pulls up a set of head phones, puts them on, and presses play on his MP3. INT. COACH. Long shot from the front of the coach, the driver’s ruff face to the left, empty seats filtering away from camera, AVI’s head peaking above a back seat. We hear the music from his MP3 begin to play.

AVI stares out of the window. The music still playing on his MP3. The coach makes a sharp left turn, the camera just catching a glimpse of the sign: (destination) Avi walks out (cam follows) walks one and a half blocks and enters a medical store says hi to the store lady and proceeds to the back door to the go down meets Boris. Avi. Hey B how you doin this morning ?? Boris. Like shit .. my delivery broke down on the border .. and I got to give out a supply this evening.. and customers are a bitch when it comes to timing’s..

Avi. Ask them to wait a while .. how much could it be ? are we talking big numbers ? Boris nods.(to confirm) Boris . Well I guess all good things must wait

Avi walks to the cold storage and opens the lock and drops a bag with a brown paper in a compartment under the cold storage unit and covers it with a false surface, behind the counter of a medical store.

AVI. Hey B why didn’t you come to the bridge party last Saturday? I’m sure some of these goods will fetch you some pussy.. (Smirks)

BORIS. I just don’t wanna b compromised when you get busted on a kids 13th birthday .. (Laughs)

AVI. Well you will have to stick around to find out. Avi locks the cold storage and puts the key in a box (which will be hidden from view) AVI. alright B I’m off for duty.. Avi leaves the store with a big box, walks outside, stops suddenly and looks for something (keys) in his pockets and goes back inside.

CUT TO .A6 INT. OUTSIDE THE MEDICAL STORE-evening/night Cop ducks to the shadows thinking he has been seen. Bobs his head up slowly ...and sees a man walking out of the store and he takes a photograph. Writes down the time of leaving the store 19:58 hours. COPS NARRATION BEGINS .. Cop(n): If this kid here thinks he can slip my watch?? he’s got another thing coming. There’s a difference between having a scene and getting caught and I like to be the thin line in between. Other’s don’t even give them a chance and then where does it all go? A life spent behind the shit locker. It’s better this way. It keeps people like me floating. So what if it takes a little contribution from our friend here. Fade to black.

Avi comes back out of the store with the box . Walks a couple of blocks and the cop drives up to him. Passes by Avi and drives ahead. Avi calls for a taxi Cut to Avi’s home. Opens the door . turns on the lights and goes straight to the lab(backroom)drops the box on the table and heads to the kitchen and to the fridge. Opens it (has a lot of food) drink some juice

Turns and goes to the back room (lab). Opens the box and pours the cough syrup and starts making meth (boiling it). His phone rings .. Avi: yeah.. who is this ? Person: ya this is a man looking for some ice..? you got any? Avi: alright .. where? Cop (in incognito): the bridge 11:30.. Avi: alright then Avi Hangs up.. Goes to the other wall of the room and opens a cupboard in it a safe. Takes out a black bag and checks to see if it is all there. Shuts it .. The door shuts with a man going outside.

{Cut to the junkie}

FADE IN: INT. APARTMENT -NIGHT character,25,brown, reads a book on a worn couch. A simple lamp illuminates the tiny apartment. A couple is heard having violent sex next door.

His mobile

rings. He answers. JUNKIE Hello? Hello?

There is a sniffle on the line. JUNKIE (CONT’D) Jenny? Jenny, is that you? A long pause ... JUNKIE (CONT’D) It's okay. JENNY (V. a. ) No, it's not okay. I ruined your life. JUNKIE No you didn't. If I could go back, I'd do it all again. JENNY (V. a. ) stop saying things like that. It only makes it harder. JUNKIE I don't mean to. It's just... Honesty is all I've got left. JENNY (V. a. ) I'm getting married tomorrow. I'm so sorry. Junkie bobs his head. Runs his fingers down his face. Across his scalp . JUNKIE Then get some sleep. I'm sure you'll look beautiful... He looks at his phone. She's hung up.

he goes to his cupboard and looks for something . looks at his pockets checks his wallet and takes out a lill bit of the last meth he has . takes it TRIPS OUT..

APARTMENT HALL Wall paper peels from the wall. Water stains on the ceiling. Room 316 has the words "MOVE OUT" painted across it in large,

red brush strokes. Junkie opens the door and exits. He doesn't notice the message. It's nothing new to him. FOYER Junkie walks down the stairs. He pulls keys out of his pocket as he reaches the exit. A door opens behind him. MRS. GABOR, 62, sticks her head out of a room. Sneers at him. MRS. GABOR Don't think I don't know what you do when you go out at night. You monster. Junkie hangs his head. Exits the building.




Junkie drives down a busy highway. He passes an exit sign. He stares at himself in the rear view mirror. JUNKIE Monster?

INT. store -NIGHT It's dimly lit. Only a few patrons. Junkie stands by himself at one end of the store. He studies the medical rack . JIMMY, 42, stands behind the counter as VINCENT, 35, leans over to whisper something. They both stare at JUNKIE. Jimmy nods. He approaches Junkie. JIMMY to Junkie.. I thought your name was Rick? Junkie doesn't look up. Jimmy looks down the store at Vincent.

JUNKIE :I just want a my fix man . Just to feel normal. I won't bother anyone. JIMMY All the same, we don't serve your kind here. (junkie pleads.. but not successful) Junkie nods. and takes out his wallet. JIMMY (CONT'D) Keep your money. Jimmy walks back towards Vincent. Junkie leaves a twenty on the counter. Walks out‌

Freddie puts a box of contraceptive and some condoms too on the counter as the Junkie leaves. And looks at the junkie with disgust. Freddie: the world could use a little less junkies Gives the money on the counter and walks out behind the junkie. Freddie enters the car with a girl sitting inside dressed for a party . Freddie: okay .. we are good to go.. JUNKIE LEAVES Cut to Door bells ringing .. Someone opens the door from the inside .. hugs avi Welcomes Avi in a party. Reddy: so hows the new stuff ? is it good or is it good.? Avi: well its always good isn’t that y u call me ?.. Reddy: well u have the best stuff in town av.. Avi: so where r the bitches ..?? Reddy: the other room.. Avi: now step aside and let me do my job.. (jokes) Reddy gives way to Avi Avi makes deals with all sorts of people .. selling meth at parties .

(Montage). With music. Avi comes out of a room. Looks to his watch (10:55) Looks at his cell. (1 miss call) Then decides to go. Says his goodbyes to reddy, Leaves the house. Sees a group of kids in a parking lot taking meth.

INT/BRIDGE-NIGHT Cut to Bridge Avi standing under a street light. A man approaches from the dark eating a donut Cop (incognito): so did u get the goods?? Avi: ya right here .(takes out a bag) it’s a lot of ice So you having a big party ?? Just take it easy don’t over do it .. ull get me out of business. Cop: ill keep that in mind (takes the bag) Hands him an envelope. Avi opens it. Looks at the pictures Cop: I made this copy 4 you.. Avi: so wat the fuck do u really want ..? I know u didn’t call me here to just show me these pictures. Cop: you’r a smart one so ill b nice to you 5,00,000.. by tomorrow evening 7:00p.m ..

or these pictures will be exposed. You understand..?? do u understand u fuckstick.. !! if I had it my way I would have killed u.. but heyy a man has gt to make his living.. am I right Avi?? Or should I say jason??

Laughs out loud .. and suddenly starts choking on the food in his mouth .. Avi sees the opportunity and seizes it .. Grabs his weapon and points at the cop.. The cop s recovering at this time. Avi pistol whips him several times .. and points the gun and shoots the cop with his own weapon. (long shot) avi looks around. None there. Throws the gun over the edge. Thruws the body over the edge . Avi: alright.. Pickes up his cell and makes a call. Cut to

EXT. OVERLOOK(BRIDGE) -NIGHT A bike sits parked with the lights off. It faces a large suspension bridge over water. Junkie sits on the hood drinking and eating from a brown paper bag. A mangy dog approaches. It's head is low. Tail between its legs. JUNKIE Looks like the world threw you out too. Junkie pulls a half eaten food from his coat. Unwraps it. He tosses it to the ground. The dog sniffs towards it. JUNKIE (CONT'D) Guess you don't mind drinking with me. The dog devours the treat. Junkie stares at the bridge. JUNKIE (CONT'D) That's where I first kissed her ... This ain't no life worth living. The dog barks. Junkie sighs. Gets off the car.

4. JUNKIE (CONT'D) I'm sorry, buddy. That's all I got left. Hears a gunshot from the top and tries looking for someone. He looks up and hears a thud on the ground in front of him. Takes a closer look .. it’s a gun. JUNKIE (CONT’D) look what we have here.. Holds the gun up. Looks at the gun again. Looks at the dog JUNKIE :

Cut to store. Avi rushes into the store Avi: have you been talking to someone about this business of ours .?? Boris: fuck no... wat did u do with the body ??.. where is the gun ?? did you get it ? Avi:..(holding his head).. shhhh.. lemme think ..and ya I threw the gun into the river. Boris: alright then .. we have to do whatever is necessary for you to get outta here.. how much do you have kept for ur backup ?? Avi: about 75,000 .. and 50,00 worth of the goods.. Boris: let me book a ticket for you .. you got to get outta the Country, cops gona be looking for you. The moment they find him missing. Avi: ok .. ok.. give me a drink . Boris reaches under his desk and gives him

bottle of J.D

Avi downs from the bottle. Takes out the emergency bag and checks it.

Mean while ..

A stream of gunshots are heard. Avi wheels out of the warehouse only to be confronted himself as he is shot dead. Boris runs back and hides. Junkie kills jimmy from the counter and proceeds to the back and finds the bag with the goods in it .. grabs the bag opens it and looks surprised and thinks he has killed everyone and starts running out in the street with the bag. Cut to Freddie driving around intoxicated and is looking for his drink while driving at 50 kmph. Looks back and girl shouts :Watch out ... there is a man on the road .. THUDD.. Birds eye view .(track out) Junkie lying lifeless in the tarmac road with blood, money and drugs.

my script  

this was for a film project i executed

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