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Yo-Bikes Auto Expo 2011 Concept & Plan CONCEPT Creating a ‘greener’ future with the use of ELECTRIC powered vehicles. Using YoBikes battery as a MAIN POWE SOURCE for the entire stall using LIGHTING. Visually connecting each exhibit together to the central installation.

Plan and LayoutEntry and exit from both sides Discussion area placed in the expo Projection shown from dual sides.

“exploded veh.” installion placed in the central area “battery” installation ‘powering’ entire expo “electric circuit” theme, green energy

Floor & Walls

Reflective/smooth material to intensify light (ceramic, linoleum) Purple colour will compliment GREEN lighting, the dark colour enhancing the contrast as well. It will match with the overall theme of stall and YoBike shades (metallic, white, blue, red etc.) Walls will remain WHITE for illusion of space and to not disturb the other activity happening around stall. Material for walls – Plywood Plywood for ceiling to block out all sunlight.

Green pipe lighting will enter the battery and travel around the trusses on the ceiling overhead the Battery, giving the illusion of the BATTERY powering the entire stall. Battery materials – Ply Wood, Acrylic.Wall behind battery will be the same as floor (dark colour) to let the lighting stand out.

Outer Facade Entry and exit on opposite ends of the stall. Glass doors for view of stall from outside “Taking India towards a GREENER future� Purple colour of sky and green streaks matching the interiors of inside the stall. Silhouette of Indian landscape. YoBike travelling across walls leaving a green streak

Display Units

Branding and information about the scooter behind each vehicle.

Brochure stands on each side of the stall continuing out of the green pipe light.

Lighting Green pipe lighting connecting each vehicle display together and travelling up towards the center into a Battery Installation. Soft white lighting underneath each vehicle. Material – LED Green lighting, translucent plastic piping to diffuse light.

concept and layout  

concept of an auto expo for yo bikes

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