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your ZODIAC sign

Zodica Perfumery makes finding your fragrance soulmate as easy as love at first sniff.

Thousands of women prefer their zodiac sign’s perfume 80% of the time. Zodica Perfumery mindfully combines astrological traits, aromatherapy principals, and seasonal cues to express the vibe of each sign through scent.



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Celebrate what makes you magical


Be charmed by this unique moment in time

attraction Let your heart lead you



our story

Perfume is the ultimate first impression and

Aromatherapy principles were another key part of the scent profiles. Certain scent notes have been shown scientifically to change brain chemistry and immediately evoke a feeling. Citrus can make you feel happy, cinnamon

memory bank. It can either be intoxicating, or painful (if

can invigorate. I leveraged these findings to help evoke

you’re in the 30% of the population sensitive to scent).

the vibe of each sign’s personality.

Myself a chronic migraine sufferer, perfume shopping is

Beyond creating scents that are merely preferred,

literally painful. Chemical-laden mainstream perfumes can

I wanted people to be able to wear any of the signs in a

trigger a migraine attack instantly for me. For others, it

mindful way. We can be inspired by another zodiac sign’s

may trigger an allergic response like a sneezing attack. I

vibe (or aromatherapy benefit) to manifest the day we wish

set out to find a better way to discover and enjoy a

to live, or even attract a person of another sign. Our sense

signature scent.

of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive that any other of

Over a three-year period, and with the help of hundreds of women in blind studies, I discovered how

our senses. Why not use that power? To amplify the scent affect even further, I wrote

to cut out the guesswork of finding “The One.” Through

poems that weave together all these principles into an

my method of using both astrological and science-based

inspired intention or mantra that are meant to be spoken

principals to personalize fragrance, women now have an

out loud. Studies have shown even plants grow more

80% chance of preferring their sign’s scent.

when exposed to kind words versus harsh words or

It all started with a question. If we share personality traits with people of the same zodiac sign, would we also

silence. Spoken word has power. Leaning on my experience in the natural beauty

share preferences, specifically, for scent? If this proved

industry, I identified key standards that are now carried

true, there would be a sure path to finding a signature

through all Zodica products. My promise is to create


beautiful products that unlock the joy of perfume for The mere exposure effect in psychology tells us

we are naturally drawn to things that are familiar because we fear the unknown. To create a scent you naturally prefer, it needs to reflect something familiar about your

anyone to enjoy, and brings a little magic to your day.


sign. From here I developed scent profiles for each sign. Part of the profiles include seasonal ingredients. The zodiac is intrinsically cyclical, anchored by the two solstices and equinoxes. Scientific studies have shown the time of year you’re born does affect personality. Researchers point to food availability during pregnancy, and sunlight exposure as possible reasons. But it’s uncanny how they line up with the zodiac signs. Therefore I knew this was an important principle to reflect in developing the perfumes.

Kristi Moe Founder + Maker

Cancer Pisces Aquarius



our promise

We believe perfume should smell good and be good‌ for our bodies and our environment. Zodica


No Parabens

No Parabens

No Phthalates

No Phthalates



No Synthetic Dyes

No Synthetic Dyes

Made in the USA

Made in the USA


Cruelty Free



Gluten Free

Gluten Free

No Toxic Ingredients

No Toxic Ingredients

Sustainable & Organic Ingredients

Sustainable & Organic Ingredients

Each product is intentionally made with eco-conscious values and artisanal craft. We source and design sustainable packaging that can be recycled, reused, or repurposed. We work with the world’s finest ingredient suppliers who share our wellness and eco-conscious values. Our artisanal process means that we mix, pour, bottle, and label by hand to ensure the highest quality.



press highlights NEWS

“Someone call Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch because I am feeling the good vibes right now.” - Alaina Demopoulos Popsugar “I LOOVE my Gemini Fragrance!!!” - LeAnne Locken Real Housewives of Dallas “OMG. The Capricorn is my favorite thing. It’s probably the only time my boyfriend has asked what I’m wearing because he loves it so much too... It’s amazing!” - Alanna Sarabia ABC TV Dallas


Just take all my money!! Zodica is soo GUUUD!!! I challenge you to buy just one.


The Leo is utterly addicting. Love, Love, Love!

customer reviews whiterose

I loved the little card that explains your choice and the recommendation to spray on your shoulders.

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aries energetically awakens with fiery cinnamon. The fire sign evokes life-force energy with

a burst of warmth and strong woods. Be unstoppable with its powerful vibe.


Firestarter Aries jumps into each day with bold determination and drive. They live in the moment, making their intense desires a reality. Lightly spritz perfume across the face with eyes closed for an unstoppable, energetic aura.

Crystal infused with Red Garnet, used through the ages for its protective and strengthening energy.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Awake eyes still full of sleep Ignite with boldness that does leap Spark life’s spice each minute and hour Energy entrance with fiery power

Top: Cinnamon, Blackberry Middle: Tobacco Flower, Amber Bottom: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk

aries Energy

Spring Collection | 3/21 - 4/19

taurus beautifies as it reflects its Spring season with a lavish floral bouquet. A velvety undertone makes a sensual home for this earth sign. Makeover your day with its pretty vibe.


Decadent Taurus patiently strives to create a beautiful life. Her work ethic awards the security to lavish in the finer things of life. She’s happiest lingering in life’s flavors. Spritz the neck for a sensual, beautifying aura.

Crystal infused with Indian Jade, used through the ages for its wealth and luck-attracting energy.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Indulge the calling melodies Of blooming trees & perfumed seas Ground me now on paths painted green This moment filled with beauty’s breeze

Top: Iris, Lily of the Valley Middle: Heliotrope, Geranium Bottom: White Amber, Sandalwood



Spring Collection | 4/20 - 5/20



gemini twinkles with fresh-picked Springtime citrus. This air sign’s easygoing nature drifts into a powdery mimosa flower. Fly away with its sunny vibe.


Cheerful Gemini brightens everywhere she goes. Her duality nature helps her see all sides to a story. She’s a friendly bridge bringing people together in harmony. Spritz top of arms for an illuminating, vibrant aura.

Crystal infused with Citrine, used through the ages for its bright and cheerful energy.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Songbird sing your fresh-picked story Twinkling tease as a morning glory Young at heart be my delight Send my cares on friendship’s kite

Top: Clementine, Grapefruit Middle: Orange Blossom, Mimosa Flower Bottom: Teak and Balsa Wood

gemini Harmony

Spring Collection | 5/21 - 6/20


lovingly envelopes with its summery, romantic notes. This water sign snuggles into an aquatic freshness for a modern rose interpretation. Bring on the cuddles with its cozy vibe.


Lovely Cancer leads with her heart. She nurtures gently and loves hard. Her cozy nest is a respite from the stormy world. She’s happiest when her tribe’s happy.

Spritz the dècolletè for a soft, romantic aura.

Crystal infused with Rose Quartz, used through the ages to nurture the heart and attract love.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Summer’s garden uplift me now Blossoms of rose and iris bow Upon the heart to which enchant The seeds of constant love do plant

Top: Sweet Plum Middle: Violet, Iris, Water Lily Bottom: Rose, Sandalwood



Summer Collection | 6/21 - 7/22



leo dramatically entertains with a sunny citrus opening into summer flowers and fiery base. Make an entrance with this fire sign’s warm and joyful vibe.


Glamorous Leo shines unlike any other. She brings the fun to any room and treats her tribe with royal loyalty and generosity.

Spritz your hair for a warm, dramatic aura.

Crystal infused with Sunstone, used through the ages for its solar energy bringing warmth and openness.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Sunbeams shine a light so bright Warm my heart with child’s delight Cares and worries be swept away Reign this day a happiness bouquet

Top: Mandarin Middle: Jasmine, Gardenia Bottom: Patchouli, Honeysuckle



Summer Collection | 7/23 - 8/22

virgo is perfectly versatile, floating from summer florals to autumn fruits. Its feminine softness and intimate silage makes it effortlessly practical. Be on point everyday with this earth sign’s grounding vibe.


Polished Virgo is the definition of flawless. She’s a siren sweetheart who’s always there with a helping hand. Her selfless nature makes her a friend you can count on. Spritz your wrists for a subtle, elegant aura.

Crystal infused with Amazonite, used through the ages for well-being and stress relieving energy.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Fading light of Autumn’s meadow Blanket my hellos with your glow As season’s grace fills me soundly Warm loved ones with Harvest’s bounty

Top: Granny Smith Apple, Pomegranate Middle: Pink Magnolia Bottom: Sandalwood



Summer Collection | 8/23 - 9/22



libra deliciously refreshes with a sweet flirtatiousness as yummy as a peach bellini. This air sign

perfume inspires lightness with a whisper of florals. Wear it easy like Sunday morning.


Charming Libra is all about the good vibes. Her balanced nature eases conflicts and gets the party started. This social butterfly is happiest when not flying solo.

Spritz the lower back for a deliciously, flirty aura.

Crystal infused with Fluorite, used through the ages to clear mental fog and aid in decision making.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Sparkle and beam for all to see Stunning sight lights up a marquee Alluring swagger like magic raptures Bewitch me with your charming glamour

Top: White Peach, Brazilian Mango Middle: Freesia, Violet Bottom: Sandalwood



Fall Collection | 9/23 - 10/22


captivates dark Autumn with a fierce oriental theme. The shadowy layers of this water sign linger and intoxicate the air. Spark a date night to be remembered.


Mysterious Scorpio has an intensity that you can’t resist. Once she reveals her complex layers, she’s unforgettable.

Spritz the belly button for a hypnotic, passionate aura.

Crystal infused with Black Obsidian, used through the ages to unearth shadows and clear negative energy.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Come mysteries of dark midnight Bare my soul with deep excite Wrap me in a world transformed Seal my lips with passion warmed

Top: Tuberose Middle: Ylang-Ylang, Rose Bottom: Patchouli, Oak Moss



Fall Collection | 10/23 - 11/22



sagittarius inspires adventure with an exotically sweet and spicy mix. Sweet berries open to

a gourmand, time-traveling base, channeling memories of carefree holidays. Expand your horizons with this fire sign’s exuberant vibe.


Straight-shooting Sagittarius lives the gypsy life; curiosity drives her to explore every corner. She’s happiest with space to play. Sparks fly with her smile.

Spritz hips back for an exotically, sweet aura.

Crystal infused with Red Jasper, used through the ages for stamina and courageous energy.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Fly as free as shooting arrows Into lands of sweet shadow Thrill me with chance discoveries Light my sky with adventure stories

Top: Strawberry, Blackberry Middle: Jasmine, Cinnamon Bottom: Madagascar Vanilla Spice, Dark Musk

sagittarius Adventure

Fall Collection | 11/23 - 12/21

capricorn empowers with a grounding herbal bouquet. The cool citrus mirrors the iciness of this sign’s winter season. Set a path to success with this earth sign’s unwavering vibe.


Fearless Capricorn is a born leader who’s earned her bragging rights. She knows how to run the show and attracts an entourage along the way. Spritz behind the knees for an unwavering, powerful aura. Crystal infused with Malachite, used through the ages to help breakthrough perceived limitations.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Calming dark of winter’s heart Holds the promise of new starts Forge and inner steel so cold Climb the summit of my goals

Top: Japanese Yuzu, White Tea Middle: Green Sage, Lavender Bottom: Clean Musk



Winter Collection | 12/22 - 1/19



aquarius elevates with sophisticated lightness. Sparkling citrus and florals with a spicy cardamom to reflect the maverick nature of this winter sign. Be uncommon with this air sign’s free-spirited vibe.


Freedom-loving Aquarius radiates light, captivating others with an endlessly bright mind. As emotional rebels, they seek space to find clarity in their inner lives.

Spritz the ankles for an unrestricted aura that elevates.

Crystal infused with Aquamarine, used through the ages to calm the overactive mind.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Frozen air fill every last corner Shatter my mould, be my transformer Raise me up to touch the sky Rules defied I will amplify

Top: Verbena, Bergamot Middle: Cardamom, Lily of the Valley Bottom: White Fir, Sandalwood

aquarius Moxie

Winter Collection | 1/20 - 2/18

pisces embraces with peaceful fluidity. Fresh and clean like the ocean home of this water sign, its icy coolness reflects its winter season. Let go and float in its chill-out vibe.


Ethereal Pisces floats in a world where time is lost and dreams are lived. Her hauntingly creative expression of what could be brings the stars within her grasp.

Spritz feet for a whispered, serene aura.

Crystal infused with Amethyst, used through the ages for its relaxing and soothing energy.

intention poem

To mindfully manifest your day, speak the poem when wearing the perfume to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Night’s cold grasp of memories old Awake to visions of daylight gold Melt away all that is dead Dream clouds charm the future ahead

Top: Neroli, Cucumber Pear Middle: Cyclamen, Water Lotus Bottom: Sheer Musk



Winter Collection | 2/19 - 3/20



1.7 FL OZ 50 ML 900+ Sprays Best Value Our Crystal Infused collection is the largest sized bottle of your favorite zodiac fragrance! Our perfume is infused with the power of crystals to enhance the vibe of each zodiac sign based on the metaphysical vibrational energy of each crystal.

Removable bottle sprayer Removable crystals for reiki and meditation Refill the travel spray up to 6 times

crystal infused Full-Size Perfume

twist & spritz

Travel-Size Perfume

.27 FL OZ 8 ML 150+ Sprays Bestseller Our innovative and refillable travel spray works just like a lipstick! Twist up to spritz, twist down to store. No more accidental sprays inside your purse! To refill, simply pull the atomizer out of the protective case. Since the case protects the glass vial, it won’t break when dropped. Perfect for travel!

Pull to Refill

TSA-Friendly Perfect Size for Gifting Ribbon & Charm doubles as a choker necklace

Twist to Use



8 FL OZ 236 ML New Zodica Perfumery Body Veil Lotion leaves skin silky smooth with a barely there finish. Layer with perfume for scent that lasts all day.

Includes Organic Aloe, Vitamins (A,D,E), and Sweet Almond Oil.


Pump locks upright for on-the-go

body veil

hair serum

2 FL OZ 60 ML Award Winning Quickly gaining a cult following, this versatile serum can be used for both hair and body. The 100% Pure Argan Oil makes hair shine, adds moisture, and protects against damage. The natural UV filter helps extend the life of color-treated hair.

Our 100% pure Argan Oil is sustainably harvested by Berber Women’s Co-op in Morocco.

Great for Hair & Body



.05 FL OZ 1.5 ML 30 Sprays Gift mindfully with this cute Zodiac Perfumette. The mini perfume is about 30 sprays includes an intention mantra specific your sign to help spread magical vibes and charm the air.

Mantra poem on the reverse side helps to manifest the sign’s inspired intention into your day.

Perfect holiday giftable

perfumette card set



.6 FL OZ 18 ML 12 mini perfume bottles 30 sprays each

Smell out-of-this-world with this magical collection of 12 mini sprays. Designed for you to explore all sides to your personality and mindfully experience the changing seasons of the year.

Be your own perfumer! Layer multiple signs (eg., your sun and moon) for an even more personalized scent.


retailer reviews “This product is so unique and every single scent is so spot on. People are blown away by how much they love their sign’s scent. I don’t know how she does it. It’s definitely one of the favorite things I have carried thus far.” - Gemma, San Francisco, CA

“All of these scents are beautifully done and thoughtfully created. We strongly recommend getting the display unit. It makes a huge difference in our sales and customer interactions.” - Kristine, Tampa, FL

“Excellent product! My customers love the idea that their sign has a scent! Then they come back to buy product as gifts or more for themselves! Thank you Zodica! ... excellent sales and exclusive for my area.” - Shanna, Mena, AZ

sales materials Educational Brochures

4x6 acrylic signs


Store Display:

Wooden Spinning Display 12 Labeled Funnels 12 Travel Sized Testers

“As a lifestyle retailer with a small selection of fragrance and personal care, this line has been a huge success with our customers (and an easy way to strikeup conversation with customers).” - Emma, Madison, WI

“Zodiac perfumery is a wonderful product... They have thought of all the details! It’s one of our best selling gift lines!” - Haley, Verona, WI

Scent Cards



Our Retail Store:

1620 11th St. Monroe, Wisconsin 53566

Contact Us: kristi@zodicaperfumery.com 954-594-2184 www.zodicaperfumery.com

Do I have to wear my sign? Nope! The collection was intentionally designed so you can wear any of the twelve signs. Check out the “3 Ways to Wear” on page 3.

Can I layer signs? Yes! Explore layering your sun sign with your rising sign, or even your partner’s sign for an even more personalized scent.

Are the perfumes unisex? We believe you should wear whatever scent speaks to you. While the collection was originally designed and tested among women, anyone can wear our perfumes. In fact, each one of our perfumes have both female and male customers.

How long does the perfume last?

Generally, natural perfume lasts on the skin 3-6 hours. Perfumes with lighter weight oils (e.g., citrus) will evaporate faster than those with heavier oils (e.g., wood). Unlike most mainstream perfume companies, we do not use artificial fragrance extenders

Does the perfume expire?

As long as you don’t expose the perfume to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, it should last years. Be careful to never store perfume in the car or shake perfume as that can deteriorate the notes.

Can I wear Zodica if perfume gives me headaches or allergies? Yes, most likely! Zodica was created by a migraine sufferer who can’t wear mainstream perfumes. Our formulas do not contain toxic chemicals known to trigger sensitivities. If you have an allergy, feel free to contact us for a complete ingredient listing.

What is the best way to wear perfume?

We recommend spraying every 3 hours to keep your scent fresh. When applying to wrists, don’t rub the perfume, which breaks the notes. To make your scent last longer, apply to a cooler area of skin (eg., top of your arms) or to clothing (spot test first).

(phthalates), which have been shown to be toxic.


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