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ĂŠ o Z ĂŠ l r e b O Hello, I am an industrial

product design student

in the third year of L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantiques, in France. I am passionate about creating objects, especially those responding to environmental and social issues. I also love sports and science.

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Braun vs. Dremel project

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Ceramic project


Mobility project


Leroy Merlin project

Middle school furniture project

s v n u a r B l e m e r d t c e j o r P Prototype scale 1

Dremel Paint sprayer Prototype made with foam, PVC and wood

Project in pairs - From September to December 2016

Air flow Product quantity Opening width For the creation of our product, we made numerous models in our school’s workshop, and we tested them during the project, before making the final one.

Air Product Opening

18 V battery



For this project, we had to respect the principles of the designer Dieter Rams with the brand Braun, and to respect Dremel’s corporate identity and style guide.

On/Off Reclining pot

Dremel is a tools brand offering help in a great variety of situations. for novice users and more experimented ones.

«Quiet is better than loud.» - Dieter Rams

Airless compression system Ventilation

Spraying switch

c i m a r e C t c e j o r p

Prototype scale 1

Julie Egg Cup

workshop conducted by the ceramicist Hélène Morbu

Project in groups of 4 - One week workshop - Ferbruary 2016



We had to make a ceramic table service using the slab method.


The JULIE eggcup is destined for luxury hotels. It enables different kinds of bread soldiers to go with the boiled egg. This way the simple meal that is the boiled egg becomes a meal about discovery and elegance.

Compositon: 1 tray, 1 spoon (wood + ceramic), 1 salt cellar, 1 pepper mill, 1 egg cup, 4 bread soldiers’ containers of different sizes.

l o o h c

s e l d d i M e r u t i n r t u c f e j o r p Prototype scale 1

Irae chair

Prototype made with cardboard and several coats of resin

Project in pairs - From March to June 2017

First models Hooks for small items Main hull in plastic


To design furniture adapted to middle school, to its issues and to new teaching methods How to make the existing furniture more adapted to the needs of the middle school students at a lower cost, by modifying it as little as possible? We chose as a constraint to keep the old school furniture and to renovate it. Our chair Irae gives more comfort and offers storage place.

Irae = renewal in latin

Foot bar

Storage for bags (fabric)

y t i l i b o M t c e j o r p

Prototype scale 1

Double U backpack Prototype made with leather, nylon and plastic

Presentation of our project:

Project in groups of four - one week workshop - January 2018


We had to create an object of soft mobility corresponds to the use of a creative person travelling.

Reversible backpack

The double U backpack has 2 sides that can be used both ways and corresponding to different situation One side (in nylon) is very discrete and resistant. The other one in leather is elegant and corresponds to a working situation. Compositon: wooden shelf, pockets for souvenirs, a pocket for a camera, a pocket for a computer, a pocket for a bottle and a big pocket; all easily accessible.

n i l r e

m y o r e L t c e j o r p Prototype scale 1

Le Terrier Hut

Hut made with linoleum, wood battens and ropes

Project in groups of four - From November 2017 to February 2018

Experimentations in the garden This project was in partnership with Leroy Merlin. It is a French DIY chain offering decoration and landscaping equipment for the garden and the house.


To create an object easily achievable by a customer, with the materials and tools of the store, in 5 steps. This object must respond to an outdoor context. This hut is meant to built together as a family. It is ephemeral, storable, foldable and customizable. It welcomes children and creates a space for them to play and experiment in the garden. It is made of linoleum, ropes and battens.


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