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THE VISION OF KOLOKOTRONIS (That all Greek people need so much today)

The Old man paused at the desolate church, trying to regain his peace of mind; His concern and purpose constantly turned to Greece’s Liberation, And then, “Virgin Mary, help us,” he whispered in agony. And there, on a rock, his weariness brought a stealthy sleep upon him. Then, he beheld his vision. From within the church stood forth A beautiful, radiant woman clad in white. “Old man,” she said, in her quiet, angelic voice. “You are not meant for mourning. So get up and be on your way, And let your mind be as the lightning and your soul hot lava. A Great Cause beckons you. So on you go, forward.” Then, the Old man, from within a holy mist, asked her, “Who are you?” “Call me Virgin Mary, if you wish, or even Maiden Athena. I am our people’s spirit from thousands of years ago, And I can no longer bear living in dark disdain. The time has come, Old man; haven’t you felt it yet?” “Oh, Virgin Mary, help us,” sighed the Old man, Gazing at the appariton, his eyes in prayer. “Old Greek man,” She said, “all that you’ve suffered Should have taught you by now That the help you seek and ask for in such pain Is only to be found within you; and it can be given to you Only by your struggle for Freedom, Justice and Love.” And the Old man asked her, “How can I fight, when everyone has abandoned me?” Then she spoke to him in the tongue of an ancient Oracle: “No one has abandoned you, as long as you have faith. Your faith in what is just and in freedom is all you need. So go on, go forth, for you have no other road to take.” At that moment, the Old man awoke, And then, cheered and rejuvenated, he pressed on vigorously, On to the glorious cause. Rousing and heartening the people, Teaching me, you, and all the peoples of the world, Throughout the ages, how FREEDOM is obtained.


The moral of the vision: The cause and solution to all our personal and social problems lie within us. With this book, we will learn how to benefit from the miraculous powers that we all possess within us Enjoy reading it. Enjoy putting it into practice. Enjoy freedom. The above text was written by an unknown author. Adaptation: K. Papanikolas and suggested by Mr. A. Xepapadakos, author, leading actor of the play “The trial of Kolokotronis.”


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This book is dedicated to you, The true anonymous human being Inside all of us. With infinite love... Konstantinos I. Papanikolas



Έξ-Υπνος = Εκτός Ύπνου. Έλληνες, ώρα να Ξυπνήσουμε... και να αναλάβουμε τις προσωπικές μας ευθύνες για να σωθούμε.


Life-saving Knowledge The vision of Kolokotronis, which should become ours too................................................ 2 Dedicated to you, the true human being inside all of us.................................................. 3 Book review from N. Katsaros, E. Badouvas, G. Minoudis, M. Konstantiou.................. 6 How to live happily in this Heaven on Earth........................................................................... 8 Start a dietary revolution and be reborn. Health and well-being for everyone.... 9 The hidden life-saving knowledge for health, peace, and infinite happiness...... 10 The miraculous effects of natural, healthy, activated blood............................................. 14 A necessary clarification on the content of the following pages................................... 15 How to be truly healthy and content – Essential knowledge about health....... 16 Prevention and cure of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer............................................ 18 Physical Health: No more disease and ill-health. Air: The life-giving power.............. 19 Goodbye smoking! Hello health and freedom. A thinker is not a smoker................ 20 Quit smoking. You can do it. And this is how.......................................................................... 21 Water: The ultimate gift. Let’s not make ourselves ill through lack of water............ 22 Nutrition and life. We are what we eat, and what we eat defines our life................... 23 What foods are we meant to eat? A new healthy food guide pyramid........................ 23 What are natural foods? Know them, honour them, safeguard your health............... 24 Which are unnatural foods? All foods that cannot be eaten unprocessed........... 25 John Hopkins Hospital: Meat=cancer / Fruit and vegetables=health......................... 26 Comparing the ingredients of natural and unnatural foods. B12, proteins............... 28 Other important reasons why we must stop eating meat................................................ 30 Seas of human and animal blood, slaughtering of animals=Human slaughter........ 31 Life and health-giving knowledge, not taught by parents, schools or society......... 33 Does it make sense to ruin food by cooking it before we eat it?................................... 34 Replacing unnatural, harmful foods with natural ones..................................................... 35 How we make unnatural foods even worse. Putting an end to serious mistakes... 37 How healthy foods are transformed into harmful foods................................................... 38 Good examples: Olives, dried nuts............................................................................................. 38 Overcoming addiction to meat, fish, and cooked foods................................................... 40 Daily natural diet for health, wellbeing, youthfulness, prosperity................................. 43 More recipes for natural nutrition, Use them......................................................................... 45 Fruit and vegetable juices for immediate disease prevention and cure..................... 47 How to prepare shoots of natural proteins and vitamins................................................. 47 Combinationsoffoods,Compatibleandincompatiblefoods............................................. 48 4 How, how much and when to eat; we should not live to eat........................................... 49 Organic foods safeguard our health and life. Putting an end to the contamination of nature 50 Internal purification – A life-saving Herculean labour......................................... 51 Love, happy family, happy society: Divine gifts................................................... 53 How we can create a happy family and society.................................................. 54 Exercise, walking, sports, health and wellbeing.................................................. 56

Sleep: The repairer of body damage. Say no to staying out all night.......................... 56 Sun: The great life-giver. Bask in the sun. IIt is a matter of health................................. 57 Other needs: Home, clothes, shoes, job.................................................................................. 58 Mental Health: We are our thoughts, beliefs and actions................................................... 60 Shedding excess weight and illness using the power of our mind.............................. 63 Get to know your real, divine self. Live happily. This is how............................................ 64 Purpose – Plan – Implementation: Of utmost importance to any progress............ 65 Fear: Cause and prevention. Curing fear................................................................................. 68 Accepting evil makes it disappear.............................................................................................. 69 Healthy soul: How it can be attained. Love resurrects us................................................ 70 How to live happily togeher, healthy and blissful............................................................... 74 Personal prosperity lies in social prosperity........................................................................... 74 Who is responsible for our debts?............................................................................................. 75 Thoughts that dissolve fear of insolvency and all inflictions it bears.......................... 76 The manifold benefits of being in debt.................................................................................... 77 Our life depends on education, education on governments, governments on our vote.. 78 Three conditions that will save us from money-lenders and bring us prosperity.. 79 Ecologists of Greece – Who we are, what our objectives are......................................... 82 Organizational and operational clauses of the movement.............................................. 86 Member registration at Ecologists of Greece........................................................................ 87 Greek Popular Democratic Liberation and Rescue movement.................................... 88 Where do they lead us. Liberation measures......................................................................... 89 Our value and commitment to society.................................................................................... 92 Laconic sayings: Fewer words, greater meaning. Their knowledge and implementation save.......................................................................................................................................... 93 Truths that can change and save us. Instead of epilogue............................................... 94 The ecologist’s and the grateful person’s prayer................................................................. 95 Our new, ecological, universally human vision..................................................................... 96 Ecologists of Greece – 35 years of social action in practice........................................... 97 Nature’s nursing home “Rebirth” in Markopoulo, Oropos............................................... 98 Ecological alert. K. Papanikolas, instead of a CV................................................................... 99 “Hidden Knowledge.” Health is everything. Here is the way............................................. 100

Nature’s Nursing Home, Markopoulo, Oropos



By Nikolaos Katsaros, Food Chemist, exPresident of E.F.E.T. (Hellenic Food Authority), Scientific Partner of «Demokritos» National Centre for Scientific Research


Hippocrates, in whose name all doctors are sworn, left us the following legacy of valuable knowledge: 1. “Medicine and Health are no more than the substitution of unnatural, unhealthy nutrition with natural, healthy nutrition,” 2. “Let your food be your medicine,” 3. “Nature is the healer of all disease,” 4. “Help, or at least do no harm.” Today, this self-evident and life-saving knowledge has been replaced by the universal belief (in theory and in practice) that nutrition has no relation to health. Thus, people eat the most unnatural and harmful foods. This results in the fact that one in two to three people will die in agony from cancer, and the rest from heart disease,, strokes, kidney disease, (haemo-dialysis)…! The book “HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE” is a valuable guide to natural health and nutrition; a real lifesaver for our health, in the sea of unhealthy nutrition that we live in. In addition, this book, besides highlighting the necessity of nutrition, will give us detailed instructions in the ecological fulfilment of all our other needs in life. Furthermore, it will reveal to us the only way to overcome the moral, political and economic crisis besetting Greece and the whole world. it is then a «Gospel» of health and applied ecological love and well-being, and should be introduced as a primary learning subject at all levels of education. Study it and apply its guidelines yourselves.

“HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE THAT CHANGES & SAVES OUR LIFE” is a book that reveals the following life-saving knowledge, hidden until today: “Our health (physical, mental and psychological) depends on the quality of our blood (toxicated or non-toxicated); and the quality of our blood depends on the food we consume.” Non-toxicated blood, which entails health and well-being, is produced only by natural, vegetable, raw (living) foods, such as fruit, fresh vegetables, nuts, etc. Toxicated blood, which entails sickness and hardship, is produced by unnaturally cooked (dead) foods, such as meat, fish, meat products, dairy produce, all white flour products, white sugar, white salt (the 3 whites) and all other processed, mutated, “HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE” can really change poisoned foods. things and literally save our lives. In ancient Greece, nutrition was the most Thank you, Mr. Papanikolas. important field of Medicine. Nikolaos Katsaros

BOOK REVIEW From E. Badouvas, Professor, MD, Surgeon Dear Mr. Papanikolas, I have read your book and found it very insightful. It contains accurate observations and sound recommendations which you transmit to Society and the State conscientiously and wisely. This knowledge represents the only road to salvation for our people and our state. You represent the single most important advocate and of national and social concerns. I congratulate you and I remain your advocate. I wish you every success, divine transcendence and conscious awakening of the people.

From G. Minoudis, Clinical Nutritionist In order to attain a desired level of health, there is only one way: anatural nutrition and way of life, as described in detail in this book, which I recommend unreservedly. The road you will have to follow may be uphill, but it will lead to the top, in other words to health and happiness. However, the road of unnatural nutrition is downhill and leads to precipice and doom. Choose the road of health and happiness, even if you need a small push to get started. I hope we will meet at the top. Have strength.

From M. Konstantiou, MD, Pathologist

I recently made my acquaintance with Mr. Papanikolas, and I learned that he consumes raw, uncooked foods that contain no meat, fish, cheese, etc. I therefore wished to find out the state of his health. I personally took and examined a sample of his blood. The results were excellent in every way. Hematocrit (Ht): 44.7. Hemoglobin: 14.5. The levels of calcium, iron, phosphor, magnesium and B12 were also excellent. His good health was again proven with a 7 fatigue test, when we went mountain-climbing and he was climbing much easier than me; and I am 20 years younger. Moral: Health and happiness constitute our natural state of being, our natural human right, and we can obtain them by putting in practice the life-saving truths presented in this book.


Mrs. Effie Yakaniki I was born with Mediterranean anaemia (thalassemia), which means I had a low red blood cell count (2,700,000), my hematocrit was 27 and I felt constantly weak. In the mean time, I also suffered from tachycardia (185 pulses per minute), colitis, breathlessness, etc. Doctors and medicines continuously deteriorated my health. I was rescued from all this by the natural nutrition this book recommends. My red blood cell count increased to 4,200,000 and my hematocrit to 39. Moral: A vegetable diet not only does not cause anaemia, but it cures hereditary and other diseases, and represents the only way out from today’s political, 8 moral and financial crisis.” Mrs. Effie Yakaniki, Painter-Author, tel. 210-7661236

Mrs. Stella Karopoulou Suddenly I found myself suffering from ‘‘intervertebral disc hernias’’ with unbearable painsand paralysis. I was saved from: pain, surgery, disability, dependence on doctors and drugs, by detoxification with fruits and juices, using the prescription of Hippocrates ‘‘Let the food be your doctor’’ I learnt from this book. I’m Thankful and I’m spreading everywhere the knowledge that saved me. Mrs. Stella Karopoulou, tel. 2107661236

Health is our duty and our natural right. Obtain it. Knowledge saves.


K. Papanikolas We are waiting for you with open arms, people and nature...!

News of how to reach your Salvation, disseminate it. We are glad to inform you that there is another Natural Eco-Logical way of eating and living that cleanses our blood from toxins and our mind from negative thoughts-actions and leads to: HEALTH-PEACE-YOUTH-Longevity-BEAUTY-WEALTH-PROSPERITY FOR ALL In this book we will get acquainted with this healthy lifestyle in order to acquire one by one these divine gifts that constitute our natural human rights/. This book is offered on the internet: w w w. o i k o l o g o i . g r both in Greek and English language. Send it to your friends and families via e-mail. Knowledge and Love Save.

Welcome to the New Eco-Logical, Human, Prosperous Society Your true Friend Konstantinos I. Papanikolas

What isn’t taught by: parents, schools, society. Peaceful revolution.

The hidden life-saving knowledge for health, peace and infinite happiness Who would not want and wish for knowledge that provides health, peace of mind, and happiness to all of us? This knowledge exists and is the following: “Our life depends on our health and our health depends on the quality of our blood; the quality of our blood depends on the kind of food we consume.” Meat eating, cooked and dead nutrition produces toxicated, impure, inactive and harmful blood, which leads to disease and illness; while vegetarian, uncooked and living nutrition produces non-toxicated, pure, active, beneficial blood, which gives us health, peace, youthfulness, longevity and happiness. The determining factor of natural nutrition in our life was pointed out by: Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who said: “Food is the medicine for our mind, soul and body.” Plato wrote: “We should only eat natural, vegetable foods. That way, we will obtain health, peace, longevity and prosperity, and we will pass down the same quality of life to our grand10 children.” Pythagoras, the great mathematician (Pythagorean theorem) considered meat-eating to be an immoral, criminal, atrocious act.

Alexis Carrel, doctor, biologist, Nobel Prize winner, said: “We are what we eat and what we eat defines our thoughts, feelings, actions, character, health, finances, present, future and destiny.” Albert Einstein said: “There is nothing more beneficial to our health and vitality than vegetarian nutrition.” Many other experts and authorities have made similar comments. These significant conclusions prompt us to find out how to distinguish natural beneficial foods from unnatural and harmful foods. Definition of natural foods: Natural and healthy foods are only the ones that nature produces and “packages” as they are; unprocessed, uncontaminated, uncooked (raw) and suitable for consumption by humans. What are natural and what are unnatural foods? According to the above mentioned definition, natural foods are: All fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, pulses, cereals, mushrooms, seaweed, etc. These food categories include thousands of food types satisfying every natural human need and desire.

Unnatural foods are those which cannot be eaten in their initial state but need to be cooked and processed . But these are not meant to be consumed by human beings. Such foods are all animal produce such as meat, fish, animal milks and all foodstuffs that derive from these unnatural foods. What causes disease? Unnatural nutrition, through meat (dead animals), meat products, cheese, milk, etc, form a “sewer� inside our stomach and intestines in which many pathogenic parasites thrive (germs, bacteria, visible and non-visible maggot forms). These parasites feed on this sewer, which turns into toxicated unhealthy blood, and is carried through our arteries and distributed to all cells and organs in our body.

2. By internal cleansing of the intestines with hydro-catharsis (rectal injection), detaching the sewer that has lodged itself to the intestinal walls over the years because of unnatural nutrition.

This unnatural and unhealthy nourHow can we turn unhealthy ishment of our body’s cells and organs blood into healthy? causes the organs (brain, heart, liver, Human beings have the most perkidneys) all sorts of disease (damage). fect body which is self-cleansing, selfBoth physical and mental. repairing and self-rejuvenating. Every How is disease cured? 120 days, all our blood is renewed, and Diseases are not cured by combatting every 11 months all our body cells are the symptom, or the outcome, but by regenerated. eradicating the source of this symptom Therefore, when we consume natural, and outcome . In other words: healthy foods, we cleanse: a) our blood 11 1. Replacing unnatural, unhealthy nutrifrom toxins, within 120 days, b) our cells tion with a natural, healthy regime. Natfrom inflammation within 11 months ural, healthy nutrition gives us healthy, and c) our mind from negative, active blood which is full of ingredients, destructive thoughts. and cures existing diseases.

What a revelation! How shattering and life-saving this knowledge is! How can we find out what blood quality we have? We can get a blood analysis taken, and we can also determine it from the following indications: a) From the colour of our tongue. If our blood is healthy, our tongue is pinkish. On the other hand, if our blood is unhealthy, our tongue is white, with a fur of toxins on it. b) From the colour of our complexion and nails. If our blood is healthy, our face and nails will be a rosy hue. c) From the odour (pure or impure) of our urine, saliva, breath and whole body, as well as from the glow in our eyes. d) From our body weight. If we carry excess weight, we also have unhealthy blood, given that our excess weight is due to unhealthy cooked meals, while uncooked foods that produce clean and healthy blood reduce excess weight. Our state of health can also be assessed with a urine test called “pH test.� We wet a special oblong piece of paper (included in the packaging) with our urine. The paper has various colours on it, each corresponding to a number, from 0 to 14 (see picture on page 13). 12 Depending on the colour that the paper will turn and the test instructions, we can determine the pH level of our urine.

A pink to red colour corresponds to a pH level of 0-6, indicating toxicated urine, thus toxicated blood and lack of health. On the other hand, a green to blue colour corresponds to a pH level of 7-14 and indicates we have alkaline urine, thus non-toxicated blood and health. Lastly, our level of health, which depends on the quality of our blood, (pure or impure), can be confirmed by our everyday mood and disposition. When our blood is toxicated and unhealthy, we feel irritated, anx-

The repetition of basic knowledge helps acquire it

ious, upset, and under the weather for no apparent reason. Conversely, when our blood is not toxicated, we feel healthy, serene and content, like completely different people. Other practical benefits of natural and healthy blood Clean, non-toxicated blood also affects our emotions and personality. It also cleanses our mind from toxins, in other words negative thoughts and actions; in this way, we can realize additional beneficial and lifesaving truths, like:


That there are no good or wicked people; only knowing (those who see) and not knowing ones (those who do not see). And those who know must help others understand (see). Socrates also recommended this life-saving truth. He said: “No one is willingly bad,” because he who harms others, harms himself most of all. Yet, no one wishes bad for one’s self. Therefore, what causes evil and wickedness is ignorance, and what cures it is knowledge and love. The same life-saving truth was taught to us by Jesus Christ, who said: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do…” And so, Christ was resurrected, with the infinite power of love. Each one of us can also become spiritually resurrected with the same life-saving power of love.

Thus, we strive in the main for social and not personal prosperity, and as a consequence society prospers; in other words, we ourselves prosper. Moreover, cleansed blood helps us convert all our wishes into actions and everything impossible into the possible. It also enables us to distinguish what is beneficial from the harmful, and gives us the strength to choose the beneficial. In this way: - We stop consuming the junk consumer society offers us and we only consume natural food. - We don’t smoke. - We are not overweight. - We are not down. 13 - We are masters of our sexual instincts One more important truth that and convert sexual energy into spiritual clean, non-toxicated blood helps energy, strength and joy. us realize is this: Our personal pros- - We do not fall ill. On perity lies in society’s prosperity. the contrary we stay


The miraculous effects of natural, healthy, activated blood The miraculously beneficial effects of cleansed blood are no exaggeration, nor a fairy tale, because: a) those of us who consume healthy foods experience these effects and b) you can also confirm this for yourselves in your own life. So if you are feeling ill or down, you can regain your health and enjoy life again, by changing your unnatural and harmful nutrition. Cleansed blood is like the sun. The sun, merely by its presence, ipso facto and without resistance, dispells all gloom. In the same way, cleansed blood in our body fills our life with health, both mental and physical.

healthy and enjoy every moment of life, showing our appreciation to God for allowing us to partake in the miracles of creation and life. And what is more important: Day by day, we witness so much improvement that we will not be able to recognize our past self. You should bear in mind that good is limitless and that when it rains goodness, it pours! If we find the strength to put these suggestions into action: Oh, what a surprise! A little further down the road, a beautiful goddess will be waiting for us with open arms. GODDESS HEALTH. Such indescribable beauty! Let’s greet her joyfully, singing her hymn! 14

Health Above All A HYMN TO HEALTH Oh, dear Health! Mother of my happiness Welcome to my life I love you truly, And so I eat naturally And lead an eco-logical life To have you always by my side; For you are the one that gives Value to all material things Dear Health, it is the love I practice That brought you to my life Oh, such true happiness‌!

A necessary clarification on the content I believe that what we have learned so far is enough for us to change our dietary habits and find happiness. Yet, only a few of us manage to do this.

the strength to get rid of the terrible addiction and slavery of meat-eating and cooking that keep us chained to sickness and ill health.

Furthermore, in this book (in SECTION 2) we will examine: a) the huge problem that Greece is facing, with the massive loans it has received and unfortunately continues to receive, and b) the responsibility, but also the ability of the government and each citizen separately to transcend this artificial poverty, subordination and misery, and find natural prosperity and In order to overcome these obstafreedom. cles, we need to reinforce our faith Let’s move on then to SECTION and will with the additional knowledge and experiences that follow (in 1, and first of all, let’s obtain some SECTION 1) which will help us detox- elementary knowledge concerning ify and cleanse our blood, and obtain HEALTH and ECOLOGY.

Why is that? Because: a) Toxicated blood blocks our mind and breaks our will; as a result, what we want and what we do are two different things, and b) Meateating and cooking are habits thousands of years old, thus they have become second nature and it is very difficult to combat nature.

1975: Centre of Spiritual and Physical Rebirth, Maroussi, Sygrou Forest

The outbreak of a revolution for a new Eco-Logical Humane Life

2011: The revolution continues even more vigorously…You can join it.



How to be truly healthy and happy

Essential knowledge about health What is health? ? Health is our natural condition. It is acquired and sustained automatically by means of healthy, non-toxicated blood that natural nutrition and lifestyle provide us. We are healthy healthy not when we are not sick or in pain, but only when we feel peaceful, positive, creative, grateful and happy. Health cannot be bought from good doctors or with expensive medicine, but is offered freely by nature to all those who eat and live naturally. It is also offered to patients who replace unnatural nutrition and lifestyle with natural nutrition and lifestyle. What is sickness? Sickness is our body’s reaction to an unnatural lifestyle; a warning from nature to correct our dietary and lifestyle errors and be saved. Sickness is a bridge to life. As a rule, all diseases have one cause. Intoxication from unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle. 16 The cure is also one. Detoxification, with healthy nutrition and lifestyle. How can we detoxify our bodies?

a) By internal cleansing of the intestines (hydro-catharsis, rectal injection; see page 52). b) By fasting. When we stop eating, in order to survive, our body feeds on various substances inside it; and first of all, it consumes every unnecessary and harmful substance in the body, namely toxins (impurities, inflammations, cancers, etc.). This is how detoxification and therapy are achieved. By fasting, we are performing an internal operation (cleansing, treatment) without using a scalpel. Nature prevents and cures all diseases, provided we live naturally. (Don’t be afraid of germs (parasites). In order for germs to develop and be active, they need favourable conditions (namely toxins) inside the body, which are created by unhealthy nutrition that produces toxicated and impure blood. Germs resemble flies. They too thrive on impurities. The removal of these impurities (toxins) relieves us from these “flies” once and for all, namely from pathogenic parasites (germs, bacteria, microbes).

If we attempt to eliminate these parasites with antibiotics (from the Greek word αντιβίωση, which literally translates to “against life”) and other chemical drugs, along with the pathogenic germs we also kill the beneficial ones, thus eliminating our body’s defence (immune system). Subsequently, one disease follows another, until we finally succumb to the inevitable. Instead, we should prevent and cure diseases with natural nutrition and lifestyle. An ounce of prevention is worth tons of cure. Recently increased average life expectancy is not due to doctors and drugs, but to a decrease in child mortality. In the past, couples had 5-10 children; and of those, two or three children would die. Today, couples don’t have children at all. Therefore, if, for example, a man

of 80 years old and a 2 year-old child die, we add 80+2, which equals 82. We then divide by 2 (the number of people) and we get an average life expectancy of 41 years. But if there is no child to die, the average life expectancy is 80. Statistics show that when doctors are on strike, death rates drop...! The essential questions any good doctor should ask his patient are: “What mistakes have you made? What have you been eating to get yourself sick? Own up! Rectify your errors and you will cure yourself.” Yet, doctors today don’t ask these questions. What is more, punish- 17 ing their patient, they add one more mistake of their own: they prescribe chemical drugs, which harm and even kill the patient.

Prevention and cure of diabetes, heart conditions, cancer and other diseases In ancient China, when a doctor had patients to care for, he would waive his fee, because the existence of disease showed lack of prevention, therefore lack of proper medical care. The same should apply today, in order for us to escape from diseases, doctors, drugs, hospitals, poverty and misery. This might not be in the best interests of doctors, but it is in the best interests of us, the victims! According to all the above, in case of any disease or malaise, the following are required: 1. Rest in the countryside, 2. Internal cleansing of the intestines with rectal injections, 3. Fasting, detoxification, 4. Natural nutrition and lifestyle. We can save our health and our life with these inexpensive and low-budget methods.


“Nature is the healer of all disease” according to Hippocrates. These are the testimonies of people who were seriously ill and today, after changing their nutritional and lifestyle habits, are enjoying their health, everlasting

youthfulness and life itself. Case samples of former patients who enjoy their health today. J. Fragakis: Uric acid, disfiguring arthritis, premature ageing, stress. Tel.: 210-9015989. K. Kentistos: Diabetes, colitis, arterial blood pressure, heart condition. Tel.: 210-6394707. A. Elaskou: She changed and saved her life with vegetarian, natural nutrition; she is now fighting to change the whole world. Tel.: 6940704802. L. Seroglou: Congenital weakness, ulcer, intolerable pains, hardships. Tel.: 6945-601912. K. Kyriakou: Chronic asthma. Tel.: 210-5811637. E. Georgiou: Fibromyomas. Tel.: 210-5018632. N. Christodoulou: Skin cancer. Tel.: 6977-281811. E. Chatzitheodorou: Diabetes, obesity, constipation, listlessness, stress. Tel.: 6976-524159. After this general briefing on the subject of health, let’s now analyse how we can satisfy our every need in life, and obtain a much desired level of physical, mental and psychological health.

Α. Body Health


End Sicknesses and Troubles

Our body is the temple of our mind and soul, from where all earthly and heavenly goods derive. Therefore, physical health is essential to our mental and psychological health. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body! Physical health can be obtained only if we satisfy our body’s needs properly. Our most important physical needs are the following: 1. Air. 2. Water. 3. Food. 4. Large intestine cleansing. 5. Love, family. 6. Exercise. 7. Sleep. 8. Sun. 9. Home. 10. Clothing. 11. Footwear. 12. Work.

1. Air: The life-giving power Air unites us with our creator. Lack of air means no life. Clean air unites us with health.

Jogging is also great exercise for the lungs. Also, in order for In order to be healthy, we need to the lungs to perlive in places away from air pollution form their duty, (highways, factories, etc.) at all costs. which is wholeApart from the quality of air, we also some breathing, it is very important need to be inhaling an appropriate to: level of it in order to remain strong. a) Check body posture. Our body Unfortunately, nowadays most of should be straight, with the shoulus are breathing too little of it and ders thrust back and the chest thrust not very deeply; just enough to outwards. b) Sleep on even surfaces. Get rid keep us ill. In order to strengthen of sinking mattresses and bedsteads. our lungs and health, we need to: c) Always have a large cushion bepractice breathing exercises at least hind your back, when we work, drive, 19 three times a day, from 5-10 minutes. etc. That way, our spine remains Deep intakes of breath through the erect and our breathing is facilitated. nose (with the mouth closed) three Apply immediately whatever you times, inhale-hold-exhale, from both feel is good and benefinostrils or from each nostril at a time. cial.

Goodbye smoking! Hello health and freedom

He who has pure blood thinks rationally and doesn’t smoke Smoking has a direct relevance to the issue at hand, which is the necessity of air. If pure air unites us with God, smoking unites us with Satan, diseases and agonizing death. And here is the proof: In Greece, 30,000 people die an agonizing death each year because of smoking, while thousands more are ill because of it. When a sudden air-crash occurs, we are all shocked. Why are we so insensitive to the premeditated crime of smoking and this genocide against Greek people? SOS! Smokers, you are in grave danger of cancer, heart attack, stroke and heart disease.

One might say, “We know all that; they are written on the cigarette packs.” You will now learn something else, as described by Mr. Christos Charalabidis: “This month it is seven years since my wife had a stroke, when she was 40 years old, through smoking. She had been smoking since she was 20. “Since then, she can’t talk, walk or move. “I feed her, bathe her, wash her, change her and move her from side to side so that she doesn’t get bedsores. “Her condition is such that I cannot leave her even for one hour.”





Quit smoking. You can do it. And this is how: That is the tragedy this family is suffering. Their only release will be death, and who knows when it will come. Can you imagine what a tragedy it would be if you, your spouse or your children had to wish for death so that this agony would end? And still death might not come…Avoid this self-inflicted tragedy. You can do it! Have mercy on yourself, your spouse, your mother, your father, your children, your brothers and sisters. Don’t smoke, spare yourself this tragedy. Quit smoking, following the example of Theodoros Kolokotronis (the Liberator of Greece) who he himself smoked, but at some point reasoned: “By God! A man who fights to free Greece cannot free himself from one evil! God forgive me, I will smoke no more.”

And he kept his word. You can do the same and free yourself from this evil with its intolerable smell and taste. It makes no sense to break your back to make your life better, yet at the same time sabotage this improvement. The moment you crave a cigarette, think: What am I doing? And make a revolutionary decision: No, I will not smoke. I love my health. I love my life. I am free. I will not smoke. Prevention and giving up smoking and any other bad habit and addiction can be achieved very easily with pure, non-toxicated blood that natural, vegetarian nutrition gives us. Let’s apply this nutrition to save our lives!


2. Water: The ultimate gift. Let’s not fall ill from lack of water After air, man’s second need is water. It is through water that our body produces blood, gastric juices, saliva, sweat, urine, etc. All respiration contains water. In order to meet these requirements, we need 8-10 glasses of water a day. Lack of water causes damage to the kidneys, the liver, the heart, as well as neuropathies, constipation and many other diseases. The water we drink should come from: a) Clean natural springs (if not, we can filter water) b) Fruit and vegetable juice and c) Various kinds of tea. Tea can be prepared like so: In a jug of water put fresh lemon, olive, pelargonium and gold crest cypress leaves, rose petal or another flower, lemon and orange peel. If we don’t have a garden or flower pots, we can put a very small amount of dried herbs (sage, thyme, flax seed, oregano, etc.) in plenty of water for several hours, and our tea (which is similar to


natural blood serum) is ready! We take out the herbs and the tea is ready. Tea should not be boiled, because boiling destroys essential oils, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and other valuable substances. At most, we heat it; and the less we do the better. We should also remember to always add lemon to the water. It enhances, purifies and disinfects it. Replace alcoholic drinks, coffee and canned soft drinks – that invigorate us in the short run, but shatter our nervous system in the long run – with this natural, tasty, detoxifying soft drink, which you can make on your own with the following ingredients: Water from soaked herbs, lemon juice, ginger juice (which you can extract with a juicer) and some sugar-cane sugar. We can drink this healthy drink all day long, in between meals, and also treat our friends to it.

3. Nutrition and life - We are what we eat After water, our body’s third need is food. It is imperative to add the following to the knowledge and information we mentioned at the beginning of the book, in order to be able to free ourselves from unnatural, meat-eating, cooked nutrition.

What foods are we meant to eat? A new, healthy food guide pyramid.

We are designed by nature to eat fruit, nuts and vegetables. And here is the proof: 1) Humans, like other herbivores, do not have the lethal claws and teeth of carnivorous animals. 2) Carnivores have one third the digestive system of herbivores. The reason for this difference is that they need to quickly exuviate the toxins We should eat plenty of fruit. We should inhabit Heaven on Earth.

Nuts, cereals, pulses

they have intaken from consuming animal corpses. 3) Carnivorous animals also have such potent gastric juices, they can even digest bones. 4) They swallow their food; they do not chew it. 5) They drink water using their tongues and, 6) Most importantly, carnivorous animals take pleasure in drinking other animals’ blood, while the sight of blood repels us, quite simply because we are not carnivores . Conclusion: We are fruit, nut and vegetable-eating animals; not carnivores and omnivores such as we have mutated into, with devastating consequences.

Fresh vegetables


A new food guide pyramid Replacing the Mediterranean one and any other, even worse, dietary pyramid.


Which are the natural, beneficial foods?

Know them, honour them, save your health and life When God created man (and every life form) he made sure that human beings would have suitable food. This is validated by the fact that birds and all other animals neither sow, nor reap or store food; yet none of them die of hunger. While, even though we humans sow, reap and store, plenty of us die of hunger (starvation) and even more of us die of gluttony and bad nutrition. This inexcusable situation calls for essential and immediate changes in the way we eat. And first of all, let us examine which foods are natural for humans. Besides, repetition is the mother of knowledge. Natural foods are: Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, grapes, etc.). Dried fruits (raisins, figs, dates, etc.). Dried nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, etc.). Pulses (lentils, beans, chickpeas, etc.) in the form of sprouts. 24 Vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, spinach, etc.) and vegetable bulbs (carrots, beetroots, radishes, etc.).

Various greens and herbs, seaweeds, mushrooms and the likes. All these food categories, which include thousands of known and unknown species, are enough to cover any human need and desire. Because pulses and cereals are hard and cannot be eaten raw, we soak them, and when they grow we add them to salads. It is also better and more useful to soak dried nuts, dried fruit and any other dry, hard food; especially any seed or fruit that can sprout, grow and multiply. Soaking turns these foods into sprouts and their content turns into milk, which is the best nutrient for our body cells (cellular nutrition). In this way, instead of destroying foods by cooking them, we make them a thousand times better. Applying this knowledge, we avoid serious diseases caused by lack of vitamins, which unjustifiably torment many people these days.

Which are the unnatural, harmful foods? Habit makes the harmful beneficial, e.g. smoking- eating meat All kinds of meat Chicken and other poultry, meat produce in any form (fresh, frozen, canned and smoke-dried). These foods are unnatural and unhealthy, because: a) Our body is not designed to feed on and assimilate the corpses of other animals and birds! b) They cannot be consumed unprocessed and uncooked. They need fire and cooking pots, which nature did not provide us with.

c) For many more serious reasons mentioned in the following pages.

Fish – Sea-food What was mentioned about meat applies here as well. Regarding their ingredients, and particularly phosphorus and Omega-3 fatty acids (that fish are reputed to contain), as proven by the table on page 29 (columns “fat” and “phosphorus”) natural foods outmatch them in this area as well (for example lentils and almonds).

Don’t slaughter – Don’t torture

Don’t eat these beautiful creatures

Let’s not be insensitive 25

What we give is what we get

John Hopkins Hospital: Meat causes cancer. Fruits and vegetables cure cancer. The only thing fish have more of is water. But water which is full of lead and mercury from the seas that we ourselves polluted. These elements cause serious brain, heart, kidney and other damage. Ethics Ethics should also make us abstain from eating fish. Fish are living creatures; they see, they feel, they swim. Let us take pleasure from their joy and not from their horrible death, with hooks impaled in their gills. Let’s not be insensitive! The author Marguerite Yourcenar, writes: “Like the philosopher Zeno, I too do not eat fish, so that I don’t digest their anguish.” Milk – Dairy products. These foods are also not natural, as animal milk is not intended by nature for humans, but for feeding the new-born of other animals. What does milk-eating mean? It means constant robbery accompanied by murder. In other words, we kill and eat the new-born of other animals, and then we also rob their milk on a daily basis. But let us not forget the law of reciprocation: What we give is 26 what we get. So the milk that comes from robbing other animals for our benefit is not good for us; on the contrary, it is ex-

tremely harmful and causes huge known and unknown health problems. Consequently, not only does milk not cure osteoporosis, but it worsens it. More relevant information can be found at the following sites: Σχετικά στοιχεία στις ιστοσελίδες 1 . w w w. n c b i . n l m . n i h . g ov / p u b med/9224182 pou_krybetai_pisw_apo_to_gala. pps which Mr. Marios Protopapas, advisor on holistic nutrition, provided us with. For us humans, the only natural milk is our mother’s milk, straight from her bosom and her heart, unprocessed and uncooked; and only for the period when we still don’t have teeth. When we get our teeth, milk is no longer necessary. We can use out teeth to eat what our mother eats to produce milk. Besides, when we have our teeth, our body stops producing a special enzyme, lactose, which is necessary for the absorption of milk. Eggs, besides their beneficial contents, also contain harmful ones (like cholesterol). They usually cannot be eaten raw and they need to be cooked, thus spoiling and destroying any useful ingredient.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore U.S.A. States, issued an announcement titled “Cancer update.” In this update, meat and other unnatural foods are ranked among foods that cause cancer, while fruit and vegetables are ranked as foods that cure cancer! More information can be found at: Furthermore, the harmfulness of unnatural foods is proven by the following facts: a) When we get sick, we are not allowed to eat meat, fish and dairy products. b) All religions provide for pe27 All the abovementioned un- riods of fasting, when their connatural foods are proven to cause sumption is forbidden. This is not cancer and other serious diseases. done to appease God, but to proThe research University Hospi- tect our health from the diseases tal “John Hopkins” in the United caused by these foods.

Doctor Tilemahos Efthimiadis from Thessaloniki, earnest health advocate, and Mr. Papanikolas, at the “Rebirth” centre in Maroussi, during a revolutionary speech (1980)

Comparing the ingredients of natural and unnatural foods. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) ΤΡΟΦΕΣ foods ΦΥΤΡΑ-ΦΑΚΕΣ lentil sprouts ΦΥΤΡΑ-ΦΑΣΟΛΙΑ bean sprouts ΦΥΤΡΑ-ΣΤΑΡΙ wheat sprouts ΚΑΡΥΔΙΑ walnuts ΑΜΥΓΔΑΛΑ almonds ΚΡΕΑΣ meat ΨΑΡΙ fish ΓΑΛΑ milk ΑΥΓΑ eggs

ΠΡΩΤ- ΛΙΠΟΣ ΝΕΡΟ WATER proteins(%) Fat(%) ΕΪΝΕΣ(%) (%)

carbohyΥΔΑΤ/ ΘΕΡ- ΒΙΤΑΜΙ ΒΙΤΑΜΙ ΒΙΤΑΜΙ ΑΣΒΕdrate calories Vitamin b1 Vitamin b12 Vitamin c calcium ΚΕΣ



ΝΗ Β12


phospho- ΜΑΓΝ- ΝΑΤΡΙΟ ΣΙΔΗ- ΦΩΣΦiron rus magnesium natrium (χλμ) ΣΤΙΟ (χλμ) ΡΟΣ (χλμ) ΟΡΟΣ (χλμ) ΗΣΙΟ (χλμ)














































































0 96







































The nutrition we recommend is unusual, meaning it does not include meat, chicken, fish, meat products, animal milk, cheese, bread, etc., so one is bound to ask: 28 How are we to live on this diet? Where are we going to get the proteins and other necessary ingredients from? The above table gives us the answer.

As the numbers show, natural vegetable foods are far superior in their ingredients than unnatural animal foods. The only thing that animal foods are visibly superior to is water, but the question is what kind of water? Regarding proteins, the superiority of natural, vegetable foods is clear.

Regarding the quality of proteins, those who claim that vegetable foods lack the necessary amino acids seem to be overlooking dried nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.) which are packed with proteins and all amino acids. But even if certain kinds of cereals and pulses lack a type of amino acid, another kind of cereal or pulse which contains this amino acid complements them. Regarding vitamin B12, our body needs a very small quantity of it and it preserves it for many years. This vitamin, apart from the foods that contain it, is also produced by our own body (large intestine), as it is produced by the bodies of other herbivorous animals. Herbivores don’t eat meat, fish, cheese, milk and other animal foods. And yet, there is vitamin B12 in their body. Similarly, vitamin B12 is produced in our body, and we also consume fruit, nuts, sprouts and many other foods. Besides, many people who eat meat lack vitamin B12; therefore, meat is not a source of vitamin B12. The source of vitamin B12 and other vitamins, as well as of other dietary substances, is natural, uncooked food. The so-called deficiency of vegetable foods is also contradicted by the fact that millions of people throughout the world (in India, Africa, etc.) do not eat meat or fish and yet are absolutely healthy. More on vitamin B12 can be found at: b12issue.php.

I myself have not eaten meat or fish for the last 35 years, and for the last 24 months I have been eating solely raw, uncooked and unbaked vegetable foods; I don’t even eat bread. I work 18 hours a day and I feel great. Also, my blood and other health-related tests are excellent and at your disposal. Conclusion: Vegetable foods are filled with all substances that fully satisfy our every need. This is the truth, even though many experts (or so-called experts) mistakenly claim that the lack of animal foods from our nutrition means lack of proteins and vitamin B12, which is hazardous for our health. These opinions scare people and force them into eating meat, namely cancer and psy29 chological disorders. It is about time we, the victims, put an end to these crimes against our health and innocent defenceless animals.

Other important reasons for not eating meat 1. To save nature and life on Earth. Vast numbers of livestock (with in vitro fertilization) are being raised. These animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, methane and other toxic gases that pollute the environment more than all means of transportation in the whole world. In order to produce 2 pounds of meat, 200 pounds of water are required. Mister R. Patsauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has stated: “Consumption of meat accelerates climate change and is the first and foremost threat to the ecosystem.” We believe that this reason alone suffices for us to stop eating meat immediately. If we do not take pity on ourselves, let’s at least have pity on our children and let’s stop artificial production, raising and eating of


livestock. This way, we will be able to carry out our duty and pass down a sustainable environment to the next generation. But besides the protection of nature, there are also other equally important reasons for us to stop consuming meat. 2. Moral reasons. Humankind today suffers from lack of ethics. The single most obvious proof of this lack of ethics is the torturing, murdering and feeding on weak, defenceless and innocent animals. It goes without saying that the 6th commandment “Thou shalt not kill” applies to animals too. Consumption of meat goes against love for animals and basic morality. Moral and sensitive individuals cannot slaughter and kill animals. They eat meat, leaving it up to oth-

SEAS OF HUMAN AND ANIMAL BLOOD Animal Slaughter = Human Slaughter ers to do the killing and butchering. But if they did not eat meat, the others would not have to commit these crimes either. Therefore, a sensitive individual becomes an accessory to all these crimes; and an accessory by law (be it divine or human) is responsible for the crimes committed and is punished along with the perpetrator, with the same punishment. The conversion of humankind from herbivore to carnivore has utterly negative and devastating consequences for our planet. Eating meat changes the natural chemical constitution of our blood. We thus obtain the predatory characteristics of carnivores. We become aggressive, unjust, criminal. The blood of animals forms seas, as does the blood of humans from the wars among us. Animal slaughter-houses beget slaughters among humans. The devastating consequences of the mutation of man was already noted thousands of years ago. In the “Odyssey,” Homer parallels meat-eaters to Cyclopes; humanlike monsters who ate animals and men. On the other hand, he paralleled fruit and nut-eaters with the lotus eaters, (the lotus is a delicious fruit); whoever met them did not want to leave, being as they were so peaceful and kind. As is mentioned in the Bible, in Genesis 1:29: “And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of

all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.” Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Tolstoy, Edison and Einstein, among others, would not eat meat, for moral reasons. 3. Health reasons. To what we have already mentioned on the subject of health, we should also add the following: a) Bacteria (salmonella) which are contained in all animal corpses. b) Dioxins produced by meatflours, with which the animals we eat are fed in order to get fat. c) From the poison produced by the hormones used for fattening up the animals. d) From the medicine, antibiotics and chemotherapy that animals are subjected to, in order to keep them alive even when they are sick, so that they can be sold. e) From poison (adrenalin) that the animals themselves produce from their misery, suffering, and pain they go through from being inhumanly treated as mere objects, and their barbarous, heartless slaughter. It is proven that the more the consumption of meat increases, the more cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer and other psychic diseases 31 increase as well. Even if meat was a natural food for man, the way livestock is produced today makes it prohibitive for us to consume.

Elias Petrou (1935) Physiotherapist, a soldier of the country and of health

We publish his photo in his honour

To this man we owe the propagation of physical health and physical therapy in Greece, and therefore, our movement as well. Let us be worthy keepers of his action, by utilizing his contribution. 4. Financial reasons. Based on the cost of production, vegetables are ten times more economical than meat and dairy products. Take into account the retail price of a pound of beans and a pound of meat, add the exhorbitant cost of healthcare due to diseases caused from eating meat, and you can tell the difference.

tion of herbivorous creatures (such as man) to carnivorous can be now proven experimentally. When man converts cows from herbivore to carnivore (by feeding them meat-flours to fatten them up for profit), cows get sick from the well-known mad-cow disease.

We humans suffer from the 20% of natural animal feed same madness and the cause is (wheat, soy, corn) would be also the same: eating meat. The enough to eliminate hunger from proof is that even while we are 32 Earth, if it was given to humans. created to be joyful, we live in torment. Go back to natural nutrition and lifestyle. Go back to natural nutrition and to nature. Return to health, The terrifying consequences of the altera- love and life.

Life-saving and health-saving knowledge, not taught by parents, schools or society. Let’s spread the news. “He who eats meat is fed unnaturally, and whoever is fed unnaturally thinks, feels and acts unnaturally and destructively. He who eats naturally, thinks, feels and acts naturally and creatively.” Christos Stassinopoulos (From his book “Peaceful Revolution.”) Christos Stassinopoulos studied the life of Theodoros Kolokotronis (he wrote a biography in six volumes, which won an Academy of Athens Award). He is also the author of “Peaceful Revolution,” a book that envisages an animal-loving, peaceful and happy world. He was admitted to the Red Cross Hospital for a minor health problem, and the next day he was dead, after a very “successful” operation. He departed from this world like so many others, unjustifiably slaughtered. Recently, the journalist Nikos Kakaounakis met the same fate. Unhealthy life

SOS...Save youe health from two cunning unknown enemies.


HEALTH Medicine: Lack of Prevention, Diseases, Death.


Does it make sense to cook and ruin food before we eat it? Disharmonious foods Cooking goes against plain logic, as boiling and baking food does lead to disharmonious not add any nutrient to them, body function while on the contrary it ruins and This explains the following: depletes all of their beneficial Why digesting and assimilating substances. these foods present such a chalBesides, nature “cooks” our foods lenge for many people. Why we suffer from inflammations, on its own for us, with the help of the great, life-giving cook, the cancer, colitis, gastroenteritis, etc. Sun, using the fire of life. Why the kidneys, liver and other Boiling and baking foods with the organs of our body are damaged. deadly artificial fire completely destroys any sign of life existing in these foods. Cooking changes the chemical composition of foods; it ruins and alters proteins, while it destroys vitamins, enzymes and natural hormones.

Furthermore, cooking pollutes environment and nature, since each home that owns an oven represents an energy-consuming factory, in other words, a source of pollution.

If we plant boiled wheat in the earth, nothing will grow, because boiling has taken away its life. In the Cooking also destroys chlorophyll, same way, cooked – and therefore which is the blood of plants that dead – food cannot provide us with is very much related to our own life and energy. and has the same components. Cooking is a sad mistake; but a Their difference lies only in their mistake that does not have to concolours (green for chlorophyll and tinue being made forever. red for blood). Replace frying pans, which we are After boiling or baking foods, the 34 substances left in them are not in harmony anymore, since some of them have been altered (transformed) and others have been destroyed.

burning our oils and crippling our health with, by means of vegatablegrowing equipment; and replace saucepans, which are destructive for food, with juicers, blenders and vegetable cutters.

Rep lacin g unnat ural, ha r m fu l fo o d s wit h natural one s All kinds of meat, chicken, meat products, canned foods, etc., can be replaced by soaked pulses turned into sprouts, and dried nuts, especially walnuts. Walnuts are shaped like the brain and are imperative for thorough comprehension and application of the contents of this book. Fish and all sea food can be replaced with salads, carrots, mushrooms, avocado, etc. Milk and all dairy products can be replaced with vegetable and fruit juices, and certain vegetable milks (from almonds, fir cones, sunflower seeds, etc.). Vegetable milks are an exceptional food for young and old. They contain 50% oil, plenty of minerals and vitamins. They can be prepared as such: We soak in water the dried nuts we want to turn into milk for about 12-36 hours. Then, we pulp them in the blender adding water; an exceptional, divine, beneficial food is then ready. What do you think is better? This vegetable milk or the milk from sick animals? Feed your children with this prime milk. How and why bread is bad for our health. Has it ever crossed your mind

that “our daily bread,� no matter what colour or ingredients it contains, might be harmful? And yet, it is! This is the truth. And here is the proof: Let us examine how bread is made. Wheat is milled several days or months beforehand. Milling means ruining, destruction, taking away of valuable ingredients (sprout skin, etc.) that contain vitamins, minerals, proteins. Then, milled wheat that has become flour is oxidized and depletes easily (butterflies appear). To avoid this danger, several chemicals are added, as well as preservatives (that is to say, poisons). Finally, when wheat is blended, more enhancing chemicals are added, as well as plenty of salt to make it savoury despite previous interventions (additions and removals). All these interventions, the removal of substances, the addition of chemicals, conservatives and salt, and finally, the finishing stroke, baking in high temperatures, results in the production of a food extremely harmful for our health (stomach, liver, 35 kidneys). Unfortunately, today this food represents the foundation of the whole world’s nutrition.

Therefore, instead of making these mistakes, isn’t it better to eat wheat (this precious food) that has the same components as our body, as it is; unprocessed, poison-free, just like Mother Nature offered it to us? How to eat wheat. Wheat is hard and cannot be eaten raw, so in order to eat it we turn it into sprouts, with the following easy way: We soak it in water for 15-25 hours (depending on how hard it is); we water it morning and night, leaving it in the water for ten minutes each time. It starts to grow sprouts, turning all it components into milk, which can be perfectly assimilated by our body cells (cellular nutrition). As it is soft and tender, we can add it to salads and eat it.

it is preferable to eat wheat than bread, because wheat costs ten times less than bread (as many as the processes it undergoes). Confectionaries. If bread is harmful, think how harmful sweets and all other bakery products are, which are made by means ofmuch worse intervention (extraction of components, addition of chemicals). Therefore, we should cross out with a large Χ all pastry and bakery products engendering sickness and we should choose the pastry and bakery of God’s nature, which provides us an array of natural sweets and daily bread. And these are: a) dried nuts, a “manna from heaven,” b) fresh fruit and, c) dried fruits (raisins, dates, figs, plums, pineapples, etc.). Cosmopolitan patisseries should offer us these products, health in other words, and not industrial products like 50%-type flours, white sugar, margarine, powdered eggs, etc, that is, sickness and death wrapped in gold.

We can also mill wheat into bulgur and soak it for 5-10 hours or more. We then add various flavourings and vegetables (onion, parsley, garlic, pepper, etc.). In that way, it makes a delicious food (salad or pilaf ) and soup And let’s not forget: (adding juice from carrots, cuWe should avoid the three Ws: cumbers, tomatoes, lemons, White Sugar, White Flour, White 36 etc.), which is much tastier than Salt, which are very harmful to cooked bulgur. our health. Even if we look at it from Let’s all follow the voice of Health a financial point of view, and Ecology and save ourselves.

How we make unnatural foods even worse. Putting an end to grave mistakes Today, not only are we eating unnatural and harmful foods, but we are also making them a hundred times worse. A typical example is factory hens that are fattened up within six months. Unfortunately, nowadays people are eating these foods and come down with diseases such as cancer, heart disease, strokes, etc. The same horrible nutrition is continued inside the disease and deathridden hospitals towards which sick people supposedly turn in order to be saved and regain their health.

What we mentioned about chicken is unfortunately true also for other meat and all the thousands of unnatural foods which are harmful in their own right and which we make even more harmful via human intervention, such as meat produce, ham, etc. By the power of logic and love, we should at last put an end to these unnatural, mutated, abused, extremely harmful foods TODAY, not tomorrow; because by eating these so-called foods, there might be no tomorrow!

Let’s become their friends, instead of their torturers and murderers


How healthy foods are turned into sickening foods Typical examples:

This food, in order to be beneficial to our health, should be unbaked 1. Dried nuts (manna from heav- and unsalted, as we already menen) are baked and salted. What for? tioned, just the way nature offers it With cooking or baking, saturated to us. fats and oils become unsaturated; 2. Olives. The nutritional and that is, harmful. It is well-known that dried nuts contain more than therapeutic value of natural olives 50% fat. Their baked harmful fat is unique and irreplaceable. combined with added salt is provIf olive-tree leaves can cure disen to cause cancer, sudden death eases, imagine how more benefifrom heart attack, liver, kidney and cial ripe, natural olives can be. They heart disease, etc. might be a little bitter, but they are very useful. Therefore, we salt and bake them to make them tastier; in other However, full-grown olives are words, we destroy the one thing very sweet. Seven olives equal one most precious: our health. egg, without cholesterol, and ten This is why it is difficult to find olives equal one meat patty, but natural, unbaked and unsalted without ptomaine. dried nuts in the stores. This precious food, which because of its priceless value God Athena Why such ignorance, such absurdgave to the City of Athens as a gift, ity, such damage? we “intelligent” people turn it from a Why don’t the chemists, doctors food of health to a food of sickness. and the Department of Health inHow? By “preparing” olives. form and protect us? And how do we “prepare” them? How and why we should eat dried nuts: We slash them, we put them in water and we change the water Dried nuts are a complete, natural food, an excellent source of pro- countless times. In this way, we teins with all amino acids, Omega-3 empty them from any nutritional fatty acids and all other beneficial substance. 38 We should eat them on a daily We then put olives in salt and vinebasis, combined with vegetables, gar, we fill them with these poisons, replacing the unnatural, and then we eat them, completing enhanced with hormones the damage caused by all other unmeats, fish, breads, etc. natural and unhealthy foods, and

we open the way to haemodialysis, cross, he asked for water and they signing our contract with tortuous gave him vinegar. Our health asks death! for pure food and we give it salt and vinegar. How much longer? No How we should eat olives. more! Olives are prepared by nature, so Doctors, chemists, biologists, prothey don’t need any intervention fessors, departments of health and on our part. What we should do education, where on earth are you is pick them from the trees when to inform and save us? they are ripe. If they are not fullySOS! Save yourself. You can do it! grown, we leave them for a few days in the air and sun, so that they There are many more countless grow and dry out. Then, we place examples of conversion of natural them in glass, stainless steel or clay foods from a means of health to a containers with olive oil. Oil is the means of sickness. We see them evebest preservative of all. When we rywhere we look. But even those we eat olives, we add chopped onion, mentioned we believe are enough oregano and lemon skin. We con- to fully comprehend what is gosume this precious, blessed food ing on and to protect our health every day, instead of cheese, sala- from the thousands of traps that mi, and other harmful foods. are set before us every day by toWhen Christ was suffering on the day’s speculative, consumer society.

Walnuts-Olives: Complete, natural foods that contain 50%-80% Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins

Overcoming the addiction to meat, fish and cooking, which makes corpses taste good Cooking (boiling, baking) kills all living substances in a food. But dead food cannot give us life and energy. This self-evident truth should suffice to make us do away with murderous cooking once and for all. But because eating meat, fish and cooked food is a habit of thousands of years, it has become second nature, and it is extremely difficult to go against one’s nature. Therefore, the following are essential: In order to overcome our addiction, certain intelligent (conscience awakening) steps are

required. We will mention a few that have helped us and we hope we can help you overcome your addiction as well. Some of these methods are subtle and some are more drastic. Choose the ones suitable for you. Let’s start with the more drastic ones. We will follow Odysseus’ example, who in order to escape from the Sirens (the murderous women with the enchanting voices) commanded his fellow travellers to tie him to the mast of the ship and only untie him when they had cleared away from the Sirens’ island.


On the right: K. Papanikolas. In the centre: Robert Morse, the revolutionary Doctor and Nutritionist, Professor of detoxification. Next to him is Angela Ilaskou, advisor on Physical Health at Port Charlotte, Florida U.S.A. (2010).

They did what he commanded and that is how he managed to escape them. We too, in order to escape the addiction of meat-eating and cooking (which makes corpses tastier, while causing disease and silently destroying our health) we need a similar device, as well as to put some kind of pressure (a form of force) on ourselves. This pressure will only be felt for a short period of time. The tastiness of natural foods and the health and wellbeing we will obtain after eating them will not allow us to even consider going back to the unnatural nutrition and cooking that destroy our health and devastate our lives. Subtler methods of getting over our addiction: First of all, we set natural nutrition, which is a natural law, as our goal. Then, we visualize its countless benefits, which are: 1)Treatment from existing tortuous diseases. 2) Prevention from unknown tortuous diseases, which unnatural nutrition causes, and 3) Creation of a beautiful, natural, perfect body, which we will enjoy and not be ashamed of. We obtain such a body automatically, with no special effort, just by eating natural, uncooked foods.

All these life-saving results are enough for us to get over: a) The “deliciousness� of cooked flesh that has been proven to cause cancer, empirically and experimentally, b) Cooking foods, considering the devastation natural foods undergo from boiling or baking for hours in the deadly fire. Cooking shows, among other things, ingratitude to God, who offers us living, beneficial foods and we cook them; in other words, we destroy them, we make them harmful and then we eat them! This ingratitude, which is also a violation of natural laws, is harshly punished with diseases, stress and hardship. We are not punished because of cooking (as God’s revenge), but we are punished from cooking (as an irrevocable result). I myself, K. Papanikolas, who make these suggestions, immediately and very easily stopped eating meat, even though I liked it, 35 years ago, mainly for moral reasons, after reading the speech of Plutarch against meat-eating. This speech can be found at: www. You can study it for yourselves. Knowledge and love 41 are lifesavers. I also stopped eating cooked foods, when I realized that cooking destroys natural foods and is a violation of natural laws.

These natural laws are in place for our own benefit and we should never, under any circumstances, violate them, because we pay for these violations with numerous diseases and hardships. My dear self – I call you “myself,” because that is how I feel about you – pure blood has helped me realize how interdependent we are and the fact that You indeed are Me, and that All is One. I know how difficult it is for you to stop eating meat and cooked foods. I also know from personal experience how much better your life will be without them. I believe that if we can help and we don’t, it is like committing murder. For all these reasons, I recommend

with all my heart that you make the great decision and try out natural, vegetable, uncooked nutrition. I can guarantee that little by little you are going to start experiencing such wonderfully positive feelings, such exceptional state of mind (peace, wholeness, bliss) that you will not recognize your old self and you will never want to go back to unnatural and sickening nutrition. Have courage. I wish you all the best! Let your food be medicine. Nature is the healer of all disease. (Hippocrates) How blessed man is, when he is a true human. In other words, when he lives in virtue.




Daily natural diet for health, wellbeing, youthfulness, prosperity The following diet has changed our life and led us away from sickness and stress to health and happiness. It can also change your life, if you just apply it. Starting at 5-6am, we make lemon juice from 1-2 lemons in a jug of water from soaked (raw) vegetables (rosemary, pelargonium, gold crest cypress, oregano, tilia, Louisa) with roses and other flowers, whatever kind we have, even in very small quantity of one of them. If we so wish, we can add ginger juice (using the juicer) which is refreshing and detoxifying. This extract is natural serum for our blood and we should drink it slowly. From this ultimate divine gift we can drink 2, 3, 4 glasses, as many as our body desires. It will not harm us, no matter how much of it we drink. Breakfast: Ripe seasonal fruits (preferably one kind). Brunch: First alternative: Cereals (wheat, barley or oatmeal) freshly cut and soaked at least for 24 hours, with vegetables, oil, lemon and oregano. Second alternative: Soaked figs, raisins or dates, with one kind of fresh fruits, e.g. apple, pear, banana. ( Tropical fruits, like dates and bananas, combine well together). All the above can be turned into a light cream in the blender,

for easier consumption. Another suggestion for brunch is the following: Dried nuts ground in a hand grinder, fresh cauliflower, carrots, ripe avocado, with lemon and oregano, lemon skin and ripe olives. This is the same rich brunch I am enjoying right now, as I write, without any bread. (I replace bread with dried nuts and wheat sprouts). It is so delicious that I thank God for all the tasty, precious natural foods he has given us. Lunch: A salad with a variety of foods, containing: One kind of vegetables by 70%-80%. (Lettuce, cabbage, spinach, etc.). One kind of sprouts by 10%20%, from wheat, barley, oatmeal, lentil, chickpea, buckwheat, sunflower seeds or mung-beans (which make excellent sprouts), or another kind of pulse or cereal from the thousand available ones. Ripe avocado by 10% (vegetable butter). To all the above we add fla- 43 vourings, garlic, onion, parsley, garden rocket, mint, basil, lemon skin, oregano, and oil-lemon dressing which we stir into a cream in the blender.

Do we love our health? Let’s prove it!

What foods do we eat? Do we drink natural juices? Do we exercise? If we want our food to be juicy, so that we don’t miss the sensation of cooked food with stock, we can add carrot juice, cucumber, tomato, garlic or ginger, and turn it into mash or soup. If your job is manual and you need more calories, you can add 10-15 soaked walnuts or other dried nuts. Dried nuts contain 50% virgin and non-thermal oil with more calories, proteins and carbohydrates than there are in the various animal carcasses that some people wrongly think they need to eat in order to work in construction or on farms. In order to have a wider variety at lunch, we can prepare and also serve a salad with finely chopped carrot, garlic, oil and lemon dress-


ing and oregano, as well as a typical Greek salad, with tomato, cucumber, onion and oregano. Instead of bread and cheese, we can add some soaked, peeled white almonds or even mushrooms, with oil and lemon dressing and oregano. But if we are frugal, the abovementioned foods are enough. Don’t forget to eat unprepared, ripe olives conserved in organic oil, all day (see page 40). Instead of beer and wine, we can drink lemon water with ginger and some sugarcane sugar. These foods (that make up an organic salad) should be our main meal of the day, which we never get bored of, because it is made of natural ingredients.

In terms of ingredients, these foods will meet all human needs of every age, from infant to old age, and they can also be eaten in the form of puree, mashed in the blender. We can continue with our daily diet now, following the main meal. Two to three hours after the main meal, we drink 1-2 glasses of water flavoured with soaked herbs, with lemon. Half an hour later, we eat seasonal fruit. Dinner at 6-8 pm: It depends on our occupation, age, mood, etc. This meal should only have one kind of seasonal fruit or one kind of soaked dried nuts with vegetables, or thickly ground soaked cereals with one of the aforementioned kinds of dried nuts. Two hours later, before bedtime, drink a glass of water with soaked herbs and lemon. If we work away from home, we can prepare all these foods and drinks and take them with us in food containers and bottles. This is how we really prove we love our health and our life.

etc.) and pulses (lentil, fava bean, mung-bean, etc.) can be the basic ingredient for countless meals, prepared in the following way: We soak the pulse or cereal we wish to prepare for 5-10 hours or more, so that it softens and its ingredients are activated. We then grind them as finely as we want and we add flavourings, like onion, garlic, parsley, mint, ginger or liquorice, and a spice (cumin, coriander, oregano, etc.) as well as lemon and oil dressing. We stir all ingredients together and we let them soak for 2-3 hours, so that they all blend together. Our healthy meal is then ready to eat, and it does not only satisfy our taste, but our health as well. All these foods can even be Other natural nutrition turned into pilaffs, purees or recipes soups, depending on the kind of We can make countless natural grinding and the quantity of wa45 nutrition recipes with these natu- ter and vegetables we add. ral foods. The same foods can become the We will give you some examples, filling for tomatoes, zucchinis, cuso that you get an idea. cumbers, avocados, Cereals (wheat, barley, oatmeal, celeries, etc.

Using vegetables, we can also make delicious and healthy spaghetti from pumpkin, carrot, zucchini, using the special cutter or grater (with one-directional moves) adding fresh tomato sauce with garlic, mint and a little oil. Instead of cheese, we can add almonds or grated walnuts. We can also prepare healthy and delicious foods with ground dried nuts (one kind per meal) and various vegetables, adding tomato juice, carrot, cucumber, oil and lemon. These foods should be eaten immediately, because vegetables oxidize after being cut. Furthermore, using fresh and dried fruits of the same kind, mashed in the blender, and adding water, we can prepare and enjoy many sweets from nature’s patisserie. There are countless natural recipes. We will just mention some, so that you get an idea. 1. Fruit juices: Orange, lemon, ap-

ple, pomegranate, pineapple, banana, grape, kiwi, etc. 2. Vegetable juices: Carrot, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, beetroot, adding water or carrot, etc. 3. Vegetal milks from: Almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconuts, pinecones, etc. 4. Various foods: Tomatoes, zucchinis filled with bulgur, stuffed cabbage or lettuce rolls, mushrooms and tomatoes on a stick, various patties from mashed vegetables, sprouts, dried nuts, stuffed avocados, etc. 5. Various soups: With mashed vegetables and dried nuts, carrot juice stock, cucumber and tomato. You can find many more unknown but delicious recipes, as well as valuable information on healthy nutrition, at the following sites:

Important: Be ware of malnutrition! When we start our natural nutrition, we should not wait for noon or

46 evening in order to eat something. We should always carry with us

fruits and dried fruits, dried nuts and vegetables, and every 1-2 hours we should eat until we are full. Natural nutrition means: We eat all kinds of natural foods, taking in all necessary substances, looking and feeling healthy, strong and happy.

FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICES For immediate disease prevention and cure Also exceptionally beneficial are vegetable juices from carrot, cabbage, cucumber or tomato, with the addition of flavouring vegetables (parsley, garlic, onion, beetroot, garden rocket, etc.) as well as fruit juices from oranges, grapefruits, pomegranates, and especially grapes. Doctor Anna Katsigra states: “Grape juice is superior even to mother’s milk ingredient-wise, given that grape protein contains

pepsin, which is free from fatty substances that animal milks contain and hinder digestion.” Starting today, let’s replace canned and poisonous juices with these God-given natural juices from fruits and vegetables. They can be prepared using special juicers, electrical or manual. Electrical ones should be set to slow, in order to preserve and not destroy the ingredients of juices.

How to prepare sprouts of natural proteins and vitamins We have explained how you can prepare sprouts in another section of the book, where we suggested replacing bread with wheat sprouts. But given this is an important issue, we should repeat it, because repetition is the mother of knowledge. We can make sprouts from wheat, lentils, chickpeas, mungbeans, sunflower seeds, alfalfa and numerous other kinds. We soak the fruit or seeds in a dark place for 12-24 hours. We then water them every morning and evening, leaving them in the water for 5-10 minutes, exposing them to light and sun, where available. The fruit or seeds then start growing sprouts, ready for con-

sumption and in milky form, which can be directly assimilated by our body cells. This way, we improve these foods a hundred times more, instead of destroying them a thousand times more by processing them, or even worse, cooking them. There are special vessels for the preparation of sprouts, which have colanders to drain the water, and electrical appliances for the automatic watering of sprouts. Replace the “Auschwitz” ovens and the frying pans that destroy health with these valuable appli47 ances. If you don’t have these appliances, it is ok. You can prepare sprouts on a simple plate, just as long as you have the knowledge, the will and the love.


Incompatible Foods



Vegetables Melons Oranges

Dried nuts

Dried nuts

Grapes Apples Sprouts

We can eat food every 2-3 hours.

Fruit is eaten one kind at a time. Every one hour, we can eat another kind of fruit.

In order to have a light and rested stomach, good physical and mental health, we should be careful when combining foods, in other words we should be careful of the foods we consume at the same time. Fruit can be eaten on its own, and one kind every time, without any other food. For example, we don’t eat melons with oranges, or oranges with grapes, or fruit with dried nuts, cereals (sprouts) and other foods. This is due to the fact 48 that fruit requires a different length of time and gastric juices for their digestion than other food.

One hour after we have eaten some fruit, we can eat any other fruit or food we want to. The same applies to dried fruit as well, which is to be consumed preferably soaked, with its juices turned into nectar. Dried nuts and cereals (grains) combine very well with all vegetables. We should not eat: a) incompatible foods, and b) large quantities; because that way we lose out on more energy than the energy provided by the foods we consume. Therefore, we should be careful with what we eat, how we eat it and how much we eat.

HOW TO EAT: Our stomach doesn’t have teeth No matter how hungry we are, we should not eat too fast or bolt our food. We should not swallow food whole, but chew it thoroughly. Our teeth are not there merely for decorative purposes; they are there to break down foods. Our stomach does not possess teeth. We should chew food so thoroughly that it turns into liquid and then we can drink it. All liquid foods, such as soup and purees, should be ruminated thoroughly, in order for them not to is necessary for digestion and assimimix with saliva. lation of all the food we eat, whether Our saliva contains ptyalin, which liquid or solid.

How much should we eat? We should not live to eat. In order to digest and assimilate the foods we consume, our body makes a great deal of effort, using a lot of blood. We should not use all our effort and all our blood just for our stomach and the digestion of foods, but we should spare some for our brain and our other body functions.

One third of the food we consume is enough to sustain us; the other two thirds sustain doctors. Experiments on mice have shown that those that ate one third of their food lived several years longer. More people die from overeating or eating inappropriate food than from starvation.


How we should feel when we eat We should feel such pleasure with the food we consume that automatically we would say: “Thank you, God, for the wonderful food you have given us.� These are feelings we can experience only when a) we are hungry, and b) we are healthy, with a pure soul. Our soul can be pure only if our plate is not full of the carcasses of dead animals. We might feel pleasure from the bloodshed and pain of other animals; but that just goes to show we have mutated and become so insensitive that we cannot experience real joy in our life.

Organic foods: Save our health and life. Organic foods, grown without using chemical fertilizers and cancerous herbicides, will put an end to the poisoning of the Earth and of food. We should obtain them at any cost. We are grateful to organic growers. Chemical-using cultivation should be immediately banned 50 throughout the world by law, given this leads to pollution of the earth, of water, of food, to disease and to the financial bankruptcy of all of us.

Those of us who live in monstrous, huge cities, should put flower pots and containers on our balconies, roofs, even inside our houses; we should have flower pots near our windows and we should grow organic trees and vegetables, bringing paradise inside our homes. And all this can be achieved when we eat natural, organic foods, when we have pure, non-toxicated blood and we are in a position to distinguish the beneficial from the harmful, and the natural from the unnatural.

4. Internal purification A life-saving Herculean labour Let us continue examining the fulfilment of our physical needs. Another need is the timely removal of digested food from our body. Unnatural nutrition, lack of exercise and grief (in Greek στεναχώρια, made up of the words στενός [=confined] and χώρος [=space]) lead to constipation, a very serious problem. Constipation is intoxicating for body, mind and soul, and causes numerous diseases, such as psoriasis, neurasthenia, migraine, stress, depression, anaemia, chronic inflammations, etc. Eight out of ten people suffering from cancer are constipated. Treating constipation: Constipation can be prevented and cured by removing its causes. Therefore, to prevent and cure constipation, radical changes to our lifestyle are required. This means natural, healthy nutrition, plenty of water, movement, exercise, love towards us and others (entertainment, rest). At the same time, it is necessary and very urgent to clean our large intestine from impurities (like the cleaning of the Augean stables) which have been pasted to the intestine’s walls for years, due to our extended unnatural nutrition and lifestyle that in-

toxicate our blood and poison our health and life. This Herculean Labour can be achieved quite easily, with hydrocatharsis (rectal injection). Hydro-catharsis can be carried out: a) with a special apparatus sold at pharmacies and at the Ecological Centre, 57 Panepistimiou street, Omonoia (see also picture on page 53), which we fill with lukewarm water with or without herbs (eucalyptus, chamomile, etc.). We hang the apparatus on the wall, we kneel and bend to facilitate the injection of water in the intestine and we carry out the life-saving catharsis; b) with the showerhead (see picture on page 52). When we remove the telephone-like component, we have a hose suitable for hydro-catharsis and for saving us from toxins, diseases and hardship! We sit on the toilet and we push lukewarm water inside the large intestine. The hose does not need to enter our intestine. Mere contact is all that is needed; and the water, due to its pressure, will easily get into the intestine. And thus, we 51 achieve the Herculean Labour. We clean the Augean stables, not from the environment, but from our own body.

Beware not to scold yourself or burst from too much water! Water temperature and quantity should be adjusted to our body’s tolerance. The results of hydro-catharsis: Our mood changes immediately, our eyes glow, irritation and stress are replaced by peacefulness and joy. So, before leaving home in the morning, we should cleanse our large intestine thoroughly, so that we will feel relaxed and in a good mood all day. Hydro-catharsis is beneficial, even if we have gone to the toilet. Everyday cleansing of the intestine does not paralyze it and does not destroy intestinal flora; it improves it (we speak from personal experience). When we facilitate nature, we facilitate our life. Therefore, do not be ashamed, do not be scared, and do not neglect this life-saving catharsis.


If your spouse, your relatives, friends or colleagues are in a bad mood, tense and aggressive, recommend hydro-catharsis to them. They will settle down and you will not need to put up with their temper anymore! With hydro-catharsis and with the special apparatus of the appliance (see picture) or even with the shower hose, internal cleansing of women’s reproductive organs can also be carried out. This way, women can be saved from fibromyomas, cancers, etc. Also, every morning we should not neglect cleaning our tongue from toxins with a small spoon, so that they are not recycled. Furthermore, when we go to the toilet, we should not use toilet paper, but the shower hose. It is the only way to fully cleanse ourselves and get rid of haemorrhoids.

5. Love, happy family, happy children, happy society: Divine gifts, infinite In order to live contented lives, nature endowed us with two instincts: the instinct of self-preservation, in other words a strong desire to live (life is sweet, no matter how hard it is), and the instinct of perpetuation of the species, namely a strong desire to have children in order to achieve the continuation of life. The proper, ecological fulfilment of these instincts leads to a harmonious and happy life; while improper fulfilment leads to disharmony and hardship. In the previous chapters we examined how to properly and ecologically fulfil the instinct of selfpreservation. In this chapter we will look at how to properly and ecologically fulfil the instinct of perpetuation of the species. Let’s stop behaving like certain insects that are attracted by the light, thus falling into the fire and burning. In our case, we are attracted by the pleasure of sex, and so we

hastily and carelessly satisfy this instinct, this need, for better or worse. The consequences usually are irrevocable errors, remorse and hardships. It should be noted here that each person’s quality of life depends on the following two parameters: A. Our character, which is influenced by our nutrition, lifestyle and education (knowledge saves). B. The family we create. The studied, appropriate and tested unification of two people brings forth love and creates a happy family, happy children and a happy society. So let’s see how all the above can be achieved.


How we can create a happy family, which is a cell of a happy society Everyone needs to love and be loved, in other words become happy. In order to enjoy the ultimate happiness that love provides, we need: Mental, psychological and physical health. The same values and goals as someone else, as well as common action for the fulfilment of these goals. Similar chemistry of body and soul. The sexual-psychic union legitimates, develops and permits physical union as well. Everything depends on our ideas. KNOWLEDGE SAVES. In order for our companion to love us, we first need to love ourselves. If we are not content with ourselves, it is impossible for our companion to be satisfied with us. Sexual abstinence does not pose any danger at all. The Medical School and the department heads of Hospitals of Aphrodisiac Diseases in New York, made the following common statement: 54 “Sexual abstinence, from both sexes and at all ages, causes no damage to physical, psychological or mental health.”

Every ejaculation contains 100 million spermatozoa. In order to create this vital substance, our body makes a tremendous effort. Every ejaculation is equivalent to the strain and energy required by our body to produce 6.6 pounds of blood. Therefore, wasting this substance is inexcusable without participation of the soul, in other words without real intercourse and mutual psychosomatic pleasure. Regarding the retention of semen, the male body has the following abilities: a) To utilize this substance to feed and invigorate the nervous system, b) To suspend production, and c) Automatic, slow and natural ejection. The knowledge that abstinence does not cause harm but good, frees us from grief, like: waste of energy with soulless, meaningless relationships, where no intercourse takes place, the danger of sexually transmitted diseases, self-gratificaction (masturbation) either on our own or in groups, because of no participation of the soul, loss of precious vital energy, meaningless and unjustifiable loss of time, money, energy, life, etc.

And most importantly, it allows us to deal with the opposite sex with respect, dignity and unconditional love. Two people should live together only if they are better off together than apart. If we have children and we are not compatible with our spouse, it is better to live separately and friendly, than in an environment of grief. In order for the sexual relationship to last, beware! No sex before 30 days of true friendship. Any premature sexual relationship makes any permanent relationship redundant. ECOLOGISTS OF GREECE, in order to contribute to the creation of happy families, children and a happy society, have founded the centre for family relations, “No more loneliness,” at 32 Patission street, Omonoia. Tel.: 211-3001700. Get to know us at:

Subscribe as a member and help us help you.

Parents-Children relationship The relationship between parents and children, as well as between spouses, should be free of personal equation, attachment, and addiction. These situations lead to deprivation of freedom, which is incompatible with human life. Being overprotective of children does them no good; on the contrary, it harms them. We should not give our children property as long as we are alive, for we will regret it! When children grow up and start working they should give part of their income to their parents, to redeem their material and moral debt for the sacrifices and expenses made while raising them. “Justice above all”.


Other important physical needs 6. Exercise for health, energy and joy. Lack of exercise, combined with gluttony and bad nutrition, causes numerous conditions, such as obesity, arthritis, constipation, insomnia, stress, fatigue, etc. In order to avoid all these troublesome conditions, we need healthy nutrition and systematic, daily exercise. Walking, jogging, mountain climbing, swimming (in summer and in winter). We give up one or two hours and gain 24.

7. Sleep: The repairer of body damage.

physical damage. In order for our body to be able to carry out this work more easily, we need to eat dinner three hours before going to sleep, so that during sleep our body is not working on digestion of food, but on repair needed, so much because of our lifestyle. For sleep to be pleasant and efficient we should go to sleep early in the evening, no later than 10 pm, and should wake up very early in the morning. In the morning, nature provides us with plenty of bio-energy and strength. Let’s be awake, so that we can draw on this strength. One hour of sleep before midnight is the equivalent of two hours of sleep after midnight.

During sleep, only the conscious part of our brain is resting, while its unconscious part and all the other organs of the body continue their regular functioning. He who lives naturally is free One very important function they perform is that they repair and happy.


8. Sun: The great life-giver. Bathe your whole body in the sun. It is a matter of health. The Sun is one of the greatest, most brilliant miracles of creation, 1,500,000 times larger than the Earth. What power keeps this gigantic flaming sphere floating in space? God’s infinite love does. The fact that we exist and participate in the miracle of creation and life is the ultimate gift and ultimate privilege. Let’s show our gratitude by living naturally and happily. Regarding sun, natural living means direct contact with it. A popular, wise saying teaches us that “Where the sun doesn’t get in, the doctor will.” And this is why: Lack of sunshine leads to lack of

vitamin D and the body is not able to assimilate calcium and phosphorus. The absence of these elements causes muscular atrophy, osteoporosis, rickets, balance deficiency and other serious conditions. In order to avoid these afflictions and take advantage of the lifesaving benefits provided by the sun, a necessary requisite is to daily sunbathe our whole body – except for the midday summer hours between 10:00 and 17:00 when sunrays are vertical and sunlight is harmful. Sunbathing is wonderful; enjoy it! Don’t be ashamed of the Sun, the great life-giver.

Sunbathing at proper hours in the morning and afternoon is one of the greatest and healthier pleasures in life. Let’s enjoy it!


Other necessary and beneficial needs. 9. A pleasant home that doesn’t feel like prison We all need a house that is built with ecological, environmentfriendly materials, using mild forms of energy that do not pollute the air we breathe. Everyone deserves a home that is not located among gas fumes, such as today’s homes in large modern cities, but in nature, sun and fresh air. We could all have a home like this, if we moved to the countryside, which is now deserted due to urbanisation. This could be achieved only if we purify ourselves, and consequently the nation state, which will help us satisfy this need. This way, we could live in a home that offers us health, peacefulness and happiness.

10. Clothes that allow our body to breathe We need clothes made from natural fibres that facilitate our body’s breathing via the skin, as well as normal blood circulation. Say no to tight brassieres and nylon tights that are unhealthy. The best solution for our clothing is sweat pants made of organic cotton. If you go looking at the stores, you will find such underwear and clothes, whose quality and feel is much more pleasant than the cotton ones made from cotton grown with harmful chemicals. This way, we will stop sacrificing our time, our money and our life, just to accommodate the ever-changing and limitless fashion industry.

Nature’s Nursing Home at Markopoulo – Oropos


11. Shoes that don’t harm us

12. A work - not labour or slavery

Today’s unhealthy shoes, and especially women’s high-heels that damage their spine and cause serious damage to their back, can make a child cry out:

This issue is very important, but the space left in this book very limited. Therefore, we will only point out that our health, our efficiency and our life depend on the job we do.

“Mother, why did you give birth to me? And what insane world did you bring me into?” It is time for this tragedy we are experiencing with unhealthy shoes we are wearing to end. How? By wearing sandals in the summer and soft, light shoes made from organic materials in the winter, which will not cause us health problems, and will let our feet breathe and be grounded with Mother Earth.

SOS! They seriously damage your health (spine, back, knees)

The fact that most people do not produce work, but manufacture unnecessary and harmful products and offer unnecessary and harmful services, is enough to make us see how mutated and heartless the society we live in is. However, there is nothing we cannot change, if we clean our blood from toxins and our mind from negative thoughts and deeds. This way, we will not live to struggle and suffer, but to work and to produce something beneficial for ourselves and the whole world. These were the most important physical needs of man and the right way to satisfy them. Let’s make the decision to satisfy them eco-logically, in order to live creatively and happily. 59

B. How to obtain mental health HEALTH ABOVE ALL

We are our thoughts, beliefs and actions

The unknown functions of the brain. Conscious – Subconscious Our brain is made up of two en- structed by the conscious mind. tities: the conscious and the sub- Whatever our conscious believes is true, the subconscious accepts conscious mind. The conscious mind serves all and strives to realize it. Therefore, consciously controlled life needs, we should never say things like: “I lsuch as what we eat, what job we will fail,” “I will get sick,” “I will be ruined,” “I am old,” etc, because: do, who we vote for, etc. a) We experience these negative The subconscious mind serves all the non-controlled life needs, situations. All the time, we are our like heart function, digestion, thoughts and our beliefs. kidney function, etc. b) The subconscious mind will Therefore, if we get injured for make sure that our thoughts example, our conscious mind will come true, since these are the inattend the wound and our sub- structions it gets. For example, “I am old,” or “I will get sick,” etc. conscious mind will heal it. In order for us to be happy, we Our subconscious works nonstop 24 hours a day. Every 120 days, should always think of something it completely changes our blood, positive, and this way we will exand every 11 months it completely perience it too. For example, “I will succeed,” “I am young and changes our body cells. Our subconscious, which has beautiful,” constructed our body and over- “I am healthy and happy,” “All sees its functioning, is able to re- good comes to those who wait.” store any damage to our body and Let us not forget that positive repair its own work, just as long thoughts are caused only by pure, as we, using our conscious mind, alkaline blood that natural nutrido not pose insurmountable ob- tion and lifestyle offers us. stacles with our fears and negaFrom any obstacle or harm we tive thoughts, which our impure face, we should try to see what 60 blood produces from unhealthy good can be derived. A valuable exnutrition and lifestyle. perience, an important lesson, the avoidance of a greater harm, etc. We are our beliefs For example, if we get a speedThe subconscious mind depends on and is in- ing ticket, instead of being upset

and down, we should be thankful, because he might have saved us from a possible serious car accident, an injury, and perhaps even death. Life is a huge school, where obstacles and difficulties play the role of the teachers. Faith plays another important role in our lives. Faith means certainty over the rightness of an opinion, of facts, etc. Jesus Christ showed the miraculous power of faith through the mind, by saying to the sick man: “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” Faith and trust in the creator of life, in the power that has created and governs the universe, no matter what name we give to it (nature or God) is the ultimate power. Let’s make good use of it!

We have the right to believe or not to believe. The difference is in the result. People who believe are different people, they are strong, and they don’t die of fear before their time! Another confirmation of the limitless power of the mind is given by the world champion, Yannis Kouros. When we asked him: “How do you manage to run for seven days and seven nights nonstop, with just 2-4 hours of rest?” he replied: “Man can achieve incredible, unimaginable things. And this can be done by: 1) Setting the goal of what I want to achieve and for what reason. My goal at every race is to break all previous records, and I have this goal in order to prove that human abilities are endless, so that man can escape from artificial misery and misfortune.

Seed a thought and reap an action; seed an action and reap a habit; seed a habit and reap destiny


Yannis Kouros, World Super-Champion, is living proof that the abilities of man, using the power of mind, are limitless.

2. Strong desire and visualization of victory. I visualize victory, not to outrun my rivals, but my previous performance. 3. The unshakeable faith that victory and the new goal are possible to be achieved. This psychological and mental state is necessary before any race. During the race, when the body gives up, the mind takes over. And when the mind gives up, the spirit (soul) takes over. From there on, there is no obstacle and everything is possible.” You should bear in mind that 62 when he is not running, Yannis Kouros is an ordinary man like the rest of us. Therefore, what he achieves is something that we all can achieve, providing we

have faith, will, and most importantly clean blood, through natural nutrition. Inspired by the experiences of Yannis Kouros, let’s see how we also can achieve things we find difficult, like getting rid of excess weight or ugliness. Exactly what do we need to do? 1. We need to set our goal. 2. We need to visualize losing excess weight and getting rid of our big belly before it eats us alive, using positive thinking and faith. 3. We need to imagine how wonderful and content we are going to feel, when we obtain a body we can enjoy, without being ashamed of it. We don’t only look at the “must do”, but also at the “why”. If we can do it, why not do it?

Disposing of excess weight and diseases, using the power of our mind Making this psychological preparation, we easily move on to the implementation, namely fasting with water and lemon or fruit-eating. The knowledge and certainty that our health is in no danger during the days of fasting, since we are going to be feeding on the top quality excess fat and meat in our body, will fortify our efforts to dispose of excess weight that causes disease and makes us look ugly. Naturally, the body reacts with dizziness, cravings, etc., because it is used to different things. But then the mind intervenes and makes the body adjust to this new situation. This will only be necessary for one or two days, because after that, there will be no physical difficulty to continue fasting and achieve our goal.

When dealing with the need to lose excess weight, simultaneous intervention of the spirit is not necessary, because the desired result is not something unachievable; while running for seven days and seven nights without stop is superhuman; it is something heroic and therefore our spirit’s intervention is required. After acquiring this knowledge, it is no longer possible for us to say that we cannot “Stop smoking,” or “Wake up early,” or “Be calm,” or “Lose weight” and so on. We can accomplish anything we want, helped by the power of our mind that is fortified by our clean, detoxified blood. Knowledge and faith give us wings, and clean blood helps us use these wings!


Get to know your real, divine self. Live happily. This is how! “I know myself,” means: I correct my mistakes. I live naturally, eco-logically. I live happily. It is very bad to deceive others. But it is even worse to deceive ourselves. To think of something, but to do something completely different; and at the same time, we ourselves to not understand how contradictory all this is. The only thing that can save us from this delusion that most people live with, which leads us to many psychosomatic diseases, wars and destruction – on a personal or social level – is self-knowledge. This is what ancient Greeks meant, when they said: “Know thyself.” Self-knowledge can be obtained: a) With self-control. We control ourselves. What do I think of? What do I do? Why do I do it? What should I have done? By putting Pythagorean selfcontrol into action before doing or thinking about anything, we are taking the first step towards self-knowledge. 64 b) With the help of our relatives, friends and colleagues, who experience our faults and they can help us, when we have the courage to ask for their help and listen to them.

In order to take advantage of the valuable help from friends and relatives, we could make special appointments at suitable days and times and ask, for example, a daughter to her mother: “Mother, are you satisfied with me? How do you see me? How would you want me to be?” The same questions should be addressed to the daughter from the mother as well, as a mutual confession. This level of communication is completely necessary if we want to know ourselves, our relatives and friends, our colleagues, and to correct our mistakes – besides no one is perfect – so that we experience mutual appreciation, love and joy. It is a tragedy to share the same bed with our spouse, but to have no communication whatsoever between us; to not know each other at all. c) With the help of our “enemies” who see all our faults. We should listen to them and make use of what they have to say. d) By checking the quality of our life. If we live peacefully, creatively and joyfully, we have selfknowledge. If we lead a problematic life, we lack self-knowledge. We can obtain self-knowledge with the abovementioned methods. But most of all, we need pure, alkaline blood, which only natural nutrition can give us.

Purpose – Plan – Implementation: Of outmost importance for any progress Purpose: What is your purpose in life? If we don’t have a purpose in life, we are like a ship in the stormy ocean, without destination and without a compass. A purpose suitable for all of us is our personal and universally human health and prosperity. This goal coincides with our natural destination. The realization of this goal requires: a) A plan. What we will do today, tomorrow and for the rest of our life. In order to achieve our life’s purpose, we need a specific plan, a detailed record of our needs and determining the time needed to satisfy them. The time we wake up, the time we go to sleep and all the things we are going to do today. A proper and intelligent use of our day could be like this: Eight hours of work, to make our living. Eight hours of sleep, four hours for personal needs, four hours for social needs. For pensioners, 12 hours for social needs (adding the hours of work). This way they will change and improve their lives and they will save their souls. b) In order to achieve the goal we have set in our life, we need to implement our plan.

Planning is not the same as implementation; and implementation is what is most important. If, for example, we want to become stronger, we need to exercise. Therefore, we purchase a home gym machine and a horizontal bar (which we can place at our home’s corridor) and we start exercising on a daily basis. This way, we move on to the implementation and we don’t stop at simply wanting something. In order to implement our plan, we need to set the time within we are going to have to complete the different jobs. Every month, we can make a review of the plans we have set, checking our results and making the appropriate corrections to the plans. In order to help realizing our goal and implementing the plans that lead to success and prosperity, we need the following tools: 1) A blank book. The Book of our Life. 2) A year-long diary. 3) Two alarm clocks. In the Book of Life we are going 65 to write down: a) the goal we have set, b) a general plan for all our life, and c) the time-span for the implementation of the goal and the plan.

In the year-long diary, we predefine a work plan for the whole year. Every morning, we make a plan for the day, and in the evening we review it. At the end of the year, we make an overall progress review for the year. We record our results in the Book of Life. We detect possible errors and we correct our plans for the following year. The alarm clocks – one set by our left ear and one by our right – are necessary to remind us of various needs and actions; especially to sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning, which is a necessary precondition for any progress and improvement. The absence and non-implementation of our plan result in always stopping at our wants. We “want” a better life, but without doing something to improve it.


We “want” to quit smoking. We “want” to lose excess weight, and yet we smoke and eat too much. We “want” a fair society, yet we do not participate in political movements for the realization of this goal. It is time to stop our big, treacherous lies. The huge problem of lack of time or boredom that many people suffer from is mainly due to the absence of a goal and a plan. We usually do not have time to exercise; yet, we seem to have endless time on our hands for gossiping or for watching useless and harmful TV series. The senseless and detrimental waste of our time equates to suicide and is proportionate to the wasted time we spare. This criminal habit must stop at once. And this is exclusively up to each of us. When are we going to make this happen? Why not today?

The New Grand Design A question and answer sketch. Mermaid: Our life Sailor: Each of us Inspired by the myth of the Mermaid and Alexander the Great.

Without cause and planning in our life, without a Grand Design, we are like a ship on a stormy sea, with no destination and no compass.

Mermaid: Does the Grand Design still live? Sailor: It lives on and it grows. Mermaid: Where does it live? Sailor: In my heart and in my thoughts. Mermaid: What is this New Grand Design? Sailor: Personal and universal human health and prosperity. ΓMermaid: What do you do to make this New Grand Design a reality? ΝSailor: It has become my life’s goal and I work for its fulfilment without ceasing. If the sailor (each of us) gives the above answers with his actions, then the Mermaid (our life) is peaceful and happy. If not, our life is stormy and full of stress and hardships. No more stormy weather; no more stress, by making the New Grand Design a reality

Today is the first day of the rest of our life; so let’s start a great revolution and a new life. Let’s write down the rest of the day’s planning, right now. Tonight, let’s sleep one hour earlier than usual. We waste our night hours for no reason anyway. And let’s wake up two hours earlier in the morning, to start

Let’s not become the next wreckage

finding out what our life’s goal is. Previously, we suggested a common, divine goal for everyone. Let’s make up our plan in detail, as well as the ways of im67 plementing it. All the above can become a reality easily and permanently, if we have clean, non-toxicated blood.

Fear: Cause, prevention and cure

The Great Alexander : Being fearless he successfully conquered the world. If we become fearless too, we can free ourselves from our inner slavery. Fear causes hatred, hostility, war and destruction. We are afraid that others might harm us, so we harm them first, because of fear. The opposite of love is not hate; it is fear. Fear paralyzes us, it hinders our body’s function, it freezes our blood, it changes the colour of our face; it causes vomits, headaches, serious diseases with unbearable pain to the whole body. 68 The ultimate cause of fear and all its detrimental consequences and all our hardships is impure blood brought about by unnatural nutrition.

Prevention and cure of fear Pure blood is of the utmost importance. Secondly, properly dealing with the things that cause fear. A problem is made up of only 10% of the fact that caused it, and 90% of the way we deal with it. Proper dealing with the problem requires a theoretical reconciliation with the evil that we fear is going to happen to us. And the worst thing that can happen to us is death. But death, just like birth, is an absolutely natural event. We are neither the first nor the last ever to die. Jesus Christ died

when he was only 33 years old, like Alexander the Great. Let’s be content, no matter how many years we live. Besides, we don’t have a compact with God on the duration of our life. If we reconcile with the evil we fear is going to happen to us, we realize that the damage perhaps isn’t so bad; perhaps it even is for our own benefit. For example, if we die, our hardships will be over. If we go bankrupt, we are free from having to deal with the management of our property. If we get fired from work, we are freed from slavery. If our wife or husband deserts us, let’s not worry. We will find a better one. There is always something better!

A life-saving moral Accepting evil makes it disappear. Unbelievable, and yet it is true! This result can be eco-logically explained. Accepting evil: First of all, we allow our subconscious, our creator that constructed and oversees the operation of our body and soul, to repair any damage, any weakness and disease, either physical or mental Fear deprives our subconscious of this healing power. Secondly, our mind, this divine power, when freed from fear, will find thousands of right ways to solve the problem at hand. Of course, we should point out once again that prevention of fear is best of all – absence of fear – which is guaranteed by clean, non-toxicated blood.

69 Ostrich: This proud bird buries its head in the ground when in fear. But this way, it becomes a better target for hunters. Let us not behave like ostriches in the face of danger. Let us assume our responsibilities. Knowledge and assuming our responsibilities represents the single best revolution that can save us all.

Healthy soul: How it can be attained.

I practice love towards myself and others. I have a healthy soul. Love Above All Else: All people strongly desire to love and to be loved. This fact alone proves that love is in our nature. Whoever lives naturally loves genuinely and lives happily. In theory, we all support the idea of love. But in practice, we don’t know how to love and consequently we cause countless problems. Where there is love, there is no problem. We will now acquire the knowledge that will help us practice love and live happily, as we were taught by founders of religions and wise people all over the world. Socrates taught: “No one is willingly bad.” Whoever harms others harms himself even more, given that sooner or later we are all rewarded according to our actions. Meanness is rewarded with sickness and hardship; kindness is rewarded with health and happiness. 70 But no man knowingly wishes his own harm. Therefore, no man is willingly bad.

The main cause of meanness is ignorance. Accepting this fact, makes us responsible in helping those who are ignorant and mean, so that they can change their behaviour and we can save and be saved at the same time. If we do not yield to this lifesaving truth and wrongly go on believing that mean people are willingly mean, in other words that they are not ignorant but willingly mean, then we cannot help them correct their ways and save themselves. On the contrary, we condemn them, we disregard them and we hate them. This results in us becoming even meaner than those we blame for meanness; in other words, we wrong them, we harm them, we even kill ourselves and them, heartlessly and unconsciously. Conclusion: We should not discriminate people between good and bad. This discrimination is utterly catastrophic. We should discriminate people between those who know and those who don’t know. Those who know are obligated to help others learn, with the help of love. Jesus Christ, with his personal example, teaches us in fact the miraculous power of love.

When Jesus Christ was dying a tortuous death on the Cross, he prayed for those who crucified him. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” When Christ accepted this truth, the following miracles happened: First miracle: The thief on the cross next to him, who was guilty, hearing Jesus Christ saying these words even though he was innocent, repented for the crimes he had committed. He replaced all the hatred he felt for the world with love, and he was born again, crying out: “Thank you, Lord, for helping me with your example to live at least the last moments of my life!” Such compelling, reviving moments! If we all experience the miraculous power of love, our lives will be heavenly. Second miracle: Christ himself, practicing unconditional and limitless love, rose from the dead, teaching all of us, once and for all, how to find our own spiritual resurrection, which can come true not by skewering the lamb on the day we celebrate his resurrection, but by putting his preaching into practice. In other words, by truly loving: a) Ourselves, by living ecologically and happily,


SPIRITUAL RESURRECTION OF HUMANKIND b) All people, by helping others also live ecologically and happily, c) All animals. Torturing, murdering and eating animals show lack of basic love and morality; in other words, lack of peace and happiness. If we practice all the above, the third and most important miracle will happen: Our personal, spiritual resurrection. Our spiritual resurrection can only occur when we have clean, 71 non-toxicated blood, which we gain from natural nutrition and lifestyle.

One more important clarification we need to make, when we talk of love, is that to love genuinely does not merely mean to do no evil; this is not enough. At the same time, we also need to stop evil when it manifests and facilitates good. Socrates said that when we can save someone and don’t, it is like committing murder. And when we can help someone and don’t, then we do harm. Therefore, we don’t only do harm with our negative, destructive words and deeds, but also with our negligence, our indifference and our passivity. Just imagine how heavenly our life could be, if we could stop do-

ing harm with our negligence, indifference and passivity. If we agree with all the above, then we, first of all, should put it into practice. Therefore, if, for example, we are pensioners, former lawyers, doctors or artists, we certainly have a lot of knowledge and experience. Why are we keeping them in the dark? They are going to be of no value when we die. Let’s utilize them now and offer them unselfishly to our fellow men that are drowning in the sea of life. And we should always remember that when we help others once, we help ourselves a hundred times.

Meat-eating = barbarity, genetic mutation, unhappiness


K. Papanikolas

We love animals. We don’t eat them!

When via the radio we can reacn out to, for example, 1,000 people, and we are only reaching out to one individual through personal communication, then we harm the other 999 people we are not helping. Living means loving and loving means acting. One more clarification regarding the issue of love is this: Unconditional love does not mean that allowing others to wrong or harm us. If we tolerate injustice, we are committing two wrongs. One against ourselves and one against the other person, who we allow to wrong us. If someone does us wrong with his words or actions, true love dictates the following steps: We set rules for the continuation of any kind of interaction. If these rules are violated once, twice or three times, we must terminate any kind of interaction and put an end to the injustice against us and the other person. The delicate point of terminating an interaction is the way we do it. This termination should in no way be carried out with resentment, meanness and negative feelings.

On the contrary, it should be carried out with a lot of love, given that it will benefit both parties. If this termination occurs – as is usually the case – with resentment and meanness, then we are setting a negative precedent in our emotional life which harms us both mentally and physically for as long as resentment festers inside us. This is something we should avoid against any kind of sacrifice, selfishness, insult, financial interest, etc. The abovementioned method is recommended for any kind of human relationship, such as family (between parents, spouses, siblings) or professional (partners, etc.). It is only natural that the termination of any relationship should have both positive and negative results. This is why we should always try to properly and fairly measure the positive and negative outcomes of any solution, and prefer the solution with the most positive results. Differentiating between good and bad and choosing the good, in other words the ability to make fair and proper distinctions, is the greatest of all virtues.



Personal prosperity lies in social prosperity Man is a social animal. Our health and happiness totally depends on the health and prosperity of the society we live in. The mutual dependency of people living together and constituting an organized, human society, can be shown nowadays with the Greek people, who are realizing that sovereign bankruptcy has led to moral bankruptcy. This realization is compelling citizens to mind his personal prosperity as the prosperity of the state they belong to. The Greek government is now bankrupt and in the hands of the

IMF, European Central Bank, and the European Union, because throughout all previous years, the Greek people and governments looked after their own interests only. In other words, how to shirk responsibilities (taxes) towards the state, and how to get into the civil service, even when no such jobs existed. This is how we collectively went bankrupt and we are now slaves to ruthless, alien, speculative financial powers.

The results of bankruptcy: Closing of hospitals and schools, emigration, demise. (One picture is worth a million words)


Who is responsible for our current debt levels? In order to get out of debt, we now need to change our ways and become more interested in social prosperity rather than our personal one. In order to fully comprehend the situation we are in, we can describe it with one image: Greeks find themselves today onboard a ship sailing in a tempest and the alarm goes out along with a warning: “This boat is sinking!’’ The Greeks, led by our government, respond: “And what do I care? It’s not my ship!” And we go on drinking and eating, remonstrating with the ship stewards because they have not set the table correctly, or they have not served all the food!

Who is responsible for our debt? If we hold the governments of Greece of the last 35 years responsible, then the question arises: Who voted for these governments? Who gave them their power? The answer is: the majority of the people. Therefore the majority of the people, in other words the whole country, are to blame for what has occured and what is yet to happen. And the country is paying for its mistakes. If we want to free ourselves from this yoke, which is worse than any previous national slavery, we need to point out the following facts: 1) The present is formed from the

The causes of poverty: Consuming unnecessary and harmful products, smoking, meat-eating, political partisanship, abstaining from politics, irresponsible citizens, even more irresponsible governments, corruption, overcharging

SHAME ON US Self-knowledge - Self-correction


past, and the future will be formed from the present. We reap what we sow. Therefore, beware! We are in danger from today’s actions. 2) A problem or negative outcome consists only of 10% of the fact that creates it, and 90% in the way we deal with it. 75 3) Poverty, apart from the detriment it puts us through, offers us many benefits that help us endure this adversity. Let’s examine the benefits that we will derive:

Thoughts that dispell fear of insolvency and all inflictions it bears Mother Nature provides us enough to feed Greeks a hundred times over. Olives, oranges and walnuts perish because there are not enough working hands to pick them to feed people. Therefore, there should be no fear we will die from starvation. From October to May, there are olives, oranges, walnuts and many other wild fruits our orchards are full of. From May to October, we can eat melons, grapes, tomatoes, almonds and many other types of food. Behind material poverty lies spiritual poverty. Spiritual development can save us. Everything bad has something good in it. Every cloud has a silver lining. Let’s learn how to take advantage of it!

The intelligent (astute and alert) indidual knows how to learn from the difficulties he faces and turns negatives into positives. In many neighbouring countries, wages are one third of what they are in Greece, and they have almost the same cost of living. The public debt interest can be repaid just by stopping imported meat, harmful alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Lack of money leads to giving up consumption of harmful and unnecessary foods, products and services, and this has the following positive outcomes: Less pollution, from the shutting down of factories that manufacture such products. Less traffic in the streets. Improvement in health.

Natural life and ecology = Health and prosperity


The manifold benefits from debt: When we stop eating unnecessary and harmful foods, and we get rid of unnecessary and harmful needs, our health will noticeably improve. During the German occupation, many people were cured from several diseases because of hunger (diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, etc.). Decentralization. We will return to our roots, to our villages, given that we will not be able to find food in the big cities. Mother Nature can feed us all. Lack of money will unite families, parents with children, and spouses who will not separate

anymore, because they will not be able to afford extra rents. The inflow of migrants will stop. Foreigners will return to their countries, since they will not be able to find work here. We will get rid of harmful and lethal habits, like smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. Aren’t these benefits enough? How else could they be achieved, if it weren’t for debt? In order to handle the financial crisis properly and turn negatives into positives, survive and prosper, we should remove the causes that led us to poverty.

Decentralization, Return to Nature, Health, Life ECOLOGISTS GREECE OUR VISION: “All people should live naturally, freely, happily, prosperously.” “We say no to violence, war, death. We say yes to love, helping each other, life.”

Natural rights: Fresh air, sun, nature, health, life


Our life depends on education, education on governments, governments on our vote. For a country, a nation state, to lose what is most vital, which is its independence and prosperity, there are only two ways. 1) If it has lost a war, when the conqueror dissolves a nation state, and the citizens of the defeated state lose their sovereign status, identity, freedom, and prosperity. 2) If it borrows vast, inestimable sums of money which it cannot repay; which is what is happening in Greece. In this case, the borrowers, international bankers-sharks, assume political power and sell off the state’s property to their own multinational corporations at knock-down prices to repay the loans. This way, they condemn the people to poverty and misery. So let’s see from the outset how Greece got into today’s dire financial straits and how we can get out of this swamp. The Greek people, headed by the two notorious political parties that have ruled Greece for 78 the past 35 years, have found themselves burdened with a small public debt (of about 2 billion euro). Instead of lowering this debt, we managed to in-

crease it so much that it is impossible to pay off the interest and accommodate the debt. For the loans we have received and continue to receive, we have to sign the so-called BONDS. WE ARE BONDED TO DEBT! Bonds are like cheques. They circulate among people, with no endorsement. The bond bearer could be friend or foe. Bonds are payable on presentation. As we don’t have enough money to pay off the astronomical loans we have been given and are still getting, our lenders are forcing us to sign memorandums with which they can take parcels of land belonging to Greek territory. We are therefore in danger of losing whole regions, islands, even the Acropolis of Athens. This is the distressful situation our country is in right now; namely us, our children and our children’s children! To avoid the even worse situation that is threatening us, great constitutional, revolutionary changes are needed, including the three following primary conditions: 1. Eco-logical life, 2. Political unselfishness, 3. Democracy in practice.

Three conditions that will save us from money-lenders and will bring us prosperity 1. Eco-Logical life = The road to Health and Prosperity Our lifestyle and eating habits (natural or unnatural) on which our health, our personality, our finances and our life depend – as we analysed and explained in this book – should become the ultimate personal, political and social issue at hand, as it has become for Ecologists of Greece for the past 35 years. Consumption of unnecessary and harmful foodstuffs on which we spend 99% of our incomes and which result in sickness, poverty and misery, should stop for reasons of personal and national survival.

It is nonsensical to propose measures for improving our financial status, when we ourselves are spending astronomical sums of money on satisfying unnecessary and harmful needs. The more the people and the governments ignore the importance and usefulness of a natural, ecological lifestyle and nutrition, the more we are going to suffer. In order for us to prosper, we need: a) To apply the natural healthy nutrition and lifestyle that saves our health and our finances. b) To help others do the same.

2. Political unselfishness. Our personal prosperity lies in social prosperity. Political unselfishness means: I take up political office (through elections) not for gain, but to serve. Therefore, no salaries, bonuses, allowances, special benefits or pensions can be permitted or justified. Our country is today in grave danger and in need of assistance. This help should above all come from our so-called “founding fathers,” who, after all, are mainly responsible for our dire financial straits. These politicians are not going

to be ruined if they are deprived of their parliamentary incomes, given that they have retained their professional capacity. Politicians who are evidently poor should only be given a basic clerical salary for a living, and for as long as they offer their services. Annulment of the astronomical state subsidies for the operation 79 of Parliament and the funding of political parties of the Parliament (which are given regularly each year and at every election).

Meeting the moral debt left by our political rulers.

A Revolution and Restoration of our wounded pride and patriotism.

Commemorating 35 years of Ecologists of Greece political activity The economies that will emerge from these radical choices will not be enormous ones, but it will at least mean current political decision makers will be setting a huge example for ordinary people to deal with their own moral and personal debt and thus relieve themelves of such a devastating burden. The current political rulers should stop going, cap in hand, to major powers and their lenders to secure financial aid while promising heaven and earth just to end up agreeing to cutbacks which are too extreme and 80 unconstitutional, thus relinquishing all forms of national sovereignty. They should above all be offering all the help they can to our country right now in this extremely difficult hour.

Other urgent steps to deal with the current debt level. Reduce the high salaries of senior government officials. Immediate dismissal of “golden boys” and special advisors, plus all other sinecurists in the public sector who have been appointed through favoritism. Reduce the security forces designed to heavily protect the current political rulers, which is made up of thousands of Army and Police personnel paid for out of borrowed interest payments. These bastions of the regime should be transformed from being anti-grass roots opponents of the people to becoming their friends and allies by serving community needs.  Abolition of state limousines and vehicles, presidential aircraft, state receptions and other superflu-

Meeting the moral debt of ordinary people Both the problems and the solutions are to be found deep within us ous and detrimental expenses. A fair and equable system of taxation, especially in the corporate tax rate for those companies guilty of tax avoidance owing to the ineffective tax system. Establishment of a consistent taxation system based on judicial decisions with the aim of establishing permanent measures. The formation of a body of public tax inspectors formed made up of former politicians, military, or financial experts for the reduction or elimination of tax evasion The meeting of all our needs by making use of our own manufactured products and agricultural produce so that the money in circulation will trickle back to the Greek people themselves. In this way, jobs will be created for everyone. With the policies being implemented today, such as the widespread importation from other countries of everything from lemons to bottled water using borrowed money which accrues interest, it is only natural that unemployement and our level of debt should be continually on the rise. Development of all domestic wealth producing resources, both known and as yet untapped, such as oil, uranium, gold, boxite, natural gas, osmium, etc. Coverage of our liabilities from our own funds and savings in order to avoid the confiscation and auction-

Fraternity among the people, the army, and the police ing off of our natural resources by our lenders at ridiculously low prices Renegotiation of the terms of our membership of the European Union. If these terms are not contributing to settlement or reduction of public debt, then withdrawal from the EU. Politics and not party partisanship. Active, selfless and disinterested participation by all Greeks in the political decision making process, on which our life depends. When 50% of the electorate is abstaining from elections and a large percentage of the electorate only votes for special favours, it is only natural that there should be a complete deterioration of our lives. 81 Pay all of our tax liabilities and strengthen our national economy in every way possible and rescue Greece, in other words ourselves and our children.

3. Democracy in action. Ending corruption and poverty.

Effective democracy can only exist when : 1) Current political rulers start interesting themselves not in personal gain, but in the prosperity of citizens as a whole 2) Current political rulers can be held in check, and anyone found committing fraud or trangressing the law will be punished, and illicit gains returned 3)When ecology, solidarity, equality, justice, and prosperity prevail in politics and the community. Why? Because in this country the exact opposite is prevalent, and no real democracy exists, with the result that ordinary people are poor and miserable, both materially and intellectually. In order to make the shift from monopolistic, one-party, dictatorial governments to genuine direct democracy, it is imperative to move beyond this state of affairs via the liberating power of the ballot box and on to the following radical democratic reforms. 1. Removal of one-party govern- sions of the party leader when it comes ments which have governed this to passing new bills in parliament. All candidates for office in the three country by means of absolute power and which have driven us into huge political powers - legislative, execudebt, poverty, and misery, to be re- tive, and judicial, must be graded placed with governments not rep- and vetted by a special judicial body resented by one party, but by the according to the following grading whole of the people. The people system - on a scale of 1 to 10, gradshould not be voting for one party ing will consider qualifications, crebut for representatives of all Greeks dentials and experience, plus any who will work towards the good of contribution to society made by the candidate, and on a scale of 1 to 10, a the whole. The fact that all parties have one written reply to the question of why particular aim and mission, which is he or she is interested in assuming non other than the prosperity of of political office. The total score will then be recorded ordinary people, these parties must unite under this aim and make col- on the voting ballot paper next to lective decisions on a majority basis. the name of the candidate, who will 82 Members of parliament must be al- be elected directly by the people in lowed to vote for whatever they see elections through a system of multifit and proper, not merely tow ple ballot selection. The offices will be the party line and thus ren- taken up on a non salaried vocational der themselves mere yesmen basis, and will no longer be highly obeying the arbitrary deci- paid occupations, as they are currently.

2. Separation of powers – at presentl the leader of the governing party makes absolutist choices regarding, a) political candidates (legislative power), b) ministers (executive power), c) high court judges (judicial power). In ther words, one person is making decisions on behalf of everyone else based on special favours, resulting in today’s moral and economic corruption and decline. For there to be any form of fundamental democracy and to rid ourselves of debt and prosper, there must be, a) a separation of the three powers, b) election of those three powers by the people and, c) excecutive power must be held in check and balanced by legislative and judicial powers. The separation of powers is essential for holding executive power in check so that it may no longer be able to transgress, commit injustice and fraud. With the present political system, in which political decision makers enjoy the absolute power to choose, it makes no difference who or what party is governing, it cannot be held in check or to account, thus the same transgressions, injustices and fraud will continue to be committed and worse. 3. Fair electoral laws - in ancient Greece, where democracy was born and implemented, the basic conditions for democracy to exist was equality of access, in other words, equal time (publicity) and equality for all candidates running for political office (equality for all under the law).

Free and equal access to the media by all candidates constitutes a basic condition for justice, meritocracy, democracy, and natural law, for all citizens in today’s Greece, whose people and governments have driven us to economic, social, and political bankrupcy. All of these democratic and natural rights have unfortunately being compromised or betrayed, and this loss has led us to a state of bankrupcy. We need only look at the electoral law for proof of this. In the last elections, 23 parties were running, and of all these ordinary people only had knowledge of 6 of them. The other 17 parties, by decision of the governing parties, were banned from public airtime on the basis of proportionality, in other words, state funding and air time allocated is determined as a proportion to the number of members of parliament for each party. This way of dealing with the situation however is completely unjust, unlawful, and undemocratic, because it excludes political renewal, something which a genuine democracy is duty bound to facilitate, not hinder. Moreover, in the last elections the party gaining most votes received 44%, and based on the total number of 300 members of parlament, should have been allocated 132 seats. 83 Nevertheless, it actually gained 160 seats, in other words an additional 28 seats, with the additional seats being prised from the other parties, espe-

cially the young fledgling parties, this is supposedly done to avoid a hung parliament, but in practice it is done to establish a one-party system of absolute power, in other words cleptocracy and lawlessness. 4. Abolition of parliamentary immunity - To halt corruption, the first ones to be held to account for financial and economic fraud should be thoses politicians who manage public sector funds. Until now, despite wide financial abuses having being exposed, not one politician or member of parlament has been tried and no object stolen has ever been returned. Under the present system then, surely there is no reason in future why other politicians occuping the same office may not commit fraud and abuse the system? To halt the pillaging of our national economy, parliamentary immunity must finally be abolished.


Aristeides th e Ju st

5. Change the law on ministerial liability - The present law stipulates the non-liability and summary limitation on liability regarding financial fraud by ministers. The exact opposite should apply 6.Establishment of a constitutional court to properly interpret and apply the new constitution, written up by agencies genuinely supported by the people and voted for in free democratic elections. Such constitutional courts already exist in many countries throughout the world. The inexistence of a constitutional court is the reason why the constitution, which protects fundamental human rights, is being violated. 7.Establishment of referendums for direct democracy, and more importantly, participation by all citizens in political life should be compulsory. Transgressors should be given strict sanctions.

Aristeides was an emminent politician and military commander of the Athenians. He took part in the Battle of Marathon, in which 10,000 greeks defeated 50000 Persians. He was renowned for his wisdom and justice, hence the name Aristeides the Just. Above all he was known for his political selflessness. Proof of this is that he died destitute, but wealthy in ethics , conscience and lasting fame. It is a given that our personal merit stems from what we contribute to society. The moral is - wisdom, justice, political selflessness, sacrifice, and above all a love of one’s country and unity. Timeless moral values which we all need, especially we Greeks, in order to survive.

Greece must become the light of the world again

In ancient Greece, where democracy was born and implemented, citizens who took no interest in public life and the common good were considered feckless and a dangerous liability. It is highly undemocratic for a large swathe of the electorate, over 50%, to abstain from the elections, which the life and freedoms of all of us rely on, but through which citizens are ruled by only 15 to 25% of the votes. This deplorable situation serves the undemocratic, absolutist regimes which have been governing both this country and other countries, regimes which seek weak-willed and irresponsible peoples for the minority to be

able to exploit the majority. Ordinary people must ultimately put an end to these corrupt absolutist regimes by the power of the ballot box . The way to implement all of these changes All of our proposals and aspirations can only be realized through collective, organized, community, and political action, which everyone must take for our own sake and our children’s sake. It is imperative that we all now 85 make a personal commitment, since it was our own indifference and inertia that led us to the treacherous hazards that we are now being asked to surmount.

Ecologists of Greece.

Who we are and what our mission is. We represent a velvet revolution of the individual and society against ignorance, illness, poverty, injustice, and current governing rulers who are literally looting Greece both on a physical level as well as on a spiritual one. We differ from all other political movements because we reveal the ecological way of life that cleanses our blood from toxins and our mind from damaging thoughts and deeds. The Ecological lifestyle can safeguard our health, life and finances, while resurrecting us spiritually and physically. Our mission is not to take, but to give back to society. This goal is consolidated and achieved by establishing political selflessness and democracy in practice, which holds political rulers in check and accountable, and does not permit them to transgress the law. ECOLOGISTS OF GREECE are seeking to liberate ordinary people from enforced subsistence-level labour (serfdom), and replace 86 it with a five-year term of community service for young people, who will satisfy all our needs, which are very few. In this way, life will not be a burden, but a joy.

Our vision: universal human health and prosperity. Everything as one. We are not pledging change and improvement in our lives in the future - When we take office (to root out yet more fraud), we are offering this change and improvement to all those who apply the ecological way of life as prescribed in detail in this book. Membership of our movement. Any Greek person can and should enrol as a member of ECOLOGISTS OF GREECE. Members form local organizations of the movement and make up the the movement’s annual party conference. The conference elects for one year the following governing bodies a) the 15-member central council, b) the financial committee, c) the audit committee. No-one can be a member of the 15-member Board of the Central Council unlees they have applied the Eco survival diet for more than 6 months, is: 1. the member is a Non smoker. 2. does not eat meat. 3. is not obese, and 4. signs a solemn declaration that they will offer their political and social services to the country, and expect no reward.

ECOLOGISTS OF GREECE REVOLUTION AND REBIRTH Terms of Organisation - Operation of the political Movement The central council is in permanent session, elects a three-member Executive Secretariat and other appropriate bodies. 30% of the members of the movement can call an extraordinary conference which will decide by majority vote to change the administrative bodies of the movement and all other agenda. The exact terms of organization and operation of the Movement are established by the statutes of the movement which are checked and approved by the forthcoming conference of the movement.

Candidacy for the Central Council I, The undersigned ........................, Having witnessed that an ecosensitive lifestyle can change and save lives and having understood the natural law of cause and effect, and because my conscience does not permit me any longer to remain indifferent and inert to artificial undue suffering, I have resolved to offer my candidacy for membership of the Central Council of the Ecologists of Greece with the aim of personally, collectively, and effectively working to release us from this current artificial, cruel slavery.

this is our problem Here is the solution

By registering I hereby declare in the name of honour and patriotism, as follows: 1. that I shall apply in my life the eco lifestyle and fulfill the conditions required to become a member of the Central Board, 2. Will offer my services to the Movement and by extension society selflessly and without reward,

Together we are happy Apart we are miserable

Me ANd you are the same

3. My relationship with other members shall be flawless: I 87 will respect and implement the democratic decisions of the movement and the society in which I live.



Panepistimiou 57, Omonia, tel.: 22950 90000, email:,


MEMBERSHIP OF ECOLOGISTS OF GREECE In order to work towards a new, eco-logical, human, happy life, both personal and social, by filling in my personal data, I hereby declare my decision to work collectively for the fulfilment of this goal.


Surname:....................................Name:..................................... Address:..................................................................................... Tel.:.....................................Mobile:............................................ Date of birth:.................Email:.................................................... Education:.................................................................................. Occupation:............................................................................... Marital status:............................................................................. How did you hear about us?...................................................... Do you smoke?.........Do you eat meat?.......If so, would you stop?....... Do you have any personal experience of the treatment or other benefit from implementing ecology in your life?........................ ................................................................................................... Could you run for local or central political office? If so, in which municipality, district or region?................................................... ................................................................................................... Could you spare some of your time to promote the ecological lifestyle that can change and save lives?..................................... How much?................................................................................ Ideas and suggestions for more effective social action (personal and collective):........................................................................... .................................................................................................... .................................................................................................... Date:...........................................Signature:.............................. Make a copy of this page, fill it and send it by email to: If you need more space for your answers, please use the reverse side. Thank you.



Political Catharsis The ecologists of Greece are members of in the new political and revolutionary movement with the following identifiable aims, in order to contribute to a broader partnership of all political forces in the country to liberate ourselves from this serfdom. What this aim of all Greeks must be Rescuing and liberating the country. We can carry out this aim by changing or overthrowing the present absolutist, cleptocratic political system built by the PASOK and NEW DEMOCRACY parties according to their own measure, and which has driven us into debt, severe cutbacks, and foreign rule. Change will come about by bringing into force the following conditions for the proper functioning of the political system.



1. Democracy in Action Under the current unpopular political system, the prime minister chooses the following on the basis of favouritism a) Members of parliament (Legislative power), b) ministers (executive), c) the Presidents of the Supreme Courts (Judiciary) - all power is in the hands of one person and not held in check by anyone. The results are there for all to see: loans - cutbacks – suffering. Urgent democratic change a) Separation of legislative, executive and judiciary, the legislature to control both the executive and the judiciary. Election of these powers directly from

the people, rotation of personnel in office, drawing of lots. b) Removal of privileges, immunity, and any limitation. c) Fair electoral laws, a simple proportional representation, equal free access to airtime for all political parties, political renewal d) Binding referendums. e) Establishment of a constitutional court.

2. Political Disinterest Replacement of self-interest by those elected with salvational selflessness. This means: a) repeal of kingly salaries and privileges b) abolition of astronomical party state funding. The

PATISSION 32, OMONIA TEL:211.300.1700 email: Party Committee: 6972.873974, 6988.089702, 6972.854477, 6977265769

elected offices are vocations and not so that we may be rescued! extortionately paid professions. The After the selling off of state assets and demonstrably poor to earn a basic our natural resources, we will still be salary. Thus a) we will be able to dis- heavily indebted and very poor, thus no tinguish the honest from the dishonest longer will we be able to borrow. Thus politicians b) A good example will be fellow political rulers will condemn us to set for ordinary people to bolster our eternal servitude and suffering. national economy with the little it has. To avoid this dismal condemnation we Patriotism by all in practice. need all Greeks to unite, regardless of These conditions (democracy, selfless- ideology, under a common democratic ness) which will clean up the political sys- liberation organization. tem must be the two unique aims which Common Organization will unite all Greeks. Lliberation Movement EL.LA.D.A. In this way we can put aside all that separates us - right wing , moderate, EL.LA.D.A is a peaceful democratic revoleft wing, the thirst for power and so lutionary political movement to unite all on, and as ordinary soldiers fight to Greeks into changing the current authorisave and liberate the country, in other tarian, cleptocrat, political system. words ourselves and our children. The primary source of power is to be found in its members, which can be Where they are driving us into ... any Greek residing in Greece or abroad. The tactics of the Pasok and New De- Members are local organizations of the mocracy parties until today has been movement in Greece and abroad. to deal with the problem of debt by Members make up the movement’s adding on yet more debt, thus increas- annual conference, which is in permaing the national debt from 400.000.000 nent session and decides by majority in euros in 1974 to todays astronomical, all matters via electronic media to enunsustainable figures. sure collegiality (democracy), validity, The suicidal action taken by the Pasok and confidentiality of voting. The conand New Democracy parties has culmi- ference elects for one year the follownated in the loan agreements which con- ing governing bodies a) the 30-memtain the following conditions: ber policy board, b) the committee for a) Compulsory liquidation of all state as- finance and c) the audit committee. sets at prices determined by our lenders, Members of the movement, representb) The banning of borrowing from other ing 30% of the members may convene lending sources, even though the trans- an extraordinary conference to decide on fer of debt to third parties is permitted, the withdrawal or replacement of adminc) Fluctuating interest rate assessed by istrative organs and any other matter. lenders starting from 5.2% Political Board: The political cound) Non payment of amortization shall be cil is in permanent session. It elects a payable for the total sum of the debt. three-member executive Secretariat These exploitative and unethical and other appropriate bodies that will 90 lending terms have driven us to the work on a daily basis to implement the ‘eureka’ plan, which stipulates selling decisions of the conference and pooff all state assets for a 120 bil- litical council to meet the goals of the lion euros, which will be used movement. The political council, at any exclusively to pay off the new time and for any reason, may replace loan taken out by the Pasok the Executive Secretariat and other party in 2009 in instalments bodies of our political movement.

Funding of our movement: Party subscription fees can be strictly monitored by all members of the movement and all Greek citizens. Selection of candidate MPs and other elected representatives: The candidates will sign a declaration in the name of honour and patriotism that they will not receive reward or payment from the pillaged (by their predecessors) country and will not receive bribes. Prospective members and other leaders will be chosen by the members of the party after evaluation by the members themselves, based on a) qualifications, b) contribution to the community, c) their written response to the question: why seek office. The EL.LA.D.A movement is not leadership based. It operates on the principles of direct democracy. Today only a democratic national movement, can provide democracy and freedom in our country. To give something, you must have it to give.

EL.LA.D.A – Steps to liberation

 

Our expenditure must be dictated by our revenue so that we do not need loans. Stop going cap in hand for new loans. Temporary suspension of interest payments. Balance outstanding loans. Return stolen money. Punish the guilty - Justice. Payment to Greece of German debts: a) granted a loan, b) removal of antiquities c) war reparations. Use of public assets and our wealthy natural resources. (Gold, boxite, oil, natural gas, solar power, etc.) Do not sell them off, do not give them away! Development of manufacturing and production, coverage of needs with Greek products. Elimination of unemployment. Greece can feed populations ten times over. We are home owners, so let’s get rid of phobias that drive us into debt. Stop superfluous consumerism and harmful foodstuffs. Today 90% of our

     


Self-awareness - Freedom - Prosperity Our individual interests can be found within the social benefit. We only merit what we contribute. disposable income goes on superfluous consumerism and harmful needs in the way of doctors, medicine and hospitals because of diseases caused by these needs. EL.LA.D.A, through education and an eco-logical life removes us from superfluous and harmful needs that drive us into debt and cutbacks. To achieve the necessary unity of all, every organization and every active citizen with membership of EL.LA.D.A is not bound by the views proposed, but may have their own views as long as all agree in these two common life-saving goals. 1) Democracy in practice. 2) Political selflessness.

Personal invitation to You Please contact us urgently: EL.LA.D.A, Patission 32, Omonia. Tel: 211.300.1700, email:, sending us this message: I agree, participate, act, vote EL.LA.D.A.: Name..................Address......................... Tel...................e-mail................................ On your own initiative create a local organization of the EL.LA.D.A. movement in the place where you live. Freedom cannot be given away, action frees. Now for all, get back our country. At the behest of the times we call all PRESENT! EL.LA.D.A.

Our value and commitment to society We are not judged by our qualifications, knowledge, wealth, and the good intentions we may have, but on our good deeds, selfless contribution to the society that we live in. We only deserve what we ourselves contribute. Our society today is suffering the unfortunate ignorance of the laws of life in ignorance of the Eco-Logical life. Knowledge saves. It is the highest duty of all of us to know, apply and disseminate the Eco-Logical way of life. To promote and realize this, the highest social need, the Ecological HUMANITARIAN NON-PROFIT MAKING SOCIETY going under the name of «NEW LIFE BIO-RESCUE» has been formed, which all have a duty to assist with personal work, moral and financial support. To ensure donators of the society, there is a condition in the statute that enables the society to be monitored in its financial transactions. If a check reveals mismanagement and abuse, the manager and any other responsible persons involved in the abuse will be required to deposit to the funds of the society twice the amount of the damage suffered by the society. Also, any offer or donation can be made on special terms withholding usufruct, property ownership while alive or after death, etc. It is a great loss to have large estates and personal potential not used socially or worse still used when still alive and after death by incompetent and ungrateful heirs. The articles of association and any other information is available from ECOLOGISTS OF GREECE. Here’s the debt, behold the fulfillment. Here is the prosperity of us all. Life is a miracle! Let us live in a truly loving world. Life is a miracle! Let’s live it by sincerely loving the world.


Laconic sayings: Fewer words, greater meaning Their knowledge and implementation save Any problem or difficulty depends only 10% on its cause, and 90% on its handling. Love Saves. With any any obstacle or harm, we should examine the benefits that come out of it. If we look hard, we will find thousands of benefits. So let’s make the most of them. The present stems from the past and the future will stem from the present. We reap what we sow. Beware then what we sow! If we don’t love ourselves, we cannot love our children or anyone else. Genuine love means living happily. When we have a surplus of a thing, it is like stealing from those who need it most. We should never accuse or blame someone in their absence, because they cannot defend themselves. When we criticize others not with the aim of helping them correct their ways but merely to slander them, this means we merely suffer from the same or worse faults. Self-awareness means correcting the errors of our ways. Living naturally and contentedly. We are not punished for our actions, but by our actions. Therefore, there is no subsequent forgiveness and correction, only non repetition. The economic crisis is an artificial one and we should not fear it. It is caused through lack of love. Mother Nature can feed in abundance a thousand times bigger population compared to ours. Our lives depend on our upbringing and education, education depends on ruling governments and governments rely on our vote. We should therefore

pay much attention to who we vote for. What we reap we sow.  Lambs led to slaughter cannot do anything about it , but we can. So let’s do it!  The absence of community action is becoming a thing of the past . Action makes us younger.  Assuming personal responsibility for rescuing and bettering our lives represents the greatest personal, social revolution and rebirth.  It is my duty to retrieve the world from this man-made suffering. If it is not saved, it will be my fault.  We should always aim for the best, but also be content with what we have. That I exist is the ultimate gift of our creator (whatever name we give to it) and the ultimate privilege. I am grateful. I live ecologically, I live happily. Let it be.  Living eco-logically means: I don’t smoke. I learn how to breathe. I eat natural foods and I drink natural drinks. I walk and exercise daily. I am grateful. I actively love the whole world. I share with the world anything good or beneficial I have. I live happily.  Health and prosperity do not depend on our knowledge or our good intentions, but on our good deeds and our nutrition and lifestyle. You are what you eat!  The right to reason and make proposals should not be decided through 93 rhetoric, but through our personal lives.  If you do not hope and do not act, the unexpected will not be found.  If those who do not have hearts do not love, we who have hearts can.

Αλήθειες Που Σώζουν ( Α νus. τ ί Instead Ε π ι λ όofγepilogue ου) Truths that can change and save Health and happiness represent our natural state, our natural human rights. This reality can be proven by the following facts: a) All people seek health and happiness. If we could not attain this, this would imply that the Creator had gone wrong somewhere, which is irrational and absurd. b) Whoever has pure, alkaline blood from eating natural foods, obtains health and happiness. Therefore, it is true that health and happiness are our natural state of being. The law of cause and effect. According to this natural law, there is one single cause behind any effect; behind illness and suffering there is abnormal nutrition and lifestyle. Behind health and happiness there is natural nutrition and happiness. We reap what we sow. Knowing and applying this natural law, combined with the aforementioned information, is a nec94 essary precondition to obtaining health and happiness. There are no bounds to happiness, and to obtain even more happiness, we

need to fulfil community duties. The following parable shows us how. The road to ultimate happiness. A hermit who wished dearly to save his soul devoted his whole life to spiritual exercise, prayer, fasting and self-deprivation. When his time came, he knocked on Heaven’s door and heard a voice from inside: - Who are you? - It is I, Lord, your humble servant, Irineos. - Go away; you are not ready yet. So a second and third attempt followed, with even more prayers and fasting, but he always received the same answer. The fourth time, Irineos, when asked: “Who are you?” replied: - I am you, Lord! - Come in; you are ready. Whatever is true for heaven above is also true for heaven on earth. So we should always put ourselves in other people’s place; that way we can experience heaven on earth. To put all the above into action, we need pure, nontoxicated blood, which we can all obtain with natural nutrition and lifestyle.

The almond tree was asked, “Where is God?� and it blossomed. There is God!

Prayer of the grateful Dear, Almighty, Sacrosanct Creator,

We thank you for giving us the ultimate gift: Life. And we thank you for giving us the power to use our mind and our earthly eyes to partake in the wonder of creation, the miracle of life. By the pure blood we obtain eating the natural foods that you provide us, our mind is cleansed from toxins and we become aware that we are creations of your love, with a mission to spread this love to others. By fulfilling the goal you set for us, we live to love, so that we unite with you, with other people and with all creatures. And so we experience Heaven on Earth.! Everything is one: Your love! We show our gratitude by leading a contented life. Important notes:

1) If you found this book useful, please read it again. Repeated study is an aid to

learning. And most importantly, please practise whatever you found to be correct. Ignorance may be forgiven, but knowledge not applied can never be forgiven! 2) Use the knowledge and the ideas provided in this book as a draft for writing your own notebook, which you can offer as a gift to your children or your friends. By helping others once, we help ourselves a hundredfold. 3) This book will shortly be reissued, so please send us your views and comments on what to leave out or to add. Your opinion matters to us. There is no limit to improvement. If you do so, you will have already compiled your own book; the one we just suggested.

We look forward then to hearing from you! Thank you very much!


Our new, ecological, universal vision, inspired by the oath of Alexander the Great Our vision: To free ourseves from the slavery of abnormal nutrition and lifestyle, and to obtain universal human health, peace and prosperity. Our goals and principles:  The salvation of life on Earth from pollution and ecological disaster caused by countless superfluous and harmful needs stemming from our impure, toxicated blood.  Universal human salvation from the scourges of society: smoking, drugs, meat-eating, sex addiction, consumerism, genetic modification, etc. The salvation of life must take precedence over all else. Because without life, our aspirations, labours and abilities simply go to waste!  All ordinary people should have one common nation, planet Earth, which must be governed by honourable and competent people, regardless of race and nationality. The same fair laws must apply for everyone, which laws will guarantee democracy, freedom, justice, health and prosperity for all ordinary people.  We must not judge people by their colour, race, gender, or religion, but by their love and help towards other people. We deserve only what we contribute to society.  We must not solve our differences with violence, but by peaceful means and with the arbitration of a democratic United Nations and other international organizations. Abolish vetos. Prohibition of unilateral gangster-like attacks by the strong on the weak. The strong should stop preying on the weak. There is only one God for all people, regardless of name. The God of infinite love and justice. The knowledge and application of God’s natural and moral laws offers health, peace, youthfulness, beauty, longevity, and happiness. 96 Get to know, support and vote ECOLOGISTS OF GREECE, who

recommend life’s natural and moral laws and make our wishes for health, peace and prosperity come true. Contact us. In unity there is strength. 57 Panepistimiou Street, Offices: 32 Patission Street, Athens. Tel.: 211 3001700 Email: /

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THE TRUTHS THAT get back LIVES. A REVOLUTION AND REBIRTH OF NATURE, HEALTH AND LIFE Health is our natural state. We create our own diseaseS illness by leading an abnormal life; and only we can cure them by leading a natural life. Nature’s nursing home operates on the principles of Hippocrates: 1. Our food should be the medicine for our mind, body and soul. 2. Nature is the healer of all disease. 3. Help, or at least do no harm. The nursing home is equipped with luxury guesthouses with geothermal air-conditioning. It offers a natural cure to diseases, with healthy nutrition, fast, hydro-catharsis, walking, mountain-climbing, exercise, healthy loss of weight, the quitting of smoking, and overall rejuvenation. Accommodation and board prices are affordable to all and help cover operational expenses. We also welcome the poor, who can offer social work. We welcome you with open arms. Nature means people.


Stress - Depression Anaemia, Alzheimer Vitamin Deficiency Arthritis, Arteriosclerosis Asthma, Acne, Anorexia Haemorrhoids, Allergies Insomnia, Amoebiasis 98 Bronchitis, Bulimia Skin diseases, Slipped disc, Dyspnoea Diabetes, Constipation Heart attack, Stroke

HEALTH above All


AIDS, Eczemas, Herpes Ulcer, Diarrhoea Blood sugar, Dizziness Liver & Thyroid, Heart conditions, All cancers, Colitis, Cellulite, Kidney failures, Backache, Hypertension, Parkinson’s Disease, Obesity, Blood pressure, Prostate, Toxaemia and all kinds of diseases.


E co l o g i c a l A l e r t

ULTIMATE DUTY: Rescuing Greece, our Health and our Life change, as mine has. You will lead a different, blessed life that you haven’t even dreamed of. Proof of this new path that you will take will be the taking on of selfless social activity. We need deeds, not words! Collective action pays off; one person yields one thing, but two persons with the same ideals can yield 20 more things. We await you in the trenches, at the watchtower of ecology, to act collectively, to sanitize society, to awaken its colΚωνσταντίνος Ι. Παπανικόλας lective consciousness and for all to ΟΙΚΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ live together naturally, eco-logiOUR GOAL: Personal and univer- cally, freely, creatively and happily. sal health and prosperity. Every Wednesday, at 7pm, meetIn order to achieve this goal, a ings are held at the offices of ECOLnecessary precondition is pure, al- OGISTS OF GREECE (32 Patission kaline blood. Alkaline blood helps street), where we make decisions us rid ourselves of mental, physical on what we can and should do to and psychological diseases, and assume responsibility for our lives. gives us the strength to apply an Eco-Logical lifestyle and social acAt these critical times, we tion that lead to the realization of all need to heed the call this goal: Personal and universal and be present. human health and prosperity. Love is the ultimate act. To love genuinely means to live happily. in order to apply this divine law, I myself have served ecology for 35 years now and I work 18 hours a day on its practice and theory, and this is something I intend to continue doing indefinitely. I have no thoughts of retiring or of dying! You can follow the same path and you will be sure that your life will

ECOLOGISTS GREECE MOVEMENT FOR HEALTH AND ECOLOGY Konstantinos I. Papanikolas 35 years of action in theory and practice 32 Patission street, Athens Tel.: 211 3001700 email:

You are the Ecologists of Greece! The voice of love and conscience!



Mr. Papαnikolas at the studios of www.tvtilefο with Mrs Tsolaki

I have got back my health again. Oh! What true happiness

From a young age I suffered from constipation, hemorrhoids, ulcers, liver and heart conditions, anemia, insomnia, dreadful vertigo. I felt old and wanted to die. I was saved from suffering and now I am healthy, young and happy, knowing the natural way of treatment proposed by this book. Mary, spouse of General Xen Tsolaki. tel :22.940-24 .366

Owing to abnormal eating habits and negative emotions, I contracted multiple sclerosis (medically incurable illness).The expensive drugs worsened my health. But a miracle happened, I became cured by cleansing my blood of toxins and deactivating the negative feelings, and applying the valuable knowledge contained in this book. Alexis Fotopoulos. Tel: 210-33.87.000



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