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Work and Experiments Zack Writer

Mountain of a Shelf Wall mounted shelving unit, digitally designed and CNC fabricated. 8-Bit undulations for books and folios.

Box Chair Easy to build adaptable furniture. Chair, Table, Stool and Storage all in one, cheap to manufacture and easy to build objecrt

Objet A Pylon MoirĂŠ triangles on equilateral tower, backlit sculpture holding the musical center. Created for peformance at Project Hello.

Hex Topography Printed and milled dibond surface, triangulated and made flexible..

Soft-fold Tray and Wedding Trivet Heated and folded acrylic tray for plants and small animals and milled aluminum trivet for Tak and Rachel.

Fruit Cart Coffee Table and Moon Bedside Stand Orange slice moveable coffee table concept and nightsky moontopped bedside stand.

Furniture And Objects  
Furniture And Objects  

Portfolio of Design Work