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HOLLEYHOLLEY-NAVARRE ELKS LODGE #2787 P.O. Box 5387 Navarre, Fl. 32566


PHONE (850) 939939-2787


Page 2 LODGE OFFICERS Exalted Ruler Est. Leading Knight Est. Loyal Knight Est. Lecturing Knight Esquire Chaplain Inner Guard Tiler Secretary Treasurer 3-Year Trustee 2-Year Trustee 1-Year Trustee

Toby Griner Tom Stevens Brian Feehan Lyle Cater Allen VanDyk Robin Stevens Jesse Brosig Patrick Schulte Walter Zilka Donald E Helms Clarke Duarte Benjamin R Gray

Activities Committee

Linda Griner

Special Community Projects Community Activities Public Relations Youth Activities Hoop Shoot Drug Awareness PER Association Youth Activities

Lyle Cater Ray Yantch Ray Yantch Rick Mase Unfilled Rick Rheaume Allen VanDyk Rick Mase

Fraternal Committee Hans Offenborn Dan Hargrave Allen VanDyk Tom Stevens Jim Fix Tom Stevens Sherill Donaldson Allen VanDyk Kris Kane Linda Griner Board of Directors Rick Mase Bill White

Auditing and Accounting Auditing Chairperson Auditor Auditor

Rick Mase Jesse Brosig Connie Mussari

STATE ASSOCIATION COMMITTES Elks Training Harry Anna Trust Inter-Lodge Visitation Lodge Reporter Officers Attendance Membership & Lapsation Charity Committee

Rick Mase Hans Offenborn Kathy Schulte Kathy Schulte Kathy Schulte Kathy Schulte Rick Mase

SPECIAL COMMITTEES Bulletin ’THE LOG’ Bingo Golf Tournament Web Master

Ray Yantch Patty Quinn Donald Simmons Dan Hargraves

OTHER COMMITTEES Presiding Justice Mediator Lodge Advisor

Fellow Elks,

Kathy Schulte (Acting)


Americanism Elks National Foundation Flag Day Elks Memorial Day Government Relations Membership & Lapsation Indoctrination/Orientation Investigation Veterans Service Lodge Activities Standing Relief Youth Camp Alt to Grand Lodge

Toby Griner

Tim Mead Rick Mase Frank Hayes

Our new year has started well with a full slate of officers, and most of our committee chairs are filled. Our Esquire will be Past Exalted Ruler Allen Van Dyk. Allen was forced to resign as Secretary because of new workloads in his business, and I thank Allen for his continued support in the Lodge in his new position. Thanks to Kathy Schulte for accepting appointment as Secretary until elections are held. As Secretary, Kathy vacated the Auditor committee Chair, and Rick Mase has accepted appointment as our new Auditor Chairperson. Thanks to all of you for accepting these officer positions and thanks to all of our committee members for accepting responsibilities for carrying on the charitable work of our Order. Thanks to Trustee Clarke Duarte for his laborious and very successful effort to refurbish our walk-in cooler. It is now fully functional and was vitally needed. Thanks to Clarke also for his unending attention to many deficiencies he found in our Lodge facility, for replacing portions of the rear deck, and for his acceptance as Safety Officer. Many others also donated time and money to help in these projects. Thanks to Ray Yantch for accepting the job of editor of our newsletter, The Log, and for the tremendous job he is doing. I am proud to report that the final State tally of membership shows that Holley-Navarre achieved an 11% increase last year, one of the highest in the State. Membership is vital to our lodge and Tom Stevens, our Leading Knight, has accepted both the Grand Lodge Membership and Lapsation Committee chairs for the coming year in work that is so vital to increasing membership and preventing member loss. We can all assist Tom in this effort by proposing and sponsoring new members and participating in our lodge activities and his special membership events. As always, I cordially invite all Elks and their guests to visit and support our lodge and Club. Our event and activity plans always provide something for everyone, so come out, meet other Elks, and enjoy your lodge. Fraternally, Toby Griner

Welcome New Members Name Charlie Back


BINGO! We can use your help!

Thank you. Patty

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Membership Applications

Applications: Kimberlee Blaine

Sponsor Bill Adair



Bulletin Boosters Calvin Christensen 01/13 2 Richard A Mase


Grady H. Carroll

3 Delores Tharp

14 Michael J. Boles

4 Calvin T. Christensen 4 Howard W. Owens

16 William C. White 19 Arthur J. Morell

5 James E. Murphy

19 Jeff A. Schmidt

6 Lyle R. Cater

20 Paul Turner

7 Colette Burnham

20 Terry weeks

7 Gary Presley

24 Pamela Peck

Judith Christensen 01/13 Russ Wilby 03/13 Dan Hargraves 10/12 Jim & Betty White 9/12 Walter & Kathryn Zilka 9/12

Ewin Marris 7/12

We have started a new year for our Elk Lodge and with each new year, we have many ideas of what we would like to accomplish during the year. One of the biggest accomplishments would be to retain or increase our membership. How do we attract and retain our membership? By giving our Members a purpose for belonging. We need to ask ourselves, “What do we have to offer our Members, and what are we doing for our communities?” To answer the first part of the question, we need to look at our facilities. Is it looking the best that it can? Are we keeping it clean and well painted? Are we taking pride to look at what we offer to the public? Have we got food and drink areas that are a little better than average as to give the Members a reason to attend our Lodge instead of going to some other place in town? We need to make our Lodge a focal point in the community and a place to be proud of.

The second part of the question - what are we doing for the community? —Needs to be answered. We need to give our Members a reason to belong to our organization. Most Members join because they want to be involved in helping our communities be a better place too live. We need to increase our involvement and presence in this endeavor. If our Lodge will find out the needs in our area and encourage our Members to get involved we will increase our membership.

Congrats to Rick Rheaume for winning the Weber Grill, and Jesse Brosig for winning the Navarre Beach Painting. This raffle raised another $166.00 for “Relay For Life”


Monday - Saturday 2 pm - 11 pm Closed Sundays … Holidays 2 pm - 11 pm

Ben & Peggy Gray 6/12 Gary & Nancy Forester 4/12

Louis Albino 04/12 Vera Jordan 4/12 Jim and Gloria Fix 11/12

Your Name here for $10 per year. Help defray the cost of the bulletin. Business Cards will now be $30 per year starting Janu-

May 2012 Sun







1 BOD 6:00pm





Activity Meeting 6:30 PM

BOG 7:00pm


Full Moon

13 Mothers Day Event 2:00pm

Bulletin Articles are due by the 15th of the month.

7 8 9 Spaghetti Dinner PER Meeting Membership 6:00 PM 7:00 PM Meeting Ladies Night 5pm to 9pm


BINGO 7pm Caller: Frank Valensi


Salsa Contest and Mexican Cuisine Food and Fun for $5.00


BINGO 7pm Caller: Art Williams


14 15 Ladies Night 5pm to 9pm

16 Steak Dinner

6:00 PM

17 18 Oktoberfest BINGO 7pm planning Caller: meeting Bill Bill White Adair’s home

19 Craw Fish Boil


21 22 23 24 25 26 BINGO Indoctrination Membership 7pm State Convention Meeting, & State Convention State Convention Caller: 7:00pm Initation,7pm Tom Stevens Ladies Night State Convention 5pm to 9pm



State Convention

Memorial Day in the Park time TBD




Ladies Night 5pm to 9pm

Our Charities NEED your Help!

Care--Elks Share Elks Care


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Sickness and Distress

Lodge Activities Up-coming events for May 2012 Saturday May 5th: Ray &Amy will be doing Cinco de Mayo at the Lodge with Nachos, Taco salads, 7 Layer dip and a salsa contest all for a fun filled $5.00. Everyone is invited to make your favorite salsa recipe and see if you can compete with Lyle Cater and beat his winning streak. The fun starts at 6:00 PM along with this great Mexican cuisine you can purchase a Amy special blinged up Margareta glass and get special pricing on the Elk’s Lodge famous Margareta . Wednesday May 9th: Linda is making a spaghetti dinner with Garlic Bread and salad $7.00 per person at the Lodge. Come and enjoy bring your family and friends. At 6:00PM. Sunday May 13th: Mothers Day Ceremony at 2PM in the Lodge room. Everyone is asked to bring a appetizer to share after the ceremony. All mothers are invited for this very special occasion. Wednesday May 16th: Connie & Charlie is doing a steak dinner $12.00 per person steak, garlic bread, salad, and baked potato at the Lodge. Tickets will be at the bar for sell. Please purchase tickets early so they will have a head count and how many steaks to have on hand. At 6:00PM. Thursday May 17t: Bill Adair is having a Oktoberfest meeting for the planning of one of the largest events we will be doing this year. We will be assigning committees such as entertainment, food, and many others. Please keep in mind this event will take everyone working together to have such a large event. Everyone is encouraged to come out and get involved. The meeting will be held at Bill’s home at 3193 Quiet Water Lane, Gulf Breeze at 6:30 PM. Saturday May 19th: Pat will be doing a craw fish boil with corn and potatoes at 2PM at the Lodge. Salads and desserts are welcomed. The Cost is $7.00 per person. Get your tickets at the lodge from the bartender. Monday May 28th: Elk Flag display at the Memorial Day ceremony at the Navarre Park in conjunction with the American Legion and the Specter VFW Post. Watch for special e-mails to announce the time. Activity Chairperson Linda Griner

PLACE YOUR ADD HERE For just $30.00 per YEAR. Can you advertise anywhere else for that little amount?

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National Veterans Committee


Veterans Services Committee: “Got freedom? Thank a Vet!” I’ve spotted that saying on various T-shirts and own one myself. An easy way to thank a vet close to home is to join the Lodge 2787 Veterans Services Committee. Our goal is for the committee to plan and complete one activity a quarter, either on our own or possibly in conjunction with other local organizations such as the American Legion, the VFW, and the Air Force Enlisted Village in Shalimar. If you are interested in becoming a part of this committee, please contact me via phone at (H) 850-710-3114, (C) 850-830-2354, or by email at I will stand by for the stampede of volunteers! Kris Kane Chairperson, Lodge 2787 Veterans Services Committee Army of Hope Picnic, 25 August: Save the date!! The Army of Hope picnic is scheduled for Saturday, 25 August at the Fort Walton Beach Lodge. The Grand Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks began the Army of Hope Project as a benefit and to show support and appreciation for the members of the Armed Forces of the United States and their families during the Iraq-Afghanistan War. In 2007 the Florida State Elks Association began serving deployed military families with financial assistance through the FSEA Army of Hope. The NW District has been the recipient of most of the donations made to military families since the program started in Florida. Details about this year’s picnic will be made available as the AOH committee finalizes its planning activities.

Clark Duarte Builders Corner To My Fellow Elks, The Cooler project began on 01/29/2012 and the Cooler became operational on 03/27/2012. The cooler was purchased in Milton for $450.00 an exceptional bargain. It was picked up and delivered to my garage by the members of the famous Beer Club, where it underwent total renovation, reconfiguration, painting, new door gaskets etc. Short story, a couple months of re-build desk, re-build shed, install cooler. Run Cooler Run. I want to give thanks to the following folks both members and guest who donated a total of $997.76 to this project: Suzie Peluso, Jan Duarta, Reggie Queenan, Ray Yantch, Don Helms, Lyle Cater, Toby and Linda Griner, Jim White, Ben Gray, Pat and Kathy Schulte. In addition to financial aid, many thanks given to the following Elks, especially those who are not members of this lodge in providing their help and expertise throughout this project. Ben Gray who provided primary assistance with the construction and: Tom Stevens, Paul Turner, Ed Baker, Beryl Farmer, Jim White, Mike Warren, Lyle Cater, Reggie Queenan, Don Helms, Pat Schulte. All done lovingly for “Cold Beer” Gratefully, Clark Duarte This is a few picture of the construction project that was done with great pride.

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Everyone needs to come out and share in the fun!


Easter Egg Hunt

DON’T FORGET “THE FOOD SHELF” Buckets are located at the Elk’s Lodge entrance Try to bring a can of food etc. Each time you come to the Lodge Navarre Families really need our help

Steak Dinner Night Thanks to Terry & Robin. They served 14-16oz steaks that were great with so much food you could hardly eat it all. They also set up the TV and cameras via the satellite with little Gene in Michigan. It was nice to see and hear Gene play for us. This event brought back a lot of fond memories.

Iron Chef Gumbo Cook-Off We had the Iron Chef cook off sponsored by Walter & Kay Zilka with every type of gumbo you could think of. What a wonderful time we had. Lyle Carte aka “Mr. Zatarain's” won judge’s choice, but they were all winners!

Mr. Zatarain’s

Past Events For April We’ve had a busy month, with a lot of activities. If you missed them, you missed a great time. Thanks to all that sponsored an event. Ann Helms did an outstanding job on our Pre-Easter dinner with ham all the trimmings. Thanks to all that helped. Thanks to all that helped with these events. I know all sponsors appreciated your help also. Activity Chairperson Linda Griner

Corrected May Log  

This is the corrected copy of the "Log" with dates and names.