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What is the usually price range for sports bike insurance? I'm turning 19 in july and want to start riding. I live in california. so what do you guys think the price may be? How much is car insurance? For a 17 year old male in the UK, how much would car insurance be for... A Renault Mgane Convertible 2005 (I've worked it out, it's in insurance group 14) It doesn't have to be exact, I was just wondering about what price it would be" Health and Auto Insurance? I'm 25 and have no health insurance, and am still on my parents auto insurance. I would like just the basic for both - I can't really afford anything but the minimum. Any suggestions besides 1-800-safeauto? Affordability is the only thing I care about." How much should my car insurance be? read details? I am 17. I want to buy a mitsubishi eclipse gt. Its probably going to be a 2000, if not then 2001-2003. GT model. I went to drivers ed and we have allstate for insurance. how much wuld the insurance be?" "On an Annual basis, how much does health insurance cost in America? I would like to know how much the average American citizen pays in Health Insurance per year please. Additional insurance for a company car? I currently lease a car from my company, which means that they insure the car etc. The problem is that this only covers me for social driving and for my company's business use. I am trying to get a Saturday job and they need me to prove that my insurance covers business use. I don't want to lie so can I take out an additonal policy to cover me for business use at the weekends? Many thanks" Average insurance on a Nisan Micra? I'm not planning to buy a car for a few years but I would like to open an account saving up for insurance ect. so I am prepared. I'm planning to buy the nissan micra or a car of similiar price and size, its not extremely important to me. I would like to know a rough

price for my insurance so I know what I'm working with. Please do not tell me to look on a car insurance website like go compare or, I have tried this but do not want to fill out a long form filled with questions I am unsure about. As I said, I'm not being exact, I just want a rough price. I am aged 17-22 and female. Any rough prices are welcome:)" Insurance quetsion? i was in a accident totally the other drivers fault (she admitted to it). my car has damaged front bumper and headlight along with other stuff around those parts. it looks like nothing major. i went to the hospital one time they said i had my muscles and ligaments in my neck strectched. im trying to found out is that enough medical trips for me to get a rather decent settlement. im nt able to go to the doctor because i work all the time an i cant take time off or i will be fired. her insurance is state farm. on the average how much can i get???(pain and suffering) Im 19 how much does the average 19 year old pay for car insurance? I live in new york city How long is a quarter period in insurance? My insurance says: Family coverage: $2,213 per quarter So how long is that? 3 months or what?" Which company in New Jersey has the lowest Car Insurance? Which company in New Jersey has the lowest Car Insurance? In BC should the owner pay the insurance for the renter? i rent a appartment and then the owner said i should pay the insurance i thought it is owner's responsibility to pay all these "Can your parent pay for your vehicles car insurance, and it be cheaper for them, instead of higher for me?" Can your parent pay for your vehicles car insurance, and it be cheaper for them, instead of higher for me?" Insurance companies that insure homes? Do not have change&a; was wondering insurance companies that will insure my home in Alabama Im away to buy a car on sunday but have no insurance on it will i need insurance ? i am buying a car on sunday but have no insurance first car buying and it seems that you need to be 21 to get 1 day insurance so whats the legal way to do it because i

dont want to buy car then get stopped and it gets towed away and can i drive it awa if the guys got insurance still on the car but what if he doesnt? is that a risk i shal take or not worth it at all!!! thanks . Do you have to add your child to insurance if get a drivers license? My kid just got his drivers license but cannot drive and wont be able to for 6 more months is it still required that I add him to the insurance right now or can i just add him to the insurance when he is able to drive?If i do not, does that mean that he will have to turn in his license or have it revoked?" If a 20 year old doesn't have insurance on his car and get's into a car accident is the state of Illinois.? If a 20 year old doesn't have insurance on his car and get's into a car accident is the state of Illinois, what legally happens? I got into a car wreck in my uninsured vehicle, now I went out and got insurance, and have a court date set up. What legally should happen here? Loss of license? Obviously a fine.. Just give me the facts on this one." Car insurance ?????/? Well.I have permanent general car insurance they used to charge me 60 dollers it when up to 80 a month. Idk I found a cheaper insurance what should I tell permanent general "I want to start trying for another baby by August, but I don't have medical insurance....? My husband makes too much for me to get on Medicaid. I want to get a good insurance. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what to do. How much would car insurance cost for me? I'm 21 years old and I have had my driver's license for 2 years. however i still have not been able to drive since i am a poor college student and cannot afford anything. however i will be graduating soon as a registered nurse and will get a job. So i would like to know the price range for car insurance just to have an idea. thanks. Cheapest insurance for beginner rider on a cbr-125? I am 17 in a few days and looking to get a honda cbr-125 or any similar bike for getting to college and work, which is the best way to get cheap insurance and do you have any tips on how to lower it?" Car insurance want my ssn for quote? Im trying to get car insurance quotes and it seems that every website asks for my ssn. I just want to get a rough quote and don't want them to have my name, info, and ssn in their database. Why are they all asking for the ssn all of a sudden? Plus if I don't go with them or check different places for different quotes then my credit report is being

hit with numerous inquires. Ahhhhhh! fustrating! Any suggestions? or is this just one of those things that Im going to have to just deal with and that's it?" Any suggestion for an auto insurance? I'm currently under geico but I realized that they charge me too much.Do you know any auto insurance that is cheaper? Why would the insurance companies be against the affordable healthcare act? Why is this new healthcare law suppose to do and why are the insurance companies against it for. Why do people keep comparing health insurance to car insurance? Yes you are forced to have car insurance....if you OWN a car! Why do people keep stating that being forced into buying health care is no different than being federally mandated to own car insurance? gto insurance gto insurance Car insurance claim but no MOT? my partner had a crash today and it was totally the other persons fault as my parter was indicating to turn right and some idiot tried to overtake him on the right , hitting his side. the police said not probs its totally the other persons fault and we claim off his insurance not ours but when the police checked the car they discoved the mot ran out a month ago, my partner explained we though we had updated it and they were fine about , prob believed us as we had tax and insurance, they dont worry just tell your insurance about the crash. i know car insurance is not vaild but surely its okay if its only the other person paying out? car in the garage and does not seem to be any probs so you think we will be ok, it really was a genuine over sight" Getting car insurance for a new car but i have a point on my license? does anyone know how much it cost or what is the difference to pay when getting car insurance if i have a point on my license. i just bought a used car and i want to get car insurance for it under my name. however, i have a one point on my license. anyone know how much of a difference in cost a point would cost? or anything else i should know?" Question about teen car insurance? So i have a drivers license, im 17 but i dont have insurance i drive my dads 2006 toyota tundra to school everyday. Prom is next week and its about an hour from my house and my dad does not feel comfterable letting my drive up there without insurance, so what im thinking is i can get myself included in his insurance for just that truck so i would just be an extra driver on that truck he has AAA and its $190 a month for me. So i will only need it for a month because i get my own car next month so i will get my own cheaper insurance by then, so the question is can i remove myself from

my dads insurance after i pay the first month? I really need it i already have a prom date, im not missing my senior prom." Car insurance? i am currently insured and my policy expires on July 1st. I don't want my policy to renew so I called to tell them not to renew it. They said ok...and they wouldn't take out the June 1st payment. (I pay monthly). I just bought my new policy with a different company and I want that policy to start on June 31st. I made the down payment today but my next payment with that company isn't until July 31st. Basically I'm really confused....but there is probably some logical explanation. I'm not going to have any gap in coverage but I feel like I'm getting a free month of car insurance just because I switched companies. Where's the cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old? Hi, Recently I bought myself a Vauxhall Corsa SXI 2003, and have been looking around for car insurance. It seems that everyone thinks that car insurance costs around 3000 for a new young male driver, however the cheapest quote I seem to get is about 5000-8000. I've tried every insurance comparison site under the sun, and looked at so many companies direct. The cheaper quote is just over 4000, but that involves the little black box to be installed. I'm not complaining about this as I would drive sensibly and have nothing to hide, but it is still so steep. I can't afford these prices for a 1500 car. Anyone have any ideas? It feels so unfair that I haven't even been given the chance to show that I won't abuse driving... *I've tried putting my parents as second drivers, no luck. Also, the model of my car doesn't affect it as I get the same quotes for a 1997 Ford Fiesta...*" Honda CBR 125r... Insurance price for a 17 year old? (UK!) I'm really interested in motorbikes, and in 18 months - the painful wait - I am looking at buying my first bike, a Honda CBR 125r. Due to the low horse power of the bike, I can ride it with just a CBT after my 17th birthday if I'm not mistaken, which will reduce my costs as I won't need to take lessons and a test. With leathers, helmet, boots, gloves, CBT, as well as the bike, I worked out I would need to save at least 2200... However, I have no idea what insurance would be. I understand insurance prices fluctuate according to location etc, but I have no idea at all. So even a completely rough estimate, even if it could be out by 150 would be useful. Thank you for reading, hope you can help. :-)" California motorcycle license??????????? I want to get a motorcycle license but heres my question, I dont have a motorcycle and if I was to buy one how could I get it insured? if I dont have a MC license? cause I know the insurance guy will ask me for my MC license first ( just like when you insure a car ) and heres another question, if I had a MC how would I be able to show proof of insurance to the place where you take the MC highway test ( not sure what its called ). Just to let you know I dont know anyone who has a MC so I could borrow it to take the test." Moped/car insurance question!?

hey i have just turned 16 and im thinking of getting a moped but what i want to know is if i had been riding a moped for a year, would i then have cheaper insurance when it came to insurning a car when im 17, seeing as i would of already experianced the road etc or would it make no difference? thanks" Am I eligible for unemployment insurance in Alaska if I am a full-time student? Am I eligible for unemployment insurance in Alaska if I am a full-time student? Apartment Insurance? I live in the basement of a house. Am I covered on my landlords insurance policy, or should I invest in renters insurance?" Which of these cars in cheapest in insurance? Out of these 6 cars, can you list in number order from most to least expensive in car insurance? 1. Ford Mustang 2. Infiniti G35 3. Dodge Charger 4. Nissan 350Z 5. Cadillac CTS 6. BMW 3 series" Would car insurance go really high if you got a mustang? I'm 16 thinking about getting a 2000 mustang 150,000 miles clean driving record I have state farm. I didn't know if a mustang would make it jump to much high than just an average car." Car insurance? I heard that you will pay less for auto insurance if you have your license and a clean record even when you nor our family memeber have a car. IS that ture? I mean like you didnt buy a car or insurance when you first get ur license. Another car insurance Question.? In the UK if you buy a car, it HAS to be insured, but at the moment for someone young to insure a car, i looked on a comparing site, i put myself as a main driver for a 1.2 litre fiesta and it was well past 4K, and insurance companies know they can charge that amount because without insurance it is illegal to drive. If i put myself on 3rd party insurance it either drops by less than 100 or goes up, ive read about this and apparently insurance companies think that if you get 3rd party insurance, you care less for your car so therefore they charge more. Now in the US things are alot better, if you pay car tax you automatically get 3rd party insurance, this is a great idea and i wouldn't mind knowing why they don't introduce it here in the UK, if not, surely the government or somebody will confront the insurance companies so that they can lower premiums, right?" Ballpark insurance quote? Can anyone give me a ballpark estimate of how much it would cost me to get car insurance. 18 years old, recently bought a 1983 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. I just need

cheapest possible. Starting to get pissed off how it's legal to discriminate against someones age and jack there insurance premiums. How is that any different then racism?" Do you have health insurance? If so, How much is it per month? How old are you? What kind of deductable do you have?? feel free to answer also if you do not have insurance." Companies and their insurance for employees? A company I work for has insurance. I have very expensive medicine and the insurance would pay most of it. my question is IF I GET THE INSURANCE WILL THE EMPLOYEES OF THE COMPANY I WORK FOR AND MY BOSSES KNOW WHAT I USE THE INSURANCE FOR? WILL THEY KNOW WHAT MEDICINES I TAKE THAT THE INSURANCE PAY FOR? Adding fiancee to insurance? How far before the wedding should I start the paperwork to put my fiancee on my insurance? New insurance companies? I need a list of newly opened Insurance companies. Can I drive my car while waiting to get my tags and insurance? I just recently (like today) bought a car from a private party, and I don't have insurance yet. I have to get my insurance over the phone, but I don't know if they'll take more" Washington state car insurance law for drivers and cars? I currently dont have insurance and i was forced to move back to my parents house and theyre badgering me to get car insurance but i cant afford it right now. if they put insurance on my car under their name, can i drive my car legally? or do they have to put my name on their policy also? im trying to find the cheapest way of getting basic legal insurance since my car is not worth more than 1000 dollars" Is a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS a good first car for a 16 year old male and about how much would insurance cost? It is a V4. I have taken Driver's Ed. I have taken Defensive Driving. Taken the State Farm test thing. The car is dark blue. About how much would it cost to be added onto your parents car insurance per month?

i am a 17 yr. old girl. am a reasonably good driver and i got a 92 on the written test. any approximation would be helpful. Im about to turn 17 how much is insurance for a lamborghini or ferrari cuz my parents said i could have one? Im about to turn 17 how much is insurance for a lamborghini or ferrari cuz my parents said i could have one? My own insurance? In High school I was on my parents insurance and then I moved out with my boyfriend and got put on his parents insurance, but Im pretty sure his mom is lying to us about how much the insurance costs. We payed a varied amount (75-200) every 2 weeks for a couple months and then that same varied about after that per month. I feel bad about not trusting her but I want to have my own insurance. Mainly because I want to be self sufficient and pay my own everything! How do I go about getting insurance for me and my boyfriend?" gto insurance gto insurance Question about insurance? Hi. Why car insurance is cheaper for: policy holder with driving licence held for 1 month and additional driver with provisional licence held for 3 months than: only a policy holder with driving licence held for 1 month ?? could someone explain me why is that ? Great sports cars that don't have bad insurance? Okay so I'm 16 and need a sports car. My budget is 40K and if been looking at used ones. I was thinking about a porshe but it seems there insurance and maintenance is outrages. I have also been looking at Mercedes Benz. They seem to be a bit better but not sure. anyone have a porshe or a Meredes??? I also live in Canada. Or any other ideas for a sports car.??.? :) Cure auto insurance online? I need insurance now! I have completed my form on cure auto insurance and I'm now on the last page to agreeing to the power of attorney and agreement to conduct business electronically and it saying over and over again that I must scroll and read it. But I have! Why won't it let me agree? Riding a 49cc scooter in NY without insurance? can you register a 49cc scooter with the dmv without having insurance for it first? and what are the fines if i get pulled over riding the scooter without insurance? the cheapest insurance i can get is with progressive and it's 531$ a year! thats too much!

What is the best health insurance and life insurance policies to go with? I am recently out of the military and need to purchase an individual health ins policy. However, I am not sure which ones are the best. I am a student, do they offer any good student policies? Also, is the SGLI to VGLI conversion a good change to make? If not, which is better term or whole life insurance policies?" Trying to get cheaper auto insurance? I live in NYC where auto insurance is extremely high. I wanted to know if mom and pop auto insurance companies are cheaper than top named auto insurance companies like Allstate, state farm, etc. The top auto insurance companies are giving me really high quotes. I see a lot of small business insurance companies in the neighborhood. I wonder if they will give me a lower quote and are they just as good as allstate or state farm, etc.? Thanks." Do people with learner's permit have to be on the insurance? ? I am 15 turning 15 1/2 on oct. 29 and my mom says I cant get my permit until she gets insurance on the car.How much does it cost exactly? Can I get Car Insurance in Texas without a D-License? Can I get car insurance without a license. I'm located in Texas. Is there ways around to do it? Question about Student Discounts for car insurance? I took the following two courses during high school and was just wondering if car insurance companies accept both courses as a student discount or will they only accept one? -->I paid and took for the Driver's Education course with my high school. -->I later took a free course called the Defensive Driving Courses - Alive at 25 . Are both accepted into my policy for discount or only one? Need help finding health insurance? I am currently looking for health insurance for my son and I. He is only 2 months old. I make too much money for medicaid, but still not enough to have expensive monthly payments on health insurance. Im not planning on having a baby anytime soon, maybe in the next 2 years. BUT, just in case something happens and I do become pregnant...I want insurance that covers maternity too. But I cant find any. I live in Indiana." Insurance cost for a truck? chevy silverado 2010 im 18 IF YOU GET PULLED OVER WITHOUT CAR INSURANCE?

IF YOU GET PULLED OVER AND YOU Have no insUraNce on your car how much is tHE fine??? Car insurance question..wasn't my fault.? i got into a car accident 4weeks ago. the person begged me not to call her insurance company n said she'd pay for everything. after i got my estimate then she decided not to pay b/c its about 4000. it took her 2weeks to decide. i already talked to both of my insurance company n her insurance company. it wasn't my fault, and i have a witness. i don't want to use my insurance b/c i have to pay 1000 deductible and i'm not sure if i can get it back, and why should i if it was that person's fault. her insurance company said i should just use my insurance, and my insurance company said it'd be easier to use her insurance. what should i do? should i just wait? b/c i really don't want to pay a 1000 dollars." Cheapest insurance for first time drivers? i need help on finding the cheapest insurance for first time drivers i am 18 and near ending my lessons for my driving test and want to know cheap insurers for my first insurance wihout the little black box in my car, and also is it best to ring or online for my insurance prices thanks" Do you need a motorcycle license and insurance to buy a bike from a dealership? I currently only have my permit and want to purchase a used Ninja 250 to practice on before my road test. I plan on keeping the bike for a while. "Why chevrolet insurance is cheap in alberta, canada?" Why chevrolet insurance is cheap in alberta, canada?" I'm 17 years old how can i get my insurance premium cheaper please? Any help is appreciated thanks? Heya i was wondering how a 17 year old guy can get his insurance premium down please thanks How much does car insurance go up? okay, lets say you had a car accident where no one was hurt, and its your fault. how much will your car insurance go up?" How much is the average cost of auto insurance for a new driver? heres some other info, im 20, i just got a learners permit. i live in new york state." How to get cheap car insurance for a student in the uk?

I live in the uk. 19 years old and want to get a car. I have tried quotes and the cheapest i have found per year is around 5000, which is a JOKE. i want to know how to make it cheaper. My dad is a taxi driver so i cannot use his insurance thanks" Whats a good health insurance that covers everything that a dermatologist does? but that isn't very expensive? something that can cover everything in a dermatologist like accutane and blood work . i dont make a lot of money so i need one that is afordable but is good and can cover everything Can a car insurance company change my price mid policy? I have already made 2 payments on my policy, and now the insurance company had me call for some sort of interview. At the end they said they need to review the policy and will get back to me. Can they change my price mid policy? I figured they would have to wait until my policy was up for renewal since I've already made payments, and they sent their notice after my first payment was made. However, the woman on the phone said that my premium may change. Is there some sort of legal statement saying they can't change my premium mid policy?" "I need advice on selecting the right health insurance for me, one that covers accutane....plz help!?" Hi all. i'm 20yrs old. i work full time, and the company that i work for offers Aetna Insurance, i believe...but i've heard that it's not that great. i need an affordable insurance plan, one that covers Accutane (acne medication) and dermatologist visits. plz help!!!" Should we switch from Geico to Farmers Insurance? We moved cross country and a local Farmers insurance agent is perstering us to get our business... she is actually a nice person. The deal we would get here would be cheaper than with Geico, but I had a bad experience with Farmers a long time ago (They were great until I had an accident, then they slapped me with a huge increase in premium. It wasn't even entirely my fault. anybody had good experiences with Farmers Insurance or should I just stay away from them?" "Need cheap auto insurance, Arizona?" only drive 2 miles a couple times a week, never had a accident or ticket; 63yrs old,Mesa,AZ" gto insurance gto insurance How do I FIND affordable business insurance for my cleaning business.? I live in illinois in a city I am starting a cleaning business I ahve searched the internet and called around to different insurance companys and got a quote from state farm they want $1000 up front for the year and will not take installments. I was under the

impression that the insurance I needed was less expensive. hellllp!!! please help me find something better. Best car insurance for college students? I need to know what the cheapeast car insurance is... .... Would my insurance rate go up on a car with more features? I'm buying a car today and I already have the insuance and can leave with the car today once I give a down payment. However, the car dealer and I were speaking on the phone and he told me he can give me the same car and year but with more features like a Nav Panel on the dashboard and bluetooth and a couple of other smaller details like USB ports. Now my question would be, with these new features that don't exactly change much from the car I was originally getting, would this make my insurance go up?" Drivers license and Insurance? When you get your drivers license do you have to get insurance with it or do you have to wait until you get a car? Do you have to get insurance when you purchase a car? Also does the cost for insurance decrease when you turn 21? How much is insurance a month generally and in North Carolina? I know insurance is necessary though I just need the facts before buying it. Car insurance help? I'm 46 (female) and just got my probationary license in northern NJ. Is it possible to get my own insurance. How much would you expect it to be since I have to wait a year to get my full license? 10 points Car insurance in Trinidad? What are some car insurance companys in Trinidad, Im moving there in Decemeber, and considering importing a BMW Z4 with me, but need to find out how much its gonna be to insure :o) Thanks guys. Also Im kinda assuming its not really safe enough to drive around with the Roof down?" How can I get the lowest car insurance payment? I am 25. I want to buy a cheap car with one way insurance. thanks a lot Who insures a teenage driver when the parents are divorced? We are getting ready to add my stepson to our auto insurance. He does not have a car yet, but when he does get one it will be in his father's name. His mother as far as I know has no auto insurance. She drives a car that belongs to her parents and I assume they insure it. This is the living situation and what is in place legally at this time. The mother is the primary custodian of the child. However, he resides at our house 85% of the time. My husband has educational gaurdianship so that he can

attend school in our district. I have researched this and what I have found is that the parent who has primary custody is the one who adds the child to insurance. Then I also read that the parent with whom the child resides the majority of time carries the child on the insurance. I am just trying to prepare and educate myself before having to deal with the ex-wife. Money is not the issue as the child will be required to work and pay for his own insurance (our house rule). Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this?" What happens if my employer forgot to deduct my health insurance? I just started a new job and my employer seemed to forget to deduct my health insurance from my paycheck. I called the benefits department and they said I was signed up for the health insurance. I called the health insurance company and they said I'm signed up. I called the accounting department and they said I'm not signed up for health insurance. What happens now? Am I going to get hit with a huge bill for that not being withheld from my paycheck? What is a sporty car that won't kill a teenager in insurance prices and is good on gas? Also I prefer American made, but it doesn't necessarily have to be." What is the best and the cheapest car insurance in ontario? What is the best and the cheapest car insurance in ontario? Good mobile insurance companies? I'm getting an iPhone 4S and I want to feel as though I've got back up if something went wrong (I'm very clumsy too at times) and I've been through lists of insurance companies and they're either too expensive or have bad reviews about 'receiving refurbished phones' Can some one tell me a good company they know of under 7 per month and/or even better someone whose had a claim and they were a good company?! Really stressing out! What grades do insurance companies go off of (in CA)? For the discount on insurance, do insurance companies look from the current term's gpa, the last term gpa, or the gpa overall (in the year so far)? (in the state of california)" Poll: How much do you pay for auto insurance per year? could you do me a favour and also tell me what kind of car you drive, age, and gender? don't worry not trying to stalk anyone or something, I just want to see what do most people pay for insurance. I don't know much about what's a good or bad price, all I know is the rate for the car I want and I want to see what it is compared to other people's rates. if you don't want to answer you don't have to because I know some people might not be comfortable saying this stuff to strangers. also any offences? thanks!"

Why are car insurance companies trying to make me go bankrupt? Okay, this is extremely frustrating. I'm a 19 year old student, who works part time. I have all-state insurance full coverage, and I drive a 2001 toyota tacoma, which is paid off. And guess how much Allstate charges me every 6 months? $750!!!!!!!!!!!! That is absolutely ridiculous. These son of a bitches are totally ridiculous charging me that. I've never had a ticket, never been in an accident. And I don't care if i'm 19 that price is absolutely absurd for that car. I'm almost at the point where I just wanna go illegal and drive without insurance. I'm looking sleep every night over this I mean seriously do they think a 19 year old college student is made of money. And the funny thing is it's under my parents policy and its this much!!!" Looking for health insurance for a parent? I have a parent that was dropped from her medical insurance in nov. 07. She recently just found out about her coverage. She is disable, and medicare states she do not qualify for medicare. My job do not cover disable dependents. What are some affordable plans she can enroll into or what can she do?" Can i survive without auto insurance? I'm 16 and a half. I live in California. I got my drivers license yesterday. My dad has farmers insurance. Adding me to his plan will double his monthly bill. I am a VERY good driver, i live in a small city, and i never go on the freeway. Is it alright if i drive without adding myself to his insurance plan? i don't think $200/month is necessary. Also, it is not legal to drive in California without financial coverage so if i get pulled over, will i get into trouble?(the car's covered so im partially covered rite?). Thank you" Can a cop pull you over for no insurance? I am going on a 2 week road trip to go see my newborn nephew and my biological family. I was laid off 2 months ago ad just got a new job. My insurance was canceled due to this back in may. I am going with my girlfriend too but taking my car because it is more reliable. Cheap car insurance in ohio for a 17 male not on parents insurance? what would be the average amount for car insurance for a 17 male still in high school not on his parents car insurance. he really needs this car to get to and from college and he is mostly on his own im trying to help as much as i can so what would be a average amount for him knowing this Information. please help me Way to get auto insurance for $100 a month? I haven't had (needed) auto insurance in five years. I just got a quote from a few places, and can't believe the cost!! I have an unblemished record." Which car insurance company allows you to make the cheapest one year payment? I have esurance but they force you to make 2 payments a year,and the second payment AWAYS shows up at the worst time lol"

Does anyone know any cheap car insurance for 17 year olds in the UK? Hi, I need some insurance for my Ford Fiesta 1999. I have been looking at some insurance qoutes but there still VERY expensive ( Around 6000-10000 ) I would love to get around 2000 for my car as i know its possible but i just need to find a insurer. Does anyone know any? Thanks" My brother got my friends car and got stopped for dwi and the car now is impounded. But the insurance? But the insurance is under my friends brothers name cuz my friend dosent have a licence and his brother is not here. but i got a license what can we do to take the car out?? "What would be 15,000 pounds after tax and insurance for one month?" What would be 15,000 pounds after tax and insurance for one month?" "In California, are you required to have health insurance for your child if your job offers family insurance?" 1. In California, are you required to have health insurance for your child if your job offers family health insurance (medical, dental and vision) for you and your child? 2. does the court require you to sign up your child through your workplace's health insurance (family plan)? note: I am a noncustodial parent" gto insurance gto insurance

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