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Perseverance and TrustBuilding — Wisdom for On and Off the Field

While Mr. Holtz shared his words of wisdom, I was busy listening, but also thinking as he validated all that I believe — the importance of people and building solid relationships on the journey to a lifetime of happiness. I’m not sure what I expected a winning coach to say, but needless to say, he really caught my attention when he shared his focus on ”persistence and caring” as essential elements to bring about a lifetime of happiness. He clearly pointed out that these traits were of value on the field and off the field. Caring for others is important! I picked up this truth more than 40 years ago while growing up in the Mississippi Delta. But persistence is also necessary because along the way, there will be incidents that could cause one to give up on building good, solid relationships. Even though I never kicked a ball (well, maybe a couple of times), I did indeed witness the power of persistence. According to Mr. Holtz, ”Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” He also challenged us to opt for more than what can make us happy for just a day, a week, a month, or even a year —easy stuff, like things. We were challenged to take the long view — our lifetime — and to embrace building trust as a focus. What great advice to give new university graduates and, quite frankly, all of us. Maybe this is why he holds such a record for success. He took the long view and obviously passed it along to his players. Taking the long view? Anticipate the future and your role in it. And the future starts now! We build our happiness along the way, rolling with the punches and celebrating every triumph. As you make your plans for the new year — another 365 days to grow your ministry, build relationships, reach out to others, and watch many of your personal dreams come true — I encourage you to follow Mr. Holtz’s advice and take these qualities of caring and persistence out on the field of your daily life and ministry. I think they’ll work — he is 75 and convinced of it! I am too. What about you?

”Anticipate the future and your role in it.”

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