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==== ==== Learn Guitar Chords and Play Like A Rockstar in 20 Easy Sessions!! ==== ====

Learning a guitar chord can be pretty tricky if you go about it the wrong way. Learning anything on guitar can be made a lot easier with the right approach, so I have compiled a list of tips to help you learn guitar chords. Learn Guitar Chord Tip 1: Learn chords two or three at a time. It's all very good learning how to play just one chord, but when it's time to change that chord it's going to be pretty difficult. Instead, make a group of two or three chords you want to learn, and make a little progression out of them so you may practice changing each one. Start slowly, and always make sure each note rings clearly. Learn Guitar Chord Tip 2: Don't stick at one position. If you learn a chord, be sure to learn it in two other positions also. This may seem like a chore at first but you will be developing knowledge of the fretboard much earlier than most guitarists. Fretboard knowledge is something that holds many many guitar players back, and getting it covered early will give you huge advantages. Learn Guitar Chord Tip 3: As you learn each chord, try to put a little effort into understanding what makes it the chord that it is. Try and identify the root, the fifth, the third etc etc. It will seem very complex and tough at first, but as before stuff like this holds a great many guitar players back-if you can get to grips with it early you will be ready for more advanced things much earlier than most people. Learn Guitar Chord Tip 4: Pick each note individually. As well as strumming the chord and checking how it sounds, maybe try some basic fingerpicking on it or picking out each string individually. This will let you see how well you are fingering the chord, as when you strum the chord it's not always easy to hear anything that is missing. Learn Guitar Chord Tip 5: Experiment with different ways to finger the chords. The first way to finger a chord is not always the easiest, or indeed the easiest way may only be the easiest until the time comes to change from one chord to the next. It's useful to be flexible in your fingerings, as then next time you jam and someone shows you a new chord you may have a better chance of actually fingering it!

As you can see, there can be more to learning guitar chord than just opening a chord book and picking them out at random-if you apply some thought to the process you can enjoy a lot more progress than you would do by just learning chords at random.

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==== ==== Learn Guitar Chords and Play Like A Rockstar in 20 Easy Sessions!! ==== ====

How To Learn Guitar Chords - 5 Tips Make It Easy  

Learn Guitar Chords and Play Like A Rockstar in 20 Easy Sessions!! Learn the fundamentals of how to strum, use a pic...

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